purification of glutamine synthetase from the yeast candida tropicalis. 19751728
regulation of glutamine synthetase of the fodder yeast candida tropicalis by ammonium ions.the effect of ammonium on glutamine synthetase of fodder yeast candida tropicalis was studied. ammonium ions were found to repress the synthesis of glutamine synthetase of fodder yeast and to inhibit the enzyme in the cells. the substitution of glutamic acid for ammonium in the nutrient medium brought about depression of glutamine synthetase.19751735
effect of the nitrogen source in the medium on the activity of glutamine synthetase in candida tropicalis and on the kinetics of the enzymatic reaction of glutamine synthesis.the effect of various nitrogen sources (l-glutamic acid, l-glutamine, l-aspartic acid, l-asparagine, and ammonium sulphate) on the synthetase and transferase activity of glutamine synthetase was studied in candida tropicalis. these nitrogen sources had different effect on the two activity of the enzyme. glutamic acid or ammonium sulphate did not produce any considerable action on the kinetic properties of glutamine synthetase of this fodder yeast.19752839
regulation of fodder yeast candida tropicalis glutamine synthetase activity by the end products of glutamine metabolism.effect of different products of glutamine metabolism on the activity of glutamine synthetase in the presence of mg2+, and mn2+ and co2+ as cofactors is studied. all the metabolites studied are found to inhibit the glutamine synthetase activity in the presence of any cation listed. the degree and the character of the inhibition by one or other metabolite depended in a considerable degree on the nature of the cation presented in the reaction mixture (mg2+, mn2+ or co2+). the mechanism of the cumul ...19766072
hydroxyhydroquinone--intermediate compound of the preliminary metabolism of parahydroxybenzoic acid by candida tropicalis. 197610137
effect of p-chloromercuribenzoate on glutamine synthetase in the food yeast candida tropicalis.the effect of p-cmb on the activity of glutamine synthetase in the fodder yeast candida tropicalis was studied in the synthetase reaction in mg-, mn-, and co-activated systems and in the transferase reaction. the activity of glutamine synthetase was inhibited by pcmb, the degree of inhibition depending on the presence of bivalent cations of metals. preliminay incubation of the enzyme with p-cmb stimulated the action of the latter, whereas metals increased the stability of the enzyme to pcmb. if ...197720555
purification and properties of the nadp-specific glutamate dehydrogenase of candida tropicalis feed yeasts.from the cell-free extract of fodder yeast candida tropicalis nadp-specific glutamate dehydrogenase was isolated and partially purified (75-fold) by means of fractional precipitation by ammonium sulphate and ion-exchange chromatography on deae-cellulose. the preparation was investigated with the aid of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. kinetic characteristics of the enzyme in the cell-free extract and partially purified preparation were derived.197824841
thermostability of glutamine synthetase in candida tropicalis feed yeasts in mg-, mn- and co-activated systems.the thermostability of glutamine synthetase of candida tropicalis was studied in systems activated by mg, mn and co. the enzyme was found to be very thermolabile. its thermostability depended on the nature of a bivalent cation used in the reaction mixture. metals stabilized the enzyme since preincubation with metal cations increased the thermostability of glutamine synthetase. purification of the enzyme preparation increased the stabilizing action of bivalent cations (mg2+, mn2+, co2+).197826851
examination of the action of effectors after storing glutamine synthetase from the fodder yeast candida tropicalis at room temperature.the pattern of action of effectors (amp, imp, cmp, anthranilic acid, tryptophane, alanine, glutamine, glycine, histidine) and glutamine synthetase (gs) extracted from the fodder yeast candida tropicalis and stored at room temperature for 1.5-2 hrs was examined. as regards the action of effectors on gs after its exposure at room temperature, they can be subdivided into four groups: 1) the effector loses completely its inhibitory effect (glutamine, cmp, anthranilic acid in the synthetase reaction) ...197827780
[microbial enzymes that lyse the yeast cell wall. ii. the action of bacterial alkalineand neutral proteases on candida tropicalis cells]. 197943074
sucrose-negative variants of candida tropicalis.four cultures of a candida sp. that lacked alpha-glucosidase activity were isolated from clinical specimens. physiological, morphological, and serological characterizations of the yeasts and deoxyribonucleic acid reassociation studies supported their classification as a variant of c. tropicalis.197767125
mixed cultures of different yeasts species and yeasts with filamentous fungi in the scp production. i. production of single cell protein by mixed cultures candida lipolytica and candida tropicalis.the aim of this study was to determine the application of mixed cultures candida lipolytica and candida tropicalis in the scp production. n-paraffin fraction of crude oil and individual n-alkanes c:7--c:17 and glucose were used as carbon sources. the cultures were grown on laboratory scale in shaking flasks and in a 7 1 fermentor. it was found that the mixed cultures gave about 18% higher yield of biomass than the individual cultures.197770971
[correlation among different candida tropicalis, candida rhagii and salmonella cholerae suis 0 6,7 antigen].the immune sera for candida tropicalis (c. benhamii) cbs-5701, candida tropicalis (c. vulgaris) cbs-2310 and c. rhagii (c. tropicalis v. rhagii) cbs-618 agglutinated salmonella cholarae suis 211 (0 6,7). the immune serum for s. cholerae suis agglutinated c. tropicalis (c. benhamii), c. tropicalis (c. vulgaris) and c. rhagii (c. tropicalis v. rhagii). absorption and agglutination cross tests demonstrated common antigen factors in the tested species and in s. cholerae suis (0 6,7).197773125
[specific soluble cell-wall antigens of "candida tropicalis" demonstrated by crossed immunoelectrophoresis (author's transl)].in the present study, soluble cytoplasmic extracts of candida albicans and c. tropicalis were prepared and showed respectively 67 and 47 precipitates in crossed immunoelectrophoresis performed with a commerical goat anti-c. albicans immunserum. purified cell walls of c. tropicalis have been prepared, and corresponding antiserum was got in rabbits. although important cross-reacting antigens exist between soluble cytoplasmic extracts of c. albicans and c. tropicalis, the c. tropicalis cell wall an ...197994248
nadph-cytochrome c reductase of candida tropicalis grown on alkane. 1979107026
hydroxylase regulation in candida tropicalis grown on alkanes.candida tropicalis synthesizes a hydroxylase (3 to 5 nmol of product formed per minute per milligram of protein) and a cytochrome p-450 (0.10 to 0.13 nmol per milligram of protein) during growth on n-tetradecane. a three- to four-fold increase in the level of nadph cytochrome c reductase is also observed in those cells as compared to the level of cells grown on glycerol. the most efficient inducers of the hydroxylase and of cytochrome p-450 are straight-chain alkanes having at least 10 carbon at ...1979108010
the role of pityrosporum pachydermatis in otitis externa of dogs: evaluation of a treatment with miconazole.the bacterial and mycotic flora were assessed in 158 ears of dogs with otitis externa and in 101 ears of healthy control dogs. pityrosporum pachydermatis occurred in 57 per cent of ears with otitis externa and in 17 per cent of clinically healthy ears. staphylococci and pseudomonas aeruginosa were the predominant bacteria in otitic ears, micrococci and bacillus spp were the most frequent isolates from clinically healthy ears. p pachydermatis, ps aeruginosa and candida tropicalis occurred in mono ...1979109986
partial purification of cytochrome p-450 of candida tropicalis and reconstitution of hydroxylase activity. 1979114417
[immunochemical method for study and identification of unicellular organisms (yeasts and bacteria) incorporated into food products as a protein source].the expected increase and diversification of single cell proteins production already requires the development of convenient methods for the identification of producing strains from the processed s.c.p., i.e. killed and dried cells. a simple immunological method based on double immunodiffusion analysis is proposed, that enables the identification of toprinal l (candida tropicalis), toprina g (candida lipolytica) and pruteen (pseudomonas methylotropha), all s.c.p. having received an approval from ...1979121872
antibacterial and antitumor activity of some derivatives of ureidosuccinic acid.the effect of several derivatives of ureidosuccinic acid on the growth of escherichia coli 387, staphylococcus aureus strain 209 and its mutant uv-2, sarcina lutea, candida tropicalis and neurospora crossa 9863 as pre-screening systems for antitumor activity was studied. it was found that dihydrazide of d,l-ureidosuccinic acid (dhua) had a marked antibacterial activity. the inhibitory effect of dhua on n. crassa could not be removed by aspartic acid, ureidosuccinic acid, dihydroorotic acid, orot ...1976131912
[atp content in candida tropicalis cells growing at different temperatures].the thermotolerant yeast candida tropicalis, strain t-20, was cultivated on a chemically defined medium with glucose or malt wort in flasks with shaking at three temperatures: optimal (36degreesc), supraoptimal (38degreesc) and submaximal (41degreesc). an increase of temperature within these limits caused an increase in atp content in yeast cells and a decrease in phosphohydrolase (atpase) activity.1976137353
plasma membranes from candida tropicalis grown on glucose or hexadecane. i. isolation, identification and purification.plasma membranes from candida tropicalis grown on glucose or hexadecane were isolated using a method based on the difference in surface charge of mitochondria and plasma membranes. after mechanical disruption of the cells, a fraction consisting of mitochondrial and plasma membrane vesicles was obtained by differential centrifugation. subsequently the mitochondria were separated from the plasma membrane vesicles by aggregation of the mitochondria at a ph corresponding to their isoelectric point. ...1978152128
purification and properties of a catechol methyltransferase of the yeast candida an effort to investigate catechol methyltransferase activity in sources other than mammalian tissues and cells, a high level of enzyme activity was found in the yeast fungus candida tropicalis cbs 94. partial purification of the enzyme (approx. 550 fold with a recovery of 7%) could be achieved by using ion-exchange and gel filtration techniques. the molecular weight was estimated at 32,000 +/- 2,000 by gel filtration on sephadex g-100. in isoelectric focusing experiments on sephadex g-75 the ...1979160694
[structure of candida tropicalis k-41 thermotolerant yeasts at various growing temperatures on a mineral medium with hydrocarbons].in the c. tropicalis k-41 cells fixed by glutaraldehyde and osmium most membranes consisted of two electron-transparent and one electron-dense layer. morphologo-structural peculiarities of the cell fraction grown at 39 degrees testify to a certain disconnection of energetic and constructive metabolism, inhibition of synthetic processes. cell division was more active at 29 degrees.1975170720
aspartate kinase in candida tropicalis. 1976183868
[effect of the nuclease of serratia marcescens on multiplication of candida tropicalis]. 1977196164
production of uricase by candida tropicalis using n-alkane as a substrate.production of uricase (urate oxidase, ec by n-alkane-utilizing candida tropicalis pk233 was studied. although the yeast showed very low enzyme productivity under growing conditions on glucose or an n-alkane mixture (c10 to c13) (less than 2 u/g of dry cells), enzyme formation was enhanced markedly in an induction medium consisting of potassium phosphate buffer, mgso4, uric acid, and an n-alkane mixture (47 u/g of dry cells) or glucose (21 u/g of dry cells). of the carbon sources tested, ...1977200173
fatty acid beta-oxidation system in microbodies of n-alkane-grown candida tropicalis.localization of fatty acid beta-oxidation system in microbodies of candida tropicalis cells growing on n-alkanes was studied. microbodies isolated from the yeast cells showed palmitate-dependent activities of nad reduction, acetyl-coa formation and oxygen consumption. when sodium azide, an inhibitor of catalase, was added to the system, palmitate-dependent formation of hydrogen peroxide was observed. stoichiometric study revealed that two moles of nad were reduced per one mole of oxygen consumed ...1978204485
localization of carnitine acetyltransferase in peroxisomes and in mitochondria of n-alkane-grown candida tropicalis. 1978215452
distinct subcellular localization of nad-linked and fad-linked glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenases in n-alkane-grown candida tropicalis. 1979216586
candida pachymeningitis with multiple cranial nerve pareses.a 66-year-old woman complained of right-sided headache and was found to have progressive dysfunction of cranial nerves v and viii through xii on the right side. at autopsy, there was a granulomatous pachymengitis involving the floor of the right middle and posterior cranial fossae due to candida tropicalis infection. inflammatory tissue compressed the clinically affected cranial nerves.1979228642
[study of the polyoldehydrogenases of the yeast candida tropicalis during growth on various substrates]. 1975241429
sterol content and polyene antibiotic resistance in isolates of candida krusei, candida parakrusei, and candida tropicalis.three isolates, one from each species of candida krusei, c. parakrusei, and c. tropicalis, obtained from infected patients, were more tolerant of significantly higher concentrations of polyene antibiotics than the corresponding reference wild types. the resistant strains isolated had the same sterols as their wild-type counterparts but in lower concentrations.1977301053
[antimycotic sensitivity of yeast from clinical specimens (author's transl)].the sensitivity against 5 antimycotics was examined with 353 yeast strains of 13 species from clinical material. the tests were carried out by means of the disc diffusion test on bacto yeast morphology agar under standardized conditions. 33 (6.3%) of the isolates were resistant against 5-fluorocytosine, 11 (2.1%) strains showed no sensitivity against the imidazolyl antimycotics clotrimazole or miconazole. the resistant strains belonged to the species candida albicans and candida tropicalis. all ...1978307486
experimental hematogenous endophthalmitis due to candida: species variation in ocular pathogenicity.the ocular pathogenicity of species of candida other than albicans was studied in the rabbit model of hematogenous candida endophthalmitis by injection of 10(5)-10(8) colony-forming units of candida krusei, candida parapsilosis, candida guilliermondii, candida tropicalis, candida stellateoidea, and candida albicans (control). at one and three weeks after infection, rabbits were examined by indirect ophthalmoscopy and were sacrificed for culture of eyes and kidneys. with an inoculum of 10(8) orga ...1977320277
assimilation of liquid hydrocarbon by microorganisms. i. mechanism of hydrocarbon uptake.the uptake mechanism of liquid hydrocarbons of low solubility in water was investigated, using microorganisms with different affinities for liquid hydrocarbon. microorganisms which could utilize hydrocarbon were much more adherent to hydrocarbon than those which could not. the adhesive force between candida intermedia ifo 0761 and hydrocarbon was higher than that of candida tropicalis atcc 20336, though both could utilize hydrocarbon; the total hydrocarbon uptake from the drop and accommodation ...1977322743
comparison of cream of rice agar and horse serum for differentiating germ tubes of candida albicans from filaments of candida tropicalis.simple cream of rice agar was superior to horse serum for the demonstration of germ tubes by candida albicans and in the differentiation of pseudohyphae of candida tropicalis from germ tubes at 37 degrees c. mycelium and chlamydospores were also produced on this medium.1977323289
[molecular weight and several features of the structure of yeast polysaccharides possessing antiviral properties].by the methods of biogel r-10, r-30, r-60 and r-200 gel filtration, sedimentation analysis and ir-spectroscopy polysaccharides isolated from yeast candida tropicalis 3b, c. arborea kam-1 and a commercial yeast extract (merck) were investigated. the effect of the preparations on tmv was also studied. polysaccharides consisted primarily of glucanes with a molecular weight of 10000-16500. the yeast extract preparation also included mannane with a molecular weight of 48000. iv-spectra of the purifie ...1977325548
yeast protoplasts from stationary and starved cells: preparation, ultrastructure and vacuolar development.the conversion of stationary and starved yeast cells into protoplasts is described. the method is rapid, simple and can be applied to a variety of stationary yeast cells. preincubation of yeast cells in the presence of pronase was essential for effective conversion into protoplasts. baker's yeast and seven defined yeast strains, including one "petite", were studied. all of them were efficiently transformed into protoplasts in 60 to 90 min, depending on the strain culture conditions and the age o ...1977326121
primary amides of bis-(2-carboxyphenyl)-disulfides with antimycotic activity].a series of bis-amides of 2,2'-dicarboxydiphenyldisulfides with monosubstituted n-alkyl groups (substances i leads to xxvi) or n-aralkyl groups (substances xxvi leads to xlii) was prepared and examined for in vitro antifungal activity. the substances were obtained by condensing the chloride of 2,2'-dicarboxydiphenyldisulfide with suitable amines. the fungistatic activity of the products was tested in vitro against the following four strains: candida albicans, candida tropicalis, saccharomyces ce ...1977330218
germ tube-positive candida tropicalis. 1978345800
virus-like particles in yeast: isolation and infectivity.virus-like particles containing electron dense cores are seen in thin sections of intact and degenerated cells of a thermosensitive (ts) strain of candida tropicalis. a particulate fraction not present in wild-type cells has been isolated from the ts cells disrupted by pressure. the particles are 80-120 nm in diameter. empty particles with a central cavity are observed. the method of infecting mating pairs of saccharomyces cerevisiae by partially purified particles is described.1978358621
diploid formation of candida tropicalis via protoplast fusion.haploid auxotrophic mutants were produced from candida tropicalis, and protoplast usion was induced by polyethylene glycol. the resulting nutritional complementation was due to heterokaryon formation and, at a much lower frequenty, to spontaneous diploidization. during cultivation, heterokaryotic clones regularly gave rise to heterozygous diploids from which, in turn, haploids could be isolated. the technique of protoplast fusion gives an opportunity for genetic analysis of this and similarly as ...1978358770
the in vitro fungicidal properties of visco-gel, alone and combined with nystatin and amphotericin b.the in vitro effect of the tissue conditioner visco-gel, with or without the inclusion of nystatin and amphotericin b, upon candida albicans, candida krusei and candida tropicalis, has been studied. visco-gel alone was completely inert and would therefore not be used without nystatin in the treatment of a denture stomatitis where a yeast infection was present. amphotericin b became completely ineffective when mixed with visco-gel, but in control tests remained very active.1978361931
germ-tube-positive candida tropicalis. 1979369354
[s-acyl derivatives of thiosalicylamides having antifungal activity. ii].some s-acyl derivatives of n-alkylthiosalicylamides [table i: substances (i leads to xxxi)] were prepared and tested for antifungal activity. the substances, most of which had not been previously reported, were prepared by condensation of 2-mercapto-n-alkylbenzamides with suitable acylating agents. the antifungal activity of the compounds was tested in vitro against candida albicans and trichophyton mentagrophytes. for some compounds the was tested activity against the above strains fungicidal, ...1978369885
candida infection in human.sputum, vaginal smear, skin and nail scraping, and oral scraping from 269 suspected cases of fungus infection were examined by microscopy and culture for fungus. one hundred similar specimens from healthy individuals were examined as controls. statistically significant (p less than 0.001) difference was observed (67.3% versus 7%) in the rate of isolation of fungus in the two groups. three strains of candida species were found among the isolates. in sputum, oral scraping and vaginal discharge, c. ...1978371600
[screening method for isolation of microorganisms producing enzymes with a lytic effect on saccharomyces cerevisiae and candida tropicalis]. 1978375693
selection of a yeast strain with optimal utilization of straw hydrolyzates.the dry nonseparated straw hydrolyzates prepared by mild acid hydrolysis of milled straw contains 25--30% of reducing substances, mostly saccharides with prevalence of xylose. a strain utilizing the neutralized nonseparated hydrolyzates without any growth substances added was obtained by selection and long-term adaptation of an array of yeast strains. the strain, identified as candida tropicalis 2838, exhibited high cell-growth rate and considerable yield of protein-rich biomass.1979378782
germ-tube formation by oral strains of candida tropicalis.candida species isolated from the mouths of healthy children and of patients with denture stomatitis included strains of candida tropicalis that formed germ tubes when incubated in serum. twenty-six germ-tube-forming strains of c. albicans and of c. tropicalis were subcultured weekly for 9 wk on blood agar and on sabouraud's agar and the ability of each subculture to form germ tubes was measured. all the strains of c. albicans formed almost as many germ tubes after nine weekly subcultures as the ...1979379338
phagocytosis and intracellular killing of pathogenic yeasts by human monocytes and neutrophils.the kinetics of phagocytosis and killing of four fungal forms with varying virulence by two types of phagocytic cells was examined. human monocytes ingested saccharomyces cerevisiae, candida tropicalis, and the blastospores of candida albicans more rapidly than did human neutrophils. there was no difference in the rate of phagocytosis of c. albicans pseudohyphae by these two cell types. intracellular killing of each of the four fungal forms was consistently and significantly more rapid by monocy ...1979381207
assay for yeast susceptibility to 5-fluorocytosine and amphotericin b in a frozen microtiter system.a microtiter plate method for determining susceptibility of yeasts to 5-fluorocytosine and amphotericin b, which uses color indicators to detect end points, is presented. the microtiter plates can be made in advance and stored frozen for at least eight weeks. forty-two isolates of candida albicans, 12 of candida tropicalis, and nine of torulopsis glabrata were tested. results showed good correlation with turbidity tube dilution susceptibility testing methods. the microtiter method is stable, eas ...1979382827
candida tropicalis: a major pathogen in immunocompromised patients.of 89 consecutive patients undergoing treatment for hematologic malignancies or undergoing allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, 60 were colonized with candida albicans and 25 with c. tropicalis. however, of the 18 disseminated infections caused by candida species, 15 infections in 14 patients were caused by c. tropicalis and only three infections in three patients by c. albicans. the setting in which the infection occurred, skin lesions, polyarthralgias, or polymyalgias, and the unexplained d ...1979384857
isolation and characterization of a polyene-resistant variant of candida atypical variant of candida tropicalis was recovered from multiple specimens from a patient who had been a recipient of a bone marrow transplant. this yeast variant showed atypical morphology on corn meal agar distinguishable from typical isolates of c. tropicalis by the production of clusters of blastospores. isolates of the variant produced acid, but no gas, from maltose and sucrose in fermentation tests. isolates from blood, pleural fluid, respiratory secretions, and stool specimens were s ...1979387815
[study of microbial enzymes which lyse the cell wall of yeasts. i. characterization of culture fluids with a lytic action against saccharomyces cerevisiae and candida tropicalis from newly isolated microorganisms]. 1979390973
identification of species of candida, cryptococcus, and torulopsis by gas-liquid chromatography.gas-liquid chromatography was used to identify species of candida, cryptococcus, and torulopsis by fatty-acid analysis of the whole-cell hydrolysate. candida albicans characteristically revealed 2-oh c14:0 and c19:0 (chain length:number of double bonds); these were absent in other organisms. candida curvata was characterized by a ratio of c16:1 to c16:0 of greater than 1.0. candida guilliermondii contained c10:0, and candida tropicalis had no c12:0, these features were used for their identificat ...1979396339
a special report: four-year study of a boy with combined immune deficiency maintained in strict reverse isolation from birth.a 4-year study of a boy with combined immune deficiency is presented, and the impact of this disease on various aspects of his growth and development is examined. there is no evidence of immune deficiency in either parent or in the genetic background on the maternal side. three children of a brother of the mother's father may have had immune deficiencies but two have grown to be teenagers with no problems. another died. at autopsy, however, lymph nodes appeared normal. the deceased older brother ...1977401538
subdural spinal fungal granuloma due to candida tropicalis. case report. 1979422996
necrotic skin lesions associated with disseminated candidiasis.a 69-year-old woman with felty's syndrome developed necrotic skin lesions associated with disseminated candida tropicalis infection. these lesions differed from the previously described erythematous macronodules of disseminated candidiasis, although histologically there was a dermal infiltrate of yeast and pseudohyphae. clinically, they resembled ecthyma gangrenosum associated with pseudomonas septicemia. we believe candidiasis should be included in the differential diagnosis of large necrotic s ...1979426534
neonatal osteomyelitis caused by candida tropicalis. report of two cases and review of the literature. 1979429425
growth of candida tropicalis 2838 cells on straw hydrolyzates.improved strain of candida tropicalis 2838 grows on nonseparated straw hydrolyzates with no addition of vitamins and trace elements at a specific growth rate mu = 0.34 and 44% yield coefficient (referred to reducing substances). the reducing substances in hydrolyzates contain predominantly monosaccharides (xylose, glucose, arabinose, mannose). cells grown in this way are rich in proteins (62%) and essential amino acids (lysine, phenylalanine, leucine, threonine and valine). the product obtained ...1979456948
plasma membrane from candida tropicalis grown on glucose or hexadecane. ii. biochemical properties and substrate-induced alterations.isolated plasma membranes from the yeast candida tropicalis grown on two different carbon sources (glucose or hexadecane), had similar contents of protein (60% of total dry weight), lipid (21-24%) and carbohydrates (16-21%). sodium dodecyl sulphate gel electrophoresis of the membrane proteins revealed 17 and 19 protein bands, respectively, for glucose and hexadecane grown cells. there were marked differences in rf values and relative peak heights between the two gels. sterols and free fatty acid ...1979486444
characterization and partial purification of phosphate-binding proteins in candida tropicalis. 1979488339
[electrophoretic characteristics of the protein of yeast lipid granules].the proteins from the membranes of lipid granules, the plasmalemma and the membranes of the endoplasmic reticulum isolated from candida tropicalis cells were analyzed using electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel. the electrophoretic spectra of the proteins from these membranes were quite different. it has been proved experimentally that lipid granules from yeast cells growing on n-alkanes and containing large amounts of n-alkanes are not derivatives of the pinocytozing plasmalemma. the membranes ...1979502907
[effect of salt supplements on lipid growth and synthesis by yeast cultivated on peat oxidates].the accumulation of biomass and lipids and their fatty acid composition were investigated during cultivation of the yeast candida tropicalis and lipomyces lipoferus on peat oxidates supplemented with inorganic compounds containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. the absence of additional sources of the above elements from the nutrient substrate inhibited the culture growth. in order to optimize cultivation of lipid synthesizing yeast on peat oxidates, the above compounds should be ...1979514986
candida tropicalis abscess following arterial puncture. 1979516681
[effect of the products of the vital activity of yeast-like fungi on levorin synthesis].the effect on levorin synthesis of the cells and fermentation broth filtrates of candida tropicalis after their cultivation in the fermentation medium was studied. it was found that the yeast-like fungi belonging to candida excreted during their development some products capable of stimulating the synthesis of levorin by 40--60 per cent. when the actinomycete producing levorin was grown on the medium containing 80 per cent of the filtrate the level of levorin synthesis was the same as that obser ...1979518050
acyl-coa oxidase from candida tropicalis. 1979518611
morphological change in candida tropicalis pk 233 caused by ethanol and its prevention by myo-inositol. 1979518632
[effect of anthranilic acid on intracellular tryptophan biosynthesis in candida tropicalis]. 1979525454
[preparation and antifungal activity of carbamic and thiocarbamic esters of thiophenols].a series of n-substituted carbamic and thiocarbamic esters of thiophenols [substances (i leads to xlii)] was prepared and tested for in vitro antifungal activity. the substances were obtained by condensation of thiophenols with suitable isocyanates and isothiocyanates. the antifungal activity of the products was tested in vitro against the following strains: candida albicans, candida tropicalis, saccharomyces cerevisiae and trichophyton mentagrophytes. the results obtained, given in the table i, ...1979554798
[effect of yeast growth limitation on the respiratory chain, the economic coefficient and the critical oxygen concentration for respiration].the effect of the yeast growth limitation by oxygen on the economical coefficient (ec), the operation of the cyanide resistant electron transport pathway (cretp), and the critical for respiration oxygen concentration concentration ([o2]cr) was studied. the operation of cretp was found to differ among various yeasts growing on glucose: it could function during both the exponential phase and limitation of growth (torulopsis candida), or only in the conditions of growth limitation (candida tropical ...1978568709
[preliminary and postradiation effect of long-wave ultraviolet rays on cells of different species of candida irradiated with short-wave ultraviolet rays].certain characteristics of photoprotection induced by near-uv were studied in candida guilliermondii. candida tropicalis was also capable of photoprotection from the lethal effect of far-uv. the spectrum of action of photoprotection was recorded. the photoprotective effect was not found in candida utilis. the postradiation effect of near-uv was studied. the lethal action of far-uv was intensified in c. guilliermondii and c. tropicalis incapable of photoreactivation in contrast to c. utilis capab ...1979572905
[activity and substrate specificity of the alcohol dehydrogenases of n-alkane oxidizing yeasts].the activity and substrate specificity of alcohol dehydrogenases (adh) in the fractions of cytosol and membrane particles were compared in the yeasts torulopsis candida, candida lipolytica and candida tropicalis grown in media with glucose and hexadecane. in all studied yeast cultures growing in the medium with hexadecane, nad-dependent adh specifically dehydrogenating only medium and higher alcohols are induced in the membrane structures of the cells. soluble adh are found in the cytosol of the ...1979574184
miconazole therapy for treatment of fungal infections in cancer patients.the effectiveness of miconazole was evaluated in 37 documented fungal infections, 32 of which were major infections. all patients were receiving therapy for advanced malignancy, with 28 patients having acute leukemia. the overall cure rate was 41% and it was also 41% for major fungal infections. nine of 22 patients with candida albicans infections were cured, and 3 of 11 patients with candida tropicalis infections were cured. a total of 183 patients who received miconazole for presumed or docume ...1979575281
[the epidemiology of blastomyces infections with special reference to postoperative intensive care wards (author's transl)].230 strains of blastomyces were isolated during a nine month's period in the course of routine laboratory examinations of faecal and other specimens. candida albicans was the most frequently present (151), followed by candida tropicalis (39) and torulopsis glabrata (16). during an environmental study in a postoperative intensive care unit 426 swabs were taken. 88 strains of blastomyces were cultured from 75 swabs. the observations indicate that candida albicans as a free-living organism lacks fa ...1977594031
recombination after protoplast fusion in the yeast candida tropicalis.candida tropicalis protoplasts obtained by snail enzyme treatment were induced to fuse by the use of polyethylene-glycol. heterokaryons formed by two auxotrophic strains were selected by complementation on minimal medium. these heterokaryons were unstable and readily dissociated into their nuclear components. under appropriate conditions, the parental nuclei of an heterokaryon fused. the homokaryon so obtained was unstable and segregated into various types of auxotrophic and prototrophic recombi ...1977596992
[preparatory metabolism of p-hydroxybenzoic acid in candida tropicalis].a technique of experimental adaptation was used to obtain mutants of candida tropicalis which were able to utilize p-hydroxybenzoic acid as the sole source of carbon and energy. the preparatory metabolism of p-hydroxybenzoic acid involves the following stages: phba leads to quinol leads to hydroxyquinol leads to maleylacetic acid leads to beta-ketoadipic acid. the enzyme system which catalyzes oxidative decarboxylation of phba mediates also oxidative decarboxylation of protocatechuic, beta-resor ...1977600088
[isolation and characteristics of the lipid granules of candida tropicalis yeasts].preparative isolation of lipid granules from the protoplasts of candida tropicalis was conducted by a technique of flotation in a stepwise density gradient. parameters were selected for decomposing the protoplasts under hypotonic and isotonic conditions which made it possible to preserve the lipid granules being isolated intact, as well as parameters of a density gradient and centrifugation. the specific content of lipids, proteins and low molecular weight compounds was assayed using labeled com ...1977600104
[pattern of growth and metabolism of thermotolerant microorganisms on media containing carbohydrates and hydrocarbons].experiments were carried out to examine the growth and metabolism of thermotolerant yeast candida tropicalis k-41 and bacteria micrococcus freudenreichii that do not have a single temperature point but instead have an optimal temperature plateau at which the growth rate and biosynthetic activity remain unaltered or change insignificantly. upon transition from the carbohydrate to the hydrocarbon pattern of nutrition these microorganisms show significant changes in metabolic processes: optimal con ...1977600921
chemical and structural alterations at the cell surface of candida tropicalis, induced by hydrocarbon substrate.the surface-localized polysaccharide of alkane-grown cells of candida tropicalis was identified as mannan containing approximately 4% covalently linked fatty acids. glucose-grown cells lacked the mannan-fatty acid complex. the surface structure of alkane-grown cells showed a radial arrangement of the wall polymers, with protruding parts. the cell surface of glucose-grown cells was smooth, with a coherent outer limit. the mannan was localized by using concanavalin a. masking of the mannan with co ...1978627538
[antiviral substances produced by candida tropicalis k-41 yeasts. i. the isolation, purification and antiviral activity of the preparations]. 1978634175
[realization of the maximum specific growth rate of yeasts on optically heterogeneous media].the method of controlling the rate of the nutrient medium flow was developed with respect to the level of heat release during yeast cultivation on the optically heterogeneous nutrient medium. this method of cultivation allowed attainment of the maximum specific rate of growth of candida tropicalis which was estimated to be 0.45 hr-1 in the experiments.1978634934
[dissociation of a candida tropicalis culture and its capacity to stimulate levorin synthesis when cultured together with actinomyces levoris].dissociation of the yeast-like fungi c. tropicalis used for mixed cultivation with the levorin-producing organism was studied. it was shown that colonies of 2 types were grown on wart-agar. they differed in the morphology and capacity for stimulation of the antiobiotic synthesis in mixed fermentation with 2 organisms. the colonies of the s-form increased the antibiotic production by 50--60 per cent, while the r-forms increased the antibiotic production only by 25--30 per cent. the strains of c. ...1978637525
microbody-associated dna in candida tropicalis pk 233 cells. 1978668895
comparison of the in vitro antifungal activities of miconazole and a new imidazole, r41,400.r41,400 is a recently synthesized, water-soluble imidazole. its antifungal properties were compared in vitro with those of miconazole using an agar dilution procedure and 175 isolates of human fungal pathogens. the filamentous forms of histoplasma capsulatum and blastomyces dermatitidis were inhibited by less than or equal to 2 microgram of either drug/ml; coccidioides immitis was inhibited by less than or equal to 0.5 microgram of r41,400/ml. among the yeasts tested, cryptococcus neoformans and ...1978681800
[comparative study of the dynamics of carbohydrate metabolism in the growth of candida tropicalis yeasts on n-octadecane and glucose].the dynamics of carbon metabolism was studied in candida tropicalis growing on 14c-labeled n-octadecane and glucose by means of the technique of radioactive indicators. the kinetics of incorporation of 14c into the main groups of organic substances in the cell (proteins, nucleic acids+polysaccharides, lipids, free amino acids, organic acids, free carbohydrates+nucleotides) revealed differences in the rate of their synthesis and accumulation. the general features and the major differences in the ...1978713874
effects of intestinal micro-organisms on fluid and electrolyte transport in the jejunum of the rat.culture filtrates of micro-organisms isolated from the upper intestinal secretions of malnourished children and grown in pure culture were shown to impair the intestinal absorption of water and electrolytes in live rats. decreased net movement out of the intestinal lumen, or actual secretion of water, sodium or potassium into the intestinal lumen, was found with culture filtrates of single isolates of staphylococcus epidermidis, escherichia coli 055, escherichia coli b7a, shigella sonnei, klebsi ...1978722783
development of amphotericin b-resistant candida tropicalis in a patient with defective leukocyte function.emergence, during therapy, of fungi resistant to amphotericin b is purportedly rare, as fungi with altered cell membrane ergosterol content are considered too fragile to survive normal host defenses. progressive amphotericin b resistance arose in a strain of candida tropicalis isolated repeatedly from the urine of a patient with pyelonephritis. the most resistant isolate (r-2) lacked cell membrane ergosterol, the usual attachment site for amphotericin b, and was not inhibited by greater than 500 ...1978727219
[antiviral substances produced by candida tropicalis yeasts. ii. the physicochemical characteristics of polysaccharide preparations]. 1978732607
role of opportunistic fungi in ocular infections in nigeria.the importance of opportunistic fungal pathogens in causing ocular infections is emphasized. a study was conducted over a period of 4 years (1974--1977) to investigate the role of opportunistic fungi in causing mycotic keratitis and to elucidate certain aspects of epidemiology of this disease in nigeria. fifty-nine cases of corneal ulcers of suspected mycotic etiology were investigated. fungal etiology was confirmed in 42 of these cases. the predominant etiological agent was fusarium solani in 1 ...1978745623
candida tropicalis arthritis - assessment of amphotericin b therapy.a 28 year old male heroin addict developed candida tropicalis infection of the knee joint in association with candidemia. assessment of amphotericin b therapy was facilitated by the determination of serum and synovial fluid amphotericin b concentrations using a radiometric bio-assay method. the results indicate that adequate synovial fluid drug levels were achieved with intravenous systemic therapy.1978748551
influence of the conditions of growth on the chemical composition and activity of the enzymes of the cell envelope of the yeast candida tropicalis ibfm-303.the article is devoted to a study of the changes in the activity and chemical composition of the enzymes of the cell envelope of the yeast candida tropicalis ibfm-303 during growth on n-alkanes and glucose, as well as the transport of n-alkanes through the cell membrane and the redistribution of the cell contents in the process of budding on the indicated carbon sources.1978754810
[the effect of dna isolated from different sources and different physico-chemical conditions on candida tropicalis strain d-2 his-].mutagenic effect of dna, isolated from escherichia coli, actinomyces olivaceus and calf thymus, on hystidine-deficient strain of candida tropicalis d-2 is demonstrated.1975773761
inhibition of potentially pathogenic yeastlike fungi by clotrimazole in combination with 5-fluorocytosine or amphotericin b.clotrimazole (ctm) has a doubtful future with respect to use in treatment of the systemic mycoses. to assess the potential of ctm in combined drug regimens, antifungal effects of ctm together with 5-fluorocytosine (5-fc) or amphotericin b (amb) were tested in a synthetic liquid medium against candida albicans, candida tropicalis, and torulopsis glabrata. viable counts were monitored over a 48-h incubation period. weak inhibitory concentrations of ctm were tested in combination with levels of 5-f ...1976779631
effect of culture media on the antifungal activity of miconazole and amphotericin b methyl ester.the capacity of four culture media to obfuscate the antifungal activity of miconazole and amphotericin b methyl ester was evaluated qualitatively by examination of five isolates each of candida albicans, candida tropicalis, candida parapsilosis, torulopsis glabrata, and cryptococcus neoformans, and quantitatively by determination of the absolute minimal inhibitory concentrations for a strain of c. albicans. miconazole, like the predecessor imidazole (clotrimazole), was antagonized by two complex ...1976789787
microsomal cytochromes of candida tropicalis grown on alkanes.a comparison of methods used in isolating microsomes and in measuring microsomal cytochrome p-450 demonstrated that separation following protoplast lysis gave the best results. by this latter technique a high amount of cytochrome p-450 (0.2-0.3 nmol/mg) was recovered but cytochrome p-420, considered as the denatured form, was absent. the alkanes specifically induce cytochromes p-450 and b5 localized on the microsomes. the denaturation in vivo of cytochrome p-450 into cytochrome p-420 even occurs ...1976813770
[cultivation of candida tropicalis k-41 on blue-green algae hydrolysates]. 1975814391
glucose-phosphorylating enzymes of candida yeasts and their regulation in vivo.three glucose-phosphorylating enzymes having different specificities for glucose and fructose were separated from the cell-free extract of candida tropicalis by means of ammonium sulfate fractionation and chromatography on deae-cellulose and sephadex g-100. two of them, which phosphorylated fructose 1.5 times faster than glucose, were designated as hexokinase i and ii (atp : d-hexose 6-phosphotransferase, ec, and the other with very low or no fructose-phosphorylating activity, as gluco ...1977836848
microbody of n-alkane-grown yeast. enzyme localization in the isolated microbody.microbodies appearing abundantly in n-alkane-grown cells of candida tropicalis pk 233 were isolated by means of sucrose density gradient centrifugation. electron microscopical observation showed that the microbodies isolated were intact. localization of catalase and d-amino acid oxidase in the isolated microbodies was confirmed. isocitrate lyase, melate synthase and nadp-linked isocitrate dehydrogenase were also located in the microbody, but malate dehydrogenase, citrate synthase, aconitase and ...1977843163
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