parasites of the asian tiger mosquito and other container-inhabiting mosquitoes (diptera:culicidae) in northcentral microorganisms including 4 protozoans, 2 fungi, and a bacterium infected aedes albopictus (skuse) larvae collected from 12 counties in northecentral florida. ae albopictus and 14 other species of mosquitoes were collected from tires, flower-holding vases in cemeteries, other types of artificial containers, and treeholes. ascogregarina taiwanensis (lien & levine) was the most common parasite of ae. albopictus throughout the year. the microsporidium vavraia culicis (weiser) infected aedes ae ...19979103767
the effect of temperature and host species on the development of the trichomycete smittium culisetae (zygomycota).we examined the growth and development of the trichomycete smittium culisetae (harpellales: legeriomycetaceae) in the larval hosts simulium vittatum zetterstedt (diptera: simuliidae) and aedes aegypti (l.) (diptera: culicidae) at three temperatures, 17, 22 and 30 c. trichospore maturation of sm. culicetae external to the host as well as the ability of these trichospores to colonize new hosts also was investigated. although the development of sm. culisetae varied with both temperature and host th ...200717883033
first report of harpellales from the dominican republic (hispaniola) and the insular effect on gut fungi.we present the first report of harpellales (kickxellomycotina) from hispaniola. the dominican republic was surveyed, and members of the ecological group trichomycetes were encountered in the gut of their arthropod hosts. among harpellales we describe a new species, smittium caribense, and report the presence of seven previously known species that are new for hispaniola: genistellospora homothallica, harpella amazonica, harpella tica, legerio-m myces rarus, smittium culisetae, smittium dipterorum ...201020361503
first survey of arthropod gut fungi and associates from vieques, puerto rico.this is the first survey of trichomycetes for vieques, puerto rico. several types of arthropods, including millipedes, crabs, mosquitoes, bloodworms, amphipods and isopods, were collected from marine, freshwater and terrestrial habitats and their guts examined for the presence of trichomycetes. a new species of enterobryus, which was found attached to the gut of the millipede anadenobolus arboreus (diplopoda), is described as enterobryus viequensis sp. nov. we report the presence of smittium cul ...200919927756
overview of 75 years of smittium research, establishing a new genus for smittium culisetae, and prospects for future revisions of the 'smittium' claire.the harpellales includes 38 genera of endosymbiotic microfungi associated with various arthropoda. smittium, the second genus to be described, is now also the most species rich of the order. species of smittium inhabit the digestive tracts of larval aquatic insects, especially lower dipt era, worldwide. during the 75 y since the type, smittium aruernense, was described a number of advances in our understanding of the gut fungi have unfolded, in whole or in part, with smittium as a model for the ...201322802392
trichomycetes living in the guts of aquatic insects of misiones and tierra del fuego, argentina.fourteen species of trichomycetes living in the guts of aquatic insects are reported from two provinces of argentina, misiones and tierra del fuego. twelve of the species belong to the harpellales and two are amoebidiales. five harpellid species are reported from misiones in the extreme northeast of the country (genistellospora homothallica, harpella tica, smittium culisetae, smittium sp., stachylina sp.) and seven are from tierra del fuego, the southern tip of south america (h. meridianalis, gl ...200516396339
the microdistribution of the trichomycete smittium culisetae in the hindgut of the black fly host simulium vittatum.we examined the distribution of hyphae of the trichomycete fungus smittium culisetae (harpellales: legeriomycetaceae) in the hindgut of a larval black fly (simulium vittatum, cytospecies is-7) by analyzing its prevalence and relative abundance. hyphal prevalence was highest in the posterior colon (93.1%) and rectum (86.3%), with low prevalence (12.0%) in the anterior colon. relative abundance of hyphae was highest in the posterior colon, followed by the rectum; relative abundance of hyphae in th ...200321149008
temporal distribution of smittium culisetae in a wild population of wyeomyia smithii from pitcher plants.the fungus smittium culisetae is a trichomycete that develops in the hindguts of larval aquatic diptera. this is the first report of s. culisetae from the pitcher plant mosquito, wyeomyia smithii. larvae of the mosquito were collected from the purple pitcher plant, sarracenia purpurea, from a bog in jackson county, north carolina. the lowest proportions of colonized larvae occurred in december, january and july. the greatest proportions of colonized larvae occurred in october and march. the dist ...201021148946
trichomycetes (zygomycota) in the digestive tract of arthropods in amazonas, brazil.eight species of harpellales and three species of eccrinales (zygomycota: trichomycetes) were found associated with the digestive tract of arthropods from terrestrial and aquatic environments in the central amazon region of brazil. new species of harpellales include: harpella amazonica, smittium brasiliense, genistellospora tropicalis in simuliidae larvae and stachylina paucispora in chironomidae larvae. axenic cultures of s. brasiliense were obtained. probable new species of enterobryus (eccrin ...200314595459
some cultural and ultrastructural aspects of smittium culisetae (trichomycetes) from mosquito larvae. 20004382512
comparative mitochondrial genomics in zygomycetes: bacteria-like rnase p rnas, mobile elements and a close source of the group i intron invasion in generate data for comparative analyses of zygomycete mitochondrial gene expression, we sequenced mtdnas of three distantly related zygomycetes, rhizopus oryzae, mortierella verticillata and smittium culisetae. they all contain the standard fungal mitochondrial gene set, plus rnpb, the gene encoding the rna subunit of the mitochondrial rnase p (mtp-rna) and rps3, encoding ribosomal protein s3 (the latter lacking in r.oryzae). the mtp-rnas of r.oryzae and of additional zygomycete relatives have ...200515689432
morphological differences of symbiotic fungi smittium culisetae (harpellales: legeriomycetaceae) in different dipteran hosts.harpellales (legeriomycetaceae, zygomycota) or 'trichomycetes' are fungi that inhabit the digestive tracts of arthropods such as insects, millipedes, and crustaceans. in the current study we examined changes in 5 morphological characters of smittium culisetae (harpellales: legeriomycetaceae) between the two dipteran (mosquito, black fly) hosts reared under 3 different temperatures (17, 22, 30 degrees c). both host and temperature had a pervasive effect on the linear dimension of trichospores, th ...200919524669
evolutionary implications of a rrna-based phylogeny of harpellales.the harpellales (trichomycetes) are endosymbiotic microfungi, mostly unculturable and predominantly associated with larval aquatic insects worldwide. molecular phylogenies including 'gut fungi' have included at most only four axenic isolates of the 38 genera of harpellales. cladistic analyses were used to infer the phylogeny of the harpellales using partial 18s or 28s nu-rrna sequences generated for 16 genera of harpellales, with 64 of 72 sequences generated from unculturable samples. both analy ...200616930972
laboratory investigations of trichomycete prevalence, abundance and fecundity in a smittium-simuliid model.smittium, the most speciose genus of the "gut fungi" (zygomycota: trichomycetes), is found attached to the hindgut cuticle of larval aquatic diptera. smittium spp. colonize several host families (e.g., smittium culisetae in chironomidae, culicidae and simuliidae), but some species appear to be specific to a single host family (e.g., smittium morbosum sweeney in culicidae). the specificity of smittium spp. within a host family has been difficult to resolve. this research presents evidence that ce ...200816396341
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