cytochemical localization of carbohydrates in intercalated duct and acinar cells of mouse parotid gland.the glycoconjugate composition of mouse intercalated duct and acinar cells of parotid gland has been compared. mucins containing 1,2-glycols were demonstrated by the tannic acid-uranyl acetate technique. hexose residues of glycoconjugates were identified using ferritin conjugated with canavalia ensiformis agglutinin (con a), triticum vulgare or wheat germ agglutinin (wga), ricinus communis i agglutinin (rca-i), phaseolus vulgaris agglutinin (pha-e) and arachis hypogaea agglutinin (pna). whereas ...19892470700
molecular cloning of wheat dihydrodipicolinate synthase.four forms of dihydrodipicolinate synthase (dhdps), which catalyzes the first reaction in the lysine-specific biosynthetic pathway in higher plants, were purified to homogeneity from a suspension culture of wheat (triticum aestivum). these polypeptides have similar n-terminal amino acid sequences. two different cdna clones were isolated by screening a wheat cdna library with oligonucleotide probes based on these amino acid sequences. the predicted amino acid sequences indicate that both clones e ...19902211639
detection of fungi in tissue sections by lectin histochemistry.a battery of 21 fluoresceinated lectins was tested on sections of paraffin-embedded human tissues to determine which lectin could be used in the microscopic diagnosis of fungal diseases. three lectins, from canavalia ensiformis (concanavalin), triticum vulgare (wheat germ a), and phytolacca americana (pokeweed [pwm]), were found to react with fungal pathogens commonly encountered in nosocomial infections. best results were obtained with pwm and succinylated wheat germ a, which, due to their weak ...19882454619
lectin-binding ability of immunoglobulin e and its participation in triggering of mast cells.eleven purified lectins were compared in their ige-precipitating, mast-cell-degranulating and histamine-releasing activity and in eliciting skin allergic reactions in atopic or normal people. a significantly positive relationship could be proved between their ige-precipitating activity and degranulation of ige-sensitized rat mast cells. a similar and often significant relation was observed in skin reactions and histamine released from human leukocytes. soybean lectin reacted with concanavalin a ...19852408980
cloning and sequencing of cdnas encoding a pathogen-induced putative peroxidase of wheat (triticum aestivum l.).we report here the complete amino acid sequence of a pathogen-induced putative peroxidase from wheat (triticum aestivum l.) as deduced from cdna clones representing mrna from leaves infected with the powdery mildew fungus erysiphe graminis. the protein consists of 312 amino acids, of which the first 22 form a putative signal sequence, and has a calculated pi of 5.7. sequence comparison revealed that the putative wheat peroxidase is most similar to the turnip (brassica rapa) peroxidase, with whic ...19911893103
lectin binding to gp60 decreases specific albumin binding and transport in pulmonary artery endothelial monolayers.the effect of albumin binding to cultured bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cell (bpaec) monolayers on the transendothelial flux of 125i-labelled bovine serum albumin (bsa) was examined to determine its possible role on albumin transcytosis. the transport of 125i-bsa tracer across bpaec grown on gelatin- and fibronectin-coated filters (0.8 microns pore diam.) was affected by the presence of unlabelled bsa in the medium in that transendothelial 125i-bsa permeability decreased, reaching a 40% re ...19911744181
glycoconjugate histochemistry in the glycocalyx of guinea pig middle ear attempt was made to determine the composition of oligosaccharide side chains in the apical cell surface glycocalices of the middle ear epithelium. this glycoconjugate is located on the innermost luminal surface, but its function is still unknown. the lectins evaluated included triticum vulgare, canavalia ensiformis, maclura pomifera, arachis hypogaea, ricinus communis i (rca-i), and limax flavus. the staining results obtained with the six different lectin probes in the lowicryl k4m-embedded g ...19902393562
intrinsic labelling of different foods with stable isotope of zinc (67zn) for use in bioavailability studies.intrinsically-labelled foods are required to validate extrinsic-labelling techniques used to study the bioavailability of trace elements. wheat (triticum aestivum), peas (pisum sativum), goat's milk, human milk, eggs and chicken meat were selected for intrinsic-labelling studies with 67zn. peas were grown hydroponically in enriched nutrient solution and wheat was grown in sand and watered with enriched nutrient solution. some of the wheat plants were also given stem injections of 67zn solution. ...19911931906
structural and functional analysis of promoter from gliadin, an endosperm-specific storage protein gene of triticum aestivum identify cis-regulatory elements of the gliadin gene, a study of the gliadin gene promoter was conducted by transient expression analysis of plasmid dnas which were introduced into plant protoplasts by electroporation. the promoter region (-592 bp to +18 bp from the translational start) of this developmentally regulated gene, when fused upstream to the chloramphenicol acetyl transferase (cat) reporter cassette was unable to direct significant cat expression in wheat or tobacco suspension cell ...19912000092
histochemistry of glandular metaplasia at the trigone of the urinary bladder in cows.the epithelium at the trigone of the urinary bladder showed intestinal metaplasia of a colonic type in three holstein-friesian cows affected with chronic polypoid cystitis. except for ricinus communis (rca-i), almost all goblet cells in the whole crypt were positive to periodic acid-schiff (pas), alcian blue (ab) ph 2.5, ab ph 1.0, periodate borohydride-potassium hydroxide-pas (pb-koh-pas), ulex europaeus (uea-i), triticum vulgare (wga) and arachis hypogaea (pna) after neuraminidase digestion. t ...19921452812
glycaemic index of conventional carbohydrate meals.the glycaemic index (gi) and the triacylglycerol response were measured in thirty non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients given 50 g portions of five different conventional indian meals containing semolina (triticum aestivum) cooked by two different methods, or combinations of semolina and pulse (black gram dhal (phaseolus mungo), green gram dhal (phaseolus aureus) or bengal gram dhal (cicer arietum)). there were no significant differences among meals in mean gi except for meals based o ...19921445824
enhanced stability of histone octamers from plant nucleosomes: role of h2a and h2b histones.gel filtration and sedimentation studies have previously established that the vertebrate animal core histone octamer is in equilibrium with an (h3-h4)2 tetramer and an h2a-h2b dimer [eickbush, t. h., & moudrianakis, e. n. (1978) biochemistry 17, 4955-4964; godfrey, j. e., eickbush, t. h., & moudrianakis, e. n. (1980) biochemistry 19, 1339-1346]. we have investigated the core histone octamer of wheat (triticum aestivum l.) and have found it to be much more stable than its vertebrate animal counte ...19921420197
sequence and expression of a wheat gene that encodes a novel protein associated with pathogen defense.wheat (triticum aestivum) exhibits local acquired resistance to the powdery mildew pathogen erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici. the resistant state can be induced by a preinoculation with the nonhost pathogen e. g.f. sp. hordei, the barley powdery mildew, and is accompanied by the activation of putative defense genes. here, we report the sequence of a pathogen-induced gene, wir1a, and a corresponding cdna, wir1, that encode novel defense-related proteins of 88 and 85 amino acids, respectively. ana ...19921477405
ruminal escape protein supplementation and zeranol implantation effects on performance of steers grazing winter annuals.fifty-four crossbred steers (275 kg) were assigned randomly to one of three isoenergetic but not isonitrogenous ruminal escape protein (ep) supplements: high ruminal escape protein (hep), low ruminal escape protein (lep), or corn. the supplements contained corn, distillers' dried grains with solubles (ddgs), and fish meal. supplements were fed at approximately 1.5 kg/d; the hep and lep supplements provided .25 and .12 kg more ep per day than corn, respectively. these supplements also supplied .2 ...19911654314
phosphorylation of ribosomal proteins from eukaryotes in homologous and heterogous cell-free systems.the phosphorylation of ribosomal proteins from eukaryotes in homologous and heterologous cell-free systems has been studied. the ribosomes and protein kinases from yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae, strain bu), wheat (triticum vulgare) and rabbit (orystolagus cuniculus) have been used. it has been found that five ribosomal proteins incorporate gamma-32p from atp during the incubation of wheat ribosomes with wheat protein kinase. when the phosphorylation of isolated wheat ribosomal proteins was exa ...1976764872
sensory evaluation of and acceptability trials on biscuits prepared from raw and malted wheat (triticum aestivum)-bengal gram (cicer arietinum) mixes with or without a green leafy vegetable.biscuits were prepared by varying the amounts of the basic ingredients to arrive at the most acceptable recipe. the final recipe contained 40 g of mix, 40 g of jaggery and 20 g of ghee. sensory evaluation of biscuits containing 5 or 10% colocasia leaf powder by composite scoring test and hedonic scale showed that the former type of biscuit was preferred over the latter. the acceptability trial conducted on 42, 3 to 6 year old children showed that biscuits from either malted mix with or without 7 ...19921438072
[lectins as reagents for the differentiation of serum enzymes. lectins as reagents, i. (author's transl)].lectins from canavalia ensiformis, phaseolus vulgaris, and triticum vulgare react with arylamidase, alkaline phosphatase, gamma-glutamyltransferase, and cholinesterase of human sera by formation of enzymatically active, mostly insoluble complexes. arylamidase, alkaline phosphatase, and cholinesterase react more intensely in sera of healthy people than in sera of patients with liver and neoplastic diseases. arylesterase is bound to a distinct degree only by concanavalin a. the enzymes mentioned a ...1979547035
wheat-germ aspartate transcarbamoylase. steady-state kinetics and stereochemistry of the binding site for l-aspartate.1. the steady-state kinetics of the bisubstrate reaction catalysed by aspartate transcarbamoylase purified from wheat (triticum vulgare)-germ have been studied at 25 degrees c, ph 8.5 and i 0.10-0.12. initial-velocity and product-inhibition results are consistent with an ordered sequential mechanism in which carbamoyl phosphate is the first substrate to bind, followed by l-aspartate, and carbamoyl aspartate is the first product to leave, followed by pi. the order of substrate addition is support ...1979534495
polyploidy and domestication: the origin and survival of polyploids in cytotype mixtures.the origin and survival of a polyploid in a mixture of this polyploid and its parent(s) is reviewed. with several examples a picture is drawn of the interference of cytotypes in a mixture of cytotypes. some natural polyploids, both wild and domesticated, are very successful. they, like bread wheat and banana, largely replaced their parents. the same is true for some artificial polyploids like autotriploid hybride sugar beet in europe and autotetraploid perennial ryegrass. but when grown together ...1979550834
the transcription and translation in vitro of individual cereal storage-protein genes from wheat (triticum aestivum, cv. chinese spring). evidence for translocation of the translation products and disulphide-bond formation.genes coding for the high-mr ['high-molecular-weight' (hmw)] glutenin subunit 12 and for a gamma-gliadin from wheat (triticum aestivum, cv. chinese spring) were subcloned into transcription-translation vectors. in each case transcription in vitro yielded a rna transcript which when added to a rabbit reticulocyte cell-free translation system directed the synthesis of a polypeptide of appropriate mr by sds/polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis (sds/page). when dog pancreatic microsomal vesicles were ...19882461700
lectin-binding sites in neoplastic and non-neoplastic colonic mucosa of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-treated rats.qualitative changes of glycoconjugates in luminal surface and goblet cell mucin from colon mucosa of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (dmh)-treated rats were studied. eight fluoresceinated lectins were used: dolichos biflorus (dba), glycine max (sba), triticum vulgare (wga), limax flavus (lfa), arachis hypogaea (pna), griffonia simplicifolia-i (gs-i), ulex europaeus-i (uea-i) and canavalia ensiformis (con a). the lectin-binding patterns were studied in tumors arising in proximal and distal portions of the ...19892689774
transient gene expression in aleurone protoplasts isolated from developing caryopses of barley and wheat.methods have been developed for the isolation of aleurone protoplasts from developing caryopses of hordeum vulgare and triticum aestivum in order to study transient expression of introduced genes. chimaeric gene constructs were introduced into aleurone protoplasts by polyethylene glycol (peg). transient expression directed by the 35s promoter from cauliflower mosaic virus (camv) of the reporter gene encoding chloramphenicol acetyl transferase (cat) was detected in aleurone protoplasts from devel ...19892562757
new dimeric inhibitor of heterologous alpha-amylases encoded by a duplicated gene in the short arm of chromosome 3b of wheat (triticum aestivum l.).a new wheat dimeric alpha-amylase inhibitor, designated wdai-3, has been characterized. wdai-3 is a homodimeric protein active against alpha-amylase from human saliva and from the insect tenebrio molitor, but inactive against that from pig pancreas or against trypsin. its n-terminal amino acid sequence is closer to those of the wheat dimeric inhibitors 0.19 and 0.53 (89-91% identical positions in 44 residues) than to that of the monomeric 0.28 inhibitor (69% identical positions). iha-b1-2, the g ...19892787745
a major endothelial plasmalemmal sialoglycoprotein, gp60, is immunologically related to glycophorin.glycophorins, the major sialoglycoproteins of red blood cells in many species, are generally considered to be specific to erythroid cells. using polyclonal antibodies directed against mouse glycophorin (alpha gp), we have identified a glycoprotein antigenically related to glycophorin on the surface of bovine and rat cultured endothelial cells. immunoblotting with alpha gp identified a single 60-kda polypeptide on transfers of sds/polyacrylamide gels of solubilized confluent endothelial monolayer ...19902395877
psbg is not a photosystem two gene but may be an ndh gene.a gene of the chloroplast genome has been designated the psbg gene on the basis that in maize the gene product is a 24-kda polypeptide of photosystem two (ps2) (steinmetz, a. a., castroviejo, m., sayre, r. t., and bogorad, l. (1986) j. biol. chem. 261, 2485-2488). we have located and sequenced the equivalent gene in wheat (triticum aestivum) and have raised specific antibodies to the gene product following its expression in escherichia coli as a beta-galactosidase fusion protein. using these ant ...19892668282
lectin binding sites in normal rat ovary and enu-induced sertoli cell tumors of the ovaries.a panel of seven fluorescein isothiocyanate (fitc) labeled lectins were used to study the distribution of specific binding sites in histologic sections of rat ovaries and enu-induced sertoli cell tumors (sct) of the ovaries. ten sct and 5 normal ovaries derived from berlin druckey iv (bd-iv) rats were examined by fitc lectins. the tissues examined were fixed in 10% buffered formalin and embedded in paraffin blocks. in normal ovaries, lectin binding sites were more uniform, ordered and consistent ...19892764514
effects of supplemental silage on forage intake and utilization by steers grazing wheat pasture or trials were conducted to determine the effects of increasing amounts of silage (corn, wheat or sorghum) on forage intake, gastrointestinal tract fill, fecal output and ruminal flow and degradation of forage by cattle grazing wheat pasture or bermudagrass. in each of 3 yr, 24 steers grazed a common wheat or bermudagrass pasture and were randomly allocated to four treatments (0, .35, .70 or 1.05 kg silage dm.100 kg body weight-1.d-1). intake and ruminal flow of forage were measured by feedin ...19892925545
lectin histochemistry applied to human nerves.histologic sections of normal and pathologically altered human peripheral nerves were stained with a battery of 20 fluorescein isothiocyanate-labeled lectins to determine whether these histochemical reagents could be used to identify peripheral nerve injury. eight plant lectins--from canavalia ensiformis, lens culinaris, triticum vulgare (wheat germ), types e4 and l4 from phaseolus vulgaris, types i and ii from ricinus communis, and wistaria floribunda--were found to bind to normal and pathologi ...19863015069
induction of beta-1,3-glucanase in barley in response to infection by fungal pathogens.the sequence of a partial cdna clone corresponding to an mrna induced in leaves of barley (hordeum vulgare) by infection with fungal pathogens matched almost perfectly with that of a cdna clone coding for beta-1,-3-glucanase isolated from the scutellum of barley. western blot analysis of intercellular proteins from near-isogenic barley lines inoculated with the powdery mildew fungus (erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei) showed a strong induction of glucanase in all inoculated lines but was most pron ...19911815765
comparisons of proteins and glycoproteins in neuronal plasma membranes, axolemma, synaptic membranes, and oligodendroglial plasma membranes.neuronal membranes are unique in that they consist of several functionally distinct segments: the perikaryal plasma membrane, the axolemma, the synaptic membrane, and the dendritic membrane. methods are now available to isolate the first three types of membranes as well as to isolate oligodendroglial plasma membranes. the protein and glycoprotein compositions for each set of membranes were analyzed by silver staining after separation by sds polyacrylamide gradient gel electrophoresis and by radi ...19873599099
differential localization of cell surface and secretory components in rat intestinal epithelium by use of lectins.sections through various levels of small intestine from adult male rats were examined by fluorescence microscopy after treatment with fluorescein isothiocyanate-labeled lectins from dolichos biflorus, lotus tetragonolobus, ricinus communis, and triticum vulgare (wheat germ). the latter three lectins reacted with the microvillar portion of the epithelial cells lining the crypts and villi in sections of intestine adjacent to the pylorus. this pattern of reactivity was sharply altered along the fir ...19744609988
changes in glycoconjugates revealed by lectin staining in the developing airways of syrian golden hamsters.lectin binding was studied in the developing airways of syrian golden hamsters on gestational days 11-16 (day 16 is the day of birth). the trachea and lungs were fixed in 4% formaldehyde-1% glutaraldehyde, 6% mercuric chloride-1% sodium acetate-0.1% glutaraldehyde, and 95% ethanol; embedded in paraffin; and stained with eight lectin-horseradish peroxidase conjugates: triticum vulgare (wga), dolichos biflorus (dba), helix pomatia (hpa), maclura pomifera (mpa), griffonia simplicifolia i-b4 (gsa i- ...19901700650
a pathogen-induced wheat gene encodes a protein homologous to glutathione-s-transferases.winter wheat (triticum aestivum) shows local, induced resistance against the plant-pathogenic fungus erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici following exposure to the nonpathogen e. g. f. sp. hordei. the onset of this resistance has been shown to be correlated with the activation of putative defense genes, and cdna clones representing transcripts of induced genes have been obtained (p. schweizer, w. hunziker, and e. mösinger, plant molecular biology 12:643-654, 1989). we have cloned and sequenced a gen ...19911799693
relative nutritional availability to rats of selenium in finnish spring wheat (triticum aestivum l.) fertilized or sprayed with sodium selenate and in an american winter bread wheat naturally high in se.a finnish national programme to fertilize crops with sodium selenate led us to compare the nutritional availability to rats of selenium in two finnish spring wheats (triticum aestivum l.), either fertilized or sprayed with sodium selenate, with that in an american winter bread wheat naturally high in se. weanling male rats were given a se-deficient torula yeast diet for 4 weeks followed by either continued depletion or repletion for 4 weeks with graded levels of se as sodium selenite (standard) ...19873036197
stimulation of cell division in mouse fibroblast line 3t3 by an extract derived from triticum vulgare.the ability of an extract derived from triticum vulgare, the common wheat plant, to stimulate cellular proliferation of mouse 3t3 fibroblast cells was investigated. cellular response to triticum extract (te) was most evident in sparse cultures made quiescent by growing cells on low concentrations (0.6%) of calf serum. the growth-promoting activity in the extract was lost after dialysis but was resistant to heat treatment and digestion with trypsin or chymotrypsin, suggesting a low-molecular-weig ...19863744720
the amino acid sequence of wheat histone h2a(1). a core histone with a c-terminal extension.the complete amino acid sequence (145 residues) of histone variant h2a(1) from wheat germ triticum aestivum cultivar t4 has been established from edman degradation of large overlapping fragments. the sequence of histone variant h2a(1) differs from the homologous calf histone in 61 amino acid positions. these differences include an extension of h2a(1) by 19 amino acids at its carboxyl end.19854018096
alterations in cell surface membrane components of adapting rat small intestinal epithelium. studies with lectins after massive proximal jejunoileal resection and jejunoileal transposition.after proximal resection or transposition of intestinal segments, the small intestinal mucosa of rats was examined with fluorescein-conjugated lectins derived from ricinus communis and triticum vulgare (wheat germ). these agglutinins are thought to be specific for the nonreducing end-terminal carbohydrate residues, beta-d-galactose and beta-n-acetyl-d-glucosamine, respectively. after 70% proximal jejunoilealal resection as well as transposition of ileal segments to jejunum, ileal villus cell sur ...1978710859
factors influencing agnotobiotic cultures of the rumen ciliate, entodinium simplex.the nutrition of entodinium simplex was studied, with foliage of bluegrass (poa pratense), perennial ryegrass (lolium perenne), and grains of wheat (triticum vulgare) as substrates in agnotobiotic cultures. entodinium grew poorly when the substrates were autoclaved; better growth was obtained when the substrates were sterilized with ethylene oxide vapor. the concentration of ethylene oxide and the amount of moisture influenced the sterility and nutritional adequacy of the treated substrate. auto ...19684969666
regional distribution of glycoconjugates in normal, transitional and neoplastic human colonic mucosa. a histochemical study using lectins.regional distribution of glycoconjugates in normal and neoplastic colonic mucosa was studied by means of eight lectins: dolichos biflorus (dba), glycine max (sba), triticum vulgare (wga), arachis hypogaea (pna), griffonia simplicifolia-i (gs-i), canavalia ensiformis (con a), limax flavus (lfa), and ulex europaeus-i (uea-i). the lectin binding patterns were examined in 40 normal colonic mucosa (nm) (12 proximal (p) and 28 distal (d], 38 carcinomas (15 p and 23 d), and 31 transitional mucosa (tm) ...19892505446
lectin binding sites of the mouse ovary, intraovarian and ovulated ova.fluorescein isothiocyanate (fitc) labeled lectins were used to study the distribution of specific binding sites in histologic sections of mouse ovaries as well as ovulated ova. four distinct patterns of reactivity of the components of the follicle (exclusive of the ovum) and the surrounding ovarian stroma were recognized: uniform staining of granulosa cells, theca cells and surrounding stroma; weak to moderate staining of the granulosa cells and strong staining of the theca cells and stromal cel ...19846432745
pregnancy-related changes in the mouse oviduct and uterus revealed by differential binding of fluoresceinated lectins.the binding of 20 fluorescein isothiocyanate (fitc)-labeled lectins to various portions of the pregnant and non-pregnant murine oviduct and uterus was studied by fluorescence microscopy. five lectins (from ricinus communis (rca-i), maclura pomifera (mpa), triticum vulgare (wheat germ-wga), bauhinia purpurea (bpa), and ulex europeus (uea-i] reacted differentially with the epithelium of pregnant as compared with the non-pregnant uterus. the binding of rca-i, mpa and wga delineated pregnancy-relate ...19836418694
agglutinating activity of gliadin-derived peptides from bread wheat: implications for coeliac disease pathogenesis.the pt-digest of bread wheat gliadin was very active in agglutinating undifferentiated human k562(s) cells. this activity was quantitatively, but not qualitatively, similar to that of con a or wga. moreover, con a-induced cell agglutination was inhibited by mannan and mannose, wga-induced agglutination by nag only, and cell agglutination induced by bread wheat gliadin peptides was inhibited by each of these three saccharides. not only was mannan the most active saccharide in preventing cell aggl ...19846547342
significance of plant metabolism in the mutagenicity and toxicity of an attempt to gain an overall estimate for the influence of plant metabolism on environmental mutagenesis, the mutagenicity of an assortment of agricultural pesticide preparations in the salmonella bio-assay was evaluated using both rat liver s9 and plant enzyme homogenates as activating systems. the study indicates that plant metabolism can alter the results of this short-term mutagenicity test: some compounds which are non mutagenic in the salmonella bio-assay (e.g. diquat) give positive re ...19827172099
flow cytometric analysis of the binding of eleven lectins to human t- and b-cells and to human t- and b-cell lines.the relative surface binding of 11 lectins to human peripheral blood t- and b-lymphocytes, to molt-4 and jm t-cell lines, and to 6410 and nc37 b-cell lines was determined by flow cytometry. the lectins from lens culinaris (lca), ricinus communis (rca), arachis hypogaea (pna), abrus precatorius (apa), ulex europaeus (uea-f), sarothamnus scoparius (sas-f), helix pomatia (hpa), phaseolus coccineus (l-pha), glycine max (sba), and triticum vulgare (wga) were fluoresceinated and incubated with living, ...19846609053
use of lectins for detection of glycoconjugates in the glandular cells of the human bronchial mucosa.paraffin-embedded human bronchial biopsies, obtained in macroscopically healthy areas, were examined using nine peroxidase-bound lectins. these were either isolated or purified by affinity column chromatography (ulex europeus, triticum vulgare, glycine max, and arachis hypogatea lectins) or commercial preparations (lotus tetragonolobus, canavalia ensiformis, helix pomatia, phaseolus vulgaris, and lens culinaris lectins) and conjugated to peroxidase (except for concanavalin a). these labeled lect ...19827130674
a microapparatus for liquid hydrogen fluoride solvolysis: sugar and amino sugar composition of erysiphe graminis and triticum aestivum cell walls.the assembly and use of a simple and safe apparatus for hf solvolysis of microgram amounts of cell walls, polysaccharides, or glycoproteins are described. using this apparatus the cell wall composition of erysiphe graminis was compared with that of its wheat host. the hf solvolysis combined with tfa posthydrolysis considerably increased sugar yields compared with tfa hydrolysis alone, due mainly to increased yields of glucose from wheat, and glucosamine from erysiphe, corresponding to cellulose ...19836846800
effects of gliadin-derived peptides from bread and durum wheats on small intestine cultures from rat fetus and coeliac children.peptic-tryptic-cotazym (ptc) digests were obtained, simulating in vivo protein digestion, from albumin, globulin, gliadin and glutenin preparations from hexaploid (bread) wheat as well as from diploid (monococcum) and tetraploid (durum) wheat gliadins. the digest from bread wheat gliadins reversibly inhibited in vitro development and morphogenesis of small intestine from 17-day-old rat fetuses, whereas all the other digests (obtained both from nongliadin fractions and from gliadins from other wh ...19827155669
determination of 5-methylcytosine from plant dna by high-performance liquid chromatography.the relative amounts of the five nucleosides (deoxycytidine, 5-methyldeoxycytidine, deoxyadenosine, deoxyguanosine and thymidine) in the dna of nine plant species, one plant satellite dna, and one animal species were determined by high performance liquid chromatography. the method allows the clean separation of the nucleosides from 10 microgram samples with 15 min. the following values for the proportion of methylated cytosines among all cytosines were obtained: lobularia maritima 18.5%, nicotia ...19817272310
[catalytic concentration, multiple forms, and lectin affinity of microsomal enzymes from human tissues: lectins as reagents, ii (author's transl)].we estimated the concentrations, multiple forms, and lectin binding of five microsomal enzymes in particle free extracts from human kidney, pancreas, jejunal mucosa, and normal and cancerous liver. while arylesterase markedly reacted only with concanavalin a, arylamidase, alkaline phosphatase, gamma-glutamyltransferase, and cholinesterase were intensely precipitated by lectins from ricinus communis 120, canavalia ensiformis, triticum vulgare and phaseolus vulgaris s. agglutinins from glycine max ...19816120206
mariner transposase-like sequences from the hessian fly, mayetiola destructor.transposable genetic elements are assumed to be a feature of all eukaryotic genomes. they can serve as vectors in gene transfer systems and as mutagenic agents for isolation of genes. until recently their identification has been primarily limited to organisms subjected to extensive genetic or molecular study. the hessian fly, mayetiola destructor (say), is an agriculturally important pest of wheat, triticum aestivum l., in the united states and other parts of the world. we assessed the presence ...19957560872
scanning electron microscope studies of agrobacterium tumefaciens attachment to zea mays, gladiolus sp., and triticum aestivum.scanning electron microscope studies demonstrated that cells of agrobacterium tumefaciens strains attach to cells on the cut surfaces of corn and wheat seedlings and to gladiolus disks. bacterial cells attached to these monocots in the same manner as they attached to the dicots tested. of the strains tested, a66 and t37 covered more of the cut surfaces of these monocots in a nonrandom fashion than did cells of other isolates. these bacteria attached to cells of intact monocotyledonous plants and ...19883360748
efficient isolation and mapping of arabidopsis thaliana t-dna insert junctions by thermal asymmetric interlaced pcr.thermal asymmetric interlaced (tail-) pcr is an efficient technique for amplifying insert ends from yeast artificial chromosome (yac) and p1 clones. highly specific amplification is achieved without resort to complex manipulations before or after pcr. the adaptation of this method for recovery and mapping of genomic sequences flanking t-dna insertions in arabidopsis thaliana is described. insertion-specific products were amplified from 183 of 190 tested t-dna insertion lines. reconstruction expe ...19957550382
prevention by mannan and other sugars of in vitro damage of rat fetal small intestine induced by cereal prolamin peptides toxic for human celiac intestine.peptic-tryptic-cotazym and peptic-tryptic digests were obtained, simulating in vivo protein digestion, from pure "bread" wheat gliadins and from rye, barley, and oats prolamine and tested on small intestine cultures from fetal rats. when tested at a concentration of 0.1 mg of peptides/ml of culture medium the peptic-tryptic-cotazym and peptic-tryptic digests of gliadin and prolamines were very active in slowing in vitro development of fetal rat intestine and in increasing the occurrence and seve ...19873431955
carbon dioxide compensation points in related plant species.both high and low c0(2) compensation concentrations were found in the plant genera-panicum, cyperus, and euphorbia. within each genus, however, high and low compensations were found in different subgenera. thus, they may not be genetically closely related. no significant differences in co(2) compensation were found among 100 genetic lines of triticum aestivum l. or among 20 lines of hordeum vulgare l.19695774193
comparative digestion in cattle and sheep fed wheat silage diets at low and high intakes.winter wheat (triticum aestivum l.), harvested at late milk, early dough, and hard dough stages of maturity was ensiled for nutritive comparisons. diets were adjusted to 13% cp with a soy protein concentrate and fed to six ruminally fistulated growing steers and nine adult wethers in a repeated 3 x 3 latin square design to study the effects of maintenance and ad libitum intakes on digestibility of different feed fractions. at both intakes, digestion values for the steers were greater than or equ ...19957593843
cytochemical localization of small intestinal glycoconjugates by lectin histochemistry in controls and subjects with cystic fibrosis.human mucosal glycoconjugates were examined in normal small intestinal biopsies from five control subjects using six different fluorescein-conjugated lectins: triticum vulgare agglutinin (wga), ulex europaeus agglutinin i (uea1), ricinus communis agglutinin i (rca1), glycin max-soy bean agglutinin (sba), dolichus biflorus agglutinin (dba), and arachis hypogaea peanut agglutinin (pna). these plant agglutinins bind to specific nonreducing end-terminal carbohydrate residues. only the lectins derive ...19836188589
a view of plant dehydrins using antibodies specific to the carboxy terminal peptide.dehydrins are characterized by the consensus kikeklpg amino acid sequence found near the carboxy terminus, and usually repeated from one to many times within the protein. a synthetic peptide containing this consensus sequence was used to produce specific antibodies that recognize dehydrins in a wide range of plants. this range covered two families of monocots, viz. gramineae (hordeum vulgare l., triticum aestivum l., zea mays l., oryza sativa l.) and liliaceae (allium sativa l.), and five famili ...19937693020
influence of high-starch vs high-fiber energy supplements on performance of stocker cattle grazing wheat pasture and subsequent feedlot performance.a 3-yr study was conducted to determine effects of high-starch (hs) or high-fiber (hf) energy supplements on performance of fall-weaned steer calves (n = 192, exp. 1 and 2; n = 84, exp. 3) grazing winter wheat pasture (triticum aestivum variety 2157) and subsequent feedlot performance. the steers received 1) no supplement (cl) other than free-choice access to a commercial mineral mixture or 2) were hand-fed 6 d/wk either a corn-based hs supplement, or 3) a soybean hull/wheat middling-based hf su ...19957601753
replication and encapsidation of the viroid-like satellite rna of lucerne transient streak virus are supported in divergent hosts by cocksfoot mottle virus and turnip rosette virus.cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus supports replication and encapsidation of the viroid-like satellite rna (sat-rna) of lucerne transient streak virus (ltsv) in two monocotyledonous species, triticum aestivum and dactylis glomerata. additionally, ltsv sat-rna replicates effectively in the presence of turnip rosette sobemovirus in brassica rapa, raphanus raphanistrum and sinapsis arvensis, but not in thlaspi arvense or nicotiana bigelovii, indicating that host species markedly influence this interactio ...19937682254
lectin histochemistry of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced rat colon neoplasia.lectins linked to fluorescein were used as carbohydrate probes to examine the goblet cell mucin and epithelial cell surface glycoconjugate alterations in an experimental rodent model of colonic neoplasia induced with parenteral 1,2-dimethylhydrazine dihydrochloride. lectins derived from triticum vulgare (wga), ricinus communis (rca1), and limulus polyphemus (lpa) showed reduced labeling of goblet cell mucin in these tumors, while binding with peanut lectin from arachis hypogaea (pna), a lectin o ...19836688437
characterization of a bacterium of the genus azospirillum from cellulolytic nitrogen-fixing mixed cultures.a bacterium with the taxonomic characteristics of the genus azospirillum was isolated from celluloytic n2-fixing mixed cultures. its characteristics fit the descriptions of both azopirillum lipoferum (beijerinck) comb. nov. and azospirillum brasilense sp. nov. it may be a variant strain of a. lipoferum. in mixed cultures with cellulolytic organisms, the bacterium grew and fixed n2 with cellelose as a sole source of energy and carbon. the mixed cultures used cellulose from leaves of wheat (tritic ...19806773649
purification, characterization, and intracellular localization of glycosylated protein disulfide isomerase from wheat grains.wheat (triticum aestivum) storage proteins fold and assemble into complexes that are linked by intra- and intermolecular disulfide bonds, but it is not yet clear whether these processes are spontaneous or require the assistance of endoplasmic reticulum (er)-resident enzymes and molecular chaperones. aiming to unravel these processes, we have purified and characterized the enzyme protein disulfide isomerase (pdi) from wheat endosperm, as well as studied its developmental expression and intracellu ...19957784507
histochemical study of lectin binding in the human fetal minor salivary glands.the emerging synthesis of glycoconjugates containing specific oligosaccharides in developing human fetal labial and lingual salivary glands has been investigated by lectin histochemistry. an avidin-biotin technique was used to study the binding of lectins from ulex europeus i (uea-i), dolichos biflorus (dba), glycine maximus (sba), helix pomatia (hpa), arachis hypogaea (pna) and triticum vulgare (wga) to specific sugars on sections of tissue from labial glands, glands of blandin and nuhn, glands ...19957776265
the general mitochondrial processing peptidase from wheat is integrated into the cytochrome bc1-complex of the respiratory chain.the bc1-complex (ec from triticum aestivum l. was purified by cytochrome-c affinity chromatography and gel filtration using either etiolated seedlings or wheat-germ extract as starting material. sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the isolated enzyme revealed ten bands, which were analysed by immunoblotting and direct amino-acid sequencing. the enzyme from wheat is the first bc1-complex that is reported to contain four core proteins (55.5, 55.0, 51.5 and 51.0 ...19957766045
molecular features and mitochondrial import pathway of the 14-kilodalton subunit of cytochrome c reductase from potato.the cytochrome c reductase complexes from fungi and mammals both contain a 14-kd protein (yeast, 14.4 kd; bovine, 13.4 kd) that does not directly participate in electron transfer but possibly is indirectly involved in the function of the complex and has a role in assembly of the multimeric enzyme. a subunit of comparable size was identified for the bc1 complex of higher plants. the 14-kd protein from potato (solanum tuberosum) was specifically separated from the isolated protein complex in the p ...19957770525
use of lectins to evaluate the effects of gaas softlaser on dog tendon.1. lectins labeled with colloidal gold particles were used for the ultrastructural evaluation of the biological effects of gaas softlaser irradiation on the healing of dog tendon wounds. 2. six dogs were submitted to tenotomy and tenorrhaphy on the right and left hind legs. all animals received laser irradiation (4 j/cm2) daily for ten days only on the left leg, and the right leg of the same animal was used as control. biopsies were taken 11, 22 and 40 days after surgery. 3. laser-irradiated and ...19947787808
abundance, variability and chromosomal location of microsatellites in wheat.the potential of microsatellite sequences as genetic markers in hexaploid wheat (triticum aestivum) was investigated with respect to their abundance, variability, chromosomal location and usefulness in related species. by screening a lambda phage library, the total number of (ga)n blocks was estimated to be 3.6 x 10(4) and the number of (gt)n blocks to be 2.3 x 10(4) per haploid wheat genome. this results in an average distance of approximately 270 kb between these two microsatellite types combi ...19957854317
nucleotide sequence of wheat chloroplastid 4.5 s ribonucleic acid. sequence homologies in 4.5 s rna species.the nucleotide sequence of wheat (triticum aestivum l.) chloroplastid ribosome-associated 4.5 s rna is u-a-a-g-g-u-g-a-g-c-g-g-c-g-a-g-a-c-g-a-g-c-c-g-u-u-u-a-a-a-u-a-g-g-u-g-u-c-a-a -g-u-g-g-a-a-g-u-g-c-a-g-u-g-a-u-g-u-a-u-g-c-a-g-c-u-g-a-g-g-c-a-u-c-c-u-a-a-c- g-a-a-c-g-a-a-c-g-a-u-u-u-g-a-a-coh. the sequence is highly conserved among chloroplastid 4.5 s rnas but not related to either the 5 s or 5.8 s rrna species. when compared with 4.5 s rnas from other origins, the results indicate that thi ...19807440575
the distribution of a spliceosome protein in cereal (triticeae) interphase nuclei from cells with different metabolic activities and through the cell cycle.a monoclonal antibody (mab) ksm2 and three human sm sera, which detect the 'd' polypeptide in mammals and is associated with the u1, u2, u4/u6, u5, u7, u9-u12 small nuclear rnas, have been used in western blotting to show that the antigen is conserved in wheat (triticum aestivum cv. beaver). immunocytochemistry to wheat and a barley (hordeum vulgare) suspension culture using the mab ksm2 has shown that the 'd' polypeptide occurs in interphase nuclei as speckles and foci outside the nucleoli and ...19957496399
preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions of rat hereditary renal cell tumors express markers of proximal and distal nephron.long-evans (eker) rats carry a mutation that predisposes them to develop spontaneous renal cell tumors of two morphologic patterns: solid chromophilic masses or cystic lesions lined by eosinophilic cells. previous studies have suggested that these tumors arise from the proximal tubules. in the present study, lectin-binding characteristics and cytokeratin expression of various stages of hereditary rat renal epithelial neoplasia were examined to localize the portion of the nephron from which tumor ...19957483212
use of a recombination-deficient phage lambda system to construct wheat genomic libraries.the poor cloning efficiency of wheat (triticum aestivum cv. yamhill) dna in conventional cloning vectors has previously prevented the preparation of complete genomic libraries. we show here that while wheat dna does not clone efficiently using the vector ch4a, it can be cloned efficiently using ch32. ch32 clones are red- gam+ and therefore can be propagated on recombination-deficient hosts. these results suggest that instability of wheat sequences in conventional lambda vector systems has frustr ...19846096216
glycoconjugate expression of chondrocytes and perichondrium during hyaline cartilage development in the rat.alterations in the expression of glycoconjugate structures during cartilage development in the chondrocranium, nasal skeleton, meckel's cartilage, limb buds, vertebral bodies and ribs were investigated comparatively in 13 to 21-d-old rat embryos. the binding patterns of 24 biotinylated lectins were analysed in serial sections and compared with results obtained using histochemical methods. proteoglycan distribution, assessed by conventional staining procedures, was not associated with lectin bind ...19957591987
studies on the refrigerated storage of wheat (triticum aestivum). 2. ergosterol, xanthomegnin, viomellein and brevianamide a after inoculation with penicillium viridicatum.wheat seed was adjusted to 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26% moisture content (m.c.), and stored for 240 days at 4 or 10 degrees c following inoculation with a strain of penicillium viridicatum producing the toxins, xanthomegnin (xa), viomellein (vio), and brevianamide a (ba). wheat kernels were not sterilized before inoculation. the concentration of ergosterol (erg), a chemical indicator of fungal biomass, remained constant at 18% m.c./4 degrees c, but increased under the other conditions. the time before ...19938237145
isolation and characterization of cdnas encoding wheat 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase.the enzyme 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase (hmgr, ec is a key enzyme in the isoprenoid biosynthetic pathway. we have isolated partial cdnas from wheat (triticum aestivum) using the polymerase chain reaction. comparison of deduced amino acid sequences of these cdnas shows that they represent a small family of genes that share a high degree of sequence homology among themselves as well as among genes from other organisms including tomato, arabidopsis, hamster, human, dros ...19938108513
in vitro starch and protein digestibility and iron availability in weaning foods as affected by processing the present investigation, four weaning foods were formulated using locally available cereals and pulses such as wheat (triticum aestivum), barley (hordeum vulgare) and green gram (vigna radiata). cereal, pulse and jaggery were used in the proportion of 70:30:25. domestic processing technique like roasting and malting were used to process cereals and pulses for development of weaning foods. all the four blends had a nutrient composition within the range prescribed by the indian standard insti ...19948153067
digestibility, nitrogen utilization, and voluntary intake of ensiled crab waste-wheat straw mixtures fed to sheep.crab waste and wheat (triticum aestivum l.) straw mixtures, ensiled with different additives, were evaluated in metabolism and palatability trials. crab waste and straw were mixed in proportions of 1:1, wet basis, with 20% water and different additives, and ensiled in 210-l metal drums double-lined with polyethylene bags. thirty crossbred wethers (40 kg initial bw) were fed a 1) basal diet consisting of 75% orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata l.) hay and 25% concentrate, 2) ensiled crab waste-wheat ...19948181970
lectins as markers of rumen epithelial cell differentiation.lectins of different carbohydrate specificities (gna (galanthus nivalis), con a (canavalia ensiformis), vfl (vicia faba), psl (pisum sativum), lca (lens culinaris), pna (arachis hypogaea; with or without prior neuraminidase treatment), wga (triticum vulgare), sba (glycine max), uea-i (ulex europaeus), lpa (limulus polyphemus), bs-i b4 (bandeiraea simplicifolia, isolectin b4)) were explored for use as differentiation markers of rumen epithelial cells in vivo and in vitro. lectins specific for man ...19948206789
distribution and properties of major ribosome-inactivating proteins (28 s rrna n-glycosidases) of the plant saponaria officinalis l. (caryophyllaceae).we have studied the distribution of the protein synthesis inhibitory activity in the tissues of saponaria officinalis l. (caryophyllaceae). seven major saporins, ribosome-inactivating proteins, were purified to apparent homogeneity from leaves, roots and seeds using a new procedure of rips isolation including ion-exchange and hydrophobic chromatography. they all catalysed the depurination of rat liver ribosomes, which generate the endo's diagnostic rrna fragment upon treatment with acid aniline, ...19938218413
ultrastructural localization of carbohydrates in reichert's membrane of the the present investigation, we examined the role of trophoblast and parietal endoderm cells in the synthesis of carbohydrate-containing components of reichert's membrane. to eliminate the function of reichert's membrane as a filter between maternal and embryonal tissues we carried out our examination under in vitro conditions. parietal yolk sac from mouse embryos on day 9 post coitum (p.c.) were cultivated for 0 to 5 days. because tannic acid enables a complex formation between carbohydrates a ...19938513488
nucleotide sequence of a genomic gene encoding tritin, a ribosome-inactivating protein from triticum aestivum.a genomic gene of tritin, a ribosome-inactivating protein (rip) from triticum aestivum, was cloned using a barley rip gene as a probe. the 5'-non-coding region has potential tata boxes and three sequences homologous to the binding sequence of the transcriptional activator protein opaque-2 which activates maize rip gene expression. the cloned dna encoded tritin consists of 275 amino acids with no secretion signal sequence. the coding region of tritin was expressed in escherichia coli using lac pr ...19938499616
differential induction of distinct glutathione-s-transferases of wheat by xenobiotics and by pathogen attack.we have previously characterized a pathogen-induced gene from wheat (triticum aestivum l.) that was named gsta1 based on sequence similarities with glutathione-s-transferases (gsts) of maize (r. dudler, c. hertig, g. rebmann, j. bull, f. mauch [1991] mol plant microbe interact 4: 14-18). we have constructed a full-length gsta1 cdna by combinatorial polymerase chain reaction and demonstrate by functional expression of the cdna in escherichia coli that the gsta1-encoded protein has gst activity. a ...19938278547
antinutritive effects of wheat-germ agglutinin and other n-acetylglucosamine-specific lectins.incorporation of n-acetylglucosamine-specific agglutinins from wheat germ (triticum aestivum; wga), thorn apple (datura stramonium) or nettle (urtica dioica) rhizomes in the diet at the level of 7 g/kg reduced the apparent digestibility and utilization of dietary proteins and the growth of rats, with wga being the most damaging. as a result of their binding and endocytosis by the epithelial cells of the small intestine, all three lectins were growth factors for the gut and interfered with its me ...19938399111
characterization of glycoconjugate expression during development of meckel's cartilage in the rat.the staining patterns of 24 biotinylated lectins were analyzed in serial sections of the mandible of 13- to 21-day-old rat embryos by means of the avidin-biotin-peroxidase method. a ubiquitous distribution of binding sites was demonstrated after incubation with con a (canavalia ensiformis), dsl (datura stramonium; except bone matrix), and wga (triticum vulgare). ecl (erythrina cristagalli), gsl i (griffonia simplicifolia), sja (saphora japonica), vvl (vicia villosa), dba (dolichus biflorus), uea ...19957717533
contribution of quantitative lectin histochemistry to characterizing well-differentiated, dedifferentiated and poorly differentiated find new diagnostic markers in the group of lipomatous tumors.19979196804
the inhibition of human salivary alpha-amylase by type ii alpha-amylase inhibitor from triticum aestivum is competitive, slow and tight-binding.a kinetic analysis of the inhibition of human salivary alpha-amylase (ec by wheat seed (triticum aestivum) type ii alpha-amylase inhibitor revealed the inhibition was slow and tight-binding. the inhibition was competitive with an inhibition binding constant of the alpha-amylase inhibitor for alpha-amylase of 0.29 nm. the km of alpha-amylase for soluble starch (calculated per mole of alpha-1,4 linked maltose residues) was 5.87 mm.19958583253
wheat ribosome-inactivating proteins: seed and leaf forms with different specificities and cofactor requirements.distinct forms of ribosome-inactivating proteins were purified from wheat (triticum aestivum l.) germ and leaves and termed tritin-s and tritin-l, respectively. these differ in size and charge and are antigenically unrelated. they are both rna n-glycosidases which act on 26s rrna in native yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) ribosomes by the removal of a3024 located in a universally conserved sequence in domain vii which has previously been identified as the site of action of ricin a-chain. tritin- ...19958555963
a recombinant wheat serpin with inhibitory activity.a full-length clone encoding the wheat (triticum aestivum l.) serpin wsz1 was isolated from a cdna library based on mrna from immature grain. the 398 amino acid sequence deduced from the cdna was corroborated by sequencing cnbr peptides of wsz1 purified from resting grain. wsz1 belongs to the subfamily of protein z-type serpins and the amino acid sequence is 70% identical with the barley serpins bsz4 and bszx and 27-33% identical with human serpins such as alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor, antithrom ...19968605317
molecular mapping of wheat: major genes and rearrangements in homoeologous groups 4, 5, and 7.a molecular-marker linkage map of hexaploid wheat (triticum aestivum l. em. thell) provides a framework for integration with teh classical genetic map and a record of the chromosomal rearrangements involved in the evolution of this crop species. we have constructed restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) maps of the a-, b-, and d-genome chromosomes of homoeologous groups 4, 5, and 7 of wheat using 114 f7 lines from a synthetic x cultivated wheat cross and clones from 10 dna libraries. ch ...19958647405
a histological, lectin and s-100 histochemical study of the developing prenatal human sublingual salivary gland.lectin and s-100 protein histochemistry during fetal growth and development (10-38th gestational weeks) of these glands was studied. the histological development of glandular structures followed the known pattern for other salivary glands. using biotinylated lectins ulex europeus-i, dolichos biflorus, glycine maximus (soyabean), helix pomatia, arachis hypogaea (peanut) and triticum vulgare (wheatgerm), the binding level and, by implication, the concentration of associated specific oligosaccharid ...19958670026
[rapd markers for wheat chromosomes in langdon disomic substitution lines].optimal conditions were developed for a random amplified polymorphio dna (rapd) assay of hexaploid bread wheat and tetraploid durum wheat. amplitaq stoffcl fragment was found to be better than taq dna polymerase in generating rapds. studies on chromosome specific rapd markers of the a- and b- and d-genome were performed using the complete set of langdon disomic substitution lines and the parental lines (langdon and chinese spring) as templete. seven out of twelve arbitrary primers (all operon 10 ...19968695176
wheat acetyl-coenzyme a carboxylase: cdna and protein structure.cdna fragments encoding part of wheat (triticum aestivum) acetyl-coa carboxylase (acc; ec were cloned by pcr using primers based on the alignment of several biotin-dependent carboxylases. a set of overlapping clones encoding the entire wheat acc was then isolated by using these fragments as probes. the cdna sequence contains a 2257-amino acid reading frame encoding a 251-kda polypeptide. the amino acid sequence of the most highly conserved domain, corresponding to the biotin carboxylase ...19947913745
primary structure of omega-hordothionin, a member of a novel family of thionins from barley endosperm, and its inhibition of protein synthesis in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell-free systems.a new sulfur-rich basic polypeptide, so called omega-hordothionin, has been isolated from barley endosperm by extractions with nacl and ammonium bicarbonate followed by reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography. purified omega-hordothionin was found to be homogeneous by sds/polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, n-terminal amino-acid sequencing and electrospray-ionization mass spectrometric analysis. the complete primary structure of omega-hordothionin was determined by automatic degrada ...19968706720
shelf life of weaning foods developed from locally available food stuffs.four weaning foods were formulated using locally available cereals and pulses such as wheat (triticum aestivum), barley (hordeum vulgare), green gram (vigna radiata) and jaggery. cereal, pulse and jaggery were used in the proportion of 70:30:25. roasting and malting were two processing techniques used. the developed weaning foods were evaluated for their nutritional characteristics and shelf life. all the formulations had a nutrient composition within the range prescribed by the indian standard ...19947971776
aging of the human endometrium: peri-implantation phase endometrium does not show any age-dependent variation in lectin evaluate if the peri-implantation endometrium shows age variations in lectin patterns, which suggest possible age variations in embryo-maternal recognition.19968801134
distribution of lectin binding sites in human bone marrow. identification by use of an ultrastructural postembedding technique.the purpose of this ultrastructural study was to detect various carbohydrate residues on mature elements of the major human haematopoietic cell lines (granulopoiesis, erythropoiesis and megakaryopoiesis), sinus endothelium and plasma cells under comparable experimental conditions. marrow specimens were processed according to a modified postembedding technique with unicryl as embedding resin. a broad panel of 10 digoxigenin (dig)-conjugated lectins was applied for staining and specificity was eva ...19968933737
immunological evidence for accumulation of two high-molecular-weight (104 and 90 kda) hsps in response to different stresses in rice and in response to high temperature stress in diverse plant genera.rice seedlings accumulate stainable amounts of the 104 and 90 kda polypeptides in response to high temperature stress. we have purified and raised highly specific polyclonal antisera against both of these polypeptides. in western blotting experiments, we find that these proteins are accumulated to different extents in rice seedlings subjected to salinity (nacl), water stress, low-temperature stress and exogenous abscisic acid application. these proteins also accumulated when rice seedlings grown ...19957579180
structural and antifungal properties of a pathogenesis-related protein from wheat kernel.we have purified and characterized a protein from the water-soluble fraction of wheat kernel (triticum aestivum cv. s. pastore) consisting of a single polypeptide chain blocked at its n-terminus by a pyroglutamate residue; the complete amino acid sequence has been determined by automated sequence analysis performed on peptide fragments obtained by enzymatic hydrolyses of the protein. homology studies have shown that this protein is very similar (97% sequence identity) to the previously character ...19968838588
a (1-->3,1-->4)-beta-glucan-specific monoclonal antibody and its use in the quantitation and immunocytochemical location of (1-->3,1-->4)-beta-glucans.monoclonal antibodies were raised against a (1-->3,1-->4)-beta-glucan-bovine serum albumin (bsa) conjugate. one antibody (bg1) selected for further characterization, was specific for (1-->3,1-->4)-beta-glucan, displaying no binding activity against a (1-->3)-beta-glucan-bsa conjugate and minimal binding against a cellopentaose-bsa conjugate. a range of oligosaccharides was prepared by enzymatic digestion of (1-->3,1-->4)-beta-glucan, purified by size exclusion chromatography and characterized by ...19948130794
forage and splanchnic tissue mass in growing lambs: effects of dietary forage levels and source on splanchnic tissue mass in growing lambs.forty-two crossbred lambs (33.4 kg initial body weight; twenty-four wethers and eighteen ewes) were used in a 42 d experiment with a 2 x 3 factorial treatment arrangement to determine effects of forage level and source on splanchnic tissue mass. diets were 250 and 750 g/kg of chopped lucerne (medicago sativa) (a), ryegrass (lolium multiflorum)-wheat (triticum aestivum) (rw) or bermudagrass (cynodon dactylon) (b) hay, with the remainder being maize-based concentrate. five lambs per treatment were ...19948142327
constitutively hyposialylated human t-lymphocyte clones in the tn-syndrome: binding characteristics of plant and animal lectins.previously, beta 1,3-galactosyltransferase-deficient (tn+) and normal (tf+) t-lymphocyte clones have been established from a patient suffering from tn-syndrome [thurnher et al. (1992) eur j immunol 22: 1835-42]. tn+ t lymphocytes express only tn antigen galnac alpha 1-o-r) while other o-glycan structures such as sialosyl-tn (neu5ac alpha 2,6galnac alpha 1-o-r) or tf (gal beta 1-3galnac alpha 1-o-r) antigens are absent from these cells as shown by flow cytometry using specific mabs for tf and sia ...19968872113
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