development of goitre and enterohepatonephropathy in nubian goats fed with pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides).we present the first reported study of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) goitrogenesis and enterohepatonephropathy in 5-9-month-old nubian goats of either sex. the goats were fed 0.25 or 1 g millet per kg body weight per day for 62 days. the effects on thyroid follicles, intestines, liver and kidneys are described and correlated with clinical signs, changes in serum and tissue iodine and selenium concentrations and alterations in serum aspartate transaminase, gamma glutamyl transferase, total ...199910204414
host suitability of potential cover crops for root-knot nematodes.several potential cover crops were evaluated for their susceptibility to meloidogyne arenaria race 1, m. incognita race 1, and m. javanica in a series of five greenhouse experiments. no galls or egg masses were observed on roots of castor (ricinus communis), cowpea (vigna unguiculata cv. iron clay), crotalaria (crotalaria spectabilis), or american jointvetch (aeschynomene americana). occasional egg masses (rating </=1.0 on 0-5 scale) were observed on marigold (tagetes minuta) in one test with m. ...199919270926
air-borne contact dermatitis in varanasi.forty-six patients suspected to have air borne contact dermatitis were tested with various plant antigens. thirteen patients turned out to be sensitive to one or more antigens. the plant antigens, used for testing, were parthenium hysterophorus, lantana camara, cynodon dactylon, bougainvaled spectabills, calotropis procera, argimone mexicana, acacia arabica, azadiracha indica, eucalyptus rostrata, saraka indica, triticum vulgare, triticum aestivum, dryopteris filix, nerium indicum, eclipta alba, ...201728150592
selfing rates of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides stapf and hubb.) under natural conditions.the selfing rate of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides stapf and hubb.) has been determined under natural conditions. this species is said to be allogamous. nine test plants homozygous for a particular allele on the alcohol dehydrogenase: adh a locus (a1a1) were sown 2.5 m one from each other interspersed among 300 plants homozygous for the same locus (a2a2); these nine plants served as indicators of selfing. in the 20 spikes produced by these a test plants, the selfing rates varied between 2.2% ...199324193600
weighted regression analysis for comparing varietal adaptation.the normally used joint linear regression analysis (ols) is not appropriate for comparing estimates of stability parameters of varieties when the error variances of site means are heterogeneous. weighted regression analysis (wls), in these situations, yields more precise estimates of stability parameters. a comparison of the two analytical methods using the grain yield (kg ha(-1)) data of 12 varieties and one hybrid of pearl millet [pennisetum typhoides (burm.) s. & h.], tested at 26 sites in in ...199124221324
assessment of cytoplasmic differences of near-isonuclear male-sterile lines in pearl millet.four near-isonuclear polycytoplasmic versions of 81a and two of pb 402a male-sterile lines of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) were used in factorial matings with five inbred male testers in different combinations in three sets. the cytoplasmic differences were studied for several agronomic traits using mean values and general combining effects (gca) of male-sterile lines, and specific combining ability effects of hybrids. the fertility/ sterility behaviour of different male-sterile lines in ...199324190201
nutritional and chemical evaluation of pearl millet grains (pennisetum typhoides (burm. f.) stapf & hubbard, poaceae) grown in the gizan area of saudi arabia.the proximate composition, minerals, amino acid profiles, grain protein contents of pennisetum typhodies (burm.f.) stapf & hubbard were analysed. the crude protein was 12.3%, fat 5.3% and ash 2.4%. the grains contained similar amounts of phosphorus, calcium and iron as compared to some indian and african millets. amino acid analysis indicated the presence of at least 17 amino acids including most of the essential ones. they were also characterized by the presence of sufficient quantities of esse ...19968833181
flowering phenology and gender variation in pennisetum typhoides.because of the modular structure of pearl millet (an annual grass crop, poaceae), different tillers of a plant share the same genotype but are subjected to different environmental conditions during their maturation. this allows investigation of the effects of tiller flowering phenology on allocation to resource-producing photosynthetic biomass, sexual functions, and thus tiller gender. all tillers of plants of two families collected from individual maternal plants (represented by 33 and 31 plant ...200010648197
chemical composition, nutritionally valuable minerals and functional properties of benniseed (sesamum radiatum), pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) and quinoa (chenopodium quinoa) flours.the chemical composition, nutritionally valuable minerals and functional properties of benniseed (sesamum radiatum), pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) and quinoa (chenopodium quinoa) were studied. the results showed that the samples contained crude protein in the range of 11.4 to 22.5% with benniseed having the highest value of 2.5%, and pearl millet with the lowest value 11.4%. ether extracts fall within the range of 6.3-44.3%. the moisture contents ranged from 5.2 to 11.2% while the ash cont ...199910719563
fine-mapping and identification of a candidate gene underlying the d2 dwarfing phenotype in pearl millet, cenchrus americanus (l.) morrone.pearl millet is one of the most important subsistence crops grown in india and sub-saharan africa. in many cereal crops, reduced height is a key trait for enhancing yield, and dwarf mutants have been extensively used in breeding to reduce yield loss due to lodging under intense management. in pearl millet, the recessive d2 dwarfing gene has been deployed widely in commercial germplasm grown in india, the united states, and australia. despite its importance, very little research has gone into det ...201323450459
characterization of modified pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) starch.pearl millet starch (pennisetum typhoides) was isolated and subjected to hydrothermal, acidic and enzymatic modifications. native and various modified starches were characterized in terms of yield, moisture, protein, ash, bulk density, swelling power, solubility, colour, sediment volume, gel consistency, water binding capacity, pasting properties, freeze thaw stability and paste clarity. hydrothermal modification (htms) caused an increase in swelling power and solubility. l value was higher for ...201424493886
optimization of weaning mix based on malted and extruded pearl millet and barley.weaning mix was developed using extrudates of plain and malted pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) and barley (hordeum vulgare) flour. central composite rotatable design (ccrd) with four independent variables pme (pearl millet extrudates), pmme (pearl millet malt extrudates), be (barley extrudates), bme (barley malt extrudates) at five level and five dependent variables, i.e. lightness, peak viscosity (pv), water solubility index (wsi), water absorption index (wai) and overall acceptability (oaa ...201424741161
rheological and functional properties of heat moisture treated pearl millet starch.pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) starch was subjected to heat moisture treatment (hmt) at different moisture levels i.e., 20 % (hmt-20), 25 % (hmt-25) & 30 % (hmt-30) for 8 h at 110 °c and evaluated for changes in rheological, thermal, functional and morphological properties. peak, breakdown, cool paste and setback viscosity decreased, while pasting temperature increased after hmt. shear stability of hmt-30 sample was maximum (stability ratio 0.54). highest (33.5 pa) g' value was observed for ...201526396395
genome scan reveals selection acting on genes linked to stress response in wild pearl millet.uncovering genomic regions involved in adaption is a major goal in evolutionary biology. high-throughput sequencing now makes it possible to tackle this challenge in nonmodel species. yet, despite the increasing number of methods targeted to specifically detect genomic footprints of selection, the complex demography of natural populations often causes high rates of false positive in gene discoveries. the aim of this study was to identify climate adaptations in wild pearl millet populations, cenc ...201627664976
no excess of cis-regulatory variation associated with intraspecific selection in wild pearl millet (cenchrus americanus).several studies suggest that cis-regulatory mutations are the favorite target of evolutionary changes, one reason being that cis-regulatory mutations might have fewer deleterious pleiotropic effects than protein-coding mutations. a review of the process also suggests that this bias towards adaptive cis-regulatory variation might be less pronounced at the intraspecific level compared with the interspecific level. in this study, we assessed the contribution of cis-regulatory variation to adaptatio ...201728137746
contact dermatitis due to plants.forty-seven cases of suspected plant dermatitis were patch tested with extracts of various plants. twenty-six showed positive patch tests to one or more plant antigens. parthenium sensitivity was observed in nine cases. trianthema monogyna, carissa, carandus, amaranthus viridis, amaranthus spinosus, euphorbia hirta, euphorbia thymibolia, salvia plebia, lantana camera and pennisetum typhoides were other important plants founds to be responsible for contact sensitivity. majority of the patients we ...201728193929
double-stranded rna specific nuclease from germinating embryos of pennisetum typhoides.a double-stranded rna specific nuclease (ds rnase) has been purified from the pearl millet pennisetum typhoides. the purification involved s-30 preparation from the germinating embryos, deae-cellulose and dna-cellulose chromatography. the partially pure enzyme preferentially solubilized the synthetic double-stranded polynucleotide [3h]poly(ra) . poly(ru); the degradation of [3h]poly(rc) was fourteen fold lower under the same assay conditions. furthermore, the ds rnase activity was inhibited to a ...19846527687
nutrient composition of millet (pennisetum typhoides) grains and malt. 20157320341
food intake and energy expenditure of male and female farmers from upper-volta.1. the energy balance of eleven male and fourteen female adult farmers was measured for 6 d after the harvest, in december-january. their energy intake was recorded by weighing their food consumption and their energy expenditure was determined using indirect calorimetry. 2. body-weight, expressed as percentage of expected weight-for-height was 91 and 86% of the inter-departmental committee on nutrition for national development (1963) standard for women and men respectively. 3. the staple foods w ...19817195280
effect of high moisture storage of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) with or without feed enzymes on growth and nutrient utilization in broiler chickens.effect of reconstitution of pearl millet with or without enzymes on its utilization in broiler chickens was studied. the pearl millet grains were reconstituted by adding water to raise the moisture level to 30%, followed by storage in sealed plastic buckets with or without feed enzymes (0.5 g/kg) for 21 days at room temperature (25 degrees c). subsequently, the grains were sun-dried to reduce the moisture content up to 10% to avoid mould growth. nine dietary treatments were formulated incorporat ...200920163605
purification and characterization of a hyperthermostable and high maltogenic alpha-amylase of an extreme thermophile geobacillus thermoleovorans.the purified alpha-amylase of geobacillus thermoleovorans had a molecular mass of 26 kda with a pi of 5.4, and it was optimally active at 100 degrees c and ph 8.0. the t 1/2 of alpha-amylase at 100 degrees c increased from 3.6 to 5.6 h in the presence of cholic acid. the activation energy and temperature quotient (q 10) of the enzyme were 84.10 kj/mol and 1.31, respectively. the activity of the enzyme was enhanced strongly by co2+ and fe2+; enhanced slightly by ba2+, mn2+, ni2+, and mg2+; inhibi ...200718025579
genetic analysis of alcohol dehydrogenase isozymes in pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides).pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) produces three adh isozymes, sets i, ii, and iii, with set iii being expressed only in anaerobically treated seeds of seedlings. variant strains have been identified which produce adh isozymes with altered electrophoretic mobilities for sets i and ii but not for set iii activity. based on genetic analysis of these variants and on dissociation-reassociation experiments, we propose that the three adh isozymes are dimers of subunits coded by two structural genes, ...1979518537
sclerospora graminicola axenic culture.sclerospora graminicola (sacc.) schroet., the obligate pathlogen causing downy mildew (green-ear) of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides stapf. and hubb.) has been successfully cultured for the first time on a known semisynthetic mediumn with no evident loss of fructifications. sclerospora graminicola was first grown on host callus tissue and subsequently on a modification of white's basal medium that contained casein hydrolyzate (oxoid). 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, and kinetin.19695762609
action of pennisetum typhoides double-stranded ribonuclease on viral ds rnas.a ribonuclease that preferentially cleaves natural and synthetic double-stranded (ds) rnas has been partially purified from pennisetum typhoides. the enzyme degrades [3h]poly(ra) x poly(ru) to acid-soluble products. the ds rnase does not degrade rna:dna hybrid but appears to have about 18% activity against single-stranded (ss) rnas under the assay conditions used for the cleavage of ds rnas. the rnase has a molecular weight of 35,000 daltons as determined from gel filtration using sephadex g-200 ...19853910048
utilisation of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) for egg production.1. the performance of white leghorn laying hens on diets providing pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) at 300 and 600 g/kg to replace maize, part per part, or "maize mix" isoenergetically and isonitrogenously in the first experiment and at 600 g/kg diet to replace maize in toto, part per part, in the second experiment were examined. in the first experiment, 3 groups of 12 laying hens were placed on each of the 5 dietary treatments for 3 x 28 d, whereas in the second experiment, each of the two d ...19911893260
monotelodisomics in pearl the progeny of crosses between plants with the chromosome number 2n=13+2 telocentrics as the male parents and the normal diploids of pennisetum typhoides s. & h., two plants with 2n=13+1 telocentric chromosome were located. these two plants were heterozygous for an interchange, since at diakinesis and metaphase i associations of four chromosomes were observed. these plants had a chromosome constitution of 2n=13+t (or 6″+ti″); one chromosome of a homologous pair was represented by a telocentri ...197624414386
onyalai--the possible involvement of a mycotoxin produced by phoma sorghina in the aetiology.a number of species of fungi were isolated from millet (pennisetum typhoides staph and hubb) and grain sorghum (sorghum vulgare pers) obtained from the households of patients suffering from onyalai. several proved to be toxic to rats and chickens, including phoma sorghina (sacc.) which was the predominating fungus. cultures of p. sorghina grown on maize and wheat were added to standard rations at concentrations of 5-30%. when fed to day-old new hampshire chickens, the majority died within 4 days ...19751080886
photoinhibition at low temperature in chilling-sensitive and -resistant plants.photoinhibition resulting from exposure at 7 degrees c to a moderate photon flux density (300 micromoles per square meter per second, 400-700 nanometers) for 20 hours was measured in leaves of annual crops differing widely in chilling tolerance. the incidence of photoinhibition, determined as the decrease in the ratio of induced to total chlorophyll fluorescence emission at 693 nanometers (f(v)/f(max)) measured at 77 kelvin, was not confined to chilling-sensitive species. the extent of photoinhi ...198916666971
in vitro digestibility and amino acid composition of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) and other cereals.the purpose of this study was to compare in vitro digestibility, protein distribution patterns, and amino acid composition of pearl millet with other major cereals. digestibility values for the pearl millet varieties were higher than that of sorghum and comparable to that of maize. in contrast to sorghum, digestibility of pearl millet and maize did not decrease significantly upon cooking. protein distribution patterns of uncooked pearl millet and shifts in the different fractions as a result of ...19873476923
repeatability of stability estimators for downy mildew incidence in pearl millet.repeatability of mean downy mildew (sclerospora graminicola (sacc.) schroet.) incidence, regression coefficients and deviation mean squares were investigated for 25 pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides (burm.) stapf. & hubb.) genotypes in 20 environments by correlating arrays of these stability parameters over subsets of the 20 environments arranged according to the year-wise, random, stratified and extreme methods of environmental division. correlation coefficients between arrays of mean downy mi ...198524254122
regression analysis for general adaptation in pearl millet using different environmental indices.regression analyses on grain yield of 20 hybrid and 13 composite varieties of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides (burm. s. & h.)) evaluated at 19 sites in india were performed to assess their relative stability and to compare different measures of environmental values. a large portion of the significant genotype x environment interactions was attributed to the non-linear component and deviations mean squares (sdi (2)) were a very important parameter for selection of stable varieties. the mean gr ...198424257822
peroxidase isozyme patterns in primary trisomics of pearl millet.the peroxidases zymogram phenotypes of seven primary trisomics of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) and their disomic sibs were determined. it was found that each of the trisomics can be differentiated from its disomic sib and from other trisomics on the basis of the isozyme band intensities.198424258962
a goitrogenic agent from millet (pennisetum typhoides) in darfur province, western sudan.serum samples from girls from an elementary school in western sudan with grades o, i and ii/iii goitre were examined for their thiocyanate, cysteine, thyroxine, tsh and t3 concentrations. the concentrations of thiocyanate in all girls was higher than that reported in the literature for nigerians, but the concentrations of thiocyanate were nevertheless significantly elevated, and those of thyroxine significantly lowered in girls with grades i and ii/iii goitre as compared with grade o. there were ...19836830139
combining ability analysis of oxalic acid, minerals and green fodder yield in pearl millet.combining ability studies with respect to such green fodder quality characteristics as oxalic acid, calcium, sodium, potassium and green fodder yield were carried out in a 12 × 12 diallel cross set in pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides (burm) s. & h.). with regard to differential expression of gene effects, studies for quality traits were carried out in different seasons and on different plant parts. the relative proportions of general and specific combining variances indicated the preponderance ...198224270330
eco-physiological studies on indian arid zone plants : i. photosynthetic characteristics of pennisetum typhoides (burm. f.) stapf & hubbard and lasiurus sindicus henr.photosynthetic characteristics of two important grasses of indian desert have been studied. pennisetum typhoides, an important cereal crop, known to have 'kranz'-type leaf anatomy and low co2-compensation point, shows the c-4-dicarboxylic acid pathway for photosynthetic carbon reduction. lasiurus sindicus, a promising forage grass, has also been shown to possess, for the first time, a typical 'kranz'-type leaf anatomy and a very similar co2-fixation pattern like pennisetum typhoides. it is remar ...197328307983
a comparative analysis of biparental mating and selfing in pearl millet (pennisetum typhoïdes) s & h : i. nature of variation and changes in association.a study was made of the nature of variation and changes in association for characters related to yield, development and disease resistance in two sets of progenies one set derived through biparental mating (a-series) and the other by traditional inbreeding (selfing) from the f2 onwards (t-series), in a 22 × 22 diallel of dwarf derivatives of pennisetum typhoides s & h. comparison of means and variances within and between the two groups of progenies (a and t-series) and with those of released hyb ...197324424844
changes in carbohydrates during growth and development of bajra (pennisetum typhoides), jowar (sorghum vulgare) and kangni (setaria italica). 19725029973
partial desynapsis in pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides stapf et hubb). 19695362021
inhibition of lactation in mice following feeding with ergot sclerotia [claviceps fusiformis (loveless)] from the bulrush millet [pennisetum typhoides (staph and hubbard)] and an alkaloid component. 19684385587
studies on the interspecific hybrid of pennisetum typhoides, stapf & hub. x p. purpureum, schumach. iii. the cytogenetics of the colchicine induced amphidiploid. 195414366217
branched ears in pennisetum typhoides stapf et hubbard. 195015414627
a note on the amphidiploid of the hybrid of pennisetum typhoides stapf. and hubbard p. purpureum schumach. 194918112243
multiple chromosomal interchanges in pearl millet.intercrossing and irradiation were successfully used in pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) to develop multiple interchanges involving up to the total complement of all the chromosomes in one complex. in interchange heterozygotes showing ⊙ 12 + 1 ii and ⊙ 14, 90.9 and 87.8 per cent of the cells, respectively, had chromosome configurations other than that of 12 and 14 chromosomes. in general, the frequency of such cells resulting from breakdown of the expected complex configuration increased with ...198224270329
natural variants of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides) with altered levels of set ii alcohol dehydrogenase activity.two linked genes, adh1 and adh2, specify three sets of adh isozymes in pearl millet. set i is a homodimer specified by adh1, set iii is a homodimer specified by adh2, and set ii is a heterodimer consisting of one adh1 subunit and one adh2 subunit. dry seeds exhibit only sets i and ii. anaerobic treatment of seeds greatly increases the activity of sets i and ii and causes the set iii isozymes to be expressed. in the investigation reported here, the adh zymogram phenotypes of 112 inbred pearl mill ...19827049159
linkage of the alcohol dehydrogenase structural genes in pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides).pearl millet produces three adh isozymes, sets i, ii, and iii. naturally occurring adh electrophoretic variants affecting sets i and ii isozymes but not iii have been previously described. analysis of such variants led to the identification of the adh1 structural gene. the existence of a second adh structural gene was inferred from dissociation-reassociation studies of set ii. in the present report, a naturally occurring variant affecting the electrophoretic mobility of sets iii and ii but not s ...19827049158
a translocation tester set in pearl millet.sixteen translocation stocks developed in pearl millet, pennisetum typhoides (burm.) s.&h. (2 n = 14) were inter-crossed and the meiotic configurations of f1's analysed. a translocation tester set comprising five translocation stocks, each involving two non-homologous chromosomes has been developed.198224270530
telo aneuploids in pearl millet.nomenclature and chromosome constitution for twenty different aneuploids with telocentrics in pennisetum typhoides are presented.198124276926
effect of yeast supplementation on the growth performance of malpura lambs.thirty-six malpura lambs (age = 58 days; 8.9 kg bw) were equally divided into three groups (n = 12; six males and six females) to assess the effect of probiotics supplementation on growth, digestibility, rumen fermentation and carcass attributes. the lambs of the control group (con) were not supplemented with probiotics, while test groups received either saccharomyces cerevisiae (sc) or combination of s. cerevisiae and lactobacillus sporogenes (scls) at 1.5 % of concentrate mixture. the lambs we ...201322945430
combining ability analysis of beta-carotene, total carotenoids and other grain characteristics in pearl millet.combining ability studies with respect to grain quality characteristics viz., beta-carotene, total carotenoids, protein content, 250-grain weight, grain hardness and grain yield were carried out from a 13x13 diallel cross set in pearl millet [pennisetum typhoides (burm s&h)].the parents versus hybrids comparison indicated significant heterosis for all the traits under study. in general the hybrids having higher grain yield had bold hard grains with more carotene but low protein content, although ...198024305677
duration of activities and energy expenditure of female farmers in dry and rainy seasons in upper-volta.1. fifteen female farmers (aged 18--47 years) from two villages of the mossi plateau in upper-volta participated in a survey in which their daily activity pattern and their energy expenditure were assessed. eight of the subjects were investigated twice, in march (dry season) when there is no agricultural activity, and in july--august (rainy season) when heavy physical work is performed: mostly hoeing, weeding and replanting sorghum (sorghum vulgare) and millet (pennisetum typhoïdes). 2. the mean ...19807189407
induction of segmental interchanges in pearl millet (pennisetum typhides).dry seeds of two varieties of pennisetum typhoides (2n=14), 'tift 23-b' and 'bil-3b', were treated with gamma rays, diethyl sulphate (des) and ethylene imine (ei) at their approximate ld50 dosages and the pollen mother cells of the m1 (first generation immediately after the seed treatment) plants were analysed at diakinesis for multivalent configurations resulting from segmental interchanges. while quadrivalents and trivalents were commonly found in all the mutagenic treatments, hexavalents were ...197924310040
effect of supplementary choline on the performance of broiler breeders fed on different energy sources.1. laying performance, egg quality, fertility and hatchability, and fat deposition in liver and abdomen were recorded in broiler breeders (29 to 48 weeks of age) fed on diets containing perarl millet (pennisetum typhoides) (pm), broken rice (br) or yellow maize (ym) (600 g/kg diet). constant ratios of metabolisable energy (me) to other nutrients were maintained in all the diets. food grade choline chloride (50%) was added to the diets at 3 concentrations (0, 760 and 1,520 mg/kg). each diet was o ...200111469557
laying performance of broiler breeder chickens fed various millets or broken rice as a source of energy at a constant nutrient intake.laying performance, egg quality and carcase traits were recorded in broiler breeders (29-48 weeks of age) fed diets in which pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides), finger millet (eleusine coracana), foxtail millet (setaria italica) or broken rice fully replaced yellow maize (50% of the diet) from the reference diet. constant ratios of metabolizable energy to other nutrients were maintained in all the diets. each diet provided 1.38 mj metabolizable energy (me)/bird per day to 8 replicate groups of ...200011059041
effects of pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides), and fermented and processed fermented millet on nubian goats.the effects of pearl millet, fermented millet, or processed fermented millet were investigated in 15 goats assigned as untreated controls, pearl millet-fed (166.6g/animal/d), fermented millet-fed (166.6 g/animal/d or 83.3g/animal/d), and processed fermented millet-fed (166.6g/ animal/d). pearl millet caused goiter within 72-108 d, and changes in thyroid follicles were correlated with clinical manifestations and alterations in serum and tissue iodine and selenium concentrations. neither fermented ...200010839314
acid protease in germinated bajra (pennisetum typhoides). 1977924486
control of pyricularia leaf spot disease of bajra (pennisetum typhoides, staph & hubb. 19744461710
the utility of covariance of combining ability in plant breeding.the definition of covariances of half- and full sibs, and hence that of variances of general and specific combining ability with regard to a quantitative character, is extended to take into account the respective covariances between a pair of characters. the interpretation of the dispersion and correlation matrices of general and specific combining ability is discussed by considering a set of single, three- and four-way crosses, made using diallel and line × tester mating systems in pennisetum t ...197624414845
conditioned taste aversion in lesser bandicoot rat, bandicota bengalensis.the lesser bandicoot rat after ingesting a sublethal dose of 0.025% zinc phosphide, in preferred food millet (pennisetum typhoides) grains, for 4 days, showed aversion for 5-6 days towards plain millet offered in choice with the less preferred sorghum (sorghum vulgare) grains. the aversion response to nontoxic bait was stronger (aversion index greater than 0.7) for first 3-4 days in individual and for 1-2 days in paired rats. 100% or more shift in aversion index from pre-treatment to post-treatm ...19892620939
eco-physiological studies on indian arid zone plants : iii. effect of sodium chloride and gibberellin on the activity on the enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in leaves of pennisetum typhoides.seedlings of pennisetum typhoides were grown in sodium chloride (nacl) and gibberellic acid (ga3) separately and in combination, and the effects on the activity of amylase, phosphorylase, aldolase, invertase, hexose-phosphateisomerase, sucrose-synthetase and sucrose-6-phosphate-synthetase were studied. treatment of the seedlings with nacl caused an inhibition of the activity of amylase and invertase in the leaf homogenate, but enhanced that of phosphorylase, aldolase, sucrose-synthetase and sucr ...197428308618
[studies on the influence of abscisic acid and gibberellic acid on the activities of some enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in leaves of pennisetum typhoides seedlings].abscisic acid (aba) and gibberellic acid (ga3), alone and in combination, were applied to pennisetum typhoides seedlings and the effects on the activity of phosphorylase, amylase, invertase, hexose-phosphate-isomerase, sucrose-6-phosphate-synthetase and sucrose-synthetase were studied. aba-treatment inhibited the activity of amylase and invertase, but stimulated greatly that of phosphorylase, hexose-phosphate-isomerase, sucrose-6-phosphate-synthetase and sucrose-synthetase. ga3 alone, on the oth ...197424458992
[influence of nacl- and abscisic acid treatment on protein metabolism and some further enzymes of amino acid metabolism in seedlings of pennisetum typhoides].the effects of sodium chloride (nacl) and abscisic acid (aba) on protein synthesis, protein hydrolysis, glutamine synthetase, δ-pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase and amino acid composition have been studied in aerial parts of pennisetum typhoides (stapf et hubbard) seedlings. whereas protein synthesis is inhibited by nacl and aba, the activity or the synthesis of leucine-arylamidase, glutamine synthetase and δ-pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase is promoted by both the substances. the results of t ...197424442802
combining ability studies in pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides (burm.) s.& h.).a line x tester analysis of combining ability involved five male-sterile lines from different sources and 10 inbreds of pearl millet developed at hissar (india). additive x additive and additive x dominance types of gene interaction were found to predominate in the material under study. a high degree of association was found between general combining effects and the mean performance of lines and testers over crosses but no association was observed betweenper se performance of the crosses and the ...197424425427
induction of multiple chromosome interchanges in pearl millet, pennisetum typhoides.with a view to building up a series of translocation stocks and also, eventually, a complex heterozygote involving all the 14 chromosomes of pearl millet, its seeds were exposed to gamma rays from a (60)co gamma source. seeds from the meiotically established interchanges were given several cycles of gamma irradiation. frequency of the incidence of interchange heterozygotes in different generations was scored. as well as receiving recurrent irradiation, different translocation stocks were intercr ...197424425354
eco-physiological studies on indian arid zone plants : ii. effect of salinity and gibberellin on the activity of the enzymes of amino-acid metabolism in leaves of pennisetum typhoides.the separate and combined effects of sodium chloride and gibberellin (ga) on growth and the activities of alanine aminotransferase (gpt), aspartate aminotransferase (got) and glutamate dehydrogenase (gldh) have been studied in the aerial parts of pennisetum typhoides seedlings. salt concentrations higher than 8.55×10(3) m inhibited growth and reduced gldh activity, but strongly stimulated the activity of gpt and, to a lesser extent, that of got. ga alone, on the other hand, stimulated growth but ...197328308582
plasmon mutations in cytoplasmic male-sterile pearl millet, pennisetum typhoides.spontaneous mutations from sterile to fertile were demonstrated in four different cytoplasmic male-sterile stocks of pearl millet. one stock, asm-3, was of african origin, and the other three, lms-1a, asm-5, and asm-7, all had the same cyptoplasm of indian origin, but differed in nuclear make-up. these reversions were shown to be plasmon mutations, rather than genic in nature. asm-3 mutated at the lowest rate, about 0.03/100 heads. lsm-1a, asm-5, and asm-7 all had the same cytoplasm but mutated ...197517248681
tertiary trisomics in pennisetum typhoides. 19744837078
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