studies on liver sulphurylase activity in rats: vitamin-a-deficient and low-protein diets.studies on the sulphurylation of phenols by livers from normal and vitamin-a-deficient rats showed a significant reduction in sulphurylating activity in the acute stage of deficiency. at the 'plateau stage' of deficiency, decrease in this activity was marginal and was not significant. rats consuming a 6% casein diet had a significantly lower liver sulphurylating activity when compared to those fed 12 and 18% casein diets. comparative data on the sulphurylating activity of rats maintained on diet ...19751232600
identification of the three major coeliac immunoreactive proteins and one alpha-amylase inhibitor from oat endosperm.six chloroform/methanol-soluble proteins from oat endosperm (avena sativa) have been isolated and characterized by a purification procedure based on extraction with volatile solvents, followed by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography. three of these proteins, with an assessed molecular weight of 25,000, 27,000 and 32,000 da, respectively, have been identified by immunoblotting using coeliac sera, as the major coeliac serum iga-binding components of oat endosperm. the n-terminal a ...19921526282
natural occurrence of alternaria mycotoxins in sorghum and ragi from north bihar, india.the natural occurrence of major alternaria mycotoxins i.e. alternariol (aoh), alternariol methyl ether (ame), altenuene (alt), altertoxin-1 (atx-1) and tenuazonic acid (ta) has been investigated in sorghum (sorghum vulgare pers.) and ragi (eleusine coracana gaertn.) collected from north bihar. nine out of 20 sorghum samples, and three out of eight ragi samples, were found to be contaminated with one to three alternaria mycotoxins. the toxin elaborating potential of alternaria alternata (fr.) kei ...19902079114
a population-based case-control investigation on cancers of the oral cavity in bangalore, india.a case-control study on cancers of the oral cavity was conducted by utilising data from the population based cancer registry. bangalore, india. three hundred and forty-eight cases of cancers of the oral cavity (excluding base tongue) were age and sex matched with controls from the same residential area but with no evidence of cancer. the relative risk due to pan tobacco chewing was elevated in both males and females, being appreciably higher in the latter (relative risk 25.3%; 95% confidence int ...19902245179
laying performance of broiler breeder chickens fed various millets or broken rice as a source of energy at a constant nutrient intake.laying performance, egg quality and carcase traits were recorded in broiler breeders (29-48 weeks of age) fed diets in which pearl millet (pennisetum typhoides), finger millet (eleusine coracana), foxtail millet (setaria italica) or broken rice fully replaced yellow maize (50% of the diet) from the reference diet. constant ratios of metabolizable energy to other nutrients were maintained in all the diets. each diet provided 1.38 mj metabolizable energy (me)/bird per day to 8 replicate groups of ...200011059041
the metabolism of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus in human adults on a poor vegetarian diet containing ragi (eleusine coracana). 195513284215
influence of heat processing on the bioaccessibility of zinc and iron from cereals and pulses consumed in india.influence of heat processing on the bioaccessibility of zinc and iron from food grains consumed in india was evaluated. cereals - rice (oryza sativa), finger millet (eleusine coracana), sorghum (sorghum vulgare), wheat (triticum aestivum), and maize (zea mays), and pulses - chickpea (cicer arietinum) - whole and decorticated, green gram (phaseolus aureus) - whole and decorticated, decorticated black gram (phaseolus mungo), decorticated red gram (cajanus cajan), cowpea (vigna catjang), and french ...200717317519
development of transformation vectors based upon a modified plant alpha-tubulin gene as the selectable marker.a plant transformation and selection system has been developed utilizing a modified tubulin gene as a selectable marker. the vector constructs carrying a mutant alpha-tubulin gene from goosegrass conferring resistance to dinitroaniline herbicides were created for transformation of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants. these constructs contained beta- and/or mutant alpha-tubulin genes driven either by ubiquitin or camv 35s promoter. the constructs were used for biolistic transformation of f ...200818180180
carbohydrate-rich foods: glycaemic indices and the effect of constituent macronutrients.the glycaemic index (gi) ranks foods according to their acute glycaemic impact and is used in planning meals for patients invoking glycaemic control through diet. kurakkan (eleusine coracana) flour roti, rice flour roti, atta flour roti, boiled breadfruit (artocarpus altilis/artocarpus communis) and boiled legumes (mungbean, cowpea and chickpea) were categorized as low-gi foods (relative to white bread; prima crust top), and the corresponding gi (+/- standard error of the mean) values were 70+/- ...200919418327
the effects on growth in rats of butter and ragi (eleusine coracana), separately and combined, as supplements to the poor rice diet of south india. 194620999651
functional markers based molecular characterization and cloning of resistance gene analogs encoding nbs-lrr disease resistance proteins in finger millet (eleusine coracana).magnaporthe grisea, the blast fungus is one of the main pathological threats to finger millet crop worldwide. a systematic search for the blast resistance gene analogs was carried out, using functional molecular markers. three-fourths of the recognition-dependent disease resistance genes (r-genes) identified in plants encodes nucleotide binding site (nbs) leucine-rich repeat (lrr) proteins. nbs-lrr homologs have only been isolated on a limited scale from eleusine coracana. genomic dna sequences ...201021116864
agrobacterium-mediated transformation of finger millet (eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.) using shoot apex explants.a new agrobacterium-mediated transformation system was developed for finger millet using shoot apex explants. the agrobacterium strain lba4404 harboring binary vector pcambia1301, which contained hygromycin phosphotransferase (hptii) as selectable marker gene and β-glucuronidase (gus) as reporter gene, was used for optimization of transformation conditions. two finger millet genotypes, gpu 45 and co 14, were used in this study. the optimal conditions for the agrobacterium-mediated transformation ...201121584677
prebiotic activity of purified xylobiose obtained from ragi (eleusine coracana, indaf-15) bran.the role of prebiotics in improving human health has attracted global attention and the research is mostly focused on the strains belonging to the genera bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. non-digestible oligosaccharides hold significant role in recent research due to their prebiotic nature. soluble polysaccharides (sp, 14.4%), isolated from ragi bran consisted mainly of arabinose and xylose with minor quantities of rhamnose, mannose, galactose and glucose. ragi bran sp subjected to purified end ...201123729890
impact of mine waste dumps on growth and biomass of economically important crops.the present study aimed to investigate the effect of magnesite and bauxite waste dumps on growth and biochemical parameters of some edible and economically important plants such as vigna radiata, v. mungo, v. unguiculata, eleusine coracana, cajanus cajan, pennisetum glaucum, macrotyloma uniflorum, oryza sativa, sorghum bicolour, sesamum indicum, ricinus communis, brassica juncea, gossypium hirsutum and jatropha curcas. the growth rate of all the crops was observed in the range of 75 to 100% in m ...201223741803
a potent bidirectional promoter from the monocot cereal eleusine coracana.ragi bifunctional α-amylase-trypsin inhibitor (rbi) of eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn. (finger millet) simultaneously inhibits α-amylase and trypsin. in continuation of previous work on the cloning, expression and characterization of rbi, a bidirectional promoter from finger millet was explored on the basis of experimental observations. two trypsin inhibitors were identified while purifying rbi from a trypsin-sepharose column eluent. using an fplc gel filtration column, these three inhibitors wer ...201627460530
evaluation of health potential of nutritionally enriched kodo millet (eleusine coracana) grown in himachal pradesh, this study, kodo millet grains were phytochemically investigated for their nutritional and antioxidant potential for their use as functional foods. methanolic extracts of grains showed higher phenolic content and antioxidant activity. tlc studies of the extracted polyphenols from kodo millet showed the predominant presence of ferulic acid and cinnamic acid in the millet. further quantification of these polyphenols was done by using hplc, analysing ferulic acid and cinnamic acid. antagonistic ...201727507461
salt tolerance and activity of antioxidative enzymes of transgenic finger millet overexpressing a vacuolar h(+)-pyrophosphatase gene (sbvppase) from sorghum bicolor.a vacuolar proton pyrophosphatase cdna clone was isolated from sorghum bicolor (sbvppase) using end-to-end gene-specific primer amplification. it showed 80-90% homology at the nucleotide and 85-95% homology at the amino acid level with other vppases. the gene was introduced into expression vector pcambia1301 under the control of the cauliflower mosaic virus 35s (camv35s) promoter and transformed into agrobacterium tumifaciens strain lba4404 to infect embryogenic calli of finger millet (eleusine ...201424877670
scar marker specific to detect magnaporthe grisea infecting finger millets (eleusine coracana).to determine the molecular variability and develop specific sequence characterized amplified region (scar) marker for the detection of magnaporthe grisea causing blast disease in finger millet.201627328753
fusarium verticillioides from finger millet in uganda.finger millet (eleusine coracana) is a subsistence crop grown in sub-saharan africa and the indian sub-continent. fusarium species occurring on this crop have not been reported. approximately 13% of the fusarium isolates recovered from finger millet growing at three different locations in eastern uganda belong to fusarium verticillioides, and could produce up to 18,600 µg/g of total fumonisins when cultured under laboratory conditions. these strains are all genetically unique, based on aflp anal ...201222916825
physiological role of a multigrain diet in metabolic regulations of lipid and antioxidant profiles in hypercholesteremic rats: multigrain diet in hyperlipemia.the objective of the present study was to investigate the lipid and the antioxidant regulatory potential of a multigrain diet in laboratory animals with reference to lipid profiles, tissue lipid peroxidation and antioxidant status.201425780697
tracing qtls for leaf blast resistance and agronomic performance of finger millet (eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.) genotypes through association mapping and in silico comparative genomics analyses.finger millet is one of the small millets with high nutritive value. this crop is vulnerable to blast disease caused by pyricularia grisea, which occurs annually during rainy and winter seasons. leaf blast occurs at early crop stage and is highly damaging. mapping of resistance genes and other quantitative trait loci (qtls) for agronomic performance can be of great use for improving finger millet genotypes. evaluation of one hundred and twenty-eight finger millet genotypes in natural field condi ...201627415007
nutraceutical value of finger millet [eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.], and their improvement using omics approaches.the science of nutritional biology has progressed extensively over the last decade to develop food-based nutraceuticals as a form of highly personalized medicine or therapeutic agent. finger millet [eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.] is a crop with potentially tremendous but under-explored source of nutraceutical properties as compared to other regularly consumed cereals. in the era of growing divide and drawback of nutritional security, these characteristics must be harnessed to develop finger mil ...201627446162
evaluation of nutraceutical and antinutritional properties in barnyard and finger millet varieties grown in himalayan region.five elite varieties of barnyard (echinochloa frumentacea) and finger (eleusine coracana) growing at northwestern himalaya were investigated for nutraceutical and antinutritional properties. barnyard millet contained higher amount of crude fiber, total dietary fiber, tryptophan content, total carotenoids, α-tocopherol compared to the finger millet whereas the finger millet contains higher amount of methionine and ascorbic acid as compared to the barnyard millet. the secondary metabolites of biol ...201627478234
intervarietal variations in various oxidative stress markers and antioxidant potential of finger millet (eleusine coracana) subjected to drought stress.drought is a major form of abiotic stress leading to lower crop productivity. experiment was carried out for selecting the most tolerant genotype among six different genotypes of finger millet under drought stress. seeds of six finger millet genotypes were sown in pots and grown for 35 days. after this period, drought was induced by withholding watering for stressed plants while control plants were watered regularly for comparison. among all six different varieties of finger millet screened (pr2 ...201627498495
proteomic analysis of jaz interacting proteins under methyl jasmonate treatment in finger millet.jasmonic acid (ja) signaling pathway in plants is activated against various developmental processes as well as biotic and abiotic stresses. the jasmonate zim-domain (jaz) protein family, the key regulator of plant ja signaling pathway, also participates in phytohormone crosstalk. this is the first study revealing the in vivo interactions of finger millet (eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.) jaz protein (ecjaz) under methyl jasmonate (mj) treatment. the aim of the study was to explore not only the ja ...201627423073
gene discovery and advances in finger millet [eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.] genomics-an important nutri-cereal of future.the rapid strides in molecular marker technologies followed by genomics, and next generation sequencing advancements in three major crops (rice, maize and wheat) of the world have given opportunities for their use in the orphan, but highly valuable future crops, including finger millet [eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.]. finger millet has many special agronomic and nutritional characteristics, which make it an indispensable crop in arid, semi-arid, hilly and tribal areas of india and africa. the c ...201627881984
calcium biofortification: three pronged molecular approaches for dissecting complex trait of calcium nutrition in finger millet (eleusine coracana) for devising strategies of enrichment of food crops.calcium is an essential macronutrient for plants and animals and plays an indispensable role in structure and signaling. low dietary intake of calcium in humans has been epidemiologically linked to various diseases which can have serious health consequences over time. major staple food-grains are poor source of calcium, however, finger millet [eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.], an orphan crop has an immense potential as a nutritional security crop due to its exceptionally high calcium content. und ...201628144246
insights using the molecular model of lipoxygenase from finger millet (eleusine coracana (l.)).lipoxygenase-1 (lox-1) protein provides defense against pests and pathogens and its presence have been positively correlated with plant resistance against pathogens. linoleate is a known substrate of lipoxygenase and it induces necrosis leading to the accumulation of isoflavonoid phytoalexins in plant leaves. therefore, it is of interest to study the structural features of lox-1 from finger millet. however, the structure oflox-1 from finger millet is not yet known. a homology model of lox-1 from ...201628149050
storage behavior of immune-enhancing enteral formulation from natural sources.nutrition support has become an important therapeutic intervention for improving outcomes in hospitalized patients. the present study was carried out with the objective of studying appropriate packaging and storage studies of enteral formulation from natural sources comprising finger millet (eleusine coracana), soyprotein isolate, tomato powder, carrot powder, anne greens (celosia argentea), groundnut oil and fish oil. two type of packages--namely, polypropylene pouches and metallized polyester/ ...200919330629
cloning, expression and functional validation of drought inducible ascorbate peroxidase (ec-apx1) from eleusine coracana.eleusine coracana (finger millet) is a stress-hardy but under-utilized cereal crop that possesses an efficient antioxidant defense system. the plant is capable of enduring long durations of water deficit stress. experiments were conducted to clone a potent stress responsive isoform of ascorbate peroxidase and validate its role under drought stress. reverse transcriptase pcr was used to obtain the partial cdna of apx1 gene, from a meticulously screened drought tolerant genotype of e. coracana (pr ...201323065288
population dynamics of caterpillars on three cover crops before sowing cotton in mato grosso (brazil).direct seeding mulch-based cropping systems under a preliminary cover crop such as millet are common in some areas of brazil. lepidopteran pests that damage cotton, soybean and maize crops can proliferate on cover crops, so preventive chemical treatments are necessary. very little data is available on these pests on cover crops. this paper presents the dynamics of spodoptera frugiperda, s. eridania, mocis latipes and diatraea saccharalis caterpillars monitored at primavera do leste, mato grosso ...201021539250
amelioration of hyperglycaemia and its associated complications by finger millet ( eleusine coracana l.) seed coat matter in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.finger millet (eleusine coracana) is extensively cultivated and consumed in india and africa. the millet seed coat is a rich source of dietary fibre and phenolic compounds. the effect of feeding a diet containing 20% finger millet seed coat matter (scm) was examined in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. diabetic rats maintained on the millet scm diet (diabetic experimental (de) group) for 6 weeks exhibited a lesser degree of fasting hyperglycaemia and partial reversal of abnormalities in seru ...201020979682
synthesis and antifungal activity of 2-azetidinonyl-5-(2-benzoylphenoxy)methyl-1,3,4-oxadiazoles against seed-borne pathogens of eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.finger millet is a major food crop as well as feed and fodder for livestock, especially in regions of southern india. a sturdy crop to fluctuating environmental conditions, it can be cultivated in all seasons of the year. leaf, neck and finger blast caused by pyricularia grisea sacc. and bipolaris setariae (saw.) shoem, as well as leaf spot disease, bipolaris nodulosa (berk & m.a.curtis) shoem, are major production constraints in southern india. apart from environmental conditions, the use of ha ...200919319825
isolation of a cdna clone (pcsrp) encoding serine-rich-protein from porteresia coarctata t. and its expression in yeast and finger millet (eleusine coracana l.) affording salt tolerance.a 1.4 kb cdna clone encoding a serine-rich protein has been isolated from the cdna library of salt stressed roots of porteresia coarctata, and designated as p. coarctata serine-rich-protein (pcsrp) encoding gene. northern analysis and in situ mrna hybridization revealed the expression of pcsrp in the salt stressed roots and rhizome of p. coarctata. however, no such expression was seen in the salt stressed leaves and in the unstressed tissues of root, rhizome and leaf, indicating that pcsrp is un ...200616450172
in vivo effect of whole grain flour of finger millet (eleusine coracana) and kodo millet (paspalum scrobiculatum) on rat dermal wound healing.influence of finger millet and kodo millet on rat dermal wound healing was assessed by making a 4 cm2 (2 x 2 cm) excision wound on the shaven back of rats under ether anesthesia. finger millet or kodo millet flour (300 mg) as aqueous paste was applied topically once daily for 16 days. the granulation tissue formed on day 4, 8 and 12 was used to estimate some biochemical parameters like protein, dna, collagen and lipid peroxides. there was significant increase in protein and collagen contents and ...200515816412
influence of type and amount of straw cover on weed emergence.this research was undertaken during 2003-2004 growing season to evaluate the effects of type [forage sorghum "hybrid cober exp" (sorghum bicolor x sorghum sudanense), forage millet (pennisetum americanum "var. bn2"), finger millet (eleusine coracana), and st lucia grass (brachiaria brizantha)] and amount of straw cover (5.5 and 3.0 t ha(-1)) upon the emergence of bidens pilosa, chamaesyce spp., amaranthus spp., and commelina benghalensis, under field conditions of the brazilian cerrado, in the r ...200515656176
inhibition of collagen glycation and crosslinking in vitro by methanolic extracts of finger millet (eleusine coracana) and kodo millet (paspalum scrobiculatum).the present investigation was carried out to study the effects of methanolic extracts of finger millet (eleusine coracana) and kodo millet (paspalum scrobiculatum) on glycation and crosslinking of collagen. tail tendons obtained from rats weighing 200-225 g were incubated with glucose (50 mm) and 3 mg of extracts of the above millets in methanol under physiological conditions of temperature and ph for 10 days. early glycation was estimated by phenol-sulfuric acid method and the crosslinking was ...200212231421
correlation between microbial enzyme activities in the rumen fluid of sheep under different treatments.five total mixed rations prepared from finger millet (eleusine coracana) straw as a roughage (48%) and mixed concentrate (52%), supplemented with a 1% isoacid mixture (i-c4, i-c5, c5 and phenylacetic acid in equal proportions) or oil (groundnut oil, 5% more than the control) or urea (5% more nitrogen than the control), and protein (groundnut cake, 5% more nitrogen than the control) were given in a latin square experiment to sheep. enzymatic activities were estimated for urease, cellulase, protea ...200112126297
rbi, a one-domain alpha-amylase/trypsin inhibitor with completely independent binding sites.the bifunctional inhibitor from ragi (eleusine coracana gaertneri) (rbi) is the only member of the alpha-amylase/trypsin inhibitor family that inhibits both trypsin and alpha-amylase. here, we show that both enzymes simultaneously and independently bind to rbi. the recently solved three-dimensional nmr structure of rbi has revealed that the inhibitor possesses a hitherto unknown fold for serine proteinase and alpha-amylase inhibitors. despite its different fold, rbi obeys the standard mechanism ...19968941704
food-based solutions are a viable alternative to glucose-electrolyte solutions for oral hydration in acute diarrhoea--studies in a rat model of secretory diarrhoea.a survey of acute diarrhoea and its treatment, in 3 groups of villages in south india, revealed that use of the world health organization oral rehydration solution (who-ors) was poor or virtually non-existent and that several liquid foods were given to children during acute diarrhoea. the effects of the most commonly used, boiled and cooled supernatants of these liquid foods [rice (oryza sativa)-water, ragi (eleusine coracana)-water, arrowroot (maranta arundinacea)-water], and tender coconut-wat ...19902345922
relationship between tannin levels and in vitro protein digestibility in finger millet (eleusine coracana gaertn.). 1977893835
sterol lipids in finger millet (eleusine coracana). 1978701708
malting process optimization for protein digestibility enhancement in finger millet grain.finger millet (eleusine coracana) is a nutritious, gluten-free, and drought resistant cereal containing high amounts of protein, carbohydrate, and minerals. however, bio-availability of these nutrients is restricted due to the presence of an excessive level of anti-nutrient components, mainly phytic acid, tannin, and oxalate. it has been shown that a well-designed malting/germination process can significantly reduce these anti-nutrients and consequently enhance the nutrient availability. in the ...201627413219
gibberellin deficiency confers both lodging and drought tolerance in small cereals.tef [eragrostis tef (zucc.) trotter] and finger millet [eleusine coracana gaertn] are staple cereal crops in africa and asia with several desirable agronomic and nutritional properties. tef is becoming a life-style crop as it is gluten-free while finger millet has a low glycemic index which makes it an ideal food for diabetic patients. however, both tef and finger millet have extremely low grain yields mainly due to moisture scarcity and susceptibility of the plants to lodging. in this study, th ...201627242844
over-expression of a nac 67 transcription factor from finger millet (eleusine coracana l.) confers tolerance against salinity and drought stress in rice.nac proteins (nam (no apical meristem), ataf (arabidopsis transcription activation factor) and cuc (cup-shaped cotyledon)) are plant-specific transcription factors reported to be involved in regulating growth, development and stress responses. salinity responsive transcriptome profiling in a set of contrasting finger millet genotypes through rna-sequencing resulted in the identification of a nac homolog (ecnac 67) exhibiting differential salinity responsive expression pattern.201627213684
assessment of genetic diversity, population structure and relationships in indian and non-indian genotypes of finger millet (eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn) using genomic ssr markers.we evaluated the genetic variation and population structure in indian and non-indian genotypes of finger millet using 87 genomic ssr primers. the 128 finger millet genotypes were collected and genomic dna was isolated. eighty-seven genomic ssr primers with 60-70 % gc contents were used for pcr analysis of 128 finger millet genotypes. the pcr products were separated and visualized on a 6 % polyacrylamide gel followed by silver staining. the data were used to estimate major allele frequency using ...201626900542
oxidative stress induced expression of monodehydroascorbate reductase gene in eleusine coracana.abiotic stresses constitute a serious threats to the world food security as they cause significant economic losses in terms of reduction in crop productivity and also greatly limit the geographical locations where crops can be grown. exposure to abiotic stress causes over-production of reactive oxygen species, leading to oxidative stress in plants. induction of oxidative stress is primarily responsible for a variety of detrimental changes in the cellular physiology. however, plants have evolved ...201526600681
an endophytic fungus isolated from finger millet (eleusine coracana) produces anti-fungal natural products.finger millet is an ancient african cereal crop, domesticated 7000 years ago in ethiopia, reaching india at 3000 bc. finger millet is reported to be resistant to various fungal pathogens including fusarium sp. we hypothesized that finger millet may host beneficial endophytes (plant-colonizing microbes) that contribute to the antifungal activity. here we report the first isolation of endophyte(s) from finger millet. five distinct fungal species were isolated from roots and predicted taxonomically ...201526539183
computational identification of micrornas and their targets from finger millet (eleusine coracana).micrornas are endogenous small rnas regulating intrinsic normal growth and development of plant. discovering mirnas, their targets and further inferring their functions had become routine process to comprehend the normal biological processes of mirnas and their roles in plant development. in this study, we used homology-based analysis with available expressed sequence tag of finger millet (eleusine coracana) to predict conserved mirnas. three potent mirnas targeting 88 genes were identified. the ...201726496774
overexpression of ecbhlh57 transcription factor from eleusine coracana l. in tobacco confers tolerance to salt, oxidative and drought stress.basic helix-loop-helix (bhlh) transcription factors constitute one of the largest families in plants and are known to be involved in various developmental processes and stress tolerance. we report the characterization of a stress responsive bhlh transcription factor from stress adapted species finger millet which is homologous to osbhlh57 and designated as ecbhlh57. the full length sequence of ecbhlh57 consisted of 256 amino acids with a conserved bhlh domain followed by leucine repeats. in fing ...201526366726
land-use change in indian tropical agro-ecosystems: eco-energy estimation for socio-ecological sustainability.this study was carried out to understand the ecological and economic sustainability of floriculture and other main crops in indian agro-ecosystems. the cultivation practices of four major flower crops, namely jasminum multiflorum, crossandra infundibuliformis, chrysanthemum and tagetes erecta, were studied in detail. the production cost of flowers in terms of energy was calculated to be 99,622-135,996 compared to 27,681-69,133 mj ha(-1) for the main crops, namely oryza sativa, eleusine coracana, ...201728315232
expression of four phosphate transporter genes from finger millet (eleusine coracana l.) in response to mycorrhizal colonization and pi stress.phosphorus (p) is a vital nutrient for plant growth and development, and is absorbed in cells with the help of membrane-spanning inorganic phosphate transporter (pht) protein. symbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhiza (am) also helps in transporting p from the soil to plant and pht proteins play an important role in it. to understand this phenomenon in finger mille plant, we have cloned four pht genes from finger millet, which shares the homology with pht1 protein family of cereals. expression patter ...201728391483
whole plant acclimation responses by finger millet to low nitrogen stress.the small grain cereal, finger millet (fm, eleusine coracana l. gaertn), is valued by subsistence farmers in india and east africa as a low-input crop. it is reported by farmers to require no added nitrogen (n), or only residual n, to produce grain. exact mechanisms underlying the acclimation responses of fm to low n are largely unknown, both above and below ground. in particular, the responses of fm roots and root hairs to n or any other nutrient have not previously been reported. given its low ...201526347768
immunomodulatory activity of purified arabinoxylans from finger millet (eleusine coracana, v. indaf 15) bran.biological activities of alkali extracted (barium hydroxide: be-480 kda, potassium hydroxide: ke1-1080 and ke2-40 kda), purified arabinoxylans (ax) from the finger millet bran varying in their molecular weight, phenolic acid content, arabinose to xylose ratios were evaluated for their immune-stimulatory activities using murine lymphocytes and peritoneal exudate macrophages. all three purified ax displayed significant (p < 0.001) mitogenic activity and activation of macrophages including phagocyt ...201526345027
nutrient profile of porridge made from eleusine coracana (l.) grains: effect of germination and fermentation.porridge (koozh) is one of the traditional foods made from eleusine coracana l. grains (finger millet). it is a soft food prepared from processed (germinated & fermented) finger millet flour (fmf). however, in the modern world of fast food, koozh is usually prepared from non-processed (non-germinated & non-fermented) fmf. hence, present study was undertaken to evaluate the macro and micro nutrient contents in koozh prepared from germinated (fermented & non-fermented) and non-germinated (fermente ...201526345023
drying kinetics of syrup of parinari curatellifolia fruit and cereal based product, zvambwa.drying properties of syrup prepared from parinari curatellifolia fruit and cereal based product, zvambwa prepared from the syrup and finger millet (eleusine coracana) meal were studied using a convective tray drier at temperatures ranging from 30 to 80 °c and air velocity of 0.72 m/s. nine mathematical models namely henderson and pabis, lewis, midilli et al., modified page, page, two term, weibull, modified page equation (ii) and wang and singh were fitted to data for thin layer drying of the pr ...201526243916
identification and characterization of calcium transporter gene family in finger millet in relation to grain calcium content.calcium (ca) is an essential mineral for proper growth and development of plants as well as animals. in plants including cereals, calcium is deposited in seed during its development which is mediated by specialized ca transporters. common cereal seeds contain very low amounts of ca while the finger millet (eleusine coracana) contains exceptionally high amounts of ca in seed. in order to understand the role of ca transporters in grain ca accumulation, developing seed transcriptome of two finger m ...201525869323
genetic diversity in tef [eragrostis tef (zucc.) trotter].tef [eragrostis tef (zucc.) trotter] is a cereal crop resilient to adverse climatic and soil conditions, and possessing desirable storage properties. although tef provides high quality food and grows under marginal conditions unsuitable for other cereals, it is considered to be an orphan crop because it has benefited little from genetic improvement. hence, unlike other cereals such as maize and wheat, the productivity of tef is extremely low. in spite of the low productivity, tef is widely culti ...201525859251
genetic diversity and genomic resources available for the small millet crops to accelerate a new green revolution.small millets are nutrient-rich food sources traditionally grown and consumed by subsistence farmers in asia and africa. they include finger millet (eleusine coracana), foxtail millet (setaria italica), kodo millet (paspalum scrobiculatum), proso millet (panicum miliaceum), barnyard millet (echinochloa spp.), and little millet (panicum sumatrense). local farmers value the small millets for their nutritional and health benefits, tolerance to extreme stress including drought, and ability to grow u ...201525852710
identification and molecular characterization of 48 kda calcium binding protein as calreticulin from finger millet (eleusine coracana) using peptide mass fingerprinting and transcript profiling.attempts were made to identify and characterize the calcium binding proteins (cabps) in grain filling stages of finger millet using proteomics, bioinformatics and molecular approaches.201625684084
risk of soil recontamination due to using eleusine coracana and panicum maximum straw after phytoremediation of picloram.this study aimed to evaluate the herbicidal activity of picloram on the biomass of the remediation plants eleusine coracana and panicum maximum after cultivation in a soil contaminated with this herbicide. these species were grown in three soils, differentiated based on texture (clayish, middle, and sandy, with 460, 250, and 40 g kg(-1) of the clay, respectively), previously contaminated with picloram (0, 80, and 160 g ha(-1)). after 90 days, the plants were harvested and an extract was produced ...201525409243
characterization of antifungal natural products isolated from endophytic fungi of finger millet (eleusine coracana).finger millet is an ancient african-indian crop that is resistant to many pathogens including the fungus, fusarium graminearum. we previously reported the first isolation of putative fungal endophytes from finger millet and showed that the crude extracts of four strains had anti-fusarium activity. however, active compounds were isolated from only one strain. the objectives of this study were to confirm the endophytic lifestyle of the three remaining anti-fusarium isolates, to identify the major ...201627598120
phytoremediation potential of some agricultural plants on heavy metal contaminated mine waste soils, salem district, tamilnadu.the pot culture experiment performed for phytoextraction potential of selected agricultural plants [millet (eleusine coracana), mustard (brassica juncea), jowar (sorghum bicolor), black gram (vigna mungo), pumpkin (telfairia occidentalis)] grown in metal contaminated soils around the salem region, tamilnadu, india. physiochemical characterization of soils, reported as low to medium level of n, p, k was found in test soils. the cr content higher in mine soils than control and the values are 0.176 ...201626366709
host specialization of the blast fungus magnaporthe oryzae is associated with dynamic gain and loss of genes linked to transposable elements.magnaporthe oryzae (anamorph pyricularia oryzae) is the causal agent of blast disease of poaceae crops and their wild relatives. to understand the genetic mechanisms that drive host specialization of m. oryzae, we carried out whole genome resequencing of four m. oryzae isolates from rice (oryza sativa), one from foxtail millet (setaria italica), three from wild foxtail millet s. viridis, and one isolate each from finger millet (eleusine coracana), wheat (triticum aestivum) and oat (avena sativa) ...201627194050
health benefits of finger millet (eleusine coracana l.) polyphenols and dietary fiber: a review.the growing public awareness of nutrition and health care research substantiates the potential of phytochemicals such as polyphenols and dietary fiber on their health beneficial properties. hence, there is in need to identify newer sources of neutraceuticals and other natural and nutritional materials with the desirable functional characteristics. finger millet (eleusine coracana), one of the minor cereals, is known for several health benefits and some of the health benefits are attributed to it ...201424876635
value addition to finger millet (eleusine coracana) by germination and fermentation with monascus purpureus.the present investigation has been carried out to highlight the importance of germination and fermentation of finger millet with monascus purpureus. finger millet was subjected to (i) germination, (ii) to fermentation with m. purpureus, and (iii) germination followed by fermentation with m. purpureus. the results of this experiment suggest that the germinated (72 h) finger millet fermented (10 days) with m. purpureus showed reduction in phytic acid and tannin contents by 88.8% and 90.1%, respect ...201020450382
fluctuation of dof1/dof2 expression ratio under the influence of varying nitrogen and light conditions: involvement in differential regulation of nitrogen metabolism in two genotypes of finger millet (eleusine coracana l.).in order to gain insights into the mechanism of high nitrogen use efficiency (nue) of finger millet (fm) the role of dof2 transcription factor (tf), which is a repressor of genes involved in c/n metabolism was investigated. the partial cdna fragment of ecdof2 (912-bp; genbank acc. no. kf261117) was isolated and characterized from finger millet (fm) that showed 63% and 58% homology with dof2 of zea mays at nucleotide and protein level, respectively. its expression studies were carried out along w ...201424875415
[cdna library construction from panicle meristem of finger millet].the protocol for production of full-size cdna using superscript full-length cdna library construction kit ii (invitrogen) was tested and high quality cdna library from meristematic tissue of finger millet panicle (eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn) was created. the titer of obtained cdna library comprised 3.01 x 10(5) cfu/ml in avarage. in average the length of cdna insertion consisted about 1070 base pairs, the effectivity of cdna fragment insertions--99.5%. the selective sequencing of cdna clones ...201425318171
finger millet [eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn].millets are the primary food source for millions of people in tropical regions of the world supplying mineral nutrition and protein. in this chapter, we describe an optimized protocol for the agrobacterium-mediated transformation of finger millet variety gpu 45. agrobacterium strain lba4404 harboring plasmid pcambia1301 which contains hygromycin phosphotransferase (hph) as selectable marker gene and β-glucuronidase (gus) as reporter gene has been used. this protocol utilizes the shoot apex expla ...201525300836
the extent of variation in salinity tolerance of the minicore collection of finger millet (eleusine coracana l. gaertn.) germplasm.finger millet (eleusine coracana l. gaertn.) ranks third in production among the dry land cereals. it is widely cultivated in africa and south asia where soil salinization is a major production constraint. it is a potential crop for salt affected soils. to identify salt tolerant germplasm, the minicore finger millet germplasm (n=80) was screened for grain yield performance in a soil saturated with nacl solution of 100 or 125mm. genotype effect was significant for most traits, while salinity×geno ...201425219306
transcriptional expression analysis of genes involved in regulation of calcium translocation and storage in finger millet (eleusine coracana l. gartn.).finger millet (eleusine coracana) variably accumulates calcium in different tissues, due to differential expression of genes involved in uptake, translocation and accumulation of calcium. ca(2+)/h(+) antiporter (cax1), two pore channel (tpc1), cam-stimulated type iib ca(2+) atpase and two cam dependent protein kinase (camk1 and 2) homologs were studied in finger millet. two genotypes gp-45 and gp-1 (high and low calcium accumulating, respectively) were used to understand the role of these genes ...201425101868
[obtaining the transgenic lines of finger millet eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn. with dinitroaniline resistance].the current data is dedicated to the study of bioballistic and agrobacterium-mediated transformation of finger millet with the constructs carrying the mutant alpha-tubulin gene (tuam 1), isolated from r-biotype goosegrass (eleusine indica l.), for the decision of problem of dinitroaniline-resistance. it was found that 10 microm of trifluralin is optimal for the selection of transgene plants of finger millet. pcr analysis of transformed lines confirmed the transgene nature of plants. the analysis ...201425016822
effect of domestic processing on the polyphenol content and bioaccessibility in finger millet (eleusine coracana) and pearl millet (pennisetum glaucum).finger millet (eleusine coracana) and pearl millet (pennisetum glaucum) were evaluated for polyphenolic content and their bioaccessibility. total polyphenols of native finger millet was 10.2mg/g which reduced by 50% after sprouting or pressure-cooking, while 12-19% reduction was seen after open-pan boiling. total flavonoids of the grain reduced drastically on sprouting, pressure-cooking or open-pan boiling. concentration of phenolic acids generally increased during sprouting and roasting of fing ...201424996305
purification of a bifunctional amylase/protease inhibitor from ragi (eleusine coracana) by chromatography and its use as an affinity ammonium sulphate fraction (20-60%) of bifunctional amylase/protease inhibitor from ragi (eleusine coracana) was purified by affinity chromatography to give 6.59-fold purity with 81.48% yield. the same ammonium sulphate fraction was also subjected to ion exchange chromatography and was purified 4.28-fold with 75.95% yield. the ion exchange fraction was subjected to gel filtration and the inhibitor was purified to 6.67-fold with 67.36% yield. further sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel ...201020444654
efficiency of rapd, ssr and cytochrome p450 gene based markers in accessing genetic variability amongst finger millet (eleusine coracana) accessions.finger millet (eleusine coracana l.) is an important crop used for food, forage, and industrial products. three dna marker techniques, random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd), simple sequence repeat (ssr) and cytochrome p(450) gene based markers were used for the detection of genetic polymorphism in 83 accessions of finger millet collected from various geographical regions of india and africa. a total of 18 rapd, 10 ssr and 10 pairs of cytochrome p(450) gene based markers were generated 56.17, 7 ...201020333550
transcriptome analysis of salinity responsiveness in contrasting genotypes of finger millet (eleusine coracana l.) through rna-sequencing.finger millet (eleusine coracana l.) is a hardy cereal known for its superior level of tolerance against drought, salinity, diseases and its nutritional properties. in this study, attempts were made to unravel the physiological and molecular basis of salinity tolerance in two contrasting finger millet genotypes viz., co 12 and trichy 1. physiological studies revealed that the tolerant genotype trichy 1 had lower na(+) to k(+) ratio in leaves and shoots, higher growth rate (osmotic tolerance) and ...201424838653
identification of genes involved in carbon metabolism from eleusine coracana (l.) for understanding their light-mediated entrainment and regulation.the study would be helpful in understanding the synchronization of genes of a pathway and its effect on carbon metabolism which can be further utilized for better agronomic performance. finger millet (eleusine coracana) is a c4 crop with high nitrogen use efficiency (nue) said to be organic by default. being carbon and nitrogen mutually exclusive, in the present study, it was investigated how light regulates the expression of genes of carbon metabolism and photosynthesis in two finger millet gen ...201424825394
chloroplast genes as genetic markers for inferring patterns of change, maternal ancestry and phylogenetic relationships among eleusine species.assessment of phylogenetic relationships is an important component of any successful crop improvement programme, as wild relatives of the crop species often carry agronomically beneficial traits. since its domestication in east africa, eleusine coracana (2n = 4x = 36), a species belonging to the genus eleusine (x = 8, 9, 10), has held a prominent place in the semi-arid regions of india, nepal and africa. the patterns of variation between the cultivated and wild species reported so far and the in ...201424790119
in-silico mining, type and frequency analysis of genic microsatellites of finger millet (eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.): a comparative genomic analysis of nbs-lrr regions of finger millet with recent years, the increased availability of the dna sequences has given the possibility to develop and explore the expressed sequence tags (ests) derived ssr markers. in the present study, a total of 1956 ests of finger millet were used to find the microsatellite type, distribution, frequency and developed a total of 545 primer pairs from the ests of finger millet. thirty-two est sequences had more than two microsatellites and 1357 sequences did not have any ssr repeats. the most frequent typ ...201424477586
development and molecular characterization of genic molecular markers for grain protein and calcium content in finger millet (eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.).finger millet (eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn), holds immense agricultural and economic importance for its high nutraceuticals quality. finger millets seeds are rich source of calcium and its proteins are good source of essential amino acids. in the present study, we developed 36 est-ssr primers for the opaque2 modifiers and 20 anchored-ssr primers for calcium transporters and calmodulin for analysis of the genetic diversity of 103 finger millet genotypes for grain protein and calcium contents. o ...201424477581
isolation, characterization and immunolocalization of a seed dominant cam from finger millet (eleusine coracana l. gartn.) for studying its functional role in differential accumulation of calcium in developing understand the exceptional high grain calcium accumulation in finger millet grains, a calmodulin (cam) gene that is strongly expressed during developing spikes of high grain calcium genotype was further characterized. using 5'-3' race, the full-length cam open reading frame (orf) was isolated and the deduced protein sequence showed the presence of four characteristic ef motifs. phylogenetic analysis showed that the finger millet cam (eleusine coracana calmodulin [eccam]) was identical to the ...201424469585
arabinoxylan from finger millet (eleusine coracana, v. indaf 15) bran: purification and characterization.water unextractable portion from finger millet bran was sequentially extracted with saturated barium hydroxide (be) and 1m potassium hydroxide (ke) solutions. they consisted preponderantly of arabinose and xylose in different ratios. ferulic, caffeic, coumaric and vanillic acids were identified as major bound phenolic acids. be and ke were purified on deae-cellulose column by eluting successively with different eluants. the major fractions (0.1 m ammonium carbonate) were resolved into one (be) a ...201424274572
evaluation of the nutritional characteristics of a finger millet based complementary food.finger millet (eleusine coracana), kidney beans (phaseolus vulgaris), peanuts (arachis hypogoea), and mango (mangifera indica) were processed separately and then combined, on the basis of their amino acid scores and energy content, into a complementary food for children of weaning age. the finger millet and kidney beans were processed by germination, autoclaving, and lactic acid fermentation. a mixture containing, on a dry matter basis, 65.2, 19.1, 8.0, and 7.7% of the processed finger millet, k ...200211982437
evaluation of the antioxidant properties of free and bound phenolic acids from native and malted finger millet (ragi, eleusine coracana indaf-15).free and bound phenolic acids were isolated from native and malted finger millet (ragi, eleusine coracana indaf-15), and their antioxidant properties were evaluated. protocatechuic, gallic, and caffeic acids were found to be the major free phenolic acids. a 3-fold decrease was observed in protocatechuic acid content, whereas the decrease was marginal in the case of caffeic acid upon 96 h of malting. however, the contents of other free phenolic acids such as gallic, vanillic, coumaric, and feruli ...200211829663
amino acid profiles after sprouting, autoclaving, and lactic acid fermentation of finger millet (eleusine coracan) and kidney beans (phaseolus vulgaris l.).seeds of finger millet (eleucine coracan (l.) gaertner) and kidney beans (phaseolus vulgaris l.) were sprouted, autoclaved, and fermented during the processing of a weaning (complementary) food for children. relative changes in individual amino acids with processing were evaluated. finger millet and kidney beans both showed a good percentage of essential to total amino acids, with 44. 2-44.9% in finger millet and 44.2-45.1% in kidney beans, when compared to 33.9% for the fao/who reference protei ...200010956072
finger millet (ragi, eleusine coracana l.): a review of its nutritional properties, processing, and plausible health benefits.finger millet or ragi is one of the ancient millets in india (2300 bc), and this review focuses on its antiquity, consumption, nutrient composition, processing, and health benefits. of all the cereals and millets, finger millet has the highest amount of calcium (344mg%) and potassium (408mg%). it has higher dietary fiber, minerals, and sulfur containing amino acids compared to white rice, the current major staple in india. despite finger millet's rich nutrient profile, recent studies indicate lo ...201323522794
a somaclonal line se7 of finger millet (eleusine coracana) exhibits modified cytokinin homeostasis and increased grain yield.the se7 somaclonal line of finger millet (eleusine coracana) achieved increased grain yield in field trials that apparently resulted from a higher number of inflorescences and seeds per plant, compared with the wild type. levels of endogenous cytokinins, especially those of highly physiologically active iso-pentenyl adenine, were increased during early inflorescence development in se7 plants. transcript levels of cytokinin-degrading enzymes but not of a cytokinin-synthesizing enzyme were also de ...201222888132
bioaccessible nutrients and bioactive components from fortified products prepared using finger millet (eleusine coracana).finger millet (eleusine coracana), a staple food in semi-arid parts of the world, is a rich source of nutrients and bioactive components comparable to rice and wheat but with higher fibre content. unprocessed and processed finger millet (whole flour (wfm), sieved flour (sfm), wafers and vermicelli with altered matrices (added fe or zn or reduced fibre)) were analysed for chemical composition, bioaccessible fe, zn and ca, in vitro digestible starch (ivsd) and protein (ivpd) and bioactive componen ...201222396123
development of transgenic finger millet (eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn.) resistant to leaf blast disease.finger millet plants conferring resistance to leaf blast disease have been developed by inserting a rice chitinase (chi11) gene through agrobacterium-mediated transformation. plasmid phyg-chi.11 harbouring the rice chitinase gene under the control of maize ubiquitin promoter was introduced into finger millet using agrobacterium strain lba4404 (psb1). transformed plants were selected and regenerated on hygromycin-supplemented medium. transient expression of transgene was confirmed by gus histoche ...201222357211
use of ssr, rapd markers and protein profiles based analysis to differentiate eleusine coracana genotypes differing in their protein content.fifty-two genotypes of eleusine coracana collected from uttarakhand hills were subjected to simple sequence repeat (ssr), random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd)-pcr and protein profiling analysis to investigate the variation in protein content. the main objective of the present study was to detect variability among e. coracana and also assess the discriminating ability of these three molecular methods. a total of 21 rapd and 24 ssr primers were assayed for their specificity in detecting genetic ...201222167326
spatial distribution pattern analysis of dof1 transcription factor in different tissues of three eleusine coracana genotypes differing in their grain colour, yield and photosynthetic the present study dof1 gene of finger millet was cloned and sequenced. in silico analysis reveals 61% identity with the sorghum bicolor and 57% identity with the oryza sativa dof1 sequence. a comparative analysis of gene sequences from different crops and three finger millet genotypes {brown (prm-1), golden (prm-701) and white (prm-801)} differing in grain colour, yield and photosynthetic efficiency showed a high degree of sequence identity of dof1 sequence gene ranging from 22 to 70% as evid ...201221643752
comparative evaluation of genetic diversity using rapd, ssr and cytochrome p450 gene based markers with respect to calcium content in finger millet (eleusine coracana l. gaertn.).genetic relationships among 52 eleusine coracana (finger millet) genotypes collected from different districts of uttarakhand were investigated by using randomly amplified polymorphic dna (rapd), simple sequence repeat (ssr) and cytochrome p450 gene based markers. a total of 18 rapd primers, 10 ssr primers, and 10 pairs of cytochrome p450 gene based markers, respectively, revealed 49.4%, 50.2% and 58.7% polymorphism in 52 genotypes of e. coracana. mean polymorphic information content (pic) for ea ...201020861563
finger millet (eleusine coracana) - an economically viable source for antihypercholesterolemic metabolites production by monascus purpureus.rice, parboiled rice, finger millet, germinated finger millet, broken wheat, njavara (medicinal rice), sorghum and maize were used as substrates for solid state fermentation of monascus purpureus at 28°c for 7 days using 2% seed medium as inoculum for the production of its metabolites. the fungus exhibited good growth in all the substrates. the fermented substrates were dried at 45°c and analysed for antihypercholesterolemic metabolite statins by standardized hplc method and dietary sterol conte ...201023572664
finger millet: eleusine coracana.finger millet (eleusine coracana) is a grass crop grown in africa, india nepal, and many countries of asia. the plant and grain is resistant to drought, pests, and pathogens. it is rich in polyphenols and particularly in calcium. the double headed trypsin, α-amylase inhibitor from this grain has been isolated and characterized extensively. one major use for the grain is the making of fermented beverages after malting. α-amylase and β-amylase are produced during germination. food made from malted ...201020610177
bioaccessible mineral content of malted finger millet (eleusine coracana), wheat (triticum aestivum), and barley (hordeum vulgare).malted grains are extensively used in weaning and geriatric foods. malting generally improves the nutrient content and digestibility of foods. the present investigation examined the influence of malting of finger millet, wheat, and barley on the bioaccessibility of iron, zinc, calcium, copper, and manganese. malting increased the bioaccessibility of iron by >3-fold from the two varieties of finger millet and by >2-fold from wheat, whereas such a beneficial influence was not seen in barley. the b ...201020560601
purification and partial characterization of acetic acid esterase from malted finger millet (eleusine coracana, indaf-15).acetic acid esterase (ec cleaves the acetyl groups substituted at o-2/o-3 of the xylan backbone of arabinoxylans and is known to modulate their functional properties. to date, this enzyme from cereals has not received much attention. in the present study, acetic acid esterase from 72 h ragi malt was isolated and purified to apparent homogeneity by a four-step purification, i.e., ammonium sulfate precipitation, deae-cellulose, sephacryl s-200, and phenyl-sepharose column chromatography, ...200717263491
the 'a' genome donor of eleusine coracana (l.) gaertn. (gramineae).in an attempt to discover 'a' and 'b' genome donor(s) to finger millet, eleusine coracana, or its progenitor species, e. africana (both allotetraploid 2n=4x=36), five diploid species, e. indica, e. floccifolia, e. multiflora, e. tristachya and e. intermedia, were crossed to finger millet and its progenitor taxon. crosses were successful only with e. coracana. three combinations of triploid hybrids e. coracana x e. indica, e. coracana x e. floccifolia, and e. coracana x e. multiflora were obtaine ...199224201369
aspartate aminotransferase from eleusine coracana, a c4 plant: purification, characterization, and preparation of antibody.aspartate aminotransferase (aspat) isozymes from eleusine coracana (an nad-malic enzyme type c4 plant) were examined. three groups of isoenzymes were identified (aspat-1, aspat-2, and aspat-3). aspat-1 (localized in the mesophyll cells) and aspat-3 (localized in the bundle sheath cells), both of which are considered to function in the c4 acid pathway, were purified and their kinetic and physical properties studied. both isoenzymes had a molecular mass of 80 kda and were shown to consist of two i ...19902241160
the genetic map of finger millet, eleusine coracana.restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp), amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp), expressed-sequenced tag (est), and simple sequence repeat (ssr) markers were used to generate a genetic map of the tetraploid finger millet (eleusine coracana subsp. coracana) genome (2n = 4x = 36). because levels of variation in finger millet are low, the map was generated in an inter-subspecific f(2) population from a cross between e. coracana subsp. coracana cv. okhale-1 and its wild progenitor e. ...200717103137
purification and characterization of nad malic enzyme from leaves of eleusine coracana and panicum dichotomiflorum.nad malic enzyme (ec, which is involved in c(4) photosynthesis, was purified to electrophoretic homogeneity from leaves of eleusine coracana and to near homogeneity from leaves of panicum dichotomiflorum. the enzyme from each c(4) species was found to have only one type of subunit by sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the m(r) of subunits of the enzme from e. coracana and p. dichotommiflorum was 63 and 61 kilodaltons, respectively. the native mr of the enzyme from each species was ...198916666533
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