forage systems for beef production from conception to slaughter: i. cow-calf production.six year-round, all-forage, three-paddock systems for beef cow-calf production were used to produce five calf crops during a 6-yr period. forages grazed by cows during spring, summer, and early fall consisted of one paddock of 1) tall fescue (festuca arundinacea schreb.)-ladino clover (trifolium repens l.) or 2) kentucky blue-grass (poa pratensis l.)-white clover (trifolium repens l.). each of these forage mixtures was combined in a factorial arrangement with two paddocks of either 1) fescue-red ...19921548221
fractionation of cocksfoot (dactylis glomerata) pollen by preparative isoelectric focussing.the technique of isoelectric focussing in polyacrylamide gel has been developed to a preparative mode. using the improved technique cocksfoot (dactylis glomerata) pollen has been split into many components, and the allergenic reactions of the preparations have been studied by passive transfer in animal skin and by rast.197823399
[skin reactivity to grass pollen and the mite dermatophagoides pteronyssinus in the prick-test using 2 types of allergen preparations].the reliability of prick testing with allergen preparations produced in yugoslavia was assessed by comparison to the internationally accepted ones (pharmacia diagnostica) of 100,000 bu activity. the following allergens were used: the mite dermatophagoides pteronyssinus in 107 subjects, and grass pollens: dactylis glomerata, poa pratensis, phleum pratense and secale cereale in 39 subjects. the clinical significance of the response was assessed in relation to the skin reaction to the negative cont ...19892638564
relationship between skin-prick tests, the multiple allergosorbent test and symptoms of allergic 47 atopic subjects, skin-prick testing to 10 common allergens was performed, and specific ige to the same allergens was assessed by the multi-allergosorbent chemiluminescent assay (mast-cla). overall agreement between the tests was 66.4% for conventionally positive skin tests (weal diameter greater than or equal to 3 mm), rising to 78.5% when a positive skin test was defined as having a weal diameter greater than or equal to 5 mm. agreement between the tests was statistically significant for ...19892649214
cloning of cdna coding for an allergen of cocksfoot grass (dactylis glomerata) pollen.messenger rna isolated from cocksfoot grass (dactylis glomerata) anthers has been used to generate a cdna library in lambda t11. three cdna clones (7.8, 8.1, and 8.3) were demonstrated to be recognized by human ige antibodies in atopic serum and by rabbit polyclonal antiserum raised to a crude aqueous extract of cocksfoot pollen. the size of the cdna inserts was determined as approximately 700 bp, and restriction mapping demonstrated them to be identical sequences. lysogens obtained in escherich ...19892807580
thermoinactivation of human ige: antigenic and functional modifications.the thermoinactivation kinetics of ige were studied in experimental models revealing the antigenic properties and the basophil-sensitizing capacity of these immunoglobulins. a pool of human sera containing anti-dactylis glomerata (dg) ige was heated from 5 min up to 4 hr at 56 degrees. the ige antigenicity was tested by two polyclonal 125i-labelled anti-ige antibodies; one anti-ige was specific of the whole fc epsilon region, while the other had a specificity restricted to the d epsilon 2 domain ...19862420711
study of the epitope structure of purified dac g i and lol p i, the major allergens of dactylis glomerata and lolium perenne pollens, using monoclonal antibodies.the use of mab allowed us to further analyze the cross-reactivity between purified dac g i and lol p i, the major allergens of dactylis glomerata (cocksfoot) and lolium perenne (rye grass), respectively. it was first shown, using ief, followed by immunoprinting, that serum ige antibodies from most grass-sensitive patients recognize both dac g i and lol p i. second, three different anti-lol p i mab, 290a-167, 348a-6, and 539a-6, and one anti-dac g i mab, p3b2 were all shown to react with dac g i ...19882460536
identification of orchard grass (dactylis glomerata) pollen allergens following electrophoretic transfer to nitrocellulose.orchard grass (cocksfoot) pollen extracts, fractionated by polyacrylamide gradient electrophoresis or sds gel electrophoresis were electroblotted onto nitrocellulose membranes and probed with sera from orchard grass pollen-allergic patients and 125i-anti-human ige. the ige-binding components of the pollen were detected by autoradiography. elution studies showed that allergens could be extracted immediately and continuously over a 3-hour period. two fractions of mws 28,000 and 30,000 could be det ...19852411668
purification and characterization of a major allergen from dactylis glomerata pollen: the ag dg1.we have isolated an allergen (ag dg1) from dactylis glomerata pollen which is recognized by the serum of 95% of human patients sensitive to d. glomerata pollen, as has been shown by the nitrocellulose immunoprint technique. after two successive purifications by preparative isoelectric focusing (ief), dg1 was characterized as a single band in analytical agarose ief with a pi of 5.9 and was found to display 3 bands by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel with the respective molecular weights: ...19852414230
recombinant pollen allergens from dactylis glomerata: preliminary evidence that human ige cross-reactivity between dac g ii and lol p i/ii is increased following grass pollen immunotherapy.we previously described the isolation of three identical complementary dna (cdna) clones, constructed from orchard/cocksfoot grass (dactylis glomerata) anther messenger rna (mrna), expressing a 140,000 mw beta-galactosidase fusion protein recognized by ige antibodies in atopic sera. partial nucleotide sequencing and inferred amino acid sequence showed greater than 90% homology with the group ii allergen from lolium perenne (lol ii) indicating they encode the group ii equivalent, dac g ii. wester ...19921526648
production of a monoclonal antibody against a major allergen of dactylis glomerata pollen (dg1).a mouse monoclonal antibody was produced against the most frequent allergen ag dg1ief, purified from the dactylis glomerata grass pollen by isoelectric focusing. using the immunoprint technique, this monoclonal antibody detected ag dg1ief in d. glomerata pollen and some cross-reacting molecules in four other grass pollens. this hybridoma was grown in ascitic fluid. an immunosorbent was made from it and, by affinity chromatography, was used to purify monoclonal ag dg1m from the pollen extract. ag ...19852408551
forage systems for beef production from conception to slaughter: ii. stocker systems.fall weaned angus calves grazed stockpiled 1) tall fescue (festuca arundinacea schreb.), 2) tall fescue-red clover (trifolium pratense l.), or 3) tall fescue-alfalfa (medicago sativa l.) or were barn-fed, 4) tall fescue hay, 5) orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata l.)-alfalfa hay, or 6) tall fescue silage from late october to early april during each of 5 yr. infection of the fescue with acremonium coenophialum ranged from 0 to 55%. there were two replications each of steers and heifers for each fora ...19921312526
influence of hay making on in situ nitrogen degradability of forages in cows.the influence of hay making on in situ n degradability of forages was assessed by comparing the degradability of nine hays with that of standing forages at the time of harvest. three ryegrass, two cocksfoot, and three alfalfa forages were used. the n degradability of hays was related closely to that of the corresponding standing forages (r = .91) and was, on average, lower (-2.5 points). this decrease in degradability after hay making was not constant; it increased when the degradability of the ...19921314856
rast in diagnosis and therapy of allergic tests, rast, nasal provocation tests, and other nasal allergy examinations were performed on 463 patients exhibiting symptoms of allergic rhinitis who were examined at the department of otolaryngology of osaka city university medical school, and comparisons were made between the rast scores and the results of the other examinations. a study was also made of the change in grade of the allergic rhinitis and the change of the rast score resulting from one year of immunotherapy. the rates of ag ...19911842868
rast, skin and nasal tests and the history in grass pollen allergy.a comparison of the rast (phadebas), skin prick test, nasal test and a history of hay fever was made in 141 subjects, eighty-seven being prick test positive, with three concentrations of extracts of sweet vernal (anthoxanthum odoratum), cocksfoot (dactylis glomerata), meadow fescue (festuca elatior), rye (lolium perenne), timothy (phleum pratense), meadow (poa pratensis). in adequate concentration any of the species extracts would have sufficed for skin tests, with cocksfoot pollen the most pote ...19751053442
allergenic activity of fractions of cocksfoot (dacylis glomerata) pollen.a cocksfoot (dactylis glomerata) pollen extract has been fractionated by isoelectric focusing in polyacrylamide gel, the separated components extracted from the gel and assayed by three methods: prick tests in human skin, rast and pca tests in monkey skin. prick testing in human skin showed that subjects responded differently to the separated components, indicating the presence of more than one antigenic determinant, and a profile of antibody activity against each fraction could be constructed. ...1978414856
the effects of intake of lucerne (medicago sativa l.) and orchard grass (dactylis glomerata l.) hay on the motility of the forestomach and digesta flow at the abomaso-duodenal junction of the sheep.1. the relations between food intake, reticulo-ruminal motility and abomasal digesta outflow were investigated in ewes receiving lucerne (medicago sativa) v. orchard grass (dactylis glomerata) hay. abomasal digesta outflow was recorded continuously by means of an electromagnetic flowmeter probe inserted into a duodenal t-shape cannula and the motility using strain-gauge force transducers. volumes and turnover rates of both rumen and abomasal liquid phases were measured by credta dilution. 2. the ...19892758019
[decomposition of grass-fructosanes by lactobacilli from silage (author's transl)].lactobacilli isolated from grass silage were shown to belong to lb. plantarum, lb. casei and lb. brevis. in studies on the degradation of fructosanes significant differences among the three species were found. while all strains of l. casei were able to degrade fructosanes from dactylis glomerata or phleum pratense regardless of the degree of polymerization, no nember of lb. plantarum or lb. brevis could attack these polysaccharides.1976827143
[sensitivity and specificity of the determination of ige using chemiluminescence (cla allergy test)].we studied 80 patients. all patients underwent a thorough clinical evaluation, including a comprehensive study and physical examination of the ear, nose, throat and chest. each patient underwent prick testing and a nasal provocation test. in addition, blood was drawn for the allergen-specific ige test (rast) and total serum ige levels. we selected 11 allergens for this study: grass (dactylis glomerata-orchard grass, phelum pratense-timothy grass, lolium-raygrass), weeds (chenipodium, parietaria) ...19921509983
selection among nonlinear models for rate of passage studies in ruminants.eight toggenburg wether goats were fed either coastal bermudagrass (cynodon dactylon) or orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata)-alfalfa (medicago sativa) hay (57:43%) in a reversal design. four markers were used to study the movement of different digesta fractions: erbium for large particles greater than 1,700 microns; ytterbium for medium particles less than 1,700 microns and greater than 500 microns; chromium for small particles less than 500 microns and greater than 32 microns; and cobalt to follo ...19883225248
presence of il 1 activity in the supernatant of human monocytes challenged with purified allergenic constituents.purified allergenic constituents from dermatophagoides farinae mite (df 11 and df 6) and from orchard grass (dactylis glomerata) pollen (f 34) are able to trigger, in the absence of ige and igg antibodies, human adherent cells, leading to the secretion of interleukin 1, (il 1). this secretion was observed with adherent peripheral blood mononuclear cells from normal donors as well as from atopic patients. the il 1 activity was evaluated by the mice thymocyte mitogenesis in the presence of subopti ...19846332080
characterization with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies of a new major allergen from grass pollen in the group i molecular weight range.we have purified a 24/25 kd allergen from orchard grass pollen (dactylis glomerata) that has an allergenic potency similar to that of the major group i allergen. we provisionally named this allergen grass 4b1 after the monoclonal antibody used for its identification and purification. this monoclonal antibody was obtained by immunizing mice with whole lolium perenne-pollen extract and by screening the antibody producing hybrids for reactivity with dactylis glomerata-pollen extract. grass 4b1 is p ...19892913133
mineral status of beef cows and sheep on spring pasture fertilized with kieserite.the utilization of minerals in orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata l.) fertilized with kieserite (2,240 kg/ha) was examined in spring with lactating beef cows and wether lambs. kieserite increased the concentration of mg in vegetative herbage from .22 to .29% ( p less than .01) and of s from .20 to .29% (p less than .01), with little effect on other minerals. fertilization also increased (p less than .01) apparent absorptions of mg and s by lambs fed cut orchardgrass, from 24.5 to 36.5% and from 58 ...19816263852
inhibition of the passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reaction to dactylis glomerata pollen allergens by a purified component of this isoelectric focusing a protein fraction of pi 4.6 was isolated from a crude water-soluble extract of dactylis glomerata pollen (se). this fraction was neither immunogenic nor allergenic in balb/c mice. in one week, this protein inhibited the mouse ige-specific antibodies to the soluble extract as measured by pca in rats and was therefore called dactylis inhibitory protein (dip). two experimental approaches which lowered ige anti-se titer were undertaken. pretreatment with dip as well as injec ...19836885115
group v allergens in grass pollens: iv. similarities in amino acid compositions and nh2-terminal sequences of the group v allergens from lolium perenne, poa pratensis and dactylis glomerata.monoclonal antibodies (ppv4) raised against phleum pratense group v allergen were used for immuno-affinity chromatography of cross-reacting group v allergens from related grass species. fractions enriched in group v allergen were obtained from lolium perenne, poa pratense and dactylis glomerata extracts. the major components in these fractions were found in the mwr range 25-28 kd. ige binding to these components was shown using a pool of grass allergic sera, by sds-page immunoblotting. these fra ...19921611548
examination of cocksfoot pollen (dactylis glomerata) extracts by skin prick test in man, rast-based allergen assay and protein content.three commercial preparations of cocksfoot pollen (dactylis glomerata) from different manufacturers were compared by skin prick tests in man, allergen activity as measured by the rast test and protein nitrogen unit (pnu) and total nitrogen (n) content. the skin prick tests were made on the forearm with the undiluted preparations and also with solutions of 1/5 and 1/25 dilutions. three groups each of 9 subjects were tested and the sites for the 9 tests were determined by 3 different latin squares ...19751149937
characterization of the major allergen of cynodon dactylon (bermuda grass) pollen, cyn d allergen from cynodon dactylon (bermuda grass) pollen, cyn d i, has been purified by a combination of concanavalin a-sepharose affinity chromatography, and carboxymethyl-sepharose chromatography. the allergen constitutes the major allergenic component of the pollen extract as observed by immunoelectrophoretic techniques, sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, an ige-inhibition experiment, and skin testing. in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, cyn d ...19911955635
demonstration of reaginic antibodies on human basophils by immune adherence to allergen-coated sepharose beads.human basophils purified by gradient density centrifugation and differential glass bead adherence were interacted with grass pollen allergen in particulate form prepared by covalent coupling of dactylis glomerata protein concentrate to sepharose beads. basophils from allergic subjects were found to interact specifically with the allergen-coated bead surface in a manner so highly characteristic that false negatives with basophils from non-allergic subjects or subjects with unrelated allergies wer ...1976963864
effect of ruminal infusion of glucose, volatile fatty acids and hydrochloric acid on mineral metabolism in sheep.two experiments were conducted to study the effects of alterations in ruminal ph and volatile fatty acid (vfa) concentrations on utilization of mg and other minerals. in exp. 1, two metabolism trials were conducted with 12 ruminally cannulated crossbred wethers fed 800 g/d of orchard-grass (dactylis glomerata, l.) hay. after each feeding, wethers were ruminally infused with 500 ml (4.2 ml/min) or either 1) deionized water, 2) 40% (w/v) glucose solution, 3) .26 m propionic and .17 m butyric acid ...19883372390
replication and encapsidation of the viroid-like satellite rna of lucerne transient streak virus are supported in divergent hosts by cocksfoot mottle virus and turnip rosette virus.cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus supports replication and encapsidation of the viroid-like satellite rna (sat-rna) of lucerne transient streak virus (ltsv) in two monocotyledonous species, triticum aestivum and dactylis glomerata. additionally, ltsv sat-rna replicates effectively in the presence of turnip rosette sobemovirus in brassica rapa, raphanus raphanistrum and sinapsis arvensis, but not in thlaspi arvense or nicotiana bigelovii, indicating that host species markedly influence this interactio ...19937682254
characterization of cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus genomic rna and sequence comparison with related viruses.the genome of cocksfoot mottle virus (cfmv) is a positive-sense ssrna molecule of 4082 nucleotides as revealed by sequencing the entire genome. the 5'-untranslated region of the genome is 69 nucleotides and the 3'-untranslated region is 225 nucleotides in length. the coding region contains four open reading frames (orfs). the organization of cfmv orfs differs significantly from that of the previously sequenced sobemoviruses southern bean mosaic virus and rice yellow mottle virus. orf1 encodes a ...19957595389
variations in the digestibility of trace elements (cu, zn and mn) during the first cycle of cocksfoot growth.the variations of trace element availability was examined with 6 adult male sheep (texel) maintained in metabolic crates. they received cocksfoot cut each morning during the first vegetation cycle and offered ad libitum (10 % refused food), for 6 day periods. it appears from the resulting data that: -- the stage of cocksfoot development has a strong influence upon the digestibility and the retention of copper, zinc and manganese. --there is an almost perfect parallelism between the variations of ...1977606139
optimization and characterization of freeze-dried multilamellar liposomes incorporating different standardized allergen extracts.desensitization therapy for type i allergy is now current practice. liposomes have been proposed as a support for allergens to improve safety and effectiveness. the aim of this work was to optimize liposomal formulations of three different standardized allergen extracts and to test their allergenicity in vitro and in a preclinical trial. allergen extracts (dactylis glomerata, dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, and cat hair and dander) were associated with multilamellar liposomes of varying composit ...19947653744
[comparative study of various technics for measuring serum ige levels].in this work we report the results of a comparative study of different techniques to measure specific ige in sera. three methods were used, phadebas rast, phadezym rast (pharmacia) and allergen-specific fast+ test (3m diagnostics): 127 sera were tested with several pneumoallergens (housedust, dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, dactylis glomerata pollen, cat and dog hair). analysis of the results shows the following correlations: phadebas and phadezym rast 92%; phadebas rast and fast+ 88%; phadezym ...19873453730
utilization of magnesium and other macrominerals in sheep supplemented with different readily-fermentable carbohydrates.sheep were used to determine the effects of dietary supplementation with readily-fermentable carbohydrates on mg, ca, k and p utilization. in each of two metabolism trials, 15 mature, crossbred wethers (average weight, 49.2 kg) were allotted to five dietary treatments consisting of 800 g/d of orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata, l.) hay alone, or supplemented with 450 g/d of either glucose, sucrose, lactose or starch. each trial consisted of a 5-d adjustment period, a 10-d preliminary period and a ...19873443586
[enzootic calcinosis in cattle. 5. experimental studies on rabbits selectively fed with ball-grass (dactylis glomerata), gold-oats (trisetum flavescens) and a grass mixture]. 19724551838
preliminary experimental and clinical results with inactivated allergens conjugated to the corynebacterium granulosum-derived immunomodulator p40.allergoids have been used successfully for immunotherapy of allergic disorders. it has appeared to us that the effect of allergoids could be potentiated by their coupling to an immunomodulator. in the present study we show that a conjugate made up of the coupling of ovalbumin through glutaraldehyde action to the c. granulosum-derived immunomodulator p40 is completely devoid of antigenicity and of cross-reactivity with ovalbumin. this conjugate was found to significantly inhibit mast cell degranu ...19873620123
induction of a passive cutaneous anaphylaxis inhibitory factor in mice.the administration of a purified protein from dactylis glomerata pollen, named dactylis inhibitory protein (dip), to balb/c mice results in the production of a heat-resistant seric factor that blocks the passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (pca) reaction in rat skin. this pca inhibitory factor (pca-if) was purified following different purification procedures and analyzed in sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel. amongst the array of bands detected it was possible to ascribe the inhibitory activity ...19854055080
isopycnic centrifugation of plant viruses in nycodenz density gradients.isopycnic centrifugation of plant viruses in density gradients prepared from a new non-ionic medium (nycodenz) was investigated. particle density of luteo-, tymo-, nepo-, cocksfoot mild mosaic, tobamo-, hordei-like, potex- and potyviruses in buffered solutions of nycodenz ranged between 1.23 and 1.28 g/ml and did not strictly reflect their nucleic acid and protein composition. isopycnic centrifugation of several partially purified viruses yielded preparations which were pure by electron microsco ...19846520198
the energy value of ryegrass and cocksfoot assessed by a slaughter technique with lambs. 19655835395
the putative replicase of the cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus is translated as a part of the polyprotein by -1 ribosomal frameshift.the polyprotein of cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus (cfmv) is encoded by two overlapping open reading frames (orf). the orf 2a codes for the putative vpg and serine protease and the orf 2b codes for the putative replicase. the consensus signals for a -1 ribosomal frameshifting event are found at the very beginning of the overlapping region of these orfs. the shifty heptanucleotide in cfmv is uuuaaac, and the secondary structure after the shifty sequence is predicted to be a stem-loop. in vitro trans ...19957886961
isolation and characteristics of the protozoal and bacterial fractions from bovine ruminal contents.four cows were fed once a day either a cocksfoot hay diet (h) or a diet consisting of 65% hay and 35% pelleted ground barley (hb). 15(nh4)2so4 was continuously infused into the rumen as a microbial marker and ruminal digesta samples were collected during the 24-h postprandial period for the isolation of liquid-associated protozoa and bacteria (lap, lab) and particle-associated bacteria (pab). there were marked differences between ruminal ph diurnal variations with diets h and hb. irrespective of ...19947730192
evaluation of brassicas in grazing systems for sheep: i. quality of forage and animal performance.four years of grazing trials were conducted with brassica forages to evaluate their chemical composition and effect on adg of fattening lambs and breeding ewes in late fall. brassicas tested included kales (brassica oleracea l. var. acephala dc), turnips (b. rapa l.), and a chinese cabbage hybrid (b. rapa l. x b. pekinensis [lour.] rupr.). daily gains of lambs varied widely among years (19 to 330 g/d); adg on brassicas were, however, generally higher than on stockpiled kentucky 31 tall fescue (f ...19947928762
investigations of the allergens of cocksfoot grass (dactylis glomerata) pollen.the pollen of cocksfoot grass (dactylis glomerata) is an important cause of allergic reactions in man. preliminary studies, which established that constituents of an extract of this pollen could be separated, and then recovered efficiently, by size-exclusion chromatography on tsk g3000 sw, have been extended. a comparative examination has been made by this procedure of cocksfoot pollen extracts from different sources and of several batches of extract from one source. the recovery and distributio ...19836630355
alkaloids in ergot found on different gramineae in the netherlands.the alkaloid content and the composition of the alkaloid complex of thirteen samples of ergot sclerotia from different gramineous host species collected in the netherlands were investigated. two samples collected in france were also examined. ergot of glyceria fluitans (l.) did not contain alkaloids. the total alkaloid content of ergot found on the other wild grasses was more than 0.2%. the ratio between the contents of water soluble and water insoluble alkaloids of the investigated ergot ...19836646990
performance of dairy cows in midlactation fed high quality grass pasture and concentrate at three percents of energy requirements.thirty multiparous cows rotationally grazed high quality grass pastures (predominantly dactylis glomerata and poa pratensis) for 140 days. stage of lactation was 54 to 192 days at beginning of trial. cows were offered concentrates to supply 33, 66, or 100% of requirements for net energy for lactation above maintenance; daily intakes by the three groups averaged 3.5, 7.7, and 11.5 kg. refusal of concentrate tended to increase with supplementation. average milk production was 19.2, 20.4, and 21.5 ...19836841749
analysis of human t cell clones reactive with group v grass pollen allergens.twenty-seven t cell clones (tcc) reactive with group v allergens of phleum pratense (phlp v) were established from the peripheral blood of 3 patients allergic to grass pollen. twenty-four tcc showed the helper cell phenotype cd3+, cd4+, cd8-; the remaining clones were cd3+cd4-cd8+. t cell recognition of phlp v was exclusively hla-dr restricted. many of the phlp v reactive tcc (19 of 27; 70%) were stimulated additionally by other group v allergens isolated from lolium perenne, poa pratensis, and ...19947981611
heterogeneity of grass pollen allergens (dactylis glomerata) recognized by ige antibodies in human patients sera by a new nitrocellulose immunoprint technique.a new nitrocellulose immunoprint technique has been developed to detect specific antigens or/and allergens present among a heterogeneous solution such as a water-soluble crude extract of a grass pollen (dactylis glomerata). the antigens are separated by isoelectric focusing (ief) in an agarose gel and characterized by their isoelectric point (pi). these antigens are transferred and immobilized on a nitrocellulose sheet. they are recognized by the binding of specific antibodies contained in an un ...19826759375
effects of dietary supplementation on nutrient digestion and the milk yield of intensively grazed lactating dairy cows.fourteen midlactation holstein cows were used in an 80-d study to examine supplementation strategies during intensive rotational grazing. factors examined were the concentration of protein in the supplement [12 or 16% crude protein (cp) on a dry matter basis] and the amount of supplement offered (6.4 or 9.6 kg/d per cow). the supplement was offered in equal portions three times daily after milking. pasture, composed of alfalfa (medicago sativa) and orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata), was divided ...19979436110
comparative studies of allergenic extracts prepared from freshly collected, dried, or dried and defatted pollen.fresh pollen samples of parietaria judaica, betula pubescens, dactylis glomerata and olea europaea were collected and aliquot portions of these pollens were stored after drying in hot air, while other portions were dried and then defatted with diethylether. the different pollen materials were extracted with aqueous media to obtain the non-dialyzable allergenic protein constituents. review of the production data, together with comparative analyses of the uv-absorption spectra and of ige binding p ...19957582159
digestibility, nitrogen utilization, and voluntary intake of ensiled crab waste-wheat straw mixtures fed to sheep.crab waste and wheat (triticum aestivum l.) straw mixtures, ensiled with different additives, were evaluated in metabolism and palatability trials. crab waste and straw were mixed in proportions of 1:1, wet basis, with 20% water and different additives, and ensiled in 210-l metal drums double-lined with polyethylene bags. thirty crossbred wethers (40 kg initial bw) were fed a 1) basal diet consisting of 75% orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata l.) hay and 25% concentrate, 2) ensiled crab waste-wheat ...19948181970
nucleotide sequence of cdna encoding the group ii allergen of cocksfoot/orchard grass (dactylis glomerata), dac g ii.cocksfoot/orchard grass (dactylis glomerata) anther cdna clones encoding the group ii allergen dac g ii were previously isolated on the basis of immunoreactivity of human, rabbit, and murine antibodies with a 24-kda protein expressed as a fusion protein with beta-galactosidase. nucleotide sequencing reveals an open reading frame predicting expression of a 98-amino-acid (11-kda) polypeptide exhibiting > 90% homology with the group ii allergen of lolium perenne, lol p ii. in vitro translation of d ...19938116860
in vivo assessment of mast cell functional alteration induced by l-leucine methyl ester, using the passive cutaneous anaphylaxis technique.we have recently reported that in vitro, mast cells were sensitive to the action of l-leucine methyl ester (leu-ome), a lysosomotropic compound. we now report the in vivo effect of leu-ome on mast cells, qualitatively assessed by using the passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (pca) reaction. the l- but not the d-stereoisomer of leu-ome (25 mm) injected together with dactylis glomerata, pollen-specific, ige-containing serum inhibited the pca reaction in rat skin triggered by a subsequent challenge with ...19938428165
ige antibody formation in balb/c mice without adjuvant: induction of responses to grass pollen extract and to a hapten-carrier conjugate.the ige antibody responses of inbred balb/c mice to subcutaneously injected antigens, given without adjuvant, were studied. cocksfoot grass pollen extract (gpe) (100-100,000 pnu) induced no detectable primary ige antibody responses but following second and subsequent injections, substantial secondary responses were produced. weekly injections for 9 weeks of doses of doses of 0.1-10,000 pnu gpe all produced similar ige antibody titres as measured by 24 h passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (pca) in rat ...19807380480
isotypic analysis of grass pollen-specific immunoglobulins in human plasma. 1. specialization of certain classes and subclasses in the immune response.the specificity and isotypic profile of humoral immune responses to dactylis glomerata (cocksfoot) pollen was studied by isoelectric focusing (ief)-immunoprint analysis using 26 human plasma samples with high levels of dactylis pollen-specific igg4 (igg4+ plasma) and 25 human plasma samples with low levels of specific igg4 (normal plasma). over 60 individual protein components in an aqueous pollen extract were separated by ief and immunoprinted onto nitrocellose (nc). following plasma incubation ...19938428167
purification of human igg4 subclass with allergen-specific blocking activity.blocking antibodies (bab) induced by allergen immunotherapy are restricted to the igg1 and igg4 subclasses, with igg1 predominating early and igg4 coming later. study of igg4 bab has been limited, in part, by the absence of a method to purify igg4. we describe a rapid immunoaffinity chromatographic method for the purification of that subclass from whole serum. starting serum (tr) contained 90 micrograms/ml dactylis glomerata (orchard grass) pollen (dgp)-specific igg4, measured by indirect elisa. ...19938409473
influence of barley and buffer supplements on quantitative aspects of ruminal fiber digestion of cows.four jersey cows, fitted with ruminal and duodenal cannulas, were used to assess the specific effects of changes in ruminal ph that were induced by barley addition to a hay diet on ruminal fiber digestion. cows received successively 100% unchopped cocksfoot hay (diet h), 65% hay and 35% pelleted ground barley (diet hb), and hb plus a continuous intraruminal infusion of bicarbonate salt solution (diet hbb). cows were limit-fed once daily at 7 kg of dm day-1. the ruminal fractional passage rate of ...19968767054
forage systems for beef production from conception to slaughter: iii. finishing systems.fall-weaned angus calves grazed or were fed different forages during winter followed by 1) n-fertilized tall fescue (festuca arundinacea schreb.) grazed alone, 2) bluegrass (poa pratensis l.)-white clover (trifolium repens l.) sequence grazed with tall fescue-red clover (trifolium pratense l.), or 3) bluegrass-white clover sequence grazed with alfalfa (medicago sativa l.)-orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata l.). heifers were supplemented with grain at 1% of bw from april until slaughter in july. on ...19968707721
influence of sampling time and diet on amino acid composition of protozoal and bacterial fractions from bovine ruminal contents.four ruminally cannulated cows were used to compare amino acid (aa) composition of protozoal and bacterial fractions as affected by sampling time and diet. cows were given once a day restricted feed (80% of ad libitum intake) of 7 kg dm with two successive diets. diet hb was 65% cocksfoot hay and 35% pelleted ground barley, and diet h was 100% cocksfoot hay. samples of whole ruminal contents were taken 2, 5, 8, 11, and 23 h after feeding for diet hb and 2 h after feeding for diet h to isolate th ...19968726749
evaluation of a mobile computerized grain feeder for lactating cows grazing grass pasture.the objective of this study was to evaluate a mobile computerized grain feeder for use to feed individually holstein cows grazing grass pasture. thirty-two holstein cows averaging 95 d of lactation and 39.3 kg/d of milk were rotationally grazed on predominantly dactylis glomerata pastures for 9 wk starting in early may. cows were blocked according to parity, days of lactation, and milk yield. cows were randomly assigned to a control group in which cows were individually fed grain twice daily at ...19979436109
allergenic relationship between taxonomically diverse tests and tests for ige antibodies show that subjects are usually sensitive to a number of different pollens, frequently from taxonomically diverse species which are assumed to be allergenically non-crossreactive. this suggests that the presence of ige antibody-reactivity to an individual pollen may not necessarily have resulted from contact with that pollen or even with a taxonomically closely related species.19958521178
seasonal asthma caused by airborne platanus pollen.this work describes three patients suffering from bronchial asthma after being naturally exposed to airborne plane-tree pollen. the three patients gave immediate response in skin tests and dual response in bronchial provocations using platanus hybrida extract. there was specific seric ige activity against this/these antigen(s) with the cap system. the three patients also showed significant correlation (p < 0.001) between their rhinitis and asthma symptom-scores registered on their diary cards an ...19947889425
isotypic analysis of grass pollen-specific antibodies in human plasma. 4. biological activity of allergen-specific and autoanti-ige antibody fractions on basophil histamine release.blocking antibodies are defined as antibodies that compete with ige for binding to allergens due to their specificity for those allergens. thus, they may inhibit allergen-induced basophil and mast cell ige-dependent mediator release both in vivo and in vitro.19968955580
effect of extreme walking conditions for dairy cows on milk yield, chemical composition, and somatic cell count.thirty-two cows (16 montbeliardes and 16 tarentaises) in midlactation were used in an experiment utilizing a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments. throughout the trial, cows received first-cutting cocksfoot hay for ad libitum intake supplemented with a fixed amount of concentrate that was individually adapted to the milk yield of each cow. during a 23-d experimental period, one group of cows walked 9.6 km/d; the other group of cows remained in the barn. cows that walked daily ate less hay ( ...19989594388
characterization of dac g 4, a major basic allergen from dactylis glomerata pollen.monoclonal antibodies were produced against dac g 4, a purified major basic allergen from dactylis glomerata pollen. their ability to be used for immunopurification of dac g 4 was studied on a biacore apparatus (pharmacia). the allergen was purified by affinity chromatography with one monoclonal antibody. its precise molecular mass, 59,185 +/- 30 d, was determined by mass spectrometry. its isoelectric point is 10.4. sodium dodecylsulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and immunoblotting show ...19968977507
ruminal undegradability of blood meal and effects of blood meal on ruminal and postruminal digestion in steers consuming vegetative orchardgrass hay.four crossbred steers (360 +/- 3 kg) cannulated at the rumen and duodenum were used in a 4 x 4 latin square design to examine the effects of supplemental blood meal (bm) on voluntary intake, digesta kinetics, ruminal fermentation, site and extent of digestion, and bacterial protein synthesis in steers fed vegetative orchardgrass hay (dactylis glomerata l.). the levels of bm supplementation were 0, .07, .13, and .20 kg/d. voluntary intake of om (8.35 kg/d) was not significantly affected by bm sup ...19979331885
genetic structure of an aphid studied using microsatellites: cyclic parthenogenesis, differentiated lineages and host a previous study, samples of the grain aphid sitobion avenae (f.) were collected from wheat and adjacent cocksfoot hosts in a population thought to be primarily parthenogenetic, and dna from individual aphids was analysed with a multilocus technique. here we have applied single-locus microsatellites and a mitochondrial dna marker to a subset of the same dna extracts, and have made several additional inferences about important genetic and population processes in s. avenae. microsatellite analy ...19979394464
effect of plant species on the larvae of gastrointestinal nematodes which parasitise sheep.faeces containing trichostrongylus colubriformis and/or ostertagia circumcincta eggs were used to provide four contaminations in each of 2 years on plots of browntop, yorkshire fog, ryegrass, tall fescue, lucerne, chicory, cocksfoot, white clover, and prairie grass and in the second year a mixed sward of ryegrass/white clover. third stage larvae were recovered from faeces and from four strata of herbage, 0-2.5, 2.5-5, 5-7.5 and > 7.5 cm above the soil surface at 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, and 14 weeks afte ...19989650060
supplementation of rumen-undegradable protein to the diets of early lactation holstein cows on grass pasture.the objectives were to evaluate supplements differing in rumen-undegradable protein (rup) on the performance of early lactation cows on grass pasture. twenty-four holstein cows averaging 68 d of lactation and 39.8 kg/d of milk were rotationally grazed on predominantly dactylis glomerata pasture for 8 wk. cows were blocked according to parity, milk yield, and days of lactation and were randomly assigned to a grain mixture with a low or high rup content. pasture and the low and high rup grain mixt ...19989749386
how far can we simplify in vitro diagnostics for grass pollen allergy?: a study with 17 whole pollen extracts and purified natural and recombinant major allergens.current diagnostics for grass pollen allergy are composed of mixtures of pollen of different grass species. their complex composition hampers accurate standardization.19989723659
detection and quantification of group 4 allergens in grass pollen extracts using monoclonal antibodies.grass pollen extracts are complex mixtures consisting of different major allergenic and non-allergenic components. phl p 4 is an important allergen, because more than 75% of grass pollen allergic patients produce specific ige antibodies against group 4 allergens.19989720813
influence of forage species and diet particle size on the passage of digesta and nylon particles from the reticulorumen of assess factors that influence the passage of digesta from the reticulorumen, ruminally fistulated steers (387 kg) were fed to appetite in a 4 x 4 latin square design either orchardgrass (og) (dactylis glomerata l.) or switchgrass (sg) (panicum virgatum l.) hays. the two hays were fed in either the long form or ground to pass a 2-cm screen. steers fed og diets had greater dmi (p < .05) than steers fed sg diets (11.7 vs 10.4 kg/d respectively). particle size of ruminal digesta and feces determi ...19938226378
an integrated, dynamic model of feed hydration and digestion, and subsequent bacterial mass accumulation in the rumen.hydration of feeds and bacterial attachment to feed particles are thought to play major roles in rumen digestion of fibrous feedstuffs. the objective of the present study was to integrate these phenomena in a mechanistic model that could be used for data analysis. the proposed model was based on the conversion of biomass, where digestion end-products can be used for the synthesis of bacterial mass. digestion of the potentially digestible fraction and subsequent accumulation of bacterial mass was ...19938260474
identification of genes encoding for the cocksfoot mottle virus proteins.cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus (cfmv) has a monopartite single-stranded positive-sense rna genome. in wheat germ extract, in vitro translation of cfmv virion rna resulted in the production of four major proteins of 100, 71, 34 and 12 kda. in this paper we show the individual genes from which these polypeptides are synthesised. polyclonal antisera against the proteins encoded by all open reading frames (orfs) of cfmv were produced. antibodies were used to immunoprecipitate the in vitro translation ...199910486110
spatial and temporal genetic variation in british field populations of the grain aphid sitobion avenae (f.) (hemiptera: aphididae) studied using rapd-pcr.the grain aphid sitobion avenae (f.) was collected from winter wheat and adjacent cocksfoot grass at two locations in southern england and at four times in the year (april-july). genetic variation between individual aphids was then investigated using random amplified polymorphic dna polymerase chain reaction. individuals caught in wheat and cocksfoot during april provided very different and highly diagnostic banding patterns that were independent of location. this host-based genetic differentiab ...19958587889
[antigen specific immunoglobulin e to grass and weed pollens in the plasma of patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis].the study involved 22 patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis between 13 and 53 years of age. the level of antigen specific ige (as ige) to 5 grass and 3 weed pollens was determined with the use of cap feia (pharmacia, uppsala, sweden). the control group consisted of 20 persons. all above as ige were significantly higher in the patients with seasonal allergic rhinithis than in the control group. the most commonly present hypersensitivities were to meadow fescue (festuca elatior), meadow grass ( ...199910337158
chloroplast dna variation in dactylis glomerata l. taxa endemic to the macaronesian islandsin the dactylis glomerata infraspecific polyploid grass complex, restriction fragment length polymorphisms (rflps) of chloroplast dna (cpdna) were studied in diploid and tetraploid populations of several taxa endemic to macaronesia (madeira and the canary islands) and in populations from the african and european continental areas closest to macaronesia. two chlorotypes, which differed by a single 290-bp length mutation, were observed in the macaronesian and the continental populations. chlorotyp ...199910620224
t-cell epitopes of phl p 1, major pollen allergen of timothy grass (phleum pratense): evidence for crossreacting and non-crossreacting t-cell epitopes within grass group i allergens.the use of peptides representing t-cell epitopes of allergens is a modern concept for improvement of specific immunotherapy. a prerequisite for this approach is the identification of t-cell epitopes of atopic allergens.19958543758
regulation of -1 ribosomal frameshifting directed by cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus genome.the polyprotein of cocksfoot mottle virus (cfmv) is encoded by two overlapping open reading frames (orfs). the putative replicase of cfmv is produced as a part of the polyprotein from orf2b by the -1 ribosomal frameshifting mechanism. the signals leading to -1 ribosomal frameshifting directed by cfmv rna are the slippery heptamer uuuaaac and a stem-loop structure starting seven nucleotides downstream from the heptamer. we studied the effect of different parts of the cfmv genome on the -1 ribosom ...200010848968
enzyme, bacterial inoculant, and formic acid effects on silage composition of orchardgrass and alfalfa.we evaluated the effects of cellulase (from trichoderma longibrachiatum) application rates on neutral detergent fiber (ndf) concentration and fermentation products of orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata l.) and alfalfa (medicago sativa l.) silages harvested with decreasing dry matter (dm) digestibility. additionally, the impacts of inoculant (lactobacillus plantarum and pediococcus cerevisiae), pectinase (from aspergillus niger), or formic acid on silage composition were studied. forages wilted to ...200010908057
effect of level of whole cottonseed on intake, digestibility, and performance of growing male goats fed hay-based diets.twenty-four purebred boer (capra hircus hircus) and 12 male kids of 1/2 boer breeding (initial bw 21 +/- .5 kg) were used in a randomized complete block design to study the effects of increasing level of whole cottonseed (wcs) on adg, serum urea n, plasma gossypol, live grades, and intake of dm, cp, ndf, adf, hemicellulose, cellulose, lignin, ether extract, and free gossypol. a subgroup of 16 purebred goats was used to determine digestibility using a 5-d total fecal collection. goats were blocke ...200010875652
secondary ion mass spectrometry imaging of the fixation of 15n-labelled no in pollen grains.we used secondary ion mass spectrometry to image cellular targets of nitrogen oxides (widespread air pollutants) in pollen grains of birch (betula verrucosa ehrh.) and cockfoot (dactylis glomerata l.). the pollen samples were exposed to air supplemented with high doses of 15no. the pollen grains were then fixed, dehydrated using a newly developed 'vapour phase' preparation method and embedded in lrw resin. semithin sections were then analysed. imaging was performed in scanning mode. as usual, th ...200010810006
accumulation of metals in vegetation from an alkaline artificial soil.this research was conducted to determine whether elevated concentrations of metals in biosolids would result in increased accumulation of these metals in plants growing on an alkaline, artificial soil created by addition of municipal sewage biosolids to inorganic waste materials during reclamation of a filled lime settling basin. accumulation of metals in vegetation growing on this alkaline, artificial soil was compared with accumulation in vegetation growing on a natural, reference soil that ha ...200111381785
intake, digestibility, and composition of orchardgrass and alfalfa silages treated with cellulase, inoculant, and formic acid fed to lambs.the objectives of this study were to determine the effect of a cellulase (from trichoderma longibrachiatum) alone or combined with a bacterial inoculant (lactobacillus plantarum and pediococcus cerevisiae) or formic acid on composition, intake, and digestibility of orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata l.) and alfalfa (medicago sativa l.) silages. orchardgrass and alfalfa were harvested at the early heading stage and at the early bloom stage of maturity and wilted to approximately 22 and 32% dm, resp ...200011063325
cell-to-cell movement of potato virus x involves distinct functions of the coat protein.complementation of movement-deficient potato virus x (pvx) coat protein (cp) mutants, namely pvx.cp-xho lacking the 18 c-terminal amino acid residues and pvx.deltacp lacking the entire cp gene, was studied by transient co-expression with heterologous proteins. these data demonstrated that the potyvirus cps and both the major and minor cps of beet yellows closterovirus could complement cell-to-cell movement of pvx.cp-xho but not pvx.deltacp. these data also indicated that the c-terminally truncat ...200111161285
variability in the pattern of random amplified polymorphic dna.the random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) technique is a simple method to detect dna polymorphism. it is sensitive to reaction conditions. small changes in the reactants' concentration cause variations in amplification products. using dna from asparagus officinalis, dactylis glomerata, mercurialis annua and escherichia coli, we examined variability in the amplification pattern associated with reaction constituents. an increase in the ratio of taq dna polymerase to dna in the reaction increased ...19979504820
immunochemical characterization of two pichia pastoris-derived recombinant group 5 dactylis glomerata isoallergens.grass pollen of the poaceae grasses are known to be highly allergenic. major allergens from the species lolium, phleum, poa and holcus have been cloned and expressed as recombinant proteins, but of the important species dactylis glomerata no recombinants are available.200111752876
the complete sequence of the genome of cocksfoot streak virus (csv), a grass infecting potyvirus.the complete nucleotide sequence of cocksfoot streak virus (csv) has been determined. the viral genome comprises 9663 nucleotides, excluding a 3'-terminal poly(a) sequence. the genome of csv has a 133 nt 5'-non coding and a 260 nt 3'-non coding region. the rna of csv encodes a single polyprotein of 3089 amino acid residues and has a deduced genome organization typical for a member of the family potyviridae. csv is transmissible by aphids and has a narrow host range in the gramineae. it was compa ...200212181676
roles of the plasma membrane and the cell wall in the responses of plant cells to an effort to clarify the responses of a wide range of plant cells to freezing, we examined the responses to freezing of the cells of chilling-sensitive and chilling-resistant tropical and subtropical plants. among the cells of the plants that we examined, those of african violet ( saintpaulia grotei engl.) leaves were most chilling-sensitive, those of hypocotyls in mungbean [ vigna radiata (l.) r. wilcz.] seedlings were moderately chilling-sensitive, and those of orchid [ paphiopedilum insign ...200212244442
physicochemical and immunologic characterization of low-molecular-weight allergoids of dactylis glomerata pollen proteins.orchard grass (dactylis glomerata) pollen proteins were chemically modified by means of acid anhydrides (maleic and succinic anhydride) to obtain low-molecular-weight allergoids. chemical modification in both cases led to the replacement of one positive charge (epsilon amino group of lys) by one negative charge, yielding proteins with changed physicochemical properties in comparison to the native orchard grass-pollen proteins.199910221435
effects of elevated soil copper on phenology, growth and reproduction of five ruderal plant species.the repeated use of copper (cu) fungicides to control vine downy mildew, caused by plasmopara viticola, has been responsible for the heavy increase of cu concentration in the upper layers of vineyard soils. to determine the effects of elevated soil cu on plant development, we created an artificial soil gradient with cu enrichments ranging from 0 to 400 mg kg-1. on this gradient, and for five ruderal plant species commonly found in vineyards in southern france (poa annua l., dactylis glomerata l. ...200312547525
effect of soil type and fertilization level on mineral concentration of pasture: potential relationships to ruminant performance and health.a three-year study was conducted to measure the effects of varying levels of dairy slurry application on mineral concentration of forages from three soils types. slurry was applied to orchardgrass (dactylis glomerata [l.] cv. pennlate) growing in 60-cm diameter drainage lysimeters to measure the effect of four levels of slurry (urine and feces) n application (0, 168, 336, and 672 kg of n.ha-1.yr-1) on mineral (p, k, ca, mg) concentration of the forage on three soil types (hagerstown, hartleton, ...200312817509
environmental priming influences allergen-specific nasal reactivity.preceding mucosal response to one allergen leads to the priming of the nasal mucosal response to another allergen. this study aimed to determine whether environmental allergens, especially ubiquitous animal dander, can induce nasal priming.19989930593
rna-binding activities of cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus proteins.cocksfoot mottle virus (cfmv) has a positive-sense ssrna genome containing four open reading frames (orfs). orf1 encoded protein (p1) is the putative movement protein; the product of orf2a (p2a) contains vpg and the motifs characteristic of serine proteases. p2b, encoded by orf2b, is the putative rna-dependent rna polymerase. p3, the coat protein, is encoded by orf3. cfmv p1, p2a, p2b, and p3, containing a six histidine tag at the amino terminus, were expressed in escherichia coli, purified and ...200010725552
[in vitro effects of antiallergic eyedrops on complement activation induced by particulate matter].recent decades have been marked by an increasing number of patients suffering from ocular allergic-like symptoms without being associated with an increase in ige levels. these symptoms include heaviness of the lid, foreign body sensation, burning, stinging and photophobia. both epidemiological studies and controlled human exposure clinical studies have shown cause-effect relationships between allergic-like symptoms and environmental factors such as outdoor air pollutants or poor indoor air quali ...200312843888
comparison of growth performance of lolium perenne l., dactylis glomerata l. and agropyron elongatum (host.) p. beauv. for erosion control in turkey.this study was carried out in plastic containers to compare growth performances of perennial ryegrass, orchardgrass and tall wheatgrass to be given priority in revegetation studies in turkey. three pre-germinated seeds of each grass species were planted separately into the soil in the black plastic containers. seedlings were harvested 2, 4 and 6 months after planting pre-germinated seeds and measured for percentage of seedling emergence, rooting depth, height growth, leaf and tiller development ...200312974411
inferring the evolutionary history of rice yellow mottle virus from genomic, phylogenetic, and phylogeographic studies.fourteen isolates of rice yellow mottle virus (rymv) were selected as representative of the genetic variability of the virus in africa from a total set of 320 isolates serologically typed or partially sequenced. the 14 isolates were fully sequenced and analyzed together with two previously reported sequences. rymv had a genomic organization similar to that of cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus. the average nucleotide diversity among the 16 isolates of rymv was 7%, and the maximum diversity between any ...200415016846
the complete nucleotide sequence of subterranean clover mottle virus.the complete nucleotide sequence of subterranean clover mottle virus (scmov) genomic rna has been determined. the scmov genome is 4,258 nucleotides in length. it shares most nucleotide and amino acid sequence identity with the genome of lucerne transient streak virus (ltsv). scmov rna encodes four overlapping open reading frames and has a genome organisation similar to that of cocksfoot mottle virus (cfmv). orf1 and orf4 are predicted to encode single proteins. orf2 is predicted to encode two pr ...200314579180
human serum ige-mediated mast cell degranulation shows poor correlation to allergen-specific ige content.although allergen-specific ige content in serum can be determined immunochemically, little is known about the relationship between this parameter and the strength of the degranulation response upon allergen triggering.200314510723
characterization of vpg and the polyprotein processing of cocksfoot mottle virus (genus sobemovirus).the polyprotein of cocksfoot mottle virus (cfmv; genus sobemovirus:) is translated from two overlapping open reading frames (orfs) 2a and 2b by a -1 ribosomal frameshifting mechanism. in this study, a 12 kda protein was purified from viral rna-derived samples that appears to correspond to the cfmv genome-linked protein (vpg). according to the determined n-terminal amino acid sequence, the vpg domain is located between the serine proteinase and replicase motifs and the n terminus of vpg is cleave ...200011038392
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