a contribution to our knowledge of tu-chung--eucommia ulmoides. 1979420159
letter: isolation and synthesis of pinoresinol diglucoside, a major antihypertensive principle of tu-chung(eucommia ulmoides, oliver). 1976956566
a study on the mutagenicity of 102 raw pharmaceuticals used in chinese traditional medicine.the mutagenic potential of traditional chinese drugs was studied. after extraction with boiling water and frozen vacuum drying, preparations from 102 raw drugs were tested with the ames test, and the micronucleus and chromosomal aberration assays in mice in vivo. astragalus mongholicus bunge (+s9), sophora japonica l. (+/- s9) and eucommia ulmoides oliv. (+/- s9) were found to significantly induce his+ revertants in salmonella typhimurium ta98 and/or ta100. besides these 3, 10 other extracts wer ...19912027343
[chemical analysis of duzhong (eucommia ulmoides) bark and leaves]. 19862948723
research note: effect of tu-chung leaf (eucommia ulmoides) on egg production performance, egg quality, and fat metabolism in laying hens at a late production stage.the effects of tu-chung leaf (eucommia ulmoides) supplementation on egg production performance, egg quality, and fat metabolism were investigated in laying hens at a late production stage. white leghorn laying hens at 20 mo of age were provided ad libitum access to a practical diet with or without tu-chung leaf supplement for 3 mo. during the experimental period, egg production rate, egg weight, and feed intake were recorded every day. egg samples from the last 3 days were collected to measure h ...19938265504
antimutagenicity of tochu tea (an aqueous extract of eucommia ulmoides leaves): 2. suppressing effect of tochu tea on the urine mutagenicity after ingestion of raw fish and cooked beef.the effect of tochu tea, which is an aqueous extract of eucommia ulmoides leaves and a popular-beverage in japan, on the urine mutagenicity before and after ingestion of raw fish and cooked beef was studied using salmonella typhimurium yg1024. urines were collected from seven healthy, non-smoking japanese women before and after ingestion of raw fish and cooked beef. in experiment 1,3 were in a control group and 4 were in a tochu tea-drinking group (2000 ml per day). the mutagenicity of urine fro ...19969008721
isolation and identification of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors from tochu-cha (eucommia ulmoides).alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activity was found in aqueous methanol extracts of tochu-cha, dried leaves of eucommia ulmoides (eucommiaceae). five active principles against yeast enzyme were isolated and characterized. among them, quercetin (1, ki: 8.5 x 10(-6) m) was considered to contribute mostly to the activity of the tochu leaves. in regard to an animal alpha-glucosidase, rat intestinal sucrase activity was also inhibited by 1.19979028049
the preventive effect of ginseng with du-zhong leaf on protein metabolism in aging.stimulation of collagen synthesis prevents the aging process. we found such a synergistic effect by using the leaves of eucommia ulmoides oliver, eucomiaceae (du-zhong leaf) and the roots of panax ginseng c. a. meyer (ginseng). the formula consists of amounts which exert no effect when used individually. we tested several formula ratios of ginseng and du-zhong leaf, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4, and concluded that the last two formulas were effective. however, we did not observe a significant differenc ...19979084879
anti-human immunodeficiency virus activity of oligosaccharides from rooibos tea (aspalathus linearis) extracts in vitro.the active substances, acid polysaccharides, were extracted with 1% sodium hydroxide from the leaves of rooibos tea (aspalathus linearis), du zhong cha (eucommia ulmoides oliv.) and japanese tea leaves (camellia sinensis var. sinensis). the alkaline extracts of rooibos tea and du-zhong tea leaves, but not japanese tea leaves suppressed the hiv-induced cytopathicity using hiv (htlv-iii) infected mt-4 cells, having extremely low cytotoxicity: its 50% effective concentration (ec50) was 12-67 microg ...19979209319
the promoting effects of geniposidic acid and aucubin in eucommia ulmoides oliver leaves on collagen synthesis.we have reported that collagen synthesis was stimulated by the administration of a hot water extract from the leaves of eucommia ulmoides oliver, eucommiaceae (du-zhong leaves) in false aged model rats. in this paper, we set out to examine the compounds in du-zhong leaves that stimulated collagen synthesis in false aged model rats. in experiment 1, a methanol extract of du-zhong leaves also stimulated collagen synthesis in aged model rats. an acetone fraction was derived from the methanol extrac ...19989881644
improvement in the turnover rate of the stratum corneum in false aged model rats by the administration of geniposidic acid in eucommia ulmoides oliver leaf.we earlier reported that collagen synthesis in false aged model rats was stimulated by the administration of a methanol extract from the leaves of eucommia ulmoides oliver. when the methanol extract was fractionated to n-hexane, ethyl acetate, acetone and methanol fractions by silica gel chromatography, we discovered that geniposidic acid and aucubin, contained in the acetone fraction, were the active ingredients. in the current study, we set out to examine if active compounds found in the eucom ...199910408230
changes in lactate dehydrogenase and 3-hydroxyacetyl-coa dehydrogenase activities in rat skeletal muscle by the administration of eucommia ulmoides oliver leaf with spontaneous running-training.we examined the effect of eucommia ulmoides oliver leaf on rat skeletal muscles together with spontaneous running-training in terms of the isozyme profile and specific activity of lactate dehydrogenase (ldh; ec and 3-hydroxyacetyl-coa dehydrogenase (had; ec on the twenty-ninth day of the experimental period, a mandatory endurance running exercise (treadmill, 7 degrees grade) was conducted. twenty-four hours later, the rats were sacrificed and the skeletal muscles and other o ...199910513617
the promoting effect of eucommiol from eucommiae cortex on collagen synthesis.the effect of a methanol extract of eucommiae cortex on collagen synthesis was investigated in false aged model rats. granuloma formation and collagen synthesis were significantly increased by the administration of the methanol extract of eucommiae cortex. the effective component of eucommiae cortex was then discussed by fractionating the methanol extract of eucommiae cortex. eucommiol, a main component in the water fraction of the methanol extract, was found to be an effective compound. in our ...200010706411
granuloma maturation in the rat is advanced by the oral administration of eucommia ulmoides oliver leaf.we have reported that collagen metabolism was improved by the administration of eucommia ulmoides oliver leaf. in this paper, we examine the granuloma maturation and deposition of collagen in the granuloma of rats due to the oral administration of this leaf. after 3 weeks of the oral administration, granuloma formation was induced by the formalin soaked filter paper-pellet method. a week later, the developing granuloma was dissected. granuloma formation was significantly increased due to ingesti ...200010706412
constituents and pharmacological effects of eucommia and siberian ginseng.the bark and leaves of eucommia ulmoides oliv (eucommiaceae) and "siberian ginseng" (ezoukogi in japanese) prepared from the root bark or stem bark of eleutherococcus senticosus maxim (acanthopanax senticosus harms) have been used as tonic and anti-stress drug. the extracts of eucommia showed anti-hypertensive, anti-complementary, anti-oxidative, and anti-gastric ulcer effects, and promoting collagen synthesis, accelating granuloma formation, and other pharmacological effects. the siberian ginse ...200111749801
two novel antifungal peptides distinct with a five-disulfide motif from the bark of eucommia ulmoides oliv.two antifungal peptides, named eafp1 and eafp2, have been purified from the bark of eucommia ulmoides oliv. each of the sequences consists of 41 residues with a n-terminal blockage by pyroglutamic acid determined by automated edman degradation in combination with the tandem mass spectroscopy and the c-terminal ladder sequencing analysis. the primary structurs all contain 10 cysteines, which are cross-linked to form five disulfide bridges with a pairing pattern (c1-c5, c2-c9, c3-c6, c4-c7, c8-c10 ...200212067732
a new monoterpene from the bark of eucommia ulmoides.a new monoterpene, eucommidiol (1), was isolated from the bark of eucommia ulmoides oliv. (eucommiaceae), together with a known compound 1,4a,5,7a-tetrahydro-7-hydroxymethyl-cyclopenta[c]pyran-4-carboxylic methyl ester. the structure of 1 was characterized as 6,6a-di(hydroxymethyl)-3,3a,4,6a-tetrahydro-2h-cyclopenta[b]furan-2-one on the basis of chemical and spectral evidence including 2dnmr studies.200212118509
inhibitory effect of eucommia ulmoides oliv. on oxidative dna damage in lymphocytes induced by h2o2.this study used the alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis assay (comet assay) to investigate the effect of water extracts of roasted cortex and leaves from du-zhong on dna damage in lymphocytes induced by h(2)o(2). the results showed that the dna damage in human lymphocytes increased with an increase in the concentration of h(2)o(2) (0-200 micro;m), but that the water extracts from du-zhong (0-2 g l(-1)) only slightly affected dna damage. the inhibitory effect of leaf extract on dna damage in ...200312616594
biotransformation of pinoresinol diglucoside to mammalian lignans by human intestinal microflora, and isolation of enterococcus faecalis strain pdg-1 responsible for the transformation of (+)-pinoresinol to (+) anaerobic incubation of pinoresinol diglucoside (1) from the bark of eucommia ulmoides with a fecal suspension of humans, eleven metabolites were formed, and their structures were identified as (+)-pinoresinol (2), (+)-lariciresinol (3), 3'-demethyl-(+)-lariciresinol (4), (-)-secoisolariciresinol (5), (-)-3-(3", 4"-dihydroxybenzyl)-2-(4'-hydroxy-3'-methoxybenzyl)butane-1, 4-diol (6), 2-(3', 4'-dihydroxybenzyl)-3-(3", 4"-dihydroxybenzyl)butane-1, 4-diol (7), 3-(3"-hydroxybenzyl)-2-(4'-hydroxy- ...200312736449
endothelium-dependent vascular relaxation induced by eucommia ulmoides oliv. bark extract is mediated by no and edhf in small vessels.the vasorelaxant effects of the aqueous extract prepared from the bark of the chinese medicinal herb, eucommia ulmoides oliv. (also referred to as tu-chung or du-zhong), which is a common active ingredient in traditional antihypertensive herbal prescriptions in china, have recently been characterized in rat aorta and dog carotid artery. the vasorelaxant effect of eucommia bark extract on these large elastic arteries was found to be entirely endothelium-dependent and nitric oxide (no)-mediated. s ...200414673511
du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliv.) cortex water extract alters heme biosynthesis and erythrocyte antioxidant defense system in lead-administered rats.this study examined the ameliorative effect of a du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliv.) cortex water extract (dzcw) on heme biosynthesis and erythrocyte antioxidant enzyme activities in lead (pb)-administered rats. male rats were divided into three groups: normal control group, pb control group (pb), and dzcw-administered pb group (pb + dzcw). the pb (25 mg/kg of body weight) was administered orally once a week for 4 weeks, while the dzcw was administered orally at a dosage of 0.139 g of dzcw/kg of ...200515857215
[effect of eucommia ulmoides oliv on sod activity and alpha-actin expression in the penile tissues of diabetic rats].to study the effect of aqueous abstract from eucommia ulmoides oliv on the activity of superoxide dismutase (sod) and alpha-actin expression in the penile tissues of rats with diabetes mellitus (dm) in vitro.200515921266
inhibitory effect of aucubin isolated from eucommia ulmoides against uvb-induced matrix metalloproteinase-1 production in human skin fibroblasts.of 30 herbal plants tested, the methanol extracts of eucommia ulmoides (52%), evodia officinalis (45%), and pleuropterus multiflorus (41%) each showed a potent inhibitory effect on the matrix metalloproteinase-1 (mmp-1) production in ultraviolet b (uvb)-irradiated human fibroblasts. aucubin was isolated as the mmp-1 inhibitor from e. ulmoides, and significantly suppressed the production of mmp-1 by nearly 57% compared to the control. it also reduced mmp-1 mrna expression. these results suggest t ...200516306708
hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic action of du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliver) leaves water extract in c57bl/ksj-db/db mice.the anti-diabetic efficacy of du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliver) leaves water extract (wdz) was investigated in type 2 diabetic animals. the wdz was given to c57bl/ksj-db/db mice as a dietary supplement based on 1% dried whole du-zhong leaves (0.187 g wdz/100 g standard diet) for 6 weeks. the wdz supplementation significantly lowered the blood glucose level and enhanced the glucose disposal in an intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test. the plasma insulin and c-peptide levels were significantly ...200616684593
[the effects of eucommia ulmoides oliv on catching action of diabetic rats and myelinated nerve fibers in penile tissues].to explore the pharmacodynamic and pathological mechanism of eucommia ulmoides oliv in improving erectile function.200616755883
novel phytoandrogens and lipidic augmenters from eucommia ulmoides.plants containing compounds such as the isoflavonoids, with female hormone-like effects that bind to human estrogen receptors, are known. but none has been previously shown to have corresponding male hormone-like effects that interact with the human androgen receptor. here, we report that the tree bark (cortex) of the gutta-percha tree eucommia ulmoides possesses bimodal phytoandrogenic and hormone potentiating effects by lipidic components.200717261169
isolation and characterization of an anti-complementary protein-bound polysaccharide from the stem barks of eucommia ulmoides.ewds-1, a homogeneous protein-bound polysaccharide, was isolated as an anti-complementary agent from the stem barks of eucommia ulmoides. ewds-1 was identified as a branched proteoglycan with average molecular weight about 2,000,000 da, composed of gal, glc and ara in the ratio of 2.1:1.0:0.9, along with trace of rha, xyl, man, as well as 3.95% of protein. the linkages of the residues of ewds-1 were deduced by methylation analysis and nmr technique. bioassay showed that ewds-1 inhibited compleme ...200818602068
[research on medical speciality of traditional chinese medicines using dot-immunoblotting method based on polyclonal antibody prepared from traditional chinese medicines with hot/cold nature].to research on the substantial foundation of the medical speciality of chinese traditional medicines from immunogenicity.200919459307
a protein-bound polysaccharide from the stem bark of eucommia ulmoides and its anti-complementary effect.bioactivity-guided fractionation of a hot-water extract from the stem bark of eucommia ulmoides led to the isolation of a homogeneous polysaccharide ewds-2, which was identified as a highly branched protein-bound polysaccharide with average molecular weight between 1000 and 2000kda, composed of glc, gal, ara, and rha in the ratio of 2.2:1.0:0.4:0.2, along with traces of man and 6.55% of protein. the main linkages of the residues of ewds-2 include terminal, 1,3-linked, 1,4-linked, 1,2,6-linked, 1 ...200919505678
studies on a chlorogenic acid-producing endophytic fungi isolated from eucommia ulmoides oliver.eucommia ulmoides oliver is a traditional medicinal plant of china, and it is one of the main sources of chlorogenic acid. chlorogenic acid is an ester of caffeic acid, quinic acid, and a phenolic compound that has antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and antitumor activities. the purpose of this study was to determine whether endophytic fungi isolated from eucommia ulmoides oliver had the same ability to produce chlorogenic acid. primary screening was done by antibacterial and antifungal rea ...201020127271
the effect of eucommia ulmoides leaf supplementation on the growth performance, blood and meat quality parameters in growing and finishing pigs.the aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of eucommia ulmoides leaf (eul) supplementation on the growth performance, blood and meat quality parameters in growing and finishing pigs. ninety gilts (l x lw x d, 20 kg initialbw) were housed 10 per pen in a front-open building with three replicate pens per treatment. experimental treatment was started from the beginning of the growing stage (20 +/- 3 kg) by supplementing eul at 0(c), 3(t1) and 5% (t2) to the growing and finishing die ...200920163466
antioxidant properties of du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliv.) extracts and their effects on color stability and lipid oxidation of raw pork patties.the ethanol extracts from leaf, roasted cortex, and seed of du-zhong ( eucommia ulmoides oliv.) were examined for total phenolics content (tpc) and total flavonoids content (tfc). the antioxidant activity of the extracts was evaluated by measuring the radical scavenging activity of 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (dpph), ferric reducing antioxidant power (frap), and lipid peroxidation inhibition capacity in a beta-carotene/linoleic acid system. du-zhong leaf extract was found to have the highest t ...201020499841
[hairy root culture optimization and aucubin medical composition production of eucommia ulmoides].to introduce the hairy root of eucommia ulmoides, and screen put the excellent roots.200919894530
[isolation and characterization of the anti-hiv active component from eucommia ulmoides].to investigate the anti-hiv effects of eucommia ulmoides oliver, so as to provide experimental basis for searching a new efficacious drug for treatment of aids.200818998566
endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor (edhf) mediates endothelium-dependent vasodilator effects of aqueous extracts from eucommia ulmoides oliv. leaves in rat mesenteric resistance arteries.the vascular effects of an aqueous extract prepared from the leaves of eucommia ulmoides oliv. (ele), a medicinal herb commonly used in antihypertensive herbal prescriptions in china, were investigated in rat mesenteric resistance arteries. the mesenteric vascular bed was perfused with krebs solution and the perfusion pressure was measured with a pressure transducer. in preparations with an intact endothelium and precontracted with 7 microm methoxamine, perfusion of ele (107102 mg/ml for 15 min) ...200818985092
effects of lignans extracted from eucommia ulmoides and aldose reductase inhibitor epalrestat on hypertensive vascular investigate the effects of lignans extracted from eucommia ulmoides and epalrestat on vascular remodeling in spontaneously hypertensive rats.201120817083
du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliv.) cortex extract prevent ovx-induced osteoporosis in rats.du-zhong, rich in polyphenolic compounds such as lignans, phenolic acid, and flavonoids, is a kidney-tonifying herbal medicine with a long history of safe use for treatment of bone fractures and joint diseases in china. in the present study, we examined whether du-zhong cortex extract (dzce) with graded doses exerted its preventive effects on estrogen deficiency-induced osteoporosis. eighty 3-month-old female sprague-dawley rats were used and randomly assigned into sham-operated group (sham) and ...200918835589
diversity and ecological distribution of endophytic fungi associated with medicinal plants.a total of 973 isolates of endophytic fungi were recovered from 1,144 tissue fragments of the six medicinal plant species belonging to 4 families collected in the beijing botanical garden. of these isolates 778 sporulated and were identified into 21 taxa by morphological characteristics. among the taxa 11 belonged to coelomycetes, 6 to ascomycetes, and 4 to hyphomycetes. various numbers of endophytic fungi (5-8 taxa) were obtained from each plant. alternaria alternata was the dominant species in ...200818677603
[soil microelements under different vegetation restoration patterns in yellow soil slope region of mid-subtropics].with the nüerzhai watershed in wuling mountain as a case, this paper studied the contents and availabilities of soil microelements and their relationships with soil organic matter and ph value in yellow soil slope region of mid-subtropics under seven typical vegetation restoration patterns, i. e., pinus massoniana natural forest (i), cunninghamia lanceolata plantation (ii), eucommia ulmoides plantation (iii), vernicia fordii plantation (iv), machilus pingii secondary forest (v), phyllostachys ed ...200818593030
anti-obesity compounds in green leaves of eucommia ulmoides.the anti-hypertensive effect of eucommia leaves has been confirmed clinically, and the study of their anti-obesity properties has advanced. however, the compounds involved in their anti-obesity effect have not been fully elucidated. in this letter, we examined the anti-obesity effect of eucommia green leaf extract (egle) divided into five fractions with high porous polystyrene gel and of the compounds isolated, geniposidic acid, asperuloside and chlorogenic acid, respectively. a metabolic syndro ...201121324693
[dynamics of soil water under eucommia ulmodes plantation in hilly red soil region of southern china].by using time domain reflectometry (tdr), a fixed-position monitoring research on the dynamics of soil water under eucommia ulmoides plantation was conducted in a hilly red soil region of southern china. the results showed that there was a significant difference in the soil water storage among different months, and the dynamics of soil water could be divided into the phases of reduction, increase, and more reduction. soil water varied significantly in its vertical distribution, and the variation ...200718062293
antioxidant protection of edible oils.the ability of different cooking oils to withstand oxidation was investigated in relation to their native antioxidant capacity [measured as the ferric reducing/antioxidant power (frap) value]. the antiperoxidation effect of the presence of the chinese herbs, du-zhong (cortex eucommia ulmoides) and ginseng (panax ginseng c.a. mayer) in corn oil was also investigated over 26 days' storage at 55 degrees c. results showed that sesame oil had the highest frap value (803 microm), followed by canola oi ...200717285359
eucommia ulmoides oliver leaf extract increases endogenous antioxidant activity in type 2 diabetic mice.eucommia ulmoides oliver (du-zhong) leaf extract was investigated for its antioxidant effects in type 2 diabetic animals, c57bl/ksj-db/db mice. du-zhong extract equivalent to 1% dried whole du-zhong leaf (0.187 g of extract/100 g of diet) was added to the experimental diets for 6 weeks. the du-zhong extract supplement significantly lowered blood glucose concentrations and elevated plasma paraoxonase activity compared with the control group. the activities of erythrocyte superoxide dismutase (sod ...200617201632
[genetic diversity of eucommia ulmoides by rapd analysis].to determine the genetic diversity of eucommia ulmoides.200617165579
molecular cloning of a hmg-coa reductase gene from eucommia ulmoides oliver.the 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coa reductase (hmgr) catalyzes the conversion of hmg-coa to mevalonate, which is the first committed step in the pathway for isoprenoid biosynthesis in plants. a full-length cdna encoding hmgr (designated as euhmgr, genbank accession no. ay796343) was isolated from eucommia ulmoides by rapid amplification of cdna ends (race). the full-length cdna of euhmgr comprises 2281 bp with a 1770-bp open reading frame (orf) encoding a 590-amino-acid polypeptide with two trans ...200616773464
du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliv.) leaves inhibits ccl4-induced hepatic damage in rats.the protective effects of water extract of du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliv.) leaves (wedz) and its active compound (protocatechuic acid; pca) on liver damage were evaluated by carbon tetrachloride (ccl4)-induced chronic hepatotoxicity in rats. wistar rats were orally treated with wedz (0.1, 0.5, and 1.0 g/kg bw) or pca (0.1 g/kg bw) with administration of ccl4 (0.5 ml/rat, 20% ccl4 in olive oil) for 28 consecutive days. it showed that ccl4-treated rats increased the relative organ weights of li ...200616707202
fabrication and evaluation of a new composite composed of tricalcium phosphate, gelatin, and chinese medicine as a bone substitute.this study investigates the biological effects of traditional chinese medicines on the activities of bone cells using rat bone cells. then, a mixture of a ggt composite, that is, a novel biodegradable composite containing genipin crosslinked gelatin and tricalcium phosphate, and traditional chinese medicine (tcm) was prepared as a ggt-tcm composite. a cultured neonatal rat calvarias organ was used to measure the potential of ggt-tcm composite for use in promoting the regeneration of defective bo ...200516025468
protective effects of aucubin isolated from eucommia ulmoides against uvb-induced oxidative stress in human skin fibroblasts.ultraviolet-b (uvb) irradiation has been demonstrated to produce reactive oxygen species (ros) in the cells and skin, which induces the synthesis of matrix metalloproteinases (mmps), causing skin photoaging. using the human skin fibroblast hs68 cell line in the present study, we investigated the photoprotective effects of aucubin from eucommia ulmoides. pretreatment with aucubin significantly inhibited the production of mmp-1 by 57% when compared to the uvb-irradiated cells. additionally, the se ...200515997107
effect of eucommia ulmoides on systolic blood pressure in the spontaneous hypertensive rat.experiments were conducted to establish the safety and efficacy of eucommia ulmoides (du-zhong) extract in the treatment of hypertension. pilot experiments using rats demonstrated that e. ulmoides extract was safe to the saturation limits of the compound. the maximum tolerated dose (mtd) was 1200 mg/kg when administered by gastric gavage at a concentration of 1200 mg/ml. also, rats given 200 mg/kg, 600 mg/kg or 1200 mg/kg doses of e. ulmoides extract daily for 28 days demonstrated no evidence of ...200515974481
anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activities of ethanol extracts of selected traditional chinese medicinal evaluate in vitro antimicrobial activities of selected 58 ethno-medicinal plant extracts with a view to assess their therapeutic potential.201323827142
hypoglycemic effect of du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliv.) leaves in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.the current study investigated whether du-zhong (eucommia ulmoides oliv.) leaves could improve the hyperglycemia in streptozotocin (stz)-induced diabetic rats. male sprague-dawley rats were divided into a non-diabetic group (ndm), diabetic group (dm), diabetic group supplemented with powdered du-zhong leaves (dm-pdz) and diabetic group supplemented with a water extract of the powdered du-zhong leaves (dm-wdz). diabetes was induced by injecting stz (70 mg/kg b.w., i.p.). the powdered du-zhong lea ...200515620430
suppression of splenic lymphocyte proliferation by eucommia ulmoides and genipin.we investigated the modulation of innate and adaptive immune cell activation by eucommia ulmoides oliver extract (eue) and its ingredient genipin. as an innate immunity indicator, the phagocytic activity of macrophages was determined by measuring engulfed, fluorescently labeled escherichia coli. as a surrogate marker for the respective activation of cellular and humoral adaptive immunity, concanavalin a (con a) and lipopolysaccharide (lps) induction of primary splenocyte proliferation was assaye ...201525879499
overexpression of an isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase gene to enhance trans-polyisoprene production in eucommia ulmoides oliver.natural rubber produced by plants, known as polyisoprene, is the most widely used isoprenoid polymer. plant polyisoprenes can be classified into two types; cis-polyisoprene and trans-polyisoprene, depending on the type of polymerization of the isoprene unit. more than 2000 species of higher plants produce latex consisting of cis-polyisoprene. hevea brasiliensis (rubber tree) produces cis-polyisoprene, and is the key source of commercial rubber. in contrast, relatively few plant species produce t ...201223110380
[enzymatic extraction and antibacterial activity of aucubin from eucommia ulmoides leaves].to investigate the technology of aucubin in eucommia ulmoides leaves extracted by enzymatic method and its antibacterial activity.201222822679
endothelium-dependent vasorelaxant effects of the aqueous extracts of the eucommia ulmoides oliv. leaf and bark: implications on their antihypertensive action.the vascular effects of three extract preparations from the chinese medicinal herb, eucommia ulmoides oliv., which is historically an active ingredient commonly used in antihypertensive herbal prescriptions in china, were investigated with isometric contraction using isolated rat aortic and dog carotid rings. both aqueous extracts isolated from eucommia leaf (l) and bark (b) concentration dependently caused endothelium-dependent relaxation in vessels precontracted with 1 microm phenylephrine (pe ...200315259789
flavonol glycosides from the leaves of eucommia ulmoides o. with glycation inhibitory activity.eucommia ulmoides leaves have been used as a folk remedy for the treatment of diabetes in korea. the aim of this study was to isolate and identify the compounds which inhibited advanced glycation end-product formation, one of main molecular mechanisms implicated in diabetic complications. a new flavonol glycoside, quercetin 3-o-alpha-l-arabinopyranosyl-(1-->2)-beta-d-glucopyranoside (1), and known flavonols kaempferol 3-o-beta-d-glucopyranoside (astragalin) (2), quercetin 3-o-beta-d-glucopyranos ...200415234757
antiosteoporotic activity of the water extract of dioscorea spongiosa.after 60 meoh and water extracts of natural crude drugs were screened for their ability to stimulate osteoblast proliferation, four meoh extracts (cynomorium songaricum, drynaria fortunei, lycium chinense, rehmannia glutinosa) and seven water extracts (cornus officinalis, dendrobium nobile, dioscorea spongiosa, drynaria fortunei, eucommia ulmoides, lycium chinensis, viscum coloratum) showed that potent activities were evaluated for inhibition of osteoclast formation. the results indicated that t ...200415056872
effects of eucommiae cortex on osteoblast-like cell proliferation and osteoclast inhibition.methanol extract (meoh), n-hexane (hx), chloroform (chcl3), ethyl acetate (ea), butanol (buoh) and aqueous (h2o) fractions of eucommiae cortex including geniposidic acid (ga), geniposide (gp) and aucubin (au) were tested for their therapeutic efficacy on osteoporosis. the contents of ga, gp and au in the cortex and leaf of eucommia ulmoides oliver were quantified by hplc. the effect of eucommiae cortex on the induction of growth hormone (gh) release was studied by using rat pituitary cells. the ...200314661859
tochu (eucommia ulmoides) leaf extract prevents ammonia and vitamin c deficiency induced gastric mucosal injury.the ingestion of dietary antioxidants, including vitamin c (vc), is suggested to play an important role in the prevention of gastric cancer associated with helicobacter pylori (hp) infection. recently, water extracts of tochu (du-zhong, eucommia ulmoidea oliver) leaves (wetl) have been reported to have potent antioxidant and antimutagenic effects. the present study investigated the effect(s) of vc and wetl on gastric mucosal injury induced by ammonia and a vc deficient diet. guinea pigs fed the ...200314561529
effects of eucommia leaf extracts on autonomic nerves, body temperature, lipolysis, food intake, and body weight.eucommia ulmoides oliver leaf extracts (ele) have been shown to exert a hypolipidemic effect in hamsters. therefore, it was hypothesized that ele might affect lipid metabolism via changes in autonomic nerve activities and causes changes in thermogenesis and body weight. we examined this hypothesis, and found that intraduodenal (id) injection of ele elevated epididymal white adipose tissue sympathetic nerve activity (wat-sna) and interscapular brown adipose tissue sympathetic nerve activity (bat- ...201020580657
protective effect of a poly-phytocompound on early stage nephropathy secondary to experimentally-induced diabetes.diabetic nephropathy (dn) is a severe and life-threatening complication of long-standing diabetes. as one of the main causes of end-stage renal disease, the prevention and treatment of dn in early stage, and the slowing down of dn progression are of utmost importance and are topics of several ongoing research studies. nutraceuticals endowed with antioxidant-anti-inflammatory properties may offer an opportunity of integrative treatment for this condition. male wistar rats were randomly assigned t ...201020385070
antihypertensive effect of eucommia ulmoides oliv. extracts in spontaneously hypertensive investigate the antihypertensive fractions of eucommia ulmoides oliv. and their underlying mechanisms in spontaneously hypertensive rats (shrs).201020347950
ameliorative effect of eucommia ulmoides oliv. leaves extract (ele) on insulin resistance and abnormal perivascular innervation in fructose-drinking rats.eucommia ulmoides oliv. leaf is a traditional chinese medicine that exhibits an anti-diabetic action. this study was designed to investigate whether long-term administration of eucommia ulmoides oliv. leaves extract (ele) ameliorates pre-diabetic state of insulin resistance and abnormal perivascular innervation in the hyperinsulinemic state.201020219664
chronic administration of eucommia leaf stimulates metabolic function of rats across several organs.eucommia bark (eucommia ulmoides oliver) has been used as an herbal medicine, and more recently, the plant's leaves have been widely used to prepare tea which may have anti-obesity properties. we used a metabolic syndrome-like rat model, produced by feeding a 35% high-fat diet (hfd), to examine potential anti-obesity and anti-metabolic syndrome effects and mechanisms of chronic administration of eucommia leaf as an extract or green leaf powder. eighty rats were studied for 3 months in ten groups ...201020691136
beneficial effect of eucommia polysaccharides on systemic lupus erythematosus-like syndrome induced by campylobacter jejuni in balb/c mice.the stem bark of eucommia ulmoides oliv. is commonly used for the treatment of hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago, and ischialgia in traditional chinese medicine. this study was to determine whether the crude polysaccharides (eups) isolated from the stem bark of e. ulmoides had beneficial effects on lupus-like syndrome in mice. balb/c mice were immunized with cj-s(131) in freund's complete adjuvant on day 0, and then boosted on day 14. eups 15 or 30 mg kg(-1).day(-1), or prednisone 5 mg ...201020814813
neuroprotective effects of eucommia ulmoides oliv. bark on amyloid beta(25-35)-induced learning and memory impairments in the present study, we examined whether aqueous extract of eucommia ulmoides oliv. bark (eue) with graded doses exerted its neuroprotective effects on amyloid beta(25-35) (aβ(25-35))-induced learning and memory impairments in mice. mice received a single intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) injection of aβ(25-35) 6 nmol as the critical factor in alzheimer's disease (ad), cognition was evaluated using y-maze, passive avoidance, and morris water maze tests. eue significantly improved the aβ(25-35)-i ...201020974223
eucommia ulmoides oliv. antagonizes h2o2-induced rat osteoblastic mc3t3-e1 apoptosis by inhibiting expressions of caspases 3, 6, 7, and 9.eucommia ulmoides oliv. (euo), also known as duzhong, native to china, has been reported to have antioxidative function, but its cellular mechanism is not fully examined yet. we investigated inhibitory effects of euo leaf ethanol extracts on h(2)o(2)-induced apoptosis in rat osteoblastic mc3t3-e1 cells and underlying mechanisms. locally-grown duzhong leaves were extracted with ethanol. mc3t3-e1 cells were treated with euo (6.25, 12.5, 25, 50, and 100 µg/ml) for 24 h, and then h(2)o(2) (800 µmol/ ...201121194186
response of runoff and soil loss to reforestation and rainfall type in red soil region of southern evaluate the long-term effects of reforestation types on soil erosion on degraded land, vegetation and soil properties under conventional sloping farmland (csf) and three different reforestation types including a pinus massoniana secondary forest (psf), an eucommia ulmoides artificial economic forest (eef) and a natural succession type forest (nst), were investigated at runoff plot scale over a six-year period in a red soil region of southern china. one hundred and thirty erosive rainfall eve ...201021235165
protective effect of gcsb-5, an herbal preparation, against peripheral nerve injury in rats.gcsb-5 (traditional name: chungpa-juhn), an herbal medicine composed of 6 crude herbs (saposhnikovia divaricata schiskin, achyranthis bidentata blume, acanthopanax sessiliflorum seem, cibotium baromets j. smith, glycine max meriill, and eucommia ulmoides oliver), has been widely used in asia for treatment of neuropathic and inflammatory diseases. this study investigated the protective effect of gcsb-5 against peripheral nerve injury in vitro and in vivo.201121569830
effect of total glycosides from eucommia ulmoides seed on bone microarchitecture in rats.du-zhong is one of the most important tonic herbs in traditional chinese medicine for the treatment of bone fractures and other bone diseases. the present study examined whether du-zhong seed extract named total glycosides from eucommia ulmoides seed (tgeus) could display an increased effect on bone density and bone strength of the femur in rats. sprague-dawley rats were used and randomly assigned to the normal group and the tgeus group (400ôçëmg/kg body weight/day). daily oral administration of ...201121674630
facilitative effects of eucommia ulmoides on fatty acid oxidation in hypertriglyceridaemic rats.background: tea made from eucommia ulmoides leaves is widely consumed as a health food, since recent studies have revealed various pharmacological effects of the tea, e.g. a hypotriglyceridaemic effect. this study was conducted to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the plasma triglyceride-lowering effect of e. ulmoides leaves. results: rats were divided into four groups: a normal group, a group fed a high-fat/high-fructose diet (untreated group) and two groups fed a high-fat/high-fructose diet ...201121815167
effervescent granules prepared using eucommia ulmoides oliv. and moso bamboo leaves: hypoglycemic activity in hepg2 cells.eucommia ulmoides oliv. (e. ulmoides oliv.) and moso bamboo (phyllostachys pubescens) leaves are used as folk medicines in central-western china to treat diabetes. to investigate the hypoglycemic activity of the effervescent granules prepared using e. ulmoides oliv. and moso bamboo leaves (ebeg) in hepg2 cells, ebeg were prepared with 5% of each of polysaccharides and chlorogenic acids from moso bamboo and e. ulmoides oliv. leaves, respectively. hepg2 cells cultured in a high-glucose medium were ...201627656239
evaluation of antidiabetic potential of selected traditional chinese medicines in stz-induced diabetic mice.aims: traditional chinese medicine (tcm) has been used for treating complex chronic diseases owing to their fewer side-effects, better patient tolerance and relatively less cost. the present work was carried out to study the anti-diabetic efficacy and mechanisms of 34 tcms. materials and methods: streptozotocin (stz)-diabetic mice were orally administrated with corresponding herbal solution once a day for 4 weeks. at the end of experiment, the level of plasma glucose, malondialdehyde (mda), the ...201121798327
simultaneous determination of catalpol, aucubin, and geniposidic acid in different developmental stages of rehmannia glutinosa leaves by high performance liquid chromatography.although r. glutinosa roots are currently the only organ source in clinics, its leaves are a potential supplement for the roots especially in extraction of some important bioactive compounds. our early work found that the contents of catalpol and total iridoid glycosides varied among different developmental stages of r. glutinosa leaves. aucubin and geniposidic acid, the abundant major bioactive compounds in eucommia ulmoides and gardenia jasminoides, respectively, were found present in r. gluti ...201627429834
chinese herbal medicines promote hippocampal neuroproliferation, reduce stress hormone levels, inhibit apoptosis, and improve behavior in chronically stressed efficacious antidepressant without unwanted side effects is need urgently at present. this study aimed to investigate whether treatment with four chinese herbal medicines (chms), namely radix astragali, saposhnikovia divaricate (sd), eucommia ulmoides oliv. bark (eu), and corydalis yanhusuo w. t. wang (c. yanhusuo), could reverse the effects of chronic mild stress (cms) in a depression-like mouse model and the potential mechanism(s) of their action.201627416803
eucommia ulmoides bark protects against renal injury in cadmium-challenged rats.abstract eucommia ulmoides oliver is a perennial woody plant distributed widely in china. to characterize some major compounds in e. ulmoides bark extract, six compounds were identified via high-performance liquid chromatography qualitative analysis. e. ulmoides bark extract protects against cadmium-induced oxidative damage in rat kidneys. two compounds of e. ulmoides bark extract, geniposide and genipin, which were identified both in serum and in kidney tissue, showed inhibitory effects on ni ...201122181069
validation of a hplc-tandem ms/ms method for pharmacokinetics study of (+)-pinoresinol-di-β-d-glucopyranoside from eucommia ulmoides oliv extract in rats' plasma.natural plant compounds have an unexceptional influence in pharmacy as they provide an uncountable number of invaluable lead molecules. phytochemical researches nowadays focus on bio-assay guided revealing of the therapeutic profile and synergism of medicinal herbs and their constituents. assessing the clinical and biological potential and determining the pharmacokinetics of herbal constituents is also an area of much interest. this work was conducted in order to carry out a sensitive liquid chr ...201122134102
A rapid and sensitive determination of aucubin in rat plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and its pharmacokinetic application.A sensitive, accurate, rapid and robust LC-MS-MS method for the quantification of aucubin, a major bioactive constituent of Aucuba japonica, Eucommia ulmoides and Plantago asiatica, was established and validated in rat plasma. Plasma samples were simply precipitated by adding methanol and the supernatant was chromatographed by a Diamonsil® C(18) (2) column with the mobile phase comprising a mixture of 10?mm ammonium acetate in methanol and that in water with the ratio of 50:50 (v/v). Quantificat ...201122113886
a clinical trial testing the safety and efficacy of a standardized eucommia ulmoides oliver bark extract to treat hypertension.a tea made from eucommia ulmoides leaves and bark is part of the japanese diet. eucommia is an herbal medicine that, by increasing nitric oxide, reduced blood pressure (bp) in rats and humans in an uncontrolled clinical trial.201122214253
[cloning and distribution pattern of hmgr gene conserved fragment in alisma orientale].to clone and study the distribution pattern of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase (hmgr) gene conserved fragment in alisma orientale.201122259996
eucommia ulmoides oliv.: ethnopharmacology, phytochemistry and pharmacology of an important traditional chinese medicine.eucommia ulmoides oliv. (family eucommiaceae), also known as dù-zhòng (chinese: ), tuchong (in japanese), is the sole species of the genus eucommia. the leaf, stem, and bark as well as staminate flower of eucommia ulmoides have been traditionally used to cure many diseases in china, japan, korea, among others. the aim of this review is to comprehensively outline the botanical description, ethnopharmacology, phytochemistry, biological activities, and toxicology of eucommia ulmoides and to discuss ...201424296089
antidepressant potential of chlorogenic acid-enriched extract from eucommia ulmoides oliver bark with neuron protection and promotion of serotonin release through enhancing synapsin i expression.eucommia ulmoides oliver (e. ulmoides) is a traditional chinese medicine with many beneficial effects, used as a tonic medicine in china and other countries. chlorogenic acid (cga) is an important compound in e. ulmoides with neuroprotective, cognition improvement and other pharmacological effects. however, it is unknown whether chlorogenic acid-enriched eucommia ulmoides oliver bark has antidepressant potential through neuron protection, serotonin release promotion and penetration of blood-cere ...201626927040
screening and identification of a cutinase-producing rhodotorula mucilaginosa and properties of the cutinase.eucommia leaf contains large amounts of natural active products. in extracting the substances, the most important is the removal of the cuticle layer on the leaves and the cell wall in the leaves of eucommia ulmoides. but the removal of the cuticle layer is a technical difficulty now. cutinase (ec3.1.1.74) is a multifunctional enzyme with a common alpha/beta fold structure belonging to hydroplane that can make a substantial degradation of horny fatty acids. so this study isolated bacteria capabl ...201525377248
the effects of autohydrolysis pretreatment on the structural characteristics, adsorptive and catalytic properties of the activated carbon prepared from eucommia ulmoides oliver based on a biorefinery process.eucommia ulmoides oliver (eu) wood was consecutively treated by autohydrolysis pretreatment and chemical carbonization post-treatment based on a biorefinery process. results showed that the optimal condition of the autohydrolysis pretreatment and carbonization process yielded 10.37kg xylooligosaccharides (xos), 1.39kg degraded hemicellulosic products, 17.29kg other degraded products from hemicelluloses and 40.72kg activated carbon (sbet of 1534.06m(2)/g) from the 100kg raw materials. simultaneou ...201728222385
[chemical constituents of eucommia ulmoides in guizhou province].to study the chemical constituents of eucommia ulmoides in guizhou province.201526767291
aucubin and its hydrolytic derivative attenuate activation of hepatic stellate cells via modulation of tgf-β stimulation.eucommia ulmoides is an important traditional chinese medicine and has been used as a tonic with a long history. aucubin is an active component extracted from eucommia ulmoides, which has liver-protection effects. however the mechanisms are still unclear. to investigate the inhibitory effects and the underlying mechanisms of aucubin on tgf-β1-induced activation of hepatic stellate cells and ecm deposition, human hepatic stellate cells (lx-2 cells) were incubated with tgf-β1 to evaluate the anti- ...201728199906
effects of simultaneous supplementation of laying hen with α-linolenic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid/ docosahexaenoic acid resources on egg quality and n-3 fatty acid profile.the aim of this study was to investigate the effects of simultaneous supplementation of laying hen with a-linolenic acid (ala) resources (flax, perilla and eucommia ulmoides seeds) and eicosapentaenoic acid/docosahexaenoic acid (epa/dha) resources (schizochytrium sp.) on egg quality and n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (pufa) profile.201628111448
eucommicin a, a β-truxinate lignan from eucommia ulmoides, is a selective inhibitor of cancer stem cells.cancer stem cells (cscs) constitute a small population of undifferentiated cells within a tumor that have the ability to self-renew and drive tumor formation, thus behaving as cancer-initiating cancer cells. therapeutic interventions that eliminate cscs are necessary to completely cure patients, since cscs are a crucial source of tumor recurrence and metastasis. an induced csc-like (icscl) model was recently established using induced pluripotent stem cells (ipscs). in this study, a natural produ ...201626678322
preventive effect of eucommia leaf extract on aortic media hypertrophy in wistar-kyoto rats fed a high-fat diet.eucommia ulmoides oliver leaf extract (ele) has been shown to have anti-hypertensive and anti-obesity effects in rats that are fed a high-fat diet (hfd). to explore the effects of chronic administration of ele on body weight, blood pressure and aortic media thickness, 7-week-old male wistar-kyoto (wky) rats were orally administered a normal diet, a 30% hfd, or a 5% ele plus hfd ad libitum for 10 weeks. the hfd treatment caused mild obesity and hypertension in the normotensive rats, while rats re ...201728100919
evaluation of the sedative and hypnotic effects of astragalin isolated from eucommia ulmoides leaves in mice.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of astragalin on the central nervous system. astragalin is a monomeric compound found in the leaves of eucommia ulmoides using a system solvent method. in the experiments, astragalin showed significant effects on mice, including reduced spontaneous activity, increased sleep ratio, shortened sleep latency and lengthened sleep time with a subthreshold or superthreshold dose of pentobarbital sodium. in addition, astragalin effectively reduced th ...201628013568
paenibacillus eucommiae sp. nov., isolated from a traditional chinese medicinal herbal plant eucommia ulmoides oliver.the taxonomic status of a bacterium designated strain cpcc 100226t isolated from a traditional chinese medicinal herbal plant, e. ulmoides oliver, was characterized by using a polyphasic approach. the aerobic isolate formed pale white colonies on tryptic soy agar (tsa). cells were gram-staining-positive, rod-shaped, motile and endospore-forming. chemotaxonomic investigations revealed the presence of meso-diaminopimelic acid (meso-dap) as the diagnostic diamino acid, mk-7 as the predominant menaq ...201627959785
megastigmane glycosides from leaves of eucommia ulmoides oliver with ace inhibitory activity.four new megastigmane glycosides, eucomegastigsides a-d (2, 3, 5 and 7), together with three known megastigmane glycosides, (6r, 7e, 9r)-9-hydroxy-4, 7-megastigmadien-3-one-9-o-[α-l-arabinopyranosyl-(l→6)-β-d-glucopyranoside (1), foliasalacioside b1 (4) and eleganoside a (6), were isolated from the leaves of eucommia ulmoides oliver. their anti-hypertensive effect was investigated in vitro based on the inhibition of angiotensin converting enzyme (ace) using hplc. the results showed that the isol ...201727923676
genome-wide identification of micrornas and their targets in the leaves and fruits of eucommia ulmoides using high-throughput sequencing.micrornas (mirnas), a group of endogenous small non-coding rnas, play important roles in plant growth, development, and stress response processes. eucommia ulmoides oliver (hardy rubber tree) is one of the few woody plants capable of producing trans-1, 4-polyisoprene (tpi), also known as eu-rubber, which has been utilized as an industrial raw material and is extensively cultivated in china. however, the mechanism of tpi biosynthesis has not been identified in e. ulmoides. to characterize small r ...201627877179
lignans extracted from eucommia ulmoides oliv. protects against ages-induced retinal endothelial cell injury.advanced glycation end products (ages) could elicit oxidative stress, trigger and aggravate endothelium damage in several ischemic retinopathies including diabetic retinopathy (dr). the leaves of eucommia ulmoides o., also referred to as tu-chung or du-zhong, have been used for the treatment of hypertension and diabetes, showing great antioxidant activity and anti-glycation activity. lignans is one of the main bioactive components of eucommia ulmoides. this study mainly investigated the effect o ...201627825165
extract from eucommia ulmoides oliv. ameliorates arthritis via regulation of inflammation, synoviocyte proliferation and osteoclastogenesis in vitro and in vivo.eucommia ulmoides oliv., a valuable chinese herb, has shown a variety of health benefits. despite the widespread clinical use of this herb to treat rheumatoid arthritis (ra) in traditional chinese medicine (tcm), very few studies have described its anti-pathological effects or mechanism in ra. the present study investigated the mechanism of eucommia ulmoides oliv. in an experimental collagen-induced arthritis (cia) rat model.201627743778
mechanism and anticancer activity of the metabolites of the endophytic fungi eucommia ulmoides oliv.pinoresinol (pin) and pinoresinol monoglucoside (pmg) are plant-derived lignan molecules with multiple functions. we showed previously that the endophytic fungus eucommiaulmoides oliverendophytic phomopsis sp. xp-8 is able to produce pin and pmg. cultured xp-8 showed inhibition on hepg-2 and k562 cells and the major effective compounds were identified. the fungal culture significantly inhibited the activities of hepg-2 and k562 cells by decreasing their viability and inducing apoptosis via up-re ...201627671307
de novo sequencing of eucommia ulmoides flower bud transcriptomes for identification of genes related to floral development.eucommia ulmoides oliver is a woody perennial dioecious species native to china and has great economic value. however, little is known about flower bud development in this species. in this study, the transcriptomes of female and male flower buds were sequenced using the illumina platform, a next-generation sequencing technology that provides cost-effective, highly efficient transcriptome profiling. in total, 11,558,188,080 clean reads were assembled into 75,065 unigenes with an average length of ...201627486566
isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers for eucommia ulmoides (eucommiaceae), an endangered tree, using next-generation sequencing.eucommia ulmoides oliver, a single extant species of eucommiaceae, is an endemic dioecious tree in china. the natural resources of e. ulmoides have rapidly declined in recent years because of the over-collection of its cortex. to design a suitable protection strategy, it is necessary to develop a set of molecular markers to investigate genetic diversity and population structure of e. ulmoides. pyrosequencing of an enriched microsatellite library by roche 454 flx+ platform was used to isolate sim ...201627173246
eucommia ulmoides extracts prevent the formation of advanced glycation end products.proteins non-enzymatically react with reducing sugars to form advanced glycation end-products (ages), resulting in the induction of protein denaturation. because the levels of age increase with age and are elevated in age-related diseases, such as diabetes and atherosclerosis, the intake of compound(s) that inhibit the formation of ages by daily meal may represent a potential strategy for preventing age-related diseases. in this study, we measured the inhibitory effects of several eucommia ulmoi ...201627080730
characterization of glycolytic pathway genes using rna-seq in developing kernels of eucommia ulmoides.eucommia ulmoides oliver, the only member of the eucommiaceae family, is a rare and valuable tree used to produce a highly valued traditional chinese medicine and contains α-linolenic acid (ala) up to 60% of the total fatty acids in the kernels (embryos). glycolysis provides both cellular energy and the intermediates for other biosynthetic processes. however, nothing was known about the molecular basis of the glycolytic pathway in e. ulmoides kernels. the purposes of this study were to identify ...201627074598
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