[distribution of bleomycin in sesame oil suspension in organs of rat with mammary carcinoma induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz (a) anthracene and its effect on the tumors (author's transl)].distribution of the bleomycin a2 suspended in sesame oil (oil bleo suspension) in rat organs and tumors after the intramuscular administration was investigated by bioassay, the effect of intratumor administration of the suspension on the growth of rat mammary carcinoma induced by 7, 12-dimethylbenz (a) anthracene was also studied. the oil suspension showed a protracted concentration in either tumor or organ tissues, but showed similar inhibitory effects on rat mammary carcinoma to those by regul ...197553298
increased level of l-ascorbic acid in the plasma of poly-chlorobiphenyls-treated rats and its inhibition by dietary vitamin male rats were fed a basal vitamin e deficient diet with or without 100 ppm vitamin e supplementation for 11 weeks and were injected intraperitoneally with either 500mg/kg body weight of polychlorobiphenyls (pcb) in sesame oil or equivalent amount of sesame oil. five days after pcb treatment, the level of total l-ascorbic acid in the plasma of vitamin e deficient rats increased 69% (p less than 0.001) as compared with 26% (p less than 0.01) of the supplemented group. the dehydro fo ...1979118502
[effects of ethinyl estradiol compared with norethisterone (pure or contaminated) on vaginal keratinization of castrated rats].norethisterone samples are often contaminated by estrogen traces which can be measured by mass spectrometry and which invest the progestative with estrogenic properties in the allen and doisy test. therefore, one had better, in pharmacodynamic experimenting, use samples that have been purified by chromatography or that are pure out of synthesis. however, one will not forget these are not without some estrogenicity, a fact which seems linked to the very nature of the norethisterone molecule.1975126774
influence of fasting on the absorption and effects of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol after oral administration in sesame oil.tissue levels of 3h were higher 2 hr after oral administration of 3h-delta9-thc (10 mg/kg in sesame oil) to male fischer rats in the morning compared with treatment in the afternoon. a corresponding reduction in potency was seen for the impairing effect of delta9-thc on performance of a conditioned avoidance response (car). the hypothesis that these effects were related to the interval between feeding (which normally occurs during the night in the nocturnal rat) and drug administration was suppo ...1977558623
studies on the adjuvant effect of water-in-oil-in-water (w/o/w) emulsion of sesame oil. 1. enhanced and persistent antibody formation by antigen incorporated into the water-in-oil-in-water emulsion.water-in-oil-in-water (w/o/w) emulsion developed in our laboratory is as effective as water-in-oil (w/o) emulsion of freund's incomplete adjuvant (fia) in the stimulation of antibody formation. the emulsion is prepared by redispersion of water-in-sesame oil emulsion of an antigen solution in phosphate buffered saline with emulsifier, tween 80. the emulsion can be stored at 4 degrees c for at least 3 months without any evidence of change in the adjuvanticity and in the w/o/w state. even a single ...1978713123
oxytocin-stimulated production of prostaglandin f2alpha by isolated endometrium of rabbit: modulation by ovarian test the hypothesis that ovarian steroid hormones modulate oxytocin-induced release of prostaglandin f2alpha (pgf2alpha) from uterine endometrium, 2 ovariectomized rabbits were pretreated with progesterone (5 mg/day for 10 days), 2 with estradiol-17 beta (25 microgram/day for 10 days), 2 with both steroids, and one with sesame oil only. on the last day of treatment, endometrial fragments were excised and incubated in vitro with or without oxytocin (100 muu/ml). although endometrium from rabbi ...1978625567
evaluation of prenatal androgen and ovarian secretions on receptivity in female and male rats.offspring of rats infected daily from day 16 through day 20 of gestation with either 2 mg of testosterone propionate (tp) in .1 ml of sesame oil or oil alone were tested for sexual receptivity following injections of 3.3 microgram of estradiol benzoate (eb) and .5 mg of progesterone (p) beginning at 40, 80, or 120 days of age. at each age, neonatally gonadectomized males and females from tp-injected litters exhibited less receptivity than corresponding oil-injected controls. prenatally androgeni ...1978566771
sustained release of bcnu for the treatment of intraocular malignancies in animal models.sustained release of 1,3-bis(2)chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (bcnu) via an episcleral implanted silicone device was used to treat brown-pearce epithelioma in the anterior chamber of rabbit eyes. one group of test eyes received bcnu dissolved in sesame oil; a second group received bcnu in pure ethanol. control eyes received only the diluent, sesame oil or pure ethanol. the effectiveness of the various dosages and diluents was compared by clinical observation, by weight of the enucleated eyes, and by ...1979478776
the androgenic effect on the fine structure on the harderian gland in the male hamster.a sexual dimorphism of the hamster harderian gland at the ultrastructural level has been reported. the effect of testosterone on the fine structure of the gland from castrated male golden hamsters is reported here. harderian glands from the following three groups of animals were examined at regular intervals up to 60 days after castration: (1) castrated; (2) castrated-sham-injected, receiving 0.1 ml sesame oil per day; (3) castrated-testosterone-injected, receiving 2 mg testosterone propionate i ...1979476787
modifications induced by neonatal steroids in reproductive organs and behavior of male rats.male rats injected on day 3 neonatally with .01, .1, 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 micrograms of estradiol benzoate (eb), 10,000 microgram of testosterone propionate (tp), or sesame oil were subsequently examined for testicular, penile, and accessory organ development. sexual behavior was evaluated during therapy with fluoxymesterone (fm) and then with tp. estradiol benzoate in dosages greater than 1.0 micrograms delayed testicular descent, reduced the size and hormone responsiveness of reproductive orga ...1979457952
administration of gonadal steroids to the castrated male rat prevents a decrease in the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone from the incubated hypothalamus.the influence of testosterone on gonadotropin-releasing hormone (gnrh) secretion was assessed indirectly by altering the serum testosterone concentration of male rats and measuring gnrh release from their incubated hypothalami 1 wk later.gnrh release from hypothalami of castrated rats was 13.4+/-1.2 (se) pg/h, compared to 35.3+/-3.8 pg/h from hypothalami of intact rats (p < 0.001). gnrh release from the hypothalami of castrated rats treated with testosterone propionate, 100 or 500 mug daily, was ...1979372239
anti-androgen tsaa-291. ii. manifestation of the anti-androgenic action of a steroid ester tsaa-330 (16 beta-ethyl-17 beta-hydroxy-4-oestren-3-one caproate) and elucidation of its long-lasting mechanism using a simple steroid determination technique.using a simple steroid determination technique, in situ steroid absorption from a subcutaneously injected sesame oil solution in rats was pursued following the time-course changes in the steroid concentration. based on the knowledge thus obtained, the anti-androgenic effect of a steroidal compound, tsaa-330, could be manifested in the subcutaneous route. (1) anti-androgenic steroid tsaa-291 and its esters in the subcutaneously injected sesame oil solution were selectively absorbed into the gener ...1979294105
effect of progesterone on the initiation of respiration of the newborn.on the 30th day of pregnancy, the experimental fetuses in 19 rabbits were injected intraperitoneally with 0.1-1.0 mg progesterone (p). the control fetuses in the contralateral uterine horn were treated with the solvent, sesame oil. both the experimental and control fetuses were delivered 10 min after treatment by hysterotomy to measure the p concentration of their lung tissue and observe their respiration during the initial 2 h of postnatal life. in comparison with the controls, the experimental ...1977245313
the interaction of cadmium-binding proteins (cd-bp) and progesterone in cadmium-induced tissue and embryo toxicity.previous work indicates that a dimer of cd-thionein (cd-bp-d, 19,000 mw) is involved in the hereditary resistance to cd-embryotoxicity seen in the inbred naw/pr (naw) mouse strain. cd-bp-d is not detected in virgin females after cd exposure and is detected only after the first 24 hours of exposure to cd in an inbred strain (c57bl/10chpr) susceptible to cd-induced embryotoxicity (wolkowski, '74; wolkowski-tyl, '78). since progesterone (p) is critical for maintenance of pregnancy in mice, we have ...1979232313
estrogen receptors in androgen-induced breast tumor regression.the hormone-dependent 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene rat mammary tumor has been shown to regress when administered pharmacological doses of testosterone propionate. tumor regression was correlated with estrogen receptor before and 15 to 20 days following testosterone therapy. a dramatic decline of receptor occurred in all regressing tumors, whereas those administered sesame oil alone maintained both growth and receptor content. although receptor in regressing tumor was significantly less than in ...1977192456
evidence for a rapid in vivo effect on estradiol-17 beta on prolactin secretion in ovariectomized rats.repeated intraarterial injections of synthetic thryrotropin releasing hormone (trh, 1 microgram/rat) increased plasma prolactin levels 4 hours after a single subcutaneous injection of 10 micrograms estradiol-17 beta (e2-17 beta) in rats ovariectomized 1, 2 or 4 weeks and at 2 hours after e2-17 beta injection in rats ovariectomized for 6 weeks. the effect of trh was still present at 24 but not 48 hours after estradiol treatment. trh-induced increases in plasma prolactin were similar in groups of ...1979116836
[effect of continuous bleomycin treatment and of oil-suspended bleomycin on experimental tumor growth (author's transl)].effects of continuous administration of bleomycin solution and of intralesional injection of sesame oil-suspended bleomycin on tumor growth were studied. experimental animal tumors were 3 rd generation isotransplants of a spontaneous c3h mouse mammary carcinoma. bleomycin treatments were started when transplanted tumors reached 8 mm in diameter and the measurement of tumor volume was followed. dose administered was fixed as 100 mg/kg in all the groups. bleomycin solution was given intralesionall ...197660500
purification, crystallization and properties of triacylglycerol lipase from pseudomonas fluorescens.triacylglycerol lipase of pseudomonas fluorescens was purified from the crude enzyme by ammonium sulfate precipitation and chromatographies on sephadex g-75 and deae-cellulose. the crystallization of the lipase was successfully carried out. the purified lipase was demonstrated to be homogenous on disc electrophoresis and its molecular weight was calculated to be 32 000 by gel filtration. the optimum ph for hydrolysis of sesame oil was 7.0. the enzyme was stable up to 40 degrees c under the condi ...197720147
esters of 4-3-2-(trifluoromethyl)phenothiazin-10-ylpropyl-1-piperazieneethanol and related compounds as long-acting antipsychotic agents. synthesis of the 1-adamantoate, the first crystalline base.a number of new esters of fluphenazine are described: among these was the 1-adamantoate, 1h, the first highly crystalline ester of that drug. the 1-adamantoate of pipotiazine, 2b, typically, was an oil. following a single subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of 25 mg/kg of either 1h or 2b, dissolved in sesame oil, each ester was found to be a potent and long-acting inhibitor of conditioned avoidance behavior in the rat.197713218
effects of a single injection of estradiol valerate on the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus and on reproductive function in the female rat.young adult cyclic female rats were each injected with 2 mg estradiol valerate (ev) in sesame oil. controls received an equivalent volume of sesame oil. within 2 months after injection, most of the ev-treated animals showed persistent vaginal estrus and small polyfollicular ovaries as well as pathological changes in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus. this pathological process was gradually progressive such that by 6 months after ev injection, the basal lateral region of the nucleus contained nume ...1978744098
effect of testosterone and progesterone on the estradiol receptor in the immature rat ovary.the effect of testosterone and progesterone on the estrogen-stimulated ovarian weight increase and es tradiol receptor (er) levels was examined in immature, hypophysectomized rats. nuclear translocation and cytosol replenishment of the er in the ovary exhibited similarities to those events in the uterus. the ovarian weight increase observed on day 4 in response to three daily injections of 2.5 microgram 17beta-estradiol administered sc in sesame oil was effectively suppressed by one injection of ...1978744008
steroidogenesis in rat leydig cells: effect of gonadotropins on the activity of 5-ane and 5-ene 3alpha- and 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases during sexual maturation.the in vivo influence of gonadotropins on the activities of oxidoreductases of androst-5-ane and androst-5-ene steroids and pregnenolone was examined in testes from young rats. animals were given daily injections of human cg for 5 days starting at 20 days of age and the testicular 12,000 x g supernatants were assayed for steroid oxidoreductase activities. marked increases (up to 8-fold) were noted in the rate of oxidation of the 3beta-hydroxyl of 3beta-hydroxy-5beta-androstan-17-one, 3 beta-hydr ...1978743993
experimental gastric ulcers in the fundic gland area following transplantation of the gastric-wall pedicles.using adult mongrel dogs, a portion of the anterior gastric wall of the pyloric gland area was transplanted into the fundic gland area using the z-plastic procedure forming an islet. three weeks postoperatively, 2 per cent histamine in sesame oil was injected intramuscularly in a daily dose of 2 mg/kg body weight. ulcers developed in the graft in nine of 19 animals. the factors responsible to the development of the ulcers may well be circulatory disturbance and reduction of mucosal resistance fo ...19761034834
comparative bioavailability of a lipophilic steroid.17beta-acetoxy-2alpha-chloro-3-(p-nitrophenoxy)imino-5alpha-androstane (i) is a lipophilic steroid with postimplantive antifertility activity in laboratory animals. the bioavailability of micronized i from solutions and suspensions was compared in four groups of adult female wistar rats. each group received varying concentrations of micronized 3h-i (specific activity of 0.38--8.94 muci/mg) in sesame oil by oral gavage. samples of whole blood and urine collected following drug administration were ...1978690835
buckthorn neuropathy: effects of intraneural injection of karwinskia humboldtiana toxins.ingestion of the endocarp of the coyotillo fruit, karwinskia humboldtiana, a shrub of the buckthorn family, causes "buckthorn neuropathy" in man and animals. two neurotoxic compounds t496 and t544 were isolated from the endocarp and each toxin was dissolved in sesame oil and injected into the sciatic nerve of rats. the nerves were subsequently examined by teasing and as sections by light and electron microscopy. during the first 3--4 days after injection, oil droplets, probably containing toxin, ...1978683463
sex hormones and the immune response. ii. perturbation of antibody production by estradiol 17beta.the administration of 75 microgram/kg of estradiol 17beta at successively later stages in the immune response of female guinea pigs to penicilloyl-coupled cavian globulins showed that this steroid reduces the rate of attainment of the maximum titer, the magnitude of the titer achieved, and the rate of titer decay. control titers maximized at the third experimental week and diminished to one third the peak value by the 6th week. when steroid treatment was begun coincidentally with inoculation (we ...1978680989
determination of ethinyl estradiol in human urine by radiochemical glc.a radiochemical glc analysis was developed for 3h-labeled ethinyl estradiol in human urine. the technique was applied to the unconjugated and aglycone fractions of urine collected from women who were dosed orally with: (a) single capsules containing 2.0 mg of 3h-quinestrol (900 muci) and 2.5 mg of unlabeled quingestanol acetate dissolved in sesame oil and (b) single tablets containing 100 microgram of 3h-quinestrol (86 muci). unconjugated ethinyl estradiol in day 1 urine collections represented ...1978671253
experience of nasal application of inactivated influenza vaccine.the present experiment shows the efficacity of the sesame-oil adjuvant influenza vaccine. the plain inactivated vaccine merely shows a tendency towards effectiveness and only in a field study was a statistically significant effectiveness observed. we had hitherto made such a field experiment in which the plain inactivated influenza vaccine showed much more effective values. it is not clear that in the present experiment such a result was obtained. the efficacy of intranasal application of inact ...1976782963
effects of aldosterone on the urinary excretion of total and non-dialyzable order to explore the role of mineralocorticoids on collagen metabolism, the effects of aldosterone on the urinary excretion of total and non dialyzable hydroxyproline (hypro) was studied in rats. the administration of aldosterone in sesame oil, 75 microgram/100 g body weight to adrenalectomized rats maintained on 1% nacl solution as drinking fluid and 1 mg of cortisone subcutaneously daily, provoked elevation of total and non dialyzable hypro in urine (p less than 0.001), when compared to sim ...1977590925
serum lh and fsh levels following intravenous injection of a gonadotrophin releasing principle in normal and gonadectomized adult male rats treated with oestradiol-17beta or 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone.effect of intravenous administration of a synthetic gonadotrophin releasing factor (gnrf) on circulating lh and fsh concentrations was investigated in normal and gonadectomized, adult male rats injected subcutaneously each day during seven days with various doses of oestradiol-17beta or 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone in sesame oil. higher increase in serum lh and fsh levels subsequent to intravenously administered gnrf was observed in castrated control animals than in intact control animals, though ...1976790885
oncogenicity of k-region epoxides of benzo(a)pyrene and 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene.female sprague-dawley rats were given a subcutaneous injection of the parent hydrocarbon or its k-region epoxide in 0.1 ml sesame oil on alternate days to a total of 30 doses and observed for sarcoma at the site of injection for 275 days. the parent compounds, benzo(a)pyrene (0.2 mumole/dose) and 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (0.2 mumole/dose), induced sarcoma in 100% of the animals with an average latent period of 101 and 95 days, respectively, whereas five of 12 rats (42%) injected with the k ...1976821865
fertility of norgestomet treated dairy heifers.four studies are described involving 2573 friesian heifers treated with norgestomet and oestradiol valerate to control the ovarian cycle. all treated animals were inseminated at fixed times following treatment. in study 1 insemination 48 and/or 60 hours after treatment resulted in a non-significant greater proportion of heifers becoming pregnant than at 48 x 72 hours. large variations in fertility among farms were recorded in field trials of norgestomet (searle) and oestradiol valerate. in study ...1977878243
abolition of the diethylstilbestrol reduction of enzyme leakage from muscle by a 3,3' diallyl substitution.diethylstilbestrol (des) lowers enzyme efflux from isolated mouse skeletal muscle. it also lowers the high serum enzyme activities in duchenne's muscular dystrophy. we have begun a systematic study of des congeners, to identify those portions of the des molecule which are critical to these effects, and to tailor a molecule which might have fewer feminizing effects. the first compound tested was the 3,3' diallyl derivative of des (das). it was selected because previous reports indicated that it w ...1977897342
morphology, growth characteristics and oestrogen-binding capacity of dmba-induced mammary tumours from ovariectomized rats.the morphology of 20 mammary adenocarcinomas induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (dmba) in sprague-dawley rats was compared with their growth characteristics and oestrogen-binding capacity following ovariectomy. the capacity to bind (3h)oestradiol-17b did not appear to be related to the growth characteristics, time of appearance after dmba administration, or time between ovariectomy and assay for specific oestrogen-binding proteins. furthermore, different tumours appeared to have oestrogen ...1977405032
effects of threonine supplementation on the slope assay for protein quality.several diets considered to be marginally deficient in threonine were fed to young male rats at protein levels ranging from 3 to 9%. protein sources included lactalbumin (reference standard), soy protein with added methionine, pea protein with added methionine, rice-casein, and peanut-sesame-fish. chemical scores and plasma amino acid scores indicated that these diets were limiting in threonine at the 3--4% protein level; increased growth resulted from supplementation with threonine. after threo ...1977924931
organic amendments and control of foot rot of piper betle caused by phytophthora parasitica var. piperina.experiments have been performed to control foot rot of piper betle by organic amendments and antagonists in soil. soil amended with corn straw gave best control. corn straw supplemented with nitrogen (nh4no3) gave still better control. the effect of different antagonists growing on corn-straw and til (sesamum indicum) oil cake amendments showed that trichoderma viride gave best control. aspergillus terreus failed to control the disease although it showed great antifungal activity under controlle ...1976952442
fluphenazine enanthate and fluphenazine decanoate: intramuscular injection and esterification as requirements for slow - release characteristics in dogs.14c-fluphenazine base was administered intramuscularly in sesame oil to five male beagles (2 mg/kg). the concentration of radioactivity in plasma and the excretion of radioactivity in urine and feces were measured for 14 days. maximum concentrations of radioactivity were found in plasma 2 hr after administration. these levels declined with elimination half-lives of 3.20 hr during the 2-12-hr interval after dosing and of 4.02 days during the 2-14-day interval. most administered radioactivity was ...1976966144
neonatal treatment with sex steroids: relationship between the uterotropic response and the estrogen "receptor" in prepubertal rats.we tested the hypothesis that neonatal treatment of rats with testosterone propionate (tp) or estradiol benzoate (eb) reduces the uterine responsiveness to estradiol and reduces the concentration of estrogen "receptor" before puberty, and that both of these events precede the onset of the persistent estrus syndrome. thre-day-old female rats were injected with 100 mug eb, tp or sesame oil (controls) and at 23 and 31 days of age (before the onset of puberty) the uterine cytoplasmic content of spec ...197712934
oxytocin delays oestradiol-induced luteolysis but does not affect oestradiol-induced luteinizing hormone secretion in the ewe.circulating concentrations of progesterone, the prostaglandin f2 alpha (pgf2 alpha), metabolite 13,14-dihydro-15-keto pgf2 alpha (dhkf2 alpha) and luteinizing hormone (lh) have been measured in cyclic ewes receiving a continuous infusion of oxytocin, in order to investigate the effect of maintained concentrations of circulating oxytocin on the luteolytic action of oestradiol-17 beta. oxytocin (3 nmol h-1 intravenously) was given from day 7 until day 17 after oestrus with oestradiol-17 beta (2.76 ...19921299835
failure of estradiol benzoate given after birth to prevent the adrenal glands from shrinking in newborn rats.two hr after birth, newborn rats were given a subcutaneous injection of 0.01 mg estradiol benzoate dissolved in 0.05 ml sesame oil. other siblings were given sesame oil alone. autopsy was performed on days 1, 2 and 3 after birth. gravimetric and histologic examinations of the adrenals from these animals and from normal littermate controls were made together with the determination of plasma corticosterone concentrations. in all the three groups of rats, estrogen-treated, oil-treated and non-treat ...19761009895
effect of melatonin on the reproductive systems of male and female syrian hamsters: a diurnal rhythm in sensitivity to melatonin.hamsters were maintained on a long photoperiod (14l:10d) and were injected once daily with melatonin (10-25 mug) or sesame oil. males which received melatonin during the afternoon (e.g., 6.5-13.75 h after lights-on) showed regressed testes and decreased levels of serum lh and fsh after several weeks of treatment. injections of the oil vehicle or injections of melatonin given in the morning (3 h after lights-on) had no detectable effect on testicular size or on serum gonadotropins. females which ...19761033827
testosterone manipulations: effects on ranacide aggression and brain monoamines in the adult female rat.the effect of testosterone propionate on ranacide (frog-killing) behavior and brain norepinephrine (ne), dopamine (da) and serotonin (5-ht) levels was determined in 40 female wistar rats. adult rats were screened for frog killing behavior on the basis of a single 30 min testing session. aggressors were defined as animals which attacked or killed during this session while nonaggressors failed to do so. using either aggressors or nonaggressors, testosterone and sesame oil equally increased aggresi ...19761083535
ovarian steroids directly alter luteinizing hormone (lh) release by pituitary homografts.the direct role of estradiol and progesterone in sensitizing the adenohypophysis to the releasing action of lhrh (luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone) has been examined in rats bearing pituitary homografts. groups (10-14/group) of virgin female rats (cdf) strain) were hypophysectomized, ovariectomized, and pituitaries obtained from long-term ovariectomized donors were implanted under the kidney capsule. the animals were treated on the sixth day after transplantation with sesame oil vehicle, es ...19751095356
morphometric evaluation of sebaceous gland volume in intact, castrated, and testosterone-treated rats.starting a 19 weeks of age six male rats, castrated at 16 weeks, were injected intramuscularly three times per week with 0.25 mg testosterone propionate (dissolved in sesame oil) per 100 grams body weight. four castrated control rats received sesame oil only. samples of dorsal skin were taken under light ether anesthesia at the time of orchidectomy and at weekly intervals during treatment. histologic sections were cut perpendicular to the skin surface, stained with hematoxylin and eosin, and an ...19751110306
[morphological effects of intraperitoneal oily fatty acids on the intestine and peritoneum of rats].changes of the mucosa of the small intestine in animal experiments can be produced by a variety of methods. the direct application of numerous chemical agents on the epithelium of the mucosa and parenteral administration of cytostatics as well as an indirect damage by experimental intestinal lymphatic obstruction lead to mucosal lesions with atrophy of the villi. our paper presents a simple indirect method for induction of structural mucosa changes in rats using experimentally produced peritonea ...19751131154
effect of exposure to continuous light on estrogen-induced precocious sexual maturation in female rats.immature female rats, raised in either cyclic light (ld; 14 h light/10 h dark) or constant light (ll) were divided into 4 groups and given daily injections of estradiol benzoate (5, 10, or 25 ng) in 0.1 ml sesame oil starting at 24 days of age. control animals received oil only. injections were continued until vaginal opening (v.o.). half of each group of animals was killed and dissected 1 day after v.o. results indicate that both ll exposure and eb treatment accelerated sexual maturation (as in ...19751143631
stimulation of dopamine release into hypophysial portal blood by administration of test the hypothesis that progesterone is involved in the regulation of dopamine release into hypophysial portal blood, female rats were adrenalectomized and ovariectomized at 1200 h on the day of proestrus and, immediately after the operation, injected sc with sesame oil or progesterone. approximately 24 h later, hypophysial portal blood was collected and the plasma from this blood was analyzed for dopamine. the concentration of dopamine in portal plasma from rats given sesame oil or progeste ...1979573202
a circadian rhythm of mitotic activity in the uterine luminal epithelium of the rat: effect of estrogen.the study was designed to determine whether or not the rat uterine luminal epithelium exhibits a mitotic circadian rhythm and to ascertain the effect of estrogen treatment at different time periods on the uterine epithelial mitotic response. immature rats were injected with either sesame oil (controls) or 60 ng of estradiol-17 beta at eight time periods and were necropsied 24 hours after treatment. colchicine was administered ip two hours before autopsy. peak mitotic activity was observed during ...19751200410
metabolizable energy (m.e.) values of three protein supplements as determined with chicks and laying hens.the m.e. values of three protein supplements that are produced and/or processed in lebanon and jordan were determined employing the method of hill and anderson (1958). two experiments were conducted using broiler-type chicks in one experiment and white leghorn laying hens in the other experiment. nitrogen-corrected m.e. values expressed in kcal./kg. dry matter were found to be 2513, 2690 and 3215 for the soybean, sesame and poultry by-product meals, respectivel, as determined with chicks, and 25 ...19751228719
induction of vaginal mucification in rats with testosterone and 17beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstan-3-one.based on histological criteria, kingsley and bogdanove (3) reported that the benzoate ester of 17beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstan-3-one (5alpha-dht), unlike testosterone propionate, is unable to induce vaginal mucification when given subcutaneously to rats. in contrats, kennedy (4) found in estrogen-pretreated rats that both 5alpha-dht and testosterone induced vaginal mucification as indicated by increased vaginal sialic acid concentration. to determine if esterification of these androgens altered ...19761265800
release and elimination of 14c-fluphenazine enanthate and decanoate esters administered in sesame oil to dogs.the rates of release of 14c-fluphenazine enanthate and 14c-fluphenazine decanoate were compared in two groups of five male dogs. each dog was given a single dose (2 mg/kg im) of either the enanthate or decanoate ester in sesame oil. the times required to attain maximum concentrations of radioactivity in plasma were 3.8 +/- 0.5 days (+/-se) for the enanthate ester and 10.6 +/- 1.1 days for the decanoate ester (p less than 0.001); maximum concentrations of radioactivity in the plasma at these time ...19761271246
antinutrients content of some locally available legumes and cereals in nigeria.plant protein is the cheapest source of protein available to mankind but unfortunately the protein is accompanied by antinutrients. the quantity of oxalate and tannin in acha, bambara groundnut, guinea corn, millet, sesame seed, soybean and tiger nut were chemically analyzed. the white variety of sesame seed and soybean have the highest oxalate and tannin contents of 8.25 mg/g and 0.15 mg/g respectively. among the cereals the black and brown varieties of millet have the highest oxalate and tanni ...19921455533
the toxicity of brominated sesame oil and brominated soybean oil in miniature swine.miniature swine were fed brominated sesame oil at dietary levels of 0, 5, 25, 50 or 500 mg/kg of body weight for 17 weeks and brominated soybean oil at levels of 0, 5, 50 or 500 mg/kg of body weight for 28 weeks. growth rate and food intake were decreased only at the high dose level in the brominated sesame oil study. in both studies, signs of lethargy and ataxia occurred in pigs fed the highest dose, and were probably due to a dose-related increase in serum bromine concentrations. marked elevat ...1976944471
changes in the weight of the adrenal glands and in the concentration of plasma corticosterone in perinatal rats after prenatal treatment with oestadiol benzoate.on day 20 of gestation, foetal rats received a subcutaneous injection of 0-01 mg oestradiol benzoate dissolved in 0-05 ml sesame oil; foetuses in other litters were given sesame oil alone. autopsy was performed on day 22 of gestation, at delivery or at various times after birth. gravimetric and histological observations of the adrenals from oestradiol-treated, oil-treated and intact litter-mate control foetal and neonatal rats were performed together with determination of plasma corticosterone c ...1976950534
natural occurrence of fusarium toxins in feedstuff.the mycotoxins diacetoxyscirpenol, deoxynivalenol, and zearalenone, produced by fusarium roseum, were found naturally occuring in mixed feed samples. in all cases analyzed, deoxynivalenol occurred together with zearalenone. the natural occurrence of zearalenone in sesame seed is reported for the first time. strains of f. roseum isolated in various parts of the world form feed implicated in animal mycotoxicosis produced monoacetoxyscirpenol, diacetoxyscirpenol, deoxynivalenol, and zearalenone.1976984829
dietary gamma-linolenic acid lowers blood pressure and alters aortic reactivity and cholesterol metabolism in determine the effects of dietary gamma-linolenic acid upon blood pressure, aortic reactivity and cholesterol metabolism in spontaneously hypertensive (shr) and normotensive wistar-kyoto (wky) rats.19921335001
[selenium, an essential and toxic element. latin american data].after a brief discussion of some of the aspects of importance, sources, deficiencies and excesses of selenium the great differences of ingestion between different countries are mentioned. breast fed children from an area in venezuela ingest 10 times the amount compared with children from finland. among sesame seed samples from 20 different countries used as se indicators, the highest and the lowest values were found in those of latin-american origin. with very few exceptions the highest and the ...19921341863
[effect of age and inductors on udp-glucuronyltransferase activity].this experiments were carried out on: 0.5-, 1-, 2-, 4-, 8-, 12-, 20- and 28-months old wistar males rats. before they were killed the animals received by intraperitoneal injection: phenobarbital (50 mg/kg in 0.9% saline 72- and 48-hr before the death), beta-naphthoflavone (20 mg/kg in sesame oil for 3 consecutive days prior to sacrifice), dexamethasone (10 mg/kg; see beta-naphthoflavone). all animals were decapitated after 24 hr of starvation. the livers were rinsed with cold 0.9% saline. hepati ...19921342995
effect of oily vehicles on absorption of mepitiostane by the lymphatic system in rats.[14c]mepitiostane in various vehicles was administered to the small intestine of anaesthetized rats with cannulated thoracic ducts, and the effect of lipids on lymphatic absorption was examined. the extent of lymphatic absorption was greatest when administered in triolein and sesame oil, which are triglycerides of long-chain fatty acids. absorption in the presence of other vehicles was in the order of 10% tween 80 aqueous solution greater than monolein greater than oleic acid approximately oleic ...19921357134
elimination of non-reactive and weakly reactive human alpha 1-acid glycoprotein after induction of the acute phase response in rats.the disposition of concanavalin a (con a)-non-reactive and con a-reactive human alpha 1-acid glycoprotein (aag) was studied in normal male rats and in acute phase response-activated male rats. activation of the acute phase response was made using a subcutaneous administration of ethynyloestradiol in sesame oil. this technique increased the endogenous aag concentration 7-fold. in control rats the two forms of human aag showed identical kinetics with an average clearance of 5.4 ml h-1 kg-1, termin ...19921359064
maintenance of rate testis fluid testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels by pregnenolone and other c21 steroids in hypophysectomized rats.this study was undertaken to determine whether maintenance of spermatogenesis in hypophysectomized rats by pregnenolone and other c21 steroids may be due to in vivo conversion of these compounds to androgens. hypophysectomized rats were treated sc with 2 mg of pregnenolone, 17-hydroxypregnenolone, progesterone, 17-hydroxyprogesterone or testosterone propionate in 0.2 ml sesame oil daily for 14 days beginning 2 days after hypophysectomy. rete testis fluid (rtf), peripheral blood, and testicular v ...19751126312
effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol administered subcutaneously to rabbits for 28 days.subcutaneous (s.c.) administration of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-thc) to rabbits produced dose-related cumulative toxicity. five groups of three new zealand albino rabbits each received 28 daily treatments with isotonic saline, sesame oil of 15.9, 45.0 or 153.4 mg/kg/day of delta-9-thc dissolved in sesame oil. dose-related dermal responses included erythema, edema, ulceration and nodule formation. some of the granulomatous nodules contained an oily substance and exhibited liquefactive ...19751129806
role of 5-hydroxytryptamine receptors on luteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone release in the ovariectomized, estradiol-treated rat.the present experiments examined the effect of ketanserin [5-hydroxytryptamine-2 (5-ht2) antagonist] and 8-hydroxy-2-(di-n-propylamino) tetralin (8-oh-dpat) (5-ht1 agonist) on the in vitro release of luteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone (lhrh) from the medial basal hypothalamus-preoptic area-suprachiasmatic nucleus region (mbh-poa-scn) of ovariectomized (ovx), estradiol-(e2) treated rats using in vitro superfusion techniques. regularly cycling female holtzman rats (250-300 g) were maintained on ...19921386277
different effects of estradiol and progesterone on the secretion of calcitonin in ovariectomized rats.the basal and calcium-stimulated secretion of calcitonin (ct) was studied in ovarian steroid hormone-injected ovariectomized (ovx) rats. ovx rats were injected subcutaneously once daily for 3 days with estradiol benzoate (eb, 25 micrograms/kg), progesterone (p, 50 mg/kg), eb and p, or sesame oil. all rats were then infused with 10% cacl2 at a rate of 2 ml/h for 30 min via a femoral vein catheter connected to a peristaltic pump. blood samples (0.5 ml each) were collected from the right jugular ve ...19921424951
the effect of testosterone propionate on growth of broiler chickens.the effects of testosterone propionate (tp) on body weight, tissue percentages of body weight, serum igm, and rectal temperature (2 h postinjection) of male and female broiler chickens were investigated at 28 and 48 days posthatching. testosterone propionate was dissolved in sesame oil and was injected at 2 mg/kg of body weight every other day, and controls were treated with sesame oil at similar volume, starting day 7 posthatching. administration of tp reduced (p < .05) body weight and percenta ...19921437979
young children and television: the retention of emotional 6 experiments, we examined preschoolers' ability to interpret or remember the affective reactions of television characters. in 2 studies, children viewed a "sesame street" or "cosby show" segment, and then retold the story. in both, mention of the protagonists' affective states was low, with less than 1% of the reactions recalled. in 3 experiments (using muppet, cartoon, or human portrayals), we examined whether this low retention was due to an inability to interpret reactions, identify their ...19921446560
estradiol modulation of the hyperphagia induced by the 5-ht1a agonist, 8-oh-dpat.ovariectomized rats were primed with sesame oil or estradiol benzoate followed 48 h later by either sesame oil or progesterone. four hours later, rats were treated with either saline or 0.25 mg/kg 8-hydroxy-2-9(di-n-propylamino)tetralin (8-oh-dpat). rats were allowed to eat for 4 h after this final treatment. animals in all hormonal conditions showed hyperphagia following 8-oh-dpat. however, the hyperphagia was significantly attenuated by pretreatment with estradiol benzoate. there was no effect ...19921448492
factors in diminution of uteroglobin secretion in the rabbit.uteroglobin was measured under various hormonal conditions: pregnancy, pseudopregnancy, pseudopregnancy with exogenous progesterone, pseudopregnancy with exogenous 20alpha-hydroxyprogesterone, ovariectomy with exogenous progesterone, ovariectomy with exogenous estrogen, ovariectomy with exogenous estrogen and progesterone, and ovariectomy with either exogenous progesterone or estrogen and progesterone, plus uterine trauma. in pregnant females, uteroglobin levels diminished sharply after day 9. i ...19761245243
sesame seed lignans and gamma-tocopherol act synergistically to produce vitamin e activity in rats.vitamin e activity of sesame seed, which contains only gamma-tocopherol, a compound that has vitamin e activity equal to only 6-16% that of alpha-tocopherol, was examined in two experiments. in the first experiment, groups of rats were fed four diets: vitamin e-free control diet, alpha-tocopherol-containing diet, gamma-tocopherol-containing diet and sesame seed-containing diet. changes in red blood cell hemolysis, plasma pyruvate kinase activity, and peroxides in plasma and liver, as indices of ...19921453229
[selenium content in the blood cattle from venezuela. i. central and portugueste zones].whole blood concentrations of selenium were determined in 776 dairy cows and calves from 28 farms located in three states (aragua, carabobo and guárico) of the central zone of venezuela and in portuguesa state. selenium levels largely varied according to both the geographic distribution and animals breed. cattle from guárico state showed the lowest average concentration (0.21 ppm) and those from portuguesa the highest one (0.67 ppm). a group of animals from turén (a district of portuguesa state) ...1977931500
in vivo and in vitro evaluation of a microencapsulated narcotic antagonist.injectable microcapsules containing 75% (w/w) cyclazocine, a narcotic antagonist, were prepared with dl-poly(lactic acid) as the coating material. capsule fractions falling between 105 and 295 mum released about 90% of their cyclazocine in 8 days of rotating-bottle extraction at 37 degrees in ph 7.4 phosphate buffer. although larger capsules released the drug somewhat more slowly, all capsules released cyclazocine far more rapidly than an ideal capsule should. this rapid release is attributed to ...1976932970
selective growth inhibition of a human malignant melanoma cell line by sesame oil in vitro.ayurveda, an ancient and comprehensive system of natural medicine, recommends regular topical application to the skin of sesame oil, above all other oils, as a health-promoting procedure. we examined the effect of sesame oil and several other vegetable oils and their major component fatty acids on the proliferation rate of human normal and malignant melanocytes growing at similar rates in serum-free media. we found that sesame and safflower oils, both of which contain large amounts of linoleate ...19921502251
sunflower meal as a major vegetable protein source in layers' experiment was conducted with starcross layers to evaluate the replacement value of sunflower meal (sfm) for cotton seed meal (csm) and sesame meal (sm). the birds (aged 24 weeks) were given 4 isonitrogenous and isocaloric rations containing 0, 5, 10 and 15% dehulled sunflower meal. the substitution of sfm for csm and sm did not generally affect the egg production, feed consumption, feed conversion nor did it have any effect on the quality of eggs as measured by haugh units (hu) and yolk inde ...19921296557
serum corticosterone in rats with delayed anovulation.the purpose of this study was to investigate adrenal function in rats during the development of persistent oestrus to determine whether a change in blood levels of corticosterone would precede or coincide with the onset of infertility. the syndrome of delayed persistent oestrus and anovulation was induced by administration of a low dose (10 mug) of testosterone propionate (tp) at 5 days of age. control animals were handled without injection or received the vehicle (sesame oil) only. half of each ...1976988105
ebv's open sesame. 19921323889
further signs of postnatal sexual differentiation in pigs.fourteen newborn female, and ten male pigs were injected subcutaneously with 100 mg of testosterone propionate within 24 h of birth, and ten male and nine females were used as controls and injected with vehicle alone (sesame oil). all animals were slaughtered at 175 days of age. reduction of testicular weight, tubuli size and testosterone concentration, together with alteration of the intertubular area was found in adult treated males. in adult treated females, the histological study of ovaries ...19921526258
effects of neonatal exposure to the antiprogestin mifepristone, ru 486, on the sexual development of the 38486 (ru 486, mifepristone) is a potent progesterone receptor antagonist that has been used in humans in the pharmacologic induction of abortion. the effects of exposure to ru 486 during the neonatal period of the rat has not been previously reported. we examined the consequences of such exposure in the context of sexual development. long-evans rat pups were subcutaneously injected with either 100 micrograms ru 486, 300 micrograms ru 486, 500 micrograms progesterone (p), or 50 micrograms tes ...19921539081
the effects of testosterone on lipids and eicosanoids in cynomolgus monkeys.the effect of testosterone administration on plasma lipoproteins and eicosanoids was studied in 24 male cynomolgus monkeys. we hypothesized that elevated plasma testosterone would unfavorably alter plasma lipids as well as thromboxane a2 (txa2) and prostacyclin (pgi2), two eicosanoids that have been linked to the increased incidence of atherosclerosis, myocardial ischemia, and thrombosis. to test our hypothesis, half of the monkeys (n = 12) were subjected to 10 wk of testosterone treatment, wher ...19921549028
effects of methoxychlor on the reproductive system of the adult female mouse: 2. ultrastructural observations.the purpose of this study is to examine the effects of the pesticide methoxychlor (mxc) on the ultrastructural appearance of the different cellular components of the mouse ovary. sexually mature (7- to 8-week) virgin female cd-1 mice were exposed to 5.0 mg mxc (50% technical grade) via oral gavage for 5 consecutive days each week for 4 weeks. control groups received either 0.025 mg estradiol-17 beta (e-17 beta) or the sesame oil vehicle for the same time period. twenty-four hours following the f ...19921562805
induction of transforming growth factor-alpha gene expression in rat decidua is independent of the conceptus.we have previously shown that decidua is the major site of transforming growth factor-alpha (tgf-alpha) gene expression at the feto-maternal interface during the early stages of pregnancy in the rat. the present study was undertaken to determine whether the presence of tgf-alpha mrna in the decidua was in direct response to a signal derived from the conceptus. we therefore used the model of pseudopregnancy in rat, inducing decidualization in the absence of a conceptus. tgf-alpha mrna expression ...19921576257
passage of methoxychlor in milk and reproductive organs of nursing female mice; 1. light and scanning electron microscopic determine whether the pesticide methoxychlor can be excreted in milk, lactating mouse dams received 14 daily intraperitoneal injections of either sesame oil, or 10.0 micrograms of 17-beta estradiol, or 1.0, 2.0, or 5.0 mg of technical grade methoxychlor. at 15 days, suckling female pups were sacrificed and the effects of the chemicals in milk on the morphology of the immature reproductive tract were examined. the stimulatory changes in both the vagina and uterine horns indicate that the estra ...19921591479
effects of lorazepam on the properties of brain polysomes.this study determined the effects of acute administration of lorazepam (lrz) on brain protein synthesis by examining the translational abilities of polysomal rna under in vitro conditions compared to those produced by the cns depressants, ethanol and pentobarbital. lorazepam (2 mg/kg body weight), ethanol (4 g/kg body weight) or pentobarbital (40 mg/kg body weight) were given orally to 6-week old male sprague-dawley rats. control groups were either untreated or received the vehicle sesame seed o ...19921598027
ciprostene and indomethacin partially reverse the mechanisms of distal end necrosis in the rat random skin flap.survival of random skin flap distal end depends on hemodynamic, cellular, and coagulation mechanisms. this study was designed to evaluate whether administration of ciprostene, a stable prostaglandin i2 analogue, and indomethacin, a cyclooxygenase-hydroperoxydase enzyme inhibitor, would improve the survival rate of random skin flaps. forty-five male rats were divided into nine groups and injected with sesame oil (control), ciprostene (20 micrograms/kg/day), and/or indomethacin (2 mg/kg/day). inje ...19921622033
second case of human infection with mesocestoides lineatus in korea.the second case of human infection with mesocestoides lineatus in korea was reported. the patient, a farm worker, complained of abdominal pain and massive discharge of sesame-like proglottids in his stool for several months. worms, recovered by chemotherapy with niclosamide, consisted of 32 strobilae. this may be the heaviest worm burden in human infection ever reported. the infected man habitually ate the raw viscera of chickens.19921627503
metabolic and economic efficiency of broiler chicks as affected by dietary protein levels.1. an experiment was designed to determine if decreasing excess amino acids in the diets of chicks would improve metabolic efficiency, as indicated by growth rate and food efficiency. 2. semi-purified diets were fed with crude protein contents of 180 or 230 g/kg. the sources of protein were maize gluten meal, groundnut meal, sesame meal or soya-bean meal. crystalline amino acids were supplemented to meet all amino acid requirements. 3. the dietary crude protein content had no statistically signi ...19921643521
recent clinical experience with dronabinol.dronabinol, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol in sesame oil, has been used for several years as an antiemetic for patients receiving cancer chemotherapy. in combination studies with prochlorperazine, enhancement of efficacy, as measured by duration of episodes of nausea and vomiting and by severity of nausea, has been found. the incidence of psychotropic effects from dronabinol appears to be decreased by concomitant administration of prochlorperazine. in open pilot studies, dronabinol caused weight g ...19911666930
organochlorine pesticide residues in different indian cereals, pulses, spices, vegetables, fruits, milk, butter, deshi ghee, and edible oils.a total of 244 samples of cereals (wheat flour, rice, and maize), pulses (arhar, moong, gram, lentil, and black gram), spices (turmeric, chili, coriander, and black pepper), vegetables (potato, onion, spinach, cabbage, brinjal, and tomato), fruits (mango, guava, apple, and grape), milk, butter, deshi ghee, and edible oils (vegetable, mustard, groundnut, and sesame) collected from different cities of northern province (utter pradesh) were analyzed by gas liquid chromatography for the presence of ...19901698760
in vivo 5-hiaa release from the anterior hypothalamus in the ovariectomized and estradiol treated rat following perfusion with the present study the frequency and magnitude of the release of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-hiaa) was measured from the anterior hypothalamus of ovariectomized (ovx) and ovx rats treated with estradiol (e2). female, holtzman strain rats were maintained on a photoperiod of 14 h light from 0100 to 1500 h and experiments performed from 0900 to 1700 h. animals exhibiting four-day estrous cycles (250-300 gms) were ovx (20 days recovery) and a push-pull-cannula (ppc) implanted and stereotaxically ...19901699143
effects of estradiol treatment on responses of rat preoptic warm sensitive neurons to progesterone in vitro.single unit activity was recorded extracellularly in preoptic slice preparations from ovariectomized female rats. the rats were pretreated daily with (1) estradiol benzoate (20 micrograms/0.1 ml sesame oil) for 3 consecutive days just prior to the experiment (ovx+e72h), (2) sesame oil (ovx+oil), or (3) untreated (ovx). in the preparations from ovx rats, 12 (50%) of 24 warm-sensitive neurons were inhibited and 2 (8%) were excited by the application of progesterone (p) in perfusion medium (30 ng/m ...19921635662
studies on teratological testing using chicken embryos--effects of solvents, injection sites and the age of the embryo.the purpose of this study was to examine the effects of solvents, injection sites and embryo age when using chicken embryos for teratological testing. the results obtained were as follows: 1) solvents: distilled water, physiological saline, sesame oil, 25% ethanol, 0.5% carboxymethylcellulose and 0.1% methylcellulose solution were not toxic in day-4 embryos (eggs incubated for 4 days). 2) with 6-aminonicotinamide, air space injection more effectively induced malformations in chicken embryos. wit ...19921505626
histamine leukocytosis. i. effect of histamine on peripheral leukocyte counts.the effect of chronic administration of histamine on the number of cells in peripheral blood of dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs was tested by single and consecutive intramuscular injections of histamine in a beeswax-sesame oil mixture. leukocytosis due to increased numbers of neutrophils occurred in all animals after single injections of histamine in beeswax, although erythrocytes and hematocrit values were unaffected in all species. when injection of histamine was repeated on consecutive days, th ...19921294856
estrogens reduce bone loss in the ovariectomized, lactating rat model.estrogen treatment of ovariectomized, lactating rats improved retention of bone mineral mass by 15-25% compared to ovariectomized, lactating rats receiving vehicle only. on the second day postpartum all lactating rats were ovariectomized and were placed along with age-matched non-mated controls on a whole-wheat flour-based diet with 0.1% calcium and 0.4% phosphorus. on day 6 postpartum estrogen treatment was begun with either implantation of a slow-release 17 beta-estradiol pellet or with the fi ...19911747566
eicosapentaenoic acid inhibits endothelium-dependent relaxation to acetylcholine in guinea pig coronary resistance vessels.dietary supplementation with eicosapentaenoic acid (epa) alters arachidonate metabolism. this study characterizes the effect of dietary epa on endothelium-dependent vasodilation to acetylcholine (ach) and atp in guinea pig coronary resistance vessels. guinea pigs were fed standard chow (n = 6), standard chow+sesame seed oil (n = 6), or standard chow+menhaden fish oil (17% epa; n = 6). coronary vasodilations were examined in the isolated, potassium-arrested heart utilizing a modified langendorff ...19921508936
mycoflora associated with five species of freshwater leeches.twenty-two species belonging to 11 genera of zoosporic fungi were collected from 10 freshwater sites and from five species of leeches on sesame and hemp seeds, maize grains and pinus pollen grains as baits at 22 degrees c. dictyuchus, achlya, pythium, allomyces and saprolegnia were the most common genera. the highest population of zoosporic fungi was estimated from batracobdelloides tricarinata, the lowest from barbronia assiuti. in addition fifty-three species and 1 variety representing 23 terr ...19911818104
inhibition of cholesterol absorption and synthesis in rats by sesamin.the effects of sesamin, a lignan from sesame oil, on various aspects of cholesterol metabolism were examined in rats maintained on various dietary regimens. when given at a dietary level of 0.5% for 4 weeks, sesamin reduced the concentration of serum and liver cholesterol significantly irrespective of the presence or absence of cholesterol in the diet, except for one experiment in which the purified diet free of cholesterol was given. on feeding sesamin, there was a decrease in lymphatic absorpt ...19911856608
identification and characterization of a specific autoantiphosphatidylinositol immune response during the time course of benzo(a)pyrene-induced malignant tumors in female sprague-dawley rats.high levels of anti-phosphatidylinositol (ptdins) autoantibodies (autoab) have been previously described in sera of cancer patients and in plasma of dimethylbenzanthracene-treated female sprague-dawley rats. the presence of anti-ptdins autoab was tested in a model of highly malignant sarcomas induced by a single dose of benzo(a)pyrene [b(a)p] diluted in sesame oil and injected in female sprague-dawley rats. significantly elevated levels of anti-ptdins autoab were found in sera of b(a)p-treated r ...19921581900
age-related differences in basal and calcium-stimulated plasma calcitonin levels in female rats.the effects of aging on calcitonin (ct) secretion in female rats were investigated. old (24 mo) at constant diestrus status and young (2 mo) at diestrus status rats were either ovariectomized (ovx) or left intact as controls. ovx rats were injected subcutaneously with estradiol benzoate (25 micrograms/kg body wt) or sesame oil one time per day for 3 days. all rats were infused with cacl2 (10 mg/ml) at a rate of 2 ml/h for 30 min via a jugular catheter connected to a peristaltic pump. blood sampl ...19921590367
in vivo enhancement of murine natural killer cell activity by 7-allyl-8-oxoguanosine (loxoribine).7-allyl-8-oxoguanosine (loxoribine) is a novel immunostimulatory compound which has been shown previously to enhance the antibody synthesis of antigen-stimulated b-lymphocytes. in this report, loxoribine was tested for the ability to activate murine natural killer (nk) cells. in studies in which mice were given a single subcutaneous (s.c.) or intravenous (i.v.) injection of loxoribine, splenic nk cell activity was increased in a dose-related manner with clear enhancement seen within 2 h of drug ...19921464469
effect of estrogen and progesterone on the growth of human ovarian dysgerminoma heterotransplanted to athymic nude mice.the effects of estrogen and progesterone on the growth of dysgerminoma of ovary heterotransplanted to ovariectomized athymic nude mice (ovx-nus) were examined. ovx-nus were divided into 6 groups and a subcutaneous injection of either 1 micrograms or 10 micrograms of estradiol (e1 or e10), 0.1 mg or 1 mg of progesterone (p0.1 or p1), or a combination treatment of e1 and p1 (e1 + p1), or sesame oil as a vehicle control (oil) was given every other day for 2 weeks. tumor size was recorded every day ...19911867584
ethanol inhalation and dietary n-6, n-3, and n-9 fatty acids in the rat: effect on platelet and aortic fatty acid composition.the effects of 18-carbon n-6, n-3, and n-9 fatty acid diets and ethanol exposure on the fatty acyl composition of platelets and vascular tissue were examined. an experimental design was devised to control the dietary content of 18-carbon fatty acids. the levels of 18:3n6, 18:3n3 and 18:1n9 were varied by a formulation of dietary oils which contained similar proportions of 18:2n6. male sprague-dawley rats were fed a purified diet containing 11% by weight of either borage oil (bor) rich in 18:3n6, ...19911877733
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