[effects of flavonoids on intestinal absorption in vivo and in vitro of datura inoxia mill. alkaloids]. 19744447023
intraspecific combinations of flower and leaf volatiles act together in attracting hawkmoth pollinators.insects pinpoint mates, food and oviposition sites by olfactory cues. recognizing and localizing a suitable target by olfaction is demanding. odor sources emit characteristic blends of compounds that have to be identified against an environmentally derived olfactory background. this background, however, does not necessarily disturb the localization of a source. rather, the contrary. sex pheromones become more attractive to male moths when being presented against a relevant plant background. here ...201324069159
comparison of tlc and different micro tlc techniques in analysis of tropane alkaloids and their derivatives mixture from datura inoxia mill. extract.planar chromatography is a very useful tool for analysis of wide range of different mixtures. thanks to its possibility for rapid separation of large number of samples simultaneously, low solvent consumption and ability to analyse rough material allow to receive precise and reliable results in short time and low cost. miniaturization of planar techniques brings a lot of advantages, such as shortening distance and time of chromatogram development, and further lowering of solvent consumption. besi ...201324078741
assessment of serum creatine kinase among adolescent patients following jimsonweed (datura stramonium) and moonflower (datura inoxia) ingestions: a review of 11 cases.datura stramonium (ds) (jimsonweed) is well known for its abuse potential for hallucinogenic effects and datura inoxia (di) (moonflower) has been abused for similar effects. to our knowledge, only one case report describes rhabdomyolysis in association with ds or di ingestion.201020524835
characterization of the necrosis determinant of the european genotype of pepino mosaic virus by site-specific mutagenesis of an infectious cdna clone.mild and necrotic isolates have been described for the european (eu) genotype of pepino mosaic virus (pepmv), an important pathogen of tomato worldwide. in this study, we produced various infectious cdna clones of an eu isolate with point mutations introduced by site-directed mutagenesis. our results showed that the genetic determinant responsible for necrosis induction on tomato and datura inoxia was amino acid 67 of tgbp3. this amino acid residue also acts as necrosis determinant in pepmv isol ...201122068882
single mutation converts mild pathotype of the pepino mosaic virus into necrotic one.pepino mosaic virus (pepmv) is a member of the flexiviridae family, genus potexvirus. pepmv isolates from the same genotype differ in the symptoms they induce in datura inoxia and solanum lycopersicum. necrotic isolates cause necrosis on these plants whereas mild isolates are very often asymptomatic or induce mild mosaic. sequence analysis of the genomes of mild (pepmv-p22) and necrotic (pepmv-p19) strains revealed that they differ by several nonsynonymous mutations. eleven mutations are located ...201121536084
dinoxin b, a withanolide from datura inoxia leaves with specific cytotoxic activities.a new withanolide, dinoxin b (12,21-dihydroxy-1-oxowitha-2,5,24-trienolide-27-o-ß-d-glucopyranoside, 1), was isolated from a methanol extract of datura inoxia leaves, using bioassay-guided fractionation. the structure was determined by spectroscopic techniques, including (1)h, (13)c, and 2d nmr experiments as well as by hrms. extracts and the purified compound were tested for their antiproliferative activities toward a panel of human normal and cancer cell lines. dinoxin b (1) and its aglycone ( ...201121280589
characterization and coding of behaviorally significant odor mixtures.for animals to execute odor-driven behaviors, the olfactory system must process complex odor signals and maintain stimulus identity in the face of constantly changing odor intensities [1-5]. surprisingly, how the olfactory system maintains identity of complex odors is unclear [6-10]. we took advantage of the plant-pollinator relationship between the sacred datura (datura wrightii) and the moth manduca sexta[11, 12] to determine how olfactory networks in this insect's brain represent odor mixture ...200919230669
preventing establishment: an inventory of introduced plants in puerto villamil, isabela island, part of an island-wide project to identify and eradicate potentially invasive plant species before they become established, a program of inventories is being carried out in the urban and agricultural zones of the four inhabited islands in galapagos. this study reports the results of the inventory from puerto villamil, a coastal village representing the urban zone of isabela island. we visited all 1193 village properties to record the presence of the introduced plants. in addition, information ...200717940606
antimuscarinic intoxication resulting from the ingestion of moonflower report a case in which ingestion of moonflower seeds resulted in antimuscarinic intoxication.200415572604
mydriasis due to datura inoxia.unilateral, dilated unresponsive pupil may be secondary to a wide range of ocular and neurological disorders. "gardener's pupil" is a pharmacological mydriasis caused by exposure to plants containing alkaloids. we report a case of mydriasis related to datura inoxia, and detail a number of plants that have toxic effects. this report emphasises the importance of accurate history taking when evaluating fixed dilated pupil. we recommend that labelling of such poisonous plants should detail the local ...200515788851
testing for atropine and scopolamine in hair by lc-ms-ms after datura inoxia abuse.datura inoxia belongs to the family of solanaceae. this is a very common plant in new caledonia that contains two main toxic alkaloids, l-atropine and l-scopolamine. in this study, we report the case of a 20-year-old male admitted to an emergency unit after consumption of 6 dried flowers in hot water for hallucinations, mydriasis, and agitation associated with tachycardia and increase of systolic blood pressure to 180. full recovery was observed after one week. three weeks later, a lock of about ...200616959138
do potatoes and tomatoes have a single evolutionary history, and what proportion of the genome supports this history?phylogenies reconstructed with only one or a few independently inherited loci may be unresolved or incongruent due to taxon and gene sampling, horizontal gene transfer, or differential selection and lineage sorting at individual loci. in an effort to remedy this situation, we examined the utility of conserved orthologous set (cosii) nuclear loci to elucidate the phylogenetic relationships among 29 diploid solanum species in the sister clades that include tomato and potato, and in datura inoxia a ...200919664206
a dna microarray for the authentication of toxic traditional chinese medicinal plants.a silicon-based dna microarray was designed and fabricated for the identification of toxic traditional chinese medicinal plants. species-specific oligonucleotide probes were derived from the 5s ribosomal rna gene of aconitum carmichaeli, a. kusnezoffi, alocasia macrorrhiza, croton tiglium, datura inoxia, d. metel, d. tatula, dysosma pleiantha, dy. versipellis, euphorbia kansui, hyoscyamus niger, pinellia cordata, p. pedatisecta, p. ternata, rhododendron molle, strychnos nux-vomica, typhonium div ...200515971136
suspected moonflower intoxication--ohio, 2002.during october 11-november 20, 2002, the cincinnati drug and poison information center (dpic) received notification of and offered treatment advice for 14 adolescents in the akron/cleveland, ohio, area who became ill after intentional exposure to toxic seeds that dpic identified as datura inoxia. all became ill shortly after eating the seeds or drinking tea brewed using the seeds. all patients recovered fully after treatment. this report summarizes these cases, discusses the characteristics of t ...200312931077
[intoxication with alcaloids of datura stramonium and datura inoxia following honey ingestion]. 19725068984
first report of association of a begomovirus with the leaf curl disease of a common weed, datura inoxia. 201223730010
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