glucuronoxylan xylanohydrolase. a unique xylanase with the requirement for appendant glucuronosyl units.a new category of beta-(1----4)-xylan xylanohydrolases that exhibit a specific capacity to hydrolyze glucuronoxylans was characterized using heteroxylans prepared from vigna (vigna angularis ohwi et ohashi cv. takara) and maize (zea mays l.) cell walls together with appropriate derivatives as substrates. glucuronopyranosyl moieties, as side chains, were prerequisite for enzyme-mediated hydrolysis of the beta-(1----4)-xylosyl linkages. the enzyme degraded glucuronoxylans derived from vigna cell w ...19911901062
subrepeats of rdna intergenic spacer present as prominent independent satellite dna in vigna radiata but not in vigna angularis.subrepeats located in the rdna intergenic spacer are also present as independently occurring, tandemly arranged satellite dna clusters in the genome of vigna radiata (mung bean). these 174-bp satellite repeats are identified as non-rdna repeats by the presence of an alui site. in the closely related vigna angularis (adzuki bean), 174-bp repeats characterized by an alui site occur in the rdna with high sequence homology to the v. radiata rdna subrepeats. a part of the 174-bp element that shows hi ...19912022324
the complete amino acid sequence of a subtilisin inhibitor from adzuki beans (vigna angularis).the complete amino acid sequence of a major molecular form of subtilisin inhibitor from adzuki beans (vigna angularis) was established by manual analysis using 4-n,n-dimethylaminoazobenzene-4'-isothiocyanate (dabitc). sequencing was performed on the peptides which were derived by digesting the inhibitor with lysyl-endopeptidase and staphylococcus aureus v8-protease. the inhibitor consisted of 92 amino acid residues and the molecular weight was calculated to be 10,800. a minor form of subtilisin ...19892628417
structure of the trypsin-binding domain of bowman-birk type protease inhibitor and its interaction with trypsin.the crystal structure of the complex formed by bovine trypsin and bowman-birk type protease inhibitor ab-i extracted from azuki beans (vigna angularis) 'takara' has been analyzed. the structure was solved by the application of the phase combination of single isomorphous phases and trypsin model phases, followed by phase improvement using the iterative fourier technique. from the resulting electron density map, a three-dimensional atomic model of the trypsin binding domain of ab-i has been built. ...19863032921
azuki bean (vigna angularis) protease inhibitors: isolation and amino acid sequences.double-headed protease inhibitors i, iia, and iic (ab i, ab iia, and ab iic) have been purified from azuki beans "takara" (vigna angularis) by conventional chromatographic methods and their amino acid sequences have been determined. ab i, ab iia, and ab iic had molecular weights of 9,166, 8,661, and 8,756 daltons, consisting of 82, 78, 79 amino acid residues, respectively. the molecular weights of these inhibitors, determined by gel filtration at ph 8.0, were 18,000 for ab i and 17,000 for both ...19853888975
cloning of a complementary dna that encodes an acidic chitinase which is induced by ethylene and expression of the corresponding gene.a complementary dna encoding an ethylene-inducible acidic chitinase of azuki bean (vigna angularis) was isolated, and its complete nucleotide sequence was determined. the nucleotide and deduced amino-acid sequence were very similar to those of an acidic chitinase from cucumber leaves that had been infected with tobacco necrosis virus. the mrna for the acidic chitinase was not detected in leaves of azuki bean that had not been treated with ethylene, but it appeared 3 h after initiation of treatme ...19937517787
a new polyamine 4-aminobutylcadaverine. occurrence and its biosynthesis in root nodules of adzuki bean plant vigna angularis.root nodules of adzuki bean plant (vigna angularis) contained a novel polyamine. the chemical structure of the new polyamine was determined to be nh2(ch2)5-nh(ch2)4nh2 (4-aminobutylcadaverine) based on gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. the occurrence of 4-aminobutylcadaverine was specific to the root nodules, since the unusual triamine was not detected in other organs of the adzuki bean plant. bacteroids, isolated from root nodules, contained both sym-homospermidine and 4-aminobutylcadaverin ...19957730376
characterization of a soybean beta-conglycinin-degrading protease cleavage site.protease c1, an enzyme from soybean (glycine max [l.] merrill cv amsoy 71) seedling cotyledons, was previously determined to be the enzyme responsible for the initial degradation of the alpha' and alpha subunits, but not the beta subunit, of beta-conglycinin storage protein. the sizes of the proteolytic products generated by the action of protease c1 suggest that the cleavage sites on the alpha' and alpha subunits of beta-conglycinin may be located in their n-terminal domain, which is not found ...19948115542
crystallographic refinement of bowman-birk type protease inhibitor a-ii from peanut (arachis hypogaea) at 2.3 a resolution.the crystal structure of bowman-birk type protease inhibitor a-ii from peanut was refined at 2.3 a resolution using a restrained least-squares method. the crystallographic r-factor is 0.196 for 7697 reflections with f > 3 sigma (f) in the range from 6.0 to 2.3 a resolution. two molecules in an asymmetric unit are independently refined and, their structures are compared with each other. the inhibitor molecule has an elongated shape with two reactive sites, one at both ends of the longest dimensio ...19938254669
identification of a basic glycoprotein induced by ethylene in primary leaves of azuki bean as a cationic peroxidase.ethylene causes the accumulation of seven different proteins (each designated azxx according to its molecular mass, xx in kd) in excised primary leaves of azuki bean (vigna angularis) (f. ishige, h. mori, k. yamazaki, h. imaseki [1991] plant cell physiol 32: 681-690). a complementary dna encoding an ethylene-induced basic glycoprotein, az42, from azuki bean was cloned and its complete nucleotide sequence was determined. characterization of the cdna was accomplished by monitoring expression of an ...19938278494
molecular heterogeneity of photosystem i. psad, psae, psaf, psah, and psal are all present in isoforms in nicotiana spp.the protein composition of photosystem i (psi) was examined in nicotiana spp. by high-resolution polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, n-terminal amino acid sequencing, and immunoblot analysis. five psi proteins show polymorphism in an amphidiploid species, nicotiana tabacum, but not in its ancestral diploid species, nicotiana sylvestris and nicotiana tomentosiformis. these nicotiana spp. appear to have at least 18 psi proteins per genome that range in molecular mass from 3 to 20 kd. they include ...19938278548
mycoflora and mycotoxins in adzuki and mung beans produced in ontario, canada.this is the first report on the detection of fumonisin b1 (fb1) in fusarium-infected adzuki bean (phaseolus angularis) and mung bean (phaseolus aureus). the infected beans had either a mouldy appearance or a distinct discoloration. seed coats of infected adzuki beans changed from dark red to light red and those of mung beans from green to dark or brownish green. fusarium spp. isolated from mouldy and discoloured beans included f. avenaceum, f. culmorum, f. equiseti, f. graminearum, f. moniliform ...19979345788
immunogold labeling of rosette terminal cellulose-synthesizing complexes in the vascular plant vigna angularisthe catalytic subunit of cellulose synthase is shown to be associated with the putative cellulose-synthesizing complex (rosette terminal complex [tc]) in vascular plants. the catalytic subunit domain of cotton cellulose synthase was cloned using a primer based on a rice expressed sequence tag (d41261) from which a specific primer was constructed to run a polymerase chain reaction that used a cdna library from 24 days postanthesis cotton fibers as a template. the catalytic region of cotton cellul ...199910559435
stachyose synthesis in seeds of adzuki bean (vigna angularis): molecular cloning and functional expression of stachyose synthase.stachyose is the major soluble carbohydrate in seeds of a number of important crop species. it is synthesized from raffinose and galactinol by the action of stachyose synthase (ec we report here on the identification of a cdna encoding stachyose synthase from seeds of adzuki bean (vigna angularis ohwi et ohashi). based on internal amino acid sequences of the enzyme purified from adzuki bean, oligonucleotides were designed and used to amplify corresponding sequences from adzuki bean cd ...199910652123
role of hsfa gene on host-specificity by bradyrhizobium japonicum in a broad range of tropical legumes.bradyrhizobium japonicum mutant strain nad163, containing a 30-kb deletion mutant encompassing the hsfa gene, was inoculated onto a broad range of legume species to test host-specificity. most legume species formed ineffective nodules except vigna angularis var. chibopat and glycine max var. pureunkong. a hsfa insertion mutant, bjjc211, gave similar results to strain nad163, implying that many legume species require hsfa for host-specific nitrogen fixation. to determine whether other genes in th ...200010696474
free amino acids present in commercially available seedlings sold for human consumption. a potential hazard for consumers.the importance of fresh seedlings for human consumption on european markets continues to increase. although the contents of free amino acids and potentially toxic free nonprotein amino acids in these fresh and supposedly healthy seedlings is very different from those of the seeds, the crude composition is never mentioned on commercial packages. a commercial product containing seven different kinds of fresh seedlings including kamut, adzuki bean, chickpea, mungbean, pinto bean, garden pea, and le ...200010725139
the chloroplast genomes of azuki bean and its close relatives: a deletion mutation found in weed azuki bean.a physical map of the azuki bean (vigna angularis cv. erimo-shozu) chloroplast dna (cpdna) was constructed by localising the cleavage sites of psti, sali, smai, saci, kpni, pvuii and xhoi. the resulting map is more similar to the cpdna-maps of two vigna species (mung bean, v. radiata, and v. nakashimae) than to common bean (phaseolus vulgaris) cpdna map. azuki bean was originally classified in the genus phaseolus, and the inclusion of this taxon in the genus vigna is a recent taxonomic decision. ...200010857258
possible involvement of 65 kda map in elongation growth of azuki bean epicotyls.although regulation of the dynamics of plant microtubules (mts) by microtubule-associated proteins (maps) has been suggested, the mechanism has not yet been elucidated. as one candidate, a map composed of a 65 kda polypeptide (65 kda map) has been isolated from tobacco cultured cells [jiang and sonobe (1993), j. cell sci 105: 8911. to investigate the physiological role of the 65 kda map in situ, we analyzed the changes in content and colocalization of this map with cortical mts in relation to el ...200011038057
low density lipoprotein receptor mrna in rat liver is affected by resistant starch of beans.the effects of resistant starches of beans on serum cholesterol and hepatic low density lipoprotein (ldl) receptor mrna in rats were investigated. rats were fed a cholesterol-free diet with 150 g/kg corn starch (cs), 150 g/kg adzuki (vigna angularis) starch (as), 150 g/kg kintoki (phaseolus vulgaris, variety) starch (ks), or 150 g/kg tebou (p. vulgaris, variety) starch (ts) for 4 wk. there were no significant differences in body weight among groups through the experimental period. the liver weig ...200111269692
transfection of wolbachia in lepidoptera: the feminizer of the adzuki bean borer ostrinia scapulalis causes male killing in the mediterranean flour moth ephestia kuehniella.two species of lepidoptera, ostrinia scapulalis and ephestia kuehniella, harbour wolbachia, which are maternally transmitted intracellular bacteria that often cause reproductive abnormalities in arthropods. while the infection in o. scapulalis causes conversion of genetic males into functional females (feminization), that in e. kuehniella induces cytoplasmic incompatibility. in the present study, we investigated the relative importance of host and wolbachia factors in the differential expression ...200111345332
evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of legumes.mung bean, adzuki bean, black bean and rice bean are foods and folk medicines of taiwan. we evaluated the effects of various water extract concentrations (100, 500 and 1000 mg/kg body wt.) and silymarin (25 mg/kg body wt. on acetaminophen-induced liver injury by measuring serum glutamate-oxalate-transaminase (sgot) and serum glutamate-pyruvate-transaminase (sgpt) activities in rats. the results showed that the sgot and the sgpt activities, increased by apap, were decreased significantly (p < 0.0 ...200111417915
prevailing triple infection with wolbachia in callosobruchus chinensis (coleoptera: bruchidae).prevailing triple infection with three distinct wolbachia strains was identified in japanese populations of the adzuki bean beetle, callosobruchus chinensis. when a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay was conducted using universal primers for ftsz and wsp, wolbachia was detected in all the individuals examined, 288 males and 334 females from nine japanese populations. pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) analysis of cloned wsp gene fragments from single insects revealed that thr ...200211856419
purification of angularin, a novel antifungal peptide from adzuki antifungal peptide was isolated from the adzuki bean with a procedure involving affinity chromatography on affi-gel blue gel and ion exchange chromatography on cm-sepharose. the protein designated angularin was adsorbed on both types of chromatographic media and possessed a molecular weight of 8 kda. angularin exhibited antifungal activity against a variety of fungal species including mycospharella arachidiocola and botrytis cinerea. it inhibited mycelial growth in b. cinerea with an ic50 of ...200211931582
female sex pheromone polymorphism in adzuki bean borer, ostrinia scapulalis, is similar to that in european corn borer, o. nubilalis.individual analysis of the female sex pheromone of the adzuki bean borer, ostrinia scapulalis, has shown that the sex pheromone of this species comprised (e)-11-tetradecenyl acetate (e11-14:oac) and (z)-11-tetradecenyl acetate (z11-14:oac) at variable blend ratios. the pheromone blend could be tentatively categorized into three types with respect to the proportion of e11-14:oac: e type (94-100%, median 99.2%), z type (0-16%, median 3.0%), and intermediate type (i type, 48-85%, median 63.7%). in ...200211944830
cloning and characterization of the abscisic acid-specific glucosyltransferase gene from adzuki bean seedlings.the glycosylated forms of abscisic acid (aba) have been identified from many plant species and are known to be the forms of aba-catabolism, although their (physiological) roles have not yet been elucidated. aba-glucosyltransferase (-gtase) is thought to play a key role in the glycosylation of aba. we isolated an aba-inducible gtase gene from udp-gtase homologs obtained from adzuki bean (vigna angularis) seedlings. the deduced amino acid sequence (accession no. ab065190) showed 30% to 44% identit ...200212114582
internal spatiotemporal population dynamics of infection with three wolbachia strains in the adzuki bean beetle, callosobruchus chinensis (coleoptera: bruchidae).the adzuki bean beetle, callosobruchus chinensis, is infected with three distinct lineages of endosymbiotic bacteria belonging to the genus wolbachia, which were designated wbrucon, wbruori, and wbruaus. in an attempt to understand the mechanisms underlying the infection with these three organisms, the spatiotemporal infection dynamics of the three wolbachia strains was investigated in detail by using a quantitative pcr technique. during the development of c. chinensis, the wbrucon, wbruori, and ...200212147509
reproducible transformation in two grain legumes--soybean and azuki bean--using different systems.two plasmid vectors were introduced into soybean (glycine max (l.) merr.) and azuki bean (vigna angularis willd. ohwi and ohashi) using different transformation systems. azuki bean epicotyl explants were prepared from etiolated seedlings and co-cultivated with agrobacterium tumefaciens for 2 days. adventitious shoots were developed from the callus of the explants on a regeneration medium containing hygromycin, and the shoots were excised and transferred to a rooting medium containing hygromycin ...200212378231
genome fragment of wolbachia endosymbiont transferred to x chromosome of host insect.the adzuki bean beetle, callosobruchus chinensis, is triple-infected with distinct lineages of wolbachia endosymbiont, wbrucon, wbruori, and wbruaus, which were identified by their wsp (wolbachia surface protein) gene sequences. whereas wbrucon and wbruori caused cytoplasmic incompatibility of the host insect, wbruaus did not. although wbrucon and wbruori were easily eliminated by antibiotic treatments, wbruaus persisted over five treated generations and could not be eliminated. the inheritance ...200212386340
upregulation of isoflavonoids and soluble proteins in edible legumes by light and fungal elicitor this study, our working hypothesis was that continuous light and fungal elicitation treatment of legume seedlings would lead to enhanced levels of isoflavonoids and soluble proteins.200312816625
enzyme-resistant fractions of beans lowered serum cholesterol and increased sterol excretions and hepatic mrna levels in rats.feeding rats beans with resistant starch reduces their serum cholesterol concentration; however, the mechanism by which this occurs is not fully understood. we examined the effects of enzyme-resistant fractions of adzuki (vigna angularis) and tebou (phaseolus vulgaris, var.) beans on serum cholesterol and hepatic mrna in rats. rats were fed a cholesterol-free diet with 50 g of cellulose powder (cp)/kg, 50 g of an enzyme-resistant fraction of adzuki starch (as)/kg, or 50 g of an enzyme-resistant ...200314584599
resistant starches of beans reduce the serum cholesterol concentration in rats.we examined the effects of the resistant starches of adzuki (vigna angularis), kintoki (phaseolus vulgaris, variety), and tebou (p. vulgaris, variety) beans on the lipid metabolism in rats. rats were fed a cholesterol-free diet with 25 g of cornstarch (cs)/100 g diet, 25 g of adzuki starch (as)/100 g diet, 25 g of kintoki starch (ks)/100 g diet, or 25 g of tebou starch (ts)/100 g diet for 4 wk. the cecal contents in the ts group were significantly higher than those in the cs and ks groups. there ...200314598916
sexual mosaics induced by tetracycline treatment in the wolbachia-infected adzuki bean borer, ostrinia scapulalis.wolbachia-infected ostrinia scapulalis (lepidoptera: crambidae) females generate all-female or nearly all-female broods. curing the infection by tetracycline treatment during larval stages results in the generation of all-male broods in the next generation. here we show that sexually mosaic offspring are produced by wolbachia-infected females treated with tetracycline at the adult stage. the sexual mosaics had wings that were composed of distinctive female and male sectors. besides wings, the se ...200314663517
pheromone analysis of wild female moths with a pban c-terminal peptide injection for an estimation of assortative mating in adzuki bean borer, ostrinia scapulalis.the adzuki bean borer, ostrinia scapulalis, has distinct genetic variation in the blend of two sex pheromone components, (e)- and (z)-11-tetradecenyl acetates. this variation is largely controlled by a single autosomal locus with two alleles, e and z. e-type (ee) females produce a pheromone with a mean e:z ratio at 99:1 whereas z-type (zz) and i-type (ze) produce pheromones with mean of 3:97 and 64:36, respectively. interestingly, in many natural populations of o. scapulalis in japan, this phero ...200314969361
opposite sex-specific effects of wolbachia and interference with the sex determination of its host ostrinia the adzuki bean borer, ostrinia scapulalis, the sex ratio in most progenies is 1 : 1. females from wolbachia-infected matrilines, however, give rise to all-female broods when infected and to all-male broods when cured of the infection. these observations had been interpreted as wolbachia-induced feminization of genetic males into functional females. here, we show that the interpretation is incorrect. females from both lines have a female karyotype with a wz sex-chromosome constitution while m ...200415058435
hot-water extracts from adzuki beans (vigna angularis) suppress not only the proliferation of kato iii cells in culture but also benzo(a)pyrene-induced tumorigenesis in mouse forestomatch.treatment of human stomach cancer kato iii cells with hot-water extracts from adzuki beans led to their growth inhibition as well as apoptosis induction. there are morphological changes in the cultured cells treated with the extracts, by which dna fragmentation characteristic of apoptosis was actualized both concentration- and time-dependently. in contrast, n-acetyl-l-cysteine suppressed such dna fragmentation, implying that the extracts from adzuki beans might exert antitumorigenicity via activ ...200415527074
suppressive effect of a hot water extract of adzuki beans (vigna angularis) on hyperglycemia after sucrose loading in mice and diabetic rats.a hot water extract obtained by boiling adzuki beans (vigna angularis) to produce bean paste for japanese cake showed inhibitory activity against alpha-glucosidase, alpha-amylase, maltase, sucrase, and isomaltase after hp-20 column chromatography. the ic(50) values for each hydrolylase were 0.78 mg/ml (alpha-amylase), 2.45 mg/ml (maltase), 5.37 mg/ml (sucrase), and 1.75 mg/ml (isomaltase). the active fraction showed potential hypoglycemic activity in both normal mice and streptozotocin (stz)-ind ...200415618610
cloning and characterization of a plant defensin vad1 from azuki bean.a recombinant mungbean defensin vrd1 was previously shown to exhibit antifungal and bruchid-resistant activity. to study the function and regulation of vrd1, genomic dnas of plant defensins were isolated from vigna radiata vc6089a and azuki bean vigna angularis kao hsiung no. 6. the azuki bean defensin genomic dna vad1 was sequenced and converted to vad1 cdna. vad1 defensin was purified from vigna angularis kao hsiung no. 6 to apparent homogeneity. the complete amino acid sequence of the purifie ...200515713009
metal contamination of soils and crops affected by the chenzhou lead/zinc mine spill (hunan, china).in 1985, the collapse of the tailing dam in chenzhou lead/zinc mine (hunan, southern china) led to the spread of mining waste spills on the farmland along the dong river. after the accident, an urgent soil cleaning up was carried out in some places. seventeen years later, cereal (rice, maize, and sorghum), pulses (soybean, adzuki bean, mung bean and peanut), vegetables (ipomoea, capsicum, taro and string bean) and the rooted soils were sampled at four sites: (1) the mining area (szy), (2) the ar ...200515740766
hepatoprotective effects of the water extract from adzuki bean hulls on acetaminophen-induced damage in rat liver.we examined the hepatoprotective effect of water-extract from adzuki bean (vigna angularis) hulls on acetaminophen (aap)-induced damage in rat liver. f344/ducrj rats of 8 weeks of age were fed diets without and with 0.5% aap or besides it 5% adzuki extract (lyophilized) on a daily basis over a period of 4 wk. at that time, serum aspartate aminotransferase activity in only aap-treated group was higher than in both control and aap plus adzuki extract (aapa)-treated groups, while hepatic glutathion ...200415754502
protective effect of dietary azuki bean (vigna angularis) seed coats against renal interstitial fibrosis of rats induced by cisplatin.we investigated the effects of azuki bean (vigna angularis) seed coats (abscs), which mainly contain proanthocyanidins and dietary fibers, on the infiltration of macrophages and the progression of renal interstitial fibrosis induced by cisplatin (cddp).200515811772
hot-water extracts from adzuki beans (vigna angularis) stimulate not only melanogenesis in cultured mouse b16 melanoma cells but also pigmentation of hair color in c3h mice.a hot-water extract of adzuki was obtained by boiling beans of adzuki (vigna angularis). this hot-water extract was fractionated using hp-20 column chromatography. its distilled water fraction (wex) was found to stimulate tyrosinase activity in cultured mouse b16 melanoma cells and hair color pigmentation in c3h mice. at concentrations of 1-3 mg/ml, wex stimulated melanogenesis without inhibiting cell growth. during this effect, wex activated tyrosinase-inducing activity in the cells, but did no ...200515914904
[medical pots of yakushi buddha in japan].the origin of yakushi buddha (bhaisajyaguru in sanscrit, buddha of healing) is not clearly known. it has been proposed the original statue of yakushi buddha may have been conceived from varna, a god in brahminism, believed to be a god of justice who possessed medicines and prolonged life. it is believed that yakushi buddha appeared in japan when the buddhism was imported from korea and china in vi century, yakushi buddha was believed more profoundly in japan, compared with korea and china.the re ...200516021752
protective effect of polyphenol-containing azuki bean (vigna angularis) seed coats on the renal cortex in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.this study was undertaken to investigate the effect of azuki bean (vigna angularis) seed coats (absc), which contain polyphenols, on the infiltration of macrophages and the progression of diabetic nephropathy in streptozotocin (stz)-induced diabetic rats. the diabetic rats were divided into three groups with 0% (commercial diet), 0.1% and 1.0% absc diets. the vehicle-injected controls were given a commercial diet. at 10 weeks, the macrophage kinetics, the degree of fibrosis in glomeruli and mrna ...200516115543
transinfection reveals the crucial importance of wolbachia genotypes in determining the type of reproductive alteration in the host.wolbachia , a group of endosymbiotic bacteria in arthropods, alter the reproduction of their hosts in various ways. a wolbachia strain (wsca) naturally infecting the adzuki bean borer moth ostrinia scapulalis induces male killing, while another strain (wkue) infecting the mediterranean flour moth ephestia kuehniella induces cytoplasmic incompatibility (ci) in the resident host. transinfection of wolbachia can be a powerful tool to elucidate the relative importance of wolbachia and the host in de ...200516174339
a genetic linkage map for azuki bean [vigna angularis (willd.) ohwi & ohashi].to make progress in genome analysis of azuki bean (vigna angularis) a genetic linkage map was constructed from a backcross population of (v. nepalensis x v. angularis) x v.angularis consisting of 187 individuals. a total of 486 markers-205 simple sequence repeats (ssrs), 187 amplified fragment length polymorphisms (aflps) and 94 restriction fragment length polymorphisms (rflps) -were mapped onto 11 linkage groups corresponding to the haploid chromosome number of azuki bean. this map spans a tota ...200516193342
effect of an adzuki bean extract on hepatic anti-oxidant enzyme mrnas in d-galactosamine-treated acute hepatic injury tests, an adzuki bean extract decreased d-galactosamine (galn)-induced alterations in the serum alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotranferase activities to about 37% and 25%, respectively, although there were no significant differences in these activities between the galn-treated group with the adzuki bean extract and the galn-treated group without the adzuki bean extract. furthermore, the hepatic glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase, and mn- and cu,zn-s ...200516244455
adzuki resistant starch lowered serum cholesterol and hepatic 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coa mrna levels and increased hepatic ldl-receptor and cholesterol 7alpha-hydroxylase mrna levels in rats fed a cholesterol diet.we examined the effects of adzuki bean resistant starch on serum cholesterol and hepatic mrna in rats fed a cholesterol diet. the mrna coded for key regulatory proteins of cholesterol metabolism. the control rats were fed 15 % cornstarch (basal diet, bd). the experimental rats were fed bd plus a 0.5 % cholesterol diet (cd), or a 15 % adzuki resistant starch plus 0.5 % cholesterol diet (acd) for 4 weeks. the serum total cholesterol and vldl + intermediate density lipoprotein + ldl-cholesterol lev ...200516351766
antibacterial activity of plant extracts from azuki beans (vigna angularis) in vitro.this study was undertaken to examine the antimicrobial property of azuki beans (vigna angularis). the water extracts of green, black and red colored azuki beans showed antibacterial effects against staphylococcus aureus, aeromonas hydrophila and vibrio parahaemolyticus. in contrast, the extract of white azuki beans showed no inhibition towards any of the microorganisms examined. the extracts of colored azuki beans contained larger amounts of polyphenols including proanthocyanidins than the extra ...200616444673
variation in the nod gene rflps, nucleotide sequences of 16s rrna genes, nod factors, and nodulation abilities of bradyrhizobium strains isolated from thai vigna plants.the analysis of nod genes and 16s rrna gene regions, nod factors, and nodulation abilities of brady rhizobium strains isolated from tropical thai vigna species is reported. a total of 55 bradyrhizobium strains isolated from two cultivated and six wild vigna species growing in central and northern thailand were evaluated. thai vigna spp. bradyrhizobium strains showed higher levels of nod gene rflp diversity compared with thai soybean brady rhizobium strains or temperate strains of bradyrhizobium ...200616541157
xyloglucan antibodies inhibit auxin-induced elongation and cell wall loosening of azuki bean epicotyls but not of oat coleoptiles.polyclonal antibodies were raised in rabbits against isoprimeverose (xyl(1)glc(1)), xyloglucan heptasaccharides (xyl(3)glc(4)), and octasaccharides (gal(1)xyl(3)glc(4)). antibodies specific for hepta- and octasaccharides suppressed auxin-induced elongation of epicotyl segments of azuki bean (vigna angularis ohwi and ohashi cv takara). these antibodies also inhibited auxin-induced cell wall loosening (decrease in the minimum stress-relaxation time and the relaxation rate of the cell walls) of azu ...199116668221
development of a black gram [vigna mungo (l.) hepper] linkage map and its comparison with an azuki bean [vigna angularis (willd.) ohwi and ohashi] linkage map.the asian vigna group of grain legumes consists of six domesticated species, among them black gram is widely grown in south asia and to a lesser extent in southeast asia. we report the first genetic linkage map of black gram [vigna mungo (l.) hepper], constructed using a bc(1)f(1) population consisting of 180 individuals. the bc(1)f(1) population was analyzed in 61 ssr primer pairs, 56 rflp probes, 27 aflp loci and 1 morphological marker. about 148 marker loci could be assigned to the 11 linkage ...200616932883
levels of dioxins in rice, wheat, soybean, and adzuki bean cultivated in 1999 to 2002 in japan and estimation of their intake.a total of 369 samples of rice (n = 311), wheat (n = 10), soybean (n = 44), and adzuki bean (n = 4) collected from various locations in japan between 1999 and 2002 were analyzed for pcdds, pcdfs (pcdd/fs) and coplanar pcbs. sampling points within about 1 km of operational municipal waste incinerators that were considered sources of dioxins were defined as "near-source" areas, and all other sampling points were defined as "general" areas. the toxic equivalent quantity (teq) values of soybean samp ...200616984040
[estrogenicity of adzuki bean phaseolus angularis wight. and its effect on proesterone receptor level in human breast cancer mcf-7 cells].to explore the estrogenic activity of ethanol extract from adzuki bean phaseolus angularis and its effect on progesterone receptor (pr) level of human breast cancer mcf-7 cells.200617048572
infection density of wolbachia endosymbiont affected by co-infection and host genotype.infection density is among the most important factors for understanding the biological effects of wolbachia and other endosymbionts on their hosts. to gain insight into the mechanisms of infection density regulation, we investigated the adzuki bean beetles callosobruchus chinensis and their wolbachia endosymbionts. double-infected, single-infected and uninfected host strains with controlled nuclear genetic backgrounds were generated by introgression, and infection densities in these strains were ...200517148240
physicochemical properties of native adzuki bean (vigna angularis) 7s globulin and the molecular cloning of its cdna isoforms.7s globulin (vicilin), the major seed storage protein in adzuki bean [vigna angularis], was purified by ammonium sulfate fractionation, gel filtration column chromatography, and anion-exchange column chromatography that resulted in two fractions. on sds-page, both fractions gave two major and some minor bands, but there was a difference in the minor band compositions between the two fractions. thermal stability, solubility, surface hydrophobicity, and emulsifying ability of these three samples w ...200717417864
phenotypic plasticity in a complex world: interactive effects of food and temperature on fitness components of a seed beetle.most studies of phenotypic plasticity investigate the effects of an individual environmental factor on organism phenotypes. however, organisms exist in an ecologically complex world where multiple environmental factors can interact to affect growth, development and life histories. here, using a multifactorial experimental design, we examine the separate and interactive effects of two environmental factors, rearing host species (vigna radiata, vigna angularis and vigna unguiculata) and temperatur ...200717486371
contrasting patterns in crop domestication and domestication rates: recent archaeobotanical insights from the old world.archaeobotany, the study of plant remains from sites of ancient human activity, provides data for studying the initial evolution of domesticated plants. an important background to this is defining the domestication syndrome, those traits by which domesticated plants differ from wild relatives. these traits include features that have been selected under the conditions of cultivation. from archaeological remains the easiest traits to study are seed size and in cereal crops the loss of natural seed ...200717495986
isolation and expression of ga 2-oxidase2 in 2-oxidases, a key enzyme involves ga biosynthesis, catalyze the degradation of active c(19)-gibberellins (gas) through 2-hydroxylation yields inactive ga product. searching public tomato database, the putative ga2ox2 sequences were assembled. we isolated a full-length ga2ox2 cdna with primers designed from the assembled sequence. this gene was designed as slga2ox2 (genbank accession no. ef017805). the full-length ga2ox2 gene contained a complete open reading frame (orf) of 1203 bp, which enco ...200717676476
sex-specific death in the asian corn borer moth (ostrinia furnacalis) infected with wolbachia occurs across larval development.maternally inherited endosymbiotic bacteria of the genus wolbachia induce various kinds of reproductive alterations in their arthropod hosts. in a wolbachia-infected strain of the adzuki bean borer moth, ostrinia scapulalis (lepidoptera: crambidae), males selectively die during larval development, while females selectively die when wolbachia are eliminated by antibiotic treatment. we found that naturally occurring wolbachia in the congener o. furnacalis caused sex-specific lethality similar to t ...200717893742
small red bean (azuki) sheds biologically active substances as a prerequisite step for germination, one of which displays the antiviral activity against the rabies virus infectivity and infections in culture.when small red beans (azuki bean; vigna angularis ohwi et ohashi) were soaked and warmed in water or saline, the beans began to absorb water to swell and exuded kinds of substances probably as a prerequisite step for seed germination. such exudate fluids displayed strong antiviral activity against the rabies virus infections in culture. on the other hand, little anti-rabies activity was detected in the aqueous extracts from the red beans when tested soon after the extraction from powdered beans, ...200718037784
effect of polyphenol-containing azuki bean (vigna angularis) extract on blood pressure elevation and macrophage infiltration in the heart and kidney of spontaneously hypertensive rats.1. hypertension is a major risk factor for myocardial infarction and renal damage, and it has also been shown to have pro-inflammatory actions that increase the formation of reactive oxygen species. macrophage infiltration has been suggested to play a role in the pathogenesis of hypertension. azuki beans are known to contain pro-anthocyanidins, a group of polyphenolic bioflavonoids with remarkable radical-scavenging activities in vitro. therefore, the aim of the present study was to investigate ...200818047626
characterization and crystallography of recombinant 7s globulins of adzuki bean and structure-function relationships with 7s globulins of various crops.the recombinant proteins adzuki 7s1, adzuki 7s2, and adzuki 7s3 were prepared through the escherichia coli expression systems of three kinds of adzuki bean cdnas. the recombinant proteins exhibited intrinsic thermal stabilities, surface hydrophobicities, and solubilities, although the homology of their amino acid sequences ranged from 95-98%. to understand why these individual proteins exhibited different properties, their three-dimensional structures were elucidated. the three proteins were suc ...200818461964
hypoglycemic effect of hot-water extract of adzuki (vigna angularis) in spontaneously diabetic kk-a(y) mice.recently, we reported that 40% ethanol fraction of hot-water extracts of adzuki (vigna angularis; etex.40) suppressed the postprandial blood glucose level and serum insulin level in normal mice and streptozotocin-induced type 1 diabetic rats. the present study examined the hypoglycemic effect of etex.40 on blood glucose, insulin concentrations, organ weight, serum composition, and hepatic lipid content in spontaneously diabetic kk-a(y)/ta jcl mice, a model for type 2 diabetes.200918929464
characterization and distribution of two races of phialophora gregata in the north-central united states.abstract genetic variation and variation in aggressiveness in phialophora gregata f. sp. sojae, the cause of brown stem rot of soybean, was characterized in a sample of 209 isolates from the north-central region. the isolates were collected from soybean plants without regard to symptoms from randomly selected soybean fields. seven genotypes (a1, a2, a4, a5, a6, m1, and m2) were distinguished based on dna fingerprinting with microsatellite probes (cat)(5) and (cac)(5), with only minor genetic var ...200318943172
lowering serum cholesterol level by feeding a 40% ethanol-eluted fraction from hp-20 resin treated with hot water extract of adzuki beans (vigna angularis) to rats fed a high-fat cholesterol water extract of adzuki beans (vigna angularis) was subjected to hp-20 resin chromatography. the fraction eluted from the column using 40% ethanol (etex.40) was investigated by its effect on serum lipids in rats fed a high-fat cholesterol and/or cholesterol-free high-fat diet.200919036561
polyphenol-containing azuki bean (vigna angularis) extract attenuates blood pressure elevation and modulates nitric oxide synthase and caveolin-1 expressions in rats with hypertension.azuki beans (vigna angularis) contain polyphenols such as proanthocyanidins that exhibit potential radical scavenging activities. we herein investigated the effects of polyphenol-containing azuki bean extract (abe) on elevated blood pressure, nitric oxide (no) production, and expressions of endothelial no synthase (enos), inducible nos (inos), and caveolin-1 proteins in the aorta and kidney of chronically hypertensive rats.200919157815
genetic diversity analysis in blackgram (vigna mungo (l.) hepper) using aflp and transferable microsatellite markers from azuki bean (vigna angularis (willd.) ohwi & ohashi).genetic diversity in 20 elite blackgram (vigna mungo (l.) hepper) genotypes was studied using microsatellite and aflp markers. thirty-six microsatellite markers from azuki bean (vigna angularis (willd.) ohwi & ohashi) were successfully amplified across the 20 blackgram genotypes and 33 microsatellite markers showed polymorphism. a total of 137 microsatellite alleles were generated with an average of 4.1 alleles per locus. the number of alleles ranged from two to nine and the polymorphic informat ...200919234560
bradyrhizobium spp. and sinorhizobium fredii are predominant in root nodules of vigna angularis, a native legume crop in the subtropical region of china.adzuki bean (vigna angularis) is an important legume crop native to china, but its rhizobia have not been well characterized. in the present study, a total of 60 rhizobial strains isolated from eight provinces of china were analyzed with amplified 16s rrna gene rflp, igs-rflp, and sequencing analyses of 16s rrna, atpd, reca, and nodc genes. these strains were identified as genomic species within rhizobium, sinorhizobium, mesorhizobium, bradyrhizobium, and ochrobactrum. the most abundant groups w ...200919557346
polyphenol-containing azuki bean (vigna angularis) seed coats attenuate vascular oxidative stress and inflammation in spontaneously hypertensive rats.we investigated the effects of azuki bean (vigna angularis) seed coats (absc), which contain polyphenols, on the vascular oxidative stress and inflammation associated with hypertension. spontaneously hypertensive rats (shr) and control normotensive wistar-kyoto (wky) rats were divided into 2 groups each. one group was fed 0% absc; the other, a 1.0% absc-containing diet. tail systolic blood pressure (sbp) was examined throughout absc treatment. at 8 weeks, vascular superoxide (o(2)(-)) production ...201120185287
heat treatment of the adzuki bean borer, ostrinia scapulalis infected with wolbachia gives rise to sexually mosaic offspring.a maternally inherited intracellular bacterium, wolbachia, causes reproductive alterations in its arthropod hosts. in the adzuki bean borer, ostrinia scapulalis (walker) (lepidoptera: crambidae), naturally-occurring wolbachia selectively kills male progeny. this wolbachia strain appears to have a feminizing effect, since antibiotic treatment of infected female moths gives rise to male progeny with sexually mosaic phenotypes. it is proposed that male-specific death occurs through the feminizing e ...200820302522
expression of a doublesex homologue is altered in sexual mosaics of ostrinia scapulalis moths infected with wolbachia.a homologue of the sex-determining gene doublesex, osdsx, was identified in the adzuki bean borer ostrinia scapulalis. three isoforms of the osdsx transcript (osdsx(m), osdsx(fl) and osdsx(fs)) differing in length were found. osdsx(m) was specifically found in males, and contained an 852-bp orf encoding a protein of 284 amino acids. osdsx(fl) and osdsx(fs) were found in females, and had the same 813-bp orf encoding a protein of 271 amino acids. the osdsx gene was inferred to have six exons and f ...201020728536
niasgbdb: nias genebank databases for genetic resources and plant disease information.the national institute of agrobiological sciences (nias) is implementing the nias genebank project for conservation and promotion of agrobiological genetic resources to contribute to the development and utilization of agriculture and agricultural products. the project's databases (niasgbdb; consist of a genetic resource database and a plant diseases database, linked by a web retrieval database. the genetic resources database has plant and microorgani ...201020952407
consumption of legumes improves certain bone markers in ovariectomized rats.soybeans are known to protect against osteoporosis, but other legumes frequently consumed in asia have not been studied to learn if they have a similar protective effect. this study investigated the hypothesis that consumption of soybean, mung bean, cowpea, and adzuki bean has beneficial effects on bone biomarkers in ovariectomized rats. female sprague-dawley rats were either sham operated (sham; n = 7) or surgically ovariectomized and then fed a regular ain-93m diet (ovx; n = 7) or ain-93m cont ...201121636018
utilization of adzuki bean extract as a natural antioxidant in cured and uncured cooked pork sausages.a commercial adzuki bean extract (ae) was evaluated for antioxidant effectiveness in cured and uncured cooked pork sausages. tbars values, instrumental color evaluation and sensory panel scores were assessed. for uncured sausages, ae at 0.2% was equally effective as 0.1% butylated hydroxytoluene (bht) in reducing tbars values. similarly, ae at 0.2% significantly (p<0.01) reduced the tbars in cured sausages. incorporation of 0.2% ae into sausages produced higher (p<0.05) cie lab color a* value an ...201121663804
anti-inflammatory activity of ethanol extract derived from phaseolus angularis beans.ethnopharmacological significance: phaseolus angularis wight (adzuki bean) is an ethnopharmacologically well-known folk medicine that is prescribed for infection, edema, and inflammation of the joints, appendix, kidney and bladder in korea, china and japan. aim of study: the anti-inflammatory effect of this plant and its associated molecular mechanisms will be investigated. materials and methods: the immunomodulatory activity of phaseolus angularis ethanol extract (pa-ee) in toll like receptor ( ...201121821108
genetic diversity of the bambara groundnut (vigna subterranea (l.) verdc.) as assessed by ssr markers.bambara groundnut ( vigna subterranea (l.) verdc.) is an important african legume crop. in this study, a collection consisting of 240 accessions was analyzed using 22 simple sequence repeat (ssr) markers. in total, 166 alleles were detected, with a mean of 7.59 alleles per locus. allelic and gene diversities were higher in the west african and cameroon/nigeria regions with 6.68 and 6.18 alleles per locus, and 0.601 and 0.571, respectively. the genetic distance showed high similarity between west ...201122017518
hot water extract of adzuki (vigna angularis) suppresses antigen-stimulated degranulation in rat basophilic leukemia rbl-2h3 cells and passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reaction in mice.the hot water extract of adzuki (hwea), which is produced as a byproduct in the adzuki bean boiling process, has anti-tumor, antioxidative, and anti-diabetic activities. in this study, we fractionated hwea to 4 fractions using stepwise gradient column chromatography with water and ethanol, and demonstrated the effects of each fraction on antigen (ag)-stimulated degranulation in rat basophilic leukemia rbl-2h3 cells. the 40% ethanol eluate extract (etex.40) showed the strongest inhibition level o ...201122170774
biological potential of sixteen legumes in china.phenolic acids have been identified in a variety of legumes including lima bean, broad bean, common bean, pea, jack bean, goa bean, adzuki bean, hyacinth bean, chicking vetch, garbanzo bean, dral, cow bean, rice bean, mung bean and soybean. the present study was carried out with the following aims: (1) to identify and quantify the individual phenolic acid and determine the total phenolic content (tpc); (2) to assess their antioxidant activity, inhibition activities of α-glucosidase, tyrosinase, ...201122072935
an ssr-based linkage map of yardlong bean (vigna unguiculata (l.) walp. subsp. unguiculata sesquipedalis group) and qtl analysis of pod length.yardlong bean (vigna unguiculata (l.) walp. subsp. unguiculata sesquipedalis group) (2n = 2x = 22) is one of the most important vegetable legumes of asia. the objectives of this study were to develop a genetic linkage map of yardlong bean using ssr makers from related vigna species and to identify qtls for pod length. the map was constructed from 226 simple sequence repeat (ssr) markers from cowpea (vigna unguiculata (l.) walp. subsp. unguiculata unguiculata group), azuki bean (vigna angularis ...201222242703
de novo transcriptomic resources for two sibling species of moths: ostrinia nubilalis and o. scapulalis.this study aimed at enhancing the transcriptomic resources for two sibling species of moths, ostrinia scapulalis (adzuki bean borer) and ostrinia nubilalis (european corn borer), as a foundation for future researches on their divergence history. previous works on these species had shown that their genetic divergence was low, while they were reproductively isolated in natura and specialized on different host plants. comparative genomic resources will help facilitate the understanding of the mecha ...201323445568
food-borne botulism in japan in march march 2012, two patients were transported urgently to the hospital in tottori prefecture, japan, because of symptoms suggestive of botulism. botulinum neurotoxin type a was detected in the clinical specimens and the food consumed by the two patients (vacuum packed adzuki-batto, a sweet adzuki bean soup containing noodles). we were able to make a prompt diagnosis of food botulism associated with the consumption of adzuki-batto, from which the causative pathogen clostridium botulinum ab was cul ...201424709046
first report of cucumber mosaic virus isolated from wild vigna angularis var. nipponensis in korea.a viral disease causing severe mosaic, necrotic, and yellow symptoms on vigna angularis var. nipponensis was prevalent around suwon area in korea. the causal virus was characterized as cucumber mosaic virus (cmv) on the basis of biological and nucleotide sequence properties of rnas 1, 2 and 3 and named as cmv-wva. cmv-wva isolate caused mosaic symptoms on indicator plants, nicotiana tabacum cv. xanthi-nc, petunia hybrida, and cucumis sativus. strikingly, cmv-wva induced severe mosaic and malform ...201425289004
the stereoselectivity and hydrolysis efficiency of recombinant d-hydantoinase from vigna angularis against 5-benzylhydantoin derivatives with halogen and methyl substituents.the researches on d-hydantoinase activity and substrate specificity towards dihydropyrimidine and hydantoin derivatives have been carried out intensively over the last few decades. so far, the major efforts have focused on (r,s)-5-phenylhydantoin and (r,s)-5-(4-hydroxyphenyl)hydantoin, the most desirable d-hydantoinase substrates from pharmaceutical industry point of view. however, it was shown that d-hydantoinase is a substrate-dependent enzyme, and its activity and stereoselectivity towards 5- ...201525342262
occurrence of polyamines in root nodules of phaseolus vulgaris in symbiosis with rhizobium tropici in response to salt stress.polyamines (pas) are low molecular weight aliphatic compounds that have been shown to be an important part of plant responses to salt stress. for that reason in this work we have investigated the involvement of pas in the response to salt stress in root nodules of phaseolus vulgaris in symbiosis with rhizobium tropici. the level and variety of pas was higher in nodules, compared to leaves and roots, and in addition to the common pas (putrescine, spermidine and spermine) we found homospermidine ( ...201425220497
differential growth response of various crop species to arbuscular mycorrhizal investigate the growth response of various crop species to mycorrhizal inoculation, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi were applied to glycine max, vigna angularis, senna tora, hordeum vulgare var. hexastichon. zea mays, sorghum bicolor, allium tuberosum, solanum melongena, and capsicum annuum. the biomass of the inoculated crops was measured every two weeks for the 12-week growth period. by measuring biomass, we calculated the mycorrhizal responsiveness of the nine crop species. among the nine cro ...200923983512
de novo assembly of the complete organelle genome sequences of azuki bean (vigna angularis) using next-generation sequencers.since chloroplasts and mitochondria are maternally inherited and have unique features in evolution, dna sequences of those organelle genomes have been broadly used in phylogenetic studies. thanks to recent progress in next-generation sequencer (ngs) technology, whole-genome sequencing can be easily performed. here, using ngs data generated by roche gs titanium and illumina hiseq 2000, we performed a hybrid assembly of organelle genome sequences of vigna angularis (azuki bean). both the mitochond ...201323853512
stachyose in the cytosol does not influence freezing tolerance of transgenic arabidopsis expressing stachyose synthase from adzuki bean.we expressed the stachyose synthase from adzuki bean (vigna angularis) in arabidopsis thaliana, under the control of the constitutive camv 35s promoter. transgenic lines had only trace amounts of stachyose under normal growth conditions but accumulated stachyose to similar levels as raffinose upon cold acclimation. stachyose production did not alter the freezing tolerance of cold acclimated rosette leaves. non-aqueous fractionation of sub-cellular compartments revealed that in cold acclimated pl ...201121421343
molecular cloning and cdna sequencing of endoxyloglucan transferase, a novel class of glycosyltransferase that mediates molecular grafting between matrix polysaccharides in plant cell walls.endoxyloglucan transferase is a novel class of glycosyltransferase recently purified from vigna angularis (nishitani, k,, and tominaga, r. (1992) j. biol. chem. 267, 21058-21064). this enzyme is the first transferase identified that catalyzes molecular grafting between polysaccharide cross-links in the cell wall matrix and participates in reconstruction of the network structure in the cell wall. based on the nh2-terminal amino acid sequence information of the purified transferase, we have here c ...19938244968
hplc profile analysis of oleanene-glucuronides in several edible beans.hplc analysis and yield of oleanene-glucuronide (og) was done on some commercially available edible beans: seeds of glycine max, glycine max cv. kuromame, phaseolus vulgaris cv. torosuku, phaseolus vulgaris cv. toramame, phaseolus vulgaris cv. taishokintoki, phaseolus coccineus cv. ooshirobana, phaseolus coccineus cv. murasakihanamame, vigna unguiculata cv. chuguro, vigna angularis cv. dainagon, arachis hypogaea, pisum sativum, and vicia faba. all the beans listed above have og, though in varyin ...19989571771
[influence of different processing techniques of massa medicata fermentata on their amylase activity].to optimize different processing techniques of massa medicata fermentata.201223126189
host specialization involving attraction, avoidance and performance, in two phytophagous moth specialization plays a key role in the extreme diversification of phytophagous insects. whereas proximate mechanisms of specialization have been studied extensively, their consequences for species divergence remain unclear. preference for, and performance on hosts are thought to be a major source of divergence in phytophagous insects. we assessed these major components of specialization in two moth species, the european corn borer (ecb) and the adzuki bean borer (abb), by testing their ovip ...201626406269
suppression of gravitropic response of primary roots by submergence.primary roots of six plant species were placed horizontally either in humid air or under water, and their growth and gravitropic responses were examined. in air, all the roots showed a normal gravitropic curvature. under water without aeration, roots of rice (oryza sativa l.), oat (avena sativa l.), azuki bean (vigna angularis ohwi et ohashi), and cress (lepidium sativum l.) curved downward at almost same rate as in air, whereas the curvature of roots of maize (zea mays l.) and pea (pisum sativu ...199611540722
molecular and functional characterization of an acetyl-coa acetyltransferase from the adzuki bean borer moth ostrinia scapulalis (lepidoptera: crambidae).two types of thiolases are involved in the synthesis and catabolism of fatty acids; acetyl-coa acetyltransferase (at) which catalyzes the formation of acetoacetyl-coa from acetyl-coa by transferring an acetyl group from one acetyl-coa molecule to another, and 3-ketoacyl-coa thiolase which catalyzes a reversible thiolytic cleavage of 3-ketoacyl-coa into acetyl-coa and acyl-coa. although many mammalian thiolases have been characterized in detail, no thiolases from insects have been functionally ch ...201020043999
pheromone-gland-specific fatty-acyl reductase in the adzuki bean borer, ostrinia scapulalis (lepidoptera: crambidae).the adzuki bean borer moth, ostrinia scapulalis, uses a mixture of (e)-11- and (z)-11-tetradecenyl acetates as a sex pheromone. at a step in the pheromone biosynthetic pathway, fatty-acyl precursors are converted to corresponding alcohols by an enzyme, fatty-acyl reductase (far). here we report the cloning of far-like genes expressed in the pheromone gland of female o. scapulalis, and the characterization of a single pheromone-gland-specific far (pgfar) and its functional assay using an insect c ...200919041942
vigna angularis inhibits il-6-induced cellular signalling and ameliorates collagen-induced arthritis.the present study was conducted in order to assess whether extracts or isolated compounds from vigna angularis were able to suppress il-6 signalling and to show the therapeutic effect on collagen-induced arthritis (cia) in mice.201424097134
rhizobium capsici sp. nov., isolated from root tumor of a green bell pepper (capsicum annuum var. grossum) plant.a novel, gram-staining-negative, rod-shaped, aerobic and motile bacterium, designated strain cc-skc2(t), was isolated from the root tumor of a green bell pepper (capsicum annuum var. grossum) plant in taiwan. cells were positive for oxidase and catalase activities and exhibited growth at 25-37 °c, ph 4.0-9.0 and tolerated nacl concentrations up to 4.0 % (w/v). strain cc-skc2(t) is able to trigger nodulation in soybean (glycine max merr.), but not in capsicum annuum var. grossum, red bean (vigna ...201525555455
molecular cloning of indian jujube (zizyphus mauritiana) allergen ziz m 1 with sequence similarity to plant class iii chitinases.indian jujube (zizyphus mauritiana) is a sweet fruit that is abundantly cultivated in taiwan. we have previously identified 42 and 30 kda allergens that are cross-reactive with latex allergen from crude indian jujube extract. this study aimed to clone the 30 kda ziz m 1 z. mauritiana allergen. the ziz m 1 encoding cdna was isolated from a zapii cdna library constructed from z. mauritiana mrna, sequenced and expressed in pichia pastoris. the protein predicted from the cdna sequence has 330 amino ...200616122801
characterization of cyclitol glycosides by gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry.several cyclitol glycosides have been characterised as trimethylsilyl derivatives by their gas chromatographic (gc) retention data (linear retention indices) and electron impact mass spectrometric (ms) profiles. both gc-ms results have been related to cyclitol glycosides structural features. abundance ratios of characteristic m/z ions 133/129 and 260/265 have been proposed to distinguish glycosyl-inositols from glycosyl-methyl-inositols. these ratios in combination with the presence or absence o ...201728073452
physicochemical characterization, antioxidant and anticancer activities of proteins from four legume species.the physicochemical, functional, antioxidant and anticancer properties of protein isolates from the seeds of soybean (sp), black soybean (bsp), adzuki bean (abp), and mung bean (mbp) were comparatively characterized. the difference was found in the protein composition and physicochemical properties of the four types of legume proteins, which affected the functional properties and bioactivities. bsp and sp had six predominant proteins with a molecular weight (mw) range of 20-95 kda, whereas abp a ...201728303047
hypocholesterolaemic effect of rat-administered oral doses of the isolated 7s globulins from cowpeas and adzuki beans.the role of seed proteins, especially soyabean 7s globulins, in controlling dyslipidaemia is widely acknowledged. amino acid sequence homology among the proteins of this family could reflect similar biological functions in other species. the aim of the present study was to unveil a hypolipidaemic effect of the 7s globulins from cowpeas (7s-c) and adzuki beans (7s-a), administered orally to rats fed a hypercholesterolaemic (hc; high cholesterol and tag) diet for 28 d. a total of forty-five rats w ...201526090103
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