hairy vetch (vicia villosa roth) poisoning in cattle: update and experimental induction of disease.hairy vetch poisoning (vetch-associated disease) of cattle is a generalized disease characterized pathologically by infiltration of skin and many internal organs by monocytes, lymphocytes, plasma cells, and often eosinophils and multinucleated giant cells and clinically by dermatitis, pruritus, often diarrhea, wasting, and high mortality. the disease was experimentally reproduced in an adult angus female that had recovered from the natural disease 1 year earlier. she developed dermatitis on the ...19921515493
impairment of contrasuppressor activity in mice infected with the paramyxovirus of newcastle disease.spleen cells from mice infected with the virus of newcastle disease (nvd) fail to mediate the passive transfer of contact sensitivity to simple chemical haptens such as picryl chloride (pcl) and oxazolone (ox). the inhibitory effect of ndv can be bypassed by treating recipient mice with low doses of cyclophosphamide (cy), suggesting that the t-effector cell which mediates the passive transfer of contact sensitivity is not affected by ndv infection. vicia villosa-adherent cells from immune mice d ...19921551687
intravenous thyrotropin (tsh)-releasing hormone releases human tsh that is structurally different from basal determine whether basal tsh differed structurally from trh-released tsh, the tsh obtained from 11 normal subjects before and after the iv administration of trh was characterized using lectin-affinity chromatography. tsh was applied to the following lectins: lentil, ricin (both before and after tsh treatment with neuraminidase), concanavalin-a, wheat germ, glycine max, helix pomatia, dolichos biflorus, arachis hypogaea, and vicia villosa (isolectin b4). after each column was washed to elute un ...19921592875
role of vicia villosa-adherent cd8+ t cells in the immune response to epstein-barr virus.epstein-barr virus (ebv) is a lymphotropic human herpesvirus which is also a polyclonal b-cell activator. we show here that vicia villosa-adherent cd8+ t (vv-t) cells, which have a contrasuppressive activity, play an important role in the b-cell response to ebv and that t-helper cells are not required for antibody production against ebv particles. we have examined this activity by measuring anti-ebv igm antibody production by b cells in vitro in the presence and the absence of both t-helper and ...19911648359
preparation of pancreatic cancer-associated mucin expressing ca19-9, ca50, span-1, sialyl ssea-1, and dupan-2.a new antigen associated with pancreatic cancer was prepared by immunoaffinity chromatography using fab'-sepharose beads. this antigen was a glycoprotein of large molecular weight (mr greater than 8,000,000) in its native state, estimated by size exclusion chromatography on sephacryl s400. after sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and blotting analysis, several cancer-associated glycoconjugates, including ca19-9, ca50, span-1, dupan-2, and sialyl ssea-1, were detected on th ...19911682994
hgcl2-induced perturbation of the t cell network in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. ii. in vivo demonstration of the role of t suppressor and contrasuppressor the companion paper (j. rossert et al., cell. immunol. 137, 1991), we showed by using limiting dilution analysis that lewis (lew) rats injected with hgcl2 and immunized with myelin (lewhg/mye) exhibit anti-basic protein cd4+ t helper cells (th), at least 10-fold more frequent cd8+ t suppressor cells (ts), and t contrasuppressor cells (tcs). these tcs cells were shown to be cd4+ t cells adhering to vicia villosa (vv) lectin and allowed th cells to proliferate despite the presence of ts cells. ...19911832585
an outbreak of vicia villosa (hairy vetch) poisoning in grazing aberdeen angus bulls in argentina.vicia villosa (hairy vetch) is used as a forage source in some cattle-producing areas in argentina. the plant had no previous reports of toxicity in this country. a herd of 33 aberdeen angus bulls grazed during 20 days in october on a pasture composed mainly of hairy vetch. eight animals developed conjunctivitis, rinitis, dermatitis, loss of hair and fever. all of them died within 15 d after the development of signs with a marked loss of body condition. no more animals became sick 5 d after the ...19911858312
identification and characterization of iga and vicia villosa-binding t cell subsets in rheumatoid arthritis.autoimmunity may be due to augmentation of immune responses by human cd8 cells which bind the lectin vicia villosa (vv). we have investigated t cells in rheumatoid arthritis (ra) by double immunofluorescence flow cytometry, in order to assess vv-binding cd8 and cd4 cells from the peripheral blood and synovial fluid. a significant increase in cd8+vv adherent (p less than 0.0001) and cd4+vv adherent cells (p less than 0.001) was found in synovial fluid, as compared with peripheral blood from patie ...19901968795
carbohydrate components of human immunodeficiency viruses type i and ii.the terminal carbohydrate residues of hiv i and ii were detected by ferritin labeled lectins in electron microscopy. different cell lines, which were infected with hiv i and ii, expressed different terminal carbohydrate residues, which could also be detected on the viral envelope by electronmicroscopy. especially n-acetylgalactosamine residues were detected by vicia villosa agglutinin only on jurkat cells. this may have functional implications, since this lectin recognizes contrasuppressor t cel ...19902091051
postnatal appearance of glycoconjugate with terminal n-acetylgalactosamine on the surface of selected neurons in mouse brain.selected neurons in the cortex and other regions of the brain of adult mice stain with vicia villosa agglutinin (vva) conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (hrp). this staining demonstrates glycoconjugate with terminal n-acetylgalactosamine (galnac) in periodic foci on the neuronal surface. however, brains from mice at 1 week of age lacked neurons with surface reactivity for vva-hrp but showed neurons with faint cytoplasmic staining. two weeks postnatally, infrequent cortical neurons located most ...19872439273
monoclonal antibody 473 selectively stains a population of gabaergic neurons containing the calcium-binding protein parvalbumin in the rat cerebral cortex.monoclonal antibody (mab) 473 is shown to outline selectively a subpopulation of gabaergic neurons containing a specific calcium-binding protein parvalbumin (pv) in the adult rat parietal cortex, using preembedding immunocytochemistry at the light microscopic level. about 90% of mab 473 stained cells in the rat parietal cortex were pv immunoreactive. thus we compared mab 473 staining with that of three chemical probes, previously shown to stain selectively a subpopulation of pv-containing gabaer ...19921376276
age-related changes in human lymphocyte subsets: progressive reduction of the cd4 cd45r (suppressor inducer) population.the purpose of this study was to investigate, by double-labeling immunofluorescence, lymphocyte subsets in the peripheral blood of healthy children, adults, and aged individuals. the absolute number of t and b lymphocytes decreases with age. the decline in t cells was attributed to a decrease in cd4 lymphocytes. we also found that the composition of the cd4 subset changes with age: in children the cd45r molecule is expressed on the majority of cd4 cells, whereas in aged subjects the absolute num ...19882456868
preliminary characterization and distribution of vicia villosa binding cells in human tonsils.the lectin vicia villosa (vv) has been used for the separation of human and murine contrasuppressor t cells. these cells were characterized in cryostat sections of human palatine tonsils by double staining with vv lectin and monoclonal antibodies to macrophages, lymphocytes and their subsets using a fluorescein-rhodamine technique. vv lectin had an affinity for the cd8+ subset of lymphocytes and for a subset of macrophages within the germinal centre. the number and distribution of vv lectin bind ...19892464869
expression of the tn antigen on erythroid cells from a patient with tn order to examine expression of the tn antigen on erythroid cells from a patient with tn syndrome, we applied a selective two phase liquid culture system for human erythroid progenitors in peripheral blood. the cells were analyzed with flow cytometry employing an anti-tn antibody and a lectin of vicia villosa which recognizes only the tn determinant. in the second phase, the tn antigen was expressed on the cultured cells from the patient on day 3 and tn-positive cells reached 62.7% on day 9. o ...19921297447
effects of lectins with various carbohydrate binding specificities on lipid metabolism in isolated rat and hamster adipocytes.1. mannose-binding and n-acetylglucosamine binding lectins exhibited potent antilipolytic and lipogenic activities. 2. fucose-binding lectins had minimal lipogenic activity but possessed antilipolytic activity. 3. most galactose-binding and n-acetylgalactosamine-binding lectins were devoid of significant antilipolytic and lipogenic activities. notable exceptions were lectins from momordica charantia, wisteria floribunda, vicia villosa, codium fragile and the siberian pine tree. lipogenic activit ...19892545472
selective staining of a population of parvalbumin-containing gabaergic neurons in the rat cerebral cortex by lectins with specific affinity for terminal n-acetylgalactosamine.lectins with specific affinity for terminal n-acetylgalactosamine, vicia villosa agglutinin (vva) and glycine max agglutinin (soybean agglutinin; sba), are shown to stain selectively a subpopulation of gabaergic neurons in the rat cerebral cortex. about 90% of vaa- and/or sba-stained cells are also parvalbumin-immunoreactive, but no vva-stained cells showed somatostatin-28-like or cholecystokinin-8-like immunoreactivities.19892565147
the differential staining patterns of two lectins in the accessory olfactory bulb of the rat.we examined the binding sites of bandeiraea simplicifolia lectin i (bsl-i) and vicia villosa agglutinin (vva) which bind to the vomeronasal nerve of the rat. bsl-i stained the whole vomeronasal nerve and glomerular layers. vva strongly stained the posterior 2/3, but weakly stained the anterior 1/3 of the glomerular layer. these results indicate that the glomeruli of the rat aob have two subdivisions revealed by lectin histochemistry using bsl-i and vva.19921283109
hgcl2-induced perturbation of the t cell network in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. i. in vitro characterization of t cells involved.mercuric chloride (hgcl2) induces in lewis (lew) rats a non-antigen-specific immunosuppression and is able to down-modulate experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in about 70% of the rats. the aim of the present study was to determine the frequencies of lymph node cells involved in the proliferative response to myelin basic protein in rats injected with hgcl2 and immunized with myelin by using limiting dilution analysis (lda). highly frequent cd8+ t suppressor cells and at least 10-fold less fr ...19911716519
ultroser g and brain extract induce a continuous basement membrane with specific synaptic elements in aneurally cultured human skeletal muscle cells.basement membrane (bm) components were studied on human muscle and skeletal muscle cells cultured on different media by immunofluorescence and electron microscopy. their topographical relation with acetylcholine receptors was investigated. myotubes cultured on a combination of the serum substitute ultroser g and brain extract show a continuous layer of heparan sulfate proteoglycans (hspgs), laminin, and type iv collagen. in contrast, myotubes cultured on serum-containing media are associated wit ...19921572398
vva-labelled cells in monkey visual cortex are double-labelled by a polyclonal antibody to a cell surface epitope.the staining patterns produced by the lectin vicia villosa and by a commercially available polyclonal antibody generated to substance p were analysed and compared in monkey visual cortex at the light and electron microscopic levels. vicia villosa lectin labels the cell surface of a subpopulation of cortical cells, producing a meshlike pattern over the soma and proximal dendrites. the polyclonal antibody labels three distinct elements in the cortex: a pericellular epitope present on a subpopulati ...19921375282
mitogenic lectins bind to the antigen receptor on human lymphocytes.the specificity of interactions between mitogenic and non-mitogenic lectins and disulfide-linked cell surface receptors on human lymphocytes was explored. lysates (nonidet-p40) of surface-radioiodinated tonsil lymphocytes and t lymphoblastoid cells (hpb-all) were absorbed with lectin-agarose derivatives (or bovine serum albumin, bsa-agarose) or immunoprecipitated with appropriate monoclonal antibodies (mab). lectin eluates and solubilized immunoprecipitates were analyzed by two-dimensional (nonr ...19892703017
bandeiraea simplicifolia lectin i and vicia villosa agglutinin bind specifically to the vomeronasal axons in the accessory olfactory bulb of the rat.the binding of 21 lectins to the accessory olfactory bulb (aob) of the rat was examined by histochemistry. two lectins [bandeiraea simplicifolia lectin i (bsl-i) and vicia villosa agglutinin (vva)] bound specifically to the vomeronasal (vn) axons in the aob. seven lectins (datura stramonium lectin, erythrina cristagalli lectin, lycoperisicon esculentum lectin, ricinus communis agglutinin i, soybean agglutinin, solanum tuberosum lectin, and ulex europaeus agglutinin) bound to both vn axons in aob ...19921314354
evidence that mannosyl residues are involved in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (hiv-1) pathogenesis.the human immunodeficiency virus (hiv), the causative agent of aids, is thought to bind to t4+ (cd4+) target cells through the heavily glycosylated gp120 envelope glycoprotein. plant lectins bind glycoproteins through noncovalent interaction with specific hexose residues; therefore, lectins were evaluated for their ability to inactivate hiv in vitro. the mannose-specific lectins concanavalin-a and succinyl concanavalin-a completely inactivated hiv while lentil lectin, wheat germ agglutinin, and ...19872829950
effect of benzyl-alpha-galnac, an inhibitor of mucin glycosylation, on cancer-associated antigens in human colon cancer cells.many cancer-associated antigens are present on mucin glycoproteins. these include peripheral antigens such as sialyl lea and sialyl lex and core region carbohydrate antigens such as t, tn, and sialyl tn. we have recently described an inhibitor of mucin glycosylation, benzyl-alpha-galnac. the purpose of this study was to determine its effect on expression of mucin carbohydrate antigens. hm7 colon cancer cells were treated for 2 days in culture with 2 mm benzyl-alpha-galnac. this treatment did not ...19921284381
effect of pge2 and ltb4 on vicia villosa binding lymphocytes.since there is a good deal of evidence that vicia villosa lectin (vva) binds to contrasuppressor cells, mouse splenocytes and thymocytes were sorted by binding to vva-coated petri dishes. it was observed that vicia villosa adherent cells (vva(+)) did not proliferate when mitogens were added to cultures, but they did enhance the thymidine uptake of pha or cona stimulated vicia villosa non-adherent (vva(-)) splenocytes. pge2 treatment of vva(+) splenocytes or vva(+) immature thymocytes did not ver ...19882840103
cell type-specific glycoconjugates of collecting duct cells during maturation of the rat kidney.the ontogeny of lectin-positive epithelial cell types and the maturation of polarized expression of the glycocalyx of the collecting ducts (cd) of the rat kidney were studied from samples of 18th-day fetal and neonatal kidneys of various ages. lectins from dolichos biflorus (dba) and vicia villosa (vva), with preferential affinity to principal cells, stained virtually all cd cells of the fetal kidneys. however, within two days postnatally, the number of cells positive for dba and vva decreased t ...19882842054
heterogeneity of apical glycoconjugates in kidney collecting ducts: further studies using simultaneous detection of lectin binding sites and immunocytochemical detection of key transport the search for a functional role for the polarized glycoconjugates of rat collecting duct epithelial cells, the relation between binding of various lectins and expression of cellular transport enzyme profile of the cells was studied. for this purpose, principal and intercalated cells of rat kidney collecting duct were identified by morphological criteria and by their immunocytochemically determined content of (na+ + k+)-atpase and carbonic anhydrase (ca ii), respectively. various n-acetylgala ...19882853698
immunoregulatory role of ig isotypes. i. induction of contrasuppressor t cells for contact sensitivity responses by antibodies of the igm, igg1, and igg3 isotypes.a profound state of specific tolerance for the contact sensitivity reaction can be produced by i.v. exposure to hapten on the surface of syngeneic macrophages. when the same haptenated cells are incubated with specific antibody to form cell-bound ag-antibody complexes, i.v. injection induces immunity rather than tolerance. we observe that such cell-bound ag-antibody complexes induce not only effector cells for contact sensitivity but also hapten-specific contrasuppressor t (tcs) cells, which are ...19882456332
gabaergic neurons of rodent brain correspond partially with those staining for glycoconjugate with terminal n-acetylgalactosamine.sections of fixed, paraffin-embedded brain from mice and rats were stained with agglutinin from vicia villosa conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (vva-hrp) to localize glycoconjugate containing terminal n-acetylgalactosamine (galnac). vva-hrp binding sites were localized in periodic foci at the surface of a selective population of non-pyramidal interneurons in layers ii through iv of the rodent cerebral cortex. these multipolar interneurons were shown to utilize gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) a ...19862427661
comparative study of antigen binding t cells separated by vicia villosa or streptococcal antigen and the effect of hla class ii antigens.the antigen binding capacity and function of t cells which adhere to the lectin vicia villosa (vv) or to streptococcal antigen (sa) have been studied. vv-adherent t8+ cells (t8+ vv+) bind 125i-sa whereas vv non-adherent t8+ cells (t8+ vv-) bind little sa. similarly, sa-adherent t8+ cells (t8+ sa+) bind 125i-sa specifically, whereas sa-non-adherent t8+ cells (t8+ sa-) show little binding of 125i-sa. the sa binding t8+ vv+ or t8+ sa+ cells can present the antigen to t4+ helper cells which generate ...19862938853
coordinate expression of cytolytic activity and cytotoxic t cell-specific carbohydrate antigens in a t cell hybridoma.the expression of cytotoxic t lymphocyte (ctl)-specific carbohydrate antigens (termed ct antigens) was studied by using a cytolytically inducible t cell hybridoma, ksh4.13.6. expression of the ct determinants occurred concomitantly with the expression of cytolytic activity after induction of the hybrid with supernatants from con a-activated rat spleen cells. purified il 2 was also proven to be effective in inducing cytolytic activity and ct antigen expression, but the time course of activation b ...19862418106
cell surface molecules containing n-acetylgalactosamine are associated with basket cells and neurogliaform cells in cat visual the cerebral cortex, the plant lectin vicia villosa (vva) selectively stains the surfaces of nonpyramidal neurons. this lectin binds specifically to alpha- and beta-linked n-acetylgalactosamine (galnac). vva-reactive carbohydrate is highly concentrated in layer 4 of the primary visual cortex of the cat, where it is associated exclusively with gabaergic local circuit neurons. we have studied this neuronal subset with intracellular electrophysiological recording and dye marking to identify the ...19902303859
binding of the blood group-reactive lectins to human adult kidney specimens.the binding of a panel of blood group-reactive lectins to frozen sections of human kidney was studied with a special emphasis on reactivity with endothelia and basement membranes. the blood group a-reactive lectins, all specific for alpha-d-n-acetylgalactosamine (galnac), helix aspersa (haa), helix pomatia (hpa), and griffonia simplicifolia i-a4 (gsa-i-a4) agglutinins bound to the endothelium in specimens with blood groups a and ab. in other samples, these lectins reacted predominantly with tubu ...19902297076
expression of tn, sialosyl tn, and t antigens in human pancreas.carbohydrate antigens representing some of the initial steps in mucin o-linked glycosylation were examined in specimens of normal pancreas, chronic pancreatitis, and pancreatic adenocarcinoma. tn antigen, recognized by vicia villosa lectin, was expressed by all specimens of normal pancreas (acinar cells) and pancreatic cancers and all but one case of chronic pancreatitis. sialosyl tn antigen, recognized by monoclonal antibody tkh2, was expressed in a cancer-associated fashion, being completely a ...19911850375
a dual staining method for identifying mucins of different gastric epithelial mucous cells.a dual staining method has been developed to identify two types of mucous secreting cells in the gastric mucosa of human and rat in one and the same tissue section. sections were stained first using the galactose oxidase-cold thionin schiff (gocts) procedure and then with paradoxical concanavalin a staining (pcs). surface mucous cell mucin stained blue with gocts, whereas gland mucous cell mucin stained brown with pcs. this method enabled us to differentiate these two types of mucins not only in ...19911718927
difference in the ability of blood group-specific lectins and monoclonal antibodies to recognize the abh antigens in human tissues.twelve different kinds of blood group-specific lectins have been used along with monoclonal anti-a, -b and -h antibodies for detecting the corresponding antigens in selected human tissues. although most of the lectins recognized the antigens in the tissue sections examined, they displayed marked differences in their recognition patterns in certain tissues. helix asparsa agglutinin (haa), helix pomatia agglutinin (hpa) and monoclonal anti-a antibody recognized a antigens in the mucous cells of sa ...19901705925
expression of udp-n-acetylgalactosamine: beta-galactose beta 1,4-n-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase in functionally defined t-cell measure udp-n-acetylgalactosamine: beta-galactose beta 1,4-n-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase (beta 1,4-galnactransferase) in crude cell and tissue extracts we designed an assay containing udp-[3h]n-acetylgalactosamine as donor and biotinylated human glycophorin a as an acceptor. after incubation the labelled acceptor was separated by the use of avidin-agarose from extract-derived endogenous acceptors. this assay permitted one to measure specifically the beta 1,4-galnactransferase in crude ext ...19873109400
monoclonal antibody hnk-1 selectively stains a subpopulation of gabaergic neurons containing the calcium-binding protein parvalbumin in the rat cerebral cortex.monoclonal antibody hnk-1 is shown to outline selectively a subpopulation of gabaergic neurons containing a specific calcium-binding protein parvalbumin (pv) in the adult rat parietal cortex, using pre- and postembedding immunocytochemistry at light microscopic level. about 98% of hnk-1 stained cells in the rat parietal cortex were pv immunoreactive. about 95% of hnk-1 immunoreactive cells were also shown to be stained with a lectin, vicia villosa agglutinin (vva), with a specific affinity for t ...19901705516
t cells recognizing polysaccharide-specific b cells function as contrasuppressor cells in the generation of t cell immunity to pseudomonas aeruginosa.the cellular interactions involved in the development of t cell-mediated immunity to pseudomonas aeruginosa have been examined. t cell immunity can be generated by immunizing mice with 10 micrograms of p. aeruginosa polysaccharide (ps) plus the antimitotic agent vinblastine sulfate. vinblastine is required to inactivate a population of ts cells generated by immunization with 10 micrograms of ps alone. immunization with either live bacteria or with higher dose (50 micrograms) of ps without vinbla ...19883128607
evidence of cell-mediated immune contrasuppression in lepromatous leprosy: modulation of a putative t contrasuppressor cell-subset.some lepromatous leprosy (ll) patients are characterized by the presence of activated suppressor t cells that specifically inhibit the immune response to mycobacterium leprae antigens. immune contrasuppressor (cs) cell activity antagonize suppressor function. whereas the former function has been extensively studied in leprosy, the latter has not been explored. we studied the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmnc) of 20 patients with leprosy (10 lepromatous and 10 tuberculoid) and six healthy ...19883133142
wisteria floribunda agglutinin-labelled nets surround parvalbumin-containing structures surrounding several types of neurones contain glycoconjugates which are detectable by lectins specific for n-acetylgalactosamine. wisteria floribunda agglutinin (wfa) was introduced as a further marker for the visualization of such perineuronal nets, which were also revealed in regions of the rat brain where these structures could not be clearly demonstrated using other lectins. the wfa-labelled perineuronal nets resembled in detail those which could be visualized using vicia ...19921421090
vicia villosa lectin is a mitogen for mouse t lymphocytes.mouse t lymphocytes cultured in the presence of vicia villosa lectin, usually considered to be non-mitogenic, proliferate and produce interleukin-2. v. villosa-induced proliferation does not correlate with the cell ability to adhere to v. villosa-coated dishes, this is evident from the fact that either v. villosa-adherent or -nonadherent cells are equally sensitive to the mitogenic effect of the lectin. furthermore, the sugar n-acetyl-d-galactosamine, which is reported to be highly specific for ...19883258587
clinical evaluation of pancreatic cancer-associated mucin expressing ca19-9, ca50, span-1, sialyl ssea-1, and dupan-2.we have previously described the purification and partial characterization of a new pancreatic cancer-associated antigen, a pancreatic cancer-associated mucin expressing ca19-9, ca50, span-1, sialyl ssea-1, and dupan-2. this study describes the clinical evaluation of various assay systems for this antigen which depend on measuring respective serum levels. elevated levels of antigen were detected in the sera from both patients with malignant and non-malignant diseases. however, elevated serum lev ...19921359630
characterization of human t8+ suppressor and contrasuppressor cells, separated by the lectin vicia villosa.the helper function of human t4+ cells acting on autologous b cells, in the presence of monocyte-enriched cells (mec), has been studied using the hapten-carrier conjugate dnp-streptococcal antigen (dnp-sa). the antibody response can be suppressed by t8+ cells, but selection of a vicia villosa lectin-non-adherent (t8vv-) subset enhances the suppressor function. the t8 vicia villosa lectin-adherent (t8vv+) cells are not suppressive, rather they inhibit the t8vv- cell suppressor function. sequentia ...19882450835
detection of tn antigen with vicia villosa agglutinin in urinary bladder cancer: its relevance to the patient's clinical course.recently, several investigators have demonstrated that the mn blood group precursor antigens thomsen-friedenreich antigen (t-ag) and tn-antigen (tn-ag) are expressed on the cell surfaces of several cancers, including urinary bladder cancer. t-ag is composed of a specific carbohydrate chain, galactose-beta-1-3-n-acetylgalactosamine (galnac), which is specifically detectable through the immunohistochemical binding of peanut agglutinin (pna). in normal cells, t-ag is cryptic (ct-ag) and can be unma ...19873295352
cellular interactions in the adoptive transfer of contact sensitivity: characterization of an antigen-nonspecific vicia villosa-adherent t cell needed for adoptive transfer into naive recipients.the adoptive transfer of delayed-type hypersensitivity (dth) into naive recipients requires the interaction of two functionally distinct ly-1+ t cells: and i-j- cell effector cell for dth which transfers antigen-specific dth only into animals whose suppressive mechanisms have been compromised, and and i-j+ cell which alone never transfers dth but allows the transfer of dth by the i-j- dth effector cell into naive animals. we investigated the phenotypic and functional characteristics of the cell ...19862943803
isotype-specific immunoregulation. systemic antigen induces splenic t contrasuppressor cells which support igm and igg subclass but not iga the present study, we have isolated and characterized the lyt-1+, -2- t contrasuppressor (tcs) cells from mice systemically primed with srbc. adoptive transfer of splenic tcs cells from these mice abrogates oral tolerance and supports igm and igg anti-srbc plaque-forming cell (pfc) responses; however, unlike the responses seen after transfer of tcs cells derived from orally primed mice, low iga responses were seen. mice systemically primed with lower srbc doses (0.01 to 1%) exhibited contrasu ...19882964473
differential expression of the lfa-1 molecule on the human peripheral blood mononuclear cell subpopulations.the expression of leukocyte function associated antigen 1 (lfa-1) was studied on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmnc) by a double immunofluorescence method. monoclonal antibodies iot18 (recognizing the beta chain, 95 kda, cd18) and spvl7 (recognizing the alpha chain, 180 kda, cd11a) were used. these antibodies revealed the same heterogeneous distribution of the lfa-1 molecule among peripheral blood mononuclear cells. a bimodal profile characterized the lymphocytes, whereas the monocy ...19902115501
quantitation of tamm-horsfall protein binding to uropathogenic escherichia coli and quantitative experiments using elisa, binding of tamm-horsfall protein (thp) to uropathogenic escherichia coli was studied with monoclonal antibody to thp. adherence to e. coli bearing type 1 fimbriae was proportional to thp concentration and size of the bacterial inoculum. type 1 fimbriae-bearing e. coli bound 50 times more thp than did non-type 1-fimbriated or p-fimbriated strains. concanavalin a and wheat germ agglutinin bound thp in a dose-dependent fashion, whereas pokeweed mitogen and v ...19901977810
lectin binding sites on human endocervix: a comparison with secretory and proliferative endometrium.endocervix and corresponding endometrium of women of reproductive age were studied histochemically with 13 fluorescein isothiocyanate-labeled lectins to delineate the differences between the epithelial cells in two anatomical sites. lectin from maclura pomifera (mpa), ulex europaeus (uea-i), glycine max (sba), and vicia villosa (vva) bound only to endocervical epithelium and were the only four lectins that distinguished endocervical from endometrial epithelium. these differences were independent ...19863526979
characterization of vicia villosa agglutinin-labeled gabaergic interneurons in the hippocampal formation and in acutely dissociated hippocampus.the distribution, morphology, and ionic conductances of vicia villosa agglutinin (vva)-labeled cells were examined in the rat hippocampal formation. the heaviest labeling and highest density of labeled neurons were found in the subicular complex. lighter vva-labeling and fewer labeled cells were found in hippocampal strata pyramidale, oriens, and alveus. vva-labeled cells were found to be heterogeneous morphologically, including multipolar, bipolar, and basket-like shapes. the majority of vva-la ...19911933299
separation and functional studies of the human lymphokine-activated killer cell.cell separation studies were undertaken in an attempt to purify the lymphokine-activated killer (lak) precursor cell. null cells, prepared by the sequential depletion of monocytes, t- and b-lymphocytes from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells, were found to be potent mediators of lak activity. such preparations were leu-11+ but leu-4- and displayed high levels of natural killer activity. incubation of these cells with recombinant interleukin 2 (il-2) for periods in excess of 24 h induced la ...19873111684
glycoconjugates of the human sperm surface: distribution and alterations that accompany capacitation in vitro.we have studied changes in the binding of fluoresceinated lectins to human sperm during in vitro capacitation. we first determined the surface labeling pattern of viable sperm obtained by the swim-up procedure. sperm were labeled with 100 micrograms/ml fitc-conjugated lectin at 4 degrees c for 30 min. we simultaneously used hoechst stain 33258 as a supravital stain to help differentiate surface from intracellular lectin labeling. of 14 lectins studied, six (phytohemagglutinin-e, concanavalin a, ...19873147937
assignment of lectins specific for d-galactose or n-acetyl-d-galactosamine to two groups, based on their circular dichroism.the circular dichroism (cd) spectra of thirteen lectins, most being specific for d-galactose or n-acetyl-d-galactosamine, were compared. two groupings are proposed on the basis of the cd in the near-ultraviolet region. group one comprises the lectins from arachis hypogaea, glycine max, phaseolus coccineus, p. lunatus, p. vulgaris, and vicia villosa, and group two comprises lectins from caragana arborescens, cytisus sessilifolius, dolichos biflorus, griffonia simplicifolia, and wisteria floribund ...19854016573
cycle- and function-related changes in lectin binding to human endometrium: a histochemical study with pronase treatment.forty-eight endometrial biopsy specimens were obtained during a normal menstrual cycle, during pregnancy and from patients with dysfunctional bleeding. the specimens were examined for peanut (pna), soybean (sba), vicia villosa (vva), phytohem- (pha), lens culinaris (lca) and concanavalin (succ. con a) agglutinin binding. the study was performed on paraffin sections using the pronase digestion and either the peroxidase-antiperoxidase or the avidin-biotin-peroxidase method. cycle-related changes o ...19892619335
immunoregulatory functions for murine intraepithelial lymphocytes: gamma/delta t cell receptor-positive (tcr+) t cells abrogate oral tolerance, while alpha/beta tcr+ t cells provide b cell help.past work has shown that a subset of effector t cells with unique characteristics could abrogate hapten- or antigen-induced tolerance, and the reconstitution of this immune response has been termed contrasuppression. we have studied contrasuppression in a model of oral tolerance (ot) in which adoptively transferred antigen-specific t contrasuppressor (tcs) cells reverse ot and result in antibody responses to the eliciting antigen. in the present study, we show that murine intraepithelial lymphoc ...19921531495
direct staining of mouse t lymphoblasts with fluoresceinated vicia villosa lectin.fluorescein conjugated vicia villosa (vv) lectin was used for direct staining of the surface of viable cells of various mouse lymphocyte populations. a varying proportion of polyclonally-activated t cells expressed vv receptor although less strongly than cells of an influenza virus-specific cytotoxic t lymphocyte (ctl) clone and blasts generated in the mixed lymphocyte reaction. cyclosporin a (cya) treatment markedly reduced the expression of vv receptor following concanavalin a (con a) stimulat ...19826179856
systemic granulomatous disease in cattle in california associated with grazing hairy vetch (vicia villosa). 19921515504
lectins discriminate between pathogenic and nonpathogenic south american trypanosomes.cell surface carbohydrates of trypanosoma cruzi, trypanosoma rangeli, and trypanosoma conorhini were analyzed by a micro-agglutination assay employing 27 highly purified lectins and by binding assays using various 125i-labeled lectins. the following seven lectins discriminated between the trypanosomes: 1) tomato lectin (an n-acetyl-d-glucosamine-binding protein), both in purified form and as crude tomato juice; 2) bauhinea purpurea and sophora japonica lectins (both n-acetyl-d-galactosamine-bind ...19846385741
a murine cytotoxic t lymphocyte cell line resistant to vicia villosa lectin is deficient in udp-galnac:beta-galactose beta 1,4-n-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase.we have reported the presence of n-acetylgalactosamine linked beta 1,4 to galactose on o-linked oligosaccharides of a cloned murine cytotoxic t cell line and the absence of these residues from the o-linked structures of a vicia villosa lectin-resistant mutant line, vv6, derived from parental b6.1.sf.1 cells (conzelmann, a., and kornfeld, s. (1984) j. biol. chem. 259, 12528-12535). this study shows that b6.1.sf.1 cells contain an enzyme which transfers n-acetylgalactosamine from udp-galnac onto t ...19846436236
vicia villosa lectin-positive neurones in human cerebral cortex. loss in alzheimer-type dementia.frontal and temporal sections of 4 normal human brains and 3 brains from patients with a diagnosis of alzheimer-type dementia (atd) were stained with vicia villosa lectin conjugated to biotin to localize glycoproteins containing terminal n-acetylgalactosamine. these lectin binding sites were localized at the surface of a population of non-pyramidal interneurones. examination of the co-existence of calbindin d28k or parvalbumin (pva) with the lectin-binding material revealed that in the human cer ...19892790470
suspected hybrid vetch (vicia villosa crossed with vicia dasycarpa) poisoning of cattle in the republic of south africa.a description of the clinical signs and pathological changes is given of 2 outbreaks of suspected hybrid vetch poisoning in the humansdorp district, republic of south africa. these were characterised by a severe dermatitis, high morbidity and mortality in older cows. microscopically granulomatous lesions occurred in the kidneys, liver, myocardium, spleen and skin. variable numbers of multinucleated giant cells and eosinophils were seen in these lesions. acute multifocal hepatic necrosis was obse ...19836631907
immunoregulatory function of cd3+, cd4-, and cd8- t cells. gamma delta t cell receptor-positive t cells from nude mice abrogate oral tolerance.previous work has shown that abrogation of oral tolerance is mediated by t cells which are found in the cd3+, l3t4- (cd4-), and lyt-2- (cd8-) subset (termed double-negative; dn) in mice. inasmuch as it is known that athymic, nude (nu/nu) mice possess thy 1+, cd4-, and cd8- t cells which also exhibit a functionally rearranged tcr gamma-chain, we investigated whether this subset of nude t cells contained functional immunoregulatory cells. in this report, we examined the phenotype and distribution ...19892573632
the selection of effector t cell phenotype by contrasuppression modulates susceptibility to autoimmune injury.the genetic susceptibility to murine alpha tbm disease is a dominant trait that maps to h-2k. in previous studies we have shown that the critical difference between susceptible (sjl) and nonsusceptible (b10.s(8r] mice is the phenotype of the tubular ag-specific effector t cells (tdth). in sjl mice, these tdth are lyt-2+, whereas in b10.s(8r) mice the tdth are l3t4+. these phenotypic differences have an important functional correlate: lyt-2+ tdth are nephritogenic, whereas l3t4+ tdth are typicall ...19882902142
separation and characterization of a subset of human t8+ cells which function as antigen-presenting and contrasuppressor cells.the lectin vicia villosa (vv) binds preferentially a subset of t cells. separated vv-adherent cells (ac) do not generate helper function alone, but when added to vv-non-adherent cells (nac), they can present streptococcal antigen (sa) and induce helper function as effectively as monocytes, at a ratio of 1 vv-ac to 4 vv-nac. further separation into a t8+ subset of vv-ac and reconstitution with t4+ helper cells (hc) has established that the t8+ vv-ac induces t4+ cells to helper activity. however, ...19852579897
lectin and immunohistochemical comparison of glycoconjugates in the conjunctiva of patients with and without exfoliation syndrome.aims--the study was carried out to search for labelling similar to that of intraocular exfoliation material in the conjunctiva by light microscopy using lectin and immunohistochemistry. methods--ten formalin fixed and paraffin embedded conjunctival biopsy specimens both from patients with and without exfoliation syndrome were studied with a panel of 11 lectins and with three monoclonal antibodies to the hnk-1 carbohydrate epitope, all of which react with intraocular exfoliation material. results ...19957542024
expression of tn, sialosyl-tn, and t antigens in human colon cancer.mucin glycoproteins are major secretory products of the colon and contain o-linked oligosaccharides synthesized on a polypeptide backbone. the initial step in the synthesis of o-linked oligosaccharides is the addition of n-acetylgalactosamine to serine or threonine residues forming the tn antigen. this substance can then receive additional carbohydrate residues such as sialic acid to form sialosyl-tn antigen, or galactose to form t antigen. in the colon, the t antigen is an oncodevelopmental can ...19892908846
a synapse-specific carbohydrate at the neuromuscular junction: association with both acetylcholinesterase and a glycolipid.with the aim of investigating the roles of carbohydrates in synapse formation, we have characterized a synapse-specific saccharide at the vertebrate neuromuscular junction. two lectins of similar specificity (dolichos biflorus agglutinin, dba, and vicia villosa-b4 agglutinin, vva-b4) stain synaptic but not extrasynaptic regions of the rat muscle fiber surface and thus define a synapse-specific carbohydrate. using these and other probes, we show that the carbohydrate moiety concentrated at the ne ...19883346730
two classes of cortical neurones labelled with vicia villosa lectin in the guinea-pig.cell surface substance(s) containing terminal n-acetylgalactosamine (gainac) was localized in the cerebral cortex of the guinea-pig. vicia villosa and glycine max, both specific to gainac, labelled the surface of the cell body of multipolar and triangular neurones. the labelling extended to the apical dendrite and axon initial segment in the triangular neurones. they were distributed exclusively in layer 5. most of the labelled multipolar neurones contained a calcium-binding protein, parvalbumin ...19957605912
antigen presentation by a subset of t8+ ia+ cells to t4+ helper cells.the helper function of human t4+ cells acting on autologous peripheral blood b cells was elicited by the hapten-carrier conjugate dnp-streptococcal antigen (dnp-sa), in the presence of monocyte-enriched cells. the antigen presenting function of monocyte-enriched cells can be replaced by a subset of autologous t8+ vicia villosa lectin adherent (t8vv+) cells. cell depletion studies confirmed that the t8vv+ cell presentation was mediated by a t cell since killing with anti-t3 antibody and complemen ...19872955972
identification of variant glycophorins of human red cells by lectinoblotting: application to the mi.iii variant that is relatively frequent in the taiwanese population.detection of normal and variant glycophorin electrophoretic bands with t- and tn-specific lectins is based on the possibility of glycophorin transformation into t or tn antigens by simple chemical modifications in the blot.19957631389
abrogation of oral tolerance by contrasuppressor t cells suggests the presence of regulatory t-cell networks in the mucosal immune system.continuous ingestion of a thymus-dependent (td) antigen differentially affects two compartments of the immune system. a secretory iga antibody response is induced in mucosal tissues, concurrent with a state of antigen-specific systemic unresponsiveness to parenteral challenge, termed oral tolerance. the precise mechanisms whereby gut antigenic exposure induces oral tolerance are unknown, although t-suppressor cells, anti-idiotypic networks and immune complex formation have all been proposed. her ...19863485772
evidence for contrasuppression in patients with crohn's disease.patients with crohn's disease (cd) have elevated numbers of vicia villosa agglutinin (vva) binding cells in the peripheral blood. these cells represent a major subset of activated peripheral t cells. vva binding t lymphocytes express either the t8 or the t4 determinant on their cell surface. in contrast in normal controls only a minor subset of peripheral t cell expresses binding sites for vva. the majority of these cells coexpress t8. vva binding t cells display no helper activity. only in a su ...19882978206
differences in lectin reactivities of cellular glycoconjugates between primary human colorectal carcinomas and their metastases.recent studies have demonstrated that colonic carcinomas consist of heterogeneous populations of cells endowed with different abilities to metastasize. increasing evidence suggests that cell surface carbohydrates may play an important role in cancer invasion and metastasis. therefore the binding of five fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated lectins to cellular glycoconjugates was analyzed immunohistochemically in paraffin-embedded tissue sections obtained from 16 colorectal carcinomas and their ...19863731114
lectin histochemistry of papillary and follicular carcinoma of the thyroid gland.the lectin-binding properties of human follicular and papillary carcinoma were studied histochemically and compared with lectin binding to normal or goitrous thyroid tissue. well-differentiated minimally invasive follicular carcinoma showed a lectin-binding pattern essentially identical to those of the normal thyroid gland and benign adenomatous lesions. overtly invasive follicular carcinoma showed focal reactivity with some lectins that were nonreactive with normal follicular thyroid cells (sol ...19863089192
perineuronal nets provide a polyanionic, glia-associated form of microenvironment around certain neurons in many parts of the rat brain.the nature and function of previously described perineuronal nets are still obscure. in the present study their polyanionic components were demonstrated in the rat brain using colloidal iron hydroxide (cih) staining. in subcortical regions, such as the red nucleus, cerebellar, and vestibular nuclei, most neurons were ensheathed by cih-binding material. in the cerebral cortex perineuronal nets were seen around numerous nonpyramidal neurons. biotinylated hyaluronectin revealed that hyaluronan occu ...19937693589
lectin-binding sites in normal, hyperplastic, adenomatous and carcinomatous human colorectal mucosa.the carbohydrate structures of cellular glycoconjugates in normal, hyperplastic, adenomatous and carcinomatous human colorectal mucosa were analysed with six fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated lectins. in normal, hyperplastic and adenomatous colorectal mucosa showing mild or moderate dysplasia concanavalin a (con a), lens culinaris (lca), and wheat germ (wga) agglutinins stained goblet cell glycoconjugates (actual mucin goblet itself) while peanut (pna), vicia villosa (vva), and griffonia sim ...19863092568
the effect of immunization with a 14-kda streptococcal antigen on primate t cell and b cell responses.a streptococcal antigen (sa) of 185 kda was isolated from streptococcus mutans and this antigen induced in vitro helper, suppressor and contrasuppressor activities with primate peripheral blood lymphocytes. the 185-kda sa was then treated by sodium dodecyl sulfate and yielded a 4-kda sa which was capable of eliciting only helper activity. we have now cleaved the 185-kda sa with cyanogen bromide, in an attempt to identify suppressor and contrasuppressor determinants. a 14-kda sa was separated fro ...19883259185
the lectin vicia villosa labels a distinct subset of gabaergic cells in macaque visual cortex.the morphology and distribution of neurons labeled specifically by the lectin, vicia villosa (vva), were examined in striate cortex of adult macaque monkeys. following incubation with vva conjugated to histochemical markers, fine punctate reaction product appears to cover the surface of the soma and proximal dendrites of a population of cortical neurons. although a small number of vva-labeled cells are located in layers 2, 3a, 5, and 6, approximately 75% are located in a strip of cortex overlyin ...19892487638
carbohydrate-binding specificities of five lectins that bind to o-glycosyl-linked carbohydrate chains. quantitative analysis by frontal-affinity chromatography.the carbohydrate-binding specificities of lectins purified from agaricus bisporus (aba-i), arachis hypogaea (pna), bauhinia purpurea (bpa), glycine max (sba), and vicia villosa (vva-b4) have been studied by affinity chromatography on columns of the immobilized lectins, and quantitatively analyzed by frontal affinity chromatography. these five lectins could be classified into two groups with respect to their reactivities with typical mucin-type glycopeptides, beta-d-galp-(1----3)-alpha-d-galpnac- ...19883274131
immunosuppression during viral oncogenesis. v. resistance to virus-induced immunosuppressive factor.rabbits given malignant rabbit fibroma virus (mv) develop severe immunologic dysfunction during the course of infection. splenic t lymphocytes from these rabbits elaborate a soluble non-specific immunosuppressive factor (virus-induced suppressor factor (visf]. as malignant rabbit fibroma virus infection progresses, normal immunologic responsiveness returns. this recovery is multi-factorial and involves production by t lymphocytes of a soluble factor capable of antagonizing the activity of visf. ...19882837511
lectin histochemistry of normal and herpesvirus-infected bovine nasal mucosa.proliferation of pasteurella haemolytica serotype 1 in the nasal cavity following stress or viral infection is an important event in the pathogenesis of bovine pneumonic pasteurellosis. enhanced adhesion of p. haemolytica to nasal mucosa could be one factor that predisposes animals to this proliferation. nasal mucosa from normal and bovine herpesvirus-1 (bhv1)-infected cattle were examined histochemically for their glycoconjugate composition. twenty lectins were screened, six of which were chose ...19957771054
use of sialylated or sulfated derivatives and acrylamide copolymers of gal beta 1,3galnac alpha- and galnac alpha- to determine the specificities of blood group t- and tn-specific lectins and the copolymers to measure anti-t and anti-tn antibody levels in cancer patients.sialylated or sulfated derivatives and acrylamide copolymers of blood group t-(gal beta 1,3galnac alpha-) and tn-(galnac alpha) haptens were studied for their interaction with the lectins of peanut (pna), agaricus bisporus-(aba), helix pomatia-(hpa) and vicia villosa b4-(vva), using asialo cowper's gland mucin (acgm), which contains both t and tn epitopes, as the coating substrate in enzyme linked lectin assay. both t and tn copolymers (-40 haptens) showed high affinity and strict specificity; a ...19957795413
glycoconjugate expression of chondrocytes and perichondrium during hyaline cartilage development in the rat.alterations in the expression of glycoconjugate structures during cartilage development in the chondrocranium, nasal skeleton, meckel's cartilage, limb buds, vertebral bodies and ribs were investigated comparatively in 13 to 21-d-old rat embryos. the binding patterns of 24 biotinylated lectins were analysed in serial sections and compared with results obtained using histochemical methods. proteoglycan distribution, assessed by conventional staining procedures, was not associated with lectin bind ...19957591987
histochemical study of lectin binding in neoplastic and non-neoplastic urothelium.a histochemical study of lectin binding was performed to assess staining with lectins and, therefore, the expression of complex carbohydrates in human neoplastic urothelium. forty-seven patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder and six controls were studied. cryostat sections were stained with a panel of 10 biotinylated lectins by means of the avidin-biotin-peroxidase technique. sixteen tumours were also studied after conventional formalin fixation and paraffin embedding. in gener ...19873322471
cd4+ contrasuppressor t cells improve the resistance of thermally injured mice infected with hsv.modulation of burn-associated cd8+ cd11b+ t cell receptor gamma/delta+ suppressor t cells (ba2t cells) and improved resistance to herpesvirus infections was studied in thermally injured mice. the susceptibility of thermally injured mice to infection by herpes simplex virus (hsv) was approximately 100 times greater than it was in normal mice. the increased susceptibility of thermally injured mice to hsv infection was transferred to normal mice by ba2t cells, which appeared in spleens of mice 2-9 ...19957643011
contrasuppressor cells that break oral tolerance are antigen-specific t cells distinct from t helper (l3t4+), t suppressor (lyt-2+), and b cells.continuous gastric intubation of mice with the t cell-dependent antigen sheep erythrocytes (srbc) leads to a state of systemic unresponsiveness to parenteral srbc challenge, a state termed oral tolerance. the systemic unresponsiveness of mice rendered orally tolerant to srbc, however, is converted to humoral immune responsiveness by adoptive transfer of effector t contrasuppressor (tcs) cells. in this study, the authors have isolated and characterized the tcs cell subset, from the spleens of ora ...19873500210
poisoning of cattle by hairy or woolly-pod vetch, vicia villosa subspecies dasycarpa. 19863827780
galactose-containing glycoconjugates of the ciliary body and lens in capsular glaucoma: a lectin histochemical study.this study was carried out in order to obtain information on galactose-containing glycoconjugates in the lens and ciliary body of human eyes with capsular glaucoma and thus on the etiopathogenesis of exfoliation syndrome.19948001826
monoclonal antibody vc1.1 selectively stains a population of gabaergic neurons containing the calcium-binding protein parvalbumin in the rat cerebral cortex.monoclonal antibody vc1.1 is shown to stain selectively a subpopulation of gabaergic neurons in the rat cerebral cortex. almost all vc1.1 immunoreactive cells were also gaba-like immunoreactive (gaba-li) and parvalbumin (pv) immunoreactive, whereas they were about 30% and 65% of gaba-li and pv-positive cells in the parietal cortex and about 13% and 32% in the occipital cortex, respectively. although a few vc1.1 positive cells showed somatostatin-like and/or cholecystokinin-like immunoreactivitie ...19892591517
pregnancy-related changes in the human endometrium revealed by lectin histochemistry.the binding of 22 fluorescein isothiocyanate (fitc) conjugated lectins to human proliferative phase and pregnant endometrium was studied histochemically. only the lectin from bauhinia purpurea (bpa) reacted exclusively with the epithelial cells. all the others reacted to a certain extent with glandular and/or stromal cells. lectins from soybean (sba), and vicia villosa seeds (vva) reacted with endometrial glands of pregnancy but not with the glands of the proliferative endometrium. in the prolif ...19853997559
subcellular localization of the udp-n-acetyl-d-galactosamine: polypeptide n-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase-mediated o-glycosylation reaction in the submaxillary gland.addition of n-acetylgalactosamine to threonine and serine is the first step in the synthesis of o-glycosidically linked oligosaccharides. a udp-n-acetyl-d-galactosamine:polypeptide n-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase (ec from porcine submaxillary glands was recently purified to electrophoretic homogeneity, and polyclonal antibodies against the purified transferase were raised. immunoblots of porcine, bovine, and ovine submaxillary gland extracts with the anti-transferase antibodies gave ...19948090748
reactivity of five n-acetylgalactosamine-recognizing lectins with preimplantation embryos, early postimplantation embryos, and teratocarcinoma cells of the mouse.the expression of receptors for n-acetylgalactosamine-recognizing lectins, namely helix pomatia agglutinin (hpa), sophora japonica agglutinin (sja), bauhinia purpurea agglutinin (bpa), vicia villosa agglutinin (vva), and wistaria floribunda agglutinin (wfa) was studied in early mouse embryos and teratocarcinoma cells. each of these lectins as well as dolichos biflorus agglutinin (dba) bound differently to early embryonic cells, with the exception of vva and wfa which showed indistinguishable rea ...19854018458
detection of cross-reacting murine i-j like determinants on a human subset of t8+ antigen binding, presenting and contrasuppressor cells.murine i-j gene products have been found in t suppressor cells (sc) and factors, macrophages and contrasuppressor cells (csc). however, a human counterpart of the murine i-j has not been reported. as there is strong evidence that some murine anti-ia antisera cross-react with human ia antigens, the possibility was tested that mouse anti-i-j antibodies might cross-react with corresponding human class ii determinants. indeed, this revealed that three anti-i-j monoclonal antibodies (moab) and two an ...19846209044
flow cytofluorometric analysis of the binding of vicia villosa lectin to t lymphoblasts: lack of correlation with cytolytic function.the relationship between the binding of vicia villosa (vv) lectin and the expression of cytolytic function in t lymphoblasts has been investigated using flow cytofluorometric techniques. spleen cells activated in vitro in 5-day mixed leukocyte cultures (mlc) were incubated sequentially with vv, rabbit anti-v antiserum, and fluoresceinated sheep anti-rabbit igg. when these stained mlc cells were passed on a flow cytometer gated to exclude nonviable cells and small lymphocytes, a single heterogene ...19816450806
histochemical analysis of rat testicular glycoconjugates. 3. non-reducing terminal residues in seminiferous tubules.lectins of helix pomatia (hpa), glycine max (sba), vicia villosa (vva), dolichos biflorus (dba), ulex europaeus (uea-1), tetragonolobus purpureus (lta), griffonia simplicifolia (bsa-1b4), maclura pomifera (mpa), sambucus nigra (sna) and maackia amurensis (maa) were used to explore the distribution of saccharides characteristic of non-reducing termini of o- and n-linked glycoprotein glycans in the seminiferous tubules of rat testis. sialyl residues (both alpha 2,3- and alpha 2,6-linked, as shown ...19938282567
[dendritic arborization patterns of interneurons labeled with a lectin, vicia villosa, in rat cerebral cortex: studies by intracellular injection of lucifer yellow using aldehyde-fixed slices].in order to characterize the dendritic field of a number of interneurons in the cerebral cortex, the labeling of extracellular sugar chains which define a subset of interneurons was combined with the subsequent intracellular filling of dyes in aldehyde-fixed tissue. neurons whose cell body had been outlined by a lectin, vicia villosa (vva), which recognizes terminal n-acetylgalactosamine, were intracellularly injected with a fluorescent tracer, lucifer yellow (ly), in the rat parietal cortex und ...19938337931
vetch toxicosis in cattle grazing vicia villosa ssp dasycarpa and v benghalensis.the epidemiological, clinical and pathological features of a disease syndrome in adult cattle grazing woolly-pod vetch (vicia villosa ssp dasycarpa) or popany vetch (v benghalensis) are reported. outbreaks of toxicosis occurred between midwinter and midsummer in 3 dairy and 6 beef herds on the north coast of new south wales, between 1982 and 1992. friesian, angus, murray grey, guernsey and hereford breeds were affected. mean morbidity and case fatality rates in affected herds were 7% (65 of 889) ...19938494523
neurons with perineuronal sulfated proteoglycans in the human visual cortex, with special reference to their reactions to lectins.the human visual cortex, especially its ganglionic lamina, was found to contain many neurons with perineuronal sulfated proteoglycans which were stained with cationic iron colloid and aldehyde fuchsin. it also contained many neurons with surface glycoproteins labeled with lectin vicia villosa agglutinin (vva) or glycine max agglutinin (sba). double staining frequently showed that the neurons stained with cationic iron colloid were not labeled with lectin vva or sba. hyaluronidase and chondroitin ...19958527242
isolation and characterization of lectins from vicia villosa. two distinct carbohydrate binding activities are present in seed uncharacterized lectin from vicia villosa seeds has been reported to bind specifically to mouse cytotoxic t lymphocytes (kimura, a., wigzell, h., holmquist, g., ersson, b., and carlsson, p., (1979) j. exp. med. 149, 473-484). we have found that v. villosa seeds contain at least three lectins which we have purified by affinity chromatography on a column of immobilized porcine blood group substances eluted with varying concentrations of n-acetylgalactosamine and by anion exchange chromatography ...19836833294
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