apparent inadequacy of sodium requirement in broiler chickens.wheat-soy and corn-soy basal diets designed to be complete in all known nutrients failed to support normal growth and feed efficiency of male broiler chicks to two weeks of age. highly significant growth responses to these diets were obtained from the addition of faba meal (vicia faba l.) or of 0.2% na2so4. subsequent studies showed these diets to be deficient in sodium even though they contained, by analysis, 0.13 or 0.14% of sodium. a very low sodium content of the drinking water (3 p.p.m.) is ...1977564508
associative symbiosis of azotobacter chroococcum and higher plants.the association between a selected strain of azotobacter chroococcum and seven plants was investigated in water cultures under sterile conditions. azotobacter population progressively increased in the nutrient solution and on the rhizoplane. microbial propagation depends on the type of plant, being much higher in presence of wheat, followed by barley, maize, broad bean, and cotton, while in presence of fenugreek and lentil lower rates of multiplication were recorded. inoculation increased the dr ...1979473964
effect of gamma irradiation on nutritional value of dry field beans (phaseolus vulgaris) for chicks.the effect of gamma irradiation (60co) of different varieties and breeding lines of dry field beans (phaseolus vulgaris) on chick growth was determined using a chick growth assay in which the diet contained approximately 50% beans. total protein (n x 6.25) in beans was not changed appreciably by irradiation (21 mrad) but protein solubility in water was decreased. irradiation increased in vitro enzymatic digestibility of bean protein by pepsin and by a mixture of trypsin, chymotrypsin and peptida ...1979448472
ammonia assimilation by rhizobium cultures and bacteroids.the enzymes involved in the assimilation of ammonia by free-living cultures of rhizobium spp. are glutamine synthetase (ec. 6.o.i.2), glutamate synthase (l-glutamine:2-oxoglutarate amino transferase) and glutamate dehydrogenase (ed i.4.i.4). under conditions of ammonia or nitrate limitation in a chemostat the assimilation of ammonia by cultures of r. leguminosarum, r. trifolii and r. japonicum proceeded via glutamine synthetase and glutamate synthase. under glucose limitation and with an excess ...1975234505
nutritional effects of field bean (vicia faba l.) proteinase inhibitors fed to rats.1. weanling rats were fed on purified-casein diets containing active and inactive (autoclaved) field bean (vicia faba l.) proteinase inhibitors (pi) at levels of 1.25, 2.5, 5.0 and 10 g/kg. diets containing raw- and autoclaved-field-bean meal (fbm) were also given. the body-weight gain, protein efficiency ratio (per); i.e. the ratio of the live weight gain in g/g of protein consumed and apparent nitrogen digestibility were determined 7, 14 and 21 d after the start of the trial. 2. significant gr ...1979420757
effects of dietary proteinase inhibitors from field bean (vicia faba l.) and field-bean meal on pancreatic function in the rat. 1979420758
influence of polyethylene glycol and related compounds on the nutritional availability of methionine in a high-tannin sorghum and in field beans. 1977414230
reverse fluorescent chromosome banding with chromomycin and dapi.two dna binding guanine-specific antibiotics, chromomycin a3 (cma) and the closely related mithramycin (mm), were used as chromosome fluorescent dyes. root-tip metaphase chromosomes of three plant species and human metaphase chromosomes were sequentially stained with cma or mm and the dna binding at-specific fluorochrome 4'-6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (dapi). in some cases a non-fluorescent counterstain was used as contrasting agent: methyl green in conjunction with cma, and actinomycin d (amd) i ...1976137107
[genome structure in higher plants. reassociation kinetics of dna from vicia faba and vicia sativa].the work been concerned with a study of the kinetics of reassociation of total dna and that of the fraction of unique sequences in plants from the vicia family, i. e. vicia faba and vicia sativa. the size of the genome was determined by the kinetics of reassociation of the dna of the fraction of unique sequences and the amount of dna per nucleus was determined cytophotometrically. it has been shown that the size of the genome expressed in c(0)t units and the size expressed in gramms are not the ...1977597520
the energy value to sheep of mixed diets containing alkali-treated straw and ground field beans [proceedings]. 197832540
[examination and composition of some legume seeds (author's transl)].the chemical composition of some legume seeds is reviewed. it was found that soy (glycine soja), field beans (vicia faba), vicia sativa and lens culingris (red seeds) have the highest protein content. there were only minor differences in amino acid composition except for glutamic acid. the lysine content of legume seeds was high. lysine is the most limiting essential amino acid in cereal proteins, therefore cereal products can be improved nutritionally by addition of legume seed flour. examinati ...1977560092
dose-response relationship for x-ray induced dominant lethal mutations detected in mouse embryos in vitro.x-irradiated male mice sired offspring that expressed dominant lethal mutations during development in vitro. these mutations were expressed as arrest of the embryo either before or after blastocyst formation and were induced in germ cells irradiated as spermatids. when the dose-response data for the induced dominant lethal mutation rate were fit to a linear-quadratic model for dose-response curves, they were found to be compatible with mutation induction by both one-track and two-track processes ...1978566851
[characterization of a protease from thermoactinomyces vulgaris (thermitase). 3. substrate specificity and properties of partially purified thermitase].during the process of cultivation of th. vulgaris several proteases are formed. in the present investigation the extensively purified major component was used. the substrate specificity was determined by means of 7 proteins, 7 amino acid esters, 5 fatty acid esters and 15 amino acid 4-nitroanilides. among the protein substrates tested, urea denaturated hemoglobin was split best, followed by gelatin, casein, field bean protein, serum albumin and gluten. the weakest rate of hydrolysis was observed ...197834957
glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase variants: gd (+) alexandra associated with neonatal jaundice and gd (-) camperdown in a young man with lamellar cataracts.two male subjects are described, with unusual clinical presentations and with hitherto undescribed g6pd variants. the first, of italian extraction, suffered from severe neonatal jaundice following maternal ingestion of fresh broad beans (vicia fava) both prenatally and postnatally: the expression of the enzymatic defect was much more severe in the neonatal period than on retesting in adolescence, when biochemical characterization showed unique features which justify designation as a new variant ...197823402
affinity chromatography of human serum proteins using matrix bound lectins from viscum album and vicia faba.the d-galactose specific lectin from viscum album and the d-mannose specific lectin from vicia faba react with serum proteins which contain the corresponding carboyhydrate moieties. by affinity chromatography of human serum using the combination of insolubilized lectins coupled to sepharose it is possible to fractionate serum proteins in 3 groups: 1. proteins which react with both of the lectins; 2. proteins which react only with one of the lectins; 3. proteins which do not display any affinity ...1979525149
protein quality in cereals and pulses. 3. bioassays with rats and chickens on sorghum (sorghum vulgare pers.), barley and field beans (vicia faba l.). influence of polyethylene glycol on digestibility on the protein in high-tannin grain.1. two preceding papers in this series describe the application of microbiological and other in vitro tests in the evaluation of sorghum (sorghum vulgare pers.), field beans (vicia faba l.) and barley, and in assessing the influence of polyethylene glycol (peg 4000) on the nutritional availability of the methionine. the present paper gives for comparison the results of bioassays on some of the same test samples. net protein utilization (npu) in rats was measured by the nitrogen balance method, a ...1979476045
protein quality in cereals and pulses. 2. influence of polyethyleneglycol on the nutritional availability of methionine in sorghum (sorghum vulgar pers.), field beans (vicia faba l.) and barley.1. polyethyleneglycol (peg 4000) was examined for its influence on relative nutritional value (rnv) and available methionine in sorghum (sorghum vulgare pers.), field beans (vicia faba l.) and barley, as measured microbiologically with streptococcus zymogenes. the results were assessed in relation to the content of tannins in the test samples. 2. in grain of hybrid sorghum the rnv averaged 87 (range 79--92) for six low-tannin varieties and 41 (30--53) for eleven high-tannin varieties. the corres ...1979476044
varietal variation in the anti-nutritive effects of field beans (vicia faba) when fed to rats. 1979491546
affinity chromatography of serum proteins using immobilized lectin from vicia faba.when human serum is applied to a column of sepharose-insolubilized lectin from vicia faba, some serum proteins are bound which can be eluted by means of 0.1 m glucose solution. these proteins are parts of the immunoglobulins iga, igg, igm, and the alpha2-macroglobulin. these particular types of serum protein are bound specifically, due perhaps to some structural variation in the carbohydrate moieties they contain.1977612099
ethylene production during seed germination of some plants.the volatile and gaseous exudates emanating during seed germination of cotton, maize, and broad bean were analyzed chromatographically for ethylene production. the amount of ethylene produced could be arranged in the following descending order: cotton, maize, broad bean. ethylene production decreases with the increase in the germinating seed age.1977610230
protein quality in cereals and pulses. 1. application of microbiological and other in vitro methods in the evaluation of rice (oryza sativa l.), sorghum (sorghum vulgare pers.), barley and field beans (vicia faba l.).1. the streptococcus zymogenes assay procedure was modified and used in the estimation of available methionine and relative nutritional value in rice (oryza sativa l.), sorghum (sorghum vulgare pers.), barley and field beans (vicia faba l.). the results were assessed in relation to the content of tannins and 'dye-binding lysine', and to published information on the nutritional quality of some of the test samples. 2. in grain of ten varieties of sorghum, for which other workers had reported a cor ...1979427087
metabolic factors and the utilization of phosphorus by plants.the overall process of entry and transport of phosphate by plants has been separated into its component parts. rapid esterification is involved but a small proportion of the total transport may occur by a non-metabolic route. mannose alters the metabolism of phosphate in roots of cereals and thereby reduces the transport to the shoot by as much as 99% whereas dicotyledonous species are much less sensitive. the sequestration of phosphate as mannose 6-phosphate is reversible in some species depend ...1977357118
[phytopathological tests with pseudomonas aeruginosa (author's transl)].several strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa were investigated for pathogenicity to plant tissue. inoculations into the intercellular spaces of leaves of vicia faba (28 degrees c) and vinca rosea (36 degrees c) showed negative results. in leaves of nicotiana tabacum (32 degrees c) the bacteria multiplied; the tissue reacted to form partial lesions and necrosis. neither in culture filtrates of the bacteria nor in eluates of inoculated leaves pectolytic and cellulolytic enzymes or breakdown products ...1977416619
effect of raw field bean (vicia faba) on amino-acid-degrading enzymes in rats and chicks.the effects of vicia faba diet on urinary nitrogenous compounds and on enzyme activities of pathways directly associated with amino acid metabolism were studied in rats and chicks. the urea and creatinine excretion of rats fed on v. faba was approximately 90% more than that of control rats. the v.-faba-fed rats had increased activities of liver arginase (ec, argininosuccinate synthetase (ec and alanine aminotransferase (ec the chicks fed on v. faba also showed increas ...1979424086
[symbiotic efficiency in spontaneous mutants of rhizobium legumino-sarum resistant to streptomyocin, spectinomycin, or kanamycin].symbiotic effectiveness of 45 mutant strains selected from four wild effective strains of rhizobium leguminosarum for resistance to streptomycin, spectinomycin or kanamycin was determined on vicia faba. loss of effectiveness occurred in twenty of these mutants; distribution of ineffective mutants was uniform among the three types of antibiotic resistant mutants but varied with the parent strain from which mutants have been derived.1975125155
[aflatoxins produced by aspergillus flavus in soya and other legumes].there is no doubt that our programme of applied nutrition must include soya on account of the high nutritive value of the legume. this underlines research undertaken here regarding the risks of contamination by a. flavus and the subsequent formation of aflatoxins on and in soya beans. we have studied on parallel lines soya beans and other legumes important in the local dietary habits. these legumes are either obtained locally or imported. on every specimen of legume we have tried to confirm, or ...1977418721
non-coordinated histone synthesis with dna replication and close temporal association of ribosomal proteins and rrna syntheses in germinating vicia faba embryos.syntheses of dna, rna and basic proteins during germination of vicia faba seeds were examined. incorporation of [3h]thymidine into dna reached a maximum peak at approximately 34 h after beginning imbibition and the phase of dna replication was preceded by active rna synthesis. when vicia embryos were labeled with [3h]lysine or e13h]arginine, these isotopes were incorporated into ribosomal proteins and histones. the incorporation studies indicated that the synthesis of ribosomal structural protei ...1978656424
attempts to overcome anti-nutritive factors in field beans (vicia faba l) and field peas (pisum sativum) fed in diets to laying hens. 1977905287
studies on the rhizosphere and rhizoplane microflora of common-bean and barley.both broad bean and barley plants stimulated bacteria (total), n-fixing clostridia, azotobacter ammonifiers, and aerobic cellulose-decomposers in their rhizosphere zone. the rhizosphere effects were generally positive until the 8th week of either plant growth. however, the rhizosphere effect differed according to type of plant, growth phase of each single plant, and type of micro-organism under study. the presence of high numbers of micro-organisms in the rhizoplane samples (washed ruptured root ...1977910574
[amino acid composition of the unresorbed peptide fractions of the distal part of the small intestine in rats. ii. feeding of field-bean protein isolate with and without the addition of dialdehyde starch and of protein texturates from it].rats were fed diets containing 20% protein in the form of casein, protein isolate from sunflower seeds, protein isolate from field beans, model protein texturate made from field-bean protein isolate or model protein texturate made from field-bean protein isolate treated with dialdehyde starch and a nitrogenfree diet. the content in the distal small intestine of the rats was collected 3 hours after feeding, and the amino-acid compositions of the tca-precipitable and tca-soluble peptides (after se ...1977927479
lectin-associated proteins from the seeds of leguminosae.the seeds of pisum sativum (pea), canavalia ensiformis, vicia faba, vicia sativa, and ricinus communis were shown to contain proteins which are associated to the respective lectins (lectin binders). the lectin binders from pisum sativum and canavalia ensiformis were studied more closely. both are single proteins not resembling the variety of membrane glycoproteins found in animals and plants which bind to lectins. the pea lectin binder is a tetrameric glycoprotein composed of identical subunits ...1979511093
[aspergillus flavus link -- a new parasite on tetralonia lanuginosa klug].the wild type bee tetralonia lanuginosa, that plays an important role in fertilization of vicia faba in egypt, is often attacked by aspergillus flavus strains. this infection causes up to 50 per cent decay of the bee nymphs and/or pupae.1976827870
isolation and partial characterization of a lectin from vicia faba.a lectin present in the broad bean, vicia faba, was isolated by affinity chromatography on sephadex g-150. the active lectin had a molecular weight of 50 000. the lectin contained about 3% neutral sugar and it contained two different subunits. the subunits had molecular weights of 17 300 and 14 300. the lectin was mitogenic to human peripheral lymphocytes with some reduction in activity upon acetylation. the lectin competed with pea lectin for binding to murine tumor cells. binding to tumor cell ...1976822878
cis-analysis of a seed protein gene promoter: the conservative ry repeat catgcatg within the legumin box is essential for tissue-specific expression of a legumin gene.a 2.4 kb fragment containing the 5'-flanking region and the 5'-noncoding sequence of the vicia faba legumin gene leb4 mediates high level seed-specific expression in transgenic tobacco plants. deleted derivatives of this legumin upstream sequence were fused to the npt-ii reporter gene to determine the tissue-specific activity of the chimeric constructs in stably transformed tobacco plants. the results indicate the presence of positive regulatory, enhancer-like cis elements within 566 bp of the u ...19921338774
[nutritional study of field bean protein isolate and of spun field bean protein-casein fibers].the amino acid composition of the different field bean protein isolates shows a good correspondence. in relation to casein the content of the whole essential amino acids is low. in the first line the low content of methionine and cystine limits the biological value of this proteins. the content of lysine is relatively high. the enzymatic in vitro-hydrolysis results in a corresponding availability of the amino acids between the field bean proteins and casein. the digestibility is very good, the b ...1976958366
conformational states of cowpea chlorotic mottle virus ribonucleic acid components.the conditions determining conformational changes in the four ribonucleic acid components of cowpea chlorotic mottle virus have been studied. all four components have at least two electrophoretically separable conformers, the occurrence of which can be regulated by both monovalent and polyvalent cations. this phenomenon also occurs, in a much less striking way, in the ribonucleic acids of the two other members of the bromovirus group, brome mosaic virus and broad bean mottle virus. although spec ...1978643624
effect of some pesticides on the efficiency of the inoculated rhizobium associated with broad bean plants.the effect of some pesticides on the efficiency of the inoculated rhizobium in broad bean plants (vicia faba) was studied in greenhouse experiments. different pesticides were used in this work, including insecticides, herbicides, nematocides, and a molecide in different concentrations. the study revealed the following conclusions. application of insecticides in different concentrations generally affected the formation of efficient nodules on the root system of broad bean plants. the inhibitory e ...19761037049
purification of the glycoprotein lectin from the broad bean (vicia faba) and a comparison of its properties with lectins of similar specificity.1. the lectin from the broad bean (vicia faba) was purified by affinity chromatography by using 3-o-methylglucosamine covalently attached through the amino group to ch-sepharose (an omega-hexanoic acid derivative of agarose). its composition and the nature of its subunits were compared with concanavalin a and the lectins from pea and lentil. 2. unlike the other three lectins, broad-bean lectin is a glycoprotein; a glycopeptide containing glucosamine and mannose was isolated from a proteolytic di ...1976938471
[effects of technological processing on digestive and metabolic utilization of amino acids from various protein foods].the use of vegetable proteins such as legumes or oilseeds proteins is often restricted by antinutritional or toxic factors. therefore, it is usefull, in order to extend their consumption, to isolate proteins from most of the other components of the seeds. unfortunately, the technological processes may have some deleterious effects on the nutritive value of the proteins. moreover, the proteins isolates and concentrates need further processing to be texturated in order to look like conventional fo ...1978707919
[spontaneous hosts of broad bean wilt virus. communication].of 110 plant species, grown from seeds in the vicinity of sources of broad bean wilt virus (bbwv) in 1974, exactly 50% proved to be infected by the mentioned virus within one vegetation period. obviously 54 of the species are previously unknown hosts of bbwv. they belong to the following 21 families: amaranthaceae, boraginaceae, campanulaceae, caryophyllaceae, chenopodiaceae, commelinaceae, compositae, cruciferae, euphorbiaceae, hydrophyllaceae, labiatae, leguminosae, loasaceae, papaveraceae, po ...1977878706
daunomycin-bands are similar to q-bands on chromosomes of vicia faba.lin et al.2 discovered fluorescent bands on human chromosomes stained with daunomycin (d-bands). these bands looked like q-bands. we demonstrate d-bands, which look like respective q-bands, in vicia faba and infer that the similarity between d and q banding is general.1977891739
the influence of cobalt on the endoplasmatic reticulum of the horse bean (vicia faba l.).the exogeneous application of cobalt induces the differentiation of membrane complexes of the endoplasmic reticulum. after longer acting of cobalt these membranes are dilated and later destroyed. this fact can manifest itself also in some disturbances of the cell division.19761278295
purification, identification and characterization of a growth inhibitor in faba beans (vicia faba l. var. minor). 1977874575
insecticides and soil microorganisms. iii. fate of 14c-labelled dipterex as affected by two nodule-forming rhizobium spp. and roots of their respective leguminous host plants.chromatographic analysis led to the identification of monomethyl- and dimethyl-phosphates as metabolites resulting from the enzymatic degradation of 14c-labelled dipterex in the buffer solutions and root tissues of broad bean and clover plants, as well as in the culture media of rhizobium leguminosarum and rhizobium trifolii. the formation of 14co2 from rhizobial cultures containing radioactive dipterex suggests that some of the liberated methanol groups (during breakdown of dipterex) are oxidat ...19751220485
[the use of the mobile bag technique in swine. determination of the apparent crude protein digestibility and amino acid absorption of feed and rations].the mobile bag technique (mbt) was used in two ileorectostomized and two intact pigs with duodenal cannulae, in order to estimate the precaecal and total crude protein digestibility and amino acid (lysine, methionine, cystine, threonine, tryptophan) absorption of ten single feedstuffs (field bean, lupin, rapeseed meal, fish meal, barley, wheat) and three diets. for each feed 36 bags were applied per animal. after a peptic predigestion in vitro, application of the bags through the duodenal cannul ...19921296552
further studies on the isolation of the thermolabile growth inhibitor from the faba bean (vicia faba l. var. minor). 1977874576
determination of optimal conditions for the electron-cytochemical detection of atpase activity in isolated nuclei.the optimal conditions are selected for electron-cytochemical detection of the atpase activity in nuclei of the skeletal muscles of rabbits and nuclei of vicia faba l. meristem. it is shown that the previous fixation of nuclei in the rabbit skeletal muscle for 10 min in a mixture of the buffer solutions of 4% glutaric dialdehyde and 4% neutral formalin (1:1) causes a decrease in their atpase activity by 78% in the medium containing mg2+ and by 34% - in the medium containing ca2+; in nuclei of ho ...1975836
[the characteristics of the realization of cytogenetic damage in mammalian and plant cells exposed to low doses of radiation].a complicated character of the cytogenetic injury dependence upon radiation dose was revealed after low-level gamma irradiation of vicia faba seedlings and chinese hamster fibroblasts. the dependence was linear with low-level secondary exposure to 70 gev protons. the authors discuss a threshold nature of induction of the cytogenetic damage repair responsible for a high outcome of damages under the effect of low-level gamma radiation.19921314399
inhibition studies on the interaction of vicia faba lectin with carbohydrates.mono- and oligosaccharides and modified sugars have been studied quantitatively for their capacity to inhibit the agglutination reaction between vicia faba lectin and yeast cells. the results seem to parallel the specificity of carbohydrate binding reported for concanavalin a.19761022143
dietary fibre, sugar, starch and amino acid content of kale, ryegrass and seed of rape and field beans as influenced by s- and pot experiments, s-deficiency decreased the seed weight of rape from 4.30 to 2.44 g/1000 seeds at highest n-level. n/s ratios varied from 5.8 to 45.0 and from 3.7 to 21.6 in ryegrass and kale. s-deficiency tended to decrease the fat(oil) content. in kale and ryegrass, it was increased by n-applications, but decreased in rape. s-deficiency had very little effect on starch and sugar content, whereas n-deficiency in kale greatly increased starch (eightfold) and sugar content. soluble (sdf) and i ...19921332018
a preparation of field bean (vicia faba l.) cotyledons as a substitute for dried skim-milk in calf feeding [proceedings]. 19761028050
[genetic-physiological compatibility and karyotypes of stem nematode].the paper presents literary and the authors own data. the potato stem eelworm ditylenchus destructor has a set of chromosomes 2n=44-48 and does not cross with the close species d. dipsaci from onion, garlic, parsley and parsnip. most stem eelworms of the collective species d. dipsaci have n=12 and cross with each other producing fertile progeny. some forms of stem eelworms, e.g. those of broad beans, plantain, dandelion and falcaria are polyploid. intraspecies and intrapopulation polymorphism ac ...19761026912
a broad bean cdna clone encoding a dna-binding protein resembling mammalian creb in its sequence specificity and dna methylation sensitivity.a plant cdna has been cloned that encodes a dna-binding protein displaying a nucleotide (nt) sequence specificity similar to that of the mammalian cyclic amp response element-binding protein/activating transcription factor (creb/atf) family of mammalian proteins. this cdna was cloned in escherichia coli from a broad bean (vicia faba) cdna expression library using a recognition site probe. the deduced amino acid (aa) sequence of the recombinant cdna-encoded protein, called vbp1, has a basic regio ...19921386331
effects of supercypermethrin, a synthetic developmental pyrethroid, on four biological test systems.the genotoxic potential of the insecticide supercypermethrin, a second-generation pyrethroid, was studied on four different test systems. it was non-mutagenic to salmonella typhimurium strains ta1535, ta100, ta1538, ta98 and ta97 in the presence and absence of s9 mixture. it induced gene conversion at the tryptophan locus and induced point mutations at the isoleucine locus in saccharomyces cerevisiae cells. a slight increase in the frequency of aberrant anaphases and telophases in root tips of h ...19921381478
[protein utilization of mixed feed rations in lactating pigs with reference to the essential amino acid content of the feed proteins. 2. report. utilization of the feed proteins in the use of soy bean extraction residue, waste liquor yeast, horse bean meal fish meal and maize gluten for a basic ration].nitrogen trials were performed on lactating pigs to investigate the utilization of protein from some feeding rations. the basal ration fed to the sows consisted of ground barley+oats+flaked potatoes or ground barley+sugar beet chips. the basal ration was supplemented with a protein source. the protein feeds used were extracted soya bean meal, horse bean meal, fish meal, maize gluten and waste liquor yeast. data for the average biological value of the dietary proteins were as follows (in the give ...19761035091
familial deficiency of glutathione reductase in human blood cells.a virtually complete absence of glutathione reductase activity was found in the erythrocytes of all three children (one male, two females) from a consanguineous marriage. intermediate values were found in the erythrocytes of both parents. the enzyme activity could not be restored either by addition of fad in vitro or by administration of riboflavin in vivo. the amount of reduced glutathione in the erythrocytes was normal in each case. severely diminished glutathione stability during incubation w ...1976947404
comparative studies on some leguminous protein sources and soybean proteins.the nutrient contents as well as the amino acid pattern of broad bean, kidney bean and soybean were determined. the levels of most of the amino acids were also estimated. heat treatment of the leguminous seeds caused a noticeable reduction in the levels of methionine, cystine, lysine and tryptophan. animal experiments showed high figures for digestibility, biological value and net protein utilization for the soybean diet whereas the broad bean and kidney beans gave lower values of these measurem ...1976987657
nutritional effects of field-bean (vicia faba l.) protease inhibitors and field beans fed to rats [proceedings]. 1976972900
changes in carbohydrates and amino acids during baking of vicia faba. 19751134063
mutagenic decomposition products of nitrosated 4-chloroindoles.4-chloro-6-methoxyindole, a constituent of fava beans, forms a potent direct-acting mutagen, 4-chloro-6-methoxy-2-hydroxy-1-nitrosoindolin-3-one oxime, when nitrosated. in order to better understand the properties of this mutagen, we have studied a readily-available analog, 4-chloro-2-hydroxy-1-nitrosoindolin-3-one oxime, prepared by nitrosation of 4-chloroindole. this analog is also mutagenic, and both mutagens decompose rapidly at neutral or higher ph to yield in each case a new, less potent m ...19921489931
the digestibility in piglets of faba bean (vicia faba l.) as affected by breeding towards the absence of condensed tannins.seed samples from two near-isogenic faba bean (vicia faba l.) lines were examined for the levels of so-called anti-nutritional factors (anf). from the anf known to be present in faba beans, trypsin inhibitor activity, functional lectins, condensed tannins and pyrimidine glycosides were analysed. it was concluded that the lines differed only in the content of condensed tannins being < 0.5 g/kg and 5.2 (sd 0.2) g/kg for the low (lt)- and high (ht)-tannin lines respectively. in addition, the level ...19921493141
[protein screening in wheat and broad bean specimens in gatersleben].actually and in future times plant proteins will constitute the main and primary source of proteins in animal feeding and human alimentation. therefore, the main efforts to resolve the world nutrition problems are focused on the increase of the protein production and the improvement of the nutritional quality of plant seed proteins. in this regard plant breeding occupies one of the most important strategic positions. with the aim of selecting forms with elevated grain protein content and improve ...19751226212
the effect of 2,4-d and dicamba on the growth and yield of garden broad bean (vicia faba l. var. major).two experiments were conducted in egypt to investigate the effect of sublethal concentrations of 2,4-d and dicamba on the growth and yield of garden broad bean. it was found that 1. as compared to the effects of dicamba, 2,4-d had a better stimulating effect on the growth characters, the yield, and the yield components of the beans 2. the application at the flowering stage was superior to the earlier application in every respect 3. the optimum rate of 2,4-d and dicamba that gave the highest incr ...19751218072
viral rna replication in extracts of alfalfa mosaic virus-infected vicia faba. 19751111216
[influence of mechanical and thermal treatment of animal feed on the true digestibility of amino acids. 2. true digestibility of amino acids in treated horse beans].trials were performed to investigate in which way mechanical and/or thermal treatment of horse beans would have an effect on the harmful components that were shown to be present in horse beans. in the course of these trials amino acids from heat-treated horse beans (variety fribo) were analyzed for their true digestibility. apart from heat-treated horse beans the investigation included undecorticated and decorticated beans and a mixture of horse beans with spring barley.19751233951
studies with chicks on the growth depressing factor(s) in faba beans (vicia faba l. var. minor).the growth response of broiler chicks was improved when they were fed diet containing high levels (greater than 85%) of heat treated as compared to raw faba beans. pelleting and microwave treatment of faba beans containing 10% moisture resulted in maximal improvements in chick growth rates and feed efficiency of only 6% and 8%, respectively. steam autoclaving (121 degrees for 20 minutes), extrusion (130 degrees or 152 degrees), or microwave treatment of faba beans containing 18% added water resu ...19761249650
plant extracts induce chromosome aberrations and sister-chromatid exchanges in chinese hamster ovary cells and human lymphocytes.effects of extracts from vicia faba were compared with those of zea mays for the induction of sister-chromatid exchanges (sces) and of chromosome aberrations (cas) in chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells. ca induction by the maize extract was also tested in human lymphocytes. the extracts from roots and leaves of vicia faba induced cas and sces in cho cells. the extracts from maize leaves also induced sces and cas in cho cells, and cas in human lymphocytes. maize extracts were more potent in induci ...19921371591
bioavailability to rats and toxicity in mice of carbofuran residues bound to faba beans.14c-carbofuran penetrated readily into seeds of vicia faba and the rate of penetration was found to be dose dependent. the percentage of bound residues was generally low and did not exceed 3% of the applied dose. when the bound residues were fed to rats 46% of the radioactivity was eliminated via co2 and urine, while tissues contained 25%. carbofuran phenol and 3-hydroxy carbofuran represented the main metabolites in the urine. these data indicate that bean-bound carbofuran residues are highly b ...19921527362
bioavailability to rats and toxicity of bound residues in bean seeds fumigated with 14c-methyl bromide.fumigation of vicia faba seeds with 14c-methyl bromide for two weeks followed by four-week aeriation period resulted in the formation of bound residues equivalent to 33% of the terminal residue or approx. 30 ppm. of this amount, 3.4% was incorporated into the seed dna. the effect of cooking on the treated-aerated beans showed that 50% of the initial dose remained bound to seed tissues. a bioavailability study of 14c-bound residues showed that over 70% of the ingested dose was bioavailable to the ...19921527363
rbe and oer measurements on the p(66) + be neutron beam at faure, south africa.results reported are for single dose exposures and refer to 60co-gamma-irradiation. the rbe determined by v79 cell survival and based on the do ratio was found to be 1.70 +/- 0.4 ranging from 1.5 to 1.8. in the case of the regeneration of mouse jejunal crypts the rbe was calculated at ten cell survival and was found to be 1.68. the maximum acute mouse skin reaction at a skin score of 2.0 was found to be 2.1 while the average skin reaction was 1.7. growth retardation of vicia faba bean roots meas ...19921734591
telomeric signals in robertsonian fusion and fission chromosomes: implications for the origin of situ hybridization with synthetic plant telomeric sequences resulted in labeling of all broad bean (vicia faba) chromosomes at their ends only. telocentric chromosomes derived by fission of the metacentric satellite chromosome of v. faba also showed signals at both of their ends, whereas the ancestral metacentric did not display signals at its primary constriction, the point of fission. as in v. faba, all acrocentric mouse chromosomes were labeled by in situ hybridization with a vertebrate te ...19921733676
plants transformed with a region of the 201-kilodalton replicase gene from pea early browning virus rna1 are resistant to virus infection.the 3' proximal portion of the gene encoding the 201-kda putative replicase protein from the tobravirus pea early browning virus (pebv) can potentially be expressed separately as a 54-kda protein. nicotiana benthamiana plants transformed with the open reading frame (orf) encoding the 54-kda protein, designated 54k orf, were resistant to infection by purified pebv at inoculum doses of up to 1 mg/ml, the highest concentration tested. however, resistance was abolished by the introduction into the 5 ...19921631064
the inhibitory effects of hull polysaccharides and tannins of field beans (vicia faba l.) on the digestion of amino acids, starch and lipid and on digestive enzyme activities in young chicks.the effects of polysaccharides and tannins present in the hulls of field beans (vicia faba l.) on the digestion of amino acids, starch and lipid were studied in poultry. a control diet without hulls and the same diet substituted with 400 g hulls/kg diet from three different varieties of beans were fed to 3-week-old chicks for 4 d. digestibility coefficients for amino acids, starch and lipid were calculated from measurements made of these nutrients in the diets and the freeze-dried excreta with t ...19911645991
[comparative digestive and metabolic utilization of beans, lentils and chick peas in the rat].faba bean, lentil or chick-pea raw seeds were used as the only protein food in the rat. the balanced diet was designed to suit growth requirements. nitrogen apparent digestibility coefficient (cuda) was 72% in the faba bean, 75% in the lentil, 76% in the chick-pea groups respectively, but the cuda of some essential amino acids were much lower: 52-51-71% for methionine, 60-39-78% for cystine, 73-71-75% for valine, while arginine cuda values (87-87-82) were higher than all other aa cuda values. gr ...19911777055
[synthesis of sorbent from cross-linked starch for affinity purification of glucose(mannose)-specific lectins].cross-linked starch gel for the affinity chromatography of d-glucose (d-mannose)-specific lectins is suggested. in order to optimize hydrodynamic properties of gel 30% starch has been hydrolysed by hci at 70 degrees c during 60 min and then cross-linked by epichlorohydrin under alkaline conditions. every 100 g of starch require 18 ml of epichlorohydrin and 36 ml of 8 n koh. the gel obtained has been successfully used for the purification of lectins from pisum sativum l., lens culinaris l., vicia ...19911816693
field-bean (vicia faba l.) protein in feeds for preruminant calves. 19751208478
haemoglobin-e in the presence of oxidative substances from fava bean may be protective against plasmodium falciparum malaria.a case-control study was carried out at a community hospital in eastern thailand in order to study the association between haemoglobin e and plasmodium falciparum malaria; 271 p. falciparum cases and 271 controls were enrolled. after adjusting for age, sex, time since last malaria attack, history of mosquito net use, and history of fava bean consumption in the previous month, neither heterozygous nor homozygous haemoglobin e provided significant protection against p. falciparum infection, with o ...19921412643
mineral excretion of rats fed on diets containing faba beans (vicia faba l.) or faba bean fractions.the effects on faecal mineral excretion of two commercial varieties (local cultivar and troy cultivar) of raw faba beans (vicia faba l., minor) meal (vfm) and its fractions have been studied in growing rats. diets contained local-vfm (dark seed coat) and troy-vfm (light seed coat) at 474-500 g/kg diet, hull (vfh) from both varieties at 65 g/kg diet, and the insoluble cotyledon residue (vfcr) obtained from the troy variety at 237 g/kg diet. rats were pair-fed on diets which had been supplemented ...19921596502
studies on the utilization of a plant sce test in detecting potential mutagenic this paper a modified procedure for sister-chromatid differentiation in plant cells is reported. using this procedure some chemicals were tested for sce induction in vicia faba, hordeum vulgare and secale cereale. the chemicals tested were ethanol, chromium oxide, sodium saccharin, fluorouracil, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), omethoate and phenol. the experimental results showed that most of them induced sce increases in mouse spleen cells, human lymphocytes and plant cells. the increase of sces ...19911881408
mycotoxin production on different cultivars and lines of broad bean (vicia faba l.) seeds in hundred different cultivars and lines of broad bean (vicia faba l.) seed samples were inoculated with aspergillus flavus link (cmi 102135) to determine varietal differences which may support or resist aflatoxin production. thin-layer chromatographic analysis of the chloroform extracts of the different seed samples revealed that 11 cultivars/lines were highly resistant to seed invasion and aflatoxin production while 9 cultivars/line showed partial resistance. the remaining 80 samples were sus ...19911906134
the effect of concentration of tannin-rich bean hulls (vicia faba l.) on activities of lipase (ec and alpha-amylase (ec in digesta and pancreas and on the digestion of lipid and starch by young chicks.the effect of different concentrations of tannin-rich field-bean (vicia faba l.) hulls at 0, 20, 50, 150 and 300 g/kg dietary inclusion on the activities of lipase (ec and alpha-amylase (ec in digesta and pancreas and on the digestion of lipid and starch was studied in 2-3-week-old male broiler chicks. low dietary concentrations of tannins (20 and 50 g hulls/kg) enhanced the activity of lipase in digesta from both the jejunum and ileum, the 20 g hulls/kg effecting the greatest ...19911931901
[the sensitivity of agricultural plants to short-term uv-stress].the effect of a short-term exposure to uv-irradiation (applied for 7 hours at doses of 100-250 kj/m2) on various cultured plants (cereals, legumes, vegetables, forage plants) was studied. it was a field study in which artificial uv-sources (280-380 nm) were used. uv-sensitivity was measured in terms of yield changes of the above cultures. after uv-irradiation the yield of most of them, e.g., potatoes, vetch, clover, peas, horse-beans, barley (with respect to seed productivity) decreased. the sen ...19911960944
the nucleotide sequence and genome organization of the rna-1 segment in two bromoviruses: broad bean mottle virus and cowpea chlorotic mottle virus.the complete nucleotide sequences of the rna-1 segments in broad bean mottle virus (bbmv) and cowpea chlorotic mottle virus (ccmv) were determined. bbmv rna-1 consists of 3158 nucleotides and ccmv rna-1 has 3171 nucleotides. both bbmv and ccmv rna-1 are capped at the 5' end but, unlike in other tricornaviruses, bbmv rna-1 initiates with an a residue. both bbmv and ccmv rna-1 are monocistronic encoding for highly homologous 1a proteins of 966 and 958 amino acids, respectively. the highest homolog ...19911962437
nutritional response of growing rats to faba beans (vicia faba l., minor) and faba bean fractions.the effects of raw faba bean (vicia faba l., minor) meal (vfm) and its fractions on the growth and nitrogen utilization of rats have been determined in two experiments. two commercial varieties of vfm were tested, local vfm (409-439 g/kg diet) and troy vfm (439 g/kg diet). the bean fractions tested were v. faba lectin-depleted protein (vfdp), v. faba lectin (vfl) and v. faba cotyledon residue (vfcr). all diets were supplemented with amino acids to target requirements. body-weight, body n and lip ...19911772875
fungal contamination, natural occurrence of mycotoxins and resistance for aflatoxin accumulation of some broad bean (vicia faba l.) cultivars.using glucose-czapek's and 10% nacl glucose-czapek's agar media incubated at 28 +/- 2 degrees c, nine genera and 18 species were identified from 10 different cultivars seed of broad bean. aspergillus and penicillium were the most common genera on the two types of media used. the most common fungal species were aspergillus flavus, a. niger, a. tamarii and penicillium chrysogenum. thin-layer chromatographic analysis indicated that seeds of one cultivar only was naturally contaminated with aflatoxi ...19921460568
the nutritive value of faba beans and low glucosinolate rapeseed meal for swine.faba beans may be effectively used as a partial replacement for other protein supplements in swine diets. breeding swine appear to be particularly sensitive to the level of faba beans in their diets. the lack of response to autoclaving faba beans suggests that the trypsin inhibitor level and condensed tannin content of faba beans do not significantly influence the performance of growing-finishing swine. supplementation of diets containing faba beans with lysine and/or methionine has not improved ...1978727023
in-vitro testing and the carcinogenic potential of several nitrosated indole compounds.4-chloro-methoxyindole is a naturally occurring compound in vicia faba which can easily react with nitrite to form a n-nitroso compound. in this in vitro study, the potential genotoxic effects of nitrosated 4-chloro-6-methoxyindole and its structural analogue 4-chloroindole were evaluated for the first time by using both salmonella and chinese hamster v79 cells. additionally, the inhibition of gap junctional intercellular communication in v79 cells by these compounds was determined; this is a va ...19911794111
in situ evaluation of the ruminal and intestinal degradability of extruded whole horse beans.four rumen and proximal duodenum fistulated non-lactating holstein cows were used to determine the effect of extrusion at 120 degrees c of whole horse beans (vicia faba cv talo) on in vitro nitrogen (n) solubility and in situ degradation of dry matter (dm) and crude protein (cp) in the rumen and intestine. cows were fed a ration of 30% whole horse beans (whb) and 70% italian rye-grass hay. the degradation of dm and cp was estimated using nylon bags suspended in the rumen for 2, 4, 7, 16, 24 and ...19911878150
purification of the major usnrnps from broad bean nuclear extracts and characterization of their protein constituents.small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles containing the five major nucleoplasmic snrnas u1, u2, u4, u5 and u6 as well as two smaller sized snrnas were purified from broad bean nuclear extracts by anti-m3g, monoclonal antibody, immunoaffinity chromatography. we have so far defined 13 polypeptides of approximate mol. wts. of 11 kd, 11.5 kd, 12.5 kd, 16 kd, 17 kd, 17.5 kd, 18.5 kd, 25 kd (double band), 30 kd, 31 kd, 35 kd, 36 kd and 54 kd. upon fractionation of the usnrnps by anion exchange chroma ...19892522185
[effect of bean (vicia faba) extrusion on nitrogen and starch intestinal flux in lactating cows].four mature lactating holstein cows fitted with permanent ruminal, duodenal and ileal cannulae were used to study the effect of extrusion at 195 degrees c of beans (vicia faba cv castel) on organic matter (om), nitrogen (n) and starch degradation in the rumen and their flow to and absorption from the small intestine. the test protein sources, raw beans (rb) and extruded beans (eb), provided about 45% of the dietary protein. the diets were composed of 23.1% beans, 56.2% corn silage, 10.1% corn gr ...19921449610
different legumin protein domains act as vacuolar targeting signals.legumin subunits are synthesized as precursor polypeptides and are transported into protein storage vacuoles in field bean cotyledons. we expressed a legumin subunit in yeast and found that in these cells it is also transported into the vacuoles. to elucidate vacuolar targeting information, we constructed gene fusions of different legumin propolypeptide segments with either yeast invertase or chloramphenicol acetyltransferase as reporters for analysis in yeast or plant cells, respectively. in ye ...19911841724
the effect of proanthocyanidin-rich hulls and proanthocyanidin extracts from bean (vicia faba l.) hulls on nutrient digestibility and digestive enzyme activities in young chicks.proanthocyanidins were prepared from three bean (vicia faba l.) varieties by extracting hulls in aqueous acetone. the amounts of freeze-dried extracts recovered were 74, 89 and 97 g/kg hull for the varieties brunette, statissa and minica respectively. chicks (3 weeks old) were fed on a maize-soya-bean control diet or the same control diet substituted with either 30 g proanthocyanidin extracts/kg or 300 g proanthocyanidin-rich hulls/kg. chicks were tube-fed diets twice daily for 4 d. nutrient dig ...19921547203
[negative effects of anti-nutritional factors in animal feed on nitrogen burden of the environment and possibilities of its reduction. nutritional physiology effects].antinutritional factors (anfs) protect the seed against attacks of moulds, bacteria, insects and birds. the defensive effect of anfs is apparently related to disturbances in digestive processes in insects and microorganisms. when animals consume seeds containing anfs, the digestive processes and growth may be disturbed in a similar manner. in the present paper, the fact is discussed that all proteins passing undigested through the small intestine will be fermentatively digested in the large inte ...19911882367
[the degradation of vicine and convicine in field bean meal by selected bacterial strains].vicine and convicine as natural occurring toxic compounds in vicia faba are involved in the formation of hemolytic anemia (favism). removal of these compounds needs high technological expense. microbiological degradation with different strains of bacteria was tried. after 3 h incubation with streptococcus faeciens convicine was converted completely and vicine to about 95%.19911922274
coding capacity determines in vivo accumulation of a defective rna of clover yellow mosaic virus.naturally occurring defective rnas (d rnas) derived from the potexvirus clover yellow mosaic virus (cymv) contain large internal deletions yet maintain a single open reading frame (orf) representing the in-frame fusion of 5' and 3' terminal orfs. capped transcripts of the prototype 1.2-kb d rna of cymv were synthesized in vitro and used to inoculate broad bean plants. progeny d rna accumulated only if synthetic d rna transcripts were coinoculated with cymv rna. several experiments showed that he ...19921560537
an open reading frame encoding a putative haem-binding polypeptide is cotranscribed with the pea chloroplast gene for apocytochrome f.the nucleotide sequence of a 1 kbp region of pea chloroplast dna upstream from the gene peta encoding apocytochrome f has been determined. an open reading frame of 231 codons (orf231) encoding a putative membrane-spanning polypeptide is separated by 205 bp from the coding region of peta. the open reading frame is homologous to open reading frames located in a similar position with respect to peta in chloroplast dna from marchantia polymorpha, tobacco, rice, wheat and vicia faba. the sequence aro ...19902103453
two plasmids other than the nodulation plasmid are necessary for formation of nitrogen-fixing nodules by rhizobium leguminosarum.a system which allows direct selection for curing of plasmids in gram-negative bacteria was used to generate derivatives of rhizobium leguminosarum vf39 cured of each of six plasmids present in this strain. phenotypes could be correlated with the absence of five of the six plasmids. the smallest plasmid, prlevf39a, carries genes for the production of a melanin-like pigment as has been previously reported. plasmid prlevf39d carries nodulation and nitrogen fixation genes. curing of the plasmids pr ...19902161988
correlation between carbohydrate structures on the envelope glycoprotein gp120 of hiv-1 and hiv-2 and syncytium inhibition with lectins.the binding of 13 different lectins to gp120 partially purified from two hiv-1 isolates and one hiv-2 isolate was studied by in situ staining on electrophoretically separated and electroblotted hiv antigens. the lectins concanavalin a, wheat germ agglutinin, lens culinaris agglutinin, vicia faba agglutinin, pisum sativum agglutinin and phytohaem(erythro)agglutinin bound to gp120 of all three isolates. the carbohydrate of gp120 recognized by lectins was thus arranged in at least four types of gly ...19892574581
a new fluorescent test for cell vitality using calcofluor white m2r.the fluorescent fabric-brightener dye, calcofluor white m2r (cfw), can be used to distinguish between living and dead cells from a variety of animal and plant sources. cfw does not stain living mouse fibroblasts or trout red blood cells and stains only the cell walls in living cells from the epidermis of onion bulb scale, staminal hairs of tradescantia, and longitudinal sections of broad bean stems and roots. heat-killed plant or animal cells are recognized by their lightly stained cytoplasm and ...19852580370
protein transport into mitochondria is conserved between plant and yeast species.protein targeting into plant mitochondria was investigated by in vitro translocation experiments. the precursor of the mitochondrial f1-atpase beta subunit from nicotiana plumbaginifolia was synthesized in vitro, translocated to, processed, and assembled in purified vicia faba mitochondria. transport (but not binding) required a membrane potential and external nucleotides and was conserved among plant species. beta subunit precursors from the yeasts saccharomyces cerevisiae and schizosaccharomyc ...19902145266
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