pharmacologic properties of moringa oleifera. 2: screening for antispasmodic, antiinflammatory and diuretic water infusions of flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and stalks or bark of moringa oleifera were screened to detect three pharmacologic activities in experimental models in rats. the antispasmodic activity was demonstrated using isolated duodenum, oral anti-inflammatory activity by carrageenan-induced hindpaw edema and oral diuretic activity by urine output in metabolic cages. the seed infusion showed a significant inhibition of acetylcholine-induced contraction with an ed50 of 65.6 mg/ml bath c ...19921434682
commonly used indian abortifacient plants with special reference to their teratologic effects in rats.a survey programme was organised in lucknow and farrukhabad, two towns of uttar pradesh, from march 1987 to july 1987. during the survey, the common folk medicine plants used by women were recorded and ayurvedic and unani drug encyclopedias were consulted for the antireproductive potential of these plants. aqueous or 90% ethanol extracts of the plants of interest were studied in rats orally dosed for 10 days after insemination with special reference to effects on foetal development. leaf extract ...19921608272
pharmacological properties of moringa oleifera. 1: preliminary screening for antimicrobial activity.the antimicrobial activities of moringa oleifera leaves, roots, bark and seeds were investigated in vitro against bacteria, yeast, dermatophytes and helminths pathogenic to man. by a disk-diffusion method, it was demonstrated that the fresh leaf juice and aqueous extracts from the seeds inhibit the growth of pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus and that extraction temperatures above 56 degrees c inhibited this activity. no activity was demonstrated against four other pathogenic gram- ...19911921416
histoarchitecture of the genital tract of ovariectomized rats treated with an aqueous extract of moringa oleifera roots.the effect of an aqueous extract of moringa oleifera roots was studied histologically on the genital tract of ovariectomized rats in the presence and absence of estradiol dipropionate and progesterone. administration of the extract itself stimulated the uterine histoarchitecture as revealed by increases in the height of luminal epithelium, well developed glands, loose stroma and rich vascularity. the cervix showed metaplastic changes in the epithelium with marked keratinization. in the vagina, c ...19892747260
biochemical and physiological alterations in female reproductive organs of cyclic rats treated with aqueous extract of moringa oleifera lam.biochemical and physiological alterations have been observed in the genital tract of female cyclic rats treated with aqueous extract of m. oleifera lam. its administration caused a significant increase in the glycogen contents, protein concentration, activity of acid and alkaline phosphatase and the level of total cholesterol in all the organs at initial days of treatment. however, at longer days of treatment the values revealed a significant depletion. initially its administration stimulated th ...19883227756
antifertility profile of the aqueous extract of moringa oleifera aqueous extract of moringa oleifera roots was investigated for its estrogenic, anti-estrogenic, progestational and antiprogestational activities. oral administration of extract progressively increased the uterine wet weight of bilaterally ovariectomized rats. this estrogenic activity was supported by stimulation of uterine histo-architecture. when the extract was given conjointly with estradiol dipropionate (edp), there was a successive reduction in the uterine wet weight when compared to the ...19883352285
effect of water coagulation by seeds of moringa oleifera on bacterial concentrations.the effects of a sudanese water purification method traditionally used in sudan to treat turbid waters were studied with respect to turbidity reduction and removal of faecal indicator bacteria as well as selected enteric bacterial pathogens. water treatment was performed at 30 degrees c with moringa oleifera seed material as a coagulant, and the technique employed corresponded closely to that used to clarify turbid water in sudanese villages. a turbidity reduction of 80.0-99.5% paralleled by a p ...19873586089
uterine histoarchitecture during pre and post-implantation periods of rats treated with aqueous extract of moringa oleifera lam.the effect of aqueous extract of moringa oleifera lam. (roots) has been studied on histoarchitecture of the uterus during pre and post-implantation stages in rats so as to elucidate its antifertility mode of action. the histoarchitecture of the uterus of control pregnant rat had revealed a clear-cut close apposition of the uterine endometrium with reduced lumen and loose stroma. there was a prominent appearance of deciduoma and the uterine glands were enlarged. glandular cells showed hypertrophy ...19873630576
toxicological assessment of seeds from moringa oleifera and moringa stenopetala, two highly efficient primary coagulants for domestic water treatment of tropical raw waters. 19846535725
bioavailability of thiamine, riboflavin and niacin from commonly consumed green leafy vegetables in the rural areas of andhra pradesh in india.the physiological availability of thiamine, riboflavin and niacin from three green leafy vegetables -- amaranth (amaranthes gangeticus), gogu (hibiscus cannabinus) and drumstick leaves (moringa oleifera) was calculated from individual dose response curves. the bioavailability of thiamine and riboflavin was higher from drumstick leaves curry, while the availability of niacin was higher from gogu curry. but the differences in the bioavailability of the vitamins from the experimental curries was no ...19827085205
influence of protein and fat on the utilisation of carotene from drumstick (moringa oleifera) leaves. 19817338379
fully acetylated carbamate and hypotensive thiocarbamate glycosides from moringa oleifera.six new and three synthetically known glycosides have been isolated from the leaves of moringa oleifera, employing a bioassay-directed isolation method on the ethanolic extract. most of these compounds, bearing thiocarbamate, carbamate or nitrile groups, are fully acetylated glycosides, which are very rare in nature. elucidation of the structures was made using chemical and spectroscopic methods, including 2d nmr techniques. thiocarbamates showed hypotensive activity.19957766390
isolation and structure elucidation of new nitrile and mustard oil glycosides from moringa oleifera and their effect on blood pressure.bioassay-guided analysis of an etoh extract of moringa oleifera leaves showing hypotensive activity led to the isolation of two nitrile glycosides, niazirin [1] and niazirinin [2], and three mustard oil glycosides, 4-[(4'-o-acetyl-alpha-l-rhamnosyloxy)benzyl]isothiocyanate [4], niaziminin a, and niaziminin b. glycoside 2 is a new compound. niaziminins a and b have previously been obtained from the left extract as a mixture, while compound 4 is new from this source. structural determination was a ...19947798960
availability of calcium from kilkeerai (amaranthus tricolor) and drumstick (moringa oleifera) greens in weanling rats.the present study was undertaken to determine the extent of calcium absorption in weanling rats from two types of greens rich in oxalates. the edible portions of greens namely kilkeerai (amaranthus tricolor) and drumstick (moringa oleifera) were analysed for moisture, calcium and total and soluble oxalates. three groups of 6 male weanling albino rats were fed ad libitum on milk diet and two experimental diets containing greens. urine and faecal samples were collected for a period of 7 days after ...19948196748
preliminary studies of the antifungal activities of some medicinal plants against basidiobolus and some other pathogenic fungi.the antifungal activities of extracts of 10 medicinal plants collected from south-eastern parts of nigeria were tested against seven pathogenic fungi using the broth dilution and agar plate methods. all the extracts at 1:10 dilution inhibited the growth of basidiobolus haptosporus and b. ranarum but did not inhibit that of aspergillus fumigatus, geotrichum candidum and candida albicans. while extracts from piper guineense, ocimum gratissimum, moringa oleifera and erythrophleum suaveolens inhibit ...19958531930
adsorption of the cyanobacterial hepatotoxin microcystin-lr by a low-cost activated carbon from the seed husks of the pan-tropical tree, moringa oleifera.a low-cost activated carbon from the pan-tropical multipurpose tree moringa oleifera removes the cyanobacterial hepatotoxin microcystin-lr in quantitative amounts from water in batch adsorption trials. the potential of m. oleifera seed husk carbon for cyanobacterial toxin removal in drinking water treatment in tropical countries is discussed.19979447749
hypotensive constituents from the pods of moringa oleifera.hypotensive activity of the ethanolic and aqueous extracts of moringa oleifera whole pods and their parts, namely, coat, pulp, and seed was investigated. the activity of the ethanolic extract of both the pods and the seeds was equivalent at the dose of 30 mg/kg. the ethyl acetate phase of the ethanolic extract of pods was found to be the most potent fraction at the same dose. its bioassay-directed fractionation led to the isolation of thiocarbamate and isothiocyanate glycosides which were also t ...19989581519
niaziminin, a thiocarbamate from the leaves of moringa oleifera, holds a strict structural requirement for inhibition of tumor-promoter-induced epstein-barr virus activation.three known thiocarbamate (tc)- and isothiocyanate (itc)-related compounds have been isolated from the leaves of moringa oleifera, a traditional herb in southeast asia, as inhibitors of tumor promoter teleocidin b-4-induced epstein-barr virus (ebv) activation in raji cells. interestingly, only niaziminin among 10 tcs including 8 synthetic ones showed considerable inhibition against ebv activation. the structure-activity relationships indicated that the presence of an acetoxy group at the 4'-posi ...19989619112
an antitumor promoter from moringa oleifera the course of studies on the isolation of bioactive compounds from philippine plants, the seeds of moringa oleifera lam. were examined and from the ethanol extract were isolated the new o-ethyl-4-(alpha-l-rhamnosyloxy)benzyl carbamate (1) together with seven known compounds, 4(alpha-l-rhamnosyloxy)-benzyl isothiocyanate (2), niazimicin (3), niazirin (4), beta-sitosterol (5), glycerol-1-(9-octadecanoate) (6), 3-o-(6'-o-oleoyl-beta-d-glucopyranosyl)-beta-sitosterol (7), and beta-sitosterol-3-o- ...199910209341
hypocholesterolemic effects of crude extract of leaf of moringa oleifera lam in high-fat diet fed wistar rats.the leaves of moringa oleifera lam (moringaceae) are used by the indians in their herbal medicine as a hypocholesterolemic agent in obese patients. the scientific basis for their use in hypercholesterolemia was therefore examined. it was found that administration of the crude leaf extract of moringa oleifera along with high-fat diet decreased the high-fat diet-induced increases in serum, liver, and kidney cholesterol levels by 14.35% (115-103.2 mg/100 ml of serum), 6.40% (9.4-8.8 mg/g wet weight ...200010661880
role of moringa oleifera leaf extract in the regulation of thyroid hormone status in adult male and female rats.the role of moringa oleifera aqueous leaf extract in the regulation of thyroid hormone status, was studied in adult swiss rats. other than the thyroid hormone concentrations, hepatic lipid peroxidation (lpo) and the activities of antioxidant enzymes, superoxide dismutase (sod) and catalase (cat) were evaluated. in the first experiment, effects of the leaf extract (175 mg kg(-1)body wt. day(-1)for 10 days) were studied both in male and female animals. following the administration of the extract, ...200010675284
mineral composition of non-conventional leafy vegetables.six non-conventional leafy vegetables consumed largely by the rural populace of nigeria were analyzed for mineral composition. mineral contents appeared to be dependent on the type of vegetables. amaranthus spinosus and adansonia digitata leaves contained the highest level of iron (38.4 mg/100 g and 30.6 mg/100 g dw, respectively). these values are low compared to those for common nigerian vegetables but higher than those for other food sources. all the vegetables contained high levels of calciu ...199810890755
nutrient content of the edible leaves of seven wild plants from niger.wild plants play an important role in the diet of the inhabitants of niger. these plants tend to be drought-resistant and are gathered both in times of plenty as well as times of need. used in everyday cooking, famine foods may be an important source of nutrients. the goal of this study was to investigate the nutritional role of wild plants in the nigérien diet. to this end, leaves of seven plants species were analyzed for their mineral, amino acid and fatty acid contents: ximenia americana, ama ...199810890758
energy and micronutrient composition of dietary and medicinal wild plants consumed during drought. study of rural fulani, northeastern nigeria.two rural settled fulani villages, northeastern nigeria, were surveyed for dietary practices and use of edible wild plants (n = 100 households). commonly consumed species of edible wild barks, fruits, leaves, nuts, seeds, and tubers were analyzed for protein, fat, and carbohydrate and for minerals. kuka bark (adansonia digitata) given to infants to increase weight gain was high in fat, calcium, copper, iron, and zinc. cediya (ficus thonningii), dorowa (parkia biglobosa) and zogale (moringa oleif ...200010945116
effect of a water extract of moringa oleifera seeds on the hydrolytic microbial species diversity of a uasb reactor treating domestic wastewater.the effect of a continuous supply of a water extract of moringa oleifera seeds (wemos) on the hydrolytic microbial population of biomass grown in mesophilic upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors treating domestic wastewater was investigated. the wemos-treated sludge had seemingly a wider diversity, with enterobacter and klebsiella as dominant hydrolytic bacteria, compared with the control sludge. additional tests indicated that various hydrolytic bacteria could degrade wemos. it appeared that ...200010972741
bioavailability trials of beta-carotene from fresh and dehydrated drumstick leaves (moringa oleifera) in a rat model.male albino rats (charles foster, n = 40) were fed a synthetic diet deficient in vitamin a for 4 weeks. six rats died during the depletion period. of the 34 surviving, 5 rats were continued on the vitamin a deficient diet for 4 more weeks and 24 were repleted with vitamin a (4000 iu/kg diet) in the form of vitamin a acetate (group a, n = 8), fresh drumstick leaves (group b, n = 8) or dehydrated drumstick leaves (group c, n = 8) for 4 weeks. the remaining 10 rats were continued on the vitamin a a ...200111213172
in vitro antiplasmodial investigation of medicinal plants from el vitro antiplasmodial activities of extracts from albizia saman, fabaceae, calea tenuifolia (c. zacatechichi), asteraceae, hymenaea courbaril, fabaceae, jatropha curcas, euphorbiaceae, momordica charantia, cucurbitaceae, and moringa oleifera, moringaceae were evaluated. from the lipophilic extract of c tenuifolia five active flavones were obtained. 4',5-dihydroxy-7-methoxyflavone [genkwanin] and 5-hydroxy-4',7-dimethoxyflavone [apigenin 4',7-dimethylether] exhibited the strongest antiplasmodia ...200212064726
flocculent activity of a recombinant protein from moringa oleifera lam. seeds.seeds of the tropical tree moringa oleifera contain small storage proteins able to flocculate particles in suspension in water. the cdna encoding one of these flocculent proteins, mo(2.1), was cloned and the recombinant protein was expressed in escherichia coli. the flocculent activity of the purified recombinant mo(2.1)was assayed on clays and bacteria using light and confocal microscopy and gfp-overexpressing bacteria. we show that mo(2.1)is able to aggregate montmorillonite clay particles as ...200212382051
expression of a plant-derived peptide harboring water-cleaning and antimicrobial activities.drinking water is currently a scarce world resource, the preparation of which requires complex treatments that include clarification of suspended particles and disinfection. seed extracts of moringa oleifera lam., a tropical tree, have been proposed as an environment-friendly alternative, due to their traditional use for the clarification of drinking water. however, the precise nature of the active components of the extract and whether they may be produced in recombinant form are unknown. here w ...200312432576
hepatoprotective activity of moringa oleifera on antitubercular drug-induced liver damage in rats.moringa oleifera lam (moringaceae), commonly known as "drumstick," is used in indian folk medicine for the treatment of various illness. we have evaluated the hepatoprotective effect of an ethanolic extract of m. oleifera leaves on liver damage induced by antitubercular drugs such as isoniazid (inh), rifampicin (rmp), and pyrazinamide (pza) in rats. oral administration of the extract showed a significant protective action made evident by its effect on the levels of glutamic oxaloacetic transamin ...200212495589
comparative evaluation of hypoglycaemic activity of some indian medicinal plants in alloxan diabetic our experiments 30 hypoglycaemic medicinal plants (known and less known) have been selected for thorough studies from indigenous folk medicines, ayurvedic, unani and siddha systems of medicines. in all the experiments with different herbal samples (vacuum dried 95% ethanolic extracts), definite blood glucose lowering effect within 2 weeks have been confirmed in alloxan diabetic albino rats. blood glucose values are brought down close to normal fasting level using herbal samples at a dose of 2 ...200312499084
an in vitro evaluation of some unconventional ruminant feeds in terms of the organic matter digestibility, energy and microbial vitro organic matter apparent digestibility (ivomad), true digestibility (ivomtd), metabolizable energy (me), net energy lactation (nel), microbial nitrogen (mn) and synthesis of microbial biomass (mbm) were estimated to predict the nutritive values of some agricultural by-products, drought-tolerant range plants and browses. the relationships between in vitro gas production (gp), and true or apparent digestibility. mn and mbm were studied utilizing an in vitro incubation technique. the values ...200312735706
effect of fruits of moringa oleifera on the lipid profile of normal and hypercholesterolaemic rabbits.rabbits were fed moringa oleifera (200mg/kg/day, p.o.) or lovastatin (6mg/kg/day, p.o.) in banana pulp along with standard laboratory diet and hypercholesterolaemic diet for 120 days. moringa oleifera and lovastatin were found to lower the serum cholesterol, phospholipid, triglyceride, vldl, ldl, cholesterol to phospholipid ratio and atherogenic index, but were found to increase the hdl ratio (hdl/hdl-total cholesterol) as compared to the corresponding control groups. treatment with m. oleifera ...200312738086
kanjero (digera arvensis) and drumstick leaves (moringa oleifera): nutrient profile and potential for human consumption. 200312747087
profiling glucosinolates and phenolics in vegetative and reproductive tissues of the multi-purpose trees moringa oleifera l. (horseradish tree) and moringa stenopetala l.moringa species are important multi-purpose tropical crops, as human foods and for medicine and oil production. there has been no previous comprehensive analysis of the secondary metabolites in moringa species. tissues of m. oleifera from a wide variety of sources and m. stenopetala from a single source were analyzed for glucosinolates and phenolics (flavonoids, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, and cinnamates). m. oleifera and m. stenopetala seeds only contained 4-(alpha-l-rhamnopyranosyloxy)-be ...200312769522
effects of moringa oleifera seed extract on rumen fermentation in vitro.moringa oleifera is a pantropical tree of the family moringaceae. a previously undescribed property of an aqueous extract from the seeds of this plant is the modulation of ruminal fermentation patterns, especially protein degradation, as demonstrated in a short-term batch incubation system. gas, short chain fatty acids (scfa) and cellulolytic enzyme activities were determined as general fermentation parameters. a dot blot assay able to directly detect true protein in rumen fluid samples was used ...200312801080
drumstick leaves as source of vitamin a in icds-sfp.this pilot study is about to assess the feasibility and acceptability of introducing dehydrated drumstick leaves, (ddl) (moringa oleifera), as a source of vitamin a, into the salty recipes provided by the supplementary food (sf) component of the integrated child development scheme (icds) along with nutrition communication (nc).200312841398
chemomodulatory effect of moringa oleifera, lam, on hepatic carcinogen metabolising enzymes, antioxidant parameters and skin papillomagenesis in mice.the modulatory effects of a hydro-alcoholic extract of drumsticks of moringa oliefera lam at doses of 125 mg/kg bodyweight and 250 mg/ kg body weight for 7 and 14 days, respectively, were investigated with reference to drug metabolising phase i (cytochrome b(5) and cytochrome p(450) ) and phase ii (glutathione-s- transferase) enzymes, anti-oxidant enzymes, glutathione content and lipid peroxidation in the liver of 6-8 week old female swiss albino mice. further, the chemopreventive efficacy of th ...200312875626
antioxidant action of moringa oleifera lam. (drumstick) against antitubercular drugs induced lipid peroxidation in rats.the protective effect of moringa oleifera lam. (moringaceae) on hepatic marker enzymes, lipid peroxidation, and antioxidants was investigated during antitubercular drug (isoniazid, rifampicin, and pyrazinamide)-induced toxicity in rats. enhanced hepatic marker enzymes and lipid peroxidation of antitubercular drug treatment was accompanied by a significant decrease in the levels of vitamin c, reduced glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione s-transferas ...200314585192
efficacy of thai medicinal plant extracts against herpes simplex virus type 1 infection in vitro and in vivo.twenty thai medicinal plant extracts were evaluated for anti-herpes simplex virus type 1 (hsv-1) activity. eleven of them inhibited plaque formation of hsv-1 more than 50% at 100microg/ml in a plaque reduction assay. aglaia odorata, moringa oleifera, and ventilago denticulata among the 11 were also effective against thymidine kinase-deficient hsv-1 and phosphonoacetate-resistant hsv-1 strains. these therapeutic efficacies were characterized using a cutaneous hsv-1 infection in mice. the extract ...200314638393
role of 5-hydroxytryptamine in moringa oleifera induced potentiation of pentobarbitone hypnosis in albino rats.the role of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-ht) in pentobarbitone (pb) sleeping time, gross behaviour, electrical activity of the brain and serum 5-ht level was studied in holtzman strain adult albino rats following treatment with m. oleifera (mo). mo (350mg/kg) caused inhibition of awareness, touch response, motor activity, righting reflex, and grip strength. it significantly increased the pb sleeping time, serum 5-ht level (p<0.001) and alpha-wave activity. these observations indicate that the aqueous ...200415260119
central inhibitory effect of moringa oleifera root extract: possible role of neurotransmitters.effect of chronic treatment of standardized aqueous extract of moringa oleifera (mo) root (100, 200, 300, 350, 400, 450 mg/kg; po) on penicillin (pcn) induced convulsion, locomotor behaviour, brain serotonin (5-htt), dopamine (da) and norepinephrine (ne) level was studied in holtzman strain adult albino rats. the result revealed that pretreatment with mo inhibited pcn-induced seizure and markedly reduced locomotor activity. chronic treatment with mo significantly increased the 5-ht and decreased ...200315332497
detection of water soluble lectin and antioxidant component from moringa oleifera seeds.seed flour from moringa oleifera is widely used as a natural coagulant for water treatment in developing countries. extracts obtained by water soaking of m. oleifera intact seeds were investigated for the presence of lectin, trypsin inhibitor, tannin as well as antioxidant activity. a water soluble m. oleifera lectin (wsmol) detected was mainly active with rabbit cells at ph 4.5; heat treatment, ph 7.0, fructose and porcine thyroglobulin abolished ha of wsmol. trypsin inhibitor or tannins were n ...200515766952
[contribution to the study of the anti-inflammatory activity of moringa oleifera (moringaceae)].moringa oleifera is a bush of african savannah, used in folk medicine for the treatment of rheumatic and articulary pain. we have tested the anti-inflammatory action of an aqueous extract of root in rats with weight between 120 and 160 g. we administered per os either distilled water (control group), the aqueous root extract (750 mg/kg or 1000 mg/kg) or indomethacin (10 mg/kg) 30 min before an oedema was induced in the rat-paw by subcutaneous injection of carrageenin. the rat-paw volume was meas ...200215776678
determination of major carotenoids in a few indian leafy vegetables by high-performance liquid chromatography.leafy vegetables [basella rubra l., peucedanum sowa roxb., moringa oleifera lam., trigonella foenum-graecum l., spinacia oleracea l., sesbania grandiflora (l.) poir., and raphanus sativus l.] that are commonly used by the rural population in india were evaluated in terms of their main carotenoid pattern. the extracted carotenoids were purified by open column chromatography (occ) on a neutral alumina column to verify their identity by their characteristic uv-visible absorption spectra. reverse-ph ...200515826027
a simple purification and activity assay of the coagulant protein from moringa oleifera seed.use of extracts from moringa oleifera (mo) is of great interest for low-cost water treatment. this paper discusses water and salt extraction of a coagulant protein from the seed, purification using ion exchange, its chemical characteristics, coagulation and antimicrobial properties. the coagulant from both extracts is a cationic protein with pi greater than 9.6 and molecular mass less than 6.5 kda. mass spectrometric analysis of the purified water extract indicated that it contained at least fou ...200515921719
phenolic contents and antioxidant activity of some food and medicinal identify promising sources of antioxidants, some food and medicinal plants were studied for total phenolic contents and antioxidant activity. the leaves, bark and fruits of terminalia arjuna, terminalia bellerica, terminalia chebula and terminalia muelleri, the leaves and fruits of phyllanthus emblica, and the seeds of syzygium cumini were found to have high total phenolic contents (72.0-167.2 mg/g) and high antioxidant activity (69.6-90.6%). leaves of eucalyptusglobulus were a rich source of ...200516096138
structure-function characterization and optimization of a plant-derived antibacterial peptide.crushed seeds of the moringa oleifera tree have been used traditionally as natural flocculants to clarify drinking water. we previously showed that one of the seed peptides mediates both the sedimentation of suspended particles such as bacterial cells and a direct bactericidal activity, raising the possibility that the two activities might be related. in this study, the conformational modeling of the peptide was coupled to a functional analysis of synthetic derivatives. this indicated that partl ...200516127062
effects of oral administration of benzylamine on glucose tolerance and lipid metabolism in rats.repeated administration of benzylamine plus vanadate have been reported to exhibit anti-hyperglycemic effects in different models of diabetic rats. likewise oral treatment with moringa oleifera extracts which contain the alkaloïd moringine, identical to benzylamine, has also been shown to prevent hyperglycemia in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. with these observations we tested whether prolonged oral administration of benzylamine could interact with glucose and/or lipid metabolism. seven week old ...200516180335
effect of moringa oleifera lam. root-wood on ethylene glycol induced urolithiasis in india, drumstick (moringa oleifera lam. (moringaceae)) is commonly used as a phytotherapeutic agent. the effect of oral administration of aqueous and alcoholic extract of moringa oleifera root-wood on calcium oxalate urolithiasis has been studied in male wistar albino rats. ethylene glycol feeding resulted in hyperoxaluria as well as increased renal excretion of calcium and phosphate. supplementation with aqueous and alcoholic extract of moringa oleifera root-wood significantly reduced the el ...200616386862
anti-fungal activity of crude extracts and essential oil of moringa oleifera lam.investigations were carried out to evaluate the therapeutic properties of the seeds and leaves of moringa oleifera lam as herbal medicines. ethanol extracts showed anti-fungal activities in vitro against dermatophytes such as trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton mentagrophytes, epidermophyton floccosum, and microsporum canis. gc-ms analysis of the chemical composition of the essential oil from leaves showed a total of 44 compounds. isolated extracts could be of use for the future development of ant ...200716406607
bangladeshi medicinal plant extracts inhibiting molecular interactions between nuclear factors and target dna sequences mimicking nf-kappab binding sites.several medicinal plants can be employed to produce extracts exhibiting biological effects. the aim of this work was to verify the ability of extracts derived from different medicinal plants of bangladesh in interfering with specific dna-protein interactions. the rationale for this study is based on the observation that alteration of gene transcription represents a very promising approach to control the expression of selected genes and could be obtained using different molecules acting on the in ...200516789890
concomitant administration of moringa oleifera seed powder in the remediation of arsenic-induced oxidative stress in mouse.contamination of ground water by arsenic has become a cause of global public health concern. in west bengal, india, almost 6 million people are endemically exposed to inorganic arsenic by drinking heavily contaminated groundwater through hand-pumped tube wells. no safe, effective and specific preventive or therapeutic measures for treating arsenic poisoning are available. we recently reported that some of the herbal extracts possess properties effective in reducing arsenic concentration and in r ...200717055307
evaluation of aqueous leaves extract of moringa oleifera linn for wound healing in albino rats.aqueous extract of leaves of m. oleifera was investigated and rationalised for its wound healing activity. the aqueous extract was studied at dose level of 300 mg/kg body weight using resutured incision; excision and dead space wound models in rats. significant increase in wound closure rate, skin-breaking strength, granuloma breaking strength, hydroxyproline content, granuloma dry weight and decrease in scar area was observed. the prohealing actions seem to be due to increased collagen depositi ...200617205710
preventive effects of moringa oleifera (lam) on hyperlipidemia and hepatocyte ultrastructural changes in iron deficient rats.the effects of moringa oleifera (mo), moringaceae on hyperlipidemia and hepatocyte ultrastructural changes caused by iron deficiency were investigated. four-week-old male wistar-strain rats were fed a control diet based on ain-93g (c), an iron deficient diet (fed), a fed + 0.5% mo (fed-m) diet, or a fed + mo 1% (fed-m) diet for 4 weeks. it was found that mo reduced iron-deficient diet-induced increases in serum and hepatic lipids with dose-dependent increases of serum quercetin and kaempherol, b ...200717690476
role of moringa oleifera on enterochromaffin cell count and serotonin content of experimental ulcer model.the present study has been undertaken to observe the effect of aqueous extract of m. oleifera (mo) leaf (300mg/kg body weight) on mean ulcer index, enterochromaffin (ec) cells and serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine; 5-ht) content of ulcerated gastric tissue. ulceration was induced by using aspirin (500 mg/kg, po), cerebellar nodular lesion and applying cold stress. in all cases increased mean ulcer index in gastric tissue along with decreased ec cell count was observed with concomitant decrease of 5 ...200717877150
structure-activity relationship of a hemagglutinin from moringa oleifera seeds.the hemagglutinin from the seeds of moringa oleifera (mol) agglutinates human as well as rabbit erythrocytes; the affinity for the latter is almost 250 times more than that for the former. mol was inhibited by glycoproteins namely thyroglobulin, fetuin and holotransferin indicating the complex sugar specificity of the lectin. the protein is a homodimer with molecular mass of 14kda, subunits (7.1kda) linked by the disulfide bond(s). the secondary structure elements of mol are alpha-helix, 28%; be ...200818063031
rare dipeptide and urea derivatives from roots of moringa oleifera as potential anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive the course of our studies on the isolation of bioactive compounds from the roots of moringa oleifera, a traditional herb in southeast asia, rare aurantiamide acetate 4 and 1,3-dibenzyl urea 5 have been isolated and characterized. and also, this is the first report of isolation from this genus. isolated compound inhibited the production of tnf-alpha and il-2; further compound 5 showed significant analgesic activities in a dose dependant manner. these findings may help in understanding the mech ...200918243423
the in vitro and ex vivo antioxidant properties, hypolipidaemic and antiatherosclerotic activities of water extract of moringa oleifera lam. leaves.moringa oleifera is used in thai traditional medicine as cardiotonic. recent studies demonstrated its hypocholesterolaemic effect. however, to be clinically useful, more scientific data are needed.200818249514
effects of oral administration of moringa oleifera lam on glucose tolerance in goto-kakizaki and wistar rats.medicinal plants constitute an important source of potential therapeutic agents for diabetes. in the present study, we investigated the effects of moringa oleifera (mo) lam, moringacea, on glucose tolerance in wistar rats and goto-kakizaki (gk) rats, modeled type 2 diabetes. major polyphenols in mo powder were quercetin glucosides, rutin, kaempferol glycosides and chlorogenic acids by hplc analysis. as the results of glucose tolerance test, mo significantly decreased the blood glucose at 20, 30, ...200718398501
moringa oleifera lam prevents acetaminophen induced liver injury through restoration of glutathione level.initiation of acetaminophen (apap) toxicities is believed to be promoted by oxidative stress during the event of overdosage. the aim of the present study was to evaluate the hepatoprotective action of moringa oleifera lam (mo), an asian plant of high medicinal value, against a single high dose of apap. groups of five male sprague-dawley rats were pre-administered with mo (200 and 800 mg/kg) prior to a single dose of apap (3g/kg body weight; p.o). silymarin was used as an established hepatoprotec ...200818514995
ameliorative effect of three medicinal plants (p. fraternus, terminelia a., and moringa oleifera) on arsenic trioxide induced alteration of lipid peroxidation and protein contents in chicken liver homogenate: an in vitro study.the ameliorative effect of the aqueous extract of three medicinal plants p. fraternus. terminalia a., and moringa oleifera (pf, ta, and mo) on arsenic trioxide (as2o3) induced alteration in lipid peroxidation (lpo) and protein contents was studied in vitro. liver from healthy chicken (gallus domesticus) weighing 1.2 to 1.5 kg was bought to laboratory in frozen condition from local slaughter house and used for study. when 0.2 ml of liver homogenate was treated with 1-5 microg/ml of as2o3, it caus ...200718540161
effect of moringa oleifera lam. seed extract on ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation in guinea determine the therapeutic potential of herbal medicine moringa oleifera lam. family: moringaceae in the control of allergic diseases, the efficacy of the ethanolic extract of the seeds of the plant (moee) against ovalbumin (ova)-induced airway inflammation in guinea pigs was examined. during the experimental period, the test drugs (moee or dexamethasone) were administered by oral route prior to challenge with aerosolized 0.5% ova. bronchoconstriction tests were performed and respiratory param ...200818686107
protective effect of ethanolic extract of seeds of moringa oleifera lam. against inflammation associated with development of arthritis in rats.the present investigation was carried out to study the anti-arthritic activity of ethanolic extract of seeds of moringa oleifera lam. (moee) in adjuvant-induced arthritis in adult female wistar rats. during the experimental period, body weight, paw edema volume (primary lesion) and arthritic index (secondary lesion) was observed. on the 21st day, serum from each animal was used for estimation of rheumatoid factor (rf) value and levels of selected cytokines (tnfalpha, il-1, and il-6). whole blood ...200718958711
effect of moringa oleifera lam. seed extract on toluene diisocyanate-induced immune-mediated inflammatory responses in rats.moringa oleifera lam. is a small tree cultivated throughout india. we have investigated the effect of ethanolic extract of seeds of moringa oleifera (moee, an herbal remedy) on the potential prevention of immune-mediated inflammatory responses in toluene diisocyanate (tdi as antigen)-induced asthma in wistar rats. rats were divided into five different groups (n = 8/group): group-i = unsensitized control; group-ii = tdi control/vehicle; group-iii = dexamethasone (dxm) 2.5 mg/kg; and, groups iv an ...200718958717
inhibitory action of ethanolic extract of seeds of moringa oleifera lam. on systemic and local anaphylaxis.the current study characterizes the mechanism by which the seed extract of moringa oleifera lam (moringaceae) decreases the mast cell-mediated immediate type hypersensitivity reaction. the immediate type hypersensitivity reaction is involved in many allergic diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. moringa oleifera, a shrub widely used in the traditional medicine in india, has been reported to possess anti-cancer, hypotensive, anti-arthritic, and anti-inflammatory activities. in the presen ...200718958739
oil and fatty acid diversity in genetically variable clones of moringa oleifera from india.the physico-chemical properties of oil from moringa oleifera seeds from india were determined in the present study. the petroleum ether extracted oil ranged from 27.83 - 45.07% on kernel basis and 15.1-28.4% on whole seed basis in 20 different clones. leaves and pods showed a good source of vitamin c. oleic acid (c18:1) has been found to be the major fatty acid being 78.91-85.52% as compared to olive oil, which is considered to be richest source of oleic acid. all the clones from india did not s ...200919075502
alteration of brain monoamines & eeg wave pattern in rat model of alzheimer's disease & protection by moringa oleifera.the monoaminergic systems which exert a modulatory role in memory processing, are disturbed in alzheimer's disease (ad) and moringa oleifera (mo) has been shown to exert its effect in cns by altering the brain monoamines. the present study aims to see whether chronic oral treatment of ethanolic extract of mo leaves can alter the brain monoamines (norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin) in distinct areas of brain in rat model of ad caused by intracerebroverticle (icv) infusion of colchicine and h ...200819246799
moringa oleifera leaf extract prevents isoproterenol-induced myocardial damage in rats: evidence for an antioxidant, antiperoxidative, and cardioprotective intervention.the present study evaluated cardioprotective effect of lyophilized hydroalcoholic extract of moringa oleifera in the isoproterenol (isp)-induced model of myocardial infarction. wistar albino male rats were divided into three groups and orally fed saline once daily alone (sham) or with isp (isp control) or isp with m. oleifera (200 mg/kg), respectively, for 1 month. on days 29 and 30 of administration, rats of the isp control and m. oleifera-isp groups were administered isp (85 mg/kg, s.c.) at an ...200919298195
the effect of turbidity levels and moringa oleifera concentration on the effectiveness of coagulation in water treatment.laboratory experiments were carried out to assess the water purification and antimicrobial properties of moringa oleifera (mo). hence different concentrations (25 to 300 mg/l) were prepared from a salt (1 m nacl) extract of mo fine powder and applied to natural surface water whose turbidity levels ranged from 50 to 450 ntu. the parameters determined before and after coagulation were turbidity, ph, colour, hardness, iron, manganese and escherichia coli. the experiments showed that turbidity remov ...200919403968
oxidative dna damage protective activity, antioxidant and anti-quorum sensing potentials of moringa oleifera.the aqueous extract of leaf (le), fruit (fe) and seed (se) of moringa oleifera was assessed to examine the ability to inhibit the oxidative dna damage, antioxidant and anti-quorum sensing (qs) potentials. it was found that these extracts could significantly inhibit the oh-dependent damage of puc18 plasmid dna and also inhibit synergistically with trolox, with an activity sequence of le > fe > se. hplc and ms/ms analysis was carried out, which showed the presence of gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, ...200919425184
evaluation of extracts of jatropha curcas and moringa oleifera in culture media for selective inhibition of saprophytic fungal contaminants.most fungi occur in nature and utilize simple sources of carbohydrates and nitrogen for growth. sabouraud's dextrose agar has been an ideal medium for primary isolation of fungi from clinical specimens, but for specimens from nonsterile sites or heavily contaminated ones, it has been necessary to include inhibitory substances such as antibiotics like chloramphenicol (antibacterial) and cycloheximide (antifungal). the problems we have in the our laboratory owing to frequent contamination of cultu ...200919455635
constituents of cajanus cajan (l.) millsp., moringa oleifera lam., heliotropium indicum l. and bidens pilosa l. from nigeria.the essential oils of four plant species from nigeria have been extracted by hydrodistillation and analyzed by gc and gc-ms. the oils of cajanus cajan were comprised of sesquiterpenes (92.5%, 81.2% and 94.3% respectively in the leaves, stem and seeds). the major compounds identified were alpha-himachalene (9.0-11.5%), beta-himachalene (8.0-11.0%), gamma-himachalene (6.9-8.1%), alpha-humulene (7.1-8.7%) and alpha-copaene (4.5-5.6%). however, monoterpenoid compounds (81.8%) dominated the oil of mo ...200919476009
larvicidal activity of the water extract of moringa oleifera seeds against aedes aegypti and its toxicity upon laboratory this work, biological effects of the water extract of moringa oleifera seeds (wemos) were assessed on eggs and 3rd instar larvae of aedes aegypti and on its toxicity upon laboratory animals (daphnia magna, mice and rats). crude wemos showed a lc50 value of 1260microg/ml, causing 99.2 +/- 2.9% larvae mortality within 24 h at 5200microg/ml, though this larvicidal activity has been lost completely at 80 masculinec/10 min. wemos did not demonstrate capacity to prevent egg hatching. after extensiv ...200919488625
effect of moringa oleifera lam. leaves aqueous extract therapy on hyperglycemic indian traditional system of medicine, moringa oleifera lam. syn. moringa pterygosperma gaerth (moringaceae) is commonly used as healing herb to treat diabetes.200919501271
in vitro and in vivo antioxidant properties of different fractions of moringa oleifera leaves.the antioxidant potency of different fractions of moringa oleifera leaves were investigated by employing various established in vitro systems, such as beta-carotene bleaching, reducing power, dpph/superoxide/hydroxyl radical scavenging, ferrous ion chelation and lipid peroxidation. on the basis of in vitro antioxidant properties polyphenolic fraction of m. oleifera leaves (moef) was chosen as the potent fraction and used for the dna nicking and in vivo antioxidant properties. moef shows concentr ...200919520138
trace element studies on tinospora cordifolia (menispermaceae), ocimum sanctum (lamiaceae), moringa oleifera (moringaceae), and phyllanthus niruri (euphorbiaceae) using pixe.traditionally, tinospora cordifolia (willd.) hook. f. & thomson (menispermaceae), ocimum sanctum l. (lamiaceae), moringa oleifera lam. (moringaceae), and phyllanthus niruri l. (euphorbiaceae) are some of the commonly used medicinal plants in india for curing ailments ranging from common cold, skin diseases, and dental infections to major disorders like diabetes, hypertension, jaundice, rheumatism, etc. to understand and correlate their medicinal use, trace element studies on the aqueous extract ...201019588079
moringa oleifera leaf extracts inhibit 6beta-hydroxylation of testosterone by cyp3a4.moringa oleifera is a tropical tree often used as a herbal medicine, including by people who test positive for hiv. since herbal constituents may interact with drugs via inhibition of metabolizing enzymes, we investigated the effects of extracts of m. oleifera on the cyp3a4-mediated 6beta-hydroxylation of testosterone.200819745507
co-administration of monoisoamyl dimercaptosuccinic acid and moringa oleifera seed powder protects arsenic-induced oxidative stress and metal distribution in mice.arsenic contamination of groundwater in the west bengal basin in india is unfolding as one of the worst natural geo-environmental disasters to date. chelation therapy with chelating agents is considered to be the best known treatment against arsenic poisoning; however, they are compromised with certain serious drawbacks/side-effects. efficacy of combined administration of moringa oleifera (m. oleifera) (english: drumstick tree) seed powder, a herbal extract, with a thiol chelator monoisoamyl dms ...200919778263
ameliorative effects of moringa oleifera lam seed extract on liver fibrosis in rats.this study was carried out to evaluate the effect of moringa oleifera lam (moringa) seed extract on liver fibrosis. liver fibrosis was induced by the oral administration of 20% carbon tetrachloride (ccl(4)), twice weekly and for 8 weeks. simultaneously, m.oleifera lam seed extract (1g/kg) was orally administered daily. the biochemical and histological results showed that moringa reduced liver damage as well as symptoms of liver fibrosis. the administration of moringa seed extract decreased the c ...201019854235
antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of moringa oleifera leaves in two stages of maturity.antioxidants play an important role in inhibiting and scavenging free radicals, thus providing protection to human against infections and degenerative diseases. current research is now directed towards natural antioxidants originated from plants due to safe therapeutics. moringa oleifera is used in indian traditional medicine for a wide range of various ailments. to understand the mechanism of pharmacological actions, antioxidant properties of the moringa oleifera leaf extracts were tested in tw ...200919904611
inhibitory effect of n-butanol fraction of moringa oleifera lam. seeds on ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation in a guinea pig model of asthma.moringaceae, which belongs to the moringa oleifera lam. family, is a well-known herb used in asian medicine as an antiallergic drug. in the present study, the efficacy of the n-butanol extract of the seeds of the plant (monb) is examined against ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation in guinea pigs. the test drugs (monb or dexamethasone) are administered orally prior to challenge with aerosolized 0.5% ovalbumin. during the experimental period, bronchoconstriction tests are performed, and lung fun ...200919966143
chronic benzylamine administration in the drinking water improves glucose tolerance, reduces body weight gain and circulating cholesterol in high-fat diet-fed mice.benzylamine is found in moringa oleifera, a plant used to treat diabetes in traditional medicine. in mammals, benzylamine is metabolized by semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase (ssao) to benzaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide. this latter product has insulin-mimicking action, and is involved in the effects of benzylamine on human adipocytes: stimulation of glucose transport and inhibition of lipolysis. this study examined whether chronic, oral administration of benzylamine could improve glucose tol ...201020045461
tamarindus indica l. and moringa oleifera m. extract administration ameliorates fluoride toxicity in rabbits.aqueous extracts of t. indica fruit pulp (100 mg/kg body weight) and m. oleifera seeds (50 mg/kg body wight) orally once daily for 90 days lowered plasma fluoride concentrations in rabbits receiving fluorinated drinking water (200 mg naf/ liter water). cortical indices and metaphysial width in animals receiving extracts also revealed beneficial effects of plant extracts. changes in plasma biochemistry suggested less hepatic and renal damages in animals receiving plant extracts along with fluorin ...200920099463
safety and toxicological evaluation of a novel anti-obesity formulation li85008f in animals.li85008f is a novel synergistic composition of moringa oleifera, murraya koenigi, and curcuma longa. these herbs are well recognized and widely used in ayurvedic system of medicine for treating a variety of diseases and are also have been used for culinary purposes for thousands of years. li85008f inhibits preadipocyte differentiation and potentiates lipid breakdown in mature adipocytes. in diet-induced obese rats, li85008f significantly reduced weight gain and improved serum adiponectin levels. ...201020158386
traditional leafy vegetables in senegal: diversity and medicinal uses.six administrative regions of senegal were investigated. forty species of vegetable leaves which are traditionally consumed in senegal have been inventoried. all species are members of twenty-one families the most numerous of which are amaranthaceae juss., malvaceae juss., moraceae link., the papilionaceae giseke and tiliaceae juss. the species are subdivided into three groups: cultivated leafy vegetables, plants gathered annually, perennial sub-ligneous and ligneous species. the gathered specie ...200720161914
small quantities of carotenoid-rich tropical green leafy vegetables indigenous to africa maintain vitamin a status in mongolian gerbils ( meriones unguiculatus).leafy vegetables are important sources of provitamin a carotenoids. information on their ability to provide vitamin a is often misleading because of the methodology used to assess bioefficacy. mongolian gerbils were used to evaluate the bioefficacy of provitamin a carotenoids in tropical leafy vegetables (i.e. solanum nigrum, moringa oleifera, vernonia calvoana and hibiscus cannabinus) that are indigenous to africa. gerbils (n 67) were vitamin a-depleted for 5 weeks. after a baseline kill (n 7), ...201020412609
immunosuppressive activity of ethanolic extract of seeds of moringa oleifera lam. in experimental immune inflammation.traditionally, the plant moringa oleifera lam. (moringaceae) is used for the treatment of ascites and rheumatism, while the dried seeds of the plant are used as an 'anti-allergic' agent.201020435128
point-of-use interventions to decrease contamination of drinking water: a randomized, controlled pilot study on efficacy, effectiveness, and acceptability of closed containers, moringa oleifera, and in-home chlorination in rural south assess water contamination and the relative effectiveness of three options for point-of-use water treatment in south india, we conducted a 6-month randomized, controlled intervention trial using chlorine, moringa oleifera seeds, a closed valved container, and controls. one hundred twenty-six families participated. approximately 70% of public drinking water sources had thermotolerant coliform counts > 100/100 ml. neither m. oleifera seeds nor containers reduced coliform counts in water samples ...201020439952
antibacterial effect (in vitro) of moringa oleifera and annona muricata against gram positive and gram negative bacteria.antibacterial effects of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of seeds of moringa (moringa oleifera) and pods of soursop (annona muricata) in the concentration of 1:5 and 1:10 in volumes 50, 100, 150 and 200 microl were examined against staphylococcus aureus, vibrio cholerae, escherichia coli (isolated from the organism and the aquatic environment) and salmonella enteritidis. antibacterial activity (inhibition halo > 13 mm) against s. aureus, v. cholerae and e. coli isolated from the whiteleg shrimp, ...201020602021
potential mechanisms of hypocholesterolaemic effect of thai spices/dietary extracts.several thai spices/dietary ingredients were previously shown to have hypocholesterolaemic effects. these studies were mostly conducted in animal models in which the mechanisms of action were not yet well-established. therefore, this study aimed to investigate the potential mechanism of hypocholesterolaemic action of 12 selected plants, namely hibiscus sabdariffa l., moringa oleifera lam., cucurbita moschata duchesne, ananas comosus (l.) merr., zingiber officinale, morus alba l., camellia sinens ...201120623425
moringa oleifera induced potentiation of serotonin release by 5-ht(3) receptors in experimental ulcer model.moringa oleifera (moringaceae), a perennial plant is widely cultivated throughout the world. extensive pharmacological studies revealed its promising role in modulation of various disorders like antispasmodic, diuretic, abortifacient, antimicrobial antibacterial, antitubercular, antiviral, antifertility, depressant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer property which promoted us to conduct the study to elucidate its role on experimental gastric ulceration.201120637582
protective role of moringa oleifera (sajina) seed on arsenic-induced hepatocellular degeneration in female albino an attempt to develop new herbal therapy, an aqueous extract of the seed of moringa oleifera was used to screen the effect on arsenic-induced hepatic toxicity in female rat of wistar strain. subchronic exposure to sodium arsenite (0.4 ppm/100 g body weight/day via drinking water for a period of 24 days) significantly increased activities of hepatic and lipid function markers such as alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase, cholesterol, triglycerides, ldl along with a decrease in total pr ...201020661662
anti-cyanobacterial activity of moringa oleifera seeds.filtrates from crushed moringa oleifera seeds were tested for their effects on growth and photosystem ii efficiency of the common bloom-forming cyanobacterium microcystis aeruginosa. m. aeruginosa populations exhibited good growth in controls and treatments with 4- and 8-mg crushed moringa seeds per liter, having similar growth rates of 0.50 (+/-0.01) per day. in exposures of 20- to 160-mg crushed moringa seeds l(-1), growth rates were negative and on average -0.23 (+/-0.05) .day(-1). presumably ...201020676212
control of coliform bacteria detected from diarrhea associated patients by extracts of moringa oleifera.the aims of this study were to determine the total population of coliform bacteria in the samples collected from diarrhea associated patients from the local area of bangladesh and to examine the antibacterial efficacy of leaf extracts of moringa oleifera (moringaceae) against the isolated coliform bacteria. the coliform bacteria detected in these samples by some microbial-biochemical tests such as escherichia coli, shigella dysenteriae, salmonella sp., enterobacter sp., klebsiella pneumoniae and ...201020677603
protective mechanisms of moringa oleifera against ccl(4)-induced oxidative stress in precision-cut liver slices.the present study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of moringa oleifera leaves against carbon tetrachloride (ccl(4))-treated liver slices in vitro.201020829596
influence of moringa oleifera on pharmacokinetic disposition of rifampicin using hplc-pda method: a pre-clinical study.the influence of active fraction isolated from pods of an indigenous plant, moringa oleifera (moaf) was studied on the pharmacokinetic profile of the orally administered frontline anti-tuberculosis drug rifampicin (20 mg/kg b.w.) in swiss albino mice. the antibiotic rifampicin alone and in combination with moaf (0.1 mg/kg b.w.) was administered orally and heparanized blood samples were collected from the orbital plexus of mice for plasma separation at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 h, post treatment. plasm ...201120845375
moringa oleifera prevents selenite-induced cataractogenesis in rat pups.the aim of this study was to investigate the protective effects of the flavonoid fraction of moringa oleifera leaves (fmo) on selenite cataract in vivo.201020879807
characterization and antimicrobial activity of 4-(β-d-glucopyranosyl-1→4-α-l-rhamnopyranosyloxy)-benzyl thiocarboxamide; a novel bioactive compound from moringa oleifera seed extract.antimicrobial activity of crude seed extract of moringa oleifera was investigated by thin layer chromatography bioassay against escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, cladosporium cladosporioides, and penicillium sclerotigenum; most of them were prominently inhibited by an isolate with r(f) 0.92-0.96. characterization and identification of the extract revealed the occurrence of three bioactive compounds: 4-(α-l-rhamnopyranosyloxy)benzyl isothiocyanate, methyl n-4-(α-l-r ...201020941575
suppression of ovalbumin-induced th2-driven airway inflammation by β-sitosterol in a guinea pig model of the present study, the efficacy of β-sitosterol isolated from an n-butanol extract of the seeds of the plant moringa oleifera (moringaceae) was examined against ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation in guinea pigs. all animals (except group i) were sensitized subcutaneously and challenged with aerosolized 0.5% ovalbumin. the test drugs, β-sitosterol (2.5mg/kg) or dexamethasone (2.5mg/kg), were administered to the animals (p.o.) prior to challenge with ovalbumin. during the experimental period ...201020946894
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