jacalin: a new laboratory tool in immunochemistry and cellular recent years, a new lectin--jacalin--has raised the interest of immunologists because of its original properties with respect to human immunoglobulins and lymphocytes. its structure and carbohydrate binding specificity are now well documented, and it can be purified easily from jackfruit seeds by ion exchange or affinity chromatography. the binding and precipitating specificities of jacalin with heavy chains of human immunoglobulins allow its use as a diagnostic (iga subclass typing) and prep ...19892668478
a simple procedure for the isolation of human secretory iga of iga1 and iga2 subclass by a jackfruit lectin, jacalin, affinity chromatography.jackfruit lectin, jacalin, prepared from two batches of jackfruit seeds showed a different specificity in precipitating reaction in agarose gel with various purified immunoglobulins and secretory components. jacalin-p, extracted from jackfruit seeds from the philippines, reacts only with serum iga and secretory iga of iga1 subclass. jacalin-o, extracted from jackfruit seeds from okinawa prefecture in japan, makes a strong precipitin are with iga1 subclass and a weak precipitin arc with iga2 subc ...19873122030
studies on the specificity of the iga-binding lectin, jacalin.the interactions of iga with the jackfruit lectin, jacalin, were investigated with regard to the specificity of jacalin for species and subclasses of iga. it was found that jacalin selectively bound to human iga1, but not to human iga2, mouse iga or rat iga. binding studies with human iga1 fragments produced by different iga1 proteases revealed that jacalin bound to galactose-terminal oligosaccharides in the hinge region of human iga1. affinity chromatography employing jacalin-sepharose provided ...19883343969
a simple procedure for the isolation of human secretory iga of iga1 and iga2 subclass by a jackfruit lectin, jacalin, affinity chromatography. 19883374496
separation of human siga1 and siga2 by affinity chromatography on the jackfruit lectin, jacalin. 19873425425
a sperm-agglutinating lectin from seeds of jack fruit (artocarpus heterophyllus).a lectin specific for n-acetylgalactosamine was isolated from seed extract of jack fruit (artocarpus heterophyllus) by ammonium sulfate precipitation, followed by affinity chromatography on a affigel-galactosamine-agarose column. the lectin possessed agglutinating activities for human and rat sperm as well as human red blood cells. it was found to have mr = 62,000 consisting of two dissimilar subunits of mr = 18,000 and 13,000. it also cross-reacted with an antibody against the lectin of osage o ...19853922368
jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia) and the agaricus mushroom lectin fit also to the so-called peanut receptor.the lectin from jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia) reacts with the peanut-specific lectin receptor represented by the t-disaccharide, which is also part of the thomsen (= t)-friedenreich antigen, namely o-beta-d-galactosyl-(1----3)-n-acetyl-d-galactosamine. the difference between the jackfruit lectin and peanut lectin has been shown to be mainly due to the further linkage of the t-disaccharide: whereas the peanut lectin reacts with both anomeric forms, jackfruit lectin and the closely - with re ...19853938662
[nutritive value of cooked and uncooked jackfruit seed flour (artocarpus integrifolia) (author's transl)]. 19744457964
jacalin: an iga-binding lectin.we previously reported that seeds of artocarpus integrifolia (jackfruit) contain a lectin, which we call jacalin, that is both a potent t cell mitogen and an apparently t cell-independent activator of human b cells for the secretion of immunoglobulins. during the above experiments we noted a massive precipitation in cell cultures stimulated with greater than or equal to 100 micrograms of lectin. in this paper, we show that the precipitate is formed after the interaction of jacalin and the serum ...19853871459
characterization of glycoproteins from chlamydia trachomatis using lectins.glycoproteins in chlamydia trachomatis, serotype l1, elementary bodies were studied by lectin blotting. a panel of 23 lectins representing a variety of sugar specificities was used. the pattern of lectin-binding specificities at a peptide band was studied in order to determine the type and structure of its glycoconjugate. to establish chlamydial origin of the glycopeptide bands in the blot, control samples from non-infected host cell membranes were run in parallel. terminal mannosidic structures ...19938286093
increase in fluid viscosity during epididymal transit and the immobilization of rat epididymal spermatozoa.a microcapillary method was developed to measure the viscosity of small volumes of undiluted epididymal fluid. fluid from the cauda epididymis registered 82 +/- 17 centipoise which was much more viscous than fluid from the caput region (8 +/- 2 centipoise). initiation of sperm motility was strongly suppressed in the viscosity range of 7 to 150 centipoise. a significant increase in the viscosity of fluid from the caput region was observed when immobilin in the fluid binds with a lectin from jack ...19863804466
characterization of jacalin, the human iga and igd binding lectin from jackfruit.the lectin jacalin from the jackfruit artocarpus heterophyllus reacts by precipitation and western blotting with human iga1 and igd but not with iga2 (nor igg and igm). however, it weakly binds iga2 as shown by affinity chromatography and competitive elisa. predominantly reactive carbohydrates are d-galactose and n-acetyl d-galactosamine. jacalin has an apparent mr of about 54,000 and is probably made up of three non-glycosylated and one glycosylated non-covalently linked subunits. its electroph ...19873657793
the iga-binding lectin jacalin induces complement activation by inhibition of c-1-inactivator function.jacalin, a d-galactose-specific lectin from jackfruit, interacts with human iga and one or two other serum proteins. incubation of jacalin with fresh human serum was shown to result in activation of the complement system. therefore the mechanism of complement activation by jacalin was studied. jacalin was extracted from jackfruit seeds (crude preparation) and purified to homogeneity by affinity chromatography on iga-sepharose to yield a pure preparation of jacalin. both crude and pure jacalin we ...19873629190
oral allergy syndrome to a jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia).a 30-year-old man from the philippines with pollen allergy noted the appearance of oral allergy syndrome (oas) after eating raw apple, raw peach, raw celery, and recently, jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia), a tropical fruit which belongs to the moraceae family (mulberry) and to the genus artocarpus (breadfruit tree). despite the patient's multiple sensitization in skin prick tests and in the pharmacia cap system to birch, grass, mugwort pollen, related fruits and vegetables, and jackfruit, in ...19979188925
tissue binding patterns of lectins in premalignant and malignant lesions of the oral cavity.lectins from the seeds of jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia) and winged bean (psophocarpus tetragonolobus) were isolated using an immobilized n-acetyl d-galactosamine column and conjugated to type vi horse radish peroxidase. the purified conjugate was used for the study of tissue specificities using diaminobenzidine as the substrate on dewaxed tissue sections of normal, oral leukoplakia, oral submucous fibrosis, verucous carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity. in spite of havi ...19873449613
jacalin: isolation, characterization, and influence of various factors on its interaction with human iga1, as assessed by precipitation and latex iga1-specific lectin, jacalin, was isolated from dried seeds of the jackfruit, artocarpus integrifolia, by affinity binding to iga1-sepharose and elution with d-galactose. jacalin is a glycoprotein with two non-covalently bound subunits (15 and 18 k). interactions between jacalin and human igs were studied by precipitation in gel and in solution, and by agglutination of iga1-coated latex by jacalin. jacalin precipitated only with iga1-containing samples, including monomers, polymers, monoclon ...19883343973
jacalin, the human iga1 and igd precipitating lectin, also binds iga2 of both allotypes.the lectin jacalin from jackfruit seeds shows a human iga-subclass specificity by gel precipitation and western blotting. however, its reactivity with iga2 is a matter of controversy. we further studied the immunoglobulin isotype specificity of jacalin by affinity chromatography with myeloma sera and by inhibition of jacalin binding to solid-phase iga1 by purified monoclonal immunoglobulins. the lectin proved to bind iga2 of both allotypes with a lower apparent affinity than for iga1 and igd.19883171189
separation of human iga1 and iga2 using jacalin-agarose chromatography.a lectin isolated from the tropical jackfruit, jacalin, previously reported to precipitate human immunoglobulin a (iga), and conjugated to agarose was used to separate the two subclasses of iga from secretions. jacalin-agarose binds specifically to the d-galactose moiety of iga1 but not to iga2 which has a different carbohydrate content and structure. iga2 passed through the jacalin-agarose column and was collected in the void volume. iga1 was eluted from the lectin by 0.8 m galactose. of a repr ...19873106500
antibacterial activity of artocarpus heterophyllus.the crude methanolic extracts of the stem and root barks, stem and root heart-wood, leaves, fruits and seeds of artocarpus heterophyllus and their subsequent partitioning with petrol, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate and butanol gave fractions that exhibited a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity. the butanol fractions of the root bark and fruits were found to be the most active. none of the fractions were active against the fungi tested.200312837372
jacalin, an iga-binding lectin, inhibits differentiation of human b cells by both a direct effect and by activating t-suppressor cells.jacalin, a lectin extracted from the seeds of artocarpus intergifolia (jackfruit), has been reported to bind specifically to iga while inducing b-cell polyclonal immunoglobulin secretion. we confirmed that jacalin only binds to iga and not to igg or igm and extended these findings by showing that it does not bind to ige. addition of jacalin to either unfractioned peripheral blood lymphocytes or purified b cells failed to induce immunoglobulin synthesis; indeed immunoglobulin production was dimin ...19872948674
structural characterization of rubber from jackfruit and euphorbia as a model of natural rubber.a structural study of low molecular weight rubbers from jackfruit (artocarpus heterophyllus) and painted spurge (euphorbia heterophylla) was carried out as model compounds of natural rubber from hevea brasiliensis. the rubber content of latex from jackfruit was 0.4-0.7%, which is very low compared with that of 30-35% in the latex from hevea tree. the rubber from jackfruit latex was low molecular weight with narrow unimodal molecular weight distribution (mwd), whereas that obtained from e. hetero ...200415360318
increased serum levels of iga1-igg immune complexes and anti-f(ab')2 antibodies in patients with primary iga nephropathy.a solid-phase elisa was used to detect iga1 immune complexes (iga1 ics) containing igg and igm in 38 serum samples from 30 patients with primary iga nephropathy (igan) and 14 subjects with non-iga chronic glomerulonephritis. a jackfruit lectin, jacalin, was used as the substrate for the selective binding of human iga1 ics in serum peg precipitate (7%). the presence of igg, a and m antibodies against the f(ab')2 region of igg was also investigated by the solid-phase elisa. six patients were studi ...19892788538
further characterization and immunochemical studies on the carbohydrate specificity of jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia) lectin.the lectin from jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia) seeds has been purified by rivanol (6,9-diamino-2-ethoxyacridine lactate) treatment. the specific activity, molecular weights of parent lectin and its subunit, its glycoprotein nature, and hemagglutination-inhibition assays suggest that this preparation is identical to that obtained by affinity chromatography on melibiose-agarose adsorbent (ahmed, h., and chatterjee, b. p. (1986) in lectins, biology, biochemistry, clinical biochemistry (bøg-han ...19892722839
jacalin: an excellent lectin for obtaining t cell growth activity from rat spleen cells.1. the parameters involved in the choice of an optimal t cell growth activity (tcgac) induction protocol using rat spleen cells stimulated with jacalin were studied. 2. in the absence of serum, 5 micrograms/ml jacalin was sufficient to obtain maximal tcgac. supernatants could be harvested at any time between 24 and 72 h since significant consumption of tcgac was not observed during this interval. tcgac recovery was increased in the presence of 5% fetal calf serum, with the optimal jacalin dose b ...19892636007
a rapid procedure for the purification of iga1 and iga2 subclasses from normal human serum using protein g and jackfruit lectin (jacalin) affinity chromatography.immunoglobulin a (iga) from pooled normal human sera was purified using antibody and protein g affinity chromatography and gel filtration high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc). this high purity product was separated into iga1 and iga2 subclasses utilizing the agarose-bound lectin 'jacalin'. evaluation of product homogeneity by immunological testing confirmed greater than 95% purity. the total iga1 and iga2 recovered from sera was approximately 26% of the initial antibody present.19892628285
jacalin: a lectin mitogenic for human cd4 t lymphocytes.the major protein component of seeds from jackfruit is the lectin jacalin. jackfruit crude extracts are known to stimulate human lymphocytes, but the mitogenic properties of purified jacalin have not been studied in detail so far. study of the proliferative response of cell populations from normal human peripheral blood to purified jacalin showed it to be mitogenic through an interaction with lymphocytes by its lectin-binding site, as shown by inhibition by iga. jacalin failed to stimulate b cel ...19902372991
topography of the combining region of a thomsen-friedenreich-antigen-specific lectin jacalin (artocarpus integrifolia agglutinin). a thermodynamic and circular-dichroism spectroscopic study.thermodynamic analysis of carbohydrate binding by artocarpus integrifolia (jackfruit) agglutinin (jacalin) shows that, among monosaccharides, me alpha galnac (methyl-alpha-n-acetylgalactosamine) is the strongest binding ligand. despite its strong affinity for me alpha galnac and me alpha gal, the lectin binds very poorly when gal and galnac are in alpha-linkage with other sugars such as in a- and b-blood-group trisaccharides, gal alpha 1-3gal and gal alpha 1-4gal. these binding properties are ex ...19902306217
hypoglycaemic activity of some medicinal plants in sri-lanka.1. investigations were carried out to determine whether aqueous extracts of osbeckia octandra, artocarpus heterophyllus and bambusa vulgaris truly possess oral hypoglycaemic activity. 2. all three plant extracts significantly lowered the fasting blood glucose level and markedly improved glucose tolerance in sprague-dawley rats. 3. a maximum hypoglycaemic activity was observed at +3 hr with o. octandra and b. vulgaris; with a. heterophyllus a maximum effect was not observed even at +5 hr. 4. the ...19902276596
structural and functional similarities of breadfruit seed lectin and jacalin.aquous extracts from seeds of artocarpus altilis (breadfruit) and artocarpus heterophyllus (jackfruit) were compared by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. two bands of the same size (12 and 15 kd) as the jacalin subunits were the major components in breadfruit seed extract. they strongly reacted with anti-jacalin antibodies by western blotting. the breadfruit lectin displayed the same igal and igd precipitation specificity as jacalin in gel double diffusion experiments. it also stimulated in vi ...19902111454
iga binding lectins isolated from distinct artocarpus species demonstrate differential specificity.the discovery of jacalin, a group of lectins from jackfruit seeds (artocarpus heterophyllus), has attracted considerable attention due to its numerous interesting immunological properties as well as its usefulness in the isolation of various serum proteins. we have further identified a similar lectin from the seeds of champedak (artocarpus integer) which we refer to as lectin-c and performed comparative studies with two types of jacalin isolated from different batches of the malaysian jackfruit ...19912062319
effect of artocarpus heterophyllus and asteracanthus longifolia on glucose tolerance in normal human subjects and in maturity-onset diabetic patients.investigations were carried out to evaluate the effects of hot-water extracts of artocarpus heterophyllus leaves and asteracanthus longifolia whole plant material on the glucose tolerance of normal human subjects and maturity-onset diabetic patients. the extracts of both artocarpus heterophyllus and asteracanthus longifolia significantly improved glucose tolerance in the normal subjects and the diabetic patients when investigated at oral doses equivalent to 20 g/kg of starting material.19912056756
two new ascomycetous anamorphic yeast species related to candida friedrichii--candida jaroonii sp. nov., and candida songkhlaensis sp. nov.--isolated in a study of yeast diversity in thailand, eight strains of hitherto undescribed anamorphic yeasts were isolated: four from insect frass, two from marasmius sp. fruiting bodies, one from a flower, and one from jackfruit exudates. phylogenetic analysis of the d1/d2 domain of 26s ribosomal dna nucleotide sequences indicated that the eight strains represented two new species related to candida friedrichii. genetic separation of the two new species was further supported by dna-dna hybridization anal ...200818425597
the identification of o-glycosylated precursors of insulin-like growth factor ii.a procedure that combined ion exchange, gel permeation, and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 3 (igf-bp-3) affinity chromatography with chromatofocusing and reversed-phase high pressure liquid chromatography was used to isolate high molecular weight precursors of human insulin-like growth factor ii (igf-ii) from acetic acid extracts of cohn fraction iv1. two precursors had isoelectric points (pi) of 5.1 and 5.4 and apparent mr values of 15,000 and 11,500, respectively. an apparent mr = ...19921569071
interaction of artocarpus lectins with human iga does not involve asparagine-linked oligosaccharide of the view of the controversy with respect to the interaction of jacalin with human iga2, a study was undertaken to assess the reactivity of the artocarpus heterophyllus lectin, as well as the lectin from artocarpus integer (lectin c), with subclasses of human immunoglobulin a by elisa. our data is consistent with the view that artocarpus lectins have no affinity for the iga2 immunoglobulins. in further support of the findings, we have established that n-linked oligosaccharide moieties of iga have ...19921417879
dietary fiber from musa paradisiaca and artocarpus heterophyllus on intestinal mucosal and bacterial beta-glucuronidase activity in hexachlorocyclohexane-treated rats. 19937678524
artocarpus integrifolia lectin(s): use and applications in chromosome studies of lymphocyte cultures.a simple procedure for extracting a lectin from the seeds of the jackfruit, artocarpus integrifolia, is described. the extracts had an average protein concentration of 13.3 mg/ml, and were strongly erythroagglutinating with a 10(6) titre. erythroagglutination was shown to be non-specific for a1-b-0 erythrocytes. lymphoblastic transformation and mitogenic stimulation occurred in lymphocyte cultures both in man and rhesus monkey, and chromosome preparations were obtained. such preparations were of ...19827172755
lectin(s) extracted from seeds of artocarpus integrifolia (jackfruit): potent and selective stimulator(s) of distinct human t and b cell functions.a lectin activity that selectively induces different functions of human lymphocytes has been described in a pbs crude extract obtained from the seeds of artocarpus integrifolia (jackfruit). both unfractionated peripheral blood mononuclear cells and purified t cells are strongly stimulated to proliferate by this extract, whereas purified b cells are not. however, the lectin induced a potent polyclonal activation of b cells measured by a reverse hemolytic plaque assay using a multivalent anti-huma ...19816972961
evaluation of agrowastes as immobilizers for probiotics in soy milk.the objective of this study was to evaluate agricultural wastes as immobilizers for probiotics in liquid foods, such as soy milk. probiotic strains were initially evaluated for acid and bile tolerance and the ability to produce alpha-galactosidase. rinds of durian, mangosteen, and jackfruit were dried, ground, and sterilized prior to immobilization of selected strains ( lactobacillus acidophilus ftdc 1331, l. acidophilus ftdc 2631, l. acidophilus ftdc 2333, l. acidophilus ftdc 1733, and lactobac ...200919821558
the preparation of interferon gamma-producing t-cell hybridomas from jacalin-stimulated t lymphocytes and the sh9 t-cell line.jacalin, a lectin(s) extracted from the seeds of artocarpus integrifolia (jackfruit), was shown to induce the production of gamma interferon (ifn gamma) in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) and human t-lymphocyte cultures. the amount of ifn gamma produced was enhanced in the presence of mezerein, a phorbol ester derivative. fusion of jacalin stimulated t lymphocytes with the sh9 t-cell line resulted in the formation of t-cell hybridomas which spontaneously secreted ifn gamma. the s ...19846094340
identification of bet v 1-related allergens in fig and other moraceae fruits.allergy to fig fruit (ficus carica) has been described in patients allergic to ficus benjamina or rubber latex but may occur also in pollen-allergic patients.201020447079
identification of a novel 4 kda immunoglobulin-a-binding peptide obtained by the limited proteolysis of jacalin.jacalin, an iga-binding lectin from jackfruit (artocarpus heterophyllus) seeds, was isolated by the passage of pbs extracts of seeds over an affinity matrix containing iga-sepharose-4b. it was further purified by hplc. when analyzed by sds-page under both reducing and nonreducing conditions, the native jacalin was dissociated into two subunits of 12 and 15.4 kda. both the subunits could bind iga. peptide mapping performed with radioiodinated jacalin indicated that both the subunits were suscepti ...19938431469
antioxidant and antibacterial activities on foodborne pathogens of artocarpus heterophyllus lam. (moraceae) leaves water extract, ethyl acetate, and aqueous fractions from the leaves of artocarpus heterophyllus were evaluated for phenolic content, antioxidant, and antibacterial activities against some foodborne pathogens such as e. coli, listeria monocytogenes, salmonella typhimurium, salmonella enterica, bacillus cereus, enterococcus faecalis, and staphylococcus aureus. the minimum inhibitory concentration (mics) of extract and fractions determined by the agar dilution method were ranged from 221.9 mi ...201020629886
evaluation of the hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of an ethylacetate fraction of artocarpus heterophyllus (jak) leaves in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.aqueous extracts of mature leaves of artocarpus heterophyllus (jak) are used by traditional medical practitioners in sri lanka and india for the treatment of diabetes. this study was conducted to investigate the hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of an ethylacetate (ea) fraction of the mature leaves of a. heterophyllus in a streptozotocin (stz) induced diabetic rat model. in normoglycemic rats, administration of a single dose (20 mg/kg) of the ea fraction resulted in a significant (p < 0.05) ...201020931077
comparative analyses of iga1 binding lectins from seeds of six distinct clones of artocarpus integer.purified lectins from seeds of six distinct clones of artocarpus integer (lectin c) were shown to be structurally and functionally similar. all lectins comprised of two types of non-covalently-linked subunits with apparent m(r) of 13,300 and 16,000. the lectins appeared to interact with several human serum proteins, with the predominance of the iga1 and c1 inhibitor molecules. interaction was not detected with iga2, igd, igg and igm. the lectin cs were also shown to precipitate monkey, sheep, ra ...19938490570
mitogenic activity of new lectins from seeds of wild artocarpus species from vietnam.proliferative response of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) stimulated by new lectins purified from seeds of differents artocarpus species from vietnam (a. asperulus, a. heterophyllus, a. masticata, a. melinoxylus, a. parva and a. petelotii) was studied and compared to those of the lectin jacalin purified from jackfruit (a. heterophyllus) seeds collected in the island la réunion. all lectins stimulated human pbmc to proliferate, with a variable efficiency of the mitogenic activity. ...19968763740
scavenger and antioxidant properties of prenylflavones isolated from artocarpus heterophyllus.the antioxidant properties of prenylflavones, isolated from artocarpus heterophyllus lam., was evaluated in this study. among them, artocarpine, artocarpetin, artocarpetin a, and cycloheterophyllin diacetate and peracetate had no effect on iron-induced lipid peroxidation in rat brain homogenate. they also did not scavenge the stable free radical 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl. in contrast, cycloheterophyllin and artonins a and b inhibited iron-induced lipid peroxidation in rat brain homogenate an ...19989667491
jacalin: a jackfruit (artocarpus heterophyllus) seed-derived lectin of versatile applications in immunobiological research.jacalin, the major protein from the jackfruit (artocarpus heterophyllus) seeds, is a tetrameric two-chain lectin (molecular mass 65 kda) combining a heavy alpha chain of 133 amino acid residues with a light beta chain of 20-21 amino acid residues. it is highly specific for the alpha-o-glycoside of the disaccharide thomsen-friedenreich antigen (gal beta1-3galnac), even in its sialylated form. this property has made jacalin suitable for studying various o-linked glycoproteins, particularly human i ...19989672207
artinm, a d-mannose-binding lectin from artocarpus integrifolia, plays a potent adjuvant and immunostimulatory role in immunization against neospora caninum.artinm and jacalin (jac) are lectins from the jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia) that have important role in modulation of immune responses to pathogens. neospora caninum is an apicomplexa parasite that causes neuromuscular disease in dogs and reproductive disorders in cattle, with economic impact on the livestock industry. hence, we evaluated the adjuvant effect of artinm and jac in immunization of mice against neosporosis. six c57bl/6 mouse groups were subcutaneously immunized three times at ...201122001880
jackfruit lectin: properties of mitogenicity and the inhibition of herpesvirus infection.jackfruit lectin (jfl) from artocarpus heterophyllus has been found to exhibit inhibitory activity in vitro with a cytopathic effect towards herpes simplex virus type 2 (hsv-2), varicella-zoster virus (vzv), and cytomegalovirus (cmv). the 50% inhibitory dose values from plaque reduction assay (inactivation) were 2.5, 5, and 10 eg/ml of jfl for hsv-2, vzv, and cmv, respectively. lymphocyte proliferation was significantly increased in the presence of the jfl in the concentration range of 2.5 to 50 ...200011056557
artocarpus heterophyllus seeds inhibits sexual competence but not fertility of male rats.according to ayurvedic literature of sri lanka, roasted seeds of artocarpus heterophyllus lam. (family: moraceae) has aphrodisiac activity. however, some reproductively active young men in rural areas of sri lanka claim that consumption of these seeds few hours prior to coitus disrupts sexual function. because of these two conflicting claims, it was thought useful to scientifically investigate the effects of a. heterophyllus seeds on male sexual function and fertility. this was done using a seed ...200212635700
carbonised jackfruit peel as an adsorbent for the removal of cd(ii) from aqueous solution.the fruit of the jack (artocarpus heterophyllus) is one of the popular fruits in india, where the total area under this fruit is about 13,460 ha. a significant amount of peel (approximately 2,714-11,800 kg per tree per year) is discarded as agricultural waste, as apart from its use as a table fruit, it is popular in many culinary preparations. treatment of jackfruit peel with sulphuric acid produced a carbonaceous product which was used to study its efficiency as an adsorbent for the removal of ...200415081486
Biotransformation of pineapple juice sugars into dietetic derivatives by using a cell free oxidoreductase from Zymomonas mobilis together with commercial invertase.An easy procedure for cell free biotransformation of pineapple juice sugars into dietetic derivatives was accomplished using a commercial invertase and an oxidoreductase from Zymomonas mobilis. First, pineapple juice sucrose was quantitatively converted into glucose and fructose by invertase, thus increasing the concentration of each monosaccharide in the original juice to almost twice. In a second step, glucose-fructose oxidoreductase (GFOR) transformed glucose into gluconolactone, and fructose ...201122112775
structural basis for the energetics of jacalin-sugar interactions: promiscuity versus specificity.jacalin, a tetrameric lectin, is one of the two lectins present in jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia) seeds. its crystal structure revealed, for the first time, the occurrence of the beta-prism i fold in lectins. the structure led to the elucidation of the crucial role of a new n terminus generated by post-translational proteolysis for the lectin's specificity for galactose. subsequent x-ray studies on other carbohydrate complexes showed that the extended binding site of jacalin consisted of, i ...200515733927
antiinflammatory flavonoids from artocarpus heterophyllus and artocarpus communis.the antiinflammatory activities of the isolated flavonoids, including cycloartomunin (1), cyclomorusin (2), dihydrocycloartomunin (3), dihydroisocycloartomunin (4), cudraflavone a (5), cyclocommunin (6), and artomunoxanthone (7), and cycloheterohyllin (8), artonins a (9) and b (10), artocarpanone (11), artocarpanone a (12), and heteroflavanones a (13), b (14), and c (15) from artocarpus communis and a. heterophyllus, were assessed in vitro by determining their inhibitory effects on the chemical ...200515884809
preparation and preliminary x-ray studies of two crystal forms of the anti-t lectin from jackfruit (artocarpus integrifolia) 20113210239
the immunomodulatory effect of plant lectins: a review with emphasis on artinm properties.advances in the glycobiology and immunology fields have provided many insights into the role of carbohydrate-protein interactions in the immune system. we aim to present a comprehensive review of the effects that some plant lectins exert as immunomodulatory agents, showing that they are able to positively modify the immune response to certain pathological conditions, such as cancer and infections. the present review comprises four main themes: (1) an overview of plant lectins that exert immunomo ...201323299509
in vitro antibacterial efficacy of 21 indian timber-yielding plants against multidrug-resistant bacteria causing urinary tract screen methanolic leaf extracts of 21 timber-yielding plants for antibacterial activity against nine species of uropathogenic bacteria isolated from clinical samples of a hospital (enterococcus faecalis, staphylococcus aureus, acinetobacter baumannii, citrobacter freundii, enterobacter aerogenes, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, and pseudomonas aeruginosa).201324524024
characterization of the goat feeding system among rural small holder farmers in the semi-arid regions of uganda.goats (capra hircus) are widely distributed in africa and asia, and are important to the subsistence and economic livelihoods of many people in these areas. the goat feeding system among rural small holder farmers in buyende district (uganda) was characterised by determining the goat rearing practices, feed resources fed on by goats and availability of browse species mentioned by small holder farmers. data was gathered using ethnobotanical and ecological approaches. results from the ethnobotanic ...201525932373
elucidation of binding specificity of jacalin toward o-glycosylated peptides: quantitative analysis by frontal affinity chromatography.jacalin, a lectin from the jackfruit artocarpus integrifolia, has been known as a valuable tool for specific capturing of o-glycoproteins such as mucins and iga1. though its sugar-binding preference for t/tn-antigens is well established, its detailed specificity has not been elucidated. in this study, we prepared a series of mucin-type glycopeptides using human glycosyltransferases, that is, st6galnac1, core1gal-t1 and -t2, beta3gn-t6, and core2gnt1, and investigated their binding to immobilized ...200616177266
structural characterization of novel chitin-binding lectins from the genus artocarpus and their antifungal activity.two novel chitin-binding lectins from seeds of artocarpus genus were described in this paper, one from a. integrifolia (jackfruit) and one from a. incisa (breadfruit). they were purified from saline crude extract of seeds using affinity chromatography on chitin column, size-exclusion chromatography and reverse-phase chromatography on the c-18 column. both are 14 kda proteins, made up of 3 chains linked by disulfide bonds. the partial amino acid sequences of the two lectins showed they are homolo ...200616257591
screening of traditional antidiabetic medicinal plants of mauritius for possible alpha-amylase inhibitory effects in this study, seven exotic/indigenous medicinal plants of mauritius, namely coix lacryma-jobi (poaceae), aegle marmelos (rutaceae), artocarpus heterophyllus (moraceae), vangueria madagascariensis (rubiaceae), azadirachta indica (meliaceae), eriobotrya japonica (rosaceae) and syzigium cumini (myrtaceae) were studied for possible effects on starch breakdown by alpha-amylase in vitro. the results showed that only artocarpus heterophyllus significantly (p < 0.05) inhibited alpha-amylase activity in ...200616521114
inhibitory effect of artocarpanone from artocarpus heterophyllus on melanin our previous efforts to find new tyrosinase inhibitory materials, we investigated 44 indonesian medicinal plants belonging to 24 families. among those plants, the extract of artocarpus heterophyllus was one of the strongest inhibitors of tyrosinase activity. by activity-guided fractionation of a. heterophyllus wood extract, we isolated artocarpanone, which inhibited both mushroom tyrosinase activity and melanin production in b16 melanoma cells. this compound is a strong candidate as a remedy ...200616946519
glycosylation-dependent interaction of jacalin with cd45 induces t lymphocyte activation and th1/th2 cytokine secretion.jacalin, an alpha-o-glycoside of the disaccharide thomsen-friedenreich antigen (galactose beta1-3 n-acetylgalactosamine, t-antigen)-specific lectin from jackfruit seeds, has been shown to induce mitogenic responses and to block infection by hiv-1 in cd4+ t lymphocytes. the molecular mechanism underlying jacalin-induced t cell activation has not been elucidated completely yet. in the present study, protein tyrosine phosphatase (ptpase) cd45 was isolated from a jurkat t cell membrane fraction as a ...200717242371
antioxidant activities of some local bangladeshi fruits (artocarpus heterophyllus, annona squamosa, terminalia bellirica, syzygium samarangense, averrhoa carambola and olea europa).in the present study, antioxidant activities of the fruits of a. heterophyllus, a. squamosa, t. bellirica, s. samarangense, a. carambola and o. europa were investigated. for this, at first matured fruits of them were sliced into small pieces and dried in the sun and finally crushed in a grinder to make powder. ethanolic extracts of fruit powder were prepared using 99.99% ethanol. the antioxidative activities of these extracts were determined according to their abilities of scavenging 1, 1-diphen ...200717460898
comparative study of the chemical composition and mineral element content of artocarpus heterophyllus and treculia africana seeds and seed oils.a comparative study of artocarpus heterophyllus and treculia africana seeds, both of moraceae family, was carried out to establish their chemical compositions and evaluate their mineral element content in order to investigate the possibility of using them for human and or animal consumption and also to examine if there is a relationship between the properties of these seeds. a. heterophyllus and t. africana are rich in protein; their protein contents are higher than those from high protein anima ...200817959379
analysis of the sugar-binding specificity of mannose-binding-type jacalin-related lectins by frontal affinity chromatography--an approach to functional classification.the jacalin-related lectin (jrl) family comprises galactose-binding-type (gjrls) and mannose-binding-type (mjrls) lectins. although the documented occurrence of gjrls is confined to the family moraceae, mjrls are widespread in the plant kingdom. a detailed comparison of sugar-binding specificity was made by frontal affinity chromatography to corroborate the structure-function relationships of the extended mjrl subfamily. eight mjrls covering a broad taxonomic range were used: artocarpin from art ...200818266762
neutrophils contribute to the protection conferred by artinm against intracellular pathogens: a study on leishmania major.artinm, a d-mannose binding lectin from artocarpus heterophyllus, has immunomodulatory activities through its interaction with n-glycans of immune cells, culminating with the establishment of t helper type 1 (th1) immunity. this interaction protects mice against intracellular pathogens, including leishmania major and leishmania amazonensis. artinm induces neutrophils activation, which is known to account for both resistance to pathogens and host tissue injury. although exacerbated inflammation w ...201627058234
a simple micro-method for determining precise oligosaccharidic specificity of mannose-binding lectins.a simple and inexpensive method was developed to rapidly define the specificity of mannose-specific lectins toward oligomannoside-type structures. the method involved the interaction of a mixture of n-[(14)c]-acetylated glycoasparagines, prepared by exhaustive pronase digestion of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease b and n-[(14)c]-acetylation with [(14)c]-acetic anhydride and containing all the possible oligomannoside-type n-glycans, with the lectin immobilized on sepharose-4b. after exhaustive desa ...200919542523
a statistical approach for optimization of polyhydroxybutyrate production by bacillus sphaericus ncim 5149 under submerged fermentation using central composite design.the aim of this work was to statistically optimize the cultural and nutritional parameters for the production of polyhydroxybutyrate (phb) under submerged fermentation using jackfruit seed hydrolysate as the sole carbon source. on the basis of results obtained from "one variable at a time" experiment, inoculum age, jackfruit seed hydrolysate concentration, and ph were selected for response surface methodology studies. a central composite design (ccd) was employed to get the optimum level of thes ...201019812909
protection against paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection conferred by the prophylactic administration of native and recombinant artinm.we determined the prophylactic effect of both the d-mannose-binding lectin artinm extracted from the seeds of artocarpus integrifolia (jackfruit) and its recombinant counterpart during the course of experimental paracoccidioidomycosis induced in balb/c mice. four experimental protocols of prophylaxis were employed to evaluate the most protective regimen of artinm administration. it was demonstrated that the best effect was obtained by administration of two artinm doses on days 10 and 3 before th ...201020392144
cytotoxic effect of artocarpin on t47d our screening projects for anticancer agents from natural resources, artocarpin [6-(3-methyl-1-butenyl)-5,2',4'-trihydroxy-3-isoprenyl-7-methoxyflavone] isolated from wood of jack fruit (artocarpus heterophyllus) showed potent cytotoxic activity on human t47d breast cancer cells. the mode of action of artocarpin was evaluated by its effect on cell viability, nuclear morphology, cell cycle progression, expression of protein markers for apoptosis, and mitochondrial membrane potential (delta psi ...201020544395
simian immunodeficiency virus from the sooty mangabey and rhesus macaque is modified with o-linked carbohydrate.although stretches of serine and threonine are sometimes sites for o-linked carbohydrate attachment, specific sequence and structural determinants for o-linked attachment remain ill defined. the gp120 envelope protein of sivmac239 contains a serine-threonine-rich stretch of amino acids at positions 128 to 139. here we show that lectin protein from jackfruit seed (jacalin), which binds to non- and monosialylated core 1 o-linked carbohydrate, potently inhibited the replication of sivmac239. select ...201020962077
exquisite binding specificity of sclerotium rolfsii lectin toward tf-related o-linked mucin-type glycans.sclerotium rolfsii lectin (srl), a secretory protein from the soil borne phytopathogenic fungus sclerotium rolfsii, has shown in our previous studies to bind strongly to the oncofetal thomson-friedenreich carbohydrate (galß1-3galnac-ser/thr, t or tf) antigen. tf antigen is widely expressed in many types of human cancers and the strong binding of srl toward such a cancer-associated carbohydrate structure led us to characterize the carbohydrate binding specificity of srl. glycan array analysis, wh ...201121347715
antioxidant activity of artocarpus heterophyllus lam. (jack fruit) leaf extracts: remarkable attenuations of hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia in streptozotocin-diabetic rats.the present study examines the antioxidative, hypoglycemic, and hypolipidemic activities of artocarpus heterophyllus (jack fruit) leaf extracts (jfes). the 70% ethanol (jfee), n-butanol (jfbe), water (jfwe), chloroform (jfce), and ethyl acetate (jfeae) extracts were obtained. both jfee and jfbe markedly scavenge diphenylpicrylhydrazyl radical and chelate fe+2 in vitro. a compound was isolated from jfbe and identified using 1d and 2d 1h- and 13c-nmr. the administration of jfee or jfbe to streptoz ...201121479350
raiders of the lost bark: orangutan foraging strategies in a degraded landscape.deforestation is rapidly transforming primary forests across the tropics into human-dominated landscapes. consequently, conservationists need to understand how different taxa respond and adapt to these changes in order to develop appropriate management strategies. our two year study seeks to determine how wild sumatran orangutans (pongo abelii) adapt to living in an isolated agroforest landscape by investigating the sex of crop-raiders related to population demographics, and their temporal varia ...201121731636
lectins from synadenium carinatum (scll) and artocarpus heterophyllus (artinm) are able to induce beneficial immunomodulatory effects in a murine model for treatment of toxoplasma gondii infection.infection by toxoplasma gondii affects around one-third of world population and the treatment for patients presenting toxoplasmosis clinically manifested disease is mainly based by a combination of sulfadiazine, pyrimethamine, and folinic acid. however, this therapeutic protocol is significantly toxic, causing relevant dose-related bone marrow damage. thus, it is necessary to improve new approaches to investigate the usefulness of more effective and non-toxic agents for treatment of patients wit ...201627933277
jacalin interaction with human immunoglobulin a1 and bovine immunoglobulin g1: affinity constant determined by piezoelectric biosensoring.the affinity of the d-galactose binding lectin from artocarpus heterophyllus lectin, known as jacalin, with immonuglobulins was determined by biofunctionalization of piezoelectric transducer. this piezoelectric biofunctionalized transducer was used as mass-sensitive analytical tool, allowing the real-time binding analysis of jacalin-human iga(1) and jacalin-bovine igg(1) interactions from which the apparent affinity constant was calculated.the strategy was centered in immobilizing jacalin on the ...201121964726
ZG16p, an animal homologue of {beta}-prism fold plant lectins, interacts with heparan sulfate proteoglycans in pancreatic zymogen granules.ZG16p is a soluble 16-kDa pancreatic protein having structural similarities to plant ß-prism fold lectins such as the banana lectin BanLec and the jack fruit lectin jacalin. ZG16p is postulated to be involved in the formation of zymogen granules by interacting with proteoglycans localized in pancreatic exocrine granule membranes, but direct evidence was lacking. We characterized the structural properties of rat pancreatic zymogen granule proteoglycans and examined their interaction with ZG16p. S ...201121948871
purification and characterization of a heteromultimeric glycoprotein from artocarpus heterophyllus latex with an inhibitory effect on human blood coagulation.plant latex has many health benefits and has been used in folk medicine. in this study, the biological effect of artocarpus heterophyllus (jackfruit) latex on human blood coagulation was investigated. by a combination of heat precipitation and ion-exchange chromatography, a heat stable heteromultimeric glycoprotein (hsgpl1) was purified from jackfruit milky latex. the apparent molecular masses of the monomeric proteins on sds/page were 33, 31 and 29 kda. the isoelectric points (pis) of the monom ...201122132372
The Recognition of N-Glycans by the Lectin ArtinM Mediates Cell Death of a Human Myeloid Leukemia Cell Line.ArtinM, a d-mannose-binding lectin from Artocarpus heterophyllus (jackfruit), interacts with N-glycosylated receptors on the surface of several cells of hematopoietic origin, triggering cell migration, degranulation, and cytokine release. Because malignant transformation is often associated with altered expression of cell surface glycans, we evaluated the interaction of ArtinM with human myelocytic leukemia cells and investigated cellular responses to lectin binding. The intensity of ArtinM bind ...201122132163
flow injection assessment of nitrate contents in fresh and cooked fruits and vegetables grown in fiji.nitrates form part of the essential chemistry of soils and plants. thus, plant roots are able to absorb nitrate directly from the soil. it has been discovered that human nitrate intake is mainly from vegetables. vegetables play an important role in human nutrition since they are an outstanding source for vitamins, minerals, and biologically active compounds. in risk assessment of nitrate contents, this study reports the nitrate levels of 8 commonly consumed fruits and vegetables grown in fiji, t ...201122417577
plant latex: a promising antifungal agent for post harvest disease control.bioactive compounds from plant latex are potential source of antifungic against post harvest pathogens. latex from a total of seven plant species was investigated for its phytochemical and antifungal properties. six fungi namely aspergillus fumigatus, a. niger, a. terreus, f. solani, p. digitatum and r. arrhizus were isolated from infected fruits and vegetables and tested against various solvent extracts of latex. analysis of latex extracts with phytochemical tests showed the presence of alkaloi ...201324506041
cloning and extracellular expression of a raw starch digesting α-amylase (blamy-i) and its application in bioethanol production from a non-conventional source of starch.the aim of this study was to clone and efficiently express a raw starch-digesting α-amylase enzyme in the culture media and also to investigate the potential application of this recombinant enzyme in the digestion of non-conventional raw starch for bioethanol production. a raw starch digesting α-amylase gene isolated from bacillus licheniformis strain as08e was cloned and extracellularly expressed in e. coli cells using the native signal peptide. the mature recombinant α-amylase (blamy-i) consis ...201526135919
antibacterial assay-guided isolation of active compounds from artocarpus heterophyllus heartwoods.preparations from artocarpus heterophyllus lam. (moraceae) heartwoods are used in the traditional folk medicine for the treatment of inflammation, malarial fever, and to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.201525856717
il-17 induction by artinm is due to stimulation of il-23 and il-1 release and/or interaction with cd3 in cd4+ t cells.artinm is a d-mannose-binding lectin extracted from the seeds of artocarpus heterophyllus that interacts with tlr2 n-glycans and activates antigen-presenting cells (apcs), as manifested by il-12 production. in vivo artinm administration induces th1 immunity and confers protection against infection with several intracellular pathogens. in the murine model of candida albicans infection, it was verified that, in addition to th1, artinm induces th17 immunity manifested by high il-17 levels in the tr ...201626901413
antimicrobial activity of a 48-kda protease (amp48) from artocarpus heterophyllus latex.artocarpus heterophyllus (jackfruit) is a latex producing plant. plant latex is produced from secretory cells and contains many intergradients. it also has been used in folk medicine. this study aimed to purify and characterize the biological activities of a protease from jackfruit latex.201222338560
recombinant artinm activates mast cells.mast cells are hematopoietically derived cells that play a role in inflammatory processes such as allergy, as well as in the immune response against pathogens by the selective and rapid release of preformed and lipid mediators, and the delayed release of cytokines. the native homotetrameric lectin artinm, a d-mannose binding lectin purified from artocarpus heterophyllus seeds, is one of several lectins that are able to activate mast cells. besides activating mast cells, artinm has been shown to ...201627377926
one-step synthesis of highly-biocompatible spherical gold nanoparticles using artocarpus heterophyllus lam. (jackfruit) fruit extract and its effect on pathogens.novel approaches for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles (aunps) are of great importance due to its vast spectrum of applications in diverse fields, including medical diagnostics and therapeutics. te presented study reports the successful aunps' synthesis using artocarpus heterophyllus lam. extract, and provides detailed characterization and evaluation of its antibacterial potential.201525780834
caulicolous botryosphaeriales from thailand.members of botryosphaeriales are commonly encountered as endophytes or pathogens of various plant hosts. the botryosphaeriaceae represents the predominant family within this order, containing numerous species associated with canker and dieback disease on a wide range of woody hosts. during the course of routine surveys from various plant hosts in thailand, numerous isolates of botryosphaeriaceae, including aplosporellaceae were collected. isolates were subsequently identified based on a combinat ...201526240447
flavonoids from the roots of artocarpus heterophyllus.four new flavonoids, artoheteroids a-d (1-4), together with six known ones (5-10), were isolated from the roots of artocarpus heterophyllus. their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods, including 1d and 2d nmr, uv, ir, cd, and hr-esi-ms. all isolated compounds were screened for their inhibitory abilities against cathepsin k (catk). among them, compounds 1-2, 4-6, and 10 were found to have suppression capabilities against catk with ic50 values ranging from 1.4 to 93.9μm.201728163073
therapeutic administration of km+ lectin protects mice against paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection via interleukin-12 production in a toll-like receptor 2-dependent is a mannose-binding lectin from artocarpus integrifolia that induces interleukin (il)-12 production by macrophages and protective t helper 1 immune response against leishmania major infection. in this study, we performed experiments to evaluate the therapeutic activity of jackfruit km(+) (jfkm(+)) and its recombinant counterpart (rkm(+)) in experimental paracoccidioidomycosis. to this end, jfkm(+) or rkm(+) was administered to balb/c mice 10 days after infection with paracoccidiodes brasi ...200818599609
evaluation of genetic diversity in jackfruit (artocarpus heterophyllus lam.) based on amplified fragment length polymorphism markers.artocarpus heterophyllus lam., commonly called jackfruit, is a medium-sized evergreen tree that bears high yields of the largest known edible fruit. yet, it has been little explored commercially due to wide variation in fruit quality. the genetic diversity and genetic relatedness of 50 jackfruit accessions were studied using amplified fragment length polymorphism markers. of 16 primer pairs evaluated, eight were selected for screening of genotypes based on the number and quality of polymorphic f ...200818752192
characterization of natural polymers from jackfruit pulp, calendula flowers and tara seeds as mucoadhesive and controlled release components in buccal tablets.identification and physiochemical parameters such as solubility, loss on drying, viscosity, ph, swelling index, starch and gum constituents were determined in natural polymers and showed satisfactory results. spectral studies established the compatibility of natural polymers. the drug release kinetics in preliminary trial batches showed that tablets containing natural mucilages and gum showed a prolonged drug release comparable to carbopol 974p and methocel k4m. also, all tablets showed a satisf ...201727889336
the lectin jacalin induces human b-lymphocyte apoptosis through glycosylation-dependent interaction with has been well established that cd45 is a key receptor-type protein tyrosine phosphatase (ptpase) regulating src-family protein tyrosine kinase (src-ptk) in t and b lymphocytes. however, precisely how cd45 exerts its effect in these lymphocytes remains controversial. we recently reported that jacalin, an alpha-o-glycoside of the disaccharide thomsen-friedenreich antigen-specific lectin from jackfruit seeds, caused marked t-cell activation in response to t-cell receptor ligation and cd28 costim ...200919175793
artinm offers new perspectives in the development of antifungal therapy.the thermally dimorphic fungus paracoccidioides brasiliensis is the causative agent of paracoccidioidomycosis (pcm), the most frequent systemic mycosis that affects the rural populations in latin america. despite significant developments in antifungal chemotherapy, its efficacy remains limited since drug therapy is prolonged and associated with toxic side effects and relapses. in response to these challenges, it is now recognized that several aspects of antifungal immunity can be modulated to be ...201222715337
table wine from tropical fruits utilizing natural yeast attempt was made to utilize few widely available tropical fruits to develop wine with the objective of comparing the fermentation efficiency (along with progress in fermentation) of two efficient yeast isolates with commercially available strain. fruit wine from juices of fully ripe mango, jackfruit and pineapple alone and in blended combinations of all three fruit juice (2: 1: 2) was prepared using two different yeasts (y4 and y7) isolated from natural plain date palm juice and one standard ...201627570291
glycan microarray analysis of the carbohydrate-recognition specificity of native and recombinant forms of the lectin artinm.this article contains data related to the researc.h article entitled "yeast-derived artinm shares structure, carbohydrate recognition, and biological effects with native artinm" by cecílio et al. (2015) [1]. artinm, a d-mannose-binding lectin isolated from the seeds of artocarpus heterophyllus, exerts immunomodulatory and regenerative activities through its carbohydrate recognition domain (crd) (souza et al., 2013; mariano et al., 2014 [2], [3]). the limited availability of the native lectin (n- ...201526793748
in vitro antioxidant activities and polyphenol contents of seven commercially available fruits.fruits are considered one of the richest sources of natural antioxidants. their consumption has been linked to the prevention of oxidative stress-induced diseases.201727695265
2-arylbenzo[b]furan derivatives as potent human lipoxygenase inhibitors.human lipoxygenases (loxs) have been emerging as effective therapeutic targets for inflammatory diseases. in this study, we found that four natural 2-arylbenzo[b]furan derivatives isolated from artocarpus heterophyllus exhibited potent inhibitory activities against human loxs, including moracin c (1), artoindonesianin b-1 (2), moracin d (3), moracin m (4). in our in vitro experiments, compound 1 was identified as the most potent lox inhibitor and the moderate subtype selective inhibitor of 12-lo ...201627590167
yeast expressed artinm shares structure, carbohydrate recognition, and biological effects with native artinm.recent advances in glycobiology have revealed the essential role of lectins in deciphering the glycocodes at the cell surface to generate important biological signaling responses. artinm, a d-mannose-binding lectin isolated from the seeds of jackfruit (artocarpus heterophyllus), is composed of 16 kda subunits that are associated to form a homotetramer. native artinm (n-artinm) exerts immunomodulatory and regenerative effects, but the potential pharmaceutical applicability of the lectin is highly ...201626433176
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