a summary of reports of ulvaceae (chlorophyta) from turkey.a revised list of the taxa of the ulvaceae occurring in turkey is reported in this research. a total of 25 taxa of this family is herein reported from turkey. also, the transfers of four taxa of enteromorpha to ulva are proposed: ulva intestinalis l. var. asexualis (bliding) e. taskin comb. nov. (enteromorpha intestinalis var. asexualis bliding, 1963), ulva intestinalis forma ramosa (vinogradova) e. taskin comb. nov. (enteromorpha intestinalis forma ramosa vinogradova, 1974), ulva intestinalis f ...200719086565
maribacter thermophilus sp. nov., isolated from an algal bloom in an intertidal zone, and emended description of the genus maribacter.a novel facultatively anaerobic, gram-stain-negative bacterium, designated strain ht7-2(t), was isolated from ulva prolifera collected from the intertidal zone of qingdao sea area, china, during its bloom. cells were rod-shaped (1.9-3.5×0.4-0.6 µm), non-sporulating and motile by gliding. strain ht7-2(t) was able to grow at 4-50 °c (optimum 40-42 °c), ph 5.5-8.5 (optimum ph 7.0), 0-8 % (w/v) nacl (optimum 2-3 %) and 0.5-10 % (w/v) sea salts (optimum 2.5 %). the genomic dna g+c content was 38.8 mo ...201525269849
molecular identification of green algae from the rafts based infrastructure of porphyra provide more information on the origin of the ulva prolifera bloom in qingdao sea area in china from 2007 to 2011, the diversity of green algae growing on the rafts of porphyra yezoensis on the coast in jiangsu province was investigated based on its, rbcl and 5s sequences. eighty-four of green algal samples from various sites and cruises in 2010 and 2011 were collected. according to its and rbcl sequences, samples from the rafts of p. yezoensis fell into four clades: ulva linza-procera-prolif ...201222858010
changes to the biomass and species composition of ulva sp. on porphyra aquaculture rafts, along the coastal radial sandbank of the southern yellow sea.compositions, changes and biomass of attached ulva species on porphyra rafts along the radial sandbank in the yellow sea were investigated, and potential contributions to green tides was analyzed. ulva prolifera, ulva flexuosa and ulva linza were all appeared throughout the investigated period. u. prolifera and u. flexuosa dominated attached ulva population on porphyra rafts. attached ulva species biomass showed obviously spatial and temporal variations. temperature, ulva microscopic propagules ...201525691340
understanding the recurrent large-scale green tide in the yellow sea: temporal and spatial correlations between multiple geographical, aquacultural and biological factors.the coast of jiangsu province in china - where ulva prolifera has always been firstly spotted before developing into green tides - is uniquely characterized by a huge intertidal radial mudflat. results showed that: (1) propagules of u. prolifera have been consistently present in seawater and sediments of this mudflat and varied with locations and seasons; (2) over 50,000 tons of fermented chicken manure have been applied annually from march to may in coastal animal aquaculture ponds and thereaft ...201323176870
optimization study on the hydrogen peroxide pretreatment and production of bioethanol from seaweed ulva prolifera biomass.the seaweed ulva prolifera, distributed in inter-tidal zones worldwide, contains a large percentage of cellulosic materials. the technical feasibility of using u. prolifera residue (upr) obtained after extraction of polysaccharides as a renewable energy resource was investigated. an environment-friendly and economical pretreatment process was conducted using hydrogen peroxide. the hydrogen peroxide pretreatment improved the efficiency of enzymatic hydrolysis. the resulting yield of reducing suga ...201627132221
the mitochondrial genome of the bloom-forming green alga ulva prolifera.from 2007 to 2015, massive green tides formed by ulva prolifera o.f. müller have broken out for nine consecutive years in the yellow sea of china. here, we determined the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of u. prolifera. the circular u. prolifera mitogenome is 63 845 bp in size, with the overall a + t content of 66.04% which is similar to the other three ulvophyceans (60.66%-67.83%). the mitogenome encodes 74 genes and the coding sequences account for 77.3% of the genome. nine introns are ...201626531684
tracking the algal origin of the ulva bloom in the yellow sea by a combination of molecular, morphological and physiological 2008, qingdao (36 degrees 06'n, 120 degrees 25'e, pr china) experienced the world largest drifting macroalgal bloom composed of the filamentous macroalga ulva prolifera. no convincing biologic evidence regarding the algal source is available so far. a series of field collections of both ulva sp. and waters in various sites along jiangsu coasts were conducted in march to may of 2009. density of microscopic ulva germlings in the waters sampled from different sites ranged from 7 to 3140 individu ...201019896707
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