amino acid compositions and partial sequences of two types of alkaline serine proteases from nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. prasina opc-210. 19901368615
amino acid compositions and partial sequences of xylanases from a new subspecies, nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. alba opc-18. 19911368735
purification and characterization of two types of alkaline serine proteases produced by an alkalophilic actinomycete.two types of alkaline serine proteases were isolated from the culture filtrate of an alkalophilic actinomycete, nocardiopsis dassonvillei opc-210. the enzymes (protease i and protease ii) were purified by acetone precipitation, deae-sephadex a-50, cm-sepharose cl-6b, sephadex g-75 and phenyl-toyopearl 650 m column chromatography. the purified enzymes showed a single band on sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the molecular weights of proteases i and ii were 21,000 and 36, ...19902292517
actinomycetoma caused by nocardiopsis dassonvillei. 19873827266
actinomycetoma caused by nocardiopsis dassonvillei.we report a case of mycetoma caused by nocardiopsis dassonvillei in a 39-year-old man. he had multiple nodules and draining sinuses on the anterior aspect of his right leg just below the knee. few cream-colored granules were seen in the exudate. the biopsy specimen showed gram-positive, non-acid-fast granules with distinct borders. an aerobic actinomycete isolated from the lesion was identified as n dassonvillei. we think that this is the first reported case of mycetoma caused by n dassonvillei.19854037831
nocardia dassonvillei, a macroscopic replica of streptomyces griseus. 19685640226
survey of human pathogenic actinomycetes and fungi in soil from rome and other italian part of a study sponsored by the ministry of health of italy, a research program on pathogenic actinomycetes, keratinophilic and pathogenic fungi in soil was carried out. two hundred soil samples, collected from different areas of the city of rome, calabria, emilia romagna, latium, apulia, sardinia, sicily, tuscany and umbria, were examined by several techniques to detect the widest possible variety of pathogenic actinomycetes and fungi. seven isolates of nocardia asteroides, four of actinoma ...19817012635
purification and characterization of alkaline serine protease from an alkalophilic streptomyces, an extracellular alkaline serine protease produced by streptomyces sp. ysa-130, was purified to homogeneity by cm-sephadex column chromatography and crystallization. the enzyme was a monomeric protein with a molecular weight of 19,000 as estimated by sds-page and gel filtration. the amino acid composition and amino-terminal sequence of sap were similar to those of other bacterial serine proteases, i.e., streptomyces griseus proteases a and b, lysobacter enzymogenes alpha-lytic protease and ...19947764689
a new structural type of teichoic acid and some chemotaxonomic criteria of two species nocardiopsis dassonvillei and nocardiopsis antarcticus.the cell-wall teichoic acids of nocardiopsis dassonvillei imru 509t, imru 504 and imru 1250 and nocardiopsis antarcticus vkm ac-836t have the same unique structure that has not heretofore been found in bacteria. the polymer is built of 10 to 13 repeating units: -1sngro3-p-3-beta-d-galnac1-2sngro3-p-. the structure has been established by chemical analysis and with nmr spectroscopy. a study of the cell-wall monosaccharide composition, peptidoglycan, and cell phospholipids also provides evidence f ...19938239882
[lytic action of lysoamidase from xanthomonas sp. correlates with the presence of the target ribitol teichoic acids in the cell wall of gram-positive bacteria].lysoamidase, a bacteriolytic complex from the culture liquid of xanthomonas sp., hydrolyzed the cells walls of staphylococcus aureus, streptomyces chrysomallus, and streptomyces azureus, which contain ribitol teichoic acids in addition to peptidoglycan. the cell walls of streptomyces roseoflavus, glycomyces harhinensis, and nocardiopsis dassonvillei, containing glycerol teichoic acids, were not hydrolyzed by lysoamidase. the extent of the hydrolysis of 20-h str. chrysomallus cells and cell walls ...19968992241
rare, suppurative pulmonary infection caused by nocardiopsis dassonvillei recognized by glycolipid opportunistic actinomycete was isolated as the only etiological agent of a severe, suppurative pulmonary infection. the strain was rapidly recognised as nocardiopsis by the taxonomically important and immunologically active glycolipid markers (g1 and g2). identification of the clinical isolate, from a group of actinomycetes mainly known as soil habitants, was definitely proved by chemotaxonomic studies (cell wall/sugar, phospholipid and fatty acid types) as well as by genomic data (gc content ...19989657320
dust-borne bacteria in animal sheds, schools and children's day care centres.a total of 316 bacterial strains, including psychrophiles, mesophiles and thermophiles, were isolated and identified from indoor dusts in schools, children's day care centres and animal sheds. several species which had not previously been reported from indoor environments were found: sphingomonas, brevibacterium, nocardiopsis, deinococcus and rhodococcus/gordona. a new psychrophilic actinomycete genus was also found in animal sheds, representing a new undescribed peptidoglycan type and an unusua ...199910212408
molecular identification of a nocardiopsis dassonvillei blood isolate.nocardiopsis dassonvillei is an environmental aerobic actinomycete seldom isolated in cutaneous and pulmonary infections. we herein report the first n. dassonvillei blood isolate in a patient hospitalized for cholangitis. although morphological characteristics and biochemical tests allowed a presumptive identification of this isolate, cell wall fatty acid chromatographic analysis confirmed identification at the genus level, and 16s rrna gene sequencing achieved definite identification. this stud ...199910488208
[isolation and comparative analysis of glycolipid fractions in bifidobacteria].a comparative tlc analysis of lipid extracts from bifidobacterium longum b 379 m, b. bifidum 791, and b. adolescentis 94 bim has been performed. it is demonstrated that carbohydrate-containing lipid components were present in the bacteria, which differed in their chromatographic mobility (rf) from similar compounds isolated from actinomycetes stomatococcus mucilaginosus pcm 2415t, nocardiopsis dassonvillei pcm 2492, propionibacterium propionicum pcm 2431, saccharopolyspora hirsuta pcm 2279 (= at ...200516400987
reclassification of streptomyces flavidofuscus as a synonym of nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. dassonvillei.during the course of quality control studies of the collection of the nite biological resource center (nbrc), phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rrna gene sequences of actinomycetes revealed that streptomyces flavidofuscus nbrc 15404(t) formed a cluster with nocardiopsis dassonvillei and nocardiopsis synnemataformans. strain nbrc 15404(t) contained meso-diaminopimelic acid as a cell-wall diamino acid and dna-dna hybridization studies also showed that s. flavidofuscus nbrc 15404(t) was a close re ...200818842849
optimization and production of novel antimicrobial agents from sponge associated marine actinomycetes nocardiopsis dassonvillei mad08.the sponge-associated actinomycetes were isolated from the marine sponge dendrilla nigra, collected from the southwest coast of india. eleven actinomycetes were isolated depending upon the heterogeneity and stability in subculturing. among these, nocardiopsis dassonvillei mad08 showed 100% activity against the multidrug resistant pathogens tested. the culture conditions of n. dassonvillei mad08 was optimized under submerged fermentation conditions for enhanced antimicrobial production. the uniqu ...200919190903
murinocardiopsis flavida gen. nov., sp. nov., an actinomycete isolated from indoor walls.two gram-stain-positive, mycelium-forming actinobacteria (strains 14-be-013t and 02-gi-014) were isolated from walls colonized with moulds and studied taxonomically. the isolates formed yellowish-pigmented substrate mycelium showing no fragmentation. comparative analysis of 16s rrna gene sequences showed that these bacteria are most closely related to genera within the family nocardiopsaceae, but form a separate lineage within this family. highest sequence similarities were to the type strains o ...201019734281
cutaneous infection caused by nocardiopsis dassonvillei presenting with sporotrichoid spread. 201121839309
α-pyrones and diketopiperazine derivatives from the marine-derived actinomycete nocardiopsis dassonvillei hr10-5.three new α-pyrones, nocapyrones e-g (1-3), and three new diketopiperazine derivatives, nocazines a-c (4-6), together with a new oxazoline compound, nocazoline a (7), were isolated from the marine-derived actinomycete nocardiopsis dassonvillei hr10-5. the new structures of 1-7 were determined by spectroscopic analysis, x-ray single-crystal diffraction, cd spectra, and modified mosher and marfey methods. compounds 1-3 showed modest antimicrobial activity against bacillus subtilis with mic val ...201121958359
purification and characterization of a thermostable xylanase from saccharopolyspora pathumthaniensis s582 isolated from the gut of a extracellular thermostable xylanase produced by saccharopolyspora pathumthaniensis s582 was purified 167-fold to homogeneity with a recovery yield of 12%. the purified xylanase appeared as a single protein band on sds-page, with a molecular mass of 36 kda. the optimal temperature and ph of the xylanase were 70 °c and 6.5. the enzyme was stable within a ph range of 5.5-10.0. it retained its activity after incubation at 50 °c for 2 h. its half lives at temperatures of 60 and 70 °c were 180 and ...201121979072
diversity and frequency of nocardia spp. in the soil of isfahan province, isolate and identify nocardia spp. from soil in different regions of isfahan province in the center of iran.201223569953
genomics of aerobic cellulose utilization systems in actinobacteria.cellulose degrading enzymes have important functions in the biotechnology industry, including the production of biofuels from lignocellulosic biomass. anaerobes including clostridium species organize cellulases and other glycosyl hydrolases into large complexes known as cellulosomes. in contrast, aerobic actinobacteria utilize systems comprised of independently acting enzymes, often with carbohydrate binding domains. numerous actinobacterial genomes have become available through the genomic ency ...201222723998
cloning, expression, and characterization of an alkaline thermostable gh11 xylanase from thermobifida halotolerans yim 90462t.a xylanase gene (thxyn11a) from the thermobifida halotolerans strain yim 90462(t) was cloned and expressed in escherichia coli. the open reading frame (orf) of thxyn11a has 1,008 bp encoding a mature xylanase with a high degree of similarity (80 %) to the xylanase from nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. dassonvillei dsm 43111. this enzyme (thxyn11a) also possesses a glycosyl hydrolases family 11 (gh11) domain and a high isoelectric point (pi = 9.1). however, thxyn11a varies from most gh11 xylanase ...201222461083
cloning, expression and characterization of a novel gh5 exo/endoglucanase of thermobifida halotolerans yim 90462(t) by genome mining.the 1389-bp thcel5a gene, which encodes a family 5 of glycoside hydrolases (gh5), was screened from the draft genome of thermobifida halotolerans yim 90462(t). thcel5a was most similar (77% identity) to a gh5 endoglucanase from thermobifida fusca yx, followed by cellulases from nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. dassonvillei dsm 43111, nocardiopsis alba atcc baa-2165, and kribbella flavida dsm 17836. the deduced amino acid sequence of thcel5a, which consisted of 462 amino acid residues, encompassed ...201526026381
effect of amino acids on the repression of alkaline protease synthesis in haloalkaliphilic nocardiopsis dassonvillei.a newly isolated salt-tolerant alkaliphilic actinomycete, nocardiopsis dassonvillei strain ok-18 grows on mineral salts medium with glucose as carbon source. it also grows and produces protease with amino acids as sole carbon source. the synthesis of extracellular alkaline protease parallel to growth was repressible by substrate concentrations. the absolute production of the protease was delinked with growth under nutritional stress, as protease production was high, despite poor growth. when ami ...201628352553
a new α-pyrone from the deep-sea actinomycete nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. dassonvillei dsm 43111(t).a new α-pyrone, nocapyrone s (1), together with five known compounds (2-6), were isolated from the deep-sea actinomycete nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. dassonvillei dsm 43111(t). their structures were determined by spectroscopic analyses. the absolute configuration of 1 was established by quantum approaches. cytotoxic activity of 1 was evaluated against k562, mcf-7, sgc7901, a375, hela, and hepg2 cell lines.201728349726
nocardiopsis ansamitocini sp. nov., a new producer of ansamitocin p-3 of the genus alkalitolerant actinomycete strain, designated egi 80425t, capable of producing ansamitocin p-3, was isolated from a saline-alkali soil sample of xinjiang province, north-west china, and subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic characterization. strain egi 80425t formed non-fragmented substrate mycelia and white aerial hyphae with long spore chains. whole-cell hydrolysates of the isolate contained meso-diaminopimelic acid as the diagnostic diamino acid and rhamnose as the major sugar. the major fa ...201626486850
insights into the generation of structural diversity in a trna-dependent pathway for highly modified bioactive cyclic dipeptides.the nocazines are a newly defined family of antibacterial and cytotoxic cyclic dipeptides produced by different actinobacterial species. here, we identify a nocazine biosynthetic gene cluster in nocardiopsis dassonvillei and describe the elucidation of the biosynthetic pathway leading to the nocazine family members nocazine e and xr334. diketopiperazine (dkp) formation is carried out by a trna-dependent cyclodipeptide synthase (cdps) showing an unknown product profile, while tailoring of the dkp ...201323790493
nasal vestibulitis due to nocardiopsis dassonvillei in a diabetic patient.human infection due to nocardiopsis, an actinomycete, is rare and the majority of those infections are due to nocardiopsis dassonvillei. this agent has been implicated in cutaneous, pulmonary, eye and disseminated infections. it has never been isolated from the nose or any nasal infection. we report here a rare case of nasal vestibular abscess due to n. dassonvillei in an adult diabetic patient. the bacterium was identified on the basis of morphological and biochemical characteristics, and confi ...201222556323
sugar-containing lipids in the classification of representative actinomadura and nocardiopsis species.the major sugar-containing lipids of some actinomadura and nocardiopis strains--recognized as an important agent of actinomycetoma -- were analyzed by thin-layer and gas-liquid chromatography. it was demonstrated that nocardiopsis dassonvillei strains contained two characteristic glycolipids identified as monomannosyl diglyceride and monoacylated glucose. none of them was found in the representatives of actinomadura madurae and actinomadura pelletieri strains, which possessed phosphatidylinosito ...19836651478
immunogenic properties of glycolipids of nocardiopsis dassonvillei.two specific glycolipids identified as monomannosyl diglyceride (g1) and monoacylated glucose (g2), isolated from nocardiopsis dassonvillei strains, were found to be biologically active. they elicited antibody response in rabbits when administered with some carrier components: lecithine, methylated bovine serum albumin (mbsa) and freund incomplete adjuvant (fia). antibodies to the glycolipids were detected in antisera to g1 and in the sera against crude cell antigen of n. dassonvillei (n). the a ...19854084014
tan-999 and tan-1030a, new indolocarbazole alkaloids with macrophage-activating properties.two new indolocarbazole alkaloids, tan-999 and tan-1030a, were isolated from culture broths of nocardiopsis dassonvillei c-71425 and streptomyces sp. c-71799, respectively. their structures were elucidated on the basis of their reactions, spectroscopic analyses and in particular, comparison of spectral data with that of staurosporine. these metabolites induced spreading of a murine macrophage cell line, mm 1. they also augmented the phagocytic activity, fc gamma receptor expression and beta-gluc ...19892531134
isolation of cytotoxic substance, kalafungin from an alkalophilic actinomycete, nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. alkalophilic actinomycete, strain opc-553 regarded as nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. prasina, produced the cytotoxic substance, ts-1, which showed a marked inhibitory activity against l5178y mouse leukemic cell in vitro. the cytotoxicity of ts-1 on this cell was very strong and its id50 was 0.018 micrograms/ml. through direct comparison of its spectral data with those of an authentic sample, ts-1 was identified as the antifungal antibiotic, kalafungin, already isolated from the culture brot ...19902279296
complete genome sequence of nocardiopsis dassonvillei type strain (imru 509).nocardiopsis dassonvillei (brocq-rousseau 1904) meyer 1976 is the type species of the genus nocardiopsis, which in turn is the type genus of the family nocardiopsaceae. this species is of interest because of its ecological versatility. members of n. dassonvillei have been isolated from a large variety of natural habitats such as soil and marine sediments, from different plant and animal materials as well as from human patients. moreover, representatives of the genus nocardiopsis participate acti ...201021304737
immunochemical studies of trehalose-containing major glycolipid from tsukamurella pulmonis.the chemical structure of the major glycolipid present in the chloroform-methanol extract of bacterial biomass of tsukamurella pulmonis is reported. this compound was purified by tlc and hplc. the sugar analysis revealed only glucose. detailed chemical analyses, nmr, and maldi ft-icr-mass spectrometric studies identified 2,3-di-o-acyl-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-(1-->1)-alpha-d-glucopyranose as the final structure. short branched fatty acids (4:0 or 5:0) were linked to c-3 and saturated, mono, and di ...201020510396
nocardiopsis tropica sp. nov., nocardiopsis trehalosi sp. nov., nom. rev. and nocardiopsis dassonvillei subsp. albirubida subsp. nov., comb. nov.sixteen strains isolated from different soils and marine sediments and 'nocardiopsis trehalosi' vkm ac-942t were subjected to taxonomic analyses. the morphological and chemotaxonomic characteristics of the strains matched those described for members of the nocardiopsis. based on 16s rdna sequence analysis, dna-dna hybridization values and phenotypic characteristics, including the composition of menaquinones and cell wall teichoic acids, two new species are proposed, nocardiopsis tropica sp. nov. ...200010826789
numerical classification of streptomyces and related genera.four hundred and seventy-five strains, which included 394 type cultures of streptomyces and representatives of 14 other actinomycete genera, were studied. overall similarities of these strains for 139 unit characters were determined by the ssm and sj coefficients and clustering by the upgma algorithm. test error and overlap between the phena defined were within acceptable limits. cluster-groups were defined by the ssm coefficient at the 70.1% similarity (s) level and by the sj coefficient at the ...19836631406
molecular-genetic and chemotaxonomic studies on actinomadura and nocardiopsis.the relationships of 24 strains of 13 species of actinomadura and 4 strains of nocardiopsis dassonvillei were determined by nucleic acid hybridization studies. dna-rrna cistron similarity and dna homology values reveal that actinomadura is genetically heterogeneous. one cluster contained the type species actinomadura madurae, actinomadura pelletieri, actinomadura verrucosospora, actinomadura malachitica, actinomadura citrea and 'actinomadura kijaniata'. a second cluster embraced actinomadura pus ...19836198437
the genus nocardiopsis represents a phylogenetically coherent taxon and a distinct actinomycete lineage: proposal of nocardiopsaceae fam. nov.the genus nocardiopsis was shown to be phylogenetically coherent and to represent a distinct lineage within the radiation of the order actinomycetales. the closest relatives of the genus nocardiopsis are members of the genera actinomadura, thermomonospora, streptosporangium, and microtetraspora. the intrageneric structure of the genus nocardiopsis is shown to consist of a highly related species group containing nocardiopsis dassonvillei, nocardiopsis alborubida, and nocardiopsis antarctica and a ...19968863440
a novel anticancer and antifungus phenazine derivative from a marine actinomycete bm-17.a marine actinomycete, designated strain bm-17, was isolated from a sediment sample collected in the arctic ocean. the strain was identified as nocardia dassonvillei based on morphological, cultural, physiological, biochemical characteristics, along with the cell wall analysis and 16s rdna gene sequence analysis. a new secondary metabolite (1), n-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2-phenazinamine (nhp), and six known antibiotics (2-7) have been isolated from the saline culture broth of the stain by sequentially ...201222494896
a new tetrodotoxin-producing actinomycete, nocardiopsis dassonvillei, isolated from the ovaries of puffer fish fugu rubripes.three puffer fishes, fugu rubripes, collected from the bohai sea of china were examined for tetrodotoxin-producing microorganisms. an actinomycete isolated from the ovaries of the puffer fishes was found to produce tetrodotoxin. after being cultured at 28 degrees c for 7 days, cells were harvested by centrifuge and disrupted by ultrasonication. the toxin was purified from the cell lyzate by ultrafiltration, active charcoal column, bio-gel-p2 and ion exchange column chromatography. mouse neurobla ...200515904680
description of nocardiopsis synnemataformans sp. nov., elevation of nocardiopsis alba subsp. prasina to nocardiopsis prasina comb. nov., and designation of nocardiopsis antarctica and nocardiopsis alborubida as later subjective synonyms of nocardiopsis from chemotaxonomic and 16s ribosomal dna sequence analyses of an isolate obtained from the sputum of a kidney transplant patient identified the isolate as a member of the genus nocardiopsis. dna-dna hybridization data, as well as physiological characteristics, indicated that the isolate represents a new species of the genus nocardiopsis, designated nocardiopsis synnemataformans; the type strain is strain immib d-1215 (= dsm 44143). in addition, dna-dna hybridization data, as well as the re ...19979336896
isolation and characterization of medically important aerobic actinomycetes in soil of iran (2006 - 2007).the aerobic actinomycetes are a large group of soil-inhabiting bacteria that occur worldwide. some of them are the main cause of two important diseases, nocardiosis and actinomycetoma. to identify the prevalence and geographic distribution of aerobic actinomycetes in soil of qazvin province, a study was carried out during 2006-2007. in this study, the incidence and diversity of medically important aerobic actinomycetes was determined in 300 soil samples of different parts of qazvin. the suspensi ...200919440253
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