[comparative study of virulence of mycobacterium xenopi and other mycobacteria in the rabbit (author's transl)]. 1978102134
mycobacterium xenopi in a skin lesion of a cat. 1976985231
isolation and identification of mycobacteria from porcine tissues: a three-year summary.mycobacteria were isolated from 1,591 (78%) of 2,036 porcine tissues submitted to veterinary services laboratories over a 3-year period (july 1, 1971, to june 30, 1974). the isolates were identified by biochemical and serologic tests. of the 1,547 mycobacterium avium isolates, 452 were serotype 1, 728 were serotype 2, 60 were serotyped 4, 110 were serotype 8, and 51 were serotyped 10; 36 isolates represented 11 other serotypes; 65 isolates shared antigens with more than one serotype; and 45 isol ...19751099946
[ofloxacin in the treatment of pulmonary changes caused by mycobacterium avium and mycobacterium xenopii].two cases of atypical mycobacterial infections are reported. the first caused by mycobacterium avium in a patient with silicosis, the second by mycobacterium xenopii in a subject with evidence of extensive post-tuberculosis pulmonary lesions. both were treated with ofloxacin with good results.19921290992
[extracellular and intracellular activity of sparfloxacin against mycobacterium avium complex and mycobacterium xenopi].activity of the new fluoroquinolone sparfloxacin against 30 strains of m. avium complex and 25 strains of m. xenopi was tested in vitro. sparfloxacin was used alone (determination of mics and mbcs) and in combination with ethambutol and rifabutin. synergy studies with determination of the fic and fbc indices showed that the sparfloxacin-ethambutol combination was synergistic against 10 m. avium complex strains and 12 m. xenopi strains. with the three-drug combination (sparfloxacin-ethambutol-rif ...19921323093
identification of mycobacterium avium complex strains and some similar species by high-performance liquid chromatography.strains of mycobacterium avium, mycobacterium intracellulare, mycobacterium scrofulaceum, mycobacterium xenopi, and mycobacterium gordonae were identified by high-performance liquid chromatography (hplc) analysis of mycolic acids as bromophenacyl esters. hplc criteria were used to develop a flow chart identification scheme, which was evaluated in our laboratory with a set of 234 strains representing five species and a hitherto undescribed species. correct identifications of m. gordonae and m. xe ...19921400970
rapid differentiation of mycobacterium xenopi from mycobacteria of the mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex by pyrolysis mass spectrometry.thirty four cultures of slow growing, tween-80 negative mycobacteria were analysed by pyrolysis mass spectrometry. the results showed that pyrolysis mass spectrometry could positively distinguish strains of mycobacterium xenopi from those of the mycobacterium avium-intracellulare (mai) complex. pyrolysis mass spectrometry may be a useful technique for the rapid characterisation of non-tuberculous mycobacteria in such clinical settings as their isolation from immunocompromised patients-for exampl ...19921577977
mycobacterium xenopi, mycobacterium fortuitum, mycobacterium kansasii, and other nontuberculous mycobacteria in an area of endemicity for aids.between 1981 and 1990, cultures of specimens from 86 patients at state university of new york-health sciences center at brooklyn were positive for nontuberculous mycobacteria other than mycobacterium avium/mycobacterium intracellulare complex or mycobacterium gordonae. the most common species isolated were mycobacterium xenopi (33), mycobacterium fortuitum (28), mycobacterium kansasii (7), and mycobacterium chelonae (6). thirty-five patients (41%) had clinical and/or serological evidence of huma ...19921617056
presumptive identification of mycobacterium xenopi with the radiometric bactec system. 19911748129
mycobacterium xenopi isolation from clinical specimens in the florence area: review of 46 cases.the occurrence of mycobacterium xenopi (mx) isolates is not homogeneous in various geographic zones. in the florence area, between 1975-1989, strains of mx from 64 different patients have been isolated. the review of bacteriological and clinical data of 46 of them, from whose sputum mx had been grown, allowed to diagnose for 26% the commensal nature of this finding, for 41% the concomitance with a tubercular infection and for the remaining 33% the pathogenicity of this microorganism. the increas ...19911783061
activities of pefloxacin and ofloxacin against mycobacteria: in vitro and mouse experiments.the minimal inhibitory concentrations for 90% of strains (mic90) of ofloxacin against mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium xenopi was 2 mg/l. this was three dilutions lower than that of pefloxacin and was well within the range of drug concentrations achievable in man. the antituberculosis activities of both quinolones were independent of resistance of the strains to other antimycobacterial agents. mycobacterium avium-intracellulare was resistant to both compounds with mic90s greater than ...19911909062
effect of anorexia nervosa on pulmonary immunocompetence.pulmonary infection due to opportunistic organisms and usually nonpathogenic mycobacteria may occur whenever immune defenses are weakened by external factors. these factors include neutropenia, treatment with corticosteroids or cytotoxic agents, previous antibiotic therapy, and nosocomial hazards (eg, catheters, ventilators). nutritional deprivation is also often implicated as an important coexistent variable. an infection due to mycobacterium xenopi (usually a nonpathogenic mycobacterium) in a ...19911925716
[activity of azithromycin and roxithromycin alone or in combination against mycobacterium avium and mycobacterium xenopi].the effect of two new macrolides, azithromycin and roxithromycin used either alone or in combination with amikacin rifabutine and 1.25 (ho)2 vitamin d3 was examined in vitro. macrophage monolayers infected with m. avium complex or m. xenopi were treated with antibiotics or 1.25 (oh)2 vitamin d3 by using different protocols: antibiotics or 1.25 (oh)2 vitamin d3 was added to the macrophage monolayers immediately after infection and released by washing out after 24 h; antibiotics or 1.25 (oh)2 vita ...19902164181
[bacteriostatic and bactericidal study of rifabutine and clofazimine in combination against mycobacterium avium-intracellulare and mycobacterium xenopi].the authors have tested the sensibility to rifabutine and clofazimine of seventeen strains of m. avium and eleven strains of m. xenopi. they compared the ability of these and other antimicrobial agents ciprofloxacin, amikacin and erythromycin alone or in combinations to inhibit the growth of strains of the m. avium complex and of m. xenopi. the purpose of this investigation was also to examine the bactericidal action of these antimicrobial agents and to determine the ability of combinations to k ...19892552379
capillary gas chromatographic analysis of mycolic acid cleavage products, cellular fatty acids, and alcohols of mycobacterium xenopi.the fatty acids, alcohols, and mycolic acids of 26 strains of mycobacterium xenopi were studied by capillary gas chromatography and thin-layer chromatography. all strains contained alpha-, keto-, and omega-carboxymycolates. the primary mycolic acid cleavage product was hexacosanoic acid. the fatty acid patterns and, especially, the presence of 2-docosanol are characteristic markers of m. xenopi.19892754011
[in vitro determination of the sensitivity of mycobacteria to fluoroquinolones].in vitro activity of four fluorinated quinolones: pefloxacin, norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin were determined against various clinical isolates of mycobacteria. the method of agar dilution was used, seventy strains of ten species were tested: mycobacterium tuberculosis (25), mycobacterium bovis (5), mycobacterium africanum (2), bcg (5), mycobacterium kansasii (6), mycobacterium marinum (5), mycobacterium avium (11), mycobacterium xenopi (6), mycobacterium chelonae (3), mycobacterium fortui ...19892780092
[in vitro sensitivity of mycobacterium avium and mycobacterium xenopi to erythromycin, roxithromycin and doxycycline].the comparative in vitro activity of erythromycin, roxithromycin and doxycycline against 20 isolates of m. avium and 20 m. xenopi was evaluated by two technics: a standard macrobroth dilution (7h9) and the 1% standard proportion method on lowenstein medium. m. avium was highly and uniformly resistant to doxycycline (mic 50: 64 mg/l). for macrolides some strains were moderately susceptible to roxithromycin and at a lower level to erythromycin the mic 50 and mic 90 were respectively 8 and 16 mg/l ...19892797881
[study of the minimal inhibitory concentration of rifabutine (ansamycin lm 427) for mycobacterium tuberculosis, mycobacterium xenopi and mycobacterium avium-intracellulare].ansamycin lm 427 (or rifabutine) is a spiropiperidyl-rifamycin which has been proposed as a treatment for tuberculosis and mycobacterial infections resistant to rifampicin. the minimal inhibitory concentration (mci) of rifabutine and of rifampicin for 10 strains of m. tuberculosis sensitive to rifampicin, 15 strains of m. tuberculosis resistant to rifampicin, 10 strains of m. xenopi and 15 of m. avium-intracellulare have been measured in a comparative fashion on gel difco 7h11 medium and also on ...19882845531
disseminated mycobacterium xenopi infection. 19852859475
disseminated mycobacterium xenopi infection. 19852862527
[sulfadimethoxine as a promising drug in the treatment of infections caused by mycobacterium kansasii and mycobacterium xenopi--differentiation between m. kansasii and m. marinum and between m. gordonae and m. scrofulaceum by the susceptibility testing to sulfadimethoxine].susceptibility testing to sulfadimethoxine of various mycobacteria was made using ogawa egg medium containing various concentrations of the drug. each medium was inoculated by a 0.02 ml-sample of bacterial suspensions (10 mg wet weight per ml) prepared from 10 day-old (m. tuberculosis, 14 day-old) cultures growing on ogawa egg medium after homogenizing the bacteria by shaking with glass beads. the media inoculated were incubated at 37 degrees c for 14 days (m. marinum, at 28 degrees c). the mini ...19892747117
mycobacterium xenopi infection and 11 patients with pulmonary disease due to mycobacterium xenopi, definite aspergilloma subsequently developed in five and probable aspergilloma in a further three. those patients with evidence of aspergillus infection formed a much higher proportion (73%) than in previous reports of patients with mycobacterial disease. patients with both mycobacterium xenopi infection and aspergilloma appear to have a poor prognosis.19883055575
activity of ciprofloxacin and other fluorinated quinolones against mycobacteria.the new fluorinated quinolones display interesting but variable activity against mycobacteria. almost all compounds tested (ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, enoxacin, norfloxacin, difloxacin, ci-934, a-56620, and megalone) inhibit mycobacterium tuberculosis at achievable serum concentrations, with ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin most active by weight (minimal inhibitory concentration at which growth of 90 percent of strains is inhibited is equal to 1 microgram/ml or less). the growth of mycobacterium kansa ...19873107379
in vitro activity of four fluoroquinolones against eighty-six isolates of mycobacteria.the in vitro activity of pefloxacin, norfloxacin, ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin against 86 strains of mycobacteria was evaluated by broth dilution. while mycobacterium avium, mycobacterium scrofulaceum and mycobacterium chelonae were resistant to all four antibacterials, the susceptibility of the other species, mycobacterium tuberculosis, mycobacterium kansasii, mycobacterium xenopi and mycobacterium fortuitum, depended on the antibiotic. ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin (mic90: 0.5 - 2 mg/l) were more ...19873125050
a new type of serine-containing glycopeptidolipid from mycobacterium unknown immunogenic glycopeptidolipid, named gpl x-1, was isolated from mycobacterium xenopi, which is a nontuberculous mycobacterium responsible for pulmonary and disseminated infectious diseases mainly occurring in immunocompromised patients. the glycopeptidolipid was purified until homogeneity, in the native form, by direct phase high performance liquid chromatography. a new route is proposed for the structural elucidation of its unusual lipopeptidic core. the presence of allothreonine (at ...19911902834
characteristics of mycobacterium xenopi disease. 19883179532
[lung changes caused by mycobacterium xenopi infection in a patient with bone marrow transplantation: problems in differential diagnosis].pulmonary affections caused by atypical mycobacteria are an increasingly common problem particularly in patients with immune deficiency disorders. we here report a case of pulmonary infiltrates due to mycobacterium xenopi in a patient after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for acute myeloid leukemia in first complete remission and under immunosuppressive treatment with prednisolone and cyclosporin a. while sputum cultures, serology as well as bronchial lavage and transbronchial biopsy rema ...19911857690
mycobacterium xenopi infections in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. 19883190050
mycobacteria other than tuberculosis. pulmonary involvement in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.a normal host can be colonized by mycobacteria other than tuberculosis (mott), resulting in bronchoscopic isolates of no clinical significance. in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids), mycobacterium avium-intracellulare, mycobacterium kansasii, and mycobacterium xenopi have caused widely disseminated infection. to determine the usefulness of fiberoptic bronchoscopy (fb) in evaluating mott infection in aids, we reviewed mott cultures from 36 fbs, correlated these to clinical course, and ...19883355312
[mycobacterium xenopi: apropos of a pulmonary case]. 19883375516
combined versus single antituberculosis drugs on the in vitro sensitivity patterns of non-tuberculous mycobacteria.drug sensitivity tests were performed for ethambutol, rifampicin, streptomycin, and isoniazid both alone and in paired combinations, on 16 strains of mycobacterium avium intracellulare, seven strains of mycobacterium xenopi, and eight strains of mycobacterium malmoense. most strains were resistant to the individual drugs, but all strains of m malmoense, 86% of m xenopi, and 31% of m avium intracellulare were completely suppressed by the lowest concentrations of ethambutol and rifampicin when the ...19873424264
disease association of antibodies to human and mycobacterial hsp70 and hsp60 stress proteins.structural homology between microbial and human stress proteins has been postulated to be a basis for autoimmunization in chronic inflammatory diseases. therefore, we estimated by elisa titration the antibody levels to mycobacterial (m) and human (h) recombinant hsp70 and m-hsp65 heat-shock proteins in sera of patients with crohn's disease (n = 29), ulcerative colitis (n = 20) and nontuberculous mycobacterial disease of the lungs (n = 20). antibodies to h-hsp60, separated by two-dimensional gel ...19921638774
patchy uptake of gallium in the lungs of aids patients with atypical mycobacterial infection.the gallium scans of seven aids patients who cultured positive for atypical mycobacterium were reviewed. six cultured positive for mycobacterium avium intracellulare, while one for mycobacterium xenopi. a patchy uptake pattern of gallium in the lungs of these patients was identified.19873608329
fulminant hepatic failure complicating the treatment of mycobacterium xenopi. 19921630355
secondary fatty alcohols of mycobacterium xenopi.secondary alcohols of mycobacterium xenopi were studied by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. mycobacterial cells were hydrolysed and the liberated alcohols separated by extraction and analysed both underivatized and as trimethylsilyl, methyl ether- and pentafluorobenzoyl derivatives. seven straight-chain secondary alcohols containing from 18 to 24 carbon atoms and two branched-chain secondary alcohols with 21 and 23 carbon atoms were present in all of the studied strai ...19921487721
application of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for rapid detection of mycobacterium xenopi in drinking water.gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) was used to detect 2-docosanol, a secondary alcohol characteristic of mycobacterium xenopi, in 7 of 10 analyzed drinking water samples culture positive for that species. gc-ms was also used to detect tuberculostearic acid. both of these chemical markers were analyzed as halogenated derivatives in the negative-ion-chemical-ionization mode. the numbers of cfu of m. xenopi were lowest in the three gc-ms-negative samples. the described gc-ms method is use ...19921482179
mycobacterium xenopi, a potential human pathogen.mycobacterium xenopi is infrequently recognized as a cause of pulmonary disease. during a 12-year survey (1978-89),. 108 strains of this mycobacterium were isolated from 90 persons and 6 hot water samples. from 87 patients 89 occasional strains of m. xenopi were isolated, and 3 patients were diagnosed as having pulmonary mycobacteriosis caused by it. the treatment and the response in these three cases were variable, depending on clinical conditions and sensitivity to drugs. most of the strains i ...19921468888
superinfection by aspergillus fumigatus of a pulmonary lesion caused by mycobacterium xenopi.a 36-year-old man had a pulmonary infection with a cavity in the right upper lobe caused by mycobacterium xenopi. a superinfection by aspergillus fumigatus occurred 1 year later. both organisms were found in the resected lung specimen. the patient remained asymptomatic after surgery. the superinfection of healed tuberculous lesions by 'atypical' mycobacteria or aspergillus species is well known but the co-existence of the 2 organisms is very rare.19863715986
use of 1h nmr roesy for structural determination of o-glycosylated amino acids from a serine-containing glycopeptidolipid antigen.a serine-containing glycopeptidolipid antigen isolated from mycobacterium xenopi typified a new class of mycobacterial glycopeptidolipid antigens devoid of the c-mycoside core structure [rivière, m., & puzo, g. (1991) j. biol. chem. 266, 9057-9063]. the lipopeptide core assigned to c12-ser-ser-phe-allothr-och3 exhibits three potential sites of glycosylation. the carbohydrate parts are composed of 3-o-methyl-6-deoxy-alpha-l-talopyranosyl and 2,3,4-tri-o-methyl-l- rhamnopyranosyl(alpha 1----3)-2-o ...19921314643
spinal infection by mycobacterium xenopi in a non-immunosuppressed patient.a previously fit 77-year-old woman was found to have a paravertebral abscess. this was aspirated, yielding mycobacterium xenopi, but no other pathogens. antituberculosis chemotherapy with four first-line agents was commenced, with some response but continuing pain. reports of extrapulmonary m. xenopi infections are rare. most previous cases have involved immunosuppressed patients. this is the first reported case of spinal m. xenopi infection in a non-immunosuppressed patient, but radiological ev ...19921292722
bone abscess due to mycobacterium xenopi.destructive infection of a cuneiform bone due to m. xenopi is described. the organism was isolated and its significance established by a strong skin reaction to xenopi antigen and by demonstration of bacilli in the lesion with fluorescence microscopy. this evidence of metastatic disease suggests that an alimentary route of infection as an alternative to inhalation could be considered.19751181683
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of glycolipid antigens for identification of mycobacteria.enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays which are based on species- or type-specific glycolipids antigens and in which rabbit antisera are prepared with homologous strains are capable of distinguishing among serological variants of the mycobacterium avium-mycobacterium intracellulare-mycobacterium scrofulaceum complex, mycobacterium chelonei subspecies chelonei and abscessus, mycobacterium simiae i and ii, mycobacterium kansasii, mycobacterium szulgai, mycobacterium xenopi, and mycobacterium fortuitu ...19853886692
pulmonary disease caused by mycobacterium xenopi in an australian man.a 63-year-old man with a history of increasing cough with sputum, weight loss, and lethargy was found to have pulmonary disease caused by mycobacterium xenopi, a species rarely seen in australia. chemotherapy was successful. apart from war service in papua new guinea, the patient had not travelled outside australia.1979514123
skin sensitivity of adults on the isthmus of panama to mycobacterium xenopi sensitin.a group of 106 adult panamanian men were skin tested with a standard human tuberculin (rt 23) and three sensitins prepared from atypical mycobacteria. two of the sensitins (prepared from mycobacterium kansasii and battey organism) are commonly used to detect atypical mycobacterial infections. the third (prepared from m. xenopi) had not been used in panama previously. skin sensitivity proved to be significantly higher to the m. xenopi sensitin than to the others. the known epidemiology of m. xeno ...1979434302
pulmonary disease caused by mycobacterium xenopi:two case reports.two cases of pulmonary disease caused by mycobacterium xenopi are presented. one represents the first case report of mycobacterium xenopi isolated from surgically resected lung tissue in the united states. the epidemiologic, bacteriologic, and clinical aspects of the disease are presented.1977335935
mycobacterium haemophilum and mycobacterium xenopi associated infection in a renal transplant patient.the case is presented of a renal-transplant patient in europe with a mycobacterium haemophilum infection in association with m. xenopi infection. clinical signs suggested the diagnosis of mycobacteriosis, which was confirmed by a skin biopsy. despite antitubercular treatment which rapidly eliminated m. xenopi, the patient's condition did not improve until m. haemophilum was identified. minimal inhibitory concentrations of various antimicrobial compounds showed a lack of efficacy of isoniazid, an ...19852983915
pulmonary disease related to mycobacterium xenopei. 19694894856
[pneumopathy due to mycobacterium xenopei]. 19704912026
[mycobacterium xenopi studied during an important hospital endemic]. 19704928196
mycobacterium xenopi and mycobacterium kansasii in a hospital water supply.a steady rise in the number of isolations of mycobacterium xenopi from patients in a general hospital led to an examination of water taps. most patients had been accommodated in a group of wards which had a common water supply. this organism was recovered from 35 of 69 outlets, mostly from hot and mixer taps in those wards. mycobacterium kansasii was also isolated from 14, mostly cold and mixer taps. ten strains of myco. xenopi were recovered from 131 taps sampled at 10 other locations. we concl ...19852862192
[mycobacterium xenopi. description and differentiation from m. avium and m. scrofulaceum]. 19704991703
the isolation of mycobacterium xenopi from granulomatous lesions in swine. 19715125184
mycobacterium xenopi and bcg, pathogens of the future? 19852857256
post-surgical outcome of 57 patients with mycobacterium xenopi pulmonary infection.the outcome of 57 surgically treated cases with pulmonary infection due to mycobacterium xenopi was studied. success without any complications was observed in 21 patients while complications were observed in the other 36, during the 1st year (early complications) after surgery in 26 patients and after the 1st year (late complications) in 10. early complications included two deaths, four relapses, two treatment failures, six cases of respiratory impairment, four cancers and 21 immediate post-oper ...19883176182
pulmonary disease due to mycobacterium xenopi in a renal allograft recipient: report of a case and review.a 39-year-old man with pulmonary disease due to mycobacterium xenopi is described. he had received prednisone and azathioprine for 5 years and prednisone in combination with cyclosporin a for 1 year in an effort to prevent rejection of his renal transplant. shortly after the renal allograft was removed because of chronic rejection, the patient developed dyspnea and a decrease in vitality. he had no history of preexisting lung disease. a chest roentgenogram showed multiple nodular infiltrates in ...19892690290
establishment of 2-docosanol as a cellular marker compound in the identification of mycobacterium xenopi.sixteen strains of mycobacterium xenopi were studied by gas chromatography and thin-layer chromatography. data on the cellular fatty acids, fatty alcohols, mycolic acids, and glycolipids indicated that this bacterium possesses a specific lipid composition. 2-docosanol, detected in all studied strains, was found to constitute a useful chemical marker in the identification of m. xenopi.19892584387
pulmonary mycobacterium xenopi infection as a first manifestation of hiv infection. 19902380970
streptomycin pharmacokinetics in relapsing mycobacterium xenopi peritonitis.relapsing peritonitis due to mycobacterium xenopi developed in an 80-year-old man undergoing continuous peritoneal dialysis after appropriately treated concurrent bacterial peritonitis. the patient presented with a lymphocytic exudative peritoneal drainage fluid. the diagnosis of tuberculous peritonitis was made by identification of acid-fast bacilli in peritoneal effluent and culture of m. xenopi. oral antituberculous drugs in combination with intraperitoneal streptomycin achieved suppression o ...19902080796
fulminant hepatic failure complicating the treatment of mycobacterium xenopi. 19911943914
mycobacterium xenopi: identification of different chemotypes based on the lipid pattern analysis by tlc.mycobacterium xenopi, considered as a homogenous species when identified by conventional phenetic markers (runyon et al. 1974), was subdivided into three distinct chemotypes described here.19883181833
[mycobacterium xenopi infection in emphysematous bulla. apropos of 4 cases operated on].the authors presented their observations of four patients who were operated on for a supra-infection of emphysematous bullae by mycobacterium xenopi. in two cases the patients were operated on without a diagnosis and excision of the right upper lobe assured their cure. the other patient underwent a decortication and ultimately relapsed. the fourth had a bilateral apical infection and underwent bilateral excision. a survey of the literature leads one to think that pulmonary infections with a myco ...19873432715
anorexia nervosa complicated by mycobacterium xenopi pulmonary infection.pulmonary infection with a rare atypical mycobacterium, mycobacterium xenopi, was discovered during the treatment of anorexia nervosa in a 21-year-old woman without preexisting pulmonary disease. psychiatric treatment resulted in restoration of premorbid weight in the presence of active pulmonary disease and treatment with isoniazid and rifampin. ethambutol was added for the final 12 months of the 18-month treatment course. thirty-two-month follow-up indicated continued remission of both illness ...19873655773
antimycobacterial spectrum of colistin (polymixin e).minimal inhibitory concentrations and minimal bactericidal concentrations of colistin (polymyxin e) were determined for the type strains of fifteen mycobacterial species. colistin was found to be active against pathogenic species mycobacterium xenopi, m. intracellulare, m. tuberculosis, m. fortuitum and also against the rapidly growing, non-pathogenic species m. phlei and m. smegmatis. the discriminatory potential of susceptibility to colistin as a test was investigated on 25 strains of the m. f ...19863674780
[a lupus-vulgaris like atypical mycobacteriosis caused by mycobacterium xenopi (lupus xenopi)].a case of lupus-vulgaris-like infection caused by mycobacterium xenopi in a 62-year-old immunocompetent female patient is presented. a large cutaneous infiltration was seen in the right periorbital region. histological examination revealed a granulomatous reaction of epithelioid cells and giant cells. m. xenopi was isolated from biopsy material and tuberculosis could be excluded. isoniazid was effective in healing the lesion within a year. such infections are well known for other mycobacteria bu ...19921399603
[mycobacterial infections in internal medicine patients].it is reported on four own observations of atypical mycobacteriosis, which had been evident within the clinical examinations of a larger mixed number of patients with internal diseases. in three patients pathogenic significance must be ascribed to the proved atypical mycobacteria. all the three had other basic diseases. only in one patient it appeared as a purely pulmonary form of manifestation. on the basis of a further observation is shown that a single proof of atypical mycobacteria may be re ...1977595696
skin reactivity to mycobacterial antigens in children living in an area of mycobacterium xenopi endemicity.intradermal skin tests with a 2tu dose of ppd-rt 23 prepared from m. tuberculosis and 0.1 ug/0.1 ml of ppd-rs 631 from m. xenopi were simultaneously carried out in 378 7-year-old children from two localities in north-bohemian region's capital ustí n. lab., a focus of m. xenopi endemicity repeatedly confirmed since its disclosure in 1980 by positive m. xenopi isolations from humans and public water supply network. a further group 157 children serving as controls was from prague district 4 where n ...19873680941
[human infections from "mycobacterium xenopei"]. 19665976306
a study of some strains of mycobacterium xenopei. 19665994749
[mycobacterium xenopi infection and lymphoma]. 19863715106
spinal infection with mycobacterium xenopi.m. xenopi is well recognised as a pulmonary pathogen, but musculoskeletal infection is rare. spinal infection is reported in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus who was on corticosteroid therapy.19863775874
[lumbar osteomyelitis of actinomycotic or atypical mycobacterial origin?].a case of lumbar epiduro-vertebral actinomycosis is related, in a 45 years old man, who was immuno depressed by an evolutive pulmonary sarcoidosis. 72 similar cases are reported in the literature. 50 of them are autopsied++. clinically our patient looked like a pott disease. the infection began probably in the kidney. the smear's diagnosis was actinomycosis, confirmed by the routine examination. an atypical mycobacteria, mycobacterium xenopi was bacteriologically isolated twice in the pus. it wa ...19863778587
opportunistic infection complicating acquired immune deficiency syndrome. clinical features of 25 cases.twenty-five cases of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids) complicated by opportunistic infections were diagnosed at lenox hill hospital during an 18 month period and followed for at least 1 year or until the patients' deaths. twenty-three patients were homosexual men, including 1 i.v. drug user, and 2 were heterosexual i.v. drug users, including the sole woman. seventy infections were diagnosed. the commonest etiologic agents included candida albicans, pneumocystis carinii, cytomegalovirus ...19846325849
origin and significance of mycobacterium xenopi in clinical specimens. i. water as a source of contamination. 19761030295
mycolic acid patterns of some species of mycobacterium.representative strains of some species of mycobacterium were degraded by both acid and alkaline methanolysis. two-dimensional thin-layer chromatography was used to determine the patterns of mycolic acids and other long-chain components in these methanolysates. patterns composed of alpha-, methoxy- and ketomycolates were found in mycobacterium asiaticum, mycobacterium bovis, mycobacterium gastri, mycobacterium gordonae, mycobacterium kansasii, mycobacterium marinum and mycobacterium tuberculosis; ...19846517656
[mycobacterium xenopei: biochemistry, serology, and pathogenicity in dusted guinea pigs]. 19704948873
pulmonary disease caused by mycobacterium xenopei. 19685647216
the role of mycobacterium xenopi in human disease.mycobacterium xenopi is infrequently recognized as a cause of pulmonary infection. we isolated this organism from 28 patients over a 3-yr period. it was nonpathogenic in 19 and pathogenic in 9. clinical illness occurred in middle-aged men with other chronic pulmonary diseases. therapy was associated with clinical improvement, but most isolates were resistant to first-line antituberculosis drugs. the prevalence of m. xenopi varies geographically, but in the province of ontario, it is second to m. ...19846703502
mycobacterium xenopi and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. 19846696373
lung infection due to mycobacterium xenopi: report of the first case in japan. 19846727712
mycobacterium xenopi infection in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.a case of mycobacterium xenopi infection in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) is described and the clinical experience of others in the united states with this organism is reviewed. disseminated infection by this organism appears to occur only in the immunocompromised host. because m xenopi has been found in hot water systems by others and is an organism more susceptible to the traditional antituberculosis antibiotics, recognition and distinction of this organism from the ...19846734278
isolation of mycobacterium xenopei from water increase in the number of isolations of mycobacterium xenopei from sputum suggested environmental contamination. the organism was recovered from water taps in 61 of 111 pairs of hot and cold water taps in one hospital, 20 of the 74 pairs in another hospital, but from only 3 of 61 pairs of taps in a third hospital and two of 34 pairs in private houses. scotochromogens were recovered from taps in the first two hospitals only, and m. kansasii was isolated twice from the same tap in the first hos ...19705266590
[a case of infection with mycobacterium xenopei]. 19695368634
[pneumopathies caused by mycobacterium xenopei (2 cases)]. 19705446095
[lung diseases caused by mycobacterium xenopi]. 19705458806
[7 cases of pleuro-pneumopathy caused by mycobacterium xenopei]. 19705496778
[mycobacterium xenopei; its frequent source in the diagnostic laboratory]. 19705517744
mycobacterium xenopei pulmonary infection in man. 19715576426
aerial hyphae of mycobacterium xenopei. 19685640396
infection and colonisation by mycobacterium kansasii and mycobacterium xenopi: aerosols as a possible source? 19846725968
mycobacterium xenopei: a study of sixteen strains. 19685664320
mycobacterium xenopi mycobacteriosis. 19817268487
the epidemiology of opportunist mycobacterial infections in wales, 1952--1978.the incidence of infections caused by opportunist mycobacteria in wales during the years 1952--1978 was derived from the records of the mycobacterium reference unit in cardiff. mycobacterium kansasil gave rise to 154 pulmonary and two nonpulmonary infections. most of these patients were middle-aged men, approximately half of whom had pneumoconiosis or occupational exposure to dust. organisms of the mycobacterium avium-intracellulare-scrofulaceum complex caused pulmonary disease in 44 subjects an ...19817339797
pulmonary disease caused by mycobacterium xenopei and histoplasma capsulatum. a case report. 19695767591
mycobacterium xenopi, pathogen of the future? 19846151074
clinical and immunologic response to antigen-specific transfer factor in drug-resistant infection with mycobacterium xenopi.the administration of transfer factor obtained from three donors who had recovered from clinical infections with mycobacterium xenopi to a patient who had a destructive pulmonary infection with this organism, was associated with the reversal of an unfavorable clinical course. cavitary tuberculosis associated with resistance to all combinations of antituberculosis drugs was probably related to a concurrent depression of cell-mediated immunity of unknown origin. antigen specific but not nonspecifi ...19836184988
laboratory and clinical evaluation of mycobacterium xenopi isolates.mycobacterium xenopi and mycobacterium avium complex (mac) are biochemically similar. to define the laboratory characteristics of m. xenopi that distinguish it from mac, 53 m. xenopi isolates from different areas in the united states and 47 isolates recovered at one hospital were evaluated by 13 biochemical tests, accuprobe mac (gen-probe, inc., san diego, ca, usa), colony morphology, formation of x-colonies, pigmentation in response to light, growth on macconkey agar without crystal violet, and ...19957554801
[mycobacterium xenopei (marks and schwabacher, 1965), a scotochromogenic, thermophilic, dysgonic mycobacterium, possibly pathogenic for man]. 19655825529
water-borne mycobacterium xenopi--a possible cause of pulmonary mycobacteriosis in the years 1980-1983 m. xenopi was isolated from the sputum of 37 persons, 30 of them living in the agglomeration of the regional town in the region of northern bohemia with 1,175,000 inhabitants. only 7 of these 30 had manifestation of pulmonary disease. m. xenopi was found repeatedly in the sputum in 5 patients out of 7 affected and in 2 out of 23 persons who showed no signs of a disease. the prevalence was in males between the age of 52-67 years. all of them suffered from other diseases, as ...19863805713
structural elucidation of novel methylglucose-containing polysaccharides from mycobacterium xenopi.the structures of methylglucose-containing polysaccharides (meglc ps) from mycobacterium xenopi were investigated using high-ph anion-exchange chromatography and liquid secondary-ion mass spectrometry. we report the structure of two novel meglc ps, referred to as a and b. meglc ps a is composed of 16 d-glucopyranose residues, 11 of which are methylated, and meglc ps b contains 15 d-glucopyranose residues, 10 of which are methylated. the main structural feature of both meglc ps a and b, compared ...19957588770
comparative in-vitro activities of the new quinolone, bay y 3118, and ciprofloxacin, sparfloxacin, tosufloxacin, ci-960 and ci-990.the in-vitro activity of the new quinolone, bay y 3118, was compared with that of ciprofloxacin, tosufloxacin, sparfloxacin, ci-960 and ci-990 against 1640 isolates belonging to 117 bacterial species. against members of the enterobacteriaceae, bay y 3118 was as active as ci-960 and ci-990, up to four-fold more active than ciprofloxacin and tosufloxacin and up to 16-fold more active than sparfloxacin. the majority of enterobacteriaceae which were resistant to ciprofloxacin (mics > or = 2 mg/l) we ...19937605398
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