preparation, characterization, and chemical properties of the flavin coenzyme analogues 5-deazariboflavin, 5-deazariboflavin 5'-phosphate, and 5-deazariboflavin 5'-diphosphate, 5'leads to5'-adenosine order to facilitate interpretation of the deazaisoalloxazine system as a valid mechanistic probe of flavoenzyme catalysis, we have examined some of the fundamental chemical properties of this system. the enzymatic synthesis, on a micromole scale, of the flavin coenzyme analogues 5-deazariboflavin 5'-phosphate (deazafmn) and 5-deazariboflavin 5'-diphosphate, 5' leads to 5'adenosine ester (deazafad) has been achieved. this latter synthesis is accomplished with a partially purified fad synthetas ...19763206
studies on dextranase. viii. some enzymatic properties of immobilized dextranase from brevibacterium fuscum var. dextranlyticum. 19753290
altered prephenate dehydratase in phenylalanine-excreting mutants of brevibacterium flavum.the regulatory properties of three key enzymes in the phenylalanine biosynthetic pathway, 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthetase (dahp synthetase) ec, chorismate mutase ec, and prephenate dehydratase prephenate hydro-lyase (decarboxylating), ec were compared in three phenylalanine-excreting mutants and the wild strain of brevibacterium flavum. regulation of dahp synthetase by phenylalanine and tyrosine in these mutants did not change at all, but the spe ...19767552
comparative studies on cholesterol oxidases from different sources.1. comparison of the characteristics of cholesterol oxidases from different sources was made by a new polarographic method for measurement of the oxygen-consumption rate. 2. a ph optimum of 7.0 was observed for cholesterol oxidases isolated from nocardia and brevibacterium, ph 5.0 for the enzyme from schizophyllum and ph 7.5 for the enzyme from streptomyces. 3. in the system used in the present study, ca2+ and mg2+ had no effect on these enzyme activities. on the other hand, the schizophyllum en ...197611914
adenyl cyclase and adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate phosphodiesteraze: their nature, properties and regulation.modern data on the nature, properties and pathways of regulation enzymes, participated metabolism of cyclic, adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate, are described. much consideration is being given to the problem of regulation of the phosphodiesterase activity due to the effect of ca2+-binding proteins.197616391
stereochemical studies of hydrogen incorporation from nucleotides with fatty acid synthetase from brevibacterium ammoniagenes.the biosynthesis of fatty acids from malonyl-coa and acetyl-coa was investigated with an enzyme preparation which was purified 100-fold from brevibacterium ammoniagenes. fatty acids synthesized in the presence of d2o and stereospecifically deuterated nadph and nadh were isolated and analyzed by mass chromatography to examine the localization of deuterium in the molecule. the following results were obtained: 1) hb hydrogen of nadph was used for beta-ketoacyl reductase. 2) hb hydrogen of nadh was ...197718449
fatty acid synthetase from brevibacterium ammoniagenes: formation of monounsaturated fatty acids by a multienzyme complex.a multienzyme fatty acid synthetase complex isolated from brevibacterium ammoniagenes has been purified to a specific activity of 1440 nmol of malonyl-coa incorporated per min/mg. the enzyme is homogeneous, as judged by gel electrophoresis on agarose gels, and has a molecular weight of 1.2 x 10(6). both nadph and nadh are required for activity. in contrast to other fatty acid synthetase complexes, the enzyme catalyzes the synthesis of both long-chain saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids fro ...197720622
stereochemical studies of hydrogen incorporation from nucleotides with fatty acid synthetase from brevibacterium ammoniagenes.the biosynthesis of fatty acids from malonyl-coa and acetyl-coa was investigated with an enzyme preparation which was purified 100-fold from brevibacterium ammoniagenes. fatty acids synthesized in the presence of d2o and stereospecifically deuterated nadph and nadh were isolated and analyzed by mass chromatography to examine the localization of deuterium in the molecule. the following results were obtained: 1) hb hydrogen of nadph was used for beta-ketoacyl reductase. 2) hb hydrogen of nadh was ...197827069
continuous production of nadp by immobilized brevibacterium ammoniagenes cells.whole cells of brevibacterium ammoniagenes iam 1645 having the polyphosphate nad-kinase were successfully immobilized in a polyacrylamide gel lattice. the immobilized cells were activated by treatment with organic solvents or detergents. the ph optimum of the immobilized cells for the production of nadp was 7.0, and divalent metal ions were required to maintain the elevated activity of polyphosphate nad-kinase. highly pure nadp was continuously produced in high yield by the immobilized cell colu ...197935255
immobilization of microbial cells containing nad-kinase.microbial cells having nad-kinase activity, brevibacterium ammoniagenes, were immobilized by the radiation-copolymerization method under low temperature with the activity recovery of more than 80%. compared to the native microbial cells the immobilized cells were more stable against heat and ph change. the immobilized cells were subjected to the 5 hr reaction repeatedly 20 times without any activity loss.197935256
[construction of partial denaturation charts for dna with random base distribution].by measuring dna temperature transition profiles the evidence was obtained that dna of phages tg9 and ob infecting bacillus thuringiensis and brevibacterium flavum respectively have a random base distribution. after alkaline treatment in the presence of 10 per cent formaldehyde at room temperature partially denatured molecules of phage tg9 and ob dna's with different degrees of denaturation were obtained. using electron microscopy the maps of distribution of melted regions along these dna's were ...197736554
[nucleases from brevibacterium ammoniagenes differing in their effects on chromatin].a method of isolation of three different, partially purified deoxyribonucleases from the cells of brevibacterium ammoniagenes is descrirbed. the enzyme preparations were activated by various bivalent metal ions: 50mm mgcl2 (i), 5 mm cacl2+5 mm mgcl2 (ii), 10 mm cacl2 (iii), and had different ph optima -- 8.8 (i), 7.2 (ii) and 8.2 (iii). in the isolated nuclei of rat brain the first and third fractions split chromatin at the internucleosomal sites with a formation of nucleosomes -- structural sub ...197937928
reduction of endogenous nucleic acid in a single-cell protein.the reduction of nucleic acid by an endogenous polynucleotide phosphorylase and ribonuclease in cells of brevibacterium jm98a (atcc 29895) was studied. a simple process was developed for the activation of the endogenous rna-degrading enzyme(s). rna degradation was activated by the presence of pi with 14.2 mumol of ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphate per g of cell mass accumulating extracellularly. the optimum ph for degradation of rna was 10.5 and the optimum temperature was 55 to 60 degrees c. enzy ...197939504
[mechanism and control of fatty acid biosynthesis (author's transl)]. 197943347
isolation and characterization of arthrobacter bacteriophages and their application to phage typing of soil arthrobacters.seventeen bacteriophages, active against 19 arthrobacter soil isolates, were isolated from concentrated samples of river water and sewage. attempts to isolate arthrobacter bacteriophages from filtrates of broth cultures of the soil isolates or from ultraviolet light-irradiated cultures were unsuccessful. bacteriophages were not detected in either concentrated or unconcentrated soil extracts. electron microscopic studies of 11 phages showed morphologies characteristic of bradley's groups b (exhib ...197874980
corynebacterium spp in human disease. 197879741
[character of regulation of enzymes involved in glucose and acetic acid metabolism in lysine-forming brevibacterium flavum]. 197885242
[peptidoglycan type and cell wall polysaccharide composition of cellulomonas cartalyticum and some coryneform organisms (author's transl)].cellulomonas cartalyticum was found to contain a peptidoglycan type different from that of the other species of cellulomonas. the diamino acid is lysin instead of ornithine and the interpeptide bridge consists of d-asp-d-ser. the same peptidoglycan type occurs in corynebacterium manihot, brevibacterium liticum and arthrobacter luteus. these non cellulolytic organisms are most likely not closely related with cellulomonas cartalyticum, as indicated by the very different g +c content of their dna, ...197898123
[carbon metabolism in methylotrophic bacteria isolated from activated sludge]. 1978101747
[chemotaxonomic markers of several coryneform bacteria and the "rhodochrous" group].chemotaxonomic characters (the monosaccharide composition and diaminopimelic acid (dap) of cell hydrolysates, the type of lipid lcn-a) were studied with bacteria of the "rhodochrous" complex and the arthrobacter genus isolated from natural substrates as well as with collection strains of the genera arthrobacter, brevibacterium and corynebacterium. if arabinose, galactose and meso-dap were present in cell hydrolysates of these bacteria, they always contained lipid lcn-a. bacteria of the "rhodochr ...1978106219
isoprenoid quinones in the classification of coryneform and related bacteria.menaquinones were the only isoprenoid quinones found in 85 of the 95 coryneform bacteria examined. dihydromenaquinones having nine isoprene units were the main components isolated from corynebacterium bovis, from other glutamic acid-producing strains, and from arthrobacter globiformis and related species. dihydromenaquinones with eight isoprene units were found in brevibacterium linens, the remaining corynebacterium species and strains probably belonging to the genus rhodococcus. tetrahydromenaq ...1979107269
[enzymes of intermediary metabolism in coryneform bacteria].enzymes of the intermediate metabolism were studied in ten strains of corynebacterium-like organisms belonging to the genera arthrobacter, brevibacterium, corynebacterium and nocardia. all of these were found to contain enzymes of the glycolytic pathway, and nine strains among ten had dehydrogenases of the pentose phosphate shunt. the activity of enzymes of the citric acid cycle was low: alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase was not found in arthrobacter, corynebacterium, brevibacterium linens and n ...1979108525
[carboxylation enzymes of coryneform bacteria].the enzymes of carbon dioxide heterotrophic fixation were studied in six strains of coryneform bacteria belonging to the genera arthrobacter, brevibacterium, corynebacterium and nocardia. all of the strains were found to contain pep (phosphoenolpyruvate) carboxylase (ec, nadp or nad dependent malic enzymes (ec pyruvate carboxylase (ec was found only in three strains of coryneforms: brevibacterium ammoniagenes, corynebacterium aquaticum and nocardia erythropolis. ...1979119147
distribution of membrane-bound monoamine oxidase in bacteria.the distribution of membrane-bound monoamine oxidase in 30 strains of various bacteria was studied. monoamine oxidase was determined by using an ammonia-selective electrode; analyses were sensitive and easy to perform. the enzyme was found in some strains of the family enterobacteriaceae, such as klebsiella, enterobacter, escherichia, salmonella, serratia, and proteus. among strains of other families of bacteria tested, only pseudomonas aeruginosa ifo 3901, micrococcus luteus ifo 12708, and brev ...1979120132
differentiation of genera of the coryneform bacteria.a scheme of the generic structure of the group of coryneform bacteria, including the genera arthrobacter, brevibacterium, cellulomonas, corynebacterium, and rhodococcus, is suggested. morphological, chemotaxonomic (presence and stereochemical form of diaminopimelic acid, lipid a, and l-arabinose), and physiological features were used as diagnostic criteria. the position of microbacterum and mycococcus and of coryneforms with a nocardial wall but giving a positive hugh-leifson anaerobic test, and ...1979121544
[genetic bases for the selection of microorganisms using analogs].the main mechanisms are considered for biosynthesis processes regulation by means of repression and inhibition with final products. on the basis of these mechanisms the state and prospects of the directed alteration of various stages in regulating the synthesis of primary and secondary metabolites, using breeding selection of mutants resistant to analogues are discussed. the main regularities are presented for using analogues of primary metabolites in the breeding strains with overproduction of ...1975128859
[spectrum of amidase activity in a mutant of brevibacterium].brevibacterium r 312 has a fairly non-specific amidase. following the loss of this enzyme by mutation, the following enzymatic activities could be demonstrated: hydrolysis of urea, formamide, nicotinamide, l-glutamine, glycinamide and l-alpha-amino amids.1979157234
the mode of regulation of bacterial citrate synthase as a taxonomic tool. 1975168310
brevibacterium liquefaciens adenylate cyclase and its in vivo stimulation by pyruvate.adenylate cyclase of brevibacterium liquefaciens depends on pyruvate for activity. growing in a simple medium containing glucose and dl-alanine, the microorganism excreted pyruvate, which reached 20 mm in the medium at stationary phase. using [3h]adenosine to label the adenosine 5'-triphosphate pool, we showed that pyruvate in the medium stimulated adenylate cyclase of b. liquefaciens in vivo, in a manner similar to the stimulation observed in vitro. adenylate cyclase in cells harvested at diffe ...1975172486
l-threonine catabolism via aminoacetone: a search for a pathway in bacteria. 1976187477
[biosynthesis and biology of nucleoside polyphosphate (author's transl)]. 1977200684
chemical and enzymatic properties of riboflavin analogues.the chemical and enzymatic properties of 26 analogues of riboflavin are presented. these analogues include both endo- and exocyclically substituted isoalloxazines with redox potentials from -370 to -128 mv. physical and chemical data such as the electronic absorption spectra, pkas, and redox potentials of the analogues are presented and are discussed with respect to preferred tautomeric and resonance forms. like riboflavin, most of the analogues are shown to be catalytic oxidants of dihydro-5-de ...1978207304
[alternative oxidation pathways in the respiratory chain of brevibacterium flavum].a scheme is proposed for the branched respiratory chain in brevibacterium flavum 22 ld. three branching sites in the main electron transport pathway are suggested: at the initial stage of nadh2 oxidation (before menaquinone) and at the levels of cytochromes b and c. up to 40% out of the total oxygen is consumed in the nadh2-dependent alternative oxidative pathway in the presence of 5.10(-3) m cyanide or after the near uv treatment. this bypass differs from the main electron flow with a lower p/o ...1979218084
extradiol cleavage of 3-substituted catechols by an intradiol dioxygenase, pyrocatechase, from a pseudomonad.pyrocatechase (catechol 1,2-oxidoreductase (decyclizing), ec, a ferric ion-containing dioxygenase from pseudomonas arvilla c-1, catalyzes the intradiol cleavage of catechol with insertion of 2 atoms of molecular oxygen to form cis,cis-muconic acid. the enzyme also catalyzed the oxidation of various catechol derivatives, including 4-methylcatechol, 4-chlorocatechol, 4-formylcatechol (protocatechualdehyde), 4,5-dichlorocatechol, 3,5-dichlorocatechol, 3-methylcatechol, 3-methoxycatechol, ...1975238971
[distribution of pyrimidine blocks in the dna of brevibacterium linens, arthrobacter globiformis, nocardia corallina and nocardia rubra].the nucleotide composition and the frequency of pyrimidine blocks were studied in dna of the following bacteria: brevibacterium linens (weignamm, 1910) breed, 1953; arthrobacter globiformis (conn, 1928) conn et dimmick, 1947; nocardia corallina (bergey et al., 1923) waksman et henrici, 1948; nocardia rubra (krassilnikov, 1949) waksman et henrici, 1948. these organisms are classed by some microbiologists as mycobacteria (the mycobacteriaceae family) while other authors regard them as representati ...1975241002
microbial metabolism of a parathion-xylene pesticide formulation.a mixed bacterial culture was adapted to growth on a mixed carbon substrate consisting of the pesticide parathion and its xylene-based formulation. the environmental growth parameters of temperature, ph, and dissolved oxygen concentration were optimized to obtain complete metabolism of parathion from this mixed carbon substrate. this adapted culture grew rapidly (mu = 0.7 per h) on the pesticide formulation at high parathion suspensions (3,000 mg/liter). carbon utilization from this mixed subst ...1975242255
isolation procedure and properties of monomer unit from lysozyme digest of peptidoglycan complex excreted into the medium by penicillin-treated brevibacterium divaricatum mutant.1. the peptidoglycan complex excreted in large amounts into the medium by the biotin-requiring mutant brevibacterium divaricatum nrrl-2311 incubated in the presence of penicillin for 1 h has been investigated. a convenient isolation procedure with high yield for the pure monomeric unit from lysozyme digest of the accumulated polymer is described. 2. it is shown that the released peptidoglycan possesses the linear uncross-linked structure made of repeating disaccharide-pentapeptide unit [glcnac-m ...1979256515
aflatoxin production by aspergillus parasiticus in a competitive environment.aspergillus parasiticus nrrl 2999 was grown in the presence of rhizopus nigricans, saccharomyces cerevisiae, acetobacter aceti, or brevibacterium linens and aflatoxin concentration was determined after 3,5,7, and 10 days of incubation at 28c. r. nigricans and s. cerevisiae inhibited growth and aflatoxin production by a. parasiticus. b. linens caused slight inhibition and a. aceti stimulated growth and aflatoxin production by a. parasiticus.1977339094
[microbial production of amino acids and metabolic regulation (author's transl)]. 1978344813
a new freeze-etch unit for freeze-etch rotary shadowing, low temperature freeze-fracturing and conventional freeze-etching. 1978357728
7,8-diaminopelargonic acid aminotransferase. 1979374976
stimulation of humoral immunity by peptidoglycan monomer from brevibacterium divaricatum.peptidoglycan monomer (pgm), a water soluble and nontoxic disaccharide pentapeptide unit obtained from brevibacterium divaricatum, was administered intravenously into mice, and the humoral immune response to sheep erythrocytes was assayed by means of jerne's technique for plaque-forming cells (pfc) in the spleen. the pfc response was evidently stimulated. the counts were increased to practically the same extent over a great range of doses of pgm (from 25 to 1600 microgram per animal), and the ef ...1979380198
immobilization of enzymes and microbial cells using carrageenan as matrix.conditions for the gelation k-carrageenan, which is a new polymer for immobilization of enzymes and microbial cells, were investigated in detail. k-carrageenan was easily induced to gel by contact with metal ions, amines, amino acid derivatives, and water-miscible organic solvents. by using this property of k-carrageenan, the immobilization of enzymes and microbial cells was investigated. several kinds of enzymes and microbial cells were easily immobilized with high enzyme activities. immobilize ...1979385076
methanethiol production by coryneform bacteria: strains from dairy and human skin sources and brevibacterium linens. 1977411888
aerobic cutaneous coryneforms: recent taxonomic findings. 1978416843
[distribution of the taxonomic traits in coryneform bacteria]. 1978418310
thermal regulation of fatty acid synthetase from brevibacterium ammoniagenes.the fatty acid composition of brevibacterium ammoniagenes was affected by the temperature of growth. as the growth temperature was lowered, the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids increased. the fatty acid synthetase obtained from b. ammoniagense produced oleic acid as well as saturated fatty acids. the ratio of unsaturated to saturated fatty acids synthesized by this enzyme in vitro was dependent on the temperature of the enzyme reaction but not on the growth temperature of b. ammoniagenes fr ...1979429269
synthesis of coenzyme a and its biosynthetic intermediates by microbial processes. 1979440103
dna-dna homology studies among strains of arthrobacter and brevibacterium.sixteen named strains of arthrobacter and two strains of brevibacterium were investigated by nucleic acid hybridisation. the arthrobacter strains show homology values ranging between 11 and 55% to the type strain a. globiformis dsm 20124 (atcc 8010), indicating only a low to moderate relationship. two strains of a. globiformis, dsm 20124 and dsm 20125, exhibit only poor relationship to one another (30%). among all the arthrobacter strains the homology data range between 10 to 70% demonstrating s ...1979443991
nitrilases and amidases: determination of activity by proton magnetic resonance spectrometry. 1979453528
obligatory biosynthesis of l-tyrosine via the pretyrosine branchlet in coryneform bacteria.species of coryneform bacteria (corynebacterium glutamicum, brevibacterium flavum, and b. ammoniagenes) utilize pretyrosine [beta-(1-carboxy-4-hydroxy-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-yl) alanine] as an intermediate in l-tyrosine biosynthesis. pretyrosine is formed from prephenate via the activity of at least one species of aromatic aminotransferase which is significantly greater with prephenate as substrate than with either phenylpyruvate or 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate. pretyrosine dehydrogenase, capable of con ...1979457594
steroids as substrates for cholesterol: oxygen oxidoreductase, with special reference to 3beta-hydroxy bile acids.cholesterol: oxygen oxidoreductase [ec] from brevibacterium sterolicum (atcc 21387) was found to catalyze the oxidation of steroids such as sterols, steroid hormones, and bile acids having a free c-3beta hydroxyl group. however, the enzyme was inactive towards estradiol and estriol and had a weak activity towards steroids with functional groups adjacent to the 3beta-hydroxyl group on the steroid nucleus. variation in the length of the side chain of 3beta-hydroxy steroids had no marked ef ...1979457640
two components of chorismate mutase in brevibacterium flavum.chorismate mutase of brevibacterium flavum, a common enzyme in phenylalanine and tyrosine biosynthesis, was separted into two different component, a and b, with molecular weights of 250,000 and 25,000, respectively, by ammonium sulfate fractionation or gel-filtration. both components were essential for the enzymatic activity. in the presence of the reaction substrate, chorismate, the two components associated reversibly to give an active enzyme complex with a molecular weight of 320,000. binding ...1979479120
purification of an endogenous polynucleotide phosphorylase from brevibacterium jm98a.polynucleotide phosphorylase was purified form brevibacterium jm98a (atcc 29895). homopolynucleotides were arsenolysed in the order polyadenylate greater than polycytidylic acid greater than polyuridylic acid greater than polyguanylate. the products were ribonucleoside 5'-monophosphates.1979485149
aromatic aminotransferases in coryneform bacteria.species of coryneform bacteria (corynebacterium glutamicum, brevibacterium flavum, and b. ammoniagenes) are capable of transaminating all three of the aromatic pathway intermediates; prephenate, phenylpyruvate, and 4-hydroxy-phenylpyruvate. two molecular species of aromatic aminotransferase (denoted aminotransferase i and aminotransferase ii) were partially purified from c. glutamicum and b. flavum, whereas a single aromatic aminotransferase was isolated from b. ammoniagenes. in both c. glutamic ...1979500563
[classification of bacteria of the genus rhodococcus by numerical taxonomic methods]. 1979514099
[study of mannanase activity in different groups of microorganisms]. 1979572467
[a trial on nutritionally forced mating of conventional glutamate-producing bacteria].by nutritionally forced mating, we tried to find the sex factor in glutamate producing bacteria with some auxtrophic mutants of corynebacterium glutamicum, micrococcus glutamicus and brevibacterium divaricatum. we failed to find true mates in this trial, even when the cells cured by acridine orange were used to mate with non-cured ones. there were some positive growth when two densed cell suspensions were dropped on the minimum medium, but after subcultured on the minimum medium no growth was fo ...1979583276
microbial conversion of dl-2-amino-delta2-thiazoline-4-carboxylic acid to l-cysteine and l-cystine: screening of microorganisms and identification of products.microorganisms able to form l-cysteine from dl-2-amino-delta2-thiazoline-4-carboxylic acid (dl-atc), a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of dl-cysteine, were isolated from soil samples and classified as pseudomonas sp., pseudomonas cohaerens, p. desmolytica, and p. ovalis. thirteen l-cysteine-producing bacteria were also found in among 463 stock cultures representing 37 genera. these were achromobacter delmarvae. alcaligenes denitrificans, bacillus brevis, brevibacterium flavum, enterobacte ...1977596877
urinary ammonia and ammonia-producing microorganisms in infants with and without diaper ammonia was determined in diaper squeezings from 26 infants with "ammoniacal dermatitis" and in 82 controls. no significant difference was found (402 ppm in diaper dermatitis compared to 465 in controls). the groups did not differ with regard to the incidence of organisms capable of splitting ammonia from urea. experimental application of highly ammoniacal urine on intact infant and adult skin failed to provoke a dermatitis. erythema could be induced only when ammoniacal urine was applied o ...1977596897
determination of redox potential levels critical for cell respiration and suitable for l-leucine production.the effect of oxygen supply on l-leucine fermentation was investigated employing a leucine-producing mutant of brevibacterium lactofermentum. since it was not possible to measure oxygen tension below 0.01 atm by a teflon-coated oxygen electrode, the degree of satisfaction of the cells' oxygen demand (cells' respiration rate/maximum oxygen demand of cells, rab/krm) and the redox potential of the culture medium (e, mv) were used as indices to oxygen supply in cultures under low oxygen tension. whe ...1978623903
a new specific endonuclease present in xanthomonas holcicola, xanthomonas papavericola and brevibacterium luteum. 1978625054
steady-state kinetic studies on adenylate cyclase from brevibacterium liquefaciens. 1978639814
altered regulatory mechanisms for tryptophan synthesis in fluorotryptophan-resistant mutants of brevibacterium flavum. 1978641036
[physico-chemical study of the nucleic acid of bacteriophage phib].a study of physico-chemical properties of the nucleic acid of phage brevibacterium flavum was made. it was found that the phage nucleic acid is a double-stranded dna. the content of gc pairs was determined by the temperature of dna melting and by the chromatographic method. in both cases it was (52 +/- 2) mole %. it has been shown that endonuclease eco ri treatment of phib dna forms 12 fragments. the molecular weight of phib dna has been determined by two independent methods: by measuring the co ...1978651878
oxidation of 3beta-hydroxyandrostenes by the 3beta-hydroxy-steroid oxidase (cholesterol oxidase) from brevibacterium sterolicum prior to their analysis by gas-liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.the 3beta-hydroxysteroid oxidase from brevibacterium sterolicum has been applied to the oxidation of a number of 3beta-hydroxyandrostenes, including polar steroids containing up to three other hydroxylic groups. the substrates, products, and derivatives thereof have been examined by gas-liquid chromatography. retention index increments for these conversions, and for parallel transformations of other steroids, show considerable regularities, and together with mass spectrometric data afford charac ...1978659545
[specific gravity of the dried biomass of pure bacterial cultures].the weight of wet and dry biomass taken from colonies after growth on mpa was determined in pure bacterial cultures of pseudomonas denitrificans and brevibacterium imperiale, and the number and dimensions of bacterial cells in dry preparations of the same colonies were measured by means of membrane filters. the average specific weight of dry biomass was found to be 1.68 and 1.62. in calculating the weight of bacterial biomass in pure cultures and natural cenoses, its volume should be assayed tak ...1978661634
[microflora of the low-mineralized waters of the truskavets deposit].waters of the truskavetz deposit with a low content of mineral substances were found to contain considerable amounts of microorganisms; upto millions of cells per 1 ml. sulphate-reducing, dentrifying and iron bacteria were detected in the waters. the following genera were represented and isolated: pseudomonas, bacillus, nocardia, arthrobacter, brevibacterium, corynebacterium, micrococcus, candida, cryptococcus, rhodotorula, hansenula, torulopsis, trichosporon. many of the studied strains assimil ...1978672688
[study of aeration and temperature effects on the biosynthesis of 5'-inosine acid by the brevibacterium ammoniagenes mutant].the biosynthesis of 5'-inosine acid (5'-imp) by the culture brevibacterium ammoniagenes 225--5 was studied under different aeration conditions. intensive aeration (kv = 3.6 g o2/ was found to be necessary for an active build-up of 5'-imp. reduced aeration (kv = 3.6 g o2/ caused a decrease in the 5'-imp yield, a simultaneous increase in the hypoxanthine concentration, a reduction of cell productivity and a decrease in the glucose transformation to 5'-imp. the temperature of 28 degrees w ...1978674112
aminopeptidase from brevibacterium linens: activation and inhibition.activation and inhibition of a purified aminopeptidase from brevibacterium linens was investigated using l-alpha-leucyl-4-nitroanilide and l-leucyl-l-leucine as substrates. the enzyme was activated by cobalt, provided that the enzyme was preincubated with the metal. strong inhibitory effects were derived from heavy metals, metal-complexing compounds, reducing agents, the modification of aromatic amino acids, and the presence of hydrophobic substances or certain amino acids in the test mixtures. ...1978676522
[dynamics of the interaction of bacterial and phage populations under periodic and continuous cultivation]. 1978679809
enzymes of the glutamate and aspartate synthetic pathways in a glutamate-producing bacterium, brevibacterium flavum.glutamate-auxotrophic mutants lacking phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase(pc), citrate synthase (cs) or glutamate dehydrogenase (gd), an aspartate auxotroph lacking aspartate aminotransferase (ta), and a glutamate-aspartate double auxotroph lacking both aconitase (ah) and ta were obtained from brevibacterium flavum no. 2247, a glutamate-producing bacterium. prototrophic revertants further derived from the cs- and gd-lacking auxotrophs concomitantly recovered the enzyme activities that their parents ...1978721799
[effect of medium components on the metabolism of brevibacterium ammoniagenes-producer of 5'-inosinic acid].the effect of different carbon and nitrogen sources on the biosynthesis of 5'-inosinic acid (5'-imp) by the culture brevibacterium ammoniagenes 225-5 was studied. with respect to the yield of 5'-imp, glucose was found to be the best carbon source and urea--the best nitrogen source. the proper ratio of concentrations of carbon and nitrogen sources in the nutrient medium was very important for a high 5'-imp accumulation. the study of the effect of phosphate and magnesium concentrations on 5'-imp b ...1978724664
new assay method for fatty acid synthetase with mass fragmentography.a new assay method for fatty acid synthetase using mass fragmentography is described. the amounts of fatty acids synthesized in deuterated water are determined by mass fragmentography by monitoring the intensities of m/e 77 and m/e 74 fragment ions using heptadecanoic acid as an internal standard. this method is suitable for any fatty acid synthetase which produces several species of fatty acids and is also applicable to crude enzyme preparations. this procedure is more sensitive and specific th ...1978730755
[use of gas-liquid chromatography for the study of nitrilases and amidases (author's transl)].a gas-liquid chromatographic procedure is described for the determination of nitrilasic and amidasic activities. this method allows to monitor the kinetics of the hydrolysis of volatile nitriles and amides and because of its sensitivity, to determine the michaelis constants km of the acetonitrilase and the acetamidase of brevibacterium r 312. for these enzymes, a correlation is shown between the kinetics monitored by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and gas-liquid chromatography.1978744778
meso-alpha,epsilon-diaminopimelate d-dehydrogenase: distribution and the reaction product.a high activity of meso-alpha-epsilon-diaminopimelate dehydrogenase was found in extracts of bacillus sphaericus, brevibacterium sp., corynebacterium glutamicum, and proteus vulgaris among bacteria tested. b. sphaericus ifo 3525, in which the enzyme is most abundant, was chosen to study the enzyme reaction. the enzyme was not induced by the addition of meso-alpha-epsilon-diaminopimelate to the growth medium. the reaction product was isolated and identified as alpha-amino-epsilon-ketopimelate by ...1979762012
cholesterol oxidases: properties and applications. 1976790024
[regulation of growth and lysine-synthesizing activity of the lysine producer, brevibacterium sp 22 l., by the intensity of stirring of the medium].the intensity of medium stirring at a constant po2 influenced the specific rate of brevibacterium sp. 22 l growth and lysine synthesis. during periodic cultivation the maximum specific rate of the culture growth can be achieved with a more intensive stirring than the maximum lysine synthesizing activity. at different intensities of medium stirring the lysins synthesizing activity was directly related to the activity of tricarboxylic acid cycle dehydrogenases. it is suggested that a decrease in t ...1976800255
studies of the mode of action of amiclenomycin.amiclenomycin (am) was found to be a strong inhibitor of kapa-dapa aminotransferase of brevibacterium divaricatum. this transamination was suggested to follow ping pong bi bi mechanism. inhibition of this transamination by am is of a noncompetitive type in a lineweaver-burk plot of initial velocity, but not in a dixon plot. the activity of kapa-dapa aminotransferase drops abruptly after preincubation with am, but its activity is restored by dialysis against 10 mm potassium phosphate buffer (ph 7 ...1975805119
a numerical taxonomic study of coryneform and related bacteria.two hundred and thirty-three strains of coryneform bacteria, including representatives of the genera arthrobacter, brevibacterium, cellulomonas, corynebacterium, erysipelothrix, jensenia, kurthia, listeria, microbacterium, mycobacterium, nocardia and propionibacterium and other related bacteria, were studied using 173 morphological, physiological and biochemical tests. the bacteria were grown on a soil extract medium which allowed growth of all the strains, and all were incubated at 30 degrees c ...1975805825
identification and flagellation of coryneform bacteria from poultry litter.thirth coryneform isolates from poultry litter were identified and checked for motility and flagellation. twenty-seven formed a yellow pigment and 3 were orange. twenty-three yellow strains were found to be arthrobacter citreus, although starch was hydrolyzed by these strains. four strains, including the three mainly pale yellow isolates, grew on citrate plus an ammonium salt and were classified as a. aurescens. three orange strains were found to be brevibacterium linens. only six strains of a. ...1975811345
effect of iron on the biodegradation of petroleum in seawater.the biodegradation of south louisiana (sl) crude oil and the effects of nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron supplements on this process were compared in a polluted (10,900 oil degraders per liter) and in a relatively clean (750 oil degraders per liter) littoral seawater sample taken along the new jersey coast. without supplements, the biodegradation of sl crude oil was negligible in both seawater samples. addition of nitrogen and phosphorus allowed very rapid biodegradation (72% in 3 days) in pollute ...1976817667
[formation of free ketoacids by barotolerant bacteria under conditions of increased pressure].the effect of elevated hydrostatic pressure on biosynthesis of keto acids by barotolerant bacteria growing on glucose-mineral media is discussed in this paper. strains which are more tolerant to the action of pressure can liberate exocellular keto acids. keto acids are synthesized at a low content of glucose and a relatively high concentration of nitrogen in the presence of dissolved oxygen. pressure may either induce or inhibit the synthesis. a shift towards oxalacetate in the composition of ke ...1976820945
observations on lysogeny in glutamic acid bacteria.induced lysis occurred in a number of different strains of glutamic acid bacteria. mixed culture experiments indicated that induced cultures produce phages or bacteriocins. temperate phages were isolated from two related strains of brevibacterium divaricatum.1976823863
[nitrilase activity in several bacteria].eighteen strains of bacteria from the genus bacillus, bacteridium, micrococcus and brevibacterium were isolated. they have a very general nitrilase activity that acts on all the substrates with nitrile function.1976825308
thin-layer chromatographic analysis of mycolic acid and other long-chain components in whole-organism methanolysates of coryneform and related taxa.acid methanolysates of strains representing 58 coryneform taxa were examined for mycolic acids and other long-chain constituents by thin-layer chromatography. mycolic esters were detected in the methanolysates of true corynebacteria but not in those from plant pathogenic bacteria, corynebacterium haemolyticum, corynebacterium pyogenes or from representatives of the genera arthrobacter, cellulomonas, curtobacterium, kurthia or oerskovia. thin-layer chromatography of whole-organism methanolysates ...1976825611
the reactivity of human erythrocyte membrane cholesterol with a cholesterol oxidase.cholesterol oxidase (ec, brevibacterium sp.), which catalyzes the reaction: cholesterol + o2 leads to delta4-cholestenone + h2o2, has no effect on the cholesterol of intact (human) erythrocytes and of "resealed" ghosts, when it is present only outside these ghosts. the cholesterol of "leaky" ghosts, of "resealed" ghosts with enzyme trapped within, and of "inside-out" vesicles, was completely oxidized. this pattern indicates that the inner ((cytoplasmic) membrane surface must be exposed ...1977857889
enzymes of the tryptophan synthetic pathway in brevibacterium flavum. 1977881418
the structure of the menaquinones with a tetrahydrogenated isoprenoid side-chain.menaquinones with a tetrahydrogenated isoprenoid side-chain of oerskovia turbata and brevibacterium lipolyticum were cyclized to the chromenyl acetate derivatives, which were then submitted to ozonolysis, followed by reduction with dimethylsulfide. the mass-spectrometric analyses of the ozonolysis products revealed the ion peaks at m/e 464 (m+), 449, 422, 407, 267 and 225. these results suggest that the two saturated double bonds are located continuously in the second and third units of the chai ...1977889867
a specific endonuclease from brevibacterium albidum. 1977909093
regulation of citrate synthase in brevibacterium flavum, a glutamate-producing bacterium. 1977914789
amidase activity of some bacteria.the amidase activity of bacteria possessing a high nitrilase activity was found to display the same spectrum although the bacteria may belong to different taxonomic groups, bacillus, bacteridium, micrococcus, brevibacteriun. the spectrum of amidase activity, although very broad, is more restricted than that of nitrilase activity. internal amides as well as vinyl-bound amides are not hydrolyzed.1976947836
some enzymatic properties of 3beta-hydroxysteroid oxidase produced by streptomyces violascens.the 3beta-hydroxysteroid oxidase produced by streptomyces violascens was purified from the culture broth by procedures including batch-wise treatment on deae-cellulose, ammonium sulfate fraction, gel filtration on sephadex g-75, and column chromatography on deae-cellulose. the highly purified enzyme preparation exhibited no significant absorption maxima in the visible region other than a maximum at 280 nm. optimum ph and temperature for the enzyme activity were approximately ph 7.5 and 50 degree ...1976956143
[morphological and physiological studies of the l-lysine-producing brevibacterium sp. 22l in continuous culture]. 1976983133
bacteria within ovules and seeds.surface-sterilized ovules and seeds of 27 species of plants were cultured in the water of syneresis of a nutrient medium low in agar content. bacteria were obtained from 30% of the ovules, 15% of the seeds of herbaceous plants, 16% of the seeds of woody plants, 5.4% of the overwintered noncereal seeds, and 13.5% of overwintered cereal seeds. in no instance did every ovule or seed of a plant species contain bacteria. no bacteria were obtained from the hard, waxy seeds of mimosa or yellowwood. the ...1976984839
on the chemical structure of menaquinones with the tetrahydrogenated isoprenoid side menaquinones have been isolated from oerskovia turbata and brevibacterium lipolyticum in the nocardioform and coryneform groups of bacteria, which have been identified to be a series of menaquinones with a tetrahydrogenated isoprenoid chain, designated as menaquinone-9(h4) and menaquinone-8(h4), respectively, by thin layer chromatography, ultraviolet and infrared spectrophotometry and mass spectrometry. the nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of the quinones have revealed that all the two sat ...19761009133
glycolipids of brevibacterium vitarumen.corynomycolic acids have been identified in the lipids of brevibacterium vitarumen. the analogy between this strain and typical aerobic corynebacteria is borne out by these complex lipids, corynomycolic acid being linked as 6,6'-dicorynomycoloyl-trehalose (cord-factor structure) and as 6-monocorynomycoloyl-trehalose.19761009134
identification of the cultivable bacteria in dental plaque from the beagle dog.fifteen different genera of microorganisms were isolated from the 27-month-old plaque of two beagle dogs. they were as follows: pseudomonas, proteus, neisseria, escherichia, staphylococcus, streptococcus, lactobacillus, nocardia, actinomyces, corynebacterium, micrococcus, microbacterium, brevibacterium, arthrobacter, and kurthia. the dog plaque was characterized by a low number of streptococci and the presence of several noncarbohydrate-fermenting organisms.19761069758
comparison of batch and semicontinuous cultures for production of protein from mesquite wood by brevibacterium sp. jm98a.the production of protein by a brevibacterium sp. jm98a using mesquite wood as the substrate was compared in batch and semicontinuous cultures. a 14 liter glass fermentor with automatic ph, temperature, and foam control was used for the study. a ph range of 6.6 to 7.2 was optimum for the growth of jm98a. the batch and semicontinuous cultures were compared on the basis of viable cell counts, protein production, cmc-ase (beta-1,4-glucanase) activity, and filter paper cellulase (beta-1,4-glucan cel ...19751106791
fermentative accumulation of guanosine polyphosphates by brevibacterium ammoniagenes.guanosine-3'-diphosphate-5'-monophosphate (3.35 mg/ml), guanosine-3'-diphosphate-5'-diphosphate (msi) (5.21 mg/ml), and guanosine-3'-diphosphate-5'-triphosphate (msii) (0.82 mg/ml), in addition to guanosine 5'-monophosphate, guanosine 5'-diphosphate, and guanosine 5'-triphosphate, were accumulated by microbial conversion of 5'-xanthylic acid with a mutant of brevibacterium ammoniagenes.19751180553
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