[cadaverine is an intermediate in the biosynthesis of arthrobactin and ferrioxamine e (author's transl)].cadaverin was more readily incorporated than lysine into arthrobactin from arthrobacter pascens and into ferrioxamin e from streptomyces glaucescens. from a racemic mixture only the l-isomer of lysine is incorporated. the l-lysine decarboxylase activity was measured in vivo and in vitro. the enzyme from arthrobacter pascens is not inducable by lysine and completely repressed by 5.10(-6) m fe3+. in klebsiella pneumoniae, the producer of aerobactin, only a very low activity of l-lysine decarboxyla ...1978354550
differentiation of genera of the coryneform bacteria.a scheme of the generic structure of the group of coryneform bacteria, including the genera arthrobacter, brevibacterium, cellulomonas, corynebacterium, and rhodococcus, is suggested. morphological, chemotaxonomic (presence and stereochemical form of diaminopimelic acid, lipid a, and l-arabinose), and physiological features were used as diagnostic criteria. the position of microbacterum and mycococcus and of coryneforms with a nocardial wall but giving a positive hugh-leifson anaerobic test, and ...1979121544
isolation of plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria from rhizospheric soil of halophytes and their impact on maize (zea mays l.) under induced soil salinity.the present investigation was aimed to scrutinize the salt tolerance potential of plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria (pgpr) isolated from rhizospheric soil of selected halophytes (atriplex leucoclada, haloxylon salicornicum, lespedeza bicolor, suaeda fruticosa, and salicornica virginica) collected from high-saline fields (electrical conductivity 4.3-5.5) of district mardan, pakistan. five pgpr strains were identified using 16s rrna amplification and sequence analysis. bacillus sp., isolated fr ...201525776270
arthrobacter pokkalii sp nov, a novel plant associated actinobacterium with plant beneficial properties, isolated from saline tolerant pokkali rice, kerala, india.a novel yellow colony-forming bacterium, strain p3b162t was isolated from the pokkali rice rhizosphere from kerala, india, as part of a project study aimed at isolating plant growth beneficial rhizobacteria from saline tolerant pokkali rice and functionally evaluate their abilities to promote plant growth under saline conditions. the novel strain p3b162t possesses plant growth beneficial traits such as positive growth on 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (acc), production of indole acetic ac ...201626963092
taxonomic and functional diversity of the culturable microbiomes of epigeic earthworms and their prospects in agriculture.eisenia foetida and perionyx excavatus are potent vermicomposting earthworms having immense importance in organic matter recycling under tropical conditions, particularly in india. comparative assessment of the cultivable gut microbiome of these two epigeic earthworms after growth on lignocellulosic biomass, revealed populations of 3.2-8.3 × 10(9) cfu. diversity analyses using 16s rdna sequences revealed that the major dominating classes were firmicutes (50-60%), followed by actinobacteria (26.7 ...201627133232
novel isonitrile hydratase involved in isonitrile metabolism.we previously discovered n-substituted formamide deformylase (nfda) in arthrobacter pascens f164, which degrades n-substituted formamide (fukatsu, h., hashimoto, y., goda, m., higashibata, h., and kobayashi, m. (2004) proc. natl. acad. sci. u.s.a. 101, 13726-13731). in this study, we found an enzyme involved in the first step of isonitrile metabolism, isonitrile hydratase, that hydrates isonitrile to the corresponding n-substituted formamide. first, we investigated the optimum culture conditions ...201020826798
aepa of pectobacterium is not involved in the regulation of extracellular plant cell wall degrading enzymes production.plant cell wall degrading enzymes (pcwde) are the major virulence determinants in phytopathogenic pectobacterium, and their production is controlled by many regulatory factors. in this study, we focus on the role of the aepa protein, which was previously described to be a global regulator of pcwde production in pectobacterium carotovorum (murata et al. in mol plant microbe interact 4:239-246, 1991). our results show that neither inactivation nor overexpression of aepa affects pcwde production in ...201020386924
manipulation of sinapine, choline and betaine accumulation in arabidopsis seed: towards improving the nutritional value of the meal and enhancing the seedling performance under environmental stresses in oilseed crops.sinapoylcholine (sinapine) is the most abundant antinutritional phenolic compound in cruciferous seeds. the quaternary ammonium compounds, choline, betaine and n,n-dimethylglycine, reside along a biosynthetic pathway linked to the synthesis of membrane phospholipids and neurotransmitters with various biological functions. in chicken, choline intake is required for optimal egg-laying performance and a choline supplement in diet is positively correlated with weight gains. a key step in sinapine bi ...200818515127
evaluation of the stress-inducible production of choline oxidase in transgenic rice as a strategy for producing the stress-protectant glycine betaine.glycine betaine (gb) is a compatible solute that is also capable of stabilizing the structure and function of macromolecules. several gb-producing transgenic rice lines were generated in which the arthrobacter pascens choline oxidase (cox) gene, fused to a chloroplast targeting sequence (tp) was expressed under the control of an aba-inducible promoter (sip; stress-inducible promoter) or a ubiquitin (ubi) gene promoter that is considered to be constitutive. this comparison led to interesting obse ...200616510513
high-level expression of a novel amine-synthesizing enzyme, n-substituted formamide deformylase, in streptomyces with a strong protein expression system.n-substituted formamide deformylase (nfda) from arthrobacter pascens f164 is a novel deformylase involved in the metabolism of isonitriles. the enzyme catalyzes the deformylation of an n-substituted formamide, which is produced from the corresponding isonitrile, to yield the corresponding amine and formate. the nfda gene from a. pascens f164 was cloned into different types of expression vectors for escherichia coli and streptomyces strains. expression in e. coli resulted in the accumulation of a ...200515721791
amine-synthesizing enzyme n-substituted formamide deformylase: screening, purification, characterization, and gene cloning.n-substituted formamide was produced through the hydration of an isonitrile by isonitrile hydratase in the isonitrile metabolism. the former compound was further degraded by a microorganism, strain f164, which was isolated from soil through an acclimatization culture. the n-substituted formamide-degrading microorganism was identified as arthrobacter pascens. the microbial degradation was found to proceed through an enzymatic reaction, the n-substituted formamide being hydrolyzed to yield the cor ...200415358859
citricoccus muralis gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel actinobacterium isolated from a medieval wall painting.a gram-positive, aerobic, spherical actinobacterium, designated strain 4-0(t), was isolated from a medieval wall painting and characterized to determine its taxonomic position. the peptidoglycan of strain 4-0(t) was of type a4alpha, with lysine as the diagnostic cell wall diamino acid and an interpeptide bridge of lys-gly-glu. its quinone system contained predominantly mk-9(h2) (64%) and its polar lipid profile consisted of diphosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylinositol, four ...200212508874
biological potential of extraterrestrial materials. 2. microbial and plant responses to nutrients in the murchison carbonaceous meteorite.meteoritic materials are investigated as potential early planetary nutrients. aqueous extracts of the murchison c2 carbonaceous meteorite are utilized as a sole carbon source by microorganisms, as demonstrated by the genetically modified pseudomonas fluorescence equipped with the lux gene. nutrient effects are observed also with the soil microorganisms nocardia asteroides and arthrobacter pascens that reach populations up to 5 x 10(7) cfu/ml in meteorite extracts, similar to populations in terre ...199711541241
production of inhibitors of auxin and gibberellin induced growth of plants by arthrobacter pascens. 19715142877
choline oxidase, a catabolic enzyme in arthrobacter pascens, facilitates adaptation to osmotic stress in escherichia coli.choline oxidase (ec is a bifunctional enzyme that is capable of catalyzing glycine betaine biosynthesis from choline via betaine aldehyde. a gene (cox) encoding this enzyme in the gram-positive soil bacterium arthrobacter pascens was isolated and characterized. this gene is contained within a 1.9-kb fragment that encodes a polypeptide of approximately 66 kda. transfer of this gene to an escherichia coli mutant that is defective in betaine biosynthesis resulted in an osmotolerant phenot ...19911987142
recovery of choline oxidase activity by in vitro recombination of individual segments.initial attempts to express a choline oxidase from arthrobacter pascens (apcho-syn) in escherichia coli starting from a synthetic gene only led to inactive protein. however, activity was regained by the systematic exchange of individual segments of the gene with segments from a choline oxidase-encoding gene from arthrobacter globiformis yielding a functional chimeric enzyme. next, a sequence alignment of the exchanged segment with other choline oxidases revealed a mutation in the apcho-syn, show ...200818704397
optimum culture conditions for the production of n-substituted formamide deformylase by arthrobacter pascens f164.we investigated the optimum culture conditions for the production of a novel enzyme, n-substituted formamide deformylase, which acts mainly on n-benzylformamide, in arthrobacter pascens f164. the highest enzyme activity was obtained when this strain f164 was cultivated in a synthetic medium with n-benzylformamide as sole nitrogen source. this deformylase was found to be an inducible enzyme depending on n-benzylformamide.200515665493
the fine structure of arthrobacter pascens and the development of mesosomes during the growth cycle. 19685681515
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