radiographic examination of mandibular lesions in barren-ground anomalies were observed in 43 of 1,226 barren-ground caribou (rangifer tarandus groenlandicus) taken between 1966 and 1968. in five of these 43 animals, the mandibles had deformities which radiography showed to be the result of dental abscesses in four cases and probably of a trauma in the other. the absence of actinomycotic lesions of the jaw bones of these 1,226 animals, and of more than 500 examined previously, indicates that "lumpy jaw" is rare in barren-ground caribou. the authors su ...1975519
factors causing lysis of an actinomyces rimosus culture, the producer of the antibiotic, oxytetracycline.the lysis of actinomyces rimosus producing oxytetracycline during its mass growth can be caused by two factors which were separated by differential centrifugation. the first factor is phage particles of a temperate phage produced by the culture; they are incapable of growth but may induce the lysis. the phage particles treated with low ph and a temperature of 70 degrees c lose the lytic activity. the second factor is a lytic enzyme produced under the control of the temperate phage during its ind ...19751634
study of the yeast dissolving enzymic complex by isoelectric isoelectric focussing the lyzing complex produced by actinomyces griseinus-11 has been fractionated. the sole neutral protease which is active at ph 7.0 does not participate in lysis induced by other enzymes. the lyzing activity of this complex is associated with the carbohydrase enzymes that are at least three in number. various carbohydrases may exert a synergistic effect upon their combined action on the protein-vitamin concentrate.19751723
preparation of proteolytic enzymes from the thermophilous actinomycete actinomyces thermovulgaris str. t-54.a preparation with a high proteolytic activity has been obtained by acetone precipitation from the culture liquid filtrate of the thermophilous actinomycete actinomyces thermovulgaris str. t-54. the proteolytic (caseinolytic), fibrinolytic and thrombolytic activity of the preparation is comparable with that of trypsin and far superior to that of fibrinolysine. the preparation is stable at ph 5.0=9.5 and inactivated in the acid zone. the study of ph dependent proteolytic activity has shown acid, ...19751739
properties of partially purified atp desaminase from actinomyces n4 antibioticus.three active fractions of atp desaminase from actinomyces n4 of type antibioticus were obtained by gel filtration through sephadex g-200. some properties of each fraction were studied: effect of ph and mg2+, substrate specificity, effect of ph on km. the enzyme studied could be used for preparation of itp, idp, imp, inosine and hypoxantine.19751899
effect of different ph values on the medium on the synthesis of antibiotics in the joint cultivation of actinomyces levoris with yeasts.changes in the ph level of the fermentation medium used for preliminary cultivation of c. tropicalis were studied with respect to its initial aciditv or alkalinitv. when c. tropicalis was grown on the medium used for levorin fermentation with ph 5.1--10.3, the yeast changed it in 24 hours to the level of 6.2--7.9. as dependent on the initial ph values for cultivation of c. trophicalis, production of levorin on subsequent inoculation of act. levoris changed. the antibiotic activity increased and ...19767994
blastogenic response of human lymphocytes to oral bacterial antigens: comparison of individuals with periodontal disease to normal and edentulous subjects.cell-mediated immunity in humans to antigens derived from oral plaque bacteria was investigated by using the lymphocyte blastogenesis assay. subjects with varying severities of periodontal disease including normal, gingivitis, periodontitis, and edentulous were compared. mononuclear leukocytes were separated from peripheral blood and cultured with antigens prepared by sonication of actinomyces viscosus (av), actinomyces naeslundii (an), veillonella alcalescens (va), leptotrichia buccalis (lb), b ...197610259
isolation and properties of the fibrinolytic enzyme from the actinomyces thermovulgaris cultural broth.a fibrinolytic enzyme was isolated from the cultural broth of actinomyces thermovulgaris t-54 by precipitation with ammonium sulphate to 0.8 saturation and chromatography on ge-cellulose and cm-cellulose. the enzyme is homogeneous as was confirmed by disk electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel. some properties of the enzyme were studied. a modification of the method is suggested to assay the fibrinolytic activity.197612451
effect of several factors on the process of protein solution ultrafiltration.ultrafiltration of protein solutions was investigated, using deoxyribonuclease of actinomyces streptomycini filtered through a membrane based on vinylpyrrolidone-methyl methacrylate copolymers. it was shown that ionization of the protein molecule, level of the applied pressure as well as the protein concentration in the initial solution influenced particle adsorption on the surface and in pores of the molecule and the formation of gel layer reducing the rate of the solution filtration. the follo ...197612503
levan and levansucrase of actinomyces viscosus.a levansucrase was demonstrated in the growth medium and in association with the cell surface of actinomyces viscosus. the amount of enzyme produced relative to cell density is not significantly affected by the growth conditions. sugar alcohols inhibit growth of the cells. the levansucrase hydrolyzes sucrose to produce free glucose and levan; some free fructose is also formed. there is no requirement for cofactors. the km for sucrose is 12 mm. a variety of heavy metal ions and two disaccharides, ...197714893
macrokinetic equations of ph effect on the growth of actinomyces aureofaciens and biosynthesis of tetracycline.the effect of ph on the culture respiration rate at different concentrations of glucose in the medium was studied. it was found that the hydrogen ions showed their effect irrespective of the subsrate concentration in the medium. in this connection a type of macrokinetic equations of the effect of ph on the growth and antibiotic biosynthesis was chosen. the constants of the model were determined.197615502
identification, separation, and preliminary characterization of invertase and beta-galactosidase in actinomyces viscosus.the initial step of disaccharide dissimilation by actinomyces viscosus serotype 2 strain m-100 was studied. sucrase activity was found in the 3,000 x g particulate fraction and the 37,000 x g soluble fraction of the cells, whereas lactase activity was found almost exclusively in the 37,000 x g soluble fraction. neither sucrase nor lactase activity was appreciable in the culture liquor. sucrose phosphorylase, alpha-glucosidase, and polysaccharide synthesis activities were not observed in the solu ...197717574
some dental effects of xylitol under laboratory and in vivo conditions. 197718284
influence of amino acids on synthesis of extracellular proteases by actinomyces thermovulgaris.various amino acids had different effect on the synthesis of exocellular proteases by actinomyces thermovulgaris t-54. glutamine and arginine induced the synthesis, the effect depending on their concentration in the medium. other amino acids inhibited the synthesis of proteases. the synthesis of alkaline and neutral proteases was not coordinated, and the ratio between these enzymes was not constant in different variants of the experiment. the maximum synthesis of alkaline proteases was found bef ...197718653
binding of lectins to streptococcus mutans cells and type-specific polysaccharides, and effect on adherence.the lectin concanavalin a (con a) agglutinated the cells of 13 of 15 strains of the seven serotypes of streptococcus mutans in an 18-h incubation period. strains of types a, d, f, and g agglutinated within 2 h. strains of a, d, and f were also agglutinated in 2 h by the castor bean lectin rca. s. sanguis, s. salivarius, s. bovis, actinomyces viscosus, a. naeslundii, and lactobacillus plantarum were agglutinated within 2 h. the s. mutans type f polysaccharide was precipitated by con a. the a, b, ...197722491
attachment of bacteroides melaninogenicus subsp. asaccharolyticus to oral surfaces and its possible role in colonization of the mouth and of periodontal pockets.this investigation examined the ability of cells of bacteroides melaninogenicus subsp. asaccharolyticus 381 to adhere to surfaces that might be important for its initial colonization of the mouth and its subsequent colonization in periodontal pockets. of 48 asaccharolytic strains of b. melaninogenicus, 47 agglutinated human erythrocytes, whereas none of 20 fermentative strains, which included reference cultures of the subspecies intermedius and melaninogenicus, were active. electron microscopy i ...197824002
the effect of trace elements on the growth and fermantation by oral streptococci and actinomyces. 197724434
ph measurements of actinomyces viscosus colonies grown on media containing dietary carbohydrates. 197826324
hydrogen peroxide and superoxide radical formation in anaerobic broth media exposed to atmospheric oxygen.fourteen different broth media were autoclaved under anaerobic conditions and then exposed to atmospheric oxygen. the hydrogen peroxide and superoxide radical formation as well as the bactericidal effect of the media were studied. the rate of killing of peptostreptococcus anaerobius vpi 4330-1 was high in media that rapidly autoxidized and accumulated hydrogen peroxide. in actinomyces broth (bbl), 50% of the cells were killed within 2 min, and in brewer thioglycolate medium (difco), 50% were kil ...197829560
glucose-isomerizing enzyme from actinomyces olivocinereus and its immobilization on aminosilochrome.glucose-isomerizing enzyme was isolated from the culture of actinomyces olivocinereus. it was purified by the chromatography on deae-cellulose. the samples of glucose-isomerasing enzyme are homogeneous according to the results of analytical electrophoresis and ultracentrifugation. glucose-isomerase is more stable than soluble one. the ph-optima of soluble and immobilized enzymes are 8.5 and 7.5, respectively. the temperature optimum of immobilized enzyme, km, v, and activation energy do not chan ...197829676
[preparation of extracellular ribonuclease form actinomyces rimosus 994].by sequential acid treatment, gel filtration and km-cellulose sorption a 18--20-fold purified preparation of ribonuclease with a yield of 50--60% was obtained from the culture liquid filtrate of actinomyces rimosus 994. the preparation had a high specific activity of 450,000--600,000 units/mg protein, contained 85--98% protein, insignificant amounts of carbohydrates and hydroxytetracycline, and no quantities of dnase, phosphomonoesterases, phosphodiesterase or proteases. in rna degradation (prep ...197831616
degradation of levan by actinomyces viscosus.actinomyces viscosus atcc 15987 was examined for its ability to hydrolyze its own levan. washed whole cells and an ammonium sulfate fraction from cell-free culture fluids were shown to possess levan hydrolase activity. analyses of reaction mixtures by gel filtration and thin-layer chromatography demonstrated that the product of levan hydrolysis was free fructose. the cell-associated and extracellular enzyme preparations also hydrolyzed inulin and the levans synthesized by aerobacter levanicum an ...197832137
[phlegmon of the fore arm succeeding to a dog-bite : respective role of the miscellaneous bacteria involved in this mixed infection (author's transl)].the authors report a case of a severe mixed infection (phlegmon of the fore arm) succeeding to a dog bite. a complex flora has been isolated from this phlegmom : pasteurella multocida, pasteurella pneumotropica, streptococcus mitis, actinomyces sp., bacteroides melaninogenicus, and a gram- bacteria related to group ii j. the pathogeny of such diseases is discussed, dwelling in one hand on the part of synergistic development of these various germs and in the other hand on the part played by saliv ...197934886
[aminoglycoside-3'-phosphotransferase from actinomyces fradiae. its isolation, purification and properties].aminoglycoside phosphotransferase was isolated from the mycelium of act. fradiae, the neomycin-producing organism, with paromomycin, neomycin and to a less extent ribostamycin being substrates of aminoglycoside-phosphotransferase. it was purified to homogenous state. the maximum activity of the enzyme preparations was observed at ph 7.7--7.8;km for neomycin and paromomycin was about 20 micron and km for atp was 150 micron. mg2+ ions were necessary for the enzyme activity. none of the divalent ca ...197936832
[aminoglycoside-3'-phosphotransferase from actinomyces fradiae. the identification of its inactivation product].neomycin phosphate was obtained as a result of neomycin phosphorylation with aminoglycoside-phosphotransferase from act. fradiae. it was isolated from the reaction mixture and purified. successive ion exchange chromatography on columns with amberlite irc-50 (nh+4 form), dowex 1 x 10 (oh- form) and amberlite cg-50 (nh+4 form) was used for purification of the inactivation product. the findings of the elementary analysis of neomycin phosphate showed the presence of 1 mole of phosphorus per 1 mole o ...197936833
[stability and specificity of extracellular protein inhibitor for trypsin from actinomyces janthinus 118].some properties of protein inhibitor for trypsin (ti) from act. janthinus 118 were studied. it was shown that ti has an antitrypsin activity within a wide ph range with a maximum at about 9,5. at 4 degrees and 20 degrees c ti is stable for 24 hours within the ph range of 6,0--11,0. at 100 degrees c ti is more stable in the slightly acid region of ph than at neutral or alkaline conditions. trypsin and chymotrypsin inactivate the inhibitor for 8 hours. ti inhibits trypsin, fibrinolysin, subtilisin ...197936928
effects of stannous fluoride and tiodonium chloride on dental plaque in rats.rats with six-day-old plaque were treated twice daily with mouthrinses containing either tiodonium chloride, stannous fluoride or a placebo. although the results for tiodonium chloride were unremarkable, stannous fluoride mouthrinses proved to be significantly effective in removing dental plaque and in restricting the ability of plaque to lower the ph of sugar solutions.197938267
plaque formation in vitro by actinomyces viscosus in the presence of streptococcus sanguis or streptococcus mutans.actinomyces viscosus, growing on a tooth in the presence of sucrose, slowly produced a loosely-attached plaque, the ph being 6.1 after 120 h. when the tooth was inoculated simultaneously with a. viscosus and either streptococcus sanguis or streptococcus mutans, firmly-adherent plaque was quickly formed and the ph fell below 5 after 33 h with the former streptococcus and 24 h with the latter. a. viscosus disappeared from each mixed plaque by 120 h.197842006
the role of bacteroides melaninogenicus and other anaerobes in periodontal infections.recent taxonomic and anatomical studies of dental plaque associated with periodontal health and disease have demonstrated that differences in the microbial populations in plaque may be responsible for the initiation and progression of disease. the consistent isolation of large numbers of anaerobic and capnophilic bacteria from the depths of periodontal lesions has suggested an important role for these organisms. bacteria that have been isolated include capnocytophaga (bacteroides ochraceus), oth ...197944923
two-way cross-reactions between serotypes of actinomyces viscosus. 197547742
letter: farmer's lung: a neglected antigen. 197657352
letter: farmer's lung: a neglected antigen. 197657548
[l-valine transport by the actinomycete actinomyces species 26-115, the producer of actinomycin c].transport of l-valine by actinomyces species 26-115, an organism producing actinomycin c depended on l-valine concentration in the medium and temperature and required a source of intrinsic energy. km for l-valine transport was 3.5.10(-6)--6.0.10(-6) m. it somewhat differed from experiment to experiment. the above system transported also other neutral amino acids. l-isoleucine was a competing inhibitor of l-valine transport. the transport of l-valine was stereospecific. the activity of the transp ...197658579
activation of complement by the alternative pathway as a factor in the pathogenesis of periodontal plaque and a bacterium, actinomyces viscosus, isolated from plaque that can reproduce periodontal disease in germ-free rats, are activators of complement by the alternative pathway. it is suggested that this process is involved in the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory periodontal disease.197662218
mitogenic activity of actinomyces viscosus. i. effects on murine b and t lymphocytes, and partial characterization.actinomyces viscosus homogenate (avis) contins substance(s) which cause spleen cells from conventional and germfree mice to undergo increased dna synthesis. this mitogenic effect is primarily on b cells since spleen cells from nude mice or t-depleted spleen cells from conventional mice respond as strongly as conventional (t + b) spleen cells. mouse thymocytes do not respond mitogenically to avis. it is unlikely that the mitogenic acitivity is due to the presence of lps, since a. viscosus is gram ...197766295
[heterogeneity of l-valine pool in actinomyces sp. 26-115 producing actinomycin c].free intracellular valine in actinomyces sp. 26-115 producing actinomycin c its functionally heterogenous. there are at least 2 pools of free valine. one of them supplies valine for protein biosynthesis and the second for the antibiotic biosynthesis. the volume of the pools is estimated. inadequate reaction of the pools to similar effects is indicative of differences in their properties. the pool participating in protein biosynthesis strives for preservation of its volume. the pool participating ...197666908
thermophilic actinomycetes in air of cotton mills. 197769137
[source of valine for protein v biosynthesis in a producer of actinomycin c].the specific activity of 14c-valine in valyl-trna formed during incubation of the actinomycin c-producing organism with 14c-valine was constant and lower than that of the whole cell pool. the constancy of the valyl-trna was indicative of the presence of a separate compartment for the valine pool used for protein biosynthesis. a lower specific activity of valine in valyl-trna as compared to that of the whole cell pool may be indicative of a low rate of valine metabolism in such separate compartme ...197770192
microorganisms in air of cotton mills. 197770665
starch degradation during germination of civer arietinum l. seeds.the variations in starch and soluble sugar content, in phosphorylase and amylase activities in cotyledons of germinating seeds of cicer arietinum l. are determined. results from various experiments prove that the alpha-amylases are chiefly responsible for amylase activity. phosphorylase plays an important rôle during the first two days of germination, but it is relegated to a secondary position as the amylase activity increases. disc electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gel shows the existence of a ...197878513
polyclonal activation: a form of primitive immunity and its possible role in pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases. 197879507
fimbriae of actinomyces viscosus t14v: their relationship to the virulence-associated antigen and to coaggregation with streptococcus sanguis 34.1) fimbriae from a. viscosus t14v may be similar to those found on other bacteria. 2) the antigenic difference between virulent and avirulent a. viscosus t14 appears to be of a quantitative rather than a qualitative nature and is related to fimbriae and not to the cell wall polysaccharide. 3) coaggregation between a. viscosus t14v and s. sanguis 34 is mediated by fimbriae on the former which have specificity for beta-linked galactosyl residues.197884522
[separation of the biosynthesis products of a mutant strain of actinomyces chrysomallus var. carotenoides and the identification of actinomycin antibiotics].an orange antibiotically active substance isolated from the mycelium of a mutant strain of actinomyces chrysomallus var. carotenoides was identified as a mixture of actinomycins according to its light absorption spectra, circular dichroism spectra, ir spectra and chromatographic comparison with the standard samples. a scheme for successive extraction of the biologically active substances from the mycelium resulting in isolation of a fraction enriched with antibiotic substances and a fraction enr ...197985432
[aspects of the biosynthesis of actinomycin c].the protoplasts of actinomyces sp. 26--115 producing actinomycin c were obtained by the action of lysozyme on the mycelial paste of a 48-hour microbial culture. the protoplast capacity for synthesizing actinomycin was decreased as compared to that of the intact mycelium. the transport of l-isoleucine, a precursor of actinomycin c biosynthesis in the protoplasts also decreased but this could not be the only cause of the decrease in the actinomycin biosynthesis capacity. the biosynthesis of actino ...197987146
[prevention and clinical aspects of pneumoconiosis induced by organic dusts (author's transl)].only those pneumoconioses induced by organic dusts are discussed which are met with in germany. they comprise: byssinosis which is caused by toxic agents in cotton and flax, farmer's lung, sprayer's fever, exogenous allergic alveolitis due to thermophil actinomyces in the dust of mouldy agricultural meterials or the air of air-conditioning systems, bird fancier's lung which is caused by antigens in animal waste products. byssinosis and farmer's lung have now been acknowledged as occupational dis ...197988731
[isolation of the membranes of actinomyces sp. 26-115, a producer of actinomycin c].a summation fraction of the membranes of actinomyces sp. 26-115 was obtained as a result of lysis of its protoplasts in a hypotonic medium. the qualitative content of protein, lipids, phospholipids, nucleic acids, glucosamine and muramic acid was determined in the membranes at various stages of the organism development. phosphatidylcholine is the main component of phospholipids in this organism. intracellular actinomycin was found inside the protoplasts. electrophoregrams of the microprotoplasts ...197990478
[conditions for isolation of cholesterol oxidase from actinomyces lavendulae mycelia].the isolation conditions, composition and certain properties of cholesterol oxidase from the mycelium actinomyces lavendulae were studied. selective extraction of the enzyme occurred upon the mycelium extraction by the tween-80 containing buffer. the specific activity of cholesterol oxidase thus obtained exceeded seven-fold that of the enzyme isolated via other methods. the optimal concentration of the detergent upon extraction was 0.15%. by disc-electrophoresis it was demonstrated that the prep ...197995829
[lytic enzymes produced by actinomyces levoris].the composition of the enzyme complex produced by actinomyces levoris which exhibits lytic action on the cell walls of streptococcus lactis was studied by gel filtration on sephadex g-25, ion exchange chromatography and isoelectric focusing. the complex was found to contain at least seven enzymes having different isoelectric points and substrate specificity. the enzymes were divided into three groups. (1) the enzyme with pi 10.2 seems to be a specific glucosidase; it possesses a high activity of ...197897500
activity of three 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives against in vitro dental plaque.three 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives, assessed using an in vitro preformed dental plaque model system, were differentially inhibitory for four plaque-forming microorganisms.197898105
8-hydroxyquinolines with the potential for long-term anticaries activity: design, synthesis, and in vitro evaluation.8-hydroxyquinolyl benzoate and 8-hydroxyquinolyl para-(fluorosulfonyl)benzoate have been synthesized and evaluated in vitro as antimicrobial and antiplaque agents. both compounds inhibited the growth of cultures of the following genera: streptococcus, staphylococcus, actinomyces, lactobacillus, veillonella, and candida. minimum inhibitory concentrations ranged from 0.98 to 62 microgram/ml. extracted human teeth pretreated with 1% solutions of either compound and rinsed with distilled water exhib ...197898543
diphenylhydantoin gingival hyperplasia in macaca arctoides: prevention by inhibition of dental plaque deposition. 1978100589
[use of protein-free potato juice concentrates in the production of tetracycline].the study on the use of potato juice concentrate in tetracycline production showed that the tetracycline-producing strain 3-nk of actinomyces aureofaciens grown on seed and fermentation media containing 2--2.5 and 0.35--0.45 per cent (by dry substance) of the concentrate produced the same antibiotic yield as that on the media with corn steep liquor.1978102242
incidence of serum precipitins against thermophilic actinomycetes, pigeon dropping and fungal antigens in puerto rico. 1978104720
amphipathic antigens of oral microorganisms - immunogenicity and other biological properties. 1978105572
the cell wall-associated levansucrase of actinomyces viscosus.actinomyces viscosus produces both a soluble extracellular levansucrase and a cell wall-associated levansucrase. the enzyme from cell walls was solubilized by lysozyme digestion. the soluble extracellular and cell wall-associated forms of the enzyme were compared and appeared to be identical, based on molecular weight estimations, kinetic parameters, and reactions with antisera. the product of both forms of the enzyme was a high molecular weight, branched levan, as shown by its reactivity with m ...1979105761
bacterial and strain specificities in opsonization, phagocytosis and killing of streptococcus mutans.opsonization of streptococcus mutans, followed by phagocytosis and killing by polymorphonuclear leucocytes has been postulated as an effector mechanism in protection against dental caries. opsonization was studied by using sera from monkeys immunized with killed strep. mutans (sero-type c) and compared with sera from sham-immunized monkeys. antibodies to strep. mutans (sero-type c) induced maximal phagocytosis and killing of serotypes c and e, and this was significantly greater than with serotyp ...1979106996
viable and total cell masses in dental plaque as measured by bioluminescence methods.bioluminescence methods have been applied to the measurement of the viable and total cell masses of small samples of dental plaque. the total adenine nucleotide content of dental plaque samples and of a pure culture of bacteria was determined and the adenylate energy charge calculated from this. when a pure culture of bacteria was killed with heat, the adenylate energy charge decreased exponentially with duration of treatment and corresponded with a decrease in the count of viable organisms.1979111878
[action of grisin on the variability of an acinomyces griseus culture and the use of the same antibiotic as a selection agent in the selection of active variants].the effect of grisin on survival and variation of actinomyces griseus producin grisin was studied. the efficiency of various concentrations of grisin on induction of variation according to the feature of the antibiotic production was compared. a possibility of increasing the productivity of strain. vniigenetics-115 by the use of the mutations of resistance to grisin is shown.1979114104
[serological analysis of actinomyces viscosus and identification of pathogenic human strains]. 1978115912
[lipoamino acids in the composition of actinomycete polar lipids].the capacity for substitution of phospholipids, in particular phosphatidyl ethanolamine, by a phosphorus-lacking lipoamino acid was studied in different groups of actinomycetes. in the conditions of phosphorus deficiency, most cultures were found to be capable of synthesizing a phosphorus-lacking nitrogen-containing lipoamino acid. its characteristics (rf) in tlc are similar to those of ornithinolipid. this fact confirms, for the first time and for different groups of actinomycetes, the hypothes ...1979116114
the bacteriology of dental plaque from a variety of zoo-maintained mammalian species. 1979116634
lipoquinones of some spore-forming rods, lactic-acid bacteria and actinomycetes.the respiratory quinones of 73 strains of gram-positive bacteria including spore-forming rods, lactic-acid bacteria and actinomyctes were examined. menaquinones with seven isoprenoid units (mk-7) were the main quinone type found in representatives of the genus bacillus and in sporolactobacillus inulinus. however, a strain of b. thuringiensis produced mk-8 in addition to mk-7, and strains of b. lentus and b. pantothenticus appeared to produce mk-9 and mk-8, respectively, with no mk-7. in the clos ...1979119033
[elastolytic enzymes from actinomyces fradiae 119].using ion-exchange chromatography and gel-filtration, elastase ii, the main elastolytic component of protofradin (preparation of proteases of act. fradiae 119), was purified to an electrophoretically homogeneous state. the enzyme is a serine proteinase with mol. weight of 17800 +/- 1000 and a pi greater than 10. the enzyme is stable at ph greater than 4,0 and exhibits its maximal activity towards elastin at ph 9,2. an analysis of elastolytic products revealed that the enzyme hydrolyses natural e ...1979121059
[amino acid composition and chemical functional group modification of protease (ti-ajl) inhibitor from actinomyces janthinus 118].the amino acid composition of the protease (ti-ajl) inhibitor from actinomyces janthinus 118 has been determined. it was shown that the ti-ajl, s-si and plasminostreptin inhibitors of trypsin and subtilisin have a number of common features: number of double bonds, tryptophane and tyrosine residues, prevalence of the acidic amino acids over the basic ones, ets. the effect of chemical modification of amino groups, arginine, tyrosine and methionine residues on the inhibitory activity of ti-ajl was ...1979121060
carbohydrate metabolism in actinomyces viscosus. 1979121304
effect of actinomyces viscosus on the establishment and symbiosis of streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sanguis in spf rats on different sucrose diets. 1975123171
an electron microscopic study of the periodontal tissues of germfree rats and rats monoinfected with actinomyces naeslundii. 1976129547
interbacterial aggregation of actinomyces naeslundii and dental plaque streptococci. 1977137307
predominant cultivable microbiota in periodontosis. 1977138729
some effects of chlorhexidine acetate on the adherence of oral bacteria to dental enamel in vitro. 1977143516
[the microbial population of the gingival sulcus of mongoloid and normal children--a comparative study]. 1976145388
[microorganism biosynthesis of enzyme inhibitors of a protein nature (a review)]. 1978147455
the effects of local immunization with periodontopathic microorganisms on periodontal bone loss in gnotobiotic rats. 1978151132
the in vitro inhibition of microbial growth and plaque formation by surfactant drugs.several cationic, mixed and amphoteric surfactants were tested for their antimicrobial activity and ability to inhibit the formation of in vitro plaque by oral microorganisms. all had antimicrobial activity against actinomyces viscosus. actinomyces naeslundii and streptococcus mutans. cationic surfactants were comparable to chlorhexidine in antimicrobial activity but were less effective in inhibiting plaque formation. amphoteric surfactants were less effective than other detergents in antibacter ...1978151134
stability of the resident microflora and the bacteriocinogeny of streptococcus mutans as factors affecting its establishment in specific pathogen-free rats.the outcome of the experimental implantation of streptococcus mutans strains in humans and animals is unpredictable, and neither success nor failure can be explained. it seems logical to assume that, apart from dietary and host factors, the characteristics of the s. mutans strain involved and those of the resident plaque microflora are important in colonization. for example, previous work in this laboratory suggested that bacteriocin production accounts at least in part for the establishment of ...1979154472
pathological changes caused by the injection of lipids isolated from gram-positive organisms into the gingiva of rats. 1979155736
alkyl-bisbiguanides as in vitro inhibitors of bacterial growth and dental plaque formation. 1979161580
factors affecting the stability of the resident dental plaque microflora of specific pathogen-free rats in relation to the ability to resist colonization by streptococcus mutans. 1979161701
reticulol, an inhibitor of cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate phosphodiesterase. 1975168174
[isolation of exonuclease a5 preparation free of phosphomonoesterase contamination].a method is described of the isolation of exonuclease from cultural medium of actinomyces sp. of coelicolor type, strain 5. the enzyme preparation is practically free from phosphatase activity (the ratio between exonuclease and phosphatase activities is about 10000). chromatography on deae-sephadex after the heating of the enzyme preparation at 37 degrees c and ph 5.5 in the presence of 2-mercaptoethanol was used to elimate the phosphatase contamination. the preparation of exonuclease a5 is suit ...1975173427
in vivo and in vitro stimulation of collagenase production by rabbit alveolar macrophages. 1976179511
regulation of lactate dehydrogenase activity in rothia dentocariosa by fructose 1,6-diphosphate and adenosine 5'-triphosphate.the l-(+)-lactate dehydrogenase from rothia dentocariosa strain 17931 is activated by fructose 1,6-diphosphate and inhibited by adenosine 5'-triphosphate. the enzyme has a molecular weight of 120,000. in these respects, it resembles the lactate dehydrogenase of actinomyces viscosus.1976181365
[mutagenic action of n-nitrosodimethylurea on actinomyces rimosus and penicillium chrysogenum].high mutagenic activity of n-nitrozodimethylurea (ndmu), an agent of the group of the nitrozo compounds not studied in detail was shown with respect to prototrophic and auxotrophic strains of actinomyces rimosus, an organism producing oxytetracycline and penicillium chrysogenum, an organism producing penicillin. the rate of direct and back mutations in the auxotrophic strain of act. rimosus under the effect of ndmu was many times higher than that of spontaneous mutations. ndmu was used at one of ...1976182067
[research progress of secondary metabolites produced by microorganisms--enzyme inhibitors (author's transl)]. 1976186848
[effect of actinomyces rimosus ribonuclease on the reproduction of viruses].antiviral activity of rna-ase isolated from the fermentation broth of actinomyces rimosus was studied. the effect of the enzyme on multiplication of the viruses of vesicular stomatitis, newcastle and cariolovaccine diseases was investigated. it was found that the enzyme was capable of suppressing reproduction of the vesicular stomatitis virus (vsv) in the culture of chick fibroblast cells. the suppression level directly depended on the enzyme concentration and decreased with an increase in the i ...1977190944
intracellular camp level oscillations in synchronous cultures of an actinomycete. 1978214717
[experimental study of the action of the rnase from actinomyces rimosus on the variolovaccine virus].the effect of actinomyces rimosus rnaase on the variolovaccine virus was studied. the inhibitory effect of the actinomyces rimosus rnaase on the variolovaccine virus reproduction in the tissue culture cells was shown. in the experiments with the use of chick embryons and rabbits this effect was less pronounced. a 10 time increase in the infection multiplicity both in the tissue culture and the chick embryons had no noticeable effect on the level of the virus inhibition. it was supposed that the ...1979220906
occurrence of anaerobic bacteria in diseases of the dog and cat.a survey for anaerobic bacteria was conducted in 314 clinical specimens from dogs and cats. a total of 187 anaerobic isolates in pure and mixed culture were isolated from 111 of the specimens that contained anaerobic bacteria. common isolated included actinomyces (9.1%), clostridium perfringens (19.3%), other clostridium spp (11.2%), peptostreptococcus anaerobius (7.5%), bacteroides melaninogenicus (13.4%), other bacteroides spp (17.6%), and fusobacterium necrophorum (5.3%). anaerobic bacteria w ...1979224739
rat memory t lymphocytes. ii. differences in macrophage-dependent activation shown by actinomyces viscosus antigens and by mitogens, using silica in vitro.protein-coated silica, a macrophage toxin, was used to assess the requirement for accessory cells in the induction of an in vitro proliferative response to (i) antigens from actinomyces viscosus and (ii) the mitogens conconavalin a (con a) and phytohaemagglutinin (pha). t cells were obtained from ric-sprague-dawley rats primed in vivo with a. viscosus nyl by splenectomy and filtering the spleen cell suspensions through degalan ig-anti-igg columns. in the presence of 100 microgram silica/ml durin ...1979230582
neuraminidase-dependent hamagglutination of human erythrocytes by human strains of actinomyces viscosus and actinomyces naeslundii.human a, b, and o erythrocytes (rbc) were agglutinated by many human strains of actinomyces viscosus and a. naeslundii. at 37 degrees c, these bacterium-mediated hemagglutination reactions required the action of bacterial neuraminidase upon the rbc; however, at 4 degrees c, the requirement for neuraminidase was not as striking. bacterial cell suspensions which caused hemagglutination at 37 degrees c contained both soluble extracellular and cell-associated neuraminidase activities as shown by enz ...1979232691
isoelectric focusing of bacteria: species location within an isoelectric focusing column by surface charge. 1975235251
effect of simazine on growth of microorganisms and decomposition of this preparation in various types of soil. 1975235828
[comparative characteristics of the ability to coagulate milk in different representatives of the order actinomycetales].the ability to clot milk was studied among 482 cultures of actinomycetales. the highest activity was manifested by thermophilic actinomycetes, the next come globisporous, white, and gray groups of the genus actinomyces. cultures belonging to the genera mycobacterium and mycococcus did not clot milk. the ability to clot milk can be used as an additional taxonomic index while studying ray fungi.1975240108
characterization of a dextranase produced by an oral strain of actinomyces israelii.a dextranase-producing, gram-positive, anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium isolated from human dental plaque was identified as actinomyces israeli. although the extracellular dextranase (ec formed by this microbe appeared to be constitutively produced, the bacterium did not utilize the reaction products as a carbon source during growth. a striking feature of the dextranase was the formation of two distinct groups of oligosaccharide end products. the two groups presumably correspond to the ...1975240779
[formation of dextranases by mycelial fungi and actinomycetes].the dextranase activity of cultures of mycelial fungi of different genera and actinomycetes from the chromogenes species of the actinomyces genus was studied. about one third of the mycelial fungi and 8% of actinomycetes showed dextranase activity. the resulting extracellular dextranases demonstrated on endotypic pattern of action on the substrate. actinomycete dextranases were several times more active than fungal dextranases and exhibited a significant activity in the neutral and weakly alkali ...1975241997
[actinomyces in dental plaque]. 1977266558
comparison of antiplaque agents using an in vitro assay reflecting oral in vitro assay is described using saliva-treated bovine enamel slabs for determining the potential of chemotherapeutic agents to adsorb to tooth surfaces and act against plaque-forming bacteria. chlorhexidine was found to inhibit the formation of in vitro plaque by actinomyces viscosus, a naeslundii, streptococcus mutans and s sanguis. actinobolin was found to have marked antibacterial properties but limited adsorptive qualities.1977268336
[studies on actinomyces. some of the information obtained from electron microscopic and biochemical studies (author's transl)]. 1977268537
the identification and enumeration of actinomyces from plaque of new guinea indigenes. 1977269753
alveolar bone loss in thymectomized golden hamsters.fifty-six neonatally thymectomized and 41 neonatally sham-operated female golden hamsters (mesocricetus auratus) were divided into 2 groups, one inoculated with actinomyces (n16) and the other not inoculated. all animals were raised and maintained on a high sucrose, soft diet (diet 2000) and water, ad libitum. white blood cell counts, differentials and total lymphocyte counts were determined at 4 to 5 weeks of age. the rejection of albino hamster skin grafts and the hemagglutination response to ...1977269944
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