identification of a glucan-binding protein c gene homologue in streptococcus macacae.the past few decades have seen the isolation of certain glucosyltransferases and a number of proteins from mutans streptococci. some of these proteins have been shown to possess glucan-binding capabilities which confer an important virulence property on mutans streptococci for the role of these bacteria play in dental caries. among these proteins is glucan-binding protein c, which is encoded by the gbpc gene, and which we have identified as being involved in the dextran-dependent aggregation of ...200616390339
one of two gbpc gene homologues is involved in dextran-dependent aggregation of streptococcus sobrinus.streptococcus sobrinus exhibits marked dextran-dependent aggregation mediated by glucan-binding proteins (gbps). in contrast to streptococcus mutans, in which the gbpc gene responsible for dextran-dependent aggregation of this organism has been characterized, genes encoding the s. sobrinus gbps have not yet been identified.200717600535
distribution of streptococcus troglodytae and streptococcus dentirousetti in chimpanzee oral cavities.the aim of this study was to analyze the distribution and phenotypic properties of the indigenous streptococci in chimpanzee (pan troglodytes) oral cavities. eleven chimpanzees (aged from 9 to 44 years, mean ± sd, 26.9 ± 12.6 years) in the primate research institute of kyoto university were enrolled in this research and brushing bacterial samples collected from them. streptococci were isolated from the oral cavities of all chimpanzees. the isolates (n = 46) were identified as thirteen species by ...201323668608
[the molecular genetic characteristic of species content of saliva and gingival recess under periodontitis].the examination was carried out of samplings of 110 patients with periodontitis (observation group) and 60 patients without pathology of periodont (comparison group). the polymerase chain reaction was used to analyze samples of saliva and contents of periodontal recesses for detecting species-specific dna fragments of porphymmonas gigngivalis, streptococcus macacae, s. mutans, s. oralis, s. salivarius, s. sangis, s. sobrinus, treponema denticola. in patients with periodontitis s. mutans, s. oral ...201527032255
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