isolation and purification of flavobacterium alpha-1,3-glucanase-hydrolyzing, insoluble, sticky glucan of streptococcus mutans.studies were made on the physical and chemical properties of polysaccharides synthesized by cell-free extracts of streptococcus mutans, streptococcus sanguis, and streptococcus sp. and their susceptibilities to dextranases. among the polysaccharides examined, insoluble glucans were rather resistant to available dextranase preparations, and the insoluble, sticky glucan produced by s. mutans omz 176, which could be important in formation of dental plaques, was the most resistant. by enrichment cul ...1975370
bacteraemia following oesophageal dilatation and oesophago-gastroscopy.significant, but asymptomatic, bacteraemia after oesophageal dilatation with hurst's bougies for oesophageal stricture or spasm was detected in six of 11 patients. no bacteraemia was identified in ten volunteers without oesophageal pathology, who underwent passage of the same dilators. after oesophago-gastroscopy significant bacteraemia was identified in one of ten patients examined. the predominant bacterial isolates were streptococci ("streptococcus viridans" and non-haemolytic streptococcus s ...1977266890
the in-vitro attachment of an oral streptococcus sp. to the acquired tooth enamel pellicle. 1978278549
pathological and microbiological studies on calf pneumonia occurring in mass rearing facilities.pathological and microbiological studies were conducted on lesions in the lungs of 194 calves from mass rearing facilities. macroscopically, the lesions were classified into six forms: nonlesion, atelectasis, mild pneumonia, moderate pneumonia, advanced pneumonia, and advanced pneumonia accompanied with abscess. histopathological examination revealed bronchopneumonia in most of the calves. lesions more advanced than moderate pneumonia were complicated with desquamation, severe exudation, and nec ...1979522891
immunity to lancefield's group e. streptococcus: flank inoculation of susceptible and immune swine.healthy swine flank inoculated with lancefield's group e streptococcus sp developed characteristic signs of streptococcal lymphadenitis of swine; however, abscesses were found in prefemoral lymph nodes rather than in cervical lymph nodes. after 6 months, swine (recovered from the cervical form of streptococcal lymphadenitis of swine caused by oral exposure to group e streptococcus) were flank inoculated with group e streptococcus sp. only transitory signs of diseases developed and abscesses did ...1978629468
immunity to lancefield's group e streptococcus: passive protection of swine.healthy swine from one source were randomly allotted to 3 groups of 3 pigs each. troup i and ii pigs were parenterally dosed with serum obtained from swine in the convalescent stage of streptococcic lymphadenitis of swine. group iii pigs were contact controls. the swine of all groups were orally exposed to lancefield's group e streptococcus sp. during the next 3 weeks, the controls evidenced little resistance to the development of streptococcic lymphadenitis of swine, whereas the principals evid ...1978677537
bacteriology of human experimental gingivitis: effect of plaque and gingivitis score.the plaque flora isolated from discrete dentogingival sites during a human gingivitis experiment was analyzed as a function of the plaque score and of the gingivitis score. when the gingivitis score was plotted as a function of the plaque score, a nonbleeding gingivitis was associated with a proportional increase in the actinomyces sp. at the expense of the streptococcus sp. in particular, the percentage of actinomyces israelii increased significantly, while the percent streptococcus sanguis dec ...1978711337
[inhibition of proteus sp. by nalidixic acid].the investigation comprised 192-positive and gram-negative strains of bacteria, including 111 proteus sp. the degree of resistance of these strains to nalidixic-acid was investigated on blood agar with 25 mug, 40 mug, and 50 mug nalidixin-acid per ml medium. none of the proteus strains were able to grow on medium with 50 mug nalidixic-acid per ml, whereas streptococcus sp., corynebacterium pyogenes, peptococcus indolicus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and beta-toxic staphylococci all were found resist ...1976825831
bacteriological evaluation of fosfomycin in clinical studies.since fosfomycin has behaved in vitro as a broad-spectrum antibiotic, an attempt has been made to evaluate this behaviour in controlled clinical study carried out at different spanish hospitals. a total of 959 patients were treated for some of the following infectious clinical processes: gonococcal urethritis, typhoid fever, enterocolitis, acute and chronic urinary tract infections, osteomyelitis, chronic otorrhoea, septicaemia, meningitis, peritonitis, surgical and suppurative infections, bronc ...1977832523
septic polyarthritis associated with bacterial endocarditis in two dogs.two dogs were examined because of chronic shifting lameness. in each case, lameness was attributed to septic polyarthritis, as documented by synovial fluid analysis and culture. in 1 dog, antemortem diagnosis of bacterial endocarditis was verified by clinical and culture data. treatment of both dogs was unsuccessful, and necropsy of each dog revealed bacterial endocarditis with coexistent septic polyarthritis. bacteriologic blood cultures yielded an anaerobic streptococcus sp (dog 1) and pasteur ...1977914687
characterization of anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria isolated from freshwater lake sediments.strict anaerobic culture techniques were used to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate the anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria present at the sediment-water interface of hyperutrophic wintergreen lake (augusta, mich.). anaerobic plate counts remained constant from march through december, 1973, ranging from 2.4 x 10(6) to 5.7 x 10(6) organisms/g (dry weight) of sediment. the isolatable bacteria represented a small percentage of the total microbial community, which was shown by direct microscopic ...1976942211
formation of methyl mercury by bacteria.twenty-three hg2+-resistant cultures were isolated from sediment of the savannah river in georgia; of these, 14 were gram-negative short rods belonging to the genera escherichia and enterobacter, six were gram-positive cocci (three staphylococcus sp. and three streptococcus sp.) and three were bacillus sp. all the escherichia, enterobacter, and the bacillus strain were more resistant to hg2+ than the strains of staphylococci and streptococci. adaptation using serial dilutions and concentration g ...19751180551
infection and mortality in captive wild-trapped canvasback ducks.fungal, bacterial and malarial infections, as well as malnutrition caused heavy mortality in a group of wild-trapped canvasbacks (aythya valisineria) held in 10 x 3 x 2 m open-water pens. deaths occurred between 21 and 158 days after confinement and were associated with infections of aspergillus fumigatus, escherichia coli, staphylococcus sp., streptococcus sp., klebsiella sp., enterobacter sp., and plasmodium sp. infection and mortality was believed to result from reduced resistance associated ...19761255909
novel streptococcal-integration shuttle vectors for gene cloning and new streptococcal integration shuttle vectors have been constructed which contain different antibiotic-resistance-encoding genes capable of expression in both streptococcus sp. and escherichia coli. these plasmids can replicate in e. coli, but not in streptococci because of the absence of a streptococcal origin of replication. the size, antibiotic resistance, and number of unique restriction sites available for cloning for each plasmid are as follows: psf141 (7.6 kb, cmr and kmr, 7 sites), ...19921327968
protein v, a novel type-ii igg receptor from streptococcus sp.: sequence, homologies and putative fc-binding site.we have cloned and sequenced the fc-receptor-encoding gene, fcrv, from a group g streptococcus. considerable similarity was revealed between the fcrv, fcra76 and m proteins of group a streptococci in their signal sequences and 3' termini, and between the fc-binding regions of fcrv and fcra76. the promoter and terminator regions showed no homology with those of the fcra76 and m protein-encoding genes. the a1-a4 domains of fcrv (protein v) exhibit a heptapeptide repeat motif which is characteristi ...19921398120
prevention of c3 deposition by capsular polysaccharide is a virulence mechanism of type iii group b streptococci.strains of type iii group b streptococci isolated from patients with neonatal sepsis are generally resistant to complement-mediated phagocytic killing in the absence of specific antibody. it has been suggested that the resistance of type iii group b streptococci to phagocytosis results from inhibition of alternative-complement-pathway activation by sialic acid residues of the type iii polysaccharide. to better define the relationship between structural features of the type iii capsule and resist ...19921398910
microbiology of secondarily infected diaper dermatitis.specimens obtained from 67 infants with secondarily infected diaper dermatitis were cultured for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. bacteria growth was obtained in 58. aerobic facultative bacteria or candida sp. only were present in 28 patients (48%), anaerobic bacteria only in 11 (19%), and mixed anaerobic with aerobic, facultative, or yeast flora was present in 19 (33%). ninety-one bacterial or fungal isolates were recovered (1.6 per specimen), 54 (0.9 per specimen) aerobic or facultative bacteri ...19921399196
synthesis and antimicrobial properties of 2h-pyran-3(6h)-one derivatives and related compounds.the synthesis of several derivatives of 2h-pyran-3(6h)-ones and their michael adducts is described. phenylthio, benzenesulfonyl, p-acetylaminobenzenesulfonyl, and p-bromophenyl substituents are beneficial for activity against gram-positive bacteria. 2-[4-(phenylthio)phenyl]-2-methyl-6-methoxy-2h-pyran-3(6h)-one (8a) showed a minimum inhibitory concentration of 1.56 micrograms/ml against staphylococcus aureus atcc 2593, and 2-[4-(phenylthio)phenyl]-2-methyl-6-[(p-nitrobenzoyl)oxy]-2h-pyran-3 (6h) ...19921447718
syntheses and activities of n-substituted derivatives of siastatin b.n-substituted derivatives of siastatin b have been obtained by a chemical modification. some derivatives showed potent inhibitory activities against streptococcus sp. and clostridium perfringens neuraminidases.19921473994
[the pathogenesis of the "endometritis-pyometra complex" in the female dog].based on investigations in 51 bitches (uteri and ovaries after ovariohysterectomy), suffering from "endometritis-pyometra-complex" (without, n = 38; with, n = 13, hormonal pretreatment), morphologic-functional endometrial characteristics (light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, enzyme histochemistry, immunohistochemical estrogen receptor analysis) are correlated with ovarian findings, plasma estradiol and progesterone levels as well as microbiological results. the estrous phase of all cy ...19921553839
etiology and antibiotic susceptibility of bloodstream streptococcus sp.249 episodes of streptococcus bacteraemia in hospitalized patients were evaluated for both clinical and microbiological features. specification of the isolates demonstrated that infective endocarditis was predominantly associated with streptococcus sanguis and streptococcus bovis whereas streptococcus pyogenes and streptococcus milleri were the most common cause of local and/or systemic infections. in vitro-susceptibility tests towards 9 selected antibiotics proved that beta-lactam antibiotics a ...19921611209
evaluation of a scheme for predicting the gram-staining reaction of organisms causing bovine mastitis.the accuracy of a scheme for predicting the gram-staining reaction of organisms causing bovine mastitis in cows with systemic signs of disease (anorexia) was evaluated over 1 year. criteria for making the predictions included: season of year, stage of lactation, appearance of milk, detection and duration of teat injuries, and milk odor. it was possible to determine the cause by microbiologic culture of specimens from 136 of the 147 cows of the study. of 78 infections caused by gram-negative (mos ...19901689287
[the etiology of purulent meningoencephalitis in pediatrics. the therapeutic implications].in order to know the etiology of purulent meningitis in infant and children, a retrospective study was done; 709 cases of a pediatric infectious disease service were analyzed. diagnosis was established either by antigen detection (coagglutination) or bacterial culture. in 334/709 (48%) the bacterial agent was identifies. haemophilus influenzae type b (70%), streptococcus pneumoniae (14%), enterobacteriaceae (8%) and streptococcus sp (6.5%) were the most frequent. according to our results the epi ...19911790836
[effects of antibiotics and anti-bacterial components of preparations for local treatment of suppurative wounds on pathogens of odonto- genic infections].the results of identification and sensitivity assay of 156 strains of pathogens causing odontogenic infections are presented. in the sensitivity assay antibacterial drugs were used. 42.3 percent of the strains were obligate anaerobes belonging to bacteroides, fusobacterium, peptococcus, peptostreptococcus, veillonella and actinomyces. significant differences in the microbial sensitivity to the drugs used for general and local therapy were detected. there was observed high sensitivity of the obli ...19911805697
[virological and bacteriological study of materno-fetal infections in brazzaville].serological study of serum samples taken from pregnant women and umbilical cord and bacteriological study of vaginal secretions samples and cerebrospinal fluid (csf) showed in mothers: t. pallidum antibody (tp ab) 9%, rubella virus antibody (ru ab) 85%; hbs ag 16%, hiv antibody (hiv ab) 4%. microbe culture showed: s. aureus 18%, streptococcus sp. 9%, e. coli 4.9%, klebsiella 3.6%, citrobacter 3.6%, candida albicans 15%; direct immunofluorescence: chlamydia 26%. in infants: igg umbilical cord: tp ...19911819414
[a comparative study of 2 substances produced by the streptococcus sp. thom-1606 strain].among the substances secreted by streptococcus sp. thom-1606 [correction of tom-1606], two substances exhibiting opposite biological action have been detected. their antigenic structure, as indicated by the data of immunoprecipitation in agar, are not identical. the compounds contained in the substance with antibacterial action have molecular weight below 10 kd, stokes' radium equal to 1.10 +/- 0.15 nm and electrophoretic mobility approximating that of d1-fraction of human blood serum. the compo ...19911887720
[clinico-statistical study on pyometra in high-aged outpatients].we clinico-statistically studied outpatients with pyometra aged 60 or older who visited our outpatient clinic during the past four years. 1. pyometra was diagnosed in 48 cases (13.6%) of 353 in which the uterine cavity could be examined. the incidence became significantly higher with age (p less than 0.01). 2. thirty-two patients with pyometra were found to require a wheelchair or to be in an immobilized state (bedridden). these patients with poor activity in daily living amounted to 76.2% of 42 ...19911940551
visualization of bacterial flagella by video-enhanced light microscopy.we have imaged individual flagellar filaments of escherichia coli, a motile streptococcus sp., and rhizobium meliloti by video-enhanced differential interference-contrast microscopy (nomarski dic) and computer-based image processing. this approach has advantages over existing methods in that filaments on living cells can be seen over their entire lengths.19911987174
relationship of osteomyelitis and associated soft-tissue lesions with green liver discoloration in tom turkeys.tom turkey carcasses with partial green discolored livers (n = 191) or normal livers (n = 198) were examined for osteomyelitis and/or associated soft-tissue lesions. seventy-nine turkeys with green discolored livers had osteomyelitis and/or associated soft-tissue lesions (41.4%), including 53 with just osteomyelitis (27.7%), while 112 (59.6%) had no osteomyelitis and/or soft-tissue lesions. only five turkeys (2.5%) with normal livers had osteomyelitis. discolored livers were significantly heavie ...19912029248
microwave: practical cost-effective method for sterilizing urinary catheters in the home.we used a standard microwave oven to sterilize red rubber catheters used for intermittent self-catheterization. catheters were incubated for sixty minutes in a suspension of microorganisms isolated from the urine of patients with urinary tract infections. for each trial, 6 catheters were removed from their respective suspensions, placed in separate plastic freezer bags, distributed evenly in a microwave oven (avoiding cold spots), and microwaved simultaneously for twelve minutes. a control cathe ...19902107618
[significance of the bacterial flora in the etiology of apical periodontitis. qualitative, quantitative and topographical aspects].in the international literature it is shown the central role of root canal infection in the etiology of periapical lesions. as a matter of fact it has been proved (13) that sterile necrotic pulp tissue is completely unable to cause inflammatory reactions at the periapex. infection of endodontic origin extends to the supporting tissues of the tooth only in the case of their acute inflammation (e.g. acute apical periodontitis, acute alveolar abscess, phoenix abscess). on the other hand in chronic ...19902135040
formation of a clear zone on tannin-treated brain heart infusion agar by a streptococcus sp. isolated from feces of koalas.gram-positive cocci, isolated from the feces of koalas and identified as streptococcus bovis biotype i, formed a distinct clear zone on tannin-treated brain heart infusion agar, suggesting that this isolate has the unique characteristic of degrading the tannin-protein complex.19902180375
[clinical evaluation of sultamicillin in the treatment of urinary tract infections].sultamicillin, a new semisynthetic oral beta-lactam antibiotic, was evaluated for its antibacteria susceptibility and clinical efficacy against urinary tract infection (uti), and the following results were obtained. the sensitivity of sultamicillin (sbtpc) on 518 strains of clinical isolates from the urine were tested and compared to ampicillin (abpc). s. aureus, s. epidermidis, enterococcus sp., streptococcus sp., e. coli, k. pneumoniae, k. oxytoca, p. mirabilis, m. morganii and acinetobacter s ...19902239586
[10 fatal endocarditis: autopsy observations, causes of death].among 841 autopsies realized between january 1982 and september 1988, by the pathological the department of amiens university hospital the ten patients dead of infectious endocarditis have been autopsied. macroscopic and microscopic observations have two cases of acute endocarditis and eight of subacute endocarditis. for the two patients dead of acute endocarditis, autopsy affirms the cardiovascular etiology of death. for the eight cases of subacute endocarditis, necropsic findings differs from ...19902240400
a54145 a new lipopeptide antibiotic complex: microbiological evaluation.a54145 complex is made up of eight factors; a, a1, b, b1, c, d, e, and f which were active in vitro (mic 0.25 approximately greater than 32 micrograms/ml) against gram-positive aerobic organisms. the complex, factor b and b1 were found to be active against two strains of clostridium perfringens. a calcium dependence study on some of the factors showed that their in vitro antibacterial activity was greatly enhanced by the presence of calcium (50 mg/liter) in the media. resistance build-up was see ...19902380110
evaluation of teicoplanin for treatment of endocarditis caused by gram-positive cocci in 20 patients.teicoplanin, a new glycopeptide antibiotic similar to vancomycin, was evaluated for the treatment of bacterial endocarditis in an open multicenter study from may 1985 to august 1987. a total of 20 patients with positive blood culture endocarditis received teicoplanin once daily as a mean intravenous injection of 7.3 mg/kg of body weight (range, 4.8 to 10.6 mg/kg); in 17 patients, teicoplanin was combined with another antibiotic, usually an aminoglycoside. the mean duration of therapy was 28 days ...19892527483
antimicrobial action of natural substances on oral bacteria.the antimicrobial action of natural substances was investigated in vitro against oral bacteria including streptococcus sp., actinomyces sp., actinobacillus sp., bacteroides sp., capnocytophaga sp., eikenella sp., fusobacterium sp. and propionibacterium sp. among the natural substances tested, hinokitiol was the most inhibitory to oral bacteria. cinnamon bark oil, papua-mace extracts, and clove bud oil in spice extracts were also inhibitory against many oral bacteria. egg white lysozyme exhibited ...19892637783
prophylactic co-trimoxazole versus norfloxacin in neutropenic children--perspective randomized or norfloxacin were randomly administered to 44 granulocytopenic children with malignancies in order to prevent bacterial infections. although more patients in the co-trimoxazole group had febrile episodes (p less than 0.01), the mean of febrile days and the mean of days with systemic antibiotics did not differ significantly in the two groups. five patients in the co-trimoxazole group had a microbiologically documented infection (four with septicemia) due to escherichia coli (n = ...19892654019
[the properties of the antibacterial preparation tomicide and the prospects of its use for treating staphylodermas].the authors review the literature data and analyze their own findings on the properties of a bacteriocin-like drug tomicide, a filtrate of streptococcus sp. thom-1606 culture fluid. tomicide is characterized by antibacterial action on the cocci group bacteria and activates the macroorganism phagocytic reaction.19892686265
the effects of an occlusive zinc medicated dressing on the bacterial flora in excised wounds in the rat.the effects of three different dressings - two occlusive and one non-occlusive - on the bacterial flora of excised wounds in rats were studied. the number of colony forming units per gram of granulation tissue were significantly lower 4, 8 and 12 days postoperatively in wounds treated with a zinc medicated occlusive dressing compared with wounds treated with non-zinc medicated occlusive hydrocolloid dressing or wet-to-dry non-occlusive gauze dressing. the minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) o ...19892714861
bacteriology of chronic maxillary sinusitis in adults.aspirates of 72 chronically inflamed maxillary sinuses were processed for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. bacterial growth was present in 66 of the 72 specimens (92%). anaerobic bacteria were isolated in 58 of the 66 culture-positive specimens (88%). anaerobes only were recovered in 37 cases (56%) and in 21 (32%) they were mixed with aerobic or facultative bacteria. aerobic or facultative bacteria were present in eight cases (12%). a total of 185 isolates (2.8 per specimen)--131 (2.0 per specime ...19892729825
[bacteriological study of chronic paranasal sinusitis].analysis was done on the bacteria flora and the antibiotic sensitivity of 533 maxillary sinuses in 430 patients with chronic sinusitis treated at the kaohsiung medical college hospital during the past 10 years. among antral flora, streptococcus sp. were the most common (212 strains, 38.4%), followed by staphylococcus epidermidis (140 strains, 25.4%) and staphylococcus aureus (33 strains, 5.9%). these three g(+) bacteria made up 70% (69.87%) of the total. the percentage of gram-negative and anaer ...19892778857
the leech batracobdelloides tricarinata (blanchard, 1897) (hirudinea: glossiphoniidae) as a possible reservoir of the rainbow trout pathogenic streptococcus species.a streptococcus species biochemically and serologically identical to the rainbow trout pathogenic streptococcus species was isolated from the internal organs of the fish specific leech, batracobdelloides tricarinata. these leeches were obtained from roodeplaat dam, near pretoria, in which rainbow trout do not occur. this is the first isolation of this bacterium from an environmental source not related to rainbow trout and it is proposed that this leech is a possible reservoir of the rainbow trou ...19892812705
[dna isolated from streptococcus sp. thom-1066--the producer of thomicide].thomicide is a complex preparation including a bacteriocin-like substance. to localize the determinant responsible for synthesis of the bacteriocin-like substance, dna of the streptococcus producing thomicide was isolated and studied. equilibrium centrifugation of the total dna preparation in the gradient of cesium chloride-ethidium bromide yielded dna of one density. the total dna preparation was obtained with alkaline and neutral lysis. restriction analysis of the streptococcal dna followed by ...19872823692
some factors affecting isolation of clostridium tetani from human and animal stools.clostridium tetani was isolated from human and animal stools at the following rates [95% confidence interval (ci)]: human, 0% (1.5-0); horse, 1% (5-0); cow in cowshed, 4% (10-1); cow in pasture, 8.3% (17-1), calf in pasture, 0% (7-0); dog, 2% (11-0) and sheep in pasture, 25% (44-14). quantification of c. tetani in 16 animal stools positive for the bacillus was impossible in most cases, as the number of tetanus bacilli present was not large enough for this purpose. contaminating anaerobic and fac ...19882908185
erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae bacteremia in a horse.erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae serotype 5 was isolated from blood obtained antemortem from a horse with presenting problems of laminitis, uveitis, acute blindness, localized ventral edema and depression. the patient failed to respond to therapy and died 96 hours after the onset of clinical signs. cultures of the lung postmortem yielded erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae serotype 5, beta-hemolytic streptococcus sp., escherichia coli, proteus sp., and klebsiella sp.19892924578
[stp (the substance produced by a strain of streptococcus sp. thom-1606) as a stimulant of the nonspecific resistance of the macroorganism].preparation stp, a new immunostimulating agent, is a substance produced by streptococcus strain sp. thom-1606 and capable of enhancing the nonspecific activity of the body as shown in animal experiments. the optimal dose-time parameters of the administration of the immunostimulator have been established by the method of the mathematical planning of experiments. as a result, the survival of all animals used in the experiment has been achieved. mouse peritoneal macrophages have been found to form ...19883064516
acute fibrinopurulent blepharitis and conjunctivitis associated with staphylococcus hyicus, escherichia coli, and streptococcus sp. in chickens and turkeys.multiple outbreaks of acute severe fibrinopurulent lesions of the eyelids occurred in chickens and turkeys. lesions began as tiny foci of epidermal necrosis and ulceration and spread to involve the entire eyelid. scabs overlying the epidermis contained large gram-positive cocci; lesser numbers of small cocci and gram-negative bacilli were in more superficial areas. staphylococcus hyicus was isolated from birds in all stages of the disease. escherichia coli and streptococcus sp. were isolated onl ...19883068894
identification of brucella abortus in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues of cows, goats, and mice with an avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex immunoenzymatic staining avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex immunoenzymatic staining technique was evaluated for light microscopic detection of brucella organisms in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues. tissues from cows, goats, and mice inoculated with b abortus strain 2308 were examined, using rabbit antiserum to brucella cell surface protein as primary antibody. stained organisms were identified histologically in tissue sections containing b abortus, as detected by bacteriologic examination of duplicate nonpro ...19863096172
[bacterial infection agents in hospitalized patients].during six months the pattern of microbial isolates has been analysed from 1492 urinary tract infections, from 1445 wound infections, from 451 bronchial secretions, from 3067 blood cultures, from 116 peritoneal swabs and from 39 cerebrospinal fluids. all the specimens investigated were taken from patients of surgical, neurosurgical, internal wards and two intensive care units. in total, the most frequent isolates were grampositive microorganisms like staphylococus aureus, straphylococcus epiderm ...19863107262
effect of ofloxacin on oral and gastrointestinal microflora in patients undergoing gastric surgery.the effect of ofloxacin on the microflora in saliva, gastric juice, and feces was evaluated in 24 patients undergoing gastric surgery. a single peroral dose of 400 mg ofloxacin was given to each patient 2-4 h before surgery. the concentrations of ofloxacin in serum, saliva, gastric juice, and gastric mucosa tissue were assayed. only branhamella cocci were affected in the saliva. in the gastric juice, both the aerobic and anaerobic flora were suppressed on the day of surgery, but increased in num ...19883134200
acute pulpal-alveolar cellulitis syndrome. iv. exacerbations during endodontic treatment. part 3. a case asymptomatic abscessed maxillary premolar, which had undergone previous endodontic treatment, was retreated. the initial attempt to remove the silver cone seal was unsuccessful. early the next morning, the patient appeared with a severe cellulitis exacerbation. the silver cone was now loose: a lateral "blowout." specific cultures of the silver cone and exudate revealed three aerobic microbes: a streptococcus sp and two obligate pseudomonas spp. anaerobes were shown to be absent with anaerobic ...19883165521
treatment of bacterial endocarditis in a horse.using echocardiography, mitral valve bacterial endocarditis was diagnosed in a yearling thoroughbred filly with a history of periodic fever and intermittent hind limb lameness. streptococcus sp were isolated from blood, and the filly was treated with penicillin, resulting in a bacteriologic cure. severe mitral regurgitation developed secondary to scarring of the valve, which resulted in the filly's death. a poor prognosis usually is indicated in horses with bacterial endocarditis, as bacteriolog ...19883182385
[clinical evaluation of s 6472 granule preparation (sustained-release cefaclor) in chronic bronchitis].s 6472 granule preparation, a sustained-release cefaclor, was orally administered to 20 acutely exacerbated cases of chronic bronchitis at a daily dosage of 750 mg (titer) in 2 divided doses for a duration of 7-15 days and its clinical usefulness was evaluated. clinical efficacies were good in 17 cases and fair in 3 cases, with a rate of efficacy of 85.0%. organisms isolated from 13 patients were totalling 14 strains, i.e., 5 strains of streptococcus pneumoniae, 3 strains of branhamella catarrha ...19883241328
[pyogenic hepatic abscess].ten patients, 6 men and 4 women, with a mean age of 53 years, having pyogenic liver abscess, were studied to review the principal features of the clinical and bacteriological diagnosis. in 9 cases the abscess was located in the right hepatic lobe. bacteriological diagnosis was made in 6 cases: the etiology was nonmicrobian in 3 and two microorganisms were found in the other 3 cases. the isolated pathogens were: escherichia coli (3 cases), staphylococcus sp (3 cases), enterobacter agglomerans (1 ...19873270121
the indirect fluorescent antibody technique for the rapid identification of streptococcosis of rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri).the indirect fluorescent antibody technique has been used successfully for the rapid serological identification of the streptococcus sp. responsible for streptococcosis of rainbow trout. this technique has been used to identify the streptococcus sp. in pure cultures and smears made from experimentally infected and diseased fish.19883281083
[bases of antibiotherapy in neuromeningeal infections].an early treatment and an adequate antimicrobial chemotherapy are major prognostic factors for bacterial meningitis, brain abscesses and related infections. the necessity of an early therapy requires to begin an empiric antibiotic treatment prior to obtain microbiological results. the principles that apply to empiric therapy of other types of infections are equally applicable to the treatment of central nervous system (cns) infections and include: the capacity of achieving adequate levels of ant ...19883287201
in vitro study of the antibacterial activity of ofloxacin against recent clinical isolates.the in vitro activity of ofloxacin, a new broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, was studied by a standardized single disc method. a total of 990 clinical isolates were tested, including 20 strains of anaerobic bacteria. ofloxacin was highly active against 683 strains (70.41%), had intermediate activity against 109 (11.23%) and had no activity against 178 (18.35%). ofloxacin was highly active against e. coli, klebsiella sp., citrobacter sp., proteus mirabilis, proteus morganii, salmonella sp., camp ...19873476290
appearance of specific antibody-bearing cells in human bronchial mucosa after local immunization with bacterial vaccine.the immune response to local in vivo inhalation of a lysed bacteria vaccine was assessed in surgical specimens of main-stem bronchi from patients who had undergone pneumectomy for cancer. the patient population included 22 subjects; 11 of these received the aerosol vaccine twice a day for 10 days prior to surgery, while the remaining 11 patients were used as controls and were not immunized. the submucous glands of immunized subjects showed significantly more cells than did those of the controls, ...19863519666
[isolation and characteristics of an antibacterial substance produced by a strain of streptococcus sp. thom-1606. a study of the biological activity of the metabolic products of streptococcus sp. thom-1606].the data on the biological properties of the culture fluid of streptococcus strain sp. tom-1606 are presented. the native preparation has been shown to possess the capacity for stimulating the rate of the clearance of the peritoneal cavity of mice from staphylococcus aureus cells, strain mt-1, rif. r., found to be insensitive to the action of the above-mentioned preparation in vitro. the crude preparation produces a transitory bacteriostatic effect on the streptococcal and staphylococcal strains ...19863529764
[antibiotic susceptibility of bacteria isolated from surgical infections (first report)].in vitro activities of several antimicrobial agents against bacterial pathogens isolated from patients with primary and postoperative infections were investigated in 1982 and 1983. antimicrobial agents examined were as follows: sulbenicillin (sbpc), piperacillin (pipc), cephalothin (cet), cefazolin (cez), cefmetazole (cmz), cefotiam (ctm), cefoperazone (cpz), cefotaxime (ctx), ceftizoxime (czx), cefmenoxime (cmx), latamoxef (lmox), lincomycin (lcm), gentamicin (gm) and amikacin (amk). specimens ...19863543430
influence of exposure patterns of nitrogen dioxide and modifications by ozone on susceptibility to bacterial infectious disease in mice.the nitrogen dioxide (no2) diurnal cycle found in urban communities usually consists of a low basal concentration upon which are superimposed higher concentration peaks or spikes of short duration. various components of this environmental exposure mode were examined to assess effects of urban exposure profiles on susceptibility to infectious pulmonary disease. mice were exposed to no2 peaks of 4.5 ppm for 1, 3.5, or 7 h, challenged with streptococcus sp. either immediately or 18 h postexposure, ...19873573066
microbiology of the genitalia of nulliparous and postpartum savanna brown goats.a study of the bacterial flora of the genitalia of nulliparous savanna brown does was carried out both before breeding and at different intervals postpartum to investigate the type of microbial organisms that could be present in the uterus, cervix and the vagina respectively. of 29 pre-breeding vaginal swabs, staphylococcus sp. was isolated from 20 goats, streptococcus sp. from 15 goats and micrococcus sp. from four goats. mycoplasma agalactiae was isolated from five goats. the postpartum vagina ...19873590621
antibacterial activity of dilute povidone-iodine solutions used for ocular surface disinfection in dogs.bacterial cultures of specimens from healthy canine eyelids and ocular surfaces were found to demonstrate bacterial growth in 69.7% (53/76) of the eyes sampled. organisms most commonly isolated included: staphylococcus aureus, alpha-hemolytic streptococcus sp, s epidermidis, and escherichia coli. evaluation of dilute povidone-iodine solutions for effectiveness as ocular surface disinfectants was conducted. bacterial growth initially detected in 32 of 46 eyes was not detected after disinfection w ...19863729119
anaerobic osteomyelitis in children.twenty-six pediatric patients with osteomyelitis caused by anaerobic bacteria are presented. the etiologic factors were chronic mastoiditis (7 patients), decubitus ulcers (5), chronic sinusitis (4), periodontal abscesses (3), bites (3), paronychia (2), trauma (1) and scalp infection after fetal monitoring (1). seventy-four organisms (2.8 isolates/specimen), including 63 anaerobes (2.4/specimen), and 11 facultative and aerobic bacteria (0.4/specimen) were recovered. the predominant organisms were ...19863763419
[effect of tomicide and the cell wall biopolymers of streptococcus sp. thom-1606 on mast cell degranulation].the influence of tomicide and biopolymers obtained from the cell wall of streptococcus sp. tom-1606 on the degranulation of mast cells was studied. among the biopolymers of the streptococcal cell-wall polysaccharide was shown to induce the highest destruction of mast cells (14.84 +/- 6.8%). the alteration of mast cells under the effect of peptidoglycan and teichoic acid was mildly positive (11.85 +/- 5.8% and 12.1 +/- 6.2%). at the same time the destruction induced by the complex of noninfectiou ...19863788362
[role of streptococcus sp. in the etiology of periodontal disease in patients treated with crowns]. 19853870313
the influence of the host on expression of intestinal microbial enzyme activities involved in metabolism of foreign compounds.the activities of four enzymes (beta-glucuronidase, nitrate reductase and nitroreductase) in selected intestinal bacteria (escherichia coli, clostridium sp., streptococcus sp., bacteroides sp. and lactobacillus salivarius) were measured after growth in vitro and in vivo. the five strains differed in their activities with clostridium sp. being the most active for beta-glucosidase, beta-glucuronidase and nitroreductase, and e. coli the most active producer of nitrate reductase. enzyme activity in ...19853938453
[thomicide biosynthesis during the cultivation of streptococcus sp. strain thom-1606 on a medium of various carbohydrate concentrations].the influence of different concentrations of carbohydrates on biosynthesis of thomicide, an antibacterial agent was studied. inhibition of sugar consumption beginning at the calculated concentration of more than 1 per cent was shown. the excess of carbohydrates (not consumed carbohydrates) did not inhibit the culture growth and biosynthesis of thomicide. sucrose in a concentration of 1 per cent proved to be the most optimal carbohydrate substrate for accumulation and preservation of the thomicid ...19863947054
necrosis and abscessation of placental sites in a pekingese 18-month-old pekingese bitch aborted 7 foetuses at day 55 of pregnancy. necrosis and/or abscessation of all 7 placental sites were found following a panhysterectomy performed 4 days later. escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis and a beta-haemolytic streptococcus sp. were cultured from the vaginal discharge and from a uterine abscess.19854078836
broviac catheter sepsis: the natural history of an iatrogenic infection.between january 1982 and december 1983, 335 broviac catheters placed in 270 infants and children were prospectively evaluated. the average duration of catheter life was 99.7 days, yielding a total accumulated experience of 33,394 catheter days. blood culture-proven bacteremia occurred on 77 occasions (23%), an average of one spetic episode for every 434 days of catheter use. temperature elevation was the only consistent clinical sign of infection occurring in 91% of the children. white blood cel ...19854087103
streptococcal enteropathy in infant rats.a spontaneous outbreak of enteric disease with high morbidity and mortality occurred in preweanling rats on a multigeneration toxicity study. the rats had a large number of gram-positive cocci on the surface of villi in the small intestine without associated inflammatory change. ultrastructural study identified filamentous attachments between adjacent bacteria, and between bacteria and morphologically normal microvilli. the organism was isolated and identified as streptococcus sp. the disease wa ...19854094402
exudative epidermitis in pigs: etiological studies and pathology.the experimental production of exudative epidermitis of pigs following the inoculation of skin scrapings or cultures from field or experimentally-produced cases of the disease is described. typical lesions of exudative epidermitis were produced following inoculation, either intravenously or by scarification, of broth cultures of 4 strains of a micrococcus isolated from field cases of the disease. the experimental inoculation of pigs with skin scrapings sterilized by filtration or antibiotic trea ...19664225341
[verrucous endocarditis in bovine caused by streptococcus sp]. 19724619767
the influence of vitamin and magnesium limitations on fatty-acid fingerprints of chemostat grown streptococcus sp. ss. 19744854902
scanning electron microscopy of intact colonies of microorganisms.colonies of s. mutans omz61, streptococcus sp. d182, staphylococcus aureus oxford nctc 6571, and candida albicans type a, mrl 3153 were grown on various media. cubes of agar bearing two to three colonies were excised and processed for scanning electron microscopy. the characteristic shape of the colonies was seen when examined at low magnifications. at a magnification of 2,000 diameters, the arrangement of individual organisms within the colonies was observed. plano-convex colonies consisted of ...19705489440
bactericidal properties of the concentrated artificial kidney bath solution.this study was undertaken to investigate the ability of a 30 times concentrated dialysate fluid to support or inhibit growth of bacteria, and to evaluate its shelf life. the solution was inoculated with the following organisms in the logarithmic-growth phase: escherichia coli, coagulase-positive staphylococcus aureus, enteric streptococcus sp., pseudomonas sp., klebsiella-aerobacter sp., proteus sp., and bacillus subtilis. inoculated concentrate held at 37 c showed an exponential decrease in org ...19665914496
microflora of black and red pepper.dilution cultures of 30 samples of ground black pepper yielded an average of 39,000 colonies of fungi per g, with a range of 1,700 to 310,000 per g. total numbers of colonies of bacteria from 11 samples averaged 194,000,000 per g, with a range from 8,300,000 to 704,000,000 per g. a variety of fungi grew from nearly all surface-disinfected whole peppercorns that were cultured. thirteen samples of ground red pepper from the united states yielded an average of 1,600 colonies of storage fungi per g ...19676035055
[minimal inhibitory and bactericidal concentrations of cefoperazone, cefotaxime, cefuroxime and cefalotin against 90 bacterial strains].in this work, the sensitivity in vitro of cefoxitin, cefuroxime, cefotaxime, cefoperazone and cephalothin have been examined. test of sensitivity in vitro have been performed as by kirby-bauer method as by measurement of mic and mbc. then the regression lines have been determined. cefotaxime and cefoperazone provided nearly complete coverage of all enterobacteriaceae; 80% were inhibited at less than or equal to 2 mcg./ml. this value is far below therapeutically attainable serum concentrations. c ...19826100234
biochemical markers of the penicillin-induced l phase of a group b, type iii streptococcus sp.the penicillin-induced l phase of growth of the group b, type iii streptococcal strain 76-043 was examined for biochemical properties used for the identification of group b streptococci. after numerous serial subcultures in the cell wall-defective state, this stable l phase continued to produce hemolysin, hippuricase, and camp factor in addition to the group- and type-specific antigens. hemolysin production by the l-phase cells was observed on solid and in liquid media containing sheep erythrocy ...19836355170
peptide utilization by oral streptococci.streptococcus mitis atcc 903 and streptococcus sanguis 804 could utilize large peptides present in proteose peptone as their sole source of nitrogen but grew poorly in amino acid medium. by contrast, streptococcus mutans bht and s. mutans ib grew in amino acid medium but could not utilize large peptides. streptococcus sp. strain bravato had requirements for both peptides and amino acids. peptide size did not seem important for the utilization of peptides by s. mitis except that dipeptides were n ...19846363292
[antifungal and antimicrobial activity of beta-ionone and vitamin a derivatives].the antifungal and antimicrobic activity of some derivatives of beta-ionon and vitamin a was studied. these compounds (citral, pseudo-ionon. beta-ionon aldehyde c14, ketone c18 and its derivatives--4,18-diketone, alcohol c18, semicarbazide ketone c18), as well as vitamin a and its derivatives--retinal, acetate, retinoic acid--differ in composition, structure and substituents of c-atoms in beta-ionon ring and in polyenoic chain. fusarium solani, botrytis cenerea and verticillum dahliae ii, race 4 ...19836364128
the normal cultivable microflora in upper jejunal fluid in healthy adults.bacteriological studies of uncontaminated upper jejunal fluid were performed in 85 normal subjects. fifty-three per cent of the samples were sterile (less than 10(1) cfu/ml). in 10% of the cases the total number of microorganisms exceeded 10(5) cfu/ml. the main groups of microorganisms isolated were streptococcus sp ('viridans group'), lactobacillus sp., veillonella parvula, actinomyces sp., haemophilus sp., corynebacterium sp., and candida albicans, each found in more than 10% of the subjects. ...19846372075
experimental urinary tract infection in rabbits by a group d streptococcus sp.: a study of serum immunoglobulin classes by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.after induction of pyelonephritis and cystitis in rabbits by a group d streptococcus, the authors measured the specific serum antibody response in the three major immunoglobulin classes. the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was performed using group d streptococcal antigen extracted by phenol. before experimentation, all rabbits had low igm, igg and iga titres against group d streptococcal antigen. a marked increase in igm antibodies was detected during the first month of experimental pyeloneph ...19836416123
rutin-induced beta-glucosidase activity in streptococcus faecium vgh-1 and streptococcus sp. strain frp-17 isolated from human feces: formation of the mutagen, quercetin, from rutin.a fecal isolate, streptococcus sp. strain frp-17, and strain vgh-1 of streptococcus faecium were shown to contain beta-glucosidases which converted rutin (quercetin-3-o-beta-d-glucose-alpha-l-rhamnose) to quercetin and were active against o-nitrophenyl-beta-d-glucose. the activity against rutin could be measured by increased mutagenicity in the ames assay or visualized on thin-layer chromatography plates. in both organisms, the beta-glucosidase activities were inducible by the addition of rutin ...19846424566
role of resistance to starvation in bacterial survival in sewage and lake water.a study was conducted to determine the significance of starvation resistance to the ability of a species to survive in sewage and lake water. tests were conducted for periods of up to 14 days. rhizobium meliloti and one fluorescent and one nonfluorescent strain of pseudomonas were resistant to starvation because their population sizes did not fall appreciably in buffer and sterile lake water, and the first two maintained high numbers after being added to sterile sewage. cell densities of these b ...19846435525
[spoilage microorganisms encountered in ultra-high temperature processed milk].40 strains of aerobic or facultative anaerobic microorganisms were isolated from a total of 37 spoiled ultra high temperature processed milk. 13 of them were identified as the genus bacillus. they were 6 b. cereus, 5 b. licheniformis, 1 b. brevis and 1 b. pumilus. the other 27 strains were nonsporeforming microorganisms, which included 5 yeasts, 2 pseudomonas sp., 3 streptococcus sp., 12 lactobacillus sp., 1 shigella sp., 1 aeromonas sp. and 3 micrococcus sp. results indicate that the spoilage o ...19846468029
[isolation and characteristics of an antibacterial substance produced by strains of streptococcus sp. thom-1606. i. study of the conditions for increasing the synthesis of an antibacterial substance during the stab cultivation of streptococcus sp. tom-1606].in the process of investigations the antibacterial substance released by the producer strain has been found to be the secondary product of biosynthesis. the substance is synthetized under the conditions of low carbohydrate concentration in the culture fluid. the addition of glutamine into the culture medium at a concentration of 25 micrograms/ml increases the accumulation of the target product 4-fold in comparison with the control. the maximum synthesis of the antibacterial substance is shown to ...19846528778
[clinical evaluation of piperacillin in the urological field].the sensitivity of 249 etiological bacterial strains causing inflammation isolated from patients with infections of the urogenital tract who were under treatment on an in-patient basis in our department was examined by the disc (3 concentration) assay method. piperacillin (pipc) was employed for prophylactic treatment in 18 patients against postoperative infections and for therapeutic treatment in 3 patients against complicated infections of urogenital tracts. the results of these studies are re ...19836563846
superinfections in herpes simplex keratitis.we reviewed 15 cases of culture-proven corneal superinfections in 15 patients (eight men and seven women ranging in age from 41 to 86 years) with recurrent herpes simplex keratitis. the factors that appeared to increase the risk of superinfection were the presence of an epithelial defect (found in all 15 cases), a history of recurrent herpetic keratouveitis (found in ten cases), and the use of topical corticosteroids (found in 13 cases). eight of the 15 patients were taking antibiotics at the ti ...19836614114
the effect of diethylstilbestrol as measured by host resistance and tumor susceptibility assays in part of a program to develop and validate methodology to measure chemically induced immunotoxicity, the effect of des on resistance of adult b6c3f1 female mice to various microorganisms and to challenge with syngeneic tumor cells was evaluated. the mice received sc injections of 50 microliter corn oil alone or of corn oil containing the equivalent of 0.2, 1, and 4 mg des/kg x d for 14 d. three days later they were challenged with listeria monocytogenes, streptococcus sp. influenza virus, herp ...19836620414
possible heterogeneity of streptococcus milleri determined by dna mol % (guanine plus cytosine) measurement and physiological characterization.dna base pair ratios (mol % guanine + cytosine) were calculated, for eighteen strains of streptococcus milleri, from measurements of dna melting temperature (tm). strains of vaginal origin which were also 'atypical' physiologically had a value of 40.3. the two culture collection of 'minute' beta-haemolytic strains of lancefield groups g and f had values of 36.8 and 38.8 mol%, respectively. three other reference strains had a dna guanine plus cytosine content ranging from 40.4 to 43.0 mol%, inclu ...19836645981
[clinical experience with cefoxitin in infections associated with hematopoietic disorders].ten inpatients at the second department of internal medicine, mie university hospital, developed infections in the course of treatment for hematopoietic disorders and were administered cefoxitin (cfx). patients suffered from the following infections: pharyngitis, 2; bronchitis, 2; pneumonia, 2; sepsis, 2; bacteremia, 1; suspected cases of bacteremia, 2; and fever of unknown origin, 1. the number of infections totaled 12 as 1 patient with pharyngitis also developed sepsis and 1 patient with pneum ...19836674523
subclinical mastitis of beef cows.two beef cow herds were investigated to determine the prevalence of subclinical mastitis and to determine whether it contributed to decreased weaning weight of calves nursed by affected cows. quarter samples obtained about 30 days after calving were evaluated by the california mastitis test and by direct microscopic cell count. in 1 herd, a 92-cow confinement operation, 17 quarters of 12 cows were infected with staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus sp other than agalactiae, or klebsiella sp. mean ...19836680592
endocarditis of the aortic valve in the dog.the clinical features of endocarditis of the aortic valve in 24 dogs were reviewed. this condition was found most commonly in large-breed, middle-aged male dogs. evidence of antecedent infection or immunosuppression was usually not historically verified or found at necropsy. however, an association with congenital heart disease, especially discrete subaortic stenosis, was demonstrated. the most frequent clinical findings were systolic and diastolic murmurs and bounding arterial pulses, with or w ...19846706802
isolation and identification of adherent epimural bacteria during succession in young lambs.successive changes in aerobic and anaerobic bacterial counts and changes in the generic composition of the epimural community in lambs from 1 to 10 weeks were determined. bacterial culture counts revealed a predominantly anaerobic community, with the mean anaerobic count being 1.4 x 10(7) cfu/cm2 of tissue surface. the aerobic count was highest at 1 week of age and declined significantly thereafter to a mean of 1.8 x 10(4) cfu/cm2, thus representing only 0.13% of the mean anaerobic count after w ...19846721489
chemical modification of streptococcus flagellar techniques were used to record changes in motility of cells of streptococcus sp. strain v4051 exposed to a variety of protein modification reagents. starved cells were tethered to glass by a single flagellum, energized metabolically with glucose, or treated with valinomycin and energized artificially via shifts to media containing low concentrations of potassium ion. experiments were devised that distinguished reagents that lowered the proton motive force from those that blocked the genera ...19846725210
early valve replacement in active infective endocarditis.infective endocarditis is associated with a high mortality, but previous studies have suggested that the major complications of the condition might be prevented by early surgery. of 50 patients treated for infective endocarditis at the montreal heart institute from 1977 to 1982, 30 were treated nonsurgically and the remaining 20 underwent early valve replacement before preoperative antibiotic therapy was completed. of these 20, 14 had native valve endocarditis and 6 prosthetic valve endocarditis ...19846744147
bacterial effect of hydrogen peroxide on urinary tract pathogens.bacterial contamination of urinary drainage bags is a frequent source of bladder bacteriuria in patients with indwelling catheters. previous work demonstrated that the addition of 30 ml of 3% h2o2 prevented bacterial contamination of urinary drainage bags for up to 8 h in patients with urinary infections (greater than 10(5) colony-forming units per ml). survival curves of a variety of organisms in filter-sterilized urine with various concentrations of h2o2 (0.6 to 0.01%) were constructed. organi ...19806781405
experimental retrograde pyelonephritis and cystitis induced in rabbits by a group d streptococcus sp.: serum antibody assay by a hemagglutination test.experimental models of urinary tract infection caused by a group d streptococcus sp. in rabbits are described: retrograde pyelonephritis was induced by injecting 10(9) group d streptococci into the renal pelvis and obstructing the ureter by ligature for 24 h; cystitis was induced by injecting 5.10(9) group d streptococci through a transurethral catheter. the animals were observed for 3 months. microbiological data from the urine and from the renal parenchyma were well correlated in 12 of 14 anim ...19816793514
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