a medium for commercial production of the halophilic micrococcus nuclease.a simple synthetic medium (glutamate-sucrose medium) was devised for production, during growth in shaken flasks, of extracellular halophilic nuclease (nuclease h) by a moderate halophile, micrococcus varians subsp. halophilus. a simple medium consisting of 0.7% ammonium sulfate, 1.0% glucose, minerals, three vitamins, and 2 m nacl gave good growth and excellent production of nuclease h in a jar fermentor when the ph was adjusted to 7.5 to 8.0 during cultivation.197944225
immune suppression in vivo with antigen-modified syngeneic cells. ii. t cell-mediated nonresponsiveness to fowl gamma-globulin.intravenous administration of syngeneic spleen cells coupled with the palmitoyl derivative of fowl gammma-globulin (p-f gamma g) results in a profound state of f gamma g-specific tolerance in c57bl/6 mice. administration of p-f gamma g coupled syngeneic cells specifically reduces both the primary and secondary hapten and carrier-specific pfc responses to tnp-f gamma g. since the haptenic response is affected, the tolerance functions at the level of the f gamma g-specific helper t cell. as few as ...197987447
[non-gonorrhoic urethritis caused by trichomonas vaginalis]. 1978101829
effect of ethylenediaminetetraacetate on phospholipids and outer membrane function in escherichia coli.treatment of escherichia coli k-12 strain s15, containing a normal amount of phospholipase a, with ethylenediaminetetraacetate (edta) resulted in an increase in sensitivity of the organism to actinomycin d. strain s17, a mutant deficient in both detergent-resistant phospholipase a and detergent-sensitive phospholipase a, was considerably less sensitive to the antibiotic after the treatment. both strains released lipopolysaccharide after edta treatment, indicating that this outer membrane compone ...1979104974
"routine."--a practice to be abjured. 1979110537
cholinergic nerves in blood vessels of the female reproductive system.cholinergic innervation of the blood vessels of the female reproductive system was investigated in human by the cholinesterase method. the following results were obtained: 1. the uterine and vaginal arteries are provided with a rich cholinergic innervation. 2. the ovarian, tubaric and ovarian-uterine artery are poorly innervated. 3. the ovarian and uterine vein are not provided with a cholinergic innervation.1979120093
human carotid artery diameter and flow by a noninvasive technique.this paper presents a technique tested in vitro and in dogs and used in humans to measure carotid artery blood flow continuously by placing a transducer on the skin over the artery. the tranducer consists of a pulse echo crystal used to locate the carotid artery and measure its diameter and wall velocity. it also has a pair of doppler shift crystals used to measure the velocity of the artery wall and blood flow in the vessel. it was found that the pulsatile artery wall distension was between 8 a ...1975124007
correlation of estrogen-induced uterine eosinophilia with other parameters of estrogen stimulation, produced with estradiol-17beta and estriol.estradiol-17beta is a stronger estrogen than estriol for the genomic response of estrogens. estriol is a stronger estrogen than estradiol-17beta for the estrogen-induced uterine eosinophilia and the 6 h increase in the uterine wet weight.1975169148
flocculation and adsorption of enzymes during growth of a moderate halophile, micrococcus varians var. halophilus.flocculation of a moderate halophile, micrococcus varians atcc 2197, occurred during growth in complex medium containing 3 m nacl and a concentration of mgso4 and kh2po4 greater than 40 and 14 mm, respectively. extracellular nuclease activity was absent in the flocculated cultures. repeated washing of flocs by mg2+-free tris buffer containing 3 m nacl, lowering of ph value of floc suspension below 6.3, or addition of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid resulted in complete dissociation of the flocs ...1978307427
[melanin and melanosomes occurring in the central nervous system in comparison to their extracerebral manifestations and to synthetic melanin derived from dopamine and serotonin (author's transl)]. 1979525259
influence of temperature on ionic sparing effect and cell-associated cations in the moderate halophile, micrococcus varians var. halophilus.cells of the moderately halophilic micrococcus varians var. halophilus grew well in a chemically defined medium containing 1 to 3 m nacl and 0.0103 m k+. the requirement for nacl could be partially replaced by k+,:li+ and cs+. the efficiency of the sparing effect of these cations for nacl was in order of k+ greater than li+ greater than cs+. increase in growth temperature was found to enchance the sparing effect of li+ and cs+ but not that of k+. over the range of nacl concentrations in which th ...1979542134
specific antibodies to the n-termini of the interpeptide bridges of peptidoglycan.the synthetic peptides gly5-epsilon-ahx and l-ala3-epsilon-ahx, with structural similarity to the interpeptide bridge peptides of staphylococci or micrococci, respectively, were convalently linked to human serum albumin via their carboxylgroups. antisera to these synthetic peptidyl-protein antigens contained fairly high amounts of antibodies with specificity to the n-terminal parts of the peptide chains attached to the carrier proteins. antisera to (gly5-epsilon-ahx)20-albumin gave, without exce ...1978697508
biosynthesis of the linkage unit joining peptidoglycan to poly(n-acetylglucosamine 1-phosphate) in walls of micrococcus varians atcc 29750. 1979761625
preliminary studies on the characterization and distribution of staphylococcus and micrococcus species on animal skin.a total of 221 strains of staphylococci and 98 strains of micrococci isolated from the skins of eastern gray squirrels, southern flying squirrels, raccoons, opossums, squirrel monkeys, swine, sheep, horses, cattle, and dogs were characterized in a preliminary attempt to resolve their natural relationships and distribution in nature. staphylococci demonstrating the widest host range included staphylococcus xylosus and unnamed staphylococcus sp. 3. unnamed staphylococcus sp. 2 was isolated only fr ...1976942208
effect of magnesium and some nutrients on the growth and nuclease formation of a moderate halophile, micrococcus varians var. halophilus.production of halophilic nuclease by a moderate halophile, micrococcus varians, atcc 21971, was maximal at 2.5 to 3.5 m nacl concentration in a complex medium (cm) composed of 1% casamino acids, 1% yeast extract, and nacl. the addition of 81 mm mgso4 to cm inhibited nuclease production in spite of good growth. microscopic observation showed that this inhibition was accompanied by complete clumping of the cells. the sehgal and gibbons complex medium (sgc) which contained 0.75% vitamin-free casami ...1976974905
ureolytic bacteria in sheep rumen.estimates were made of the numbers of viable bacteria in the rumens of sheep receiving different rations. representative colonies were isolated and tested for urease production. some urease-positive isolates were characterized and identified. the ureolytic activities of the urease-producing isolates were determined and compared with the activity of rumen fluid. the rations fed to the sheep did not exert a significant influence on the relative numbers of the urease-producting organisms in the rum ...19751239488
regulation of the (ca(2+)+mg2+)-atpase of basolateral membranes from kidney proximal tubules by kinase-mediated phosphorylation and by insulin.membrane vesicles derived from the basolateral aspect of kidney proximal tubule cells are phosphorylated by atp in the absence of ca2+. this mg(2+)-dependent, hydroxylamine-resistant phosphorylation was associated with a 50% inhibition of the (ca(2+)+mg2+)-atpase activity measured upon addition of micromolar ca2+ concentrations, enough to saturate the high-affinity sites of the ca2+ pump. the presence of either the protein kinase inhibitor h7 or insulin during phosphorylation virtually eliminate ...19921449066
intrauterine resuscitation in the severely distressed fetal dog.severe fetal distress was produced in 16 fetal dogs by successive and/or prolonged occlusion of the maternal abdominal aorta in an acute surgical preparation, and was characterized in fetal arterial blood of 7.06 for ph, 10 mm hg for o2, 127 mm hg for co2, and fetal heart rate decelerations. five fetuses recovered spontaneously in utero and delivered normally; 3 needed maternal oxygenation before delivery; 3 suddenly died in utero; 5 fetuses were delivered while still alive in utero when the tph ...19921563650
headspace flavour compounds produced by yeasts and lactobacilli during fermentation of preferments and bread doughs.production of volatile flavour compounds during fermentation with pure cultures of saccharomyces cerevisiae and candida guilliermondii, lactobacillus brevis and lactobacillus plantarum have been investigated, using wheat doughs and several preferements as substrates. for yeast, preferments consisted of 10% (w/v) glucose, maltose and sucrose solutions, whereas for lactobacilli they consisted of supplemented and unsupplemented (3% and 10% (w/v)) glucose solutions, and a 10% (w/v) wheat flour slurr ...19921622751
the occurrence and growth of microorganisms during the fermentation of fish sausage.minced fish (mullet) sausage mixes containing added sugar, salt, nitrate, nitrite and spices were fermented (48 h, 30 degrees c) by indigenous flora or by a starter culture (pediococcus acidilactici) and the microbial ecology and behaviour of various bacteria was monitored. pediococcus pentosaceus and lactobacillus plantarum dominated the indigenous fermentation, achieving populations of 10(7)-10(8) cfu/g by 48 h, and decreasing the ph of the mix to 4.5-4.7. significant growth (10(5)-10(7) cfu/g ...19911909546
in vitro evidence for a neurite growth-promoting activity in trembler mouse serum.basal lamina components, such as heparan sulfate proteoglycan (hspg) and laminin play an important role in neuritic outgrowth for cns and pns neurons in culture. the mutant mouse 'trembler' is characterized by hypomyelinization and production of an excess of basal lamina layers around schwann cells in peripheral nerves. in order to analyse whether or not the serum of the mutant animals contains neurite outgrowth-promoting factors, we cultured rat spinal cord neurons in the presence of trembler s ...19892526989
hiv-2 in west africa in 1966. 19892566074
[treatment of peritonitis under continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis using intraperitoneal ceftazidime].management of peritonitis related to chronic ambulatory peritoneal ceftazidime. in 15 patients under capd, 22 cases of bacterial peritonitis were observed with clinical manifestation in 14. the mean cell count in peritoneal dialysis fluid was 3 580/mm3 with 3 040/mm3 polymorphonuclear leukocytes. causative pathogens were: staphylococcus in 11 cases, streptococcus in 3, sarcines in 2, corynebacterium in 2, micrococcus varians in 1, gram negative in 3. first choice treatment was a intraperitoneal ...19892677930
sequence motifs characteristic of dna[cytosine-n4]methyltransferases: similarity to adenine and cytosine-c5 dna-methylases.the sequences coding for dna[cytosine-n4]methyltransferases mvai (from micrococcus varians rfl19) and cfr9i (from citrobacter freundii rfl9) have been determined. the predicted methylases are proteins of 454 and 300 amino acids, respectively. primary structure comparison of m.cfr9i and another m4c-forming methylase, m.pvu ii, revealed extended regions of homology. the sequence comparison of the three dna[cytosine-n4]-methylases using originally developed software revealed two conserved patterns, ...19892690010
detection of messenger rna in routinely processed tissue sections with biotinylated oligonucleotide situ hybridization (ish) with a radioactively 35s-labeled probe and a biotinylated oligonucleotide probe for human calcitonin was used to analyze eight cases of medullary thyroid carcinoma (mtc) in paraffin sections. three of these cases were also studied with frozen tissue sections. the biotinylated probe readily detected calcitonin messenger rna (mrna) in routinely processed formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section within 24 hours. northern hybridization and other control studies dem ...19892756933
activation of vesicular stomatitis virus fusion with cells by pretreatment at low ph.fusion of vesicular stomatitis virus (vsv) with vero cells was measured after exposure of the virus to low ph under a variety of experimental conditions. the method of relief of fluorescence self-quenching of the probe octadecylrhodamine was used to monitor fusion. incubation of the virus at ph 5.5 prior to binding to cells led to significant enhancement of fusion at the plasma membrane, whereas fusion via the endocytic pathway was inhibited. fusion of ph 5.5-pretreated vsv showed a similar ph t ...19882832405
tannin is the major agent present in cotton mill dust responsible for human platelet 5-hydroxytryptamine secretion and thromboxane formation. 19862875226
proficiency testing of water microbiology laboratories in the a 3-year period, four series of simulated water samples containing selected test strains were distributed to more than 50 laboratories in the netherlands for bacteriological testing. participating laboratories examined the samples by enrichment or membrane filtration methods, or both, for total coliform organisms, thermotolerant coliform organisms, faecal streptococci and standard plate counts (37 degrees and 22 degrees c) according to dutch standard methods. the results were quantitatively s ...19872887540
investigation of restriction-modification enzymes from m. varians rfl19 with a new type of specificity toward modification of substrate.the characterization of mvai restriction-modification enzymes, isolated from micrococcus varians rfl19, is reported. both enzymes recognize the 5'cc decreases (a/t)gg nucleotide sequence. the endonuclease cleaves the sequence at the position indicated by the arrow, whereas the methylase modifies the internal cytosine, yielding n4-methylcytosine. this type of modification protects the substrate from r.mvai cleavage. 5-methylcytosine in the same position of the recognition sequence does not protec ...19852994011
regulation of the glucose phosphotransferase system in brochothrix thermosphacta by membrane energization.uptake of 2-deoxyglucose, alpha-methylglucopyranoside, and glucose into intact cells of brochothrix thermosphacta (formerly microbacterium thermosphactum, atcc 11509) was stimulated by kcn or cccp. the glucose analogs were recovered almost totally as the sugar phosphates. membrane vesicles were isolated from protoplasts and shown to be right side out by freeze fracturing and by using atpase as a marker for the cytoplasmic membrane surface. uptake of glucose into vesicles was dependent on the pre ...19852995314
structural features in the 3'-terminal region of polyribosome-bound rabbit globin messenger rnas.a nuclease s1 mapping procedure was used to identify sites accessible to nucleases in the 3'-noncoding region of the rabbit globin mrnas. a complex structure was evident in the alpha-globin species, with one highly accessible single-stranded site, large portions in an accessible double-stranded configuration, and a portion not accessible to any of the nucleases. in the beta-globin mrna, the region was more uniformly accessible to rnase t1 and to a cobra venom enzyme specific for double-stranded ...19863001055
fluid balance in food-deprived lactating goats drinking saline.fluid balance was studied in four lactating goats during two 3 week periods, which included 30 h periods of food deprivation. in one period the goats were given 0.9% nacl to drink, and in the other they were given water. prior to food deprivation, fluid intake and urinary flow were similar in the two groups, but urinary na+ excretion was higher in the saline-drinking goats. the plasma renin activity was depressed in saline-drinking goats, while the plasma aldosterone concentration was the same b ...19873321141
fluid balance in food-deprived lactating goats drinking saline.fluid balance was studied in four lactating goats during two 3 week periods, which included 30 h periods of food deprivation. in one period the goats were given 0.9% nacl to drink, and in the other they were given water. prior to food deprivation, fluid intake and urinary flow were similar in the two groups, but urinary na+ excretion was higher in the saline-drinking goats. the plasma renin activity was depressed in saline-drinking goats, while the plasma aldosterone concentration was the same b ...19873321141
cytopathogenic effect of salmonella typhi gifu 10007 on m cells of murine ileal peyer's patches in ligated ileal loops: an ultrastructural electron microscopic study revealed that, within 30 min after inoculation into the ligated ileal loop of anesthetized mice, cells of salmonella typhi gifu 10007 adhered to the m cell surface of peyer's patch lymphoid follicle epithelium, and induced almost complete destruction of m cells. the m cell cytoplasms were pinched off and extruded from the epithelial lining into the luminal space together with the lymphoid cells primarily enfolded into the corresponding m cells. when two or more m ce ...19863553868
accelerated tissue repair induced by micrococcus varians.the present investigation was undertaken to study the effect of inoculated micrococcus varians organisms on developing granulation tissue in rats. subcutaneously implanted hollow cylindrical cellulose sponges were used as an inductive matrix for the growth of granulation tissue. the control implants were injected immediately after implantation with 1 milliliter of physiologic saline solution while the experimental implants were injected with a corresponding volume of saline solution containing l ...19873563846
cutaneous infection in normal and immunocompromised mice.since a model of staphylococcal skin infection adequately reflecting human disease was unavailable, a self-limiting animal infection model specific for virulent staphylococcus species was developed. a virulent strain of s. aureus, nctc 9789 (atcc 27700), was used to develop an infection model in adult, male cf-1 mice treated with 0 to 150 mg of cyclophosphamide (cy) per kg 4 days before challenge. bacteria were inoculated onto the dorsal side of shaved mice at 0 to 10(6) cfu per mouse. simultane ...19863710582
[spatial structure of gamma-crystallin iiib from the calf lens at a resolution of 2.5 angstroms]. 19863769758
biosynthesis of wall teichoic acids in staphylococcus aureus h, micrococcus varians and bacillus subtilis w23. involvement of lipid intermediates containing the disaccharide n-acetylmannosaminyl n-acetylglucosamine.the precursors for linkage unit (lu) synthesis in staphylococcus aureus h were udp-glcnac, udp-n-acetylmannosamine (mannac) and cdp-glycerol and synthesis was stimulated by atp. moraprenol-pp-glcnac-mannac-(glycerol phosphate)1-3 was formed from chemically synthesised moraprenol-pp-glcnac, udp-mannac and cdp-glycerol in the presence of triton x-100. lu intermediates formed under both conditions served as acceptors for ribitol phosphate residues, from cdp-ribitol, which comprise the main chain. t ...19853935442
[microorganisms of the fam. micrococcaceae in the production and storage of prepackaged veal].studies were carried out on the numbers and composition of organisms belonging to family micrococcaceae in the production and storing of calf meat on a dressing combine supplied with modern equipment. investigated were a total of 60 samples taken from small cuts of veal of the various carcass parts. the samples were packed either under vacuum or without such, and were studied immediately after cutting in small parts or after storing for 48 and 72 hours at 4 to 6 degrees c. it was found that the ...19854035986
local cerebral glucose utilization in normal female rats: variations during the estrous cycle and comparison with males.the quantitative 2-[14c]deoxyglucose autoradiographic method was used to study the fluctuations of energy metabolism in discrete brain regions of female rats during the estrous cycle. a consistent though statistically nonsignificant cyclic variation in average glucose utilization of the brain as a whole was observed. highest levels of glucose utilization occurred during proestrus and metestrus, whereas lower rates were found during estrus and diestrus. statistically significant fluctuations were ...19854040921
[infection of the valves of csf shunts. results of local and general antibiotic treatment in 6 cases].infection of six cerebro-spinal fluid shunts in six patients were treated with daily intrashunt injections of antibiotics plus combination of intravenous or oral systemic antibiotic therapy. three organisms were involved in the shunt infection: staphylococcus epidermidis in five, staphylococcus capitis and micrococcus varians. one patient had mixed shunt infection with micrococcus varians and staphylococcus épidermidis. all six patients received daily intrashunt injections of vancomycin and oral ...19854088406
dna content and dna-based centromeric index of the 24 human chromosomes.the chromosomes of two human males were identified by fluorescent banding, restained, and measured by scanning microscopy and computer analysis. the two variables, dna content and dna-based centromeric index, provided almost complete discrimination of chromosome types. some chromosomes showed significant differences in dna content between the men, and for one man two pairs of chromosomes showed significant differences between homologs.19734120257
dna content and dna-based centromeric index of the 24 human chromosomes.the chromosomes of two human males were identified by fluorescent banding, restained, and measured by scanning microscopy and computer analysis. the two variables, dna content and dna-based centromeric index, provided almost complete discrimination of chromosome types. some chromosomes showed significant differences in dna content between the men, and for one man two pairs of chromosomes showed significant differences between homologs.19734120257
localization in the kidney of antibodies to human skin and malignant melanoma. 19664161935
what is your diagnosis? 19674226521
differentiation of micrococcus luteus and micrococcus varians on the basis of catalase isoenzymes.crude extracts prepared from four micrococcus varians strains, 11 m. luteus strains and four laboratory isolates subsequently classified with m. luteus were assayed for catalase activity following electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gels. the enzyme patterns produced from the m. varians strains exhibited three catalase isoenzymes which were distinguished into two types of patterns depending upon the location of the major band. the extracts from all the m. luteus strains produced the same pattern, ...1976932680
the development of mesosomes of staphylococcus aureus during autolysis.mesosomes of staphylococcus aureus were examined morphologically under the electron microscope. three different methods of specimen preparation (thin section, freeze-fracture, and negative staining) were used to eliminate artifacts due to sample processing. mesosomes were rarely seen in intact cells but were quite distinct in autolysed cells incubated in 1.2m sucrose -0.33m acetate buffer (ph 5.8) at 25 degrees c. the phospholipid content increased by 20% of the control as autolysis proceeded. s ...197991308
properties of the halophilic nuclease of a moderate halophile, micrococcus varians subsp. halophilus.the halophilic nuclease of micrococcus varians atcc 21971 hydrolyzed thymidine 5'-monophospho-p-nitrophenyl ester at a rate that increased with the nacl concentration up to saturation. the nuclease attacked rna and dna exonucleolytically and processively, producing 5'-mononucleotides. the molecular weight of the enzyme as determined by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was 99,000, approximately the same as that previously determined for the native enzyme. examination of a ...1978618848
histochemical study on alkaline phosphatase activity in human neoplasms. 19664290958
histochemical study on alkaline phosphatase activity in human neoplasms. 19664290958
[luminescent method of diagnosing poultry diseases]. 19714331609
[luminescent method of diagnosing poultry diseases]. 19714331609
[hydroxylation of progesterone by rabbit liver microsomes. changes in metabolite pattern after phenobarbital treatment of the animals]. 19704394453
partial purification and some properties of guinea pig kidney 17 -hydroxy-c 19 steroid dehydrogenase. 19724402861
hexachlorophene intoxication: characterization of myelin and myelin related fractions in the rat during early postnatal development. 19744435077
[effects of germine monoacetate on muscle contraction and respiration]. 19724674922
remedy for unsuccessful urethrostomy. 19734692301
halophilic nuclease from a moderately halophilic micrococcus varians.the moderately halophilic bacterium micrococcus varians, isolated from soy sauce mash, produced extracellular nuclease when cultivated aerobically in media containing 1 to 4 m nacl or kcl. the enzyme, purified to an electrophoretically homogeneous state, had both ribonuclease and deoxyribonuclease activities. the nuclease had maximal activity in the presence of 2.9 m nacl or 2.1 m kcl at 40 c. the enzymatic activity was lost by dialysis against low-salt buffer, whereas when the inactivated enzym ...19744852218
[description of triatoma pseudomaculata, a new species of triatominae of sobral, ceará (hemiptera, reduviidae)]. 19644959506
application of halophilic nuclease h of micrococcus varians subsp. halophilus to commercial production of flavoring agent 5'-gmp.rna was degraded at 60 degrees c for 24 h by halophilic nuclease h in supernatants from broth cultures of micrococcus varians subsp. halophilus containing 12% nacl. since contaminating 5'-nucleotidase exhibited almost no activity under these conditions, the 5'-gmp formed could be recovered from the reaction mixture, and the yield was 805 mg from 5 g of rna.19826184020
lysine production from hydrocarbon by micrococcus varians 2fa.a bacterium isolated from assam (india) soil was found to accumulale l-lysine from hydrocarbon and was identified as a strain of micrococcus varians. the strain is able to grow and accumulate lysine in a purely synthetic medium though supplementation of the synthetic medium with casamino acids significantly improves the yield. the yield of l-lysine under optimal conditions was found to be 2.6 g x 1(-1) of the compound isolated in crystalline form.19836196944
treatment of csf shunt infections with intrashunt plus oral antibiotic therapy.infections of 12 cerebrospinal fluid (csf) shunts in 11 children were treated with oral systemic antibiotic therapy plus daily intrashunt injections of antibiotics. eight patients were infected with staphylococcus epidermidis (four patients) or staphylococcus aureus (four patients), and were treated with intrashunt vancomycin, plus oral trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (t/s), plus oral rifampin. one of these eight patients was later changed to a course of intrashunt cephapirin and oral cephalexin p ...19846607326
mutation modifying the serine pathway in methylotrophic bacteria.methylotrophic bacteria, gram-positive, with the serine pathway, were shown to have their growth inhibited by 0.5% glycine. the effects of this amino acid on individual enzyme activities were studied in wild and mutant strains of micrococcus varians and bacillus licheniformis. the enzymes studied were glycerate dehydrogenase (ec, isocitrate lyase (ec, serine hydroxymethyltransferase (ec and glycine--oxaloacetate aminotransferase (ec the last-named enzyme wa ...19816792008
viability of micrococci and lactobacilli upon freezing and freeze-drying in the presence of different cryoprotectants.studies were conducted on the viability of micrococcus varians strain m95 and lactobacillus plantarum strain l4 upon freezing and freeze-drying using five cryoprotectants (sucrose, lactose, sodium glutamate, peptone, dry nonfat milk) singly or in combinations with gelatin, glutamic acid, and sodium acetate. the number of survivals was determined immediately after treatment and after storage at room temperature or refrigeration temperatures, under vacuum or in air. dry nonfat milk and peptone int ...19836884073
valine production from hydrocarbon by micrococcus varians.a bacterium isolated from assam (india) soil was found to accumulate l-valine in the growth medium and was identified as micrococcus varians. the strain grew and accumulated valine in a purely synthetic medium, but supplementation with either casamino acids or yeast extract or with both, improved the yield. the entire fermentation period could be divided into a growth phase and a production (phase which could be prolonged by adjustment of ph to neutral range. among the different hydrocarbon and ...19827141324
biosynthesis of teichoic acid in micrococcus varians atcc 29750. characterization of a further lipid intermediate. 19807358174
taxonomic dissection of the genus micrococcus: kocuria gen. nov., nesterenkonia gen. nov., kytococcus gen. nov., dermacoccus gen. nov., and micrococcus cohn 1872 gen. emend.the results of a phylogenetic and chemotaxonomic analysis of the genus micrococcus indicated that it is significantly heterogeneous. except for micrococcus lylae, no species groups phylogenetically with the type species of the genus, micrococcus luteus. the other members of the genus form three separate phylogenetic lines which on the basis of chemotaxonomic properties can be assigned to four genera. these genera are the genus kocuria gen. nov. for micrococcus roseus, micrococcus varians, and mi ...19957547287
delayed infections following posterior spinal instrumentation for the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis.ten patients who had been managed with posterior spinal arthrodesis and texas scottish rite hospital instrumentation because of idiopathic scoliosis had a delayed deep wound infection at an average of twenty-five months after the operation. the signs of infection included spontaneous drainage in eight patients and fluctuance in two patients. in addition, six patients--including five of the eight who had drainage--had mild pain in the back. the average erythrocyte sedimentation rate was thirty-ni ...19957713968
identification of psychrotrophic micrococcaceae spp. isolated from fresh beef stored under carbon dioxide or vacuum.seventy-four gram-positive, catalase-positive coccal strains were isolated from fresh beef stored under carbon dioxide (< 500 ppm o2) or vacuum for up to 15 weeks at 0, 2 or 4 degrees c. isolates were identified using biochemical tests listed in several published protocols and the api staph-ident system. no isolates were identified as staphylococcus aureus. twenty-nine isolates were identified as staphylococcus saprophyticus (five distinct groups), 24 isolates were identified as staphylococcus g ...19947848779
micrococci demonstrate a phosphatase activity which is repressed by phosphates and which can be differentiated from that of staphylococci.the phosphatase activities of 114 micrococcal strains belonging to seven different species and of an additional 150 unspeciated micrococcal strains were evaluated on solid media at various phs containing or not containing phosphates. in the presence of phosphates, only nine strains (five unspeciated strains, one micrococcus luteus strain, and three micrococcus varians strains) yielded a positive reaction on plates at ph 8. in media (at ph 8) deprived of phosphates, in contrast, all but 15 strain ...19938240961
variacin, a new lanthionine-containing bacteriocin produced by micrococcus varians: comparison to lacticin 481 of lactococcus lactis.a new lanthionine-containing bacteriocin, variacin, displaying a broad host range of inhibition against gram-positive food spoilage bacteria, has been identified from two strains of micrococcus varians isolated from meat fermentations. the new bacteriocin was purified, and its amino-terminal end and total amino acid composition were determined. the structural gene was isolated and analyzed. variacin is resistant to heat and ph conditions from 2 to 10. its primary sequence shows significant homol ...19968633879
activity of bacterial phosphomonoesterases in batch culture.the phosphomonoesterases catalyse the hydrolysis of primary esters of phosphoric acid which help the bacteria to survive in phosphate stressed environment. ninety-five bacterial isolates were obtained from domestic sewage and industrial effluents of gelatine and soap factories at jabalpur on a medium enriched with phosphate and were screened for phosphatase production. the phosphatase producers were tentatively identified as escherichia coli, vibrio vulnificus, aeromonas hydrophila, staphylococc ...19989536656
amino acid decarboxylase capability of microorganisms isolated in spanish fermented meat products.enterobacteria, lactic acid bacteria (lab) and gram-positive cocci were isolated from spanish meat products. the most frequent species in the meat products studied were identified as lactobacillus sake, lactobacillus plantarum and lactobacillus curvatus from de man-rogosa-sharpe agar; staphylococcus xylosus, staphylococcus saprophyticus and micrococcus varians from mannitol salt phenol-red agar; and hafnia alvei, escherichia coli, pseudomonas fluorescens, enterobacter amnigenes and enterobacter ...19989553801
histamine and tyramine degradation by food fermenting microorganisms.microorganisms suitable for food fermentation were examined with regard to their potential to degrade histamine and tyramine. out of 64 lactic acid bacteria evaluated in this study, 27 degraded histamine and one tyramine, respectively, with low activity. among 32 strains of brevibacterium linens and coryneform bacteria, 21 exhibited histamine and tyramine oxidase activity. none of 20 strains of staphylococcus carnosus tested degraded histamine or tyramine. one strain out of nine strains of geotr ...19989562873
kocuria palustris sp. nov. and kocuria rhizophila sp. nov., isolated from the rhizoplane of the narrow-leaved cattail (typha angustifolia).two gram-positive, aerobic spherical actinobacteria were isolated from the rhizoplane of narrow-leaved cattail (typha angustifolia) collected from a floating mat in the soroksár tributary of the danube river, hungary. sequence comparisons of the 16s rdna indicated these isolates to be phylogenetic neighbours of members of the genus kocuria, family micrococcaceae, in which they represent two novel lineages. the phylogenetic distinctness of the two organisms ta68t and taga27t was supported by dna- ...199910028258
antimicrobial activity of monascus pilosus ifo 4520 against contaminant of koji.antimicrobial activity of monascus pilosus ifo 4520 was examined to prevent contamination during beni-koji making in the open air. the antibacterial effect of the beni-koji prepared with this strain occured with 30 mg/ml of beni-koji extract in combination with 0.5% lactic acid against two contaminants of koji, micrococcus varians and bacillus subtilis. there were two compounds, antibacterial and antiyeast substances, in the beni-koji extract. these results suggest a possibility of inhibiting th ...199910501009
a 23s rdna-targeted polymerase chain reaction-based system for detection of staphylococcus aureus in meat starter cultures and dairy products.a polymerase chain reaction-based system for detection of staphylococcus aureus was developed. the system consisted of the following components: (i) selective enrichment, (ii) dna isolation, (iii) amplification of dna with primers targeted against the 23s rrna gene, and (iv) evaluation of the specificity of the polymerase chain reaction by southern hybridization and nested polymerase chain reaction. the method achieved a high degree of sensitivity and unambiguity as required for the detection of ...199910528718
the application of a fermented food ingredient containing 'variacin', a novel antimicrobial produced by kocuria varians, to control the growth of bacillus cereus in chilled dairy products.the feasibility of applying variacin, a lantibiotic produced by kocuria varians in the form of a spray-dried fermented ingredient to control the growth of psychrotrophic bacillus cereus strains in chilled dairy foods, was evaluated.200111155129
delayed infections after posterior tsrh spinal instrumentation for idiopathic scoliosis: determine the incidence of delayed infections in idiopathic scoliosis treated with tsrh instrumentation, proper wound management after instrumentation removal, and whether the previously identified bacterial trend remains consistent.200111547197
degradation of organochlorine pesticides by meat starter in liquid media and fermented sausage.the effect of meat starter on the degradation of ddt and lindane was investigated. the insignificant role of lactobacillus plantarum in degrading p,p'-ddt and lindane presented in tryptone soya broth (tsb) and mineral salt medium (msm) with or without 120 ppm nitrite was observed.the degradation of ddt and lindane by micrococcus varians in tsb and msm with or without nitrite were studied. the results indicated that ddt or lindane were degraded during the incubation period. the reduction in ddt a ...200211731034
[occurrence of bacteria in the mouth from genera of micrococcus, kocuria, nesterenkonia, kytococcus and dermacoccus].the aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of different bacteria in the oral cavity. the bacteria were present in the oral cavities of 73 (48.7%) of 150 individuals. nesterenkonia halobia, the most frequently isolated species, was found in 20 (27%) individuals, micrococcus luteus in 16 (22%), kocuria kristinae in 12 (16%), kocuria varians in 10 (14%), dermacoccus sedentarius in 9 (12%), micrococcus lylae in 8 (11%), and kytococcus nishinomiyaensis in 3 (4%). mean counts of these microorga ...200212185681
kocuria polaris sp. nov., an orange-pigmented psychrophilic bacterium isolated from an antarctic cyanobacterial mat sample.strain cms 76ort, an orange-pigmented bacterium, was isolated from a cyanobacterial mat sample from a pond located in mcmurdo dry valley, antarctica. on the basis of chemotaxonomic and phylogenetic properties, strain cms 76ort was identified as a member of the genus kocuria. it exhibited a 16s rdna similarity of 99.8% and dna-dna similarity of 71% with kocuria rosea (atcc 186t). phenotypic traits confirmed that strain cms 78ort and k. rosea were well differentiated. furthermore, strain cms 76ort ...200312656171
infection of a ventriculoatrial shunt with phenotypically variable staphylococcus epidermidis masquerading as polymicrobial bacteremia due to various coagulase-negative staphylococci and kocuria varians.the diagnosis of bloodstream infection with coagulase-negative staphylococci is frequently based on the isolation of the same organism from more than one blood culture. phenotypic variation is a common characteristic of pathogenic strains of staphylococcus epidermidis which may affect species identification by the microbiology laboratory. we describe a patient with a new onset of nephritis and gram-positive bacteremia. gram-positive cocci grew in multiple blood cultures and were identified by th ...200312791862
[brain abscesses after extracranial infections of the head and neck area].the authors report on 20 immunocompetent patients with brain abscess after 12 cases of middle ear, seven tooth and a single frontal sinus infection. the clinical aspects, hematochemical and microbiological data, the role of imaging diagnostics (ct, mr) and the type of treatment are analysed. neurosurgery was performed on 17 patients (85%), eight of whom subsequently underwent evacuation of the primary source of infection (four mastoidectomies, two timpanoplasties, two tooth extractions). mastoid ...200314523535
contribution of starter cultures to the proteolytic process of a fermented non-dried whole muscle ham product.porcine longissimus dorsi muscles were cured by brine injection. curing brine containing 15% (w/v) nacl, 1.33% (w/v) glucose, 750 ppm sodium nitrite, and appropriate levels of either lactobacillus sakei lad, l. sakei lad plus kocuria varians ft4 (formally micrococcus varians), l. sakei lad plus papain and gdl (glucono-delta-lactone) plus k. varians ft4, was injected to the muscle at a pumping rate 15% w/v. the effect of these treatments on the proteolysis in the ham system was compared to a cont ...200415135960
validation of a microbiological method: the star protocol, a five-plate test, for the screening of antibiotic residues in milk.the results of an in-house laboratory validation of a microbiological method for the screening of antibiotic residues in milk are presented. the sensitivity of this five-plate test, called screening test for antibiotic residues (star), was established by the analysis of milk samples spiked with 66 antibiotics at eight different concentrations. ten different groups of antibiotics were studied: macrolides, aminoglycosides, cephalosporins, penicillins, quinolones, tetracyclines, sulphonamides, linc ...200415204543
antimicrobial potential of immobilized lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis atcc 11454 against selected bacteria.immobilization of living cells of lactic acid bacteria could be an alternative or complementary method of immobilizing organic acids and bacteriocins and inhibit undesirable bacteria in foods. this study evaluated the inhibition potential of immobilized lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis atcc 11454 on selected bacteria by a modified method of the agar spot test. l. lactis was immobilized in calcium alginate (1 to 2%)-whey protein concentrate (0 and 1%) beads. the antimicrobial potential of immobil ...200415222547
interactions in biofilms between listeria monocytogenes and resident microorganisms from food industry premises.twenty nine bacterial strains were grown as binary culture biofilms with listeria monocytogenes to assess their influence on the settlement of the latter on stainless steel coupons. most of the strains had been isolated from food processing plants after cleaning and disinfection and were tentatively identified by the apilab plus 3.3.3 database (biomerieux). sixteen of them decreased l. monocytogenes biofilm colony forming units (cfu) counts. three strains, bacillus sp. ccl 9 an unidentified gram ...200415541798
reclassification of strain ccm 132, previously classified as kocuria varians, as kocuria carniphila sp. nov.a gram-positive actinobacterium, previously classified as kocuria varians, was subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic study. the bacterium showed the peptidoglycan type lys-ala3 (variation a3alpha), mk-7(h2) was the major menaquinone and anteiso-c(15 : 0) and anteiso-c(17 : 0) were the major fatty acids. on the basis of the phylogenetic and phenotypic characteristics of the actinobacterium, a novel species, kocuria carniphila sp. nov. (type strain, ccm 132t=dsm 16004t), is proposed.200515653866
mva1269i: a monomeric type iis restriction endonuclease from micrococcus varians with two ecori- and foki-like catalytic domains.type ii restriction endonuclease mva1269i recognizes an asymmetric dna sequence 5'-gaatgcn / -3'/5'-ng / cattc-3' and cuts top and bottom dna strands at positions, indicated by the "/" symbol. most restriction endonucleases require dimerization to cleave both strands of dna. we found that mva1269i is a monomer both in solution and upon binding of cognate dna. protein fold-recognition analysis revealed that mva1269i comprises two "pd-(d/e)xk" domains. the n-terminal domain is related to the 5'-ga ...200516223716
molecular, technological and safety characterization of gram-positive catalase-positive cocci from slightly fermented sausages.the population of gram-positive catalase-positive cocci from slightly fermented sausages was characterized at species and strain level by molecular techniques and some technological and hygienic aspects were also considered. staphylococcus xylosus was the predominant species (80.8%) followed by staphylococcus warneri (8.3%), staphylococcus epidermidis (5.8%) staphylococcus carnosus (4.6%), and kocuria varians (0.4%). proteolytic activity was observed in 23% of the isolates. the species with the ...200616297478
production of 5' nucleotide by using halophilic nuclease h preferentially adsorbed on flocculated cells of the halophile micrococcus varians subsp. halophilus.a bioreactor with a column of flocculated cells of the moderate halophile micrococcus varians subsp. halophilus which adsorbed the halophilic nuclease h was designed to be used in the production of 5' nucleotides from rna. a remarkable characteristic of the flocculated cells was that they preferentially adsorbed much exogenous nuclease, excluding adsorbed 5' nucleotidase. furthermore, desalting treatment of the flocculated cells in the presence of 2% mgso(4) . 7h(2)o gave rise to selective inact ...198816347767
construction and analysis of fractional multifactorial designs to study attachment strength and transfer of listeria monocytogenes from pure or mixed biofilms after contact with a solid model food.the aim of this study was to establish which of seven factors influence the adhesion strength and hence bacterial transfer between biofilms containing listeria monocytogenes (pure and two-species biofilms) and tryptone soya agar (tsa) as a solid organic surface. the two-species biofilms were made of l. monocytogenes and one of the following species of bacteria: the nonpathogenic organisms kocuria varians, pseudomonas fluorescens, and staphylococcus sciuri and ccl 63, an unidentified gram-negativ ...200616597925
microbiological characteristics of "androlla", a spanish traditional pork sausage.counts of total aerobic mesophilic microflora, lactic acid bacteria, salt-tolerant microflora, enterobacteriaceae, enterococci, moulds and yeasts, and staphylococci, and some physico-chemical parameters (total solids, nacl and nitrate contents and ph and aw values) were determined in 20 units of "androlla", a traditional dry-fermented sausage made in the nw of spain. in general, high counts of all the investigated microbial groups were observed, with average values of 8.99 +/- 0.46 log cfu/g for ...200716943094
a study of the microbial quality and organoleptic properties of ophthalmic preparations obtained from traditional medical practitioners in south western nigeria.twenty eight samples of traditional ophthalmic preparations were obtained from various traditional medical practitioners in the south western states of nigeria over a one-year period. they were examined for sterility, clarity, presence of particulate contamination and ph. all of them were found to be contaminated with bacteria to the order of 2.00 x 10(6) to 1.60 x 10(11) colony forming units/ml, with pseudomonas species and other potential pathogens such as staphylococcus aureus, yersinia enter ...200617209322
interactions between strains of staphylococcus xylosus and kocuria varians isolated from fermented evaluate the interactions of staphylococcus xylosus on kocuria varians strains isolated from fermented meat products. methods and results: interactions were assessed in vitro by agar spot test, agar well diffusion assay and spectrophotometric assay. the growth of k. varians (five strains) alone was compared with that in the presence of growing cells of s. xylosus (50 strains) or in the presence of heat-treated or untreated supernatants of s. xylosus. sixteen strains stimulated the growth of k ...200717714408
staphylococcus pseudolugdunensis sp. nov., a pyrrolidonyl arylamidase/ornithine decarboxylase-positive bacterium isolated from blood cultures.twelve coagulase-negative staphylococcal isolates recovered from blood cultures with positive pyrrolidonyl arylamidase and ornithine decarboxylase reactions were identified as staphylococcus lugdunensis by the clinical microbiology laboratory. however, none of these 12 isolates were recognized by a s. lugdunensis translation elongation factor tu (tuf) gene-specific probe. under the api staph v4.0 identification system (biomérieux, durham, nc), 8 of these 12 isolates could not be identified with ...200818248933
combined use of starter cultures and preservatives to control production of biogenic amines and improve sensorial profile in low-acid salami.the combined effect of starter culture, nitrites, and nitrates has been studied in low-acidity salamis, typical products of northern italy. nine batches have been prepared, combining three different inoculations of starter cultures (control, lactobacillus plantarum , and lactobacillus plantarum together with kocuria varians ) with three different preservatives (control, sodium nitrate, and sodium nitrite). all of the batches showed a good fermentation process with a proper ph decrease, which was ...200818986149
isolation and identification of atrazine-degrading bacteria from corn field soil in fars province of this study several agricultural fields with a long history of atrazine application in fars province of iran have been explored for their potential of atrazine biodegradation. after several subculturing for a period of 300 days acclimation, leads to an enhancement of atrazine biodegradation rate. a successful enrichment culture with a high capability for atrazine degradation was obtained (88%). a combination of enrichment culture technique, in a basal salt medium containing atrazine and carbon ...200719069990
biodegradation of international jet a-1 aviation fuel by microorganisms isolated from aircraft tank and joint hydrant storage systems.microorganisms contaminating international jet a-1 aircraft fuel and fuel preserved in joint hydrant storage tank (jhst) were isolated, characterized and identified. the isolates were bacillus subtillis, bacillus megaterium, flavobacterium oderatum, sarcina flava, micrococcus varians, pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacillus licheniformis, bacillus cereus and bacillus brevis. others included candida tropicalis, candida albicans, saccharomyces estuari, saccharomyces cerevisiae, schizosaccharomyces pombe, ...200919452113
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