simulation and prevention of retrovirus--specific reactions by mycoplasmas.from human mycosis fungoides tumor-derived cell lines, mycoplasma hyorhinis was isolated. this mycoplasma shared the following characteristics with retroviruses: uptake of 3h-uridine, but not of 3h-thymidine in cell culture; banding at 1.16 g/ml sucrose density and partial shift to retrovirus core density position (approximately equal to 1.24 g/ml) after detergent treatment; incorporation of 3h-tmp into high molecular weight material in standard reverse transcriptase assays with the template-pri ...197989623
[improving the effectiveness of virological studies in influenza]. 197990208
maternal blocking factors in human pregnancy are found in plasma not serum.pregnancy plasma and sera were evaluated for differential blocking effects in mixed lymphocyte culture reactions. autologous pregnancy plasma, but not serum was found to contain a specific allogeneic inhibitor for paternal lymphocytes.197990919
[operative indication of large decompressive craniectomy for cerebral contusion with subdural hematoma (author's transl)]. 197991131
inhibition of histamine release and ionophore-induced calcium flux in rat mast cells by lidocaine and chlorpromazine.we studied the effects of lidocaine (l) and chlorromazine (c), two compounds known to affect the binding of calcium to cell membranes, on histamine release and calcium uptake by purified mast cells upon challenge with the ionophore a23,187 or with compound 48/80. at low concentrations l and c inhibited the ca++ flux as well as histamine release while higher concentration caused enhancement in this function. evidence was obtained that l 10(-4) m may displace ca++ from the cell membranes.197991313
presence of fibronectin in basement membranes and acidic structural glycoproteins from human placenta and lung.cold-insoluble globulin was detected in both trophoblast and alveolar basement membrane preparations, whereas it was not detected in gbm preparations. acidic structural glycoproteins from both placental villi and lung parenchyma, which were extracted with 0.3 m acetic acid and recovered by adjusting the ph to 4.7, also contained cig. fractions of tbm, solubilized by either dilute alkali (0.01 n naoh), by reduction and alkylation of the disulfide bonds, or by 0.3 m acetic acid extraction, all con ...197891337
applications of biologic tumor markers in testicular cancer.quantitative measurement of serum alphafetoprotein (afp) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) by double antibody radioimmunoassays originally developed at the national cancer institute, bethesda, md) has been performed in 130 patients with seminoma and in 300 patients with nonseminomatous testicular cancer. ten of 130 (7.7%) patients with seminoma, 99 of 152 (65%) patients with embryonal carcinoma with or without teratoma, and five of five (100%) patients with pure choriocarcinoma had an eleva ...197991433
application of human erythrocytes to a radioimmune assay of immune complexes in serum. 197991576
human lung tissue and anaphylaxis:cyclic nucleotide response and prostaglandin synthesis. 197991946
[heterologous transplantation of the human medulloblastoma--with particular reference to the histogenesis of medulloblastoma (author's transl)]. 197991984
[production of antiserum to neurotoxin-2 from naja naja oxiana cobra venom and reaction with the toxin].antiserum to neurotoxin-2 from the venom of the cobra was obtained by immunization of rabbits via the injection of the toxin into the lymphatic nodes and by two re-immunizations via the injection of the toxin into the blood and intramuscularly. using scores of micrograms of the toxin, specific antisera with high antibody titer were obtained. in spite of high specificity of separate stages of the reactions, using indirect immune fluorescence technique, no specific fluorescence was found in the en ...197992118
mhc-restricted cytotoxic t cells: studies on the biological role of polymorphic major transplantation antigens determining t-cell restriction-specificity, function, and responsiveness. 197992183
effects of 2-deoxy-d-glucose on the contraction frequency of the isolated atria from fed and fasted rats.the mere exogenous substrate removal did not change the contraction frequency of the isolated rat atria. however, addition of 2-deoxy-d-glucose together with the glucose removal, elicited a decrease in the atrial frequency. this decrease was significantly greater in the atria from fed rats with respect to those from fasted rats. near the end of the experiments, only in the atria from fed rats, transient irregular beating appeared. the results suggest that triglycerides constitute the major endog ...197992290
synthesis of an immunogen with catechol estrogen as immunodeterminant group and its characterization by the induced antibodies. 197992446
sensitive radioimmunoassays using partially purified gamma globulins coupled to enzacryl (acrylamide polymer) solid support.enzacryl polythiolactone is a cross-linked acrylamide polymer with an active thiolactone group, capable of coupling to lysine, serine and tyrosine residues. gamma globulins from antisera specific to human chorionic gonadotropin, carcinoembryonic antigen, alpha-foetoprotein or casein were isolated using protein a sepharose and were subsequently coupled to enzacryl. the resulting coupled antibodies were found to provide greater sensitivity and convenience in radioimmunoassay studies than conventio ...197992506
[lipopolysaccharide study of the cell membranes of bacteria in the genus pseudomonas. v. the serological characteristics]. 197992749
binding of bursal, thymic and splenic lymphocytes to macrophages. 197993085
testing the properties of an experimental batch of zoster immune gammaglobulin (zig).the methods of indirct haemagglutination (ih) and precipitation in gel (id) were employed to test the level of varicella-zoster (vz) antibodies in an experimental batch of zoster gammaglobulin (zig). the titre of indirect haemagglutinating antibodies in zig was about 64 times higher than in the ordinary batches of normal immunoglobulin and about 8 times higher in comparison with the level of the initial plasma pool. in the reaction of precipitation in gel, zig produced 5 to 6 zones. in compariso ...197993127
catalysis of co2 reactions by lung carbonic anhydrase.steady-state carbon dioxide excretion was studied in isolated bloodless lung preparations perfused with bicarbonate solutions. addition of acetazolamide produced a prompt, significant decrease in the volume of excreted co2 under all conditions studied. excreted co2 was derived from two sources: co2 dissolved in the perfusate and co2 produced by dehydration of bicarbonate in the pulmonary capillary. the relative quantity of these two sources was determined by measurement of the simultaneous excre ...197897250
mutagenic effects of thioacetamide in drosophila melanogaster.thioacetamide, which is carcinogenic in mice and rats, has been reported as negative in ames's test on salmonella his- with and without liver microsomal fraction (s 9 mix). tests on drosophila reported here showed a significant increase in sex-linked recessive lethals after treatment with thioacetamide, both after injection and after feeding of males.1978106270
the metabolic and functional effects of thyroid hormone excess in rats.oral administration of thyroid powder for 21 days produces hyperglycemia, hypocholesterolemia, increase of the energetic metabolism ratio and diminishing of the anaerobic metabolism ratio. prolonged oral administration (30--45 days) induces involution of the thyroid gland, symptoms of an aggravated thyrotoxic hepatosis, hypoglycemia, hypocholesterolemia, a significant increase of the energetic metabolism and of the anaerobic metabolism ratios.1979106415
familial hyperphosphatasemia: diagnosis in early infancy and response to human thyrocalcitonin therapy.familial hyperphosphatasemia is an uncommon hereditary disorder of membranous bone with concurrent overproduction and overdestruction of bone and bone collagen by osteocytes. this process does not allow normal maturation into compact lamellar bone. two cases of severely affected children are presented which demonstrate that the condition can be diagnosed in early infancy by abnormalities in the long bones. at this stage the skull may appear normal and the characteristic thickening of the calvari ...1979106682
raised intracranial pressure: its management in neisseria meningitidis meningoencephalitis.further reduction in morbidity and mortality from bacterial meningitis is unlikely to stem from innovations in antibiotic management. emphasis must therefore be directed toward prevention, more rapid diagnosis, and improved therapy for maintaining the integrity of the cns. raised intracranial pressure is frequently associated with bacterial meningitis. in selected patients with bacterial meningitis and clinical evidence of elevated intracranial pressure, monitoring and aggressive treatment of th ...1979106721
[protein malnutrition and placental efficiency: histochemical findings]. 1978106757
isolation and properties of bovine colostral trypsin inhibitor.the trypsin inhibitor of bovine colostrum was isolated by affinity chromatography, and impurities removed by trichloroacetic acid precipitation. the inhibitor showed electrophoretic microheterogeneity which was not due to sialic acid content. it inhibited bovine and rat trypsin, showed weak inhibition of bovine chymotrypsin and was inactive against rat chymotrypsin and bovine renin, kallikrein, thrombin and trypsinogen. the dynamics of secretion of the inhibitor in the first 8 milkings post-part ...1978106761
[the treatment of hepatic emergencies].hepatic emergency means impending or manifest hepatic insufficiency. it is caused by acute and even more often by chronic liver diseases. the patient has to be hospitalized for treatment. basic treatment is of utmost importance. it can be done in every intensive-care unit: careful monitoring and treatment of any complication as well as reduction of toxic protein degradation products by protein restriction, bowel emptying, and enteral application of lactulose and/or neomycin. the infusion of spec ...1979107099
"routine."--a practice to be abjured. 1979110537
[laboratory diagnosis of group d streptococcus].after taxonomic listing of group d streptococci, the authors discuss the methodology of the bacteriologic diagnosis of infections produced by these bacteria, showing the way in which the pathological products are collected, the strains isolated and seeded. the strains are identified in two stages: (1) group identification by group antigen identification, resistance to oxacillin, development at +45 degrees, development on bilaesculin media; (2) species and variety identification by biochemical, p ...1979111334
staphylococcal micrococcins. i. isolation of antibiotic-producing strains belonging to the family micrococcaceae and possessing strong antagonistic properties against staph. aureus and several other gram-positive bacteria, have been isolated. the strains were characterized and identified, phage typed, tested for antibiotic-sensitivity and antagonistic activities. two patients of inhibition were noted.1975126688
effect of a mild exercise program on myocardial function and the development of hypertrophy.cardiac function and the development of myocardial hypertrophy were studied in rats conditioned by an exercise program consisting of 8 wk of running on a treadmill. at the end of the training period a group of exercised and sedentary rats was subjected to hemodynamic evaluation under general anesthesia. except for a slight elevation in the heart rates of the exercised animals there were no significant differences between the exercised and sedentary rats at rest. following an increase in afterloa ...1979154493
[first cases of isolation of the agent of pseudotuberculosis from humans in alma-ata]. 1979154814
circulation of pathogenic staphylococci phage types during the last 23 years in romania. 1978161497
differential heat response of normal and transformed human cells in tissue culture. 1975167282
correlation of estrogen-induced uterine eosinophilia with other parameters of estrogen stimulation, produced with estradiol-17beta and estriol.estradiol-17beta is a stronger estrogen than estriol for the genomic response of estrogens. estriol is a stronger estrogen than estradiol-17beta for the estrogen-induced uterine eosinophilia and the 6 h increase in the uterine wet weight.1975169148
energy transduction in photosynthetic bacteria. x. composition and function of the branched oxidase system in wild type and respiration deficient mutants of rhodopseudomonas capsulata.the respiratory chain of rhodopseudomonas capsulata, strain st. louis and of two respiration deficient mutants (m6 and m7) has been investigated by examining the redox and spectral characteristics of the cytochromes and their response to substrates and to specific respiratory inhibitors. since the specific lesions of m6 and m7 have been localized on two different branches of the multiple oxidase system of the wild type strain, the capability for aerobic growth of these mutants can be considered ...1976177045
the role of circulating interferon in the modifications of immune responsiveness by mouse hepatitis virus (mhv-3).mhv-3 modifies the humoral immune response to srbc. during acute infections timing was critical: infecting mice before antigen administration led to immunodepression. simultaneous injection with virus and srbc resulted in immunostimulation. persistent mhv-3 infections were associated with a chronic immunodepression. the presence of circulating interferon (if) was well correlated with these modifications. if peaking before antigen was associated with immunodepression whereas if secretion after an ...1976182881
nucleic acids from subcellular fractions of n-nitrosodiethylamine-induced hepatoma in mice.during eight successive isologous passages of hepatoma induced in male c3ha mice by n-nitrosodiethylamine, no common features of tumor progression were observed, although both the mitotic pattern and ploidy differed from generation to generation. these additional cytologic criteria allowed the biochemical examination of material least changed due to tumor progression. tumor ndna's were characterized by greater actinomycin d (ad)- and acridine orange (ao)-binding abilities than were normal ndna's ...1976187762
pseudomonas endocarditis: cure with carbenicillin and polymyxin b.a case of pseudomonas endocarditis cured with carbenicillin and polymyxin b is described. initially, this patient was considered a medical treatment failure when a full course of carbenicillin and gentamicin failed to effect a cure. the importance of monitoring therapy with appropriate laboratory tests is stressed.1977195349
culture and fsh responses of sertoli cells isolated from sexually mature rat testis. 1975195774
[diagnosis of cytomegalic inclusion disease]. 1977195787
herpesvirus-induced urolithiasis in specific-pathogen-free male cats. 1977201200
distribution of corticotrophin releasing factor activity within the hypothalamic-pituitary complex of rats and assay system involving cultured rat adenohypophysial cells from either intact or adrenalectomized donors was used to study the distribution of corticotrophin releasing factor (crf) activity in the hypothalamic-pituitary complex of rats and cattle. in the rat hypothalamus, crf activity was most concentrated in the median eminence, but crf was present in the stalk and the posterior pituitary gland in much higher concentrations than in the median eminence in both species. the dose--response slop ...1977201710
formation of the four isomers of hen egg white lysozyme containing three negative disulfide bonds and one open disulfide bond.reduced partially carboxymethylated hen egg white lysozyme (mucopeptide n-acetylmuramoylhydrolase; ec (approximately 0.8 mol of [1-(14)c]carboxymethyl groups) was air oxidized at ph 8.0 and 37 degrees in the presence of 1.5 mm 2-mercaptoethanol for 36 hr. gel filtration of this product gave the lower (native) and higher hydrodynamic volume forms, both containing radioactivity (approximately 35 and 65%, respectively). ion exchange chromatography of the lower hydrodynamic volume forms yi ...1977267931
biochemical strain characterization of trypanosoma cruzi by restriction endonuclease cleavage of kinetoplast-dna. 1977321246
diet, ddt, and the toxicity of drugs and chemicals.the toxic and carcinogenic effects of many compounds depend on their activation to reactive molecules in the cytochrome p-450 system of the endoplasmic reticulum of cells. changes in dietary input alter p-450 levels in different tissues and so alter toxicity. in this way, low protein diets protect against carbon tetrachloride poisoning. fats, proteins, and nonnutrients such as flavones, antioxidants, and contaminants like ddt all affect p-450 levels. the activated molecules may be diverted from ...1977321252
light and electron microscopic studies of thyrotrophin releasing hormone-induced growth hormone and prolactin release in hypophysectomized rats bearing an ectopic pituitary gland.a light microscopic and ultrastructural study of anterior pituitary glands transplanted under the kidney capsule of hypophysectomized rats was performed, in basal conditions and after stimulation with thyrotrophin releasing hormone, at various intervals (24 h-2 months) after transplantation. confirming previous biochemical findings, the results suggest that with time, somatotrophs acquire sensitivity to thyrotrophin releasing hormone and respond with increased exocytosis at doses that were found ...1977404377
thyroid function at birth in infants of 30 to 45 weeks' gestation.serum t4 was measured in cord blood of 2,683 infants of gestational ages 30 to 45 weeks and birth weights of 1,460 to 5,250 gm. in addition, serum tbg was measured in 180, and serum tsh in 125 of these infants. mean serum t4 increased with gestational age from 9.4 microng/dl at 30 weeks to 11.7 at 45 weeks. tbg varied from 3.1 to 11.4 mg/dl but showed no correlation with gestational age. there was a positive correlation between t4 and tbg. serum tsh levels showed a significant negative correlati ...1977404412
whole-serum assay of l-methionine using a chloramphenicol resistant strain of pediococcus acidilactici. 1979541304
pediococcus acidilactici ncib 6990, a new test organism for microbiological assaying of pantothenic acid. 19751194131
tert-butyl hydroperoxide-induced radical production in rat liver mitochondria.when rat liver mitochondria are treated with tert-butyl hydroperoxide (tbhp) in the presence of the spin trap 5,5-dimethyl-1-pyrroline n-oxide (dmpo), electron paramagnetic resonance (epr) signals are detected attributable to spin adducts resulting from the trapping of methyl, tert-butoxyl, and tert-butylperoxyl radicals. the addition of respiratory substrate results in a 3- to 7.5-fold increase in the signal intensity of the dmpo/methyl adduct, no change in the signal intensity of the dmpo/tert ...19921317326
basic counterpoint: mechanisms and pathways of gonadal steroid modulation of growth hormone spite of the different patterns of gh secretion observed in male and female rats, it can be argued that there are limited differences between the mechanism of action of androgens and estrogens as reported in the literature. however, we feel that it is possible to organize the available data into a unique physiological model explaining the sex-based differences in gh secretion in the rat. thus, it can be proposed that the greater spontaneous gh peaks observed in the male with respect to the fe ...19921352244
nucleotide and amino acid sequence of pap-gene (pediocin ach production) in pediococcus acidilactici h.n-terminal analysis of purified pediocin ach produced a partial sequence of 23 amino acids. this sequence matched perfectly with a segment of 23 amino acids in a 62 amino acid molecule generated from the 186 nucleotide sequence open reading frame in a hind iii fragment in psmb74 encoding pap-gene (pediocin ach production). it is suggested that the molecule is translated as inactive prepediocin ach of 62 amino acids. then through enzymatic modifications the leader segment of 18 amino acids is rem ...19921368421
on the onset of eye-head coordination in infants.head movements have been studied in newborns, during a visual pursuit and in relation with ocular movements, in order to know whether head movements help the ocular activity or impede it. the infants were tested three times during the first month of life. they were placed in a seated position, with the head held upright, but free to move. the results provided evidence that eyes and head were directionally coupled at as early as 2 weeks and that the interval between eye and head rotation decrease ...19921388805
characterization and antibiotic susceptibility of pediococcus acidilactici strains isolated from neutropenic patients. 19921396762
septicemia and hepatic abscess caused by pediococcus acidilactici.a case of postoperative pediococcus acidilactici septicemia with parallel isolation of the organism from hepatic specimens is presented. laboratory methods to identify this vancomycin-resistant gram-positive cocci are described. very few cases of documented infections due to this bacterium have been reported in the literature.19921396771
purification and amino acid sequence of a bacteriocin produced by pediococcus acidilactici.a bacteriocin produced by pediococcus acidilactici has been purified to homogeneity by a rapid and simple four-step purification procedure which includes ammonium sulphate precipitation, chromatography with a cation-exchanger and octyl sepharose, and reverse-phase chromatography. the purification resulted in an approximately 80,000-fold increase in the specific activity and about a 6-fold increase in the total activity. the amino acid composition and sequencing data indicated that the bacterioci ...19921402795
collapse of the proton motive force in listeria monocytogenes caused by a bacteriocin produced by pediococcus acidilactici.the effect of pediocin jd, a bacteriocin produced by pediococcus acidilactici jd1-23, on the proton motive force and proton permeability of resting whole cells of listeria monocytogenes scott a was determined. control cells, treated with trypsin-inactivated bacteriocin at a ph of 5.3 to 6.1, maintained a ph gradient and a membrane potential of approximately 0.65 ph unit and 75 mv, respectively. however, these gradients were rapidly dissipated in cells after exposure to pediocin jd, even though n ...19921444365
genomic analysis of pediococcus starter cultures used to control listeria monocytogenes in turkey summer sausage.the pulsed-field technique of clamped homogeneous electric field electrophoresis was employed to characterize and size genomic dna of three pediocin-producing (ped+) and two non-pediocin-producing (ped-) strains of pediococcus acidilactici. comparison of genomic fingerprints obtained by digestion with the low-frequency-cleavage endonuclease asci revealed identical restriction profiles for four of the five strains analyzed. summation of results for 10 individually sized asci fragments estimated t ...19921444419
[an electron microscopic study and the morphofunctional status of the lungs in an experimental reproduction of acute pneumonia].an analysis of the ultrastructural organization of alveocytes (types i and ii), endotheliocytes, interstitium alveolar, macrophages and aerohematic barrier in rabbits with experimental acute pneumonia revealed disorders of synthesis and release of surfactant on the alveolar surface. the observed in pneumonia edema and swelling of the aerohematic barrier components as well as the interstitium reduces the protective mechanism of alveols favouring transition of the disease to a protracted form.19921448991
[effect of environmental temperature on the course of spontaneous postmortem pupillary changes (studies of the rabbit eye)].the diameter of the pupils was measured in the bodies of rabbits under different ambient temperatures (2-4 degrees c, 10-12 degrees c, 18-20 degrees c, 28-30 degrees c). it was found that the pupils changed in three phases: initial miosis, which set in within minutes after death, was followed by a mydriatic phase, which lasted several hours and was approximately synchronous with the post-mortem rigidity of the skeletal muscles. in the third phase the pupils slowly contracted in the course of sev ...19921489345
the effects of na(+)-k(+)-cl- co-transport and cl(-)-hco3-exchange blockade on the membrane potential and intracellular chloride levels of rat arterial smooth muscle, in vitro.membrane potential and intracellular chloride levels have been measured simultaneously in vascular smooth muscle from the femoral artery of the rat, in vitro, using double-barrelled chloride-sensitive microelectrodes. these values are compared in the presence and absence of bicarbonate, and inhibitors of cl(-)-hco3- exchange and na(+)-k(+)-cl- co-transport. both dids and bumetanide caused a hyperpolarization of membrane potential (em) and a fall in [cl-]i, in the presence of extracellular hco3-. ...19921489543
cloning, expression, and nucleotide sequence of genes involved in production of pediocin pa-1, and bacteriocin from pediococcus acidilactici pac1.0.the production of pediocin pa-1, a small heat-stable bacteriocin, is associated with the presence of the 9.4-kbp plasmid psrq11 in pediococcus acidilactici pac1.0. it was shown by subcloning of psrq11 in escherichia coli cloning vectors that pediocin pa-1 is produced and, most probably, secreted by e. coli cells. deletion analysis showed that a 5.6-kbp sali-ecori fragment derived from psrq11 is required for pediocin pa-1 production. nucleotide sequence analysis of this 5.6-kbp fragment indicated ...19921514784
enhanced control of listeria monocytogenes by in situ-produced pediocin during dry fermented sausage determine whether pediocin is produced and has effective antilisterial activity during food fermentation, six sausage fermentation trials were conducted with antibiotic-resistant, pediocin-producing (bac+) pediococcus acidilactici pac 1.0 (strr rifr) and an isogenic pediocin-negative (bac-) derivative used as a control. meat was inoculated (ca. 10(5) cfu/g) with a composite of five listeria monocytogenes strains, each electrotransformed with pgk12 (cmr emr). p. acidilactici and l. monocytogen ...19921575489
pharmacokinetic interaction between 1,3-butadiene and styrene in sprague-dawley rats.gas uptake studies were carried out to evaluate kinetic interactions between 1,3-butadiene and styrene in sprague-dawley rats. the animals were co-exposed by inhalation to a mixture of 1,3-butadiene between 20 and 6000 ppm (v/v) and styrene between 0 and 500 ppm. the data demonstrate that metabolism of 1,3-butadiene was partially inhibited by styrene. the inhibition was competitive at atmospheric concentrations of styrene up to 90 ppm. higher concentrations of styrene resulted in a small additio ...19921610292
headspace flavour compounds produced by yeasts and lactobacilli during fermentation of preferments and bread doughs.production of volatile flavour compounds during fermentation with pure cultures of saccharomyces cerevisiae and candida guilliermondii, lactobacillus brevis and lactobacillus plantarum have been investigated, using wheat doughs and several preferements as substrates. for yeast, preferments consisted of 10% (w/v) glucose, maltose and sucrose solutions, whereas for lactobacilli they consisted of supplemented and unsupplemented (3% and 10% (w/v)) glucose solutions, and a 10% (w/v) wheat flour slurr ...19921622751
monoclonal antibody-colony immunoblot method specific for isolation of pediococcus acidilactici from foods and correlation with pediocin (bacteriocin) production.balb/c mice were immunized with broken, heat-killed cells of pediococcus acidilactici h. after murine cell fusions, one monoclonal antibody (mab), ped-2b2, was selected on the basis of its positive reaction with seven of seven strains tested in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with whole cells of p. acidilactici. the mab ped-2b2 did not show any cross-reactions with other lactic-acid bacteria or other gram-positive or gram-negative organisms. sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electro ...19921637167
implications of lethal anesthetic doses. 19911796981
implications of lethal anesthetic doses. 19911796981
[3h]mk-801 binding to n-methyl-d-aspartate receptors solubilized from rat brain: effects of glycine site ligands, polyamines, ifenprodil, and desipramine.the n-methyl-d-aspartate (nmda) receptor is thought to contain several distinct binding sites that can regulate channel opening. in the present experiments, the effects of ligands for these sites have been examined on [3h]mk-801 binding to a soluble receptor preparation, which had been passed down a gel filtration column to reduce the levels of endogenous small-molecular-weight substances. glycine site agonists, partial agonists, and antagonists gave effects similar to those observed in membrane ...19911828832
bacterial formation of n-nitroso compounds in the rat stomach after omeprazole-induced achlorhydria.n-nitrosamine formation by bacteria in the achlorhydric stomach has been proposed as an important factor in the development of gastric cancer. thus, the effect of the presence of bacteria in the stomach on endogenous nitrosation was investigated in rats given omeprazole (an inhibitor of gastric h+, k((+)-atpase) which reduces gastric secretion sufficiently to allow survival of a bacterial suspension of escherichia coli or pseudomonas. when rats were given both thiazolidine 4-carboxylic acid and ...19911855848
cyclophellitol: a naturally occurring mechanism-based inactivator of beta-glucosidases.the natural product cyclophellitol, isolated from the culture filtrate of a mushroom, phellinus sp. is found to be a highly specific and effective irreversible inactivator of beta-glucosidases. it inactivates the beta-glucosidases from both almond emulsin and agrobacter sp. according to pseudo-first order kinetics with inactivation constants of ki = 0.34 mm, ki = 2.38 min-1, and ki = 0.055 mm, ki = 1.26 min-1 respectively. no reactivation of the inactivated enzyme is seen upon dialysis, thus pro ...19911904221
behavior of listeria monocytogenes in wiener exudates in the presence of pediococcus acidilactici h or pediocin ach during storage at 4 or 25 degrees c.exudative fluids were collected from packages of five brands of all-beef wieners and inoculated to contain 10(4) to 10(5) cfu of a three-strain (scott a, v7, and 101m) mixture of listeria monocytogenes per ml. listeriae were inactivated (decrease of 0.61 to 3.8 log10 cfu/ml) in all five exudates held at 4 degrees c for 29 days. l. monocytogenes grew (increase of 1.7 to 3.6 log10 cfu/ml) in two of five exudates held at 25 degrees c for 6 days. exudate was inoculated with a derivative of pediococc ...19911906699
the occurrence and growth of microorganisms during the fermentation of fish sausage.minced fish (mullet) sausage mixes containing added sugar, salt, nitrate, nitrite and spices were fermented (48 h, 30 degrees c) by indigenous flora or by a starter culture (pediococcus acidilactici) and the microbial ecology and behaviour of various bacteria was monitored. pediococcus pentosaceus and lactobacillus plantarum dominated the indigenous fermentation, achieving populations of 10(7)-10(8) cfu/g by 48 h, and decreasing the ph of the mix to 4.5-4.7. significant growth (10(5)-10(7) cfu/g ...19911909546
native valve endocarditis due to corynebacterium group jk.we report a case of a 32-yr-old woman on chronic intermittent haemodialysis, who developed endocarditis due to a corynebacterium group jk, involving both the native aortic and mitral valves. despite a four-week treatment with vancomycin, an aortic root abscess developed. the diagnosis was confirmed on autopsy.19902074917
use of a bacteriocin produced by pediococcus acidilactici to inhibit listeria monocytogenes associated with fresh meat.a bacteriocin produced by pediococcus acidilactici had an inhibitory and bactericidal effect on listeria monocytogenes associated with fresh meat. mics were significantly lower than minimum killing concentrations. when meat was inoculated with l. monocytogenes, the bacteriocin reduced the number of attached bacteria in 2 min by 0.5 to 2.2 log cycles depending upon bacteriocin concentration. meat treated initially with the bacteriocin resulted in attachment of 1.0 to 2.5 log cycles fewer bacteria ...19902117881
septicemia caused by vancomycin-resistant pediococcus acidilactici.a case of septicemia caused by vancomycin-resistant pediococcus acidilactici is discussed. this appears to be the first reported case of septicemia caused by this organism. the characteristics and antimicrobial susceptibilities of this organism are described.19902199529
antigenic property of pediocin ach produced by pediococcus acidilactici h.pediocin ach, a bacteriocin of pediococcus acidilactici h, inhibits the growth of several food spoilage and pathogenic bacteria. the antigenic property of partially purified pediocin ach was tested by immunizing mice and a rabbit. pediocin ach was not immunogenic in these animals as determined by immunoblotting even after conjugation to bovine serum albumin. the non-immunogenic nature of pediocin ach, its non-toxicity to laboratory animals and its hydrolysis by gastric proteolytic enzymes may be ...19902272942
mapping the effects of motor cortex stimulation on somatosensory relay neurons in the rat thalamus: direct responses and afferent modulation.single unit recordings were used to map the spatial distribution of motor (mi) cortical influences on thalamic somatosensory relay nuclei in the rat. a total of 215 microelectrode penetrations were made to record single neurons in tracks through the medial and lateral ventroposterior (vpm and vpl), ventrolateral (vl), reticular (nrt), and posterior (po) thalamic nuclei. single units were classified according to their: 1) location within the nuclei, 2) receptive fields, and 3) response to standar ...19902322860
mapping the effects of motor cortex stimulation on somatosensory relay neurons in the rat thalamus: direct responses and afferent modulation.single unit recordings were used to map the spatial distribution of motor (mi) cortical influences on thalamic somatosensory relay nuclei in the rat. a total of 215 microelectrode penetrations were made to record single neurons in tracks through the medial and lateral ventroposterior (vpm and vpl), ventrolateral (vl), reticular (nrt), and posterior (po) thalamic nuclei. single units were classified according to their: 1) location within the nuclei, 2) receptive fields, and 3) response to standar ...19902322860
vancomycin-resistant pediococcus acidilactici: nine cases of bacteremia.pediococci, vancomycin-resistant gram-positive cocci, have been isolated from human specimens, but an association with clinical illness has not been established. clinical and epidemiologic data were obtained on nine patients who had pediococcus acidilactici isolated from blood. patients were eight elderly adults with complicated medical problems and one infant with congenital jejunoileal atresia. seven patients were hospitalized before p. acidilactici was isolated. eight had received multiple an ...19902324545
clinical and microbiologic characteristics of pediococci.over a 43-month period, 23 separate isolates of nonenterococcal alpha- and nonhemolytic streptococci were reported by our clinical microbiology laboratory to be resistant to vancomycin. this constituted 0.32% of nonenterococcal alpha- and nonhemolytic streptococci reported and 4.4% of such streptococci upon which susceptibility testing was performed. of 13 isolates which were available for further study, all were highly resistant to vancomycin (mic greater than or equal to 1,024 micrograms/ml), ...19902380362
effects of l-carnitine, l-acetylcarnitine and gangliosides on the regeneration of the transected sciatic nerve in rats.three pharmacological agents, l-carnitine, l-acetylcarnitine and gangliosides, were tested for their ability to enhance the regeneration of the rat sciatic nerve following transection and microsurgical repair. the drugs were administered intraperitoneally at the dose of 50 mg/kg/d for 28 and 56 d postoperatively. at the end of treatment, the motor function recovery of the peroneal component of the sciatic nerve was assessed and the regenerated nerves were analysed morphometrically on histologica ...19892565553
[nuclear dna cytofluorometry of normal human laryngeal epithelia and squamous cell carcinoma].normal human laryngeal epithelia and laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma were assayed by feulgen dna cytofluorometry using free cell nuclei isolated from carnoy-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens. in all of the 12 normal specimens, the epithelium showed typical diploid cell clones with low proliferative activity. polyploid cells were seen in only two specimens from subjects aged 61 and 69 years respectively, and the number of polyploid cells seen in these two specimens was only two. fifteen cancer ...19892593035
oviducal storage of spermatozoa in the turkey: its relevance to artificial insemination technology.1. this paper addresses questions concerning the role of oviducal sperm selection and storage in the relative inefficiency of turkey reproduction. 2. before the onset of egg production, the turkey has the biological potential to store spermatozoa in its oviduct for periods up to 5 weeks; after the onset of production fewer spermatozoa are retained by the oviduct. 3. a better understanding of the biological mechanisms which regulate sperm selection and storage in the turkey oviduct is necessary t ...19892670069
identification of gram-positive coccal and coccobacillary vancomycin-resistant bacteria.a total of 84 of 150 vancomycin-resistant (defined as no inhibition of bacterial growth around a 30-micrograms vancomycin disk placed on 5% sheep blood-trypticase soy agar [bbl microbiology systems, cockeysville, md.]) bacteria were definitively identified by determining the phenotypic criteria. the identity of representatives was also confirmed by dna-dna hybridizations. the following strains were identified: 1 enterococcus faecium, 18 leuconostoc mesenteroides, 15 leuconostoc citreum, 9 leucon ...19892723037
adverse effects of the use of unusual phenethylamine compounds sold as illicit amphetamine.a 40-year-old man, who had regularly taken illicit amphetamine by intra-nasal inhalation for several years without ill effects, was admitted to hospital with signs of massive adrenergic overstimulation shortly after inhaling material which he had purchased in the belief that it was amphetamine. the administration of the beta-blocker practolol produced a paradoxical increase in blood pressure. after his discharge from hospital he suffered disabling feelings of anxiety for several weeks. analysis ...19892770471
sympathetic uveitis after giant tear repair.a 33-year-old hispanic man developed sympathetic ophthalmia 4.5 months after vitrectomy and repeat scleral buckling for a giant retinal tear in an aphakic previously traumatized eye. the patient had gray-white, subretinal nodules with characteristic changes of sympathetic uveitis detected by fluorescein angiography. the fluorescein angiographic and clinical findings revealed a dramatic response to steroid treatment: visual acuity returned to the previous 20/20 level within 5 weeks of therapy.19892772419
the importance of timing for the action of alpha 1- or beta-agonists: possible relationship with the density of [3h]prazosin and [3h]dihydroalprenolol binding sites.exploratory behaviour was measured in the open-field at 8.00 h and 20.00 h with naive rats and rats treated with an alpha 1-agonist (phenylephrine, 25 micrograms i.c.v.) or beta-agonists (salbutamol, 2.5 mg/kg; clenbuterol 0.05 mg/kg i.p.). the spontaneous activity was similar at both times, yet the response to a alpha 1-as well as to beta-stimulation was significantly enhanced at 20.00 h. the density of cortical [3h]prazosin and [3h]dihydroalprenolol ([3h]dha) binding sites at 20.00 h was enhan ...19852864268
in-vitro study of the enkephalinergic hypothesis for non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic innervation in the cat has been suggested that enkephalins are involved in the gastric relaxation induced by stimulation of the non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic vagal fibres in the cat stomach. experiments were therefore performed on strips of cat stomach. with longitudinal and circular gastric fundus and corpus strips from reserpinized cats, non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic relaxatory responses could be elicited by transmural electrical stimulation in tyrode solution containing atropine and 5-hydroxytryptamine. morp ...19862869124
purification, characterization and antimicrobial spectrum of a bacteriocin produced by pediococcus antimicrobial peptide designated pediocin ach was isolated from pediococcus acidilactici strain h. the pediocin ach was purified by ion exchange chromatography. the molecular weight of pediocin ach was determined by sds-page to be about 2700 daltons. pediocin ach was sensitive to proteolytic enzymes resistant to heat and organic solvents, and active over a wide range of ph. pediocin ach exhibited inhibition against several food spoilage bacteria and foodborne pathogens including staphylococcu ...19882906056
regulation of the glucose phosphotransferase system in brochothrix thermosphacta by membrane energization.uptake of 2-deoxyglucose, alpha-methylglucopyranoside, and glucose into intact cells of brochothrix thermosphacta (formerly microbacterium thermosphactum, atcc 11509) was stimulated by kcn or cccp. the glucose analogs were recovered almost totally as the sugar phosphates. membrane vesicles were isolated from protoplasts and shown to be right side out by freeze fracturing and by using atpase as a marker for the cytoplasmic membrane surface. uptake of glucose into vesicles was dependent on the pre ...19852995314
regulation of enzymes by ligand induced change in polymerization. 19863020906
[extraintestinal isolation of salmonella in chickens: epidemiologic study of 3 salmonellosis outbreaks after ingestion of raw eggs].a taxonomic analysis of the malolactic microflora present in nine grape samples from different zones of galicia, was carried out. nineteen strains were isolated and identified as lactobacillus plantarum (42%), l. brevis (10.6%), l. casei (5.25%), l. hilgardii (5.25%), streptococcus cremoris (5.25%), leuconostoc lactis (5.25%), l. oenos (10.6%), and pediococcus acidilactici (15.8%).19873077329
the role of pulmonary cellular reactions in the resistance of vaccinated mice to schistosoma mansoni.a histopathological and ultrastructural study was made of schistosomula and associated inflammatory reactions in the lungs of normal mice, and mice previously vaccinated with irradiated cercariae. in normal mice at day 7 post-infection all schistosomula were located in blood vessels. from day 11 onwards an increasing proportion of schistosomula were intra-alveolar (80% from day 20). no cellular reactions were evident around intravascular parasites in normal mice but at later sampling times large ...19863088537
the inhibition by valproic acid of the mitochondrial oxidation of monocarboxylic and omega-hydroxymonocarboxylic acids: possible implications for the metabolism of gamma-aminobutyric acid.the interactions of 1-5 mm valproic acid with the hepatic fatty acid oxidation are here described. valproic acid was not substrate for hepatic peroxisomal fatty acid oxidation. its activation outside the mitochondrial matrix compartment was poor when compared to that of octanoic acid, a fatty acid containing the same number of carbones. valproic acid did not inhibit the fatty acyl-coa oxidase nor the cyanide-insensitive acyl-coa oxidation. valproic acid inhibited the mitochondrial oxidations of ...19873117781
[primary leiomyosarcoma of the pulmonary artery. apropos of a case].a case of leiomyosarcoma of the pulmonary artery in a 64-year old man without previous cardiovascular disease is reported. the clinical picture, which comprised episodes of paroxysmal dyspnoea associated with acute cor pulmonale, suggested pulmonary embolism. radioisotope perfusion study and pulmonary angiography seemed to confirm this diagnosis, but no improvement was obtained with a prolonged thrombolytic treatment. the presence of a median mass at ct led to exploratory thoracotomy and to the ...19873122693
postural adjustments in the monkey: effects of velocity on emg sequence.monkeys were trained to perform flexion or extension movements of the elbow in a strictly restrained position. even in these conditions, postural adjustments were still recorded. they appeared to be organized in a consistent pattern. when trials were ranked with increasing velocity, two kinds of emg changes could be described: (i) those in the upper part of the body which may be triggered by anticipatory postural motor programs; (ii) those in lower limbs recruited only with higher velocities and ...19883126464
follicle-stimulating hormone induces deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase alpha before deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in immature rat ovarian follicles perfused in examine the effects of follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) on cell proliferation and cell division in ovaries, deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) polymerase activities and dna concentrations were determined in ovarian follicles of immature, hypophysectomized, estradiol-treated rats perfused in vitro. ovine fsh (2-20 micrograms/ml) significantly enhanced the dna polymerase alpha activity in the follicles perfused for 180-300 minutes, whereas the dna polymerase beta activity and dna concentration showe ...19883126468
inhibition of listeria monocytogenes by using bacteriocin pa-1 produced by pediococcus acidilactici pac 1.0.the bacteriocin produced by pediococcus acidilactici pac 1.0, previously designated pa-1 bacteriocin, was found to be inhibitory and bactericidal for listeria monocytogenes. a dried powder prepared from pac 1.0 culture supernatant fortified with 10% milk powder was found to contain bacteriocin activity. an mic against l. monocytogenes and lytic effects in broth cultures were determined. inhibition by pa-1 powder occurred over the ph range 5.5 to 7.0 and at both 4 and 32 degrees c. in addition, i ...19883144243
fine structure of the a-band in cryo-sections. diversity of m-band structure in chicken breast muscle.electron micrographs of longitudinal ultrathin cryo-sections and plastic sections of chicken pectoralis muscle together with their average images have been used to study in detail the axial structure of the m-band. it was found that m-band structure could vary markedly in different fibres, even within the white part of the muscle. strong m-band density ("m-bridges") could be seen at m4 and m4' in all fibres. on the other hand the density at m1 or m6 could vary systematically. some fibres (probab ...19883209858
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