cell-mediated immune response in mice treated with steroidal contraceptives.the splenomegaly assay (simonsen, 1962) was standardized using different strains of rats and mice. male wistar rat (donor)-female swiss mouse (host) was found to be the suitable combination that could be employed in subsequent experiments to study the potential of contraceptive steroids to alter cmir. the index of splenomegaly appeared to increase in case of mice treated with combination oral contraceptives (ovulen, ovral or enovid). the differences observed, however, neared significance only in ...197555327
non-h-2 antigens on fibroblasts and an embryocarcinoma cell line react with xenoantisera against h-2 antigens.the murine embryocarcinoma cell line f9 lacks the classical transplantation antigens. however, rabbit anti-h-2 antigen sera, recognizing "backbone structures" of h-2 k and d antigens, react with three types of molecules manufactured by f9 cells. a 49,000- and a 25,000-dalton chain are glycoproteins located on the cell surface. the third component with an apparent molecular weight of 15,000, and the 25,000-dalton chain seem to be unrelated to the 49,000-dalton glycoprotein. the 25,000- and 15,000 ...197991173
[differences in sensitivity of t3, t7, t4 and lambda phages to bleomycin and phleomycin].in contrast to phage lambda the phages t3, t7 and t4 are not inhibited by as much as 150 microgram bleomycin/ml, while the chemically related antibiotic phleomycin increasingly inhibits the propagation of the phages in the order t4-t3-lambda. 20 microgram phleomycin/ml inhibit t3 by 95%. the resistance against bleomycin is surprising, because 10 microgram bm/ml block completely the colony-forming capacity of the host bacterium. the drug resistance of the phage growth correlates with the weak dec ...197994958
the primary transcript of the ribosomal repeating unit in yeast.endgroup analysis of 37s ribosomal precursor rna from saccharomyces carlsbergensis has revealed that the major 5' endgroup is ppa-up, with a molar yield of 0.8. this shows that most, if not all, 37s rna molecules have preserved a transcriptional initiation sequence. analysis of the 3' terminus of 37s rna has shown the presence of a uridine rich oligonucleotide, tentatively identified as u6-8-a-noh. this long stretch of uridines at the 3' end of 37s rna may represent a transcriptional termination ...1979106368
localization of neurons supplying the temporalis muscle in the rat and monkey.following injection of horseradish peroxidase (hrp) solution into the rat and monkey temporalis muscle, a similar pattern of nuclear representation was found in the motor trigeminal nucleus. labelled neurons were seen throughout the rostro-caudal extent of the ipsilateral motor trigeminal nucleus, in its dorsal, intermediate and ventral portions and its dorsomedial, ventromedial and ventrolateral corners. in addition to the motor trigeminal nucleus labelled neurons were also found in the ipsilat ...1979107492
gene assignments to the presumptive homologs of human chromosomes 2, 9, 13, 14, and 15 in the pongidae and cercopithecoidea. 1978110529
studies of the histochemistry, ultrastructure, motor innervation, and regeneration of mammalian intrafusal muscle fibres. 1976137430
[use of intraspecific differentiation of sh. sonnei for the purpose of studying patterns in the epidemic process of dysentery].the use of complex typing of sh. sonnei by the colicinogenic and enzymatic properties in epidemiological analysis of dysentery caused by sh. sonnei, apart from establishment of epidemiological connections in the foci, offered a possibility of introducing significant corrections in the determination of the sizes and duration of existence of the epidemic foci, as well as in detection of the sources and factors of transmission of the infection established in epidemiological examination. typing of s ...1978154276
sequential hepatic histologic and histochemical changes produced by diethylnitrosamine in the rhesus monkey.six young adult male rhesus monkeys were given diethylnitrosamine ip for 3-5 years. liver biospies were done monthly. after 6 months, biopsy specimens showed individual hepatocytes and small foci of hepatocytes that were intensely positive for glycogen. during the second and later years, larger foci of such cells developed. in sections stained with hematoxylin and eosin, the glycogen-containing hepatocytes generally appeared unusually clear. some hepatocytes, however, had eosinophilic or basophi ...1976187798
the storage lipids in tangier disease. a physical chemical study.the physical states and phase behavior of the lipids of the spleen, liver, and splenic artery from a 38-yr-old man with tangier disease were studied. many intracellular lipid droplets in the smectic liquid crystalline state were identified by polarizing microscopy in macrophages in both the spleen and liver, but not in the splenic artery. the droplets within individual cells melted sharply over a narrow temperature range, indicating a uniform lipid composition of the droplets of each cell. howev ...1977193870
[association between hsv 2 antigen and colpocytologic finding (author's transl)].prophylactic gynecologic examinations were performed in 1440 women using colposcopy and vaginalcytology. a search for hsv antigen in cervical cells was performed hsv antigen was found in 12% of pap i--ii smears, in 41% of pap iii smears and in all cases of pap iv--v. it is suggested that there is a probable association between hsv 2 and cervical cancer.1977201227
comparison of interferon action in interferon resistant and sensitive l1210 cells.translation inhibition, leu-trna aminoacylation and double-stranded rna and atp dependent phosphorylation were examined in interferon-treated and control cell-free lysates of leukaemic mouse l 1210 r and l 1210 s cells. no differences were observed between the respective interferon-treated and control cell-free extracts, except for the presence of an enhanced 67k dalton phosphoprotein fraction in interferon-treated l 1210 s cell-free extracts. in non-responding cell-free lysates, the lack of sti ...1978212514
eosinophil chemotactic factor (ecf). iii. generation in human peripheral leukocytes.eosinophil chemotactic factor (ecf) can be released from human peripheral leukocytes by an ige-anti-ige reaction, by the calcium ionophore a 23187 and during phagocytosis. supernatants and sonicates of unstimulated cells contain little or no ecf. on stimulation, however, ecf activity increases in the cells and even more so in the supernatants. this holds for purified neutrophils (pmns) as well as for basophil-containing mononuclear cell preparations. these findings contrast with those in lung ho ...1978344230
catabolite inactivation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase in spheroplasts from saccharomyces cerevisiae.catabolite inactivation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase was studied in yeast spheroplasts using 0.9 m mannitol or 0.6 m potassium chloride as the osmotic support. in the presence of potassium chloride the rate of catabolite inactivation was nearly the same as that occurring in intact yeast cells under different conditions of incubation. however, in the presence of mannitol, catabolite inactivation in spheroplasts was prevented. the mannitol inhibition of catabolite inactivation was released ...1979383159
study of ve virus and isolation of sle, ee, group c, and guama group arboviruses in the amazon region of peru, 1975. 1979519080
inhibition by somatostatin of adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate stimulated hepatic ribosomal protein synthesis.somatostatin which inhibits the secretion of various pituitary and intestinal hormones has been suspected to exert these effects by inhibiting adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate accumulation in the respective endocrine gland. our results, obtained by cell free protein synthesis and by sedimentation through sucrose gradients of ribosomes, prepared from rat liver after incubation with cyclic amp and/or somatostatin also suggest this antagonism between somatostatin and cyclic amp. in addition, they indi ...1977197300
modulation by acetylcholine of adrenergic transmission in the rabbit ear artery.1. low concentrations of acetylcholine (4 times 10(-11) and 1 times 10(-10) m) increase the vasoconstrictor response of the isolated ear artery of the rabbit to stimulation of the periarterial sympathetic nerves. higher concentrations (4 times 10(-8) m and greater) decrease the response. 2. low concentrations of acetylcholine (1 times 10(-11) and 1 times 10(-10) m) increase the stimulation-induced efflux of radioactivity from artery segments previously incubated with [3h]-noradrenaline. higher o ...1975166718
elementary particles in isolated rat liver and spleen nuclear membranes.elementary spherical particles similar to those described in the mitochondria are found in isolated rat liver and spleen nuclear membranes. the particles are characterized by electron microscopy of sections and preparations negatively stained with phosphotungstic acid or with the atpase histochemical reaction product. the particles exhibit adenosine triphosphatase activity and have a mushroom-like shape with a sphere about 85-90 angstrom in diameter attached to inner face of the inner nuclear me ...1975126876
lymphocyte abnormalities in untreated patients with hodgkin's disease.the study comprises 38 unselected and untreated patients with hodgkin's disease (hd) and 23 healthy persons. highly purified blood lymphocytes were analyzed for cells forming rosettes with sheep red blood cells (t lymphocytes), and lymphocytes bearing surface immunoglobulin (b lymphocytes) and/or carrying receptors for complement. their dna synthesis, spontaneously, or after activation with mitogens (phytohemagglutinin, concanavallin a, poke weed mitogen) and purified protein derivative (ppd) wa ...19761082795
purity and antigenicity of insulin preparations. 197798958
[effect of sympathetic nerve stimulation on the microvascular permeability for proteins and lipoproteins]. 197992794
dissolution of rabbit zona by sperm acrosomal extract: effect of calcium (1).the acrosomal extracts from rabbit spermatozoa were more effective in dissolving the zona pellucida of the rabbit ova in the absence than in the presence of ca2+. the extracts had high proteolytic activity but low esterolytic activity at alkaline ph in which ph effective zona hydrolysis occurred. the results suggest that acrosomal proteinases in addition to acrosin may be involved in the zona penetration.197938295
attenuated, streptomycin-dependent salmonella typhi oral vaccine: potential deleterious effects of lyophilization.four studies were done with streptomycin-dependent salmonella typhi as an oral, attenuated vaccine. studies 1 and 3 employed freshly harvested vaccine, whereas studies 2 and 4 involved lyophilized vaccine. five to eight doses (3 x 10(10)-10(11) organisms/dose) were given; oral streptomycin (1.0 g) was administered concomitantly in studies 2 and 3, with only two of the doses of vaccine in study 1, and was not given in study 4. no adverse reactions were encountered in 179 vaccinated men, and 94% o ...19761262709
[changes in the activity of succinate dehydrogenase in the cells of different brain structures under the effect of uhf field of low intensity]. 19761274298
expression and release of neuroregulators during development: monoamines and neuropeptides.the turnover of catecholamines (ca) was determined in the adrenal medulla and brain of rat fetuses and pups. in general we found a considerable increase soon after birth. the expression of mrna for ca-synthesizing enzymes was also considerably enhanced in the adrenals shortly after birth. furthermore, we demonstrated increased expression of neuropeptides after birth, increased synthesis of mrna encoding for neuropeptide y in the adrenals 24 h after birth; and considerable activation of the subst ...19921306802
protective efficacy of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccines.clinical studies of 6- and 12-valent pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide vaccines were carried out in controlled studies among novice gold miners in south africa. in the studies 1,523 persons received pneumococcal vaccine, and 3,171 were included as controls. in the great majority of subjects given pneumococcal vaccine, antibodies developed against the capsular types included in the vaccine. the 6-valent vaccine afforded 76% reduction in cases of laboratory-verified pneumococcal pneumonia cause ...197721973
serum gonadotropins in the rat after prenatal damage to the testes by busulfan and their reaction to cryptorchidism, castration and administration of male rats prenatally treated with 1,4-bis-(methanesulfonyloxy)-butane (busulfan), which damages the gonocytes, undergo cryptorchidization, castration or testosterone treatment and the fsh, lh and testosterone levels in serum are measured. basal values of these hormones do not differ from those of controls. after cryptorchidization fsh levels rise but the lh levels do not. following orchidectomy both hormone levels increase significantly. application of testosterone in various doses increas ...197716621
characterization of guanosine diphospho-d-mannose dehydrogenase from pseudomonas aeruginosa. structural analysis by limited proteolysis.alginate is believed to be a major virulence factor in the pathogenicity of pseudomonas aeruginosa in the lungs of patients suffering from cystic fibrosis. guanosine diphospho-d-mannose dehydrogenase (gdpmannose dehydrogenase, ec is a key enzyme in the alginate biosynthetic pathway which catalyzes the oxidation of guanosine diphospho-d-mannose (gdp-d-mannose) to gdp-d-mannuronic acid. in this paper, we report the structural analysis of gmd by limited proteolysis using three different ...19921370473
dna methylation: organ specific variations in the methylation pattern within and around ovalbumin and other chicken genes.the restriction enzymes hhai and hpaii, whose activity is inhibited by cytosine methylation within their recognition sites, have been utilised as probes to study methylation in the vicinity of the ovalbumin gene in dna from various chicken tissues. this was complemented by a preliminary study of methylation in the regions of chicken ovotransferrin (conalbumin), ovomucoid and beta-globin genes. from our data we conclude that hai or hpaii sites can be divided in 3 classes according to their patter ...1979523314
the hha protein from escherichia coli is highly homologous to the ymoa protein from yersinia enterocolitica. 19921484495
origin and early development of canine circumanal glands. 1979517821
[contributions of thoracic surgery in the research institute for pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis since its founding and under the presence conditions in the treatment of specific and nonspecific lung diseases (author's transl)].thoracic surgery is done in the research institute for pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis for about 25 years. 2463 lung resections on account of tuberculosis, 934 lung resections on account of intrathoracic tumors, among them 795 suffering from bronchial carcinoma, 422 operations because of nonspecific pulmonary diseases (bronchiectasis, lung abscess a.s.o.) and nearly the same number of operations because of spontaneous pneumothorax were performed in this time. cystic lung disease, bullous emp ...1979516807
total anomalous pulmonary venous connection: surgical correction in a 66-year-old man.a cyanotic, debilitated 66-year-old man was referred as an emergency because of embolic arterial occlusion of the left lower extremity. subsequent investigation revealed total anomalous pulmonary venous connection. complete surgical correction was accomplished. despite a difficult postoperative hospital course, more than 3 years after operation he continues to experience improved quality of life with better exercise tolerance, freedom from further emboli and symptomatic arrhythmias, and no need ...19921540076
adults' simulations of preschoolers' human figure drawings. 1979503734
[autoradiographic studies on the distribution of 14c-piracetam in the simian brain].autoradiography of the brain of the monkey callithrix jacchus 2 and 6 h after oral application of 200 mg 14c-piracetam/kg (2-oxo-pyrrolidine-l-acetamide-2-14c) shows that the drug is preferably concentrated in the cortex of cerebrum and cerebellum. this specific affinity of piracetam which was observed earlier in dog and rat is thus confirmed in the primate and seems to be species independent. beside the dominant cortical concentration there is a characteristic storage of piracetam in many nucle ...1978415743
epoxidation of aldrin to exo-dieldrin by soil bacteria.twenty-two strains of soil bacteria, including representatives of the genera bacillus, micromonospora, mycobacterium, nocardia, streptomyces, thermoactinomyces, and pseudomonas and 10 unidentified gram-negative, motile, rod-shaped bacteria, were shown to degrade aldrin to its epoxide dieldrin. in every case, the exo-stereoisomer of dieldrin was produced exclusively.1977407844
man, medicine, and machines. 1977406501
suppressor of deoxythmidine monophosphate uptake in saccharomyces cerevisiae.although yeast cannot normally incorporate exogenous deoxythymidine 5'-monophosphate (dtmp) into deoxyribonucleic acid, mutants able to do so have been isolated. we have characterized a recessive suppressor of dtmp uptake (sot1) that prevents strains carrying either tup1, tup2, or tup4 from growing on selective medium. the sot1 mutation maps between rad1 and the centromere of chromosome xvi, and is unlinked to any of the tup mutations. the sot1 mutation does not suppress the other pleiotropic ef ...1979374400
analysis of high psa n-cam expression during mammalian spinal cord and peripheral nervous system development.using a monoclonal antibody that recognizes specifically a high polysialylated form of n-cam (high psa n-cam), the temporal and spatial expression of this molecule was studied in developing spinal cord and neural crest derivatives of mouse truncal region. temporal expression was analyzed on immunoblots of spinal cord and dorsal root ganglia (drgs) extracts microdissected at different developmental stages. analysis of the ratio of high psa n-cam to total n-cam indicated that sialylation and desia ...19911769342
effects of hydration and physical therapy on tracheal transport velocity.a new tracer method for quantitative measurement of tracheal transport velocity (mm per min) in dogs has been described. using the same technique, the effects of dehydration, rehydration, postural drainage, and chest percussion on tracheal transport velocity were studied. mean tracheal transport velocity decreased significantly (14.1 +/- 1.4) after dehydration (p less than 0.05) and reverted to normal (19.0 +/- 1.3) with rehydration in 10 dogs. after postural drainage in 7 dogs, mean tracheal tr ...1977262095
plasma hemoglobin in rectal or intravenous hydrogen peroxide for extrapulmonary oxygenation. 1979524918
evidence for species-specific substrate-site-directed inactivation of rabbit adenylate kinase by n6-(6-iodoacetamido-n-hexyl)adenosine 5'-triphosphate.adenosine 5'-triphosphate (atp) derivatives bearing iodoacetylamino-n-alkyl substituents [(ch2)nnhcoch2i] on n6 were synthesized as potential atp-site-directed irreversible inhibitors of adenylate kinases from rabbit, pig, and carp muscle. when n was 5 no enzyme was progressively inhibited (inactivated) by 1 mm inhibitor under the test conditions (6 h at 0 degrees); when n was 6 the rabbit enzyme was 76% inactivated by 0.79 mm inhibitor whereas the pig and carp enzymes were unaffected by 2.76 mm ...1976187748
vibrios in acute diarrhoea. 1979544501
[animal experiment studies on parenteral utilization of maltose].the utilisation of parenterally administered maltose was investigated in the anaesthetized rat, and in rats fixed in metabolic cages. additionally, the metabolism of maltose was measured with the isolated perfused rat liver. during intravenous infusion of 0.3 g, 0.6 g or 1.2 g maltose (corresponding to 0.9 g, 1.8 g or 3.6 g/kg bodyweight) per hour a steady-state for maltose in blood was attained. blood glucose concentration rose during the maltose infusions. the utilisation of parenterally admin ...1976135420
[study of the incorporation of radioactive zinc in saccharomyces cerevisiae aldolase].saccharomyces cerevisiae aldolase concentrates from the culture medium containing znso4 a large amount of zn which becomes a component part of the enzyme molecular structure. this was made evident by adding to the culture medium 65znso4 and measuring the radioactivity of the aldolase extracted by a phillips single channel analyzer.1976133445
survey of helminth infections in maine dairy cattle.the survey was done to determine the incidence and seasonal prevalence of the gastrointestinal helminths infecting maine dairy cattle. approximately equal groups of calves, heifers, and cows from 13 dairy farms, managerially and geographically representative of dairying in the state, were sampled at regular 2-month intervals over the period of a year. on the basis of fecal egg counts and identification of cultured larvae, the following results were obtained: of the 94 adult cows, 78 heifers, and ...1975127538
characterization of activation and deactivation pathways of 4-(n-nitrosomethylamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (nnk) in rat hepatocytes.we have characterized the metabolism of 4-(n-nitrosomethylamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (nnk) in cultured rat hepatocytes and have established the relationship between various metabolic pathways and single-strand breaks (ssb) in dna. metabolism of [5-3h]-nnk by carbonyl reduction, alpha-carbon hydroxylation and pyridine n-oxidation was linear from 0.5 to 6 h with 0.25-2 x 10(6) hepatocytes. using an alkaline elution assay, we observed that nnk induces ssb in dna in a dose- and time-dependent m ...19911855907
alteration of colony-stimulating factor output, endotoxemia, and granulopoiesis in cyclic neutropenia.cellular and humoral factors involved in the regulation of granulopoiesis were evaluated in two patients with cyclic neutropenia by utilizing the agar-gel marrow culture technique to serially study marrow granulocytic colony-forming capacity (cfc) and the urinary output of colony-stimulating factor (csf). csf output varied inversely with peripheral neutrophil counts and directly with monocyte counts and evidence for infection (endotoxemia and/or staphylococcal abscesses). following autologous in ...19761087533
[enzymes catalyzing the reduction of aldopentoses and the oxidation of pentitols in mycobacteria].m. phlei, grown on synthetic sauton medium (with 6% glycerol as carbon source), had nadph- and nadh-aldopentose reductase, as well as nad-pentitol dehydrogenase activities; some of their properties are studied. these activities are not present in bcg grown on the same medium. all experiments of aldopentose-reductase induction in bcg on a d(+)xylose medium were negative.1979120778
p-glycoprotein and progesterone receptor in human breast cancer. 19901974809
pharmacological modification of experimental tardive dyskinesia.cebus apella monkeys subjected to chronic haloperidol administration develop neurologic disturbances very similar to neuroleptic-induced acute dystonia human beings. after varying lengths of time, certain monkeys develop a prolonged dyskinetic syndrome resembling tardive dyskinesia (td), as seen clinically. two monkeys with signs of td were given single intramuscular injections of various compounds with known effects on the catecholaminergic, cholinergic, serotoninergic and gaba-ergic neurotrans ...1979115227
behavioral effects of low and high acute doses of morphine in solitary mice.the effects of morphine (5, 10, 100, and 150 mg/kg sc) on locomotor activity, object manipulation, grooming, rearing, and responsiveness to social stimulation were observed in naive, nontolerant mice. morphine induced significant changes in the behavior elements recorded. five and 10 mg/kg morphine caused an initial phase of about 1 h with inhibition of all activities. after 1 h the mice gradually increased activity and exceeded the corresponding placebo level at the end of the sessions. 100 and ...1979113835
bovine superoxide dismutase: a radioimmunoassay. 1978102252
lack of pqq dependent glucose dehydrogenase apoenzyme in some acinetobacter spp.seventy four asaccharolytic strains of acinotobacter were tested for the presence of pqq dependent glucose dehydrogenase apoenzyme. this apoenzyme could not be detected in any of five strains of acinetobacter haemolyticus; it was also lacking in one strain of each a. junii and a. lwoffi.19902176072
[bile and stress ulcer in the rat (author's transl)].the influence of bile on the ulcer formation under "restraint stress" condition was studied in rats with direct choledocho-gastrostomia resp. bile duct ligation. after 9 hrs. of immobilisation in plaster cuffs the animals with unrestricted bile flow via the choledochosstress gastrostomia showed as many ulcers as the sham-operated controls. there was no difference in the ulcer localisation, the region of the bile duct anastomosis was without any ulcer. after bile duct ligation the ulcer frequency ...19751214546
human placental lactogen concentration during physiological fluctuations of serum glucose in normal pregnant and gestational diabetic women.oral glucose tolerance tests (ogtt) were carried out in 9 normal pregnant women and 11 non-obese gestational diabetics in late pregnancy. all samples were analysed for the content of glucose, insulin and placental lactogen hormone (hpl). furthermore, spontaneous changes in the serum hpl concentration during a 3 h period were studied in 6 normal women in the 2nd half of pregnancy. during ogtt only small and insignificant changes in the level of hpl were observed in both the normal subjects and th ...19751242271
interaction between effects of hypoxia and hypercapnia on altering left ventricular relaxation and chamber stiffness in dogs.left ventricular (lv) isovolumic relaxation and chamber stiffness were examined in dogs to see how hypoxemia and hypercapnia occurring during an acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive lung disease could directly affect diastolic performance. measurements were obtained during baseline (arterial po2 approximately 200 mm hg; pco2 approximately 35 mm hg; ph approximately 7.35), hypoxia (po2 approximately 35 mm hg; pco2 approximately 35 mm hg; ph approximately 7.35), and hypoxia-hypercapnia (po2 a ...19921489118
acupuncture analgesia.acupuncture-produced surgical analgesia has been demonstrated in a wide variety of species under experimental and clinical circumstances. the main advantage is that no depressant drugs need to be used. the disadvantages of its use are unfamiliarity, the need for special equipment, inconsistent effects, and lack of restraint.19921533972
diagnosis of sickle cell disease in chronically transfused patients.standard electrophoretic methods for the diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies are confounded in individuals chronically transfused. we present the accurate diagnosis of sickle cell disease in two such transfused patients by the application of polymerase chain reaction technology to analyze patient's hemoglobin beta-chain genes directly.19921550267
phospholipase c-mediated hydrolysis of phosphatidylcholine is activated by cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(ii).we have investigated the effect of cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(ii) (cddp) on signal transduction pathways. cddp treatment did not cause any change in the binding of [3h]-phorbol dibutyrate to pc-9 (human lung adenocarcinoma cell line) cells, a measure of protein kinase c activation. however, 2-h cddp treatment (20 micrograms/ml) caused approximately 200% increase in 1,2-sn-diacylglycerol (dag) production and approximately 50% decrease in inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate production. to explore the di ...19921569201
ab-interno neodymium:yag versus erbium:yag laser sclerostomies in a rabbit model.this study was undertaken to determine whether thermally-induced tissue necrosis was a factor in ab-interno contact-laser sclerostomy failure. a rabbit model was used to compare the continuous-wave neodymium (nd):yag with the pulsed erbium (er):yag laser with respect to such failure. laser energy was focused into a fused-silica fiber optic (400 microns) for the nd:yag laser (12 w; 3 to 5 seconds), and into a single-crystal, uncladded sapphire fiber optic (250 microns) for the er:yag laser (7 to ...19921574289
low ph deforms the influenza virus envelope.influenza virus membrane fusion is induced by low ph, which triggers an irreversible conformational change in the viral haemagglutinin (ha). the result of this change is the extrusion of the ha fusion peptide, after which it may act in the fusion of virus and endosomal membranes. here we describe electron microscopic observations on low ph-treated virus after negative staining or cryo-electron microscopy of virus in the frozen hydrated state. the results indicate a destabilization of the virus m ...19921634881
adrenalin activation of beta 2-adrenoceptors stimulates morphological changes in astrocytes (pituicytes) cultured from adult rat neurohypophyses.neurohypophysial astrocytes, the pituicytes, are known to undergo morphological changes in vivo in response to stimuli that increase the demand for hormone secretion. similar changes have been induced by beta-adrenergic stimulation both in the isolated, but otherwise intact, neural lobe and in pituicytes cultured from adult rats. since the predominant beta-receptor subtype in the neural lobe is beta 2, we investigated the possibility that beta 2-receptor activation is mainly responsible for the ...19911682016
inhibitory effect of cimetidine on graft survival of allotransplanted rats submitted to an active-passive enhancement protocol.the objective of the present study was to determine whether cimetidine, a type-2 histamine receptor antagonist, inhibits the immunological enhancement of allografted rats achieved by treatment with donor antigen plus anti-donor antibody. groups of rats submitted to this active-passive enhancement protocol and treated ip with 30 (apec 30; group i; n = 4) or 60 (apec 60; group ii; n = 8) mg/day cimetidine for 14 days had a significantly shorter graft survival (20.2 +/- 5.1 and 11.1 +/- 2.6 days, r ...19911797288
inhibitory effect of cimetidine on graft survival of allotransplanted rats submitted to an active-passive enhancement protocol.the objective of the present study was to determine whether cimetidine, a type-2 histamine receptor antagonist, inhibits the immunological enhancement of allografted rats achieved by treatment with donor antigen plus anti-donor antibody. groups of rats submitted to this active-passive enhancement protocol and treated ip with 30 (apec 30; group i; n = 4) or 60 (apec 60; group ii; n = 8) mg/day cimetidine for 14 days had a significantly shorter graft survival (20.2 +/- 5.1 and 11.1 +/- 2.6 days, r ...19911797288
[anti-inflammatory activities and effect of rhizoma alismatis on immune system].10 and 20 g/kg ig of rhizoma alismatis (ra) markedly decrease the clearance rate of charcoal particles in mice, but have no significant effect on the weight of immune organs, or on the content of serum antibody hemolysin and immunoglobulin g and the delayed footpad edema induced by sheep red blood cell. the contact dermatitis of mouse pinnae immunized with dinitrochlorobenzene is inhibited by ra when it is given before challenge. in addition, ra 20g/kg suppresses the swelling of mouse rinnae ind ...19911820797
intracellular ca2+ and protein kinase c modulate k+ current in guinea pig heart cells.effects of protein kinase c (pkc) and intracellular calcium ion (cai2+) on the delayed rectifier k+ current (ik) were investigated in the single ventricular cells of guinea pig by use of an internal-dialysis method and a whole cell voltage-clamp technique. 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (tpa, 10(-9) m), an activator of pkc, increased the amplitude of ik in the presence of cai2+ higher than 10(-10) m. this effect of tpa was mimicked by a synthetic diacylglycerol, 1-oleoyl-2-acetylglycerol ( ...19872446513
[anti-inflammatory activities and effect of rhizoma alismatis on immune system].10 and 20 g/kg ig of rhizoma alismatis (ra) markedly decrease the clearance rate of charcoal particles in mice, but have no significant effect on the weight of immune organs, or on the content of serum antibody hemolysin and immunoglobulin g and the delayed footpad edema induced by sheep red blood cell. the contact dermatitis of mouse pinnae immunized with dinitrochlorobenzene is inhibited by ra when it is given before challenge. in addition, ra 20g/kg suppresses the swelling of mouse rinnae ind ...19911820797
gap-43 mrna localization in the rat hippocampus ca3 field.gene expression of the axonal growth-associated protein, gap-43, has been studied in the adult rat brain by in situ hybridization histochemistry. this protein is synthesized at high levels in neuronal somata in immature and regenerating neurons, but after establishment of mature synaptic relations its synthesis generally declines sharply, thus providing a marker denoting propensity for exhibiting synaptic plasticity. detailed examination of the distribution of mrna for gap-43 in rat hippocampus ...19921317499
reduced mrna levels for the multidrug-resistance genes in camp-dependent protein kinase mutant cell lines.we have previously shown that in chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells, a mutant cell line with a defective regulatory subunit (ri) for the camp-dependent protein kinase (abraham et al: mol. cell. biol., 7:3098-3106, 1987), and a transfectant cell line expressing the same mutant kinase, showed increased sensitivity to a number of drugs that are known to be substrates for the multidrug transporter (p-glycoprotein). in the current study we have investigated the mechanism by which camp-dependent protei ...19921352302
why is the phosphorus content of human milk exceptionally low?the phosphorus supply of children and adults is adequate, and usually in excess. therefore, it is surprising that in breast-fed infants phosphorus intake is very low. this is very rare among mammals. in infants three pathophysiological mechanisms argue in favour of a low, but adequate phosphorus intake in the presence of a balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus. a low intestinal phosphorus concentration is an essential condition of an acid ph of the faeces, inhibiting the growth of potentially ...19921435825
analysis of immunosuppressive molecules associated with murine in vitro fertilized embryos.supernatants from mouse in vitro fertilized (ivf) oocyte cultures may suppress in vitro lymphocyte proliferation stimulated by concanavalin a (sigma, st. louis, mo). supernatants conditioned by incubation with mouse epididymal sperm alone were even more inhibitory. thin-layer chromatography suggested the polyamines spermine in sperm and spermine plus spermidine in ivf embryo supernatants were responsible. putrescine was not suppressive. in vitro fertilized oocytes from old cba/j-strain mice (gre ...19902245843
a nonradioactive screening method for cloning genes encoding sequence-specific dna binding proteins.we have developed a novel nonradioactive screening method for cloning genes encoding sequence-specific dna binding proteins. this method is derived from previously described protocols developed for the same purpose by using radioactively labeled dna probes containing protein recognition sequences. this nonradioactive strategy relies upon the use of a small hapten, digoxigenin. fusion proteins expressed from the recombinant bacteriophage lambda gt11/lambda zap are immobilized on nitrocellulose fi ...19911828652
a nonradioactive screening method for cloning genes encoding sequence-specific dna binding proteins.we have developed a novel nonradioactive screening method for cloning genes encoding sequence-specific dna binding proteins. this method is derived from previously described protocols developed for the same purpose by using radioactively labeled dna probes containing protein recognition sequences. this nonradioactive strategy relies upon the use of a small hapten, digoxigenin. fusion proteins expressed from the recombinant bacteriophage lambda gt11/lambda zap are immobilized on nitrocellulose fi ...19911828652
processing of the glycoprotein of feline immunodeficiency virus: effect of inhibitors of glycosylation.the processing and transport of the envelope glycoprotein complex of feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv) in the persistently infected crandell feline kidney (crfk) cell line were investigated. pulse-chase analyses revealed that the glycoprotein is synthesized as a precursor with an mr of 145,000 (gp145) and is quickly trimmed to a molecule with an mr of 130,000 (gp130). treatment of gp130 with endoglycosidase h (endo h) resulted in a protein with an mr of 75,000, indicating that nearly half the ...19911847441
surveillance of salmonellae in india for drug resistance.out of 3001 salmonella received during 1984-85, 2985 strains were tested for antibiotic resistance and r-pattern transfer. multidrug resistance was observed in 73% of diarrhoeal and 43% of non-diarrhoeal isolates. antibiotic resistance markers were transferable in 46.6% of diarrhoeal and 41.1% of non-diarrhoeal isolates. two out of 4 salmonella sero-types isolated for the first time in india during this period were multidrug resistant.19892687164
clinical testing of thermally stimulated cardiovascular oscillations in man.the study assessed the physiological validity of an automatic thermal stimulation method to induce synchronised oscillations in the neural cardiovascular control system.19911913758
current management of salivary gland tumors. part 2.the authors base their treatment of salivary gland malignancies on the size of the primary and the histopathologic diagnosis. group 1 includes smaller tumors in the t1 and t2 classification with cell types that are associated with slow growth. a parotidectomy is usually sufficient therapy for tumors in this group. group 2 contains t1 and 2 tumors with more aggressive behavior. total parotidectomy is indicated here, with postoperative radiotherapy. t3 tumors and patients with nodal metastasis or ...19892701414
chromosomal mapping and gene disruption of the adhiii gene in aspergillus nidulans.there are at least three alcohol dehydrogenases in aspergillus nidulans. adhiii has no obvious physiological function. we describe here the cloning of the adhiii gene (alcc), its mapping on linkage group vii by "reverse genetics", and the properties of multicopy transformants tested for their ability to grow on a range of alcohols (butan-1-ol being the best substrate tested for growth). we were unable to detect any obvious alteration in phenotype of a strain carrying a disrupted copy of the adhi ...19892663191
structure of the 68-kda neurofilament gene and regulation of its expression.the complete structure of the mouse 68-kda neurofilament (nf-l) gene was elucidated. we cloned cdnas corresponding to 3.5- and 2.3-kb nf-l mrna, including their polyadenylation sites. sequence analysis revealed that these nf-l mrnas arose from the alternative use of two polyadenylation sites in exon 4. promoter analysis using nf-l promoter-beta-galactosidase fusion plasmids determined regions responsible for its basic promoter activity, which were located between -328 and -36 base pairs from the ...19902246261
vibrios associated with red tides caused by mesodinium rubrum.vibrios were isolated from red tides caused by mesodinium rubrum and also throughout the year in the ria de pontevedra, spain. the isolates were grouped into 14 phena by numerical toxonomy. strains associated with red tides were restricted to four phena: phena i and ii were vibrio alginolyticus, and phena iii and iv were vibrio tubiashii and vibrio anguillarum, respectively. v. anguillarum-like strains (phena v through xi) predominated throughout the year outside the red tide areas. cytotoxicity ...19902268167
glucocorticoid stimulation of fatty acid synthesis in explants of human fetal lung.we examined the effects of glucocorticoids and thyroid hormone (t3) on fatty acid synthesis, fatty acid composition and fatty acid synthetase activity in explants of human fetal lung (16-23 wk gestation). explants were cultured 1-7 days in the absence (control) or presence of dexamethasone (10 nm) and/or t3 (2 nm). in control explants fatty acid synthesis and fatty acid synthetase activity increased 200% and 455%, respectively, between 1 and 5 days. dexamethasone (10 nm) stimulated fatty acid sy ...19902297514
production, characterization, and species specificity of monoclonal antibodies to mycobacterium avium complex protein antigens.the incidence of mycobacterium avium-mycobacterium intracellulare complex infections has increased in recent years primarily because a significant proportion of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients develop disseminated m. avium complex disease. in an effort to develop new tools to study these infections, we have produced eight monoclonal antibodies directed against m. avium. western blot (immunoblot) specificity analysis and protease sensitivity assays indicate that four of these antibodi ...19902323822
calcitonin gene-related peptide stimulates irregular spiking and transit of contents in the small intestine of the rat. 19902327270
effect of synexin on aggregation and fusion of chromaffin granule ghosts at ph 6.fusion of chromaffin granule ghosts was induced by synexin at ph 6, 37 degrees c, in the presence of 10(-7) m ca2+. to study the kinetics and extent of this fusion process we employed two assays that monitored continuously mixing of aqueous contents or membrane mixing by fluorescence intensity increases. in both assays chromaffin granule ghosts were either labeled on the membrane or in the included aqueous phase. the ratios of blank to labeled chromaffin granule ghosts were varied from 1 to 10. ...19872443172
bile acid profile in a dog with cholangiocarcinoma. 19892536512
isolation of a variant endogenous avian leukosis virus: non-productive exogenous infection with endogenous viruses containing p27 and p27(0).ten replication-competent endogenous avian leukosis viruses (alvs) with subgroup e specificity were isolated from six commercial chicken lines of mixed breed. all the alvs isolated belonged to a variant class of endogenous viruses with a major group-specific antigen, p27, identical in size to that of exogenous viruses and different from the p27 degrees of endogenous viruses isolated from white leghorn chickens. it was possible to infect chickens exogenously with endogenous viruses (containing p2 ...19882832527
[pulmonary changes in aids].we reviewed retrospectively the clinical records of 28 patients with aids staged group iv according to cdc-criteria. among these, 19 had pulmonary disease: most of them (n = 17) had pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (pcp). 12/17 patients with proven pcp displayed typical x-ray findings with diffuse perihilar interstitial infiltration sparing lung periphery. 3/17 had atypical features and 2 normal chest x-ray findings. these data are important to identify patients with pulmonary complications of aid ...19892538872
head group specificity in the regulation of phosphatidylcholine catabolism in rat hepatocytes.previous studies have shown that the catabolism of pc is regulated in choline-deficient hepatocytes and the concentration of phosphatidylcholine (pc) might be an important regulatory factor (tijburg, l.b.m., nishimaki-mogami, t. and vance, d.e. (1991) biochim. biophys. acta, 1085, 167-177). in the present study we investigated the head group specificity of the regulation of pc catabolism. supplementation of choline-deficient rat hepatocytes, prelabeled with [3h]choline, with dimethylethanolamine ...19911892886
[structure and function of lysozyme]. 19902077066
[electron microscopic cytochemical study on lectin binding sites in the epiphyseal cartilage-plate of rabbit tibia].lectin is a common name given to a certain group of hemagglutinating proteins found primarily in plant seeds, which bind specifically to the branching sugar molecules of glycoproteins and glycolipids of the surface of the cells. the author selected 3 kinds of lectin among others. those were concanavalin a (con a) which specifically binds to the alpha-d-mannose, wheat germ agglutinin (wga) which binds to n-acetyl glucosamine, and peanut agglutinin (pna) which binds to beta-d-galactosamine. the lo ...19902134934
structural specificity for biological activity of trichostatin a, a specific inhibitor of mammalian cell cycle with potent differentiation-inducing activity in friend leukemia cells.biological activities of four chemically synthesized trichostatin-related compounds, (r)-trichostatin a, (s)-trichostatin a, (r)-trichostatic acid, and (s)-trichostatic acid, were investigated. assays of differentiation-inducing activity in friend leukemia cells and g2-arresting activity in the cell cycle of normal rat fibroblast cells were used as monitoring systems for comparing the bioactivities of these compounds. the results clearly showed that both of the enantiomers of trichostatic acid h ...19902211374
the leeuwenhoek lecture, 1986. environmental carcinogens and papillomaviruses in the pathogenesis of many areas of the world there is a geographically localized high incidence of alimentary and bladder cancer in cattle. studies in western scotland have demonstrated that this phenomenon is associated with ingestion of bracken fern. however, the affected animals and herds were shown also to have an unusually high infection rate of alimentary papillomas caused by a previously unrecognised bovine papillomavirus (bpv) and that these tumors could undergo malignant transformation. long-term field a ...19872888116
altered t-cell helper/suppressor ratio in mice chronically exposed to amyl nitrite. 19882902515
[effect of enalapril on heart rate, arterial blood pressure and exocrine pancreatic secretion in the alert dog].a changed exocrine pancreatic secretion could be a pathogenetic factor of an acute pancreatitis after administration of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ace) inhibitors. in six conscious dogs with gastric and duodenal thomas fistulas we studied the effect of an intravenous (iv.) bolus injection of 10 mg enalaprilat, an intraduodenal (id.) bolus injection of 20 and 40 mg enalapril (e.), and 0.15 m nacl (20 ml iv., resp., id.) on pancreatic bicarbonate- and protein output in response to secretin (20 ...19902238764
some physico-chemical properties of the rigid form of the sendai virus nucleocapsid.the effect of some dissociation agents (sds, beta-mercaptoethanol, urea, edta) on the rigid form of the sendai virus nucleocapsid was studied. polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of lytic mixture (1% sds, 2% beta-mercaptoethanol, 5 m urea, for 2 min at 100 degrees c) revealed two types of polypeptide subunits (mol. wts. 46,000 and 14,000), as well as the dissociation in the presence of 0.1% sds only. the edta treatment leads to a disorganization of the protein part (10(-2) m) or o ...19892556836
toxicological evaluation of the cardiotonic isomazole in the dog.acute, subchronic, and chronic toxicity studies were conducted in dogs with the new vasodilator/cardiotonic drug isomazole (imz) to support, in part, clinical investigations of this agent in humans. single oral doses of imz of 25, 50, or 100 mg/kg given to english pointer dogs (2/dose) caused a marked drop in systemic blood pressure and reflex-induced increases in heart rate to values well over 200 beats per minute. these responses were maintained for 12 to 22 hr depending on the dose given. one ...19892612775
homology of glucosyltransferase gene and protein sequences from streptococcus sobrinus and streptococcus mutans.the sequences of glucosyltransferase genes from streptococcus sobrinus (gtfi) and streptococcus mutans (gftb) were compared and show a high degree of homology. there is a 57.7% homology of nucleotides in the genes and a 56.7% homology of amino acids in the deduced protein sequences. the g + c content for the protein-coding region is 43.6% for s. sobrinus and 41.2% for s. mutans. internal repeating sequences present in both proteins exhibit some difference in sequence pattern.19882971696
middle tumor antigen of polyomavirus transformation-defective mutant ng59 is associated with pp60c-src.we have found that lysis of mouse embryo cells infected with the polyomavirus host range transformation-defective (hr-t) mutant ng59 under gentle conditions that avoid ionic detergents results in detectable ng59-encoded middle tumor antigen (mtag) associated with pp60c-src. this mtag-pp60c-src complex could be immunoprecipitated from ng59-infected cell lysates by either sera from animals bearing polyomavirus-induced tumors or by monoclonal antibodies directed against mtag. immune complex kinase ...19852981329
relationship of serum ferritin and iron concentrations and serum total iron-binding capacity to nonheme iron stores in dogs.the relationships of various iron-related analytes were evaluated in 95 dogs. liver and spleen nonheme iron content was determined coulometrically on acid-digested tissue specimens. serum iron concentration and total iron-binding capacity also were measured coulometrically, whereas serum ferritin concentration was measured by elisa. significant (p less than 0.0002) correlation was found between serum ferritin concentration and nonheme iron stores. significant correlation was not found between no ...19892719382
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