[experience with the use of the coulter counter model "s" in the field of animal experimentation]. 197898930
vestibular effects of electrical stimulation of the cochlea. monitored in the awake primate.the effect of electrical stimulation of the cochlea on vestibular response was monitored in six rhesus monkeys. eye movements and single-unit activity from the vestibular portion of the eighth nerve, vestibular nuclei, reticular formation, and abducens nucleus were observed while electrical stimulation was delivered through an implanted cochlear prosthesis. in one animal of this series, neural activity from the inferior colliculus and cochlear nuclear complex was also recorded. electrical stimul ...1979106814
gene assignments to the presumptive homologs of human chromosomes 2, 9, 13, 14, and 15 in the pongidae and cercopithecoidea. 1978110529
[repeated obtaining of dog peritoneal macrophages and their cultivation in vitro]. 19751214674
separation of the genetic loci for the h-y antigen and for testis determination on human y chromosome.the mammalian y chromosome encodes a testis-determining factor (termed tdf in the human), a master regulator of sex differentiation. embryos with a y chromosome develop testes and become males whereas embryos lacking a y chromosome develop ovaries and become females. expression of h-y, a minor histocompatibility antigen, may also be controlled by a gene on the y chromosome, and it has been proposed that this antigen is the testis-determining factor. we have tested the postulated identity of h-y ...19873494951
tardive dyskinesias. 199990986
clinical experience of encainide (mj 9067): a new anti-arrhythmic drug.encainide is a new anti-arrhythmic drug, which is highly effective against ventricular extrasystoles, both single and coupled, in the dose range of 80--140 mg i.v. ventricular extrasystoles were abolished in 31 out of 33 cases treated. the drug is also relatively effective against supraventricular extrasystoles, but has little effect on atrial fibrillation. both subjects with clinically normal hearts and those with ischaemic heart disease have been successfully treated. the drug prolongs the qrs ...200193050
[occlusion of the basilar artery (author's transl)].occlusion of the basilar artery was demonstrated arteriographically in two cases. the symptomatology is described. due to effective collateral circulation the patients survived and recovered from severe neurological deficits. one of the patients, clincally in a state resembling akinetic mutism for several weeks, not only survived but regained speech. to our knowledge this has not been reported in the literature previously. our cases as well as similar ones of others showed, that for development ...1998140122
chronic non-malignant pain. 20061472389
changes in inhibitor sensitivity of the mitochondrial atpase activity after detergent solubilisation. 1998124668
activation of solubilized g-proteins by muscarinic acetylcholine receptors.binding of gtp and its analogue, guanosine 5'-o-[gamma-thio]triphosphate (gtp[s]) to g-proteins, and release of gtp[s] from g-proteins are stimulated by muscarinic acetylcholine (mach) receptors in intact cardiac membranes. upon solubilization of receptors and g-proteins by membrane extraction with the detergent, 3-[(cholamidopropyl)dimethylammonio]-1-propanesulphonate, followed by sucrose density gradient centrifugation, agonist-liganded mach receptors stimulated binding of gtp[s] and hydrolysi ...19921489667
copulatory stimuli in rats induce heat abbreviation through effects on genitalia but not through effects on central nervous mechanisms supporting the steroid hormone-induced sexual responsiveness.male copulatory stimuli in various animal species abbreviate the length of the period of their female conspecifics' heat. such effect can be explained in some species as the result of copulation-induced alterations in ovarian hormone secretion (e.g. reflex ovulators). other species require a different explanation: specifically, interactions in the hypothalamus between effects of steroid hormones and inhibitory neural afferents from the genital area have been hypothesized to play a role in some l ...19921388815
alteration of tissue zinc distribution and biochemical analysis of serum following pinealectomy in the rat.eight weeks following pinealectomy in adult male wistar rats, zinc levels of various tissues were found to be significantly altered: zinc in thoracic aorta was significantly increased, and in serum, pituitary, adrenal, heart, lung, and body hair, it was decreased. serum biochemical analysis indicated that there was a significant elevation of cholesterol, alkaline phosphatase, sodium, urea, and creatinine in serum from pinealectomised rats. liver, spleen, and thymus weights were lower following p ...1979544273
effects of steriod hormones on human fibroblasts in vitro. ii. antagonism by androgens of cortisol-induced inhibition.inhibition of dermal activity by cortisol in culture was partially reversed by two naturally occurring androgens, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. acth and the androgen precursor dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate showed not such antagonistic effect. these results suggest that increased production of adrenal androgens during acth therapy may account for the relative absnece of 'skin-thinning' and 'steroid-bruising' which are common side-effects of corticosteroid therapy.1976182091
effects of carbon sources on antibiotic resistance in pseudomonas aeruginosa.the metabolism of branched-chain amino acids, branched-chain acyl derivatives, d-glucose, l-glutamate, and mueller-hinton medium was investigated to determine their effects on the growth, lipid composition, and antibiotic susceptibility of pseudomonas aeruginosa. the unsaturated fatty acid content of the readily extractable lipids was altered by growth on selected branched-chain amino acids and their acyl derivatives. bacteria grown on branched-chain acyl derivatives became more susceptible to p ...1979106771
[orthosympathetic stimulation after hypercapnia in the rat].inhalation of a gas mixture : co2, 25% -- o2, 37.5% -- n2, 37.5%, provokes regularly in the light anaesthetized rat, an increase of catecholaminemia of central origin, associated with systemic arterial hypertension.197992225
carcinoma of the prostate: local control with external beam radiation therapy.local clinical control of the primary disease was evaluated in 209 patients with stage c adenocarcinoma of the prostate treated with definitive external beam radiation therapy and followed for a minimum of 2 years. of these patients 92 per cent required no further prostatic operations for obstruction. prostatectomy before therapy did not necessarily prevent later prostatic obstruction from occurring. of 129 patients who had only a needle biopsy before irradiation 90 per cent had improvement of t ...1998107328
functions of apical membrane of toad urinary bladder: effects of membrane impermeant reagents. 1993202172
unified approach to carcinoma of the esophagus.the reversed gastric tube is advocated as a technique to be used in all patients who have carcinomas of the esophagus, whether the lesion is located in the upper, middle or lower esophagus. the tube, constructed out of the greater curvature of the stomach and supplied by the gastroepiploic vessels, invariably has adequate length and sufficient blood supply to heal per primum or to close anastomotic leaks spontaneously when they occur. since the procedure requires a celiotomy and an incision in t ...20051275592
clinical use of an allogenic skin preserved in formalin-glycerol solution and subsequently stored in polyethylene packages. 200092123
23na-nmr study of the competition of biogenic amines with sodium ion for binding to lasalocid (x-537 a). 1998106745
is the fetus "scalped" in labour?capillary blood-flow and tissue oxygenation of the scalp and/or forearm skin were measured in the three adult volunteers. skin pressure required to occlude circulation was much lower for the scalp than for the forearm skin, and tissue oxygenation fell rapidly when capillary blood-flow fell below about 3 ml/100 g tissue/min. since scalp circulation is not representative of the general circulation when pressure is applied, the tissue oxygenation level of the fetal scalp in labour (obtained by dire ...199991035
[scheele research and acclaim in travels to other countries. the 250th birthday of carl wilhelm scheele]. 20051287672
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