effect of secretin, glucagon and vasoactive intestinal peptide on the hormone-sensitive rat cardiac adenylate cyclase [proceedings]. 197993901
[testing of a system of unidirectional serologic reactions for detection of diphtheria antigens and antibodies]. 1979106599
bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (balt) in the laboratory-bred and wild rat, rattus juvenile wild rats, bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (balt) development was similar to that seen in adult specified-pathogen-free rats. in adult wild rats the balt was widespread. in one animal infected with a mycoplasma-like organism, a region of bronchoepithelium overlying a large balt nodule was seen, through which lymphocytes appeared able to pass to make direct contact with the bronchial lumen: the significance of this observation is discussed. there was no evidence of infection in lu ...1979162238
nucleic acid and protein metabolism in the pancreas, spleen, thymus, lung, cardiac and skeletal muscle and lens of undernourished female rats. 1979533871
longitudinal effect of captopril on aortic and arteriolar development in normotensive explore the effect of chronic converting enzyme inhibition on the macro- and microcirculation, normotensive rats were chronically given 100 mg/kg/day of captopril in their drinking water beginning one day before uninephrectomy. cremaster arteriolar dimensions were measured 2, 4, or 8 weeks later by intravital microscopy, before and after topical application of 10(-3) m adenosine. mean blood pressure were significantly decreased at 4 (17%) and 8 (18%) weeks in treated rats vs age-matched contr ...19921304458
cytomegalovirus colitis in an older woman, successfully treated with ganciclovir.cytomegalovirus (cmv) infections are usually found in immunocompromised persons and rarely present in those who are immunocompetent. we report a case of cmv colitis in an elderly woman presenting with delirium, prolonged fever, and diarrhea. treatment with ganciclovir, an antiviral agent, resulted in resolution of the colitis within 3 weeks without noticeable side effects. older adults may be more susceptible to cmv infection by virtue of age-related changes in immune function. the possibility o ...19921317403
[postcoital uterine microbe colonization and endometritis in the mare].in the mare, natural breeding is associated with bacterial contamination of the reproductive tract. the purpose of this study was to examine postcoital bacterial contamination and the resulting inflammatory response of the uterus. uterine swabs for bacteriological and cytological examination were obtained from 80 mares. each mare was sampled once between 4 and 69 hours postbreeding. in mares which did not conceive, sampling was repeated at the following estrus. the findings were compared with th ...19911948985
[pyridazinilides (xiv). the action of p-phenyl-phenacyl bromide on 3-phenyl-pyridazine].this time the synthesis of some new derivatives obtained by the quaternary substitution of one of the heterocyclic nitrogen atoms and by reactions of dipolar cycloaddition is presented. the results of the tests on their antimicrobial and antiinflammatory actions are discussed.19892682894
salmonella serotypes in india, 1982-83. 19883068130
diagnosis of aelurostrongylus abstrusus and dirofilaria immitis infections in cats from a human shelter.during a 6-month period, 108 sexually mature stray cats were euthanatized at a humane shelter in alabama. aelurostrongylus abstrusus was identified in 20 of the cats (18.5%) by baermann fecal examination, necropsy, or histologic examination. the baermann fecal examination was a more sensitive test for aelurostrongylosis than was necropsy or histologic examination. thoracic radiography was useful in identifying infected cats, but was a less sensitive and more nonspecific method of detection than ...19883366677
paired helical filaments from alzheimer disease patients contain cytoskeletal components.neurofibrillary tangles from alzheimer disease patients share antigenic determinants with neurofilaments and microtubule-associated proteins, as shown by light microscopy immunocytology. the present study addresses the issue of whether these determinants are located on the paired helical filaments or on other components of the neurofibrillary tangle. sections from postmortem brains from alzheimer disease patients were stained by using bodian's silver method or immunostained by using poly- and mo ...19853889918
stages in phage r17 infection. v. phage eclipse and the role of f pili. 19714108185
[comparative study of water, collagen and mucopolysaccharids contents in healthy human skin, in normal and keloid cicatrix]. 19704245538
effects of in vivo and in vitro administered thyroxine on substrate metabolism of isolated rabbit ventricle mitochondria. 3. substrate effects on pyridine nucleotide reduction, on the reversal of electron transport, and on the "respiratory control by atp". 19714326787
extraction of k + selective channels from excitable tissue. 19724338792
[change in the antigenic structure of streptomycin-resistant mutants of klebsiella ozaenae]. 19744465650
the effect of an intramolecular cross-link on reversible denaturation in tryptophan transfer ribonucleic acid from escherichia coli. 19734586519
[frequency and clinical importance of primary pharmacoresistance of mycobacteria in patients with tuberculosis of the lungs]. 19724626690
[microassay of serum thyroxine with radioimmunological method]. 19724665425
on the pharmacokinetics of the ethanol metabolite acetate: elimination from the blood and cerebrospinal fluid. 19734800451
salmonellosis: an increasing health hazard. 19744825825
[amyloidosis of the dialysis patient]. 20113077074
pediatric radiation oncology--subspecialty training? 20061447024
tetrodotoxin, tarichatoxin, and chiriquitoxin: historical perspectives. 20123468842
identification and characterization of deoxyguanosine-crotonaldehyde adducts. formation of 7,8 cyclic adducts and 1,n2,7,8 bis-cyclic adducts.crotonaldehyde, a chemically reactive alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl compound, is an important industrial chemical and a ubiquitous environmental pollutant. it has been shown to be carcinogenic and mutagenic. we have studied the reaction of crotonaldehyde with nucleosides and 5'-mononucleotides and found three different types of adducts with deoxyguanosine and 2'-deoxyguanosine 5'-monophosphate. no adducts could be isolated either with nucleosides other than deoxyguanosine or with nucleotides o ...20061489932
[morphological differentiation of neuroblastoma by 1 methyl cyclohexane carboxylic acid (cca) and some c1 derivatives].we describe the induction of neuroblastoma morphological differentiation by 1 methyl cyclohexane carboxylic acid (cca) and by some c1 derivatives of cca. this induction proceeds in a medium which allows, in the absence of inducer, a normal growth of neuroblastoma cells and contains 7.5% fetal calf serum. in order to establish a clear-dose response relationship and to compare the relative potencies of different drugs, the morphological changes were assessed by examining "long neurite-bearing cell ...2002120786
a new operation for insertion of the artificial urinary sphincter.a new operation for implantation of the artificial urinary sphincter for total urinary incontinence in women is described. the procedure is done through the vestibule of the vagina with clear exposure of the vesical neck and urethra anteriorly, and easier accessibility for dissection of the vagina from the posterior wall of the vesical neck and upper urethra. this approach reduces the incidence of occlusive cuff erosion and eliminates the chance of shifting of the device. the model as 800 artifi ...20123411663
cognitive impairment and hospital increasing number of older people are at higher risk of developing alzheimer's disease or another dementias. the resultant cognitive impairment has been well identified as one of the risk factors for nursing home placement but it has not been well studied as a risk for hospitalization.20071951826
data collection in the home health agencies of rhode island--home health agency management system brief. 20154496466
experience with sequential and low-dose-progestogen oral contraceptives. 20144184854
regional sensitivity of neuroleptic receptors to sub-acute soman intoxication.sub-acute exposure to anti-cholinesterase organophosphorous compounds induces, in humans, cognitive and emotional deficits which include depression, anxiety, emotional lability, and schizophrenic-like symptoms. neuroleptic drugs used to treat similar clinical conditions bind to serotonergic (s2) and dopaminergic (d2) receptors, suggesting that these sites are involved in the psychiatric consequences of organophosphate exposure. rats were given saline or soman (50 micrograms/kg, sc) on a sub-acut ...19853995358
unusual pharyngeal lesion causing dysphagia.a 58-year-old man was evaluated for a 42-year complaint of a pharyngeal foreign body sensation whenever he ate. examination revealed normal anatomy at rest but diffuse hypopharyngeal distension with valsalva's maneuver. his past history was remarkable for an infectious illness, possibly diphtheria. we speculate that this unusual case most likely represents a postdiphtheritic selective pharyngeal paralysis and present his case, radiographic findings, and a discussion of the differential diagnosis ...19873674649
the different effects of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor on rat fibrosarcoma sublines.the antitumor effect of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor (rh-tnf) on two clones of rat fibrosarcoma with different metastatic potential to lymph nodes was examined. the colony formation of clone a, which has high metastatic potential, was completely inhibited by continuous exposure to rh-tnf at 50 u/ml. in contrast, colony formation of clone g, which has low metastatic potential, was not inhibited by high concentrations of rh-tnf (10,000 u/ml). the inhibitory effect of rh-tnf on colony fo ...19873594481
[alcohol and endocrinologic homeostasis].in addition to direct toxic effects on endocrine organs chronic alcohol intake affects regulation of endocrine systems by disturbed liver function. as a result in patients with alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis gonadal axis is characterized by low total and free testosterone, elevated estradiol. lh, fsh, and sexual hormone binding globulin and an enhanced conversion of testosterone to estradiol. prolactin also is found to be elevated. the thyrotropic axis is characterised by low t3- und t4- as wel ...19883062942
unusual decor dispels tension. 20154500136
chido, rodgers, and c4 deficiency. 199993815
malpais spring virus: a new vesiculovirus from mosquitoes collected in new mexico and evidence of infected indigenous and exotic ungulates.two virus isolates, 1 each from aedes campestris and psorophora signipennis mosquitoes collected in south central new mexico in august 1985, were shown by neutralization tests to be identical to each other, but not to any of more than 250 arthropod-borne and other viruses. electron microscopy of 1 isolate (85-488nm, chosen as the prototype) indicated that this strain shares morphologic characteristics with viruses of the family rhabdoviridae. indirect fluorescent antibody tests indicated that th ...19883061310
prevention of rectal cancer induced by n-nitrosobis(2-oxopropyl)-amine by exogenous testosterone in mrc rats.rectal carcinogenicity of n-nitrosobis(2-oxopropyl)amine (bop) in male mrc wistar rats was shown to be inhibited by exogenous testosterone (t) when the hormone was given during, but not after, administration of the carcinogen. this effect was independent of the dose and frequency of bop, which was given either weekly for 20 weeks orally or daily for 3 days subcutaneously. since, except for prostatic cancer, the incidence and the patterns of other bop-induced tumors were not altered by t, this ho ...19892805225
subtype-specific increase in g-protein alpha-subunit mrna by interleukin 1 beta.the guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins (g-proteins) which are substrates for adp-ribosylation by pertussis toxin (alpha i-1, alpha i-2, alpha i-3 and alpha o) transduce a variety of hormonal signals. endothelial cells express mrna for three alpha i subtypes although the level of alpha i-1 mrna is very low. interleukin 1 beta (il 1 beta), a pleiotropic inflammatory mediator which stimulates a complex series of responses in human endothelial cells leading to increased coagulation and platelet ...19892525485
[allergy to insulin developed during exposure to human insulin].a case of allergy to human insulin is presented. the allergy developed during treatment with semisynthetic humanised insulin and was verified by a prick-test and rast analysis.19902238202
a 'macro' image analysis of fura-2 fluorescence to visualize the distribution of functional glutamate receptor subtypes in hippocampal slices.the distribution of functional glutamate receptor subtypes was visualized as regional changes in intracellular ca2+ concentration induced by administration of a specific agonist for each subtype. an image of the fura-2 fluorescence from a whole hippocampal slice was directly excited at 340 or 380 nm through an optical fibre and observed via a low-magnification objective lens (x4). a heterogeneous distribution of n-methyl-d-aspartate (nmda) and non-nmda subtypes was demonstrated by the ratio of f ...19911664923
a detailed analysis of four long-term silver cone root canal fillings.because many failures in root canal therapy have been attributed to the use of silver cones as a filling material, it was decided to examine four roots of three teeth, each of which had been successfully treated endodontically with silver cones ranging from 24 to 34 years previously. these roots, which were resected for periodontal reasons, were examined both under the scanning electron microscope and histologically. examination with the scanning electron microscope revealed that all four cones ...20113165520
adeno-squamous carcinoma pancreas--a case report with literature review. 20092687168
lead toxicity in cats. 19921635502
age-dependent relaxation of gene repression: increase of endogenous murine leukemia virus-related and globin-related rna in brain and liver of mice.a progressive loss in the ability of cells to maintain their normal specialized states of differentiation could be the common denominator underlying much of the physiology and pathology associated with the mammalian aging process. we investigated this possibility by searching for an age-dependent derepression of endogenous genes in tissues in which they are not normally expected to be expressed. complementary dna (cdna) probes to globin genes and to the murine leukemia type c rna virus (mulv) ge ...1978212751
hla associations with chemically defined ragweed pollen components. 199993812
[the role of non-specific factors in the immune response after smallpox vaccination]. 200094256
[onchocerciasis in america]. 200195137
initial therapy of suspected microbial corneal ulcers. ii. specific antibiotic therapy based on corneal smears.the encounter of the microorganism with the cornea is a complex event which generates tissue destruction through multiple host and organism-derived mediators. suspicion of microbial invasion, proper utilization of the microbiology laboratory, and initiation of effective antimicrobial agents are the crucial measures in controlling the replicating organism and preserving visual function.200192812
characterization of simian cells tranformed by temperature-sensitive mutants of simian virus lines derived from primary african green monkey kidney cells, which had survived lytic infection by wild-type simian virus 40 (sv40) or temperature-sensitive mutants belonging to the a and b complementation groups, were established. these cultures synthesize sv40 tumor (t) antigen constitutively and have been passaged more than 60 times in vitro. the cells released small amounts of virus even at high passage levels but eventually became negative for the spontaneous release of virus. virus ...1976178917
changes in cardiac norepinephrine in spontaneously hypertensive and stroke-prone rats.the norepinephrine (ne) concentration of cardiac ventricles was determined by radioenzymatic assay in normotensive wistar kyoto rats (wky), spontaneously hypertensive rats (shr), and stroke-prone rats (spr) at 3-6, 14-19, and over 31 weeks of age. there was no difference between strains prior to hypertension, but a progressive decrease in cardiac ne concentration occurred in shr and particularly in spr relative to wky after hypertension was established. this decrease was not due to cardiac hyper ...197994373
new procedure for the production of influenza virus-specific double-stranded dna's.a novel technique is described for the production of pure, full-length influenza virus ds dna's corresponding to each segment of the influenza virus genome, and suitable for molecular cloning and restriction endonuclease mapping. the method involves the synthesis of dna complementary to both virion (negative strand) and messenger (positive strand) rna, gel purification and annealing. by avoiding the use of si nuclease, which often removes the terminal regions of dna duplexes, the method allows t ...197992012
hco3- and h+ secretion in rat ileum in vivo.replacing cl- in the perfusion fluids decreased the luminal ph of rat ileum perfused in vivo. varying the initial ph in cl- depletion studies indicated an equilibrium ph near 6.6. na+ depletion in cl- deleted fluids partially inhibited luminal acidification. addition of hco3- accelerated na+ absorption and decreased cl- absorption. luminal pco2 was increased using fluids buffered to initial ph 6.6, suggesting secretion of hco3- rather than oh-. the decreased hco3- secretion using cl- depleted fl ...197718015
effects of probucol on hyperlipidemic patients with cardiac allografts.probucol, a well-tolerated new drug with moderate hypocholesterolemic effect in the general population, was evaluated in hypercholesterolemic (greater than 300 mg/dl) cardiac transplant recipients. nine patients received probucol, 500 mg twice daily, in a single-blind, placebo-controlled trial lasting 20 weeks. six patients responded with cholesterol falls of -20% (mean, -13.2%), and 1 patient showed minimal change. one patient developed cardiac rejection and was excluded, and another responded ...200094402
bronchoalveolar lavage for research purposes in the immunocompromised host. 20134028837
[clinical trial of an association of 5-chlorobenzoxazolinone and n-acetyl-para-aminophenol (parafon)]. 20144247248
dental care for seniors. 20113063356
[influencing the effect of digitalis by adrenergic beta-receptor blockade]. 20154390852
[hydatidosis of the cranial vault. two case reports].the authors report 2 cases of echinococcosis of the cranial vault, an extremely rare localization of hydatid disease. the parietal bone was involved in one case and the occipital bone in the other. the authors discuss the mechanism and classification of cranial vault echinococcosis. the clinical signs of the disease as well as its radiological appearances and especially its very characteristic ct scan appearances are studied in relation to the literature.20072234264
estimation of missing cone data in three-dimensional electron microscopy.the range of tilt angles for which projected images of two-dimensionally periodic specimens can be obtained in electron microscopy is limited both by technical aspects, such as goniometer design, and by the more fundamental limitation of object thickness. the lack of a full set of projections causes a missing cone in the reciprocal space data for the object, which will give an anisotropic resolution in a three-dimensional reconstruction and may cause the quality to be impaired by spurious featur ...20113244969
the veterinarian's part in the regulation of the movement of livestock and meat. 20154675709
"transient hypothyroidism" in premature infants. 1998106100
a new technique of ankle arthrodesis.a new technique of ankle arthrodesis is described and the results of 12 consecutive procedures are assessed. the method described employs three cannulated transfixion screws and an anterior approach to the ankle. eleven of the 12 ankles proceeded to solid fusion. one patient developed a painless fibrous non-union. there were no other significant complications. this simple technique provides good compression and adequate resistance to rotatory and angulatory stresses about the ankle fusion site.20061456908
a simplified dissolution rate apparatus. 20154390845
should doctors kill patients? 20123370567
generic vs. branded carbamazepine. 20113200346
topical indomethacin in extracapsular cataract surgery. a photographic study.a photography-based single-blind study was conducted to evaluate the effect of topical indomethacin on the per-operative pupil of 52 consecutive patients undergoing an extracapsular cataract extraction with or without an intraocular lens. each operation was done by the author. per-operative miosis was significantly smaller in the group receiving indomethacin as compared with the control group (p = 0.06-0.13). a reproducible photographic method for evaluating the per-operative behavior of the pup ...20092669436
heterogeneity in hormone receptor status in primary and metastatic breast cancer. 20133901267
further characterization of 4-bromomisonidazole as a potential detector of hypoxic cells.[14c]bromomisonidazole was prepared by direct bromination of [ring-2] [14c]misonidazole in dioxane. the uptake and binding of the two labeled sensitizers were compared in vitro in 1-mm emt-6 spheroids which contain a necrotic core. using liquid scintillation counting it was shown that spheroids incubated with 50 microm [14c]bromomisonidazole concentrated drug above levels in the medium by 1 1/2 hr and achieved maximum concentration by 10 hr with no further increase at 23 hr. spheroids incubated ...20143983371
metabolism of hexachloro-1,3-butadiene in mice: in vivo and in vitro evidence for activation by glutathione conjugation.1. the metabolism of 14c-hexachloro-1,3-butadiene (hcbd) was studied in mice and in subcellular fractions from mouse liver and kidney. 2. in the presence of glutathione (gsh), liver microsomes and cytosol transformed hcbd to s-(pentachlorobutadienyl)glutathione (pcbg). pcbg formation in subcellular fractions from mouse kidney was very limited. oxidative metabolism of hcbd by cytochrome p-450 could not be demonstrated. 3. cysteine conjugate beta-lyase was present in mitochondria and cytosol from ...19883176519
new abuse of ipecac. 20102866486
chronic urticaria and moderate leukocytoclastic vasculitis associated with c3 nephritic factor activity. 20102817926
[woman of fertile age with pleural effusion and an interstitial lung pattern]. 20113175173
portraits from memory. 11--lieutenant colonel harold j bensted obe, ramc (1888-1966). 20113107672
monocytes and vascular lesions.current literature has shown increasing indications of the involvement of monocytes in the generation of vascular lesions and atherosclerosis. such involvement appears to be mediated by the ability of monocytes to disrupt the integrity of blood vessel wall, initiate and accelerate blood coagulation processes and/or regulate the growth pattern of blood vessel wall cells. at least in two pathological situations, namely hypercholesterolemia and diabetes mellitus, the association between monocytes a ...20123550691
monocytes and vascular lesions.current literature has shown increasing indications of the involvement of monocytes in the generation of vascular lesions and atherosclerosis. such involvement appears to be mediated by the ability of monocytes to disrupt the integrity of blood vessel wall, initiate and accelerate blood coagulation processes and/or regulate the growth pattern of blood vessel wall cells. at least in two pathological situations, namely hypercholesterolemia and diabetes mellitus, the association between monocytes a ...20123550691
treatment of lumbar disc disease, 1986. 20123457489
[xeroangiography. technical principals and applied developments].the physical patterns ruling the information of a xeroradiographic image allow the visualization of the arterial system with a lower concentration of contrast medium. so you can visualize the arterial branches both with intravenous injection of the usual angiographic concentration of contrast medium or with intraarterial injection of diluted contrast medium at a very low concentration. a prerequisite to successful xeroangiography was the commercial diffusion of a changer for xerox cassettes allo ...20134070698
catecholamines and the heart. 20133801118
drug screening in the workplace: ethical guidelines. committee on ethical practice in occupational medicine of the american medical association. 20133806265
zinc sulfate therapy for infertile male with or without hundred one men were treated for infertility with 440 mg of zinc sulfate daily for sixty days to two years. all subjects demonstrated low seminal plasma zinc concentrations prior to treatment. patients were divided into two groups: group [zn], 65 subjects who underwent zinc therapy alone and group [var/zn], 36 subjects who received zinc sulfate therapy after varicocelectomy. in both groups seminal zinc levels were significantly higher (p less than 0.05 and p less than 0.01, respectively) two ...20133576896
[changes in the danish invalidity pension regulations]. 20144223047
on the luminescence of estrogens. 20144370238
beta-adrenergic blockade in ischaemic heart disease. 20144149719
[methoxypropriocin in the treatment of degenerative bone disease (comparative studies)]. 20051251633
[acth unresponsiveness]. 1988211287
[therapeutic trial with isonicotinic acid hydrazide in chronic stationary psoriasis]. 20144018330
[nervous system disorders in hyperinsulinism (syndrome of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in adenoma of the pancreas)]. 20144299668
extracorporeal oxygenation in the adult respiratory-distress syndrome. 20155029224
extracorporeal oxygenation in the adult respiratory-distress syndrome. 20155029224
circulating antinuclear antibody and rheumatoid factor in coal pneumoconiosis.circulating antinuclear antibody and rheumatoid factor have been measured in 109 coal miners with pneumoconiosis whose chest radiograph showed a range of abnormalities varying from simple pneumoconiosis of mild degree to advanced progressive massive a screening dilution of 1/10 the overall incidence of antinuclear antibody was 17%. in almost half of the positive cases the titre was 1/40 or greater.the prevalence of antinuclear antibody was lowest in those with simple pneumoconiosis ( ...20154602134
adaptive linkage disequilibrium between two esterase loci of a some populations of the salamander plethodon cinereus, two polymorphic esterase loci are in linkage disequilibrium. short-term stability of the linkage disequilibrium is demonstrated by an age class analysis. long, perhaps very long, term stability is suggested by its distribution. this stability and concordant geographic variation in allelic frequencies imply selective origin and maintenance. data on the frequencies of two color morphs suggest that formation of the linkage disequilibrium is ...20154515614
[immunological problems in diabetes mellitus]. 20154390846
the basis for chymotrypsin-induced glaucoma. 20164992692
chemical investigation of alhagi pseudalhagi (bieb.) desv.: beta-phenethylamine and tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloids. 20164743116
modern concepts of diabetes and its management: discussion. 20164723013
[mandibulo-palpebral synkinesis following surgery for congenital ptosis]. 20164727962
capnography and the bain coaxial breathing system. 20071952030
canada: the stress of caring for people with aids. 20072045231
ca 72-4 radioimmunoassay in the diagnosis of malignant effusions. comparison of various tumor markers.we evaluated the utility of the ca 72-4, cea, ca 125, ca 19-9 and ca 15-3 radioimmunoassays for the detection of tumor-associated antigens (taas) in effusions of malignant vs. benign origin. fluids were obtained from 51 patients with adenocarcinomas, 27 with non-epithelial malignancies, and 68 with benign disorders. the ca 72-4 radioimmunoassay (cut-off value 8.5 u/ml) detected the tag-72 antigen in 51% of adenocarcinoma patients' effusions, while only 1 of 68 benign specimens had an elevated ta ...20072394511
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