immune responses to some proteins and synthetic polypeptides in inbred strains of rats.the antibody responses to dnp-bovine gamma globulin, bovine gamma globulin, human serum albumin, ovalbumin, pepsin and five synthetic polypeptides were examined in strains of inbred rats representative of eight common major histocompatibility complex (rti) haplotypes. with each antigen the antibody response varied considerably among strains, and the data provide many potential strain and antigen combinations with which to study the genetic control of the immune response.197991650
[histamine liberation in the fish meat infected with proteus morgani]. 197992805
[antigenic structure of the l forms of br. abortus 544].the gel precipitation test after ouchterlony and mancini was employed to study comparatively the antigenic structures of s and l forms of brucella abortus 544. reduction of the antigenic fractions was established with the l-transformed brucella organisms as compared to the initial cultures. reduced were mainly fractions of the antigenic structures that took part in cell wall building. cytoplasmic antigens remained unchanged. those that participated in the building of cell walls precipitated in c ...197992852
relatedness among coagulase-negative staphylococci: deoxyribonucleic acid reassociation and comparative immunological studies.dna-dna-homology values were determined under restrictive to relaxed reassociation conditions with type strains and some additional strains of coagulase-negative staphylococci belonging to ten different species. the immunological relationship of the catalases present in the type strains of these species was also determined by applying double immunodiffusion and microcomplement fixation. the results of these studies support the previous proposal to subdivide the coagulase-negative staphylococci i ...197992972
immunological properties of peptic fragments of bovine serum albumin.the effect of peptic degradation on the immunological and antigenic properties of bovine serum albumin (bsa) was investigated. molecular fragments obtained after various times of digestion (3-360 min) were studied. enzymatic digestion resulted in a rapid loss of serologically defined antigenic determinants. the immunogenicity of the fragments as measured by the level of reaginic and total anti-bsa antibody response in bdf1 mice was also diminished. pre-treatment of mice with fragments exhibiting ...197993079
effect of secretin, glucagon and vasoactive intestinal peptide on the hormone-sensitive rat cardiac adenylate cyclase [proceedings]. 197993901
myocardial procainamide concentration in canine atria and ventricles.the aim of this investigation was to examine the distribution of procainamide in the canine heart. eight anesthetized open-chest dogs received intravenous infusions of 14c-labeled procainamide at 40 micrograms/kg/min for 4 hr. just prior to the end of the infusion period, 51cr-labeled microspheres were injected into the left atrium to measure regional myocardial blood flow. the heart was then excised and dissected into regional myocardial sections from each cardiac chamber. samples from each sec ...197994377
pyrazolidine derivatives: a comparative study of their effects on platelet aggregation.quantitative studies were carried out of the in vitro and ex vivo effects of phenylbutazone and 3-oxoalkyl substituted diphenyldioxopyrazolidines (kebuzone, tribuzone, benzopyrazone) on platelet aggregation. the specified pyrazolidine derivatives exhibited in vitro inhibitory effects on secondary platelet aggregation (induced by adrenaline and collagen), commensurable with the effects of sulfinpyrazone. the ex vivo efficacy was markedly influenced by the height of the drug level in blood and by ...197994876
application of uracil-bonded silica gel to the separation of adenine and its derivatives, and to poly(a)-containing rna. 197994919
vitamin a effect on tumor angiogenesis.the inhibitory effect of vitamin a on tumor establishment and growth has been studied in two animal models. the c57l/j hepatoma, when placed in c57l/j mice receiving inoculations of vitamin a, showed slow growth and the hosts had significantly prolonged survival over untreated mice. the v-2 carcinoma, when implanted in the corneas of new zealand white rabbits receiving injections of vitamin a, showed decreased vascular response in the limbic vessels. the absence of an induced vascular response p ...197995197
[testing of a system of unidirectional serologic reactions for detection of diphtheria antigens and antibodies]. 1979106599
regulatory proteins of lobster striated muscle.the regulatory proteins of lobster muscles consist of tropomyosin and of troponin. troponin contains a 17,000 chain weight component, two closely related components of about 30,000 and a 52,000 chain weight component. in addition to troponin, tropomyosin is required for the inhibition of the magnesium activated actomyosin atpase activity in the absence of calcium and for the reversal of this inhibition by calcium. lobster tropomyosin interacts with rabbit actin and lobster troponin interacts wit ...1975123757
[radioimmunoassay without extraction of l-triiodothyronine in human serum].a radio-immunoassay of l-triiodothyronin is described. blinding of t3 to tbg is prevented by salicylate (1%--w/v). the rabbit antiserum obtained by injection of a complexe t3-bovine serum albumin is diluted between 1/10000 and 1/20000. bound and free hormone are separated by polyethylene glycol (17%--w/v). serum t3-concentration in normal subjects averaged 132 +/- 29 ng/dl (sd). in hyperthyroid and hypothyroid patients, these values were respectively 351 +/- 118 ng/dl and 68 +/- 21 ng/dl.1975126769
[study of the incorporation of radioactive zinc in saccharomyces cerevisiae aldolase].saccharomyces cerevisiae aldolase concentrates from the culture medium containing znso4 a large amount of zn which becomes a component part of the enzyme molecular structure. this was made evident by adding to the culture medium 65znso4 and measuring the radioactivity of the aldolase extracted by a phillips single channel analyzer.1976133445
isolation of a human plasmin-derived, functionally active, light (b) chain capable of forming with streptokinase an equimolar light (b) chain-streptokinase complex with plasminogen activator activity.a functionally active human plasmin light (b) chain derivative, stabilized by the streptomyces plasmin inhibitor leupeptin, was isolated from a partially reduced and alkylated enzyme preparation by an affinity chromatography method with a l-lysine-substituted sepharose column. this light (b) chain derivative was found to be relatively homogeneous by electrophoretic analysis in both an acrylamide gel/dodecyl sulfate system and on cellulose acetate. it possessed approximately 3% of the proteolytic ...1976134997
control of the lh receptor by prolactin and prostaglandin f2alpha in rat corpora lutea. 1976177110
radiation induction of endogenous type c virus from mouse cells transformed in vitro by murine sarcoma virus.cell lines from akr and balb/c mouse embryos were compared for their sensitivity to x-ray induction of endogenous type c virus. k-balb cells, a balb/3t3 cell line nonproductively transformed by kirsten murine sarcoma virus, were found to be sensitive to x-irradiation. at a dose as low as 50 r, x-rays induced virus expression in k-balb cells, and the induction frequency increased with increasing dose of x-rays up to 400 r. among two classes of inducible endogenous viruses carried by k-balb cells, ...1979216834
effect of whole-body irradiation on michaelis-menten constants of microsomal enzyme systems of rat liver. 1979217732
transfer processes in animal coats. ii. conduction and convection. 1975235134
osteomyelitis and arthritis caused by salmonella typhimurium in a crow.salmonella typhimurium was isolated from an arthritic elbow joint of a crow (corvus brachyrhynchos) which also had bilateral osteomyelitis of proximal tibias. the prevalence of salmonella organisms in wild birds is reviewed briefly.1978368353
preparation of type-specific anti-m streptococcal sera by ummunization with acid-hydrolyzed cells.the present study describes a method which simplifies the preparation of type-specific anti-m streptococcal sera. the procedure is based on vaccination with acid-hydrolyzed cells. the method makes possible the preparation of antisera from m strains which are problematic by conventional vaccination and is very useful for preparing all anti-m sera. the antisera obtained by the above method are devoid or almost devoid of cross-reactive antibodies.1977404373
dedifferentiated variants of a rat hepatoma: analysis by cell hybridization.two independent dedifferentiated variants, h5 and faoflc2, derived from the reuber h35 hepatoma, produce trans-acting diffusible substances(s) that extinguish the expression of liver-specific proteins when hybridized with a well-differentiated cell line of the same origin (fao and fu5-5, respectively). h5 x fao hybrids show total and stable extinction of four liver functions and clonal variability in the expression of three others. faoflc2 x fu5-5 hybrids are initially flat (like faoflc2 cells), ...1979545720
igm-induced tumor cell cytotoxicity mediated by normal summary, we have found that igm, from mice which have undergone regression of primary msv tumors, will induce cytotoxicity against the appropriate target cells by normal splenocytes and normal thymocytes. the thymocyte-induced cytotoxicity i19751079853
cancer detection with human peripheral lymphocytes: a word of caution. 19751196164
rapid pcr-cloning of full-length mouse immunoglobulin variable regions. 19911367218
examination of the local lymph node assay for use in contact sensitization risk assessment.the purpose of this study was to evaluate the utility of the murine local lymph node assay (llna) for contact sensitization risk assessment. cellular proliferative activity in draining lymph nodes was determined for individual animals on day 5 following four daily epicutaneous applications of the test chemical to the ears. seventeen chemicals were tested, covering a range of materials including preservatives, drug actives, and perfume raw materials. the assay was found to be useful for identifyi ...19921459374
peptide regulation of adrenal medullary function.the discovery of peptides in the splanchnic nerve and adrenal gland, and their co-existence with conventional neurotransmitters raises questions about their possible functional roles in catecholamine (ca) secretion and gene transcription in the adrenal gland. short-term, stress-induced ca secretion is regulated biphasically by substance p (sp) which inhibits acetylcholine (ach) action at sp greater than 10(-6) m and facilitates ca secretion in response to metabolic and physical stressors, ach or ...19901694230
cardiomyopathy and woolly haircoat syndrome of hereford cattle. 19912043089
[intrauterine mycoplasmosis in premature infants]. 19902075070
the renal response to an acute protein load in man: clinical perspective. 19902109280
purification and complex formation analysis of a cysteine proteinase inhibitor (cystatin) from seeds of wisteria floribunda.seeds of wisteria floribunda contain several kinds of cysteine proteinase inhibitor (cystatin). we purified and characterized one of these inhibitors, named wcpi-3. the molecular weight of wcpi-3 was estimated to be 17,500 and 15,700 by gel filtration and sds-page, respectively. the isoelectric point was 5.7. wcpi-3 formed an equimolar complex with native papain and the dissociation constant was estimated to be 6.1 nm. complex formation between wcpi-3 and cys25-modified papain, such as s-carboxy ...19902292589
complementation of anti-cea and anti-tag-72 monoclonal antibodies in reactivity to human gastric adenocarcinomas.monoclonal antibody (mab) b72.3 and mab col-4 are reactive with the high-molecular-weight (mr greater than 10(6] tumor-associated glycoprotein (tag)-72, and the mr 180,000 carcino-embryonic antigen (cea), respectively. antibody competition radioimmunoassays (rias) using 125i-mab b72.3 or 125i-col-4 have demonstrated that each mab also recognizes a distinct antigenic determinant. solid-phase rias using mabs b72.3 and col-4, however, demonstrated similar reactivity for each mab with gastric carcin ...19872447021
age-associated differences in cannabinoid-induced suppression of murine spleen, lymph node and thymus cell blastogenic responses.the effects of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (thc) and 11-oh thc on the proliferative responses of murine thymus, spleen and lymph node cells were examined. specifically, weanling and adult mouse lymphocytes were stimulated in vitro with the t-cell mitogens concanavalin a and phytohemagglutinin. thymus cells were suppressed at lower cannabinoid concentrations than cells from either spleen or lymph nodes. however, splenic cells from weanling mice were much more readily suppressed than were those f ...19872832349
retinoid-binding proteins in human oral mucosa.vitamin a affects epithelial differentiation and growth via at least 3 different binding proteins. the specific delivery of extracellular retinol to target cells is performed by plasma retinol-binding protein (rbp) while cellular retinol- and retinoic acid-binding proteins (crbp and crabp) are implicated in the cellular action of the 2 natural retinoids. we have studied the levels of these 3 binding proteins by gel filtration and polyacrylamide electrophoresis in human oral mucosa, epithelium an ...19882840487
survival of smallpox virus. 19852857360
metabolism of hexachloro-1,3-butadiene in mice: in vivo and in vitro evidence for activation by glutathione conjugation.1. the metabolism of 14c-hexachloro-1,3-butadiene (hcbd) was studied in mice and in subcellular fractions from mouse liver and kidney. 2. in the presence of glutathione (gsh), liver microsomes and cytosol transformed hcbd to s-(pentachlorobutadienyl)glutathione (pcbg). pcbg formation in subcellular fractions from mouse kidney was very limited. oxidative metabolism of hcbd by cytochrome p-450 could not be demonstrated. 3. cysteine conjugate beta-lyase was present in mitochondria and cytosol from ...19883176519
site-specific endonucleolytic cleavages and the regulation of stability of e. coli ompa mrna.the stability of ompa mrna is growth-rate dependent. we show that the 5' noncoding region of this mrna provides a target for site-specific endonucleases. the rate of degradation of ompa mrna parallels the rate of these endonucleolytic cleavages, implying that endonucleolytic rather than exonucleolytic attack is the initial step in ompa mrna degradation. thus the 5' noncoding region appears to be a determinant of mrna stability, and endonucleolytic cleavages in the 5' noncoding region may well re ...19883280138
site-specific endonucleolytic cleavages and the regulation of stability of e. coli ompa mrna.the stability of ompa mrna is growth-rate dependent. we show that the 5' noncoding region of this mrna provides a target for site-specific endonucleases. the rate of degradation of ompa mrna parallels the rate of these endonucleolytic cleavages, implying that endonucleolytic rather than exonucleolytic attack is the initial step in ompa mrna degradation. thus the 5' noncoding region appears to be a determinant of mrna stability, and endonucleolytic cleavages in the 5' noncoding region may well re ...19883280138
specific neuro-radiological diagnosis of herpes encephalitis in an animal model.the potential of utilizing a radio-labelled derivative of the antiviral drug (e)-5-(2-iodovinyl)-2'-deoxyuridine (ivdu) for the specific, non-invasive, in vivo diagnosis of herpes simplex virus encephalitis (hsve) was investigated in a rat model of the disease. following pharmacological disruption of the blood brain barrier radiolabelled ivdu was administered by intra-carotid injection. brain radioactivity was compared between control and infected animals via gamma camera scintigraphy. after cle ...19883415476
antibiotics and breast feeding. 19863536181
effect of ascorbic acid on calcium elimination in humans.the long-term and short-term influence of large oral doses of ascorbic acid on the urinary excretion of calcium has been investigated. in the first experiment, daily doses of a total of 10 g of ascorbic acid were administered to healthy human subjects. daily urinary samples of these subjects were collected before and during the treatment, and calcium contents of these samples were measured. among the 22 subjects, 19 experienced no significant changes in urinary calcium levels during the ingestio ...19863806257
relationship between stimulated inositol lipid hydrolysis and contractility in guinea-pig visceral longitudinal smooth muscle.carbamylcholine caused a marked, concentration-dependent stimulation of [3h]ins p, [3h] insp2 and to a lesser extent [3h]insp3 production in guinea-pig longitudinal smooth muscle prelabelled with myo-[3h]inositol. accumulation of these three inositol phosphates showed differential sensitivity to licl. muscle contraction was apparent at lower concentrations of carbamylcholine. both responses were mediated via muscarinic-type receptors. an association of inositol phosphate production and contracti ...19854015678
[histologic studies of isolated rabbit kidneys before and after surface hypothermia]. 19734135294
age dependent determinations of lysosomal enzyme activities in the liver and brain as well as the measurements of cytoplasmic enzyme activities in the blood of piracetam pre-treated rats. 19734149731
treatment of moloney lymphoma with lethal doses of dimethyl-myleran combined with injections of haemopoietic cells. 19694178590
rapid method for isolation of large quantities of outer membrane from escherichia coli k-12 and its application to the study of envelope mutants.a rapid method for the isolation of large quantities of bacterial outer membrane is described. this cell envelope component was removed from plasmolyzed cells of escherichia coli k-12 by lysozyme-ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid treatment, aggregated by lowering the ph to 5.0, and recovered by centrifugation. aggregates of membrane fragments were clearly identified in an electron microscope. a criterion of homogeneity of the preparation was obtained by isopycnic sucrose gradient centrifugation. ...19734199509
localization of sodium-potassium stimulated adenosine triphosphatase activity in the rabbit ciliary body using light and electron microscopy. 19704247773
influence of protein and calorie deficiencies in the rat on the energy-transfer reactions of the striated muscle. 19644284462
stimulation by acetylcholine of phosphatidylinositol labelling. subcellular distribution in rat cerebral-cortex slices.1. rat cerebral-cortex slices were incubated with (32)p(i), acetylcholine and eserine for periods of 10min and 2h. the specific radioactivity of phosphatidylinositol was elevated during these treatments by 36 and 106% respectively. 2. the specific radioactivities of the phosphatidylinositol in different cell structures were determined after subcellular fractionation. they were highest in the nuclear, microsomal and synaptic-vesicle fractions and lowest in myelin, both in the controls and in the ...19724342207
protein kinases in testes of adult and prepuberal rats. 19744369082
an unusual inhibitory effect of histamine: suppression of atropine-resistant tetanic spasms after mepyramine block of histamine contractions. 19694390876
the 3'-terminal nucleotide sequences of bacteriophage lambda dna.analyses of radioactive oligonucleotides in endonuclease digests of 3'-terminally labeled lambda dna revealed the 3' terminal sequence -gttacg for the l strand and -acccgcg for the r strand. these sequences, together with those previously known for the 5' cohesive ends, provide a total of 25 known base-pairs in the vicinity of the termini. when the cohesive ends are paired, the sequence between the nicks can be bisected by a 2-fold rotational axis of symmetry. five of the first eight base-pairs, ...19734515613
[a new method of kidney preservation with collins' solution]. 19744611515
yeast glycogen synthetase in the glucose 6-phosphate independent form: a case of cold lability without major changes in molecular size. 19734633486
cultural characteristics of a cell line derived from an equine sarcoid.a cell line, derived from a spontaneous equine connective tissue tumor (equine sarcoid), has been established. the morphological and growth characteristics indicative of malignant transformation of the cells include a disoriented, rapid growth and loss of contact inhibition. further evidence of transformation is the agglutination of these cells by concanavalin a and their ability to divide in semisolid media.19724640736
[susceptibility of culex pipiens molestus, forskal mosquitoes of the moscow population to wuchereria bancrofti, cobbold]. 19724653706
[pathogenesis of partial neuromuscular block in experimental myasthenia gravis]. 19734790302
[state of current physiologic research. significance of na+ for the transport of sugars by the epithelial membranes]. 19684874684
[studies on structure and function of human ductus deferens]. 19694901539
antibacterial compounds in the cell-free haemolymph of drosophila melanogaster. 19704907049
measurements on the interfacial areas of hydrocarbon in yeast fermentations and relationships to specific growth rates. 19725029880
[testicular damage in elastorrhexis generalisata]. 20165031134
ly-4, a new locus determining a lymphocyte cell-surface alloantigen in mice.a new locus is described that determines an alloantigen on the surface of lymphocytes. it differs from loci previously described in that the corresponding antibody, at least in most antisera, reacts almost exclusively with node lymphocytes, and weakly or not at all with thymuslymphocytes. positive strains include c57bl/6, c57bl/10, c57l, c57br/cd, and rf; negative strains include balb/c, c3h, and sjl. the symbol ly-4 is assigned, with the c57bl/6 allele being ly-4(b), and the balb/c allele ly-4( ...20154515607
[determination of hva and 5-hiaa in epileptic syndromes in basal conditions and after treatment with probenecid]. 200195499
[antibodies to neutrophilic granulocytes (p-anca): a further indication for a common origin of ulcerative colitis and primary sclerosing cholangitis?]. 20061636280
description of a food recording electronic device for use in dietary surveys.a food recording electronic device has been developed for quantitative collection of dietary data in the home for a period of up to 3 weeks. the accumulated information on the weights and types of food, and time of consumption, is transferred to a host computer for calculation of the nutrient composition of the diet. using this method the subject does not have to read the balance or keep a written diary, and the need for coding of records by a dietitian is eliminated.20143957699
[disturbance of glucose metabolism in dialysis patients--analysis of three studies of ivgtt in dialysis patients during 25 years]. 20061578733
identification and characterization of deoxyguanosine-crotonaldehyde adducts. formation of 7,8 cyclic adducts and 1,n2,7,8 bis-cyclic adducts.crotonaldehyde, a chemically reactive alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl compound, is an important industrial chemical and a ubiquitous environmental pollutant. it has been shown to be carcinogenic and mutagenic. we have studied the reaction of crotonaldehyde with nucleosides and 5'-mononucleotides and found three different types of adducts with deoxyguanosine and 2'-deoxyguanosine 5'-monophosphate. no adducts could be isolated either with nucleosides other than deoxyguanosine or with nucleotides o ...20061489932
intergenic complementation after fusion of fibroblasts from different patients with beta-galactosidase deficiency. 1999103586
the effect of mazindol on metabolic and regulatory changes in obese women during weight reduction.the effect of mazindol (1 mg/day) on some metabolic and regulatory values was investigated in ten adult obese women and compared with the same number of controls during weight reduction in hospital (a five-times repeated cycle of 5 days complete starvation and 3 days on a 500 kcal(2.1mj/day diet.) mazindol caused a rise of hydroxyacyl coa dehydrogenase in striated muscle by 70 per cent and a marked decline in malic dehydrogenase. mazindol also produced higher levels of non-esterified fatty acids ...199993588
clinical pathological conference: a case of lupus nephritis from temple. 20164810608
[peculiarities in the development of 2 cases of acute otomastoiditis]. 2002135309
effects of probucol on hyperlipidemic patients with cardiac allografts.probucol, a well-tolerated new drug with moderate hypocholesterolemic effect in the general population, was evaluated in hypercholesterolemic (greater than 300 mg/dl) cardiac transplant recipients. nine patients received probucol, 500 mg twice daily, in a single-blind, placebo-controlled trial lasting 20 weeks. six patients responded with cholesterol falls of -20% (mean, -13.2%), and 1 patient showed minimal change. one patient developed cardiac rejection and was excluded, and another responded ...200094402
pseudoaneurysm of the dorsalis pedis artery secondary to nonpenetrating trauma. 199835018
[aplastic anemia treated by isogeneic or allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (author's transl)]. 2004368376
[relation between glycolysis and na+/h+-antiport in ascites tumor cells]. 20102872024
aging and immunity.the function of the immune system peaks at around puberty and gradually declines thereafter with advance in age. the age-related decline of immunological function primarily occurs in the t cell-dependent immune system and is generally associated with increase in susceptibility to infections as well as in incidence of autoimmune phenomena in the elderly. the age-related change in t cell-dependent immune functions can be ascribed to the physiological thymic atrophy which starts in an early stage o ...20061449050
introduction to endoscopic therapy for bleeding peptic ulcers. 20072242806
weight gain associated with psychotropic drugs.the weight increase that is an often reported side effect of psychotropic drug use has implications for health risks as well as medication noncompliance. in this article i review the literature on the association between the use of several classes of psychotropic drugs and weight gain, discuss the possible mechanisms for this effect, and offer some practical approaches for reducing the risk of drug-induced weight gain, including the identification of a group of patients "at risk."20082566204
thyroid function in affective disorders and alcoholism.the psychoneuroendocrinology of mood disorders and alcoholism is reviewed here. for reasons of both space and clarity, the article focuses on the clinical data and largely omits the basic science data.20113132602
clinical and histological evaluation of gingival massage in the treatment of chronic gingivitis. 20124161925
data collection in the home health agencies of rhode island--home health agency management system brief. 20154496466
[1969 review on contact lenses]. 20164926494
neurolytic lumbar sympathetic blockade: duration of denervation and relief of rest pain. 200092205
elimination of ciprofloxacin and three major metabolites and consequences of reduced renal function.the pharmacokinetics and elimination of ciprofloxacin and its three major metabolites desethylene ciprofloxacin (m1), sulfonylciprofloxacin (m2), and oxociprofloxacin (m3) were determined in 18 volunteers with normal and varying degrees of reduced renal functions. one dose of 500 mg ciprofloxacin was given orally. samples were assayed by high-pressure liquid chromatography. serum concentrations of both ciprofloxacin and its metabolites were only slightly influenced by the renal function. the ser ...20082612228
[factors in therapeutic decisions]. 20092652061
acute leukemia presenting as jaundice with acute liver failure. 20154593955
intrathymic injection of antigen: a potent procedure for the induction of suppressor t cells.immunological tolerance is induced in mice by intrathymic injection of hsa. the tolerance thus induced is mediated by suppressor t cells. strong tolerance persists more than 56 days after the induction, and the high efficiency of the tolerance thus induced is accounted for in terms of the number or the potentiality of suppressor cells. possible mechanisms of suppressor t cell induction by it injection of the antigen are discussed briefly.200192509
[prevention of coronary heart disease. suitability of ambulatory coronary groups]. 1998107406
the nature and causes of hippocampal long-term of the most fascinating features of the hippocampus is its capacity for plasticity. long-term potentiation (ltp), a stable facilitation of synaptic potentials after high-frequency synaptic activity, is very prominent in hippocampus and is a leading candidate memory storage mechanism. here, we discuss the nature and causes of ltp and relate them to endogenous rhythmic neuronal activity patterns and their potential roles in memory. anatomical studies indicate that ltp is accompanied by postsyn ...20072168058
[varicosities as a result of acquired non-traumatic arteriovenous fistulas].82 patients with telangiectasias of the lower extremities near the knee were examined. at the level of these telangiectasias, it was possible to hear, with the doppler, an arterial pulse and the histological examination showed that the telangiectasias were secondary to an arterio-venous fistula. since this shunt is not an important one, we feel that this is a micro-fistula. in most cases, telangiectasias appear at puberty or during delivery in young women. the clinical picture is not univocal an ...20102953037
creatine-kinase and ck-mb isoenzyme activity in serum of patients after surgical operations, polytrauma and other damage to skeletal muscle. 2004535155
biodegradable microspheres. x: some properties of polyacryl starch microparticles prepared from acrylic acid-esterified starch.acrylic acid-esterified starch was produced by reacting starch with acrylic acid chloride. this reaction was rapid and easy to control. introduction of acrylic groups into starch reduced the enzymatic degradability of starch (e.g., with 12 acrylic groups/100 glucose residues, approximately 75% of the degradation products eluted before glucose on gel filtration). the degradability could be increased to a large extent by preincubation at ph 5.5 in vitro (e.g., after 16 weeks, the corresponding fig ...20123440940
thanatophoric dwarfism: a parent's point of view. 20133996686
thanatophoric dwarfism: a parent's point of view. 20133996686
soluble and particulate glycolysis in developing castor bean endosperm. 2001125088
[a comparison of diffusion and photometric method in determining the level of lysozyme in clinical practice (author's transl)]. 2002134836
[isotope angiocardiographic study of 30 cases of ventricular tachycardia with fourier phase analysis].twenty-seven patients (15 men, 12 women; mean age 48.9 years) suffering from ventricular tachycardia (vt) (n = 30) were studied by radionuclide angiocardiography with fourier phase analysis, both in sinus rhythm and during tachycardia. vt was spontaneous, electrically inducible, sustained, haemodynamically stable and monomorphous, with a mean rate of 174 beats/min (range: 115-260 beats). heart diseases responsible for vt were: non-obstructive cardiomyopathy (n = 7), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ( ...20113136707
[short-term effects of gamma-globulins on sleep organization in epileptic patients (author's transl)].a study of the effect of gamma-globulins on sleep was conducted in 8 patients aged 1 to 35 years with epilepsy not responding to any of the conventional treatments. two polygraphic recordings were carried out during the 4th and 5th nights following a placebo injection and then an injection of gamma-globulin 16 merieux (1 ml/kg). the short-term effects of the gamma-globulins were : --reduction in percentage of paroxysms, --an acceleration in the electroencephalographic tracings of the different s ...200193297
primary intracranial yolk sac tumor: immunofluorescent demonstration of alpha-fetoprotein autopsy case of 20-year-old male with primary intracranial yolk sac tumor (endodermal sinus tumor) is reported. whereas the biopsy specimen obtained from the pineal region showed diffuse proliferation of atypical tumor cells, the metastatic subdural tumor removed from lumbar spinal region had the characteristic histologic appearance of yolk sac tumor. the histologic diagnosis was intracranial yolk sac tumor originating in the pineal gland. the elevated amount of alpha-fetoprotein in the cereb ...200156986
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