characterization of various horse thyroid forms of cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase [proceedings]. 197992956
has myelin basic protein received a fair trial in the treatment of multiple sclerosis?autosensitization to some central nervous system antigen still remains one of the best hypotheses for the continuing pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (ms). enough is now known about the cause, pathogenesis, and treatment of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) to test this hypothesis. reports of therapeutic failure of the encephalitogen myelin basic protein (bp) in the treatment of ms have their counterparts in similar therapeutic failures in eae. only highly inbred strain 13 guinea p ...197993873
biochemical mechanism of platelet activation. involvement of contractile proteins.the present state of knowledge of the biochemical mechanism of platelet activation (adhesion, shape change, microspike formation, aggregation, release reaction, clot retraction) is presented under involvement of contractile proteins. the working hypothesis on the contractile mechanism of platelet activation is explained.197994868
production and chemical studies of protease from bacillus subtilis (sh-6) egyptian strain.bacillus subtilis (sh-6) egyptian strain, isolated from hides, gave the highest protease activity. luxurious growth and protease production were obtained by the use of a medium containing 8% of potato starch, 0,1 m of ammonium phosphate as carbon and nitrogen sources. results indicate that borate buffer exerted a deleterious effect on the protease production. comparing citrate and phosphate buffers, it was found that citrate gave lower protease activity than phosphate. there is a positive respon ...197898932
isolation and characterization of a pulmonary glycoprotein from human amniotic fluid.a glycoprotein of the molecular weight of 36 000 has been isolated from human amniotic fluid. the glycoprotein was found to contain sialic acid, galactose, mannose, fucose, glucosamine, hydroxyproline and relatively high amounts of glycine. end-group analyses resulted in a single nh2-terminal residue indicating that the glycoprotein was homogeneous. the data indicate that this unique collagen-like glycoprotein, which is immunologically identical to a major alveolar glycoprotein found in alveoli ...1978103578
fluorescence of human liver alanine aminopeptidase.fluorescence of human liver alanine aminopeptidase has been attributed to tryptophan fluorescence. the fluorescence maximum is at 330 nm, 20 nm lower than that for free tryptophan, suggesting that most of the enzyme tryptophans are in a nonpolar environment and are shielded from solvent. quenching of enzyme fluorescence by iodide, pyridine, and n-methyl nicotinamide also demonstrates that enzyme tryptophan residues are largely buried and inaccessible to solvent. those accessible are in negativel ...1977143669
mitochondrial protein-synthesizing machinery in saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in different metabolic conditions. variability of seryl-trna and alanyl-trna isoacceptor patterns.1. the isoacceptor patterns of mitochondrial seryl and alanyl-trnas from saccharomyces cerevisiae grown under different conditions and committed to fermentative or respiratory metabolism have been studied by reversed-phase chromatography. 2. an extensive variability of the chromatographic patterns of the four isoacceptors for serine and of the three isoacceptors for alanine has been observed as a function of carbon source and stage of growth, but the main differences were observed in the differe ...1979381000
the contribution of the 'second' visual system to directed visual attention in man.the visual functions of a patient suffering from a brain lesion incorporating the left n. pulvinar was examined in order to assess the contribution of this structure to human vision. with the exception of the following abnormalities visual functions were normal. first, there was a decrease in the critical flicker frequency in the periphery (but not in the parafoveal region) of the right visual hemifield, that is, that contralateral to the pulvinar lesion. however, the second and most striking ch ...1979509197
dermatophytosis due to trichophyton rubrum in northern greece during the decade 1981-1990.during the years 1981-1990 trichophyton rubrum was the most frequent causative agent of dermatophytic infections in northern greece, especially in cases of tinea pedis, cruris, corporis, and unguium, as well as dermatophytosis of the hands. between sexes there was a prevalence in women in tinea pedis and toenail infections. men were particularly infected in the groin, the hands and the face. the chronic follicular dermatophytosis in the lower legs was also presented in women, but tinea corporis ...19921302814
[the microbiological purification of industrial sulfur-containing sewage]. 19921303100
regulation of hepatic lipid metabolism by cytokines that induce the acute phase response. 19921303901
the effect of age on motor neurone death following axotomy in the mouse.the ability of mouse motor neurones to survive axotomy during the first month of life was studied. the motor neurones that lie in the dorsolateral columns of spinal segments c7 and c8 and supply the flexor muscles of the forepaw were axotomized by cutting and removing part of the median and ulnar nerves above the elbow. the number and position of cell bodies with axons in these nerves were confirmed by retrograde labelling of the cut axons with horseradish peroxidase. the ability of these neuron ...19911769343
tourette's disorder and associated complex behaviors: a case report.a case of a man with tourette's disorder associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, multiple sexual paraphilias, and aggressive behavior is described. treatment with haloperidol led to improvement in the characteristic tics of tourette's disorder as well as to improvement in these three complex-associated behaviors. after haloperidol was discontinued, an exacerbation of tics and the associated behaviors occurred.19902238716
l3t4+ t cells able to mediate parasite-specific delayed-type hypersensitivity play a role in the pathology of experimental chagas' disease.during the chronic phase of infection with the parasite trypanosoma cruzi, mice develop inflammatory lesions in the heart and skeletal muscles, as well as in peripheral nerves and the liver. we demonstrated the presence, in the blood of chronically infected mice, of l3t4+ t cells able to transfer a specific t. cruzi delayed-type hypersensitivity (dth) reaction. transfer of the chronic inflammatory lesions was obtained by injecting lyt-2+-depleted lymphocytes from either lymph node or blood of in ...19872440690
intraretinal transplantation for rod-cell replacement in light-damaged retinas.blindness from retinal disease is often the consequence of extensive damage to the photoreceptor cell population, while other cell types which form the neural retina are relatively spared. in this setting, transplantation of photoreceptor cells could offer hope for the restoration of some degree of visual function. we tested the feasibility of this approach by transplanting immature retinal cells into the eyes of adult rats affected by late stage phototoxic retinopathy, which are almost totally ...19892519517
the dominant substrate of protein kinase c in the extracts of pig granulocytes is a 38 kda ca2+/membrane binding the crude extracts of pig granulocytes the dominant substrate of endogenous protein kinase c was a 38 kda protein. this protein was found in the cytosolic extract when the cells were sonicated in the presence of egta but it was bound to the membrane fraction when the cells were sonicated in the presence of ca2+. the phosphorylation of the 38 kda protein was absolutely ca2+/phospholipid dependent. the behaviour of this protein kinase c substrate indicated that it was a lipocortin.19892532838
an alternative method for the isolation of ns-1 hybridomas using cholesterol auxotrophy of ns-1 mouse myeloma cells.we have used the cholesterol auxotrophy of ns-1 mouse myeloma cells as the basis for selecting ns-1 hybridomas. the outgrowth of nascent ns-1 hybridomas in cholesterol-free serum-free medium was 3- to 9-fold more efficient than that in hat medium and resulted in 3- to 13-times as many antigen-reactive hybridoma wells. this method of hybridoma selection can be applied with any sterol-dependent parent cell line. hybridomas established under serum-free culture conditions were growth inhibited by fe ...19892732203
levels of airborne man-made mineral fibres in dwellings in the uk: results of a preliminary survey.levels of airborne man-made mineral fibres (mmmf) were measured during the insulation of lofts and after the disturbance of the insulation wools. transmission electron microscopy was used for the analysis. generally, the personal samples showed fibre levels of up to 0.7 f/ml, whereas static samples showed fibre levels of 0.05 f/ml in the lofts. little contamination of living space occurred during these operations.19892744831
coexistence of neuronal messengers--an overview. 19862882559
ryanodine: its possible mechanism of action in the caffeine-sensitive calcium store of smooth muscle.the caffeine-sensitive intracellular ca store was characterized and the mechanism of action of ryanodine in the store was studied using k-depolarized guinea-pig taenia caecum. (1) after incubation of the preparation with cacl2 (ca loading), caffeine was applied in ca-deprived medium, to produce a transient contraction and to monitor the amount of the stored ca. as duration of ca deprivation was prolonged, the amplitude of the caffeine-induced contraction was decreased. when ryanodine was applied ...19883174395
differential regulation of amyloid-beta-protein mrna expression within hippocampal neuronal subpopulations in alzheimer disease.we have mapped the neuroanatomical distribution of amyloid-beta-protein mrna within neuronal subpopulations of the hippocampal formation in the cynomolgus monkey (macaca fascicularis), normal aged human, and patients with alzheimer disease. amyloid-beta-protein mrna appears to be expressed in all hippocampal neurons, but at different levels of abundance. in the central nervous system of monkey and normal aged human, image analysis shows that neurons of the dentate gyrus and cornu ammonis fields ...19883277189
spontaneous epithelial tumours of the skin in han: wist- and da/han rats. 19863739445
escherichia coli diarrhoea. 19853912432
[the influence of the trace metal on aconitase activity in human prostate glands]. 19674174993
plasma membranes of the rat liver. isolation and enzymatic characterization of a fraction rich in bile canaliculi.a method is described for the rapid isolation of a plasma membrane fraction containing a high concentration of intact bile canaliculi from the rat liver. isolated bile canaliculi retain most of the ultrastructural features exhibited in the intact liver cell. the final fraction contains 5'-nucleotidase activity at approximately the same concentration as that in previous preparations of plasma membranes. in the presence of 0.01 m mg(++), 5'-nucleotidase exhibits a double ph optimum at ph values of ...19694304740
the identification of f actin of the pollen tube and protoplast of amaryllis belladonna. 19744609784
[age-related differences in the pharmacokinetic behavior of short-time sulfonamides in rats with special reference to the protein binding rate]. 19734801264
recovery of division ability in ultraviolet-irradiated escherichia coli induced by photoreactivation, photoprotection, and liquid holding treatment.small doses of ultraviolet light (uv, 265 mmu) cause escherichia coli b to grow into long, multinucleate, nonseptate, filamentous cells. this uv-induced filament formation can be prevented by irradiating with photoprotecting light (335 mmu) prior to uv irradiation, and by irradiating with photoreactivating light (406 mmu), or by liquid holding treatment, after uv irradiation. it is concluded that uv-induced division inhibition in e. coli b is initially induced by repairable lesions in the deoxyr ...19674864408
polymer-linked 6-azauridine 5'-monophosphate, a resin of high bioaffinity to orotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase.condensation of 6-azauridine with ethyl levulinate, followed by saponification or phosphorylation, leads to 2',3'-o-[1-(2-carboxyethyl)ethylidene]-6-azauridine and its 5'-monophosphate. the latter was coupled to 6-aminohexylagarose via its carboxylic group. using the same synthetic route, agarose-linked uridine 5'-monophosphate has been prepared. both polymers show specific binding toward orotidine-5'-monophosphate decarboxylase. the immobilized inhibitor (6-azauridine 5'-monophosphat) binds the ...199994096
familial insulin resistance and acanthosis nigricans.insulin resistance exists in 0.1% of diabetics having insulin treatment. in addition to diabetics, insulin resistance can also be seen in association with acanthosis nigricans. both conditions become a syndrome that may happen in a family. this is a report of two siblings, a brother and a sister, 14 and 10 years of age, whose parents are cousins, who suffered from diabetes mellitus, acanthosis nigricans, and growth retardation. the insulin therapy until 54 units per day given to the boy and 174 ...20072075024
twenty-seventh world health assembly--2. 20154424977
an erythrocyte membrane-protein anomaly in march three patients with march haemoglobinuria a well-defined protein abnormality has been revealed by high-resolution sodium-dodecyl-sulphate/polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis.200091785
the effect of repeated small doses of radiation on recovery from sub-lethal damage by chinese hamster cells irradiated in the plateau phase of growth.unfed plateau-phase cells have been irradiated with either single doses or up to ten fractions of x-rays 6 hours apart. the single-dose survival curve had an extrapolation number of 11-4, and the oxygen-enhancement ratio (o.e.r.) was 3-1. cells were exposed to multiple fractions of 200 rad or 150 rad in air and 600 rad or 450 rad in hypoxia. the resulting survival curves did not fit a multi-target, single-hit model of cell survival, being much steeper than that would predict. the curves were exp ...20011083845
projection arteriography and venography: initial clinical results with mr.motion currently limits the applications of magnetic resonance (mr) angiography in certain regions of the body. to overcome this problem, a series of breath-hold, two-dimensional, flow-compensated gradient-echo images were acquired. these images were then processed by means of the maximum intensity projection algorithm to produce projection angiograms. the method was evaluated in 10 healthy subjects and in 12 patients and validated by comparing conventional angiograms, contrast material-enhanced ...20042748814
projection arteriography and venography: initial clinical results with mr.motion currently limits the applications of magnetic resonance (mr) angiography in certain regions of the body. to overcome this problem, a series of breath-hold, two-dimensional, flow-compensated gradient-echo images were acquired. these images were then processed by means of the maximum intensity projection algorithm to produce projection angiograms. the method was evaluated in 10 healthy subjects and in 12 patients and validated by comparing conventional angiograms, contrast material-enhanced ...20042748814
evaluation of gastrointestinal function with isotopic tracers.nuclear medicine is the application of tracer methodology mainly to clinical diagnosis. we use chemical compounds labelled with radioisotopes as tracers. the examinations provide us with the information on regional function of tissues and organs. in this review we describe the nuclear medicine procedures for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases based on our experiences. the emphasis is put on the evaluation of the functional aspect of the gastrointestinal tract. the procedures to be descri ...20133566168
garlic (allium sativum) in the treatment of experimental extract of garlic was studied for its efficacy in treatment experimental cryptococcosis in mice. the garlic, given by mouth, appeared to reduce brain cryptococcal populations, although the results obtained were generally inconsistent. complete eradication of the cryptococci was not achieved and the early beneficial results observed diminished over time.20092795404
the lillehei-kaster aortic valve prosthesis. long-term results in 273 patients with 1253 patient-years of follow-up.the lillehei-kaster aortic valve prosthesis was inserted in 313 patients between august 1975 and december 1984. aortic valve replacement alone was done in 193 patients. additional procedures included coronary artery bypass grafting in 62 patients, mitral valve replacement in 22, mitral valvuloplasty in 8, and miscellaneous procedures in 28. the 273 patients discharged from the hospital are the basis of this report. they have been followed up for 1253 patient-years. the range of follow-up is 1 to ...20083259656
[polishing and the surface hardness of amalgams]. 20123461499
pseudoaneurysm of the dorsalis pedis artery secondary to nonpenetrating trauma. 199835018
clinical chemistry methodology - past and present. 20154613251
participation of endothelial cells in murine schistosomiasis.the endothelial cells participate in the morphological events occurring during murine schistosomiasis, taking part in the development of hepatic periovular granuloma. the cells also show an increase in the expression of factor viii-related antigen in the portal vessels and hepatic sinusoids during the infection. endothelial cells are suggested to play an important role in the pathogenesis of the disease and in the balance of the coagulant-anticoagulant mechanisms which favor the intravascular su ...20113150298
the pathology of tumors. part 1: precancerous and pseudomalignant lesions. 1998106933
prolonged disease-free survival in mopp-resistant hodgkin's disease after treatment with adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine and dacarbazine (abvd).twenty-one patients with advanced hodgkin's disease resistant to mopp (mechlorethamine, vincristine, procarbazine, prednisone) were treated with abvd (adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine, dacarbazine). abvd induced complete remission in 13 patients (62%) and partial remission in 2 (9.5%). in particular, complete response to abvd was obtained in 7 of 13 patients who failed to respond to primary mopp chemotherapy. after six cycles, no further therapy was given to patients in complete remission. at ...199993984
the clinical psychology of lightner witmer: a case study of institutional innovation and intellectual change.the name lightner witmer is rarely invoked in the historian's litany of psychological saints. neither a grand systematizer nor an ardent experimentalist, the "world's first clinical psychologist" is even dismissed by contemporary clinicians because of his purported failure to achieve for psychologists professional hegemony over the "problem child." yet disciplinary ventures which in joseph ben-david's phrase fail to "take off" represent extremely illuminating indicators of a discipline's shiftin ...2004400626
bioaerosols: prevalence and health effects in the indoor environment.assessing the role of bioaerosols in residence-related symptoms involves (1) determining that symptoms are related to the residence by medical examination and careful questioning, (2) connecting reported symptoms with known or hypothesized effects of bioaerosols, (3) examining the residence for bioaerosol risk factors such as overcrowding/poor ventilation, inappropriate outdoor air intrusion, and dampness/standing water, (4) and finally, if no obvious risk factors are present, air sampling. air ...20072229836
bioaerosols: prevalence and health effects in the indoor environment.assessing the role of bioaerosols in residence-related symptoms involves (1) determining that symptoms are related to the residence by medical examination and careful questioning, (2) connecting reported symptoms with known or hypothesized effects of bioaerosols, (3) examining the residence for bioaerosol risk factors such as overcrowding/poor ventilation, inappropriate outdoor air intrusion, and dampness/standing water, (4) and finally, if no obvious risk factors are present, air sampling. air ...20072229836
[subungual exostosis of the digits].from 1980 to 1990, twenty-two patients with subungual exostosis were treated in pumc hospital and the sixth hospital of beijing. the incidence of subungual exostosis accounted for 4.6% of all bone tumor. post-adolescents and young adults were commonly affected. the female:male ratio was 1.75 to 1. the great toe was the most commonly affected site. radiological findings were diagnostic, and local tumor excision is the treatment of choice.19981299547
a saved little heart--transposition of great arteries. 20051305656
[acute pain and practical nursing care. i]. 20092860729
detection of activated ras oncogenes in human thyroid carcinomas.focus formation following dna transfection of mouse 3t3-vill cells was used to search for the presence of activated oncogenes in human thyroid tumors. oncogenes belonging to the ras family were detected in four out of six thyroid carcinomas (ki-ras in one anaplastic tumor and one follicular moderately differentiated tumor and ha-ras and n-ras in two papillary tumors). normal thyroid tissue samples obtained from two patients, one with an anaplastic tumor and one with a benign adenoma, and samples ...19883283656
inhalation teratology study on hexachloro-1,3-butadiene in rats.pregnant rats were exposed to 0, 2, 5, 10 or 15 ppm hexachloro-1,3-butadiene (hcbd) 6 h/d during days 6-20 of gestation. maternal reproduction and fetal parameters were evaluated on gestational day 21. a significant reduction in maternal weight gain and in fetal body weight occurred at 15 ppm. the incidences of external, visceral and skeletal alterations were not significantly increased in any of the hcbd-exposed groups. it is concluded that exposure of pregnant rats to hcbd by inhalation of con ...19892749768
[expressions of 2h4 and 4b4 antigens on atl cells].we studied the expression of 2h4 and 4b4 on the surfaces of leukemia cells from 17 patients with adult t-cell leukemia (atl) as well as of cells belonging to 2 t-cell lines derived from atl patients. the effects of the supernatants obtained from culture fluids of the atl cells and the t-cell lines on igg production of a human b-cell line, cess cells, were also examined. on the surfaces of the atl cells from 15 out of 17 cases and of the cells of 2 t-cell lines 4b4 obviously existed at higher per ...19892528006
long-chain (sphingoid) bases inhibit multistage carcinogenesis in mouse c3h/10t1/2 cells treated with radiation and phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate.sphingosine and other long-chain (sphingoid) bases inhibit protein kinase c, the putative cellular receptor for the tumor promoter phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (pma), and exert potent effects on diverse cell functions. we tested the ability of long-chain bases to modulate multistage carcinogenesis in mouse c3h/10t1/2 cells exposed to gamma-rays and pma. sphingosine and sphinganine completely blocked the enhancement of radiation-induced transformation by pma (promotion) and partially suppresse ...19912000399
characterization of the human gene for a newly discovered carbonic anhydrase, ca vii, and its localization to chromosome 16.six carbonic anhydrase (ca) isozymes (ca i-vi) in mammals and other amniotes have been described. we have isolated an additional ca gene from a human genomic library and designated its putative product carbonic anhydrase vii (ca vii). the gene is approximately 10 kb long and contains seven exons and six introns found at positions identical to those determined for the previously described ca i, ca ii, and ca iii genes. the finding of a 17-bp gt-rich segment in a position 28 bp downstream of the p ...19911783392
human prolactin gene expression. the use of an alternative noncoding exon in decidua and the im-9-p3 lymphoblast cell line.the prolactin (prl) gene is normally expressed in the anterior pituitary lactotrope and the decidualized stromal cell of the human endometrium. we have recently described the ectopic expression of the human prl gene in a b-lymphoblastoid cell line, im-9-p. the im-9-p and decidual prl mrnas are approximately 150 nucleotides longer than the pituitary transcript. the protein coding sequence of the im-9-p and decidual prl cdnas is identical to the pituitary prl message, and the 3'-untranslated regio ...19901697858
human prolactin gene expression. the use of an alternative noncoding exon in decidua and the im-9-p3 lymphoblast cell line.the prolactin (prl) gene is normally expressed in the anterior pituitary lactotrope and the decidualized stromal cell of the human endometrium. we have recently described the ectopic expression of the human prl gene in a b-lymphoblastoid cell line, im-9-p. the im-9-p and decidual prl mrnas are approximately 150 nucleotides longer than the pituitary transcript. the protein coding sequence of the im-9-p and decidual prl cdnas is identical to the pituitary prl message, and the 3'-untranslated regio ...19901697858
convergence of visceral and somatic inputs onto subnucleus reticularis dorsalis neurones in the rat medulla.1. in anaesthetized rats, recordings were made within the medullary subnucleus reticularis dorsalis (srd) from neurones that exhibited convergence of nociceptive inputs from the entire surface of the body. neurones with total nociceptive convergence responded to supramaximal percutaneous electrical stimuli (2 ms duration) with early and late peaks due to the activation of a delta and c fibres, respectively, no matter which part of the body was stimulated. neurones with partial nociceptive conver ...19921302266
hemodynamic effects on hepatic blood flow of a selective beta 2-adrenoceptor agonist, clenbuterol, in rat.acute clenbuterol administration (50 micrograms/kg, i.v.) to anesthetized normotensive rats, produce a marked reduction in the mean blood pressure, (mbp), about 58 mm hg. indocyanine green clearance analysis (control, 1.83 +/- 0.15: clenbuterol, 1.10 +/- 0.20 ml/min/100 g, p < 0.05) showed that the action in the hepatic vascular bed is opposite to its systemic vasodilator effects. the hepatic blood flow (hbf) appears significantly reduced (control, 8.24 +/- 0.35: clenbuterol, 3.83 +/- 0.71 ml/mi ...19921301352
the in vitro and in vivo biotransformation of n-deacetyl-n-formylcolchicine.the major pathway of metabolic transformation of n-deacetyl-n-formylcolchicine is the oxidative cytochrome p450 dependent o-demethylation of substituents in the aromatic ring a and tropolone ring c. it was found that o-demethylation (both, in vitro and in vivo) takes place predominantly in the aromatic ring, especially at position 2.19921301351
moderation of morbidity following tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy: a study of awareness under anesthesia.sixty-seven children between the ages 3 and 10, undergoing tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, were randomly assigned to one of 3 groups. therapeutic suggestions recited in english (n = 31), french (n = 19), or continuous white noise (n = 18) were repetitively administered by means of earphones in a double blind design. randomization to the english condition was associated with a more favorable outcome with respect to all parameters evaluated by physicians and nurses. however, statistical significa ...20042286510
isolation of corynebacterial enzymes from cultivation media by gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatography. 1979524393
the influence of immunosuppression on the prevalence of aseptic bone necrosis after renal transplantation. 20071871842
loss of integrated viral dna sequences in polyomatransformed cells is associated with an active viral a function.rat cells transformed by polyoma virus contain, in addition to integrated viral dna, a small number of nonintegrated viral dna molecules. the free viral dna originates from the integrated form through a spontaneous induction of viral dna replication in a minority of the cell population. its presence is under the control of the viral a locus. to determine whether the induction of free viral dna replication was accompanied by a loss of integrated viral dna molecules in a phenomenon similar to the ...1979225038
a study of endotoxemia in ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease. i. clinical study.endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide, lps) and lps antibody in the blood were studied in 61 cases of ulcerative colitis (u.c.) by radioimmunoassay. lysozyme (lzm) concentration was also studied by the turbidimetric method. as a result, it was found that the blood lps value as well as serum lzm concentration reflects the clinical observations. the case of endotoxemia in the active phase group showed a positive correlation between the lps value and lzm concentration. lps antibody which could not be detec ...1978150200
effects of ryanodine on model systems derived from muscle-v. reconstituted actomyosin and alpha-actinin. 1975122894
solute permeability of the alveolar epithelium in acute hemodynamic pulmonary edema in dogs.ten anesthetized dogs, 48 h postintravenous 131i-albumin injection, had a segment of lung airspace isolated by a balloon-tipped catheter lodged in a bronchus. an isotonic saline solution containing trace amounts of blue dextran, 125i-albumin, and 57co-cyanocobalamin was instilled into the lung segment. during control periods, lung saline was absorbed at a rate of 0.133% per minute as measured by indicator dilution of blue dextran. only 57co-cyanocobalamin crossed the epithelium. acute hemodynami ...197718023
the influence of protease inhibitor on the progress of bronchial asthma.trasylol in a single dose 100000 i.u. was administered intravenously to 22 patients suffering from bronchial asthma. pulmonary function was evaluated by the subjects self-comfort, physical examination, spirometric measurements (vc, fev1, fev1%, mcbind.) and blood gas analysis (ph pco2, po2, sao2). in half of the patients after trasylol administration, a diminished dyspnoea and bronchospasm were observed. analysis of blood gases indicated some decrease of pco2, and an increase of po2 and ph. in s ...200195090
midirs has set up the world's first computer midwifery data base. 20061403180
[the contribution of unit managers in the education of student nurses].the contribution of a group of unit managers towards student education, as well as the problems related thereto, has been investigated contextually by means of an explorative descriptive study, utilising structured interviews. the results indicate that, although unit managers have a positive attitude towards student education, they lack insight regarding the programme content, as well as their own informal educational function in the clinical situation. lack of time and inadequate liaison betwee ...20011301290
treatment of bleeding gastroesophageal varices: a report of forty-four cases.bleeding gastroesophageal varices is associated with a high morbidity and mortality. forty-four cases of bleeding gastroesophageal varices were treated at the department of surgery, universiti kebangsaan malaysia, general hospital, kuala lumpur over four and a half years. thirty-two of them had liver cirrhosis. hepatitis b infection was noted in 13 and alcoholic abuse was present in 14 patients. five patients had associated hepatoma. thirty-four percent had gastric fundal varices and a third of ...20031303478
[biochemistry of glycoconjugates in the studies of cancer metastasis]. 20113295999
functional domains of cell adhesion molecules.a number of molecules involved in cell adhesion (e.g. fibronectin, laminin, collagens i and iv, thrombospondin, entactin) have now been identified and the consequent roles that they play in the processes of growth, migration, differentiation and tumor spread have been described. active sequences of the molecules have been identified using synthetic peptides derived from specific domains. several adhesive molecules contain multiple active domains with different biological activities.20061419059
posttraumatic epilepsy in civilians: clinical and electroencephalographic studies.posttraumatic epilepsy (pte) is a known consequence of head trauma. the factors involved in posttraumatic seizures generation and the relationship between acute seizures and posttraumatic epilepsy are not without controversy. this also applies to the evolution of the electroencephalographic characteristics. the study here reported was performed analysing data from patients with posttraumatic epilepsy (n = 205) and data from patients followed-up since trauma and considered as a high risk populati ...20061414546
[biochemistry of glycoconjugates in the studies of cancer metastasis]. 20113295999
a pilot, double-blind, controlled 1-year trial of prednisolone treatment in primary biliary cirrhosis: hepatic improvement but greater bone loss.a randomized, double-blind, 1-year pilot study of prednisolone treatment for primary biliary cirrhosis was undertaken. nineteen patients received 30 mg prednisolone per day initially, with a maintenance dose of 10 mg per day. seventeen patients received placebo. the groups were matched for age, menopausal status, hepatic histological stage and bilirubin. treatment was well tolerated without dropouts. two patients receiving prednisolone developed diabetes, one a duodenal ulcer and one depression. ...20092777203
platelets, platelet-derived growth factor, growth control, and their interactions with the vascular wall.the response-to-injury hypothesis of atherosclerosis describes how risk factors associated with atherogenesis may alter endothelial function, creating opportunities for endothelial cell separation and interactions with blood monocyte/macrophages and platelets that result in the intimal proliferative smooth-muscle lesions of atherosclerosis. growth factors derived from platelets (platelet-derived growth factor) and macrophages (macrophage-derived growth factor) are described and their possible ro ...20082409393
[laudatio for professor v. pudel and psychologist j. westenhöfer, winners of the isfe prize 1989]. 20082275708
drug information cards for cancer patients. 20092712028
traumatic neuronal injury in vitro is attenuated by nmda antagonists.pure traumatic neuronal injury was modeled in dispersed neocortical cell cultures derived from fetal mice. a plastic stylet was used to tear the neuronal and glial cell layer; medium oxygen content, ph, and glucose remained unchanged. adjacent to this local disruption, many neurons developed acute swelling and went on to degenerate over the next day, but glia were relatively spared. if the same mechanical insult was delivered in the presence of the n-methyl-d-aspartate (nmda) antagonists dextror ...20082576374
risk factors for late relapse in male and female ex-smokers.three hundred twenty-nine ex-smokers (149 males and 180 females) who had maintained abstinence for at least 3 months prior to intake were followed for a period of 1 year to ascertain individual characteristics from cognitive, behavioral, environmental, and health domains that were predictive of later relapse. multiple logistic regression analysis revealed significant associations between relapse, family history, and stress variables in males and between relapse, family history, stress, pre- and ...20113177069
[aids epidemic--challenge with possibilities]. 20113212633
ct demonstration of a complex anomaly of inferior vena cava. 20113175079
[significance of sudden infant death (sids) for otorhinolaryngology].the high frequency of proven extensive infection in the upper respiratory tract, particularly the nose and pharynx, of infants with sids, suggests that the latter may be due to upper airway obstruction. in view of the particular vulnerability of the early infant, the widespread term "common cold" does not seem justified. the constant incidence of sids should stimulate study of the extension and effects of infection of the upper respiratory tract, including careful investigation, follow up and ad ...20133679898
perception of self-motion: psychophysical and computational approaches. 20133704035
[a patient's real thought not expressed in words]. 20133648407
[high-resolution computerized tomography and otoradiology]. 20144083440
ethnic differences in congenital malformations.perinatal deaths and major lethal and non-lethal congenital malformations occurring in this hospital from 1979-82 inclusive were related to the ethnic group of the 15 438 mothers. the highest crude perinatal mortality rates occurred in indian and pakistani populations (18.3 per 1000 and 24.1 per 1000 respectively). the highest incidence of congenital abnormality also occurred in these groups (13.3 per 1000 and 12.8 per 1000 respectively), but there was considerable variation in the distribution ...20144051543
endometrial patterns observed in estrogen-progesterone combination therapy. 20154457476
[natural occurrence of gold glycosides]. 20164879546
angioendothelioma of stewart and treves. 20164865868
acute butylglycol intoxication: a case report.a rare case of butylglycol intoxication in a suicide attempt is reported. coma and hypotension were present on admission and severe metabolic acidosis arose subsequently. forced diuresis and haemodialysis led to an uneventful outcome.20092744782
airborne mineral fibre concentrations in an urban area near an asbestos-cement plant.ambient air concentrations of asbestos and total mineral fibres were measured during the period june-july 1985 at several locations near a large asbestos-cement factory located in the proximity of a northern italian town. measurements of the number and type of fibres were made by means of analytical scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive x-ray analysis (sem-edxa), essentially according to the rtm2 reference method of the asbestos international association. total mineral fibre concent ...20092744833
relationship between severity and clinical importance of symptoms in osteoarthritis.seventeen patients with primary osteoarthritis of the knee were evaluated with respect to the severity and clinical importance of pain, stiffness and physical function during the conduct of a double-blind randomized controlled trial of flurbiprofen sr versus diclofenac sodium sr using the womac osteoarthritis index. mean importance scores were similar for items within the same dimension as well as between items in different dimensions. in general, low levels of correlation were noted between the ...20071914413
[the effect of indomethacin and leukinferon on the thromboxane b2 level in the blood plasma of patients with endometrial cancer in the perioperative period].the paper discusses the effect of indomethacin, leukinferon as well as their combined effect on blood thromboxane b2 (txb2) level in 40 endometrial cancer patients in the perioperative period. perioperative treatment with indomethacin was followed by a significant decrease in blood txb2 level before surgery and in the postoperative period. treatment with leukinferon exerted similar effect which, however, was less pronounced than that of indomethacin. the effect was most apparent when the two dru ...20001300754
computer-specific spectacle lens design preference of presbyopic operators.twenty-nine presbyopic subjects who spent at least 20 hours a week at a video display terminal compared a progressive addition lens designed for this function, with another commonly prescribed task-specific lens. each of the paired lens types was worn for 4 weeks and then compared directly for 1 week. a statistically significant (p < .05) portion of the subjects (76%) preferred the task-specific lenses overall. it also was preferred more frequently for each feature compared, although the differe ...20061403191
functional brain spect: the emergence of a powerful clinical method. 20061403163
major histocompatibility complex class i-restricted activation of cloned t cells by a soluble protein in the absence of accessory cells.a t-cell clone, 10bk.1, was established from the draining lymph nodes of (b10 x mice immunized with ovalbumin (ova) according to standard protocols. upon coculture with the antigen, 10bk.1 cells reacted by production of lymphokines and by proliferation despite the absence of additional antigen-presenting cells. these t cells do not express major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class ii molecules on the cell surface as assessed on the basis of several criteria: by cytofluorometric anal ...20092784568
[mesotheliomas among mechanics of the railways in italy: a current problem].asbestos has been used on rolling stock of the italian railways since the 1940's. from the 1950's to the 1970's it was used on a massive scale for the insulation of passenger carriages (up to more than 800 kg per carriage). about 10 years ago, a programme was began to remove asbestos from rolling stock and replace it with glass fibre. we must consider as exposed to the carcinogenic effects of asbestos all mechanics who, during the past years, worked at the major repair workshops (mrw), at the lo ...20092770615
diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit disorder in two general hospital two clinics in military general hospitals, the charts of all children with a presumptive diagnosis of attention deficit disorder who were prescribed psychostimulants (n = 68) were audited to assess the quality of the primary physicians' evaluation and treatment. the audit instrument, constructed by a multidisciplinary team, indicated high interrater reliabilities, high face and concurrent validity, and moderate internal consistency. the audit found that only 51.5 percent of the children being ...20092777226
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