career-ladder breakthrough. now, an associate degree without attending college. 20154485178
an enzymatic determination of ammonia in biological fluids. 20154284306
[projection of 2 films on dentures by the bayer company, initiated by amdi of ancona]. 20154601227
direct evaluation of rate constants for an assumed single-step mechanism from chemical relaxation data. 20164701468
[alcoholism in the trentino area. clinico-statistical data on 822 male patients hospitalized in 1971 in a department of general medicine]. 20154826129
[new hormone therapy. thyrotropin releasing hormone]. 20113127616
selective antagonism by clonidine of the stereotyped and non-stereotyped motor activity elicited by atropine.the effects of clonidine, an indirectly-acting cholinergic antagonist, on 5 behaviors elicited by atropine (locomotion, rearing, sniffing, grooming and gnawing) were studied in rats. clonidine did not alter the prevalence or magnitude of atropine-elicited locomotion and rearing. in contrast, clonidine suppressed the occurrence and degree of 3 stereotyped behaviors, namely, sniffing, grooming and gnawing. this selectivity of clonidine suggests differences in the neural pathways subserving the var ...19863786370
[significance of polycardiography results in the evaluation of left ventricular function during thyroxine replacement therapy. longitudinal study of 14 cases of primary hypothyroidism]. 20133796563
gallium scanning and tomography in the preoperative evaluation of lung cancer.discrepant reports on the utility of gallium scanning in the preoperative evaluation of patients with lung cancer prompted a prospective study of the test. the authors studied 47 patients with lung cancer who underwent preoperative gallium scanning and frontal tomography of the mediastinum. both tests were found to be most accurate in predicting the presence of mediastinal metastases among patients with squamous cell carcinoma. both test may help direct surgical planning in patients with known s ...20133719526
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