hormonal control of zinc uptake and binding in the rat dorsolateral prostate.the zinc uptake in the dorsolateral prostate of rats was studied after different hormonal manipulations. orchiectomy reduced the uptake of 65zn. administration of estradiol benzoate to orchiectomized rats doubled the 65zn uptake, a phenomenon which was not observed in orchiectomized-adrenalectomized rats. adrenalectomy in orchiectomized rats had no effect on the concentration of radioactivity beyond the castration-induced decrease. a prolactin release inhibitor, 6-methyl-8-erogelenylacetamide, r ...197715955
the transport of l-leucine into the brain of the rat in vivo: saturable and non-saturable components of influx. 197716270
effect of contrast media on the rate of oxidation of nadp.h and nad.h by rat liver microsomes.the effect of roentgen-contrast media on the activity of the nadp'n and nad'n-dependent electron-transport chains of the rats liver microsomes was studied. bilignost, cardiotrast, triiotrast and triombrin are shown to lower the rate of the nadp'n oxidation by the rats' liver microsomes and have no effect (except for triiotrast) upon the rate of the nad'n oxidation. it is presumed that the relative resistance of the nad'n-specific flavoproteid is due to the presence of a hydrophobic layer impervi ...197720329
characterization of the beta-adrenergic receptors in the lower urinary tract of the cat.the corpus-fundus and the outlet region of the urinary bladder of the cat was studied in vitro to characterize the beta-adrenergic receptors. in the corpus-fundus only beta1-receptors were found in contrast to the outlet region where the beta-receptors had both beta1-and beta2-characteristics.197722927
acupuncture: its neurophysiological basis: an anaesthetist's foreword. 197829773
a serial study of pregnancy proteins in primigravidae.the plasma concentrations from four 'pregnancy proteins' and three steroid hormones have been measured throughout pregnancy in 15 primigravidae. two of the proteins, human placental lactogen (hpl) and pregnancy-specific beta1-glycoprotein (psbetag), are specific for pregnancy and correlate well with the stage of gestation. it is suggested that measurement of psbetag may be useful in assessing feto-placental wellbeing. neither of the pregnancy-associated proteins, steriod-binding beta-globulin (s ...197657799
colonic involvement in salmonellosis. 197765685
fast axonal transport in rat sciatic nerve. inhibition by pineal indoles.the effect of pineal indoles on fast axoplasmic transport of proteins in the sciatic nerve was examined in rats injected with [3h]leucine in the sixth lumbar dorsal root ganglion. melatonin (350-1100 nmol) applied locally in the sciatic nerve impaired significantly axonal transport. at a 350-nmol dose all other indoles tested (i.e., 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid, 5-methoxyindoleacetic acid, serotonin, n-acetylserotonin, tryptamine, 5-methoxytryptamine) were less potent than melatonin to impair fast ...197988700
comparison of proteins transported in different tracts of the central nervous system. 197991409
scabies in zimbabwe rhodesia: distribution on the human body and the efficacy of lindane and permethrin as scabicides. 197991446
in vitro evidence from anti-hapten antibody responses for t helper and suppressor cells directed against major histocompatibility antigens in the mouse. participation of i region determinants in the induction of t helper cells. 197991525
measurement of human proinsulin by an indirect two-site immunoradiometric indirect two-site immunoradiometric assay is described for the measurement of human proinsulin in plasma. polyethylene tubes coated with purified guinea-pig antibodies to insulin were used to extract proinsulin and insulin from plasma. rabbit antibody to human c peptide was then added to react with the c-peptide moiety of the bound proinsulin. the uptake of this antibody was measured by the subsequent binding of 125i-sheep antibody to rabbit igg. the binding of radioactivity to the tubes was ...197991538
[lindane metabolism in microbes, warmblooded animals and humans]. 197991544
[experimental study of amino acid metabolism in the course of an autoimmune process induced by exposure to the gamma isomer of hexachlorocyclohexane]. 197991545
membrane orientation and location of multiple and distinct allotypic determinants of mouse lymphocyte igd. 197991644
production of monoclonal antibodies against nucleocapsid proteins of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2.we prepared mouse hybrid cell lines which produced antibodies against herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 nucleocapsids. cell lines 1d4 and 3e1, respectively, secreted immunoglobulin g1 herpes simplex virus type 1 and immunoglobulin g1 herpes simplex virus type 2 antibodies which immunoprecipitated proteins designated p40 and p45 from homologous nucleocapsid preparations but precipitated no proteins from heterologous preparations. in contrast, guinea pig antisera prepared against either herpes sim ...197991687
evaluation of a "nude" mouse-human tumor panel as a predictive secondary screen for cancer chemotherapeutic agents.nine established human melanoma tissue-cultured cell lines heterotransplanted in c57bl/6 "nude" mice were exposed to each of 4 chemotherapeutic agents of known clinical activity against human melanoma. two of the therapeutic agents, 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (bcnu) and 5-(3,3-dimethyl-1-triazino) imidazole-4-carboxamide (dtic), are known to be active against human melanoma; the other two, adriamycin and 5-azacytidine, are known to be inactive. sterile saline served as a control agent. ...197991697
[method of determining intragastric bactericidal activity]. 197991718
[orthosympathetic stimulation after hypercapnia in the rat].inhalation of a gas mixture : co2, 25% -- o2, 37.5% -- n2, 37.5%, provokes regularly in the light anaesthetized rat, an increase of catecholaminemia of central origin, associated with systemic arterial hypertension.197992225
[influence of the pineal gland on the hypophyseal function of the rat in vivo (proceedings)]. 197992226
the accessibility of antigenic determinants of ribosomal protein s4 in situ.antibodies to escherichia coli ribosomal protein s4 react with s4 in subribosomal particles, eg, the complex of 16s rna with s4, s7, s8, s15, s16, s17, and s19 and the ri reconstitution intermediate, but they do not react with intact 30s subunits. antibodies were isolated by three different methods from antisera obtained during the immunization of eight rabbits. some of these antibody preparations, which contained contaminant antibodies directed against other ribosomal proteins, reacted with sub ...197992615
[effect of sympathetic nerve stimulation on the microvascular permeability for proteins and lipoproteins]. 197992794
characterization of various horse thyroid forms of cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase [proceedings]. 197992956
[correlation between axoplasmic transport and occurrence or recovery of optic nerve involvement. part 1. axoplasmic transport of protein and lipid in normal rabbit optic pathway (author's transl)]. 197993414
histochemical detection of steroid hormone receptors in the human prostate. 197993748
in vitro primary immunization of human peripheral blood lymphocytes to klh: evidence for hla-d-region restriction. 197993813
semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase in rat aorta: a plasma-membrane enzyme [proceedings]. 197993954
subpopulations of human peripheral blood cells: analysis of granulocytic progenitor cells by flow cytometry and immunologic surface markers.normal human peripheral blood cells were separated into different populations based upon isopycnic sedimentation, e rosetting, and eac rosetting. each population was characterized according to morphology, surface markers, granulocytic colony formation in semi-solid media, and stainable rna content by acridine orange (ao) flow cytometry. these techniques enrich for a population of cells that is characterized by a lymphoid morphology, a high granulocytic-macrophage progenitor cell cloning efficien ...197994243
[role of calcium in realization of nervous control during rna synthesis in skeletal muscles].the effects of ca2+ on the rna polymerase activity of the nuclei isolated from normal and denervated gastrocnemius muscles of the rabbit were studied. it was shown that 18 hrs after denervation the rna synthesis in vitro, ca2+ content and the ca, mg-atpase activity of the nuclei are decreased. after addition of exogenous ca2+ the incorporation of labelled utp into the nuclei is stimulated in the denervated muscle and is inhibited in the control. electrostimulation of the denervated muscle at the ...197994840
isoelectric focusing of oligopeptides: detection by specific using ultrathin (350 micrometers) polyacrylamide gels, which at the end of the fractionation are pasted to filter paper and dried in an oven at 110 degrees c, and after isoelectric focusing it has been possible to detect oligopeptides in the di- to tetradecapeptide range, which could not be detected by protein staining techniques. this is achieved by developing a series of specific stains for the following amino acids: arg, tyr, his, trp, met and cys. except for met and cys, the detection lim ...197995344
immunization with dextransucrases, levansucrases, and glycosidic hydrolases from oral streptococci. ii. immunization with glucosyltransferases, fructosyltransferases, and glycosidic hydrolases from oral streptococci in monkeys.the feasibility of immunizing monkeys with enzymes from oral streptococci in an attempt to reduce dental caries was investigated. forty rhesus monkeys, macaca mulatta, were used. cariogenic streptococci, s mutans, were implanted into all the monkeys' mouths. there was no pathological effect resulting from immunization. of the 40 animals, 30 retained the implanted flora throughout the experiment; the remaining 10 were reimplanted until the streptococci remained. in six months, gross carious lesio ...197798540
[some aspects relating to the aflatoxin generation during the self-heating of cereals].in a stored batch of grain which was already affected by mould-formation tests were carried out with the known aflatoxin producer aspergillus flavus. a significantly lower aflatoxin production ensued if the mould growth was not connected with self-heating of the stored product. however, in conformity with increasing mould formation the germinating power was adversely affected and the significant signs (fatty acid number, reductive and none-reductive sugars) were influenced in the grain, irreleve ...197898933
enzymic profile of the semen of bovines (bubalus bubalis and bos taurus). ii. parallelism between acid and alkaline phosphatases and various measures of semen quality. 197898938
site dependence for topical absorption of nitroglycerin in rats. 197899511
occurrence of squalene and sterols in cellulomonas dehydrogenans (arnaudi 1942) comb. nov. hester 1971.the neutral lipid fraction of the photochromogenic, coryneform bacterium cellulomonas dehydrogenans (arnaudi 1942) comb. nov. contains the sterol precursor squalene and at least two sterols, cholesterol and beta-sitosterol. the compounds were characterized by mass spectrometry and combination gas-liquid chromatography--mass spectrometry. de novo sterol biosynthetic ability was shown from incorporation of 14c from d-[u-14c]glucose into squalene and the sterol fraction. the squalene concentration ...1978101527
congeners of dom: effect of distribution of the evaluation of pharmacologic data. 1978101880
oligosaccharides and polysaccharides specifically utilizable by bifidobacteria. 1978103638
focal penicillin epilepsy in an isolated cerebral hemisphere. 1978103744
biomphalaria glabrata: lysozyme activities in the hemolymph, digestive gland, and headfoot of the intermediate host of schistosoma mansoni. 1978103747
[bacillus cereus septicemia (author's transl)]. 1978106146
the subicular cortex of the cat: an anatomical and electrophysiological study. 1979107038
comparative neurochemical and physiological characteristics of catalepsy-type rest and sleep. 1978107471
experimental infection of the long-tailed macaque, macaca fasicularis with wuchereria bancrofti (rural strain). 1978107598
the fourth case of sarcocystis infection in man in malaysia. 1978107599
the fiscal 1980 hew budget. 1979107773
[ribosomal dysentery vaccine. iii. an immunochemical and serological study].sh. sonnei rib oscmes, isolated by differential centrifugation, were previously shown to be highly protect ive against experimental keratoconjunctivitis in guinea pigs. immunochemical study showed that ribosomal preparations were not uniform in their antigenic composition: as a result of immunoelectrophoretic analysis with the use of anti-ribosomal hyperimmune rabbit antisera, these preparations were found to contain up to 4 antigenic components with different migration rate. the anodic componen ...1979110015
lysosomal beta-d-galactosidase in man-hamster somatic cell hybrids. 1978110521
evidence of a high-activity c type of carbonic anhydrase in human ciliary processes.carbonic anhydrase activity was found in the ciliary process of fresh human donor eyes, originating from an enzyme antigenically similar to the erythrocyte high-activity isoenzyme hca c. it was sensitive to inhibition by acetazolamide and resistant to inhibition by halides like hca c. the enzyme is probably identical with hca c. its tissue concentration was one fifth to one tenth of that in the human kidney. the erythrocyte low-activity isoenzyme hca b was also found in the processes as a contam ...1979110722
[ecological aspects of south american trypanosomiasis. xiii. domestic enzootic potential in an area of occurrence of panstrongylus megistus, under epidemiological surveillance]. 1978111341
[radioautographic identification of dopaminergic axons in the rat cns. in vitro marking with tritiated dopamine or noradenaline].a new radioautographic technique for the visualization of central dopaminergic fibers is described. this technique is based upon in vitro uptake of triatiated norepinephrine or tritiated dopamine in the presence of monoamine oxidase inhibitor and specific uptake inhibitor in noradrenergic fibers. after a short step in glutaraldehyde, the use of osmium vapours as a fixative, instead of osmic acid immersion, allows a satisfactory retention of triatiated amines within dopaminergic fibers.1979120791
responses to trh and t3 suppression tests in euthyroid subjects with a family history of graves' disease.the relationship of graves' disease and heredity was studied in 97 clinically and biochemically euthyroid relatives (resin t3 uptake and serum t3, t4, and tsh within normal ranges) who had more than two thyrotoxic relatives within the second degree relationship. trh tests were preformed in all 97 cases. in 56 of the 97, t3 suppression tests were performed shortly after the trh test. results revealed that 29 of the 97 (29.9%) showed an abnormal response to trh. fourteen of these (14.4%) revealed ...1978122407
fractionation of antigen reactive cells from immunized mice on columns coated with antigen or anti-immunoglobulin sera.immunocompetent cells obtained from nip-rgg immunized mice were fractionated on bead columns coated with antigen or anti-immunoglobulin serum. the separated cell fractions were examined for their capacity to be stimulated by the antigen in short term culture, to produce antigen specific antibodies in the plaque assay and to bind radioactive labeled antigen. cells which produce hapten specific antibodies or bind radioactive labeled hapten are removed from the cell population passed through a hapt ...1975126569
[changes in reactivity of rat visual system during wake-sleep cycle].the changes in amplitude of primary responses evoked at cortical level by paired pulses delivered into the optic nerve, have been statistically compared during seven stages of sleep and wakefulness. results are in agreement with changes in reactivity observed by other authors in the cat; an unexpected but significant decrease in reactivity has however been obtained during eyemovements when compared with other periods of paradoxical sleep.1975126727
the effect of circulatory hypoxia on the activity of hexokinase, phosphofructokinase and pyruvate kinase. 1976134758
dysplasia of the tricuspid valve in the dog and cat.dysplasia of the tricuspid valve in 14 dogs and 13 cats was studied. the clinical, electrocardiographic, radiographic, hemodynamic, angiocardiographic, and pathologic findings were reviewed in each species. alterations of the tricuspid valve complex included long, thick septal leaflets adhered to the septum; absent or short, stout fused chordae tendineae; hypertrophic fused papillary muscles; insertion of papillary muscles directly into the lateral leaflets; incomplete development of the valvula ...1976134984
biological basis for vestibuloplasty procedures.there may be two distinct processes in the healing of open wounds, particularly of vestibuloplasty wounds. the first is the active process of contraction which is limited by grafting. the second is remodeling and includes the subgraft, graft, and changes in peripheral tissue (maturation). the perioral musculature may have an influence on the vestibuloplasty wound and this may explain loss in the vestibular depth. the biology of open wounds is discussed in terms of vestibuloplasty wounds.1976135081
treatment of gonorrhea -- is penicillin passé. 1977139566
the fine structure and histochemistry of bleb-like extrusions in the microthrix border of the larval multiceps endothoracicus.the study on the fine structure and the histochemistry of microtriches in the spiral canal and the scolex of a larva of the polycephalic cestode multiceps endothoracicus suggested a defensive mechanism of a part of the parasite against invading cells of the parasite against invading cells of the tissue reaction of the host. numerous vesicles and bleb-like extrusions were present in the transitory zone of the opening of the spiral canal and in the rostellar region of the scolex in close contact w ...1977140116
fluorescence of human liver alanine aminopeptidase.fluorescence of human liver alanine aminopeptidase has been attributed to tryptophan fluorescence. the fluorescence maximum is at 330 nm, 20 nm lower than that for free tryptophan, suggesting that most of the enzyme tryptophans are in a nonpolar environment and are shielded from solvent. quenching of enzyme fluorescence by iodide, pyridine, and n-methyl nicotinamide also demonstrates that enzyme tryptophan residues are largely buried and inaccessible to solvent. those accessible are in negativel ...1977143669
[cardiac arrhythmia in dogs under the action of adrenaline and difluorodichloromethane (fc 12)].inhalation of gas mixtures containing different concentrations of fc 12 by anesthetized and normally oxygenated dogs produces blood levels of fc 12 which are stable and proportional to the rate of fc 12 in the mixture. from the arterial concentration of 40 microgram/ml fc 12 (5 % fc 12 mixture) and over, fc 12 alone causes effects proportional to doses: arterial pressure decrease with tachycardia. at high rates of fc 12 tachypnoea and slight morphological alterations of the electrocardiogram can ...1977148958
[use of intraspecific differentiation of sh. sonnei for the purpose of studying patterns in the epidemic process of dysentery].the use of complex typing of sh. sonnei by the colicinogenic and enzymatic properties in epidemiological analysis of dysentery caused by sh. sonnei, apart from establishment of epidemiological connections in the foci, offered a possibility of introducing significant corrections in the determination of the sizes and duration of existence of the epidemic foci, as well as in detection of the sources and factors of transmission of the infection established in epidemiological examination. typing of s ...1978154276
[morphology and histochemistry of arteriae helicinae (mouse)]. 1978154788
surface properties and in vitro functional capacities of human t lymphocyte subsets separated by linear density gradients.human lymphocytes derived from various central and peripheral sources were separated on linear density gradients (ldg). cells from individual density fractions were tested in parallel for: the capacity to form nonimmune rosettes with neuraminidase-treated srbc, the number of surface-associated htla, and in vitro proliferative responses to mitogenic lectins and alloantigens. heterogeneous density distribution profiles were obtained for all sources of human t cells and revealed an organ specificit ...1979156234
alkyl-bisbiguanides as in vitro inhibitors of bacterial growth and dental plaque formation. 1979161580
uridine 3',5'-monophosphate (cyclic ump). i. isolation from rat liver extracts. 1975167733
proceedings: cyclic amp in developing chick brain: changes with ischaemia and catecholamine administration. 1975167897
modification of cell membranes with viral envelopes during fusion cells with hvj (sendai virus). ii. effects of pretreatment with a small number of hvj. 1975169134
[electron microscopic investigations of vitreous collagen after treating the vitreous with liquefying substances (author's transl)].by electron microscopic studies collagenase, hyaluronidase, hcl, ascorbic acid, and iron ions have been found to attack the collagen fibers of bovine vitreous. because of the possible role of ascorbic acid in collagen synthesis and the ability of ascorbic acid to degrade hyaluronic acid and collagen we suggest that the ascorbic acid of the vitreous essentially participates in construction and metabolism of the vitreous body.1975169709
[androgen receptors in the cytosol of normal mucosa and of pharyngo-laryngeal epitheliomas in humans].specific binding for 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone has been characterized in cytosol fraction from human pharyngeal and laryngeal mucosae. the high binding affinity of the protein receptor (kd 2 x 10(-10)m) and its low capacity are similar in both sexes, and similar in both normal mucosa and epithelioma.1975170013
leukemia virus infection of mammalian cells: effect on two "transformation-associated" surface properties.we demonstrated that the productive infection of three different mammalian cell lines with two separate leukemia viruses is sufficient to induce a change in surface architecture that may be detected as enhanced agglutinability with two different plant lectins. subsequent transformation of one of these cell lines with a chemical carcinogen did not further modify the agglutinability of the cell lines. using a polyoma virus-transformed derivative of one of the parental lines, we have demonstrated t ...1976178918
intestinal calcium transport: parathyroid hormone and adaptation to dietary calcium. 1976182078
novikoff hepatoma deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase. purification and properties of a homogeneous beta polymerase.deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase-beta (ec from the novikoff hepatoma has been purified over 200 000-fold (based on the increase in specific activity), by ammonium sulfate fractionation and chromatography on deae-sephadex, phosphocellulose, hydroxylapatite, and dna-cellulose. the enzyme is remarkably stable through all stages of purification until dna-cellulose chromatography when it must be kept in buffers containing 0.5 m nacl and 1 mg/ml bovine serum albumin for stability. the enzyme ...1976182203
letter: cell mediated response to herpes simplex virion and non-virion antigens in patients with cervical carcinoma with a depressed response to phytohemagglutinin. 1975182294
preparation and characterization of hormone-sensitive, resealed erythrocyte ghosts.a method for preparing resealed turkey erythrocyte ghosts is described which utilizes hypotonic lysis and resealing following restoration of isotonicity. the resealed ghosts are isolated above 55% sucrose. the resealed ghosts are shown to be capable of maintaining high intracellular k+ concentrations in the presence of a low k+ extracellular environment. when atp and an atp-regenerating system are included during the resealing stage, (r)-(-)-epinephrine- and naf-stimulated cyclic amp accumulatio ...1976182686
feline anemia. 1976183337
the effect of hypoxia on collagen synthesis in cultured 3t6 fibroblasts and its relationship to the mode of action of ascorbate.when exposed to low oxygen tension, in the absence of added ascorbic acid 3t6 mouse fibroblast cultures in late log phase respond by increased lactate production and increased hydroxylation of proline in nascent collagen, which is paralleled by an increase in prolyl hydroxylase activity. after 6 h recovery from the anoxic stimulus, however, cultures still yield more prolyl hydroxylase than controls, but the effect on hydroxylation of nascent collagen has disappeared. these observations help to d ...1976183826
[hydrocarbon metabolism in a marine bacterium].the marine bacterium l.16.1 (alcaligenes sp.) grows preferentially on alkanes (c10 to c18) with a very high growth yield (98 per cent); optimal growth depends strictly on the presence of a well-defined nacl concentration (100 mm). our strain is constitutive for the enzymatic systems responsible for the oxidation of alkanes to fatty acids, i.e. nadh-dependent hydroxylase, alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenases, the latter of which located at the cytoplasmic membrane level. the aerobic oxidation of p ...1976184846
[effect of 2,6-diaminopurine resistance mutations on adenine and adenosine assimilation by cells of an adenine-dependent strain of escherichia coli k-12].in purine-requiring strain of escherichia coli k-12 defective in purine nucleoside phosphorylase (pur, pup) mutants (designated apt) have been obtained that are resistant to 2,6-diaminopurine on guanine-containing medium and incapable to utilize adenine for their growth at 42degreesc, but they are still sensitive to the analogue and can utilize adenine at 28degreesc. it has been shown that the introduction of the corresponding apt mutations in the genome of adenine-requiring strains impaired the ...1976187528
study of the properties of different strains of avian encephalomyelitis virus. 1976187531
the storage lipids in tangier disease. a physical chemical study.the physical states and phase behavior of the lipids of the spleen, liver, and splenic artery from a 38-yr-old man with tangier disease were studied. many intracellular lipid droplets in the smectic liquid crystalline state were identified by polarizing microscopy in macrophages in both the spleen and liver, but not in the splenic artery. the droplets within individual cells melted sharply over a narrow temperature range, indicating a uniform lipid composition of the droplets of each cell. howev ...1977193870
[several years of diagnostic studies on the ehv 1 abortion in thoroughbred studs following the introduction of vaccination]. 1977195571
kynureninase-type enzymes and the evolution of the aerobic tryptophan-to-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide pathway.kynureninase-type (l-kynurenine hydrolase, ec activity has been found to be present in the livers of fish, amphibia, reptiles, and birds. in addition to past information concerning this enzyme activity in mammalian liver, it is now clear that all the major classes of vertebrates carry a highly specialized kynureninase-type enzyme, which we have termed a hydroxykynureninase. to compare the reactivities of these enzymes with l-kynurenine and l-3-hydroxykynurenine, ratios of tau values (km ...1977195620
histochemical and physiological profile of a skeletofusimotor (beta) unit in cat soleus muscle. 1977195670
angiotensinase activity and angiotensin receptor binding in guinea pig aorta.the angiotensinase (ec activity of the subcellular fractions of guinea pig aorta has been studied in relation to their [14c]angiotensin binding capacity. the enzyme activity occurs in the following decreasing order: supernatant greater than plasma membrane fraction greater than 105 000 x g pellet greater than mitochondrial fraction. the specific binding of [14c]angiotensin to these fractions follows the same pattern. pretreatment of the subcellular fractions at 47 degrees c for 20 min ...1977195694
isolation and characterization of mms-sensitive mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae.we have isolated mutants sensitive to methyl methanesulfonate (mms) in saccharomyces cerevisiae. alleles of rad1, rad4, rad52, rad55 and rad57 were found amoung these mms mutants. twenty-nine of the mms mutants which complement the existing radiation-sensitive (rad and rev) mutants belong to 22 new complementation groups. mutants from five complementation groups are sensitive only to mms. mutants of 11 complementation groups are sensitive to uv or x rays in addition to mms, mutants of six comple ...1977195865
[prenatal cytomegalic inclusion disease]. 1977201175
patterns of spontaneous metastasis of transplantable hepatocellular carcinomas.a number of transplantable rat hepatocellular carcinomas of varied phenotype were examined for their ability to metastasize. a striking diversity of pattern was observed, ranging from presentation in almost every organ to none at all. no relationship between metastatic capability and growth rate, tumor size, chromosome composition, or other functional characteristics was noted. interestingly, several of the tumors demonstrated a lymphatic to vascular route of spread, very similar to that of huma ...1978201372
cytomegalovirus vaccine prepared in wi-38.human fibroblasts are the only cells that regularly produce cytomegalovirus of adapted laboratory strains and release fair amounts of cell free virus. one such strain, towne, was adapted to wi-38 and could release 10(6) to 10(7) p.f.u. per ml tissue culture fluid. the maximum cell-free virus is released at 5-7 days after infection, when cytopathic effect has reached a peak. the virus harvest must be combined with stabilizer rapidly and rapidly lyophilized or frozen, for the virus is unstable eve ...1976201525
oxidative phosphorylation in rat oral mucosal mitochondria.oral mucosal mitochondria were isolated and characterized morphologically by electron microscopy. polarographic measurements were made of respiration and oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondrial preparations. adp:o ratios approaching or slightly exceeding the theoretical maxima and stabilized respiratory control ratios were achieved with malate + glutamate, succinate and ascorbate-n,n,n1n1 tetramethyl-p-phenylenediamine (tmpd) as substrates. inhibition by rotenone, antimycin a, azide, and ...1978201699
relative importance of corticosteroid negative-feedback at the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland [proceedings]. 1977201712
nonhuman primates: laboratory animals of choice for neurophysiologic studies of sleep.a systematic study was made of several nonhuman primates to learn more about their relative usefulness for studies of sleep. species studied included the guinea baboon (papio papio), kenya or yellow baboon (p cynocephalus), olive baboon (p anubis), sacred baboon (p hamadryas), vervet monkey (cercopithecus aethiops), rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta), bonnet monkey (m radiata), crab-eating monkey (m fascicularis), patas monkey (erythrocebus patas), chimpanzee (pan troglodytes), mongoose lemur (lemur ...1977201798
protein composition of nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles isolated from liver of rats in the early stages of feeding of 3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene and from hepatoma induced by the same carcinogen.the feeding of carcinogenic 3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene (3'-medab) in the early stages results in a change in the protein composition of the nuclear ribonucleoprotein particles of the rat liver. these particles are associated with newly synthesized rna and it is assumed that they are involved in the processing and in the transport of this rna. after 6 weeks of feeding of this azocarcinogen, the amount of one of the main polypeptides (apparent molecular weight 42 000) is decreased and aft ...1977202412
identification of a 30s rna with properties of a defective type c virus in murine cells.a novel species of 30s rna has been detected in a variety of mouse cell lines. the 30s rna is specifically packaged by helper-independent type c viruses propagated in such cells. nucleic acid hybridization detects no homology between the 30srna and the genomic rna of helper-independent mouse type c viruses. the properties of the 30s rna suggest that it is a defective endogenous mouse type c virus and that it is analogous to a previously described class of defective endogenous rat type c virus, w ...1978202730
converting enzyme, angiotensin ii and hypertensive disease. 1978203191
current developments in the mechanism of action of reproductive hormones. 1978204433
lack of correlation between the positive inotropic effect evoked by alpha-adrenoceptor stimulation and the levels of cyclic amp and/or cyclic gmp in the isolated ventricle strip of the rabbit. 1978205654
antigenic relatedness of 17 strains of human cytomegalovirus.a 10 minute kinetic neutralization test was used to assess antigenic relatedness among 17 strains of human cytomegalovirus. hyperimmune guinea pig sera exhibited extensive cross-reactivity. however, the data did suggest that there may be four antigenic groups represented in this collection of cmv strains. available epidemiologic data for these strains do not provide any discernible basis for this grouping.1978206134
the effect of heat-inactivated murine cytomegalovirus on host dna synthesis of different cells.heat-inactivated murine cytomegalovirus (mcmv) stimulates cellular dna synthesis in wme, nmg, 3t3, wgia, chick and nik-8 cells, but active or u.v.-irradiated mcmv does not. the stimulation of dna synthesis in nil-8 and chick cells was studied in detail. we found that both the nuclear and the mitochondrial dna synthesis were stimulated in these cells. there was no virus dna synthesis during the period we studied (48 h). the stimulation of nuclear dna synthesis was about threefold in nil-8 and 2.5 ...1978207817
[viral co-carcinogenesis and other aspects of viral interaction]. 1978209638
effects of hormones and n6o2'-dibutyryl-adenosine 3' :5'-cyclic monophosphate, administered in vivo, on phosphate transport and metabolism in isolated rat liver mitochondria.1. the administration of glucagon or n6o2'-dibutyryl cyclic amp to fed rats by intraperitoneal injection was associated with a 2-fold increase in the amounts of endogenous pi and atp, and an increase in the rate and extent of transport of exogenous pi (measured in either the presence or the absence of ca2+) in mitochondria subsequently isolated from the liver. no change was observed in either the maximum rate of transport of exogenous pi or in the rate of 32pi exchange. 2. the changes induced by ...1978210763
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