[ultrastructural observation of the infarctic sequential changes in the cerebral tissue of dog. ii changes in small vessels (author's transl)]. 197991135
effect of various histological fixatives on fluorescent antibody detection of legionnaires disease bacteria.human lung tissue containing the legionnaires disease bacterium was fixed in seven different histological fixatives, processed, and embedded in paraffin. deparaffined sections from each were stained by fluorescent antibody and by dieterle silver impregnation. with the fluorescent antibody stain, the legionnaires disease bacterium could be detected in tissues prepared with any of the fixatures, but the dieterle silver impregnation was not satisfactory on zenker-fixed tissues.197991621
[counterimmunoelectrophoresis on cellulose acetate membrane with a commercial lyophilized antigen in diagnosis of human hydatidosis].a very simplified method of crossed over electrophoresis (ciep) was employed with a lyophilized commercially produced antigen (previously submitted to several freezing and thawing) and cellulose acetate membrane, for the diagnosis of human hydatidosis. results are as follows: active hydatidosis (surgically confirmed): number of sera tested 35; positive 32 (91%). sera of patients with parasitic and non parasitic illnesses (especially malignancies of liver and lung) did not show any precipitin lin ...197992994
recognition of individual procaryotic and eucaryotic transfer-ribonucleic acids by b subtilis adenine-1-methyltransferase specific for the dihydrouridine loop.bulk trna from yeast and rat liver can be methylated in vitro with -adenosylmethionine and b, subtilis extracts. the sole product formed is 1-methyladenosine (m1a). this trna (adenine-1) methyltransferase converts quantitatively the 3'-terminal adenosine-residue in the dihydrouridine-loop of trnathr and trnatyr from yeast into m1a. out of 16 eucaryotic trnas with known sequences 6 accepted methyl groups, all at a molar ratio of 1. these trnas have in common an unpaired adenosine-residue at the s ...197899729
comparative ultrastructure of mycobacterium leprae and mycobacterium lepraemurium cell envelopes.the structural properties of the cell envelopes of mycobacterium leprae and mycobacterium lepraemurium were investigated by freeze-fracture, freeze-etching, and negative-staining techniques. freeze-fracture split the cell wall and exposed the internal features of the peptidoglycolipid mycosidic filamentous network. the cell membrane was also split into two asymmetric faces. the external fracture face was characterized by linear arrays of intramembranous particles, whereas the protoplasmic fractu ...1979374395
incidence and pathological features of spontaneous tumors in athymic nude mice.systematic observation of 1141 nude mice (swiss background [corrected] strain) that received human tumor transplants revealed 24 spontaneous tumors, 18 of lymphoreticular origin and 6 pulmonary adenomas. spontaneous tumors were seen at an average age of 9.1 months, and 22 of the tumors were seen only in that fraction of our group (324 mice) surviving for 5 months or more (22 of 324 x 100 = 6.8%). transplantation of these tumors to other nude mice was successful in three of five cases. mice trans ...1979427772
neurectoderm markers retained in phenotypical skeletal muscle cells arising from a glial cell line. 1979492321
an unexplained high incidence of calcified lesions in dog kidneys. 19761265979
expression of subunit ii of chloroplast h(+)-atpase in an escherichia coli mutant lacking subunit b of its h(+)-atpase.the dna of subunit ii of the h(+)-atpase from spinach chloroplast was expressed in escherichia coli. it was found that a high gene dose is lethal to e. coli. with a lower gene dose subunit ii was not able to substitute for the homologous subunit b in the e. coli atp synthase.19921449071
thermogenic and hormonal responses to palatable protein and carbohydrate rich food.simultaneous variations of oxygen consumption, and plasma insulin and norepinephrine were measured during the postprandial cephalic and gastrointestinal phases of feeding in six human subjects following the ingestion of various nutrients. on alternative days the subjects were given foods (1280 kjoules) either rich in carbohydrates (sugar pie) or in proteins (fish). both nutrients produced an initial (0-40 min) enhanced thermogenesis and an early (2 min) cephalic insulin release. during that peri ...19911774019
endothelium-dependent mesenteric vasorelaxant effects and systemic actions of endothelin (16-21) and other endothelin-related peptides in the rat.1. the rat isolated superior mesenteric bed, perfused with krebs-henseleit solution containing 10 microm indomethacin and precontracted with 100 microm methoxamine, was used to study the vasorelaxation produced by some fragments of endothelin-1, by two alanyl-substituted analogues, and by human and porcine proendothelins. the systemic cardiovascular effects of some of these peptides were also studied in anaesthetized rats. 2. endothelin (16-21) was an endothelium-dependent vasodilator about 10 t ...19911797300
clonal variation of dna repair in a human glioma cell line.clonal heterogeneity in response to ionizing radiation was found for a human glioma cell line, in859. we have investigated the most sensitive clone, the most resistant clone and the parent line for differences in dna repair fidelity using the method of plasmid reconstitution. significant differences in repair fidelity were found between the two clones, and between the sensitive clone and the parent line. the resistant clone and the parent line showed the greater repair fidelity. a comparison of ...19911924859
anomalous drainage of the inferior vena cava into a left atrial connection: a case report involving a 41-year-old man.a 41-year-old man had an anomalous inferior vena cava directly connected to the left atrium demonstrated by contrast echocardiography, magnetic resonance imaging, angiography, and at operation. the anomaly is due to developmental failure of the right sinus venosus valve, septum secundum, and dorsal portion of the atrial septum.19892650882
investigation of the biochemical state of paramagnetic ions in vivo using the magnetic field dependence of 1/t1 of tissue protons (nmrd profile): applications to contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging. 19882832351
[therapy of aids].therapeutic strategies in the management of aids should aim at an inhibition of the replication and spread of hiv; the reconstitution of immune functions; an effective chemotherapy of opportunistic infections and tumors; and the prevention of new opportunistic infections. at present, these goals can be only partially achieved and where beneficial therapeutic results are obtained they are only transient in nature. antiretroviral therapy and chemotherapy of infections have, however, resulted in so ...19882849247
superactive somatostatin analog decreases plasma glucose and glucagon levels in diabetic rats.the action of the new analog of somatostatin, d-phe-cys-tyr-d-trp-lys-val-cys-trp-nh2 (rc-160), on plasma glucagon and glucose levels was evaluated in streptozotocin-diabetic rats. the effect of this analog on the insulin-induced hypoglycemia in diabetic rats was also investigated in order to evaluate the risk of exacerbating hypoglycemia. administration of analog rc-160, in a dose of 25 micrograms/kg b. wt. sc, inhibited plasma glucagon secretion and decreased plasma glucose levels. this effect ...19882901737
high-level production of the ecori endonuclease under the control of the pl promoter of bacteriophage lambda.escherichia coli strains overproducing the ecori restriction endonuclease have been constructed, using lambda pl promoter expression vectors. in a first step we constructed endri::lacz gene fusions by fusing the n-terminal part of the endri gene with a lacz gene fragment, whereafter the hybrid gene was positioned randomly under the control of the pl promoter to optimize the level of expression. these plasmids direct the synthesis of large amounts of fusion protein approaching 30% of the total ce ...19852996986
taurine and beta-alanine uptake in primary astrocytes differentiating in culture: effects of ions.the effects of ions on taurine and beta-alanine uptake were studied in astrocytes during cellular differentiation in primary cultures. the uptakes were strictly na+-dependent and also inhibited by the omission of k+ and in the presence of ouabain suggesting that their transport is fuelled mainly by these cation gradients. two sodium ions were associated in the transport of one taurine and beta-alanine molecule across cell membranes. a reduction in cl- concentration also markedly inhibited the up ...19883147403
do data from a previous exercise test influence the prognostic information given by a second routine exercise ecg test? a 13 1/2-year follow-up study in apparently healthy middle aged men.a positive exercise ecg test in a middle-aged man without confounding disease is a strong indicator of occult coronary heart disease. in the years following a positive test mortality, but chd events vary considerably compared with subjects having normal exercise tests. if a second exercise test is positive in the same subjects years later, this signifies a disease which is prone to progress in a very severe way in the ensuing years. a first normal test followed by a second pathologic test has an ...19883246244
thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of carbohydrate binding to the basic lectin from winged bean (psophocarpus tetragonolobus).a basic lectin (pi approximately 10.0) was purified to homogeneity from the seeds of winged bean (psophocarpus tetragonolobus) by affinity chromatography on sepharose 6-aminocaproyl-d-galactosamine. the lectin agglutinated trypsinized rabbit erythrocytes and had a relative molecular mass of 58,000 consisting of two subunits of mr 29,000. the lectin binds to n-dansylgalactosamine, leading to a 15-fold increase in dansyl fluorescence with a concomitant 25-nm blue shift in the emission maximum. the ...19863753974
amphetamine tolerance and body weight set point: a dose-response analysis.the theory that amphetamine anorexia and tolerance reflect the lowering of a set point for body weight regulation was evaluated. in the first experiment, rats given either 2 or 4 mg/kg d-amphetamine and access to milk ultimately achieved comparable levels of tolerance and maintained their weight at 94%-96% of control levels. thus, the level of maintained body weight was not dose-dependent. in the second experiment, increasing the doses resulted in renewed anorexia and weight loss, and the appear ...19854041229
localisation of nucleolus-organizing regions in interphase cells.a technique based on the use of silver solutions, which selectively stains the nucleolus-organising regions (nors) in chromosomes, was applied to interphase ehrlich tumour cells. the results indicate that nucleolar fibrillar centres correspond to the nors.199991444
total parenteral nutrition. 1998107267
[organization of medical and health-balneological assistance to invalids of the great civil war]. 1998124671
actin gene expression in murine erythroleukemia cells treated with cytochalasin d.the expression of cytoskeletal protein genes may be linked to both cell growth and the status of the cytoskeleton. actin gene expression was examined in murine erythroleukemia cells treated with the microfilament disrupting agent, cytochalasin d (cd), at a concentration which was determined to inhibit cell growth and arrest cells in the s and g1 phase of the cell cycle. levels of actin mrna and protein synthesis were elevated eight- and sixfold, respectively, after 9 h in cd. this increase was r ...20082347376
comparative efficacy of calcium antagonist drugs in the prophylaxis of migraine. 20133908401
naming the cyclic antidepressants. 20133624521
[bilateral cervical internal carotid artery aneurysms (author's transl)].aneurysms of the cervical internal carotid artery are not rare lesions although they often remain symptomless. the authors describe the case of an eighteen-year-old boy presenting bilateral cervical internal carotid artery aneurysms of probable traumatic origin and treated conservatively. etiology, pathogenesis, difficulties in diagnosis and choice of treatment are discussed.2004492432
[determination of secretion of abo group antigens using a immunohistochemical method].in the assessment of secretor status in deceased subjects in recent years efforts focused on immunohistological examination of those orangs the secretions and epithelial cells of which contain group substances in secretors. by means of the immunofluorescent method group substances a and b were estimated in the secretion of mucinous cells of the sublingual salivary glands of the trachea and becher cells of the trachea. in 19 of 20 examined subjects in the above glands activity was detected sugges ...20092698508
malignant febrile crisis in sickle cell anaemia. 20051183370
energetics of dna repair: effects of temperature on dna repair in uv-irradiated peripheral blood leucocytes from chronic myeloid leukemic patients. 20113165532
[arthroscopy of the shoulder in scapulo-humeral periarthritis]. 20113187103
the roentgenological aspects of goldenhar's syndrome (oculoauriculovertebral dysplasia). 20164969296
detection of b-cell-specific alloantibodies in pregnancy sera in the lymphocytotoxicity and the indirect immunofluorescence techniques.two hundred and eight pregnancy sera were tested for the presence of antibodies specific for lymphocyte sub-populations by using the isolated b and t lymphocytes from the women's mating partners. this was done by the microlymphocytotoxicity and the indirect immunofluorescence techniques. five sera (2.5%) reacted exclusively with b lymphocytes and sixty-three sera (30.2%) reacted with both b and t lymphocytes; none of the sera was specific for t cells. several sera, reacting with both b and t lym ...199991215
[reorganization of the intermodal relationships of physiological functions during pregnancy]. 20113169403
[liver biopsy and scintigraphy]. 20154461206
[raising the cognitive activity of students]. 20082293168
[double-blind cross-over study of imecromone and placebo in the treatment of dyspeptic syndrome]. 20143897908
electromyography in motor disorders of the larynx. 20154702649
[change in heart function in duchênne de boulogne myopathies at the severe progressive stage].left ventricular function was studied in 15 patients with rapidly progressive duchenne de boulogne muscular dystrophy. only one patient had a previous history of cardiac failure. all patients had typical electrocardiographical changes. haemodynamic and angiographic investigation was performed in all patients. three groups of patients were distinguished according to angiographic criteria : group i comprising 7 normal patients. group ii comprising 4 "intermediary" patients, and group iii of 4 pati ...1998106797
determination of native zinc content of alpha-2-macroglobulin in normal, hyperzincemic and hypozincemic sera by sucrose density gradient centrifugation. 199991456
retrolental fibroplasia.retrolental fibroplasia is more accurately referred to as retinopathy of prematurity. host factors most clearly incriminated are the maturity of the infant and the time in oxygen therapy. a continuum of retinopathy ranges from abnormal arborization of terminal retinal vessels to a detached retina incorporated in a cicatrix behind the lens. every high-risk infant should be examined by indirect ophthalmoscopy prior to discharge from the nursery. a thorough knowledge of the natural course of the di ...199991318
postoperative urinary retention in patients undergoing anorectal surgery. 20061796976
postoperative urinary retention in patients undergoing anorectal surgery. 20061796976
treatment of cancer of the pancreas by intraoperative electron beam therapy: physical and biological aspects.radiation therapy has had a significant and an expanded role in the management of cancer of the pancreas during the last decade. in particular, for locally advanced disease, radiation therapy has improved the median survival of patients to 1 year. intraoperative electron beam therapy has been applied to unresectable and resectable pancreatic cancer in an attempt to enhance local control of disease and to improve patient survival. this paper presents a survey of the role of radiation therapy in t ...20082643595
haemorrhagic shock encephalopathic syndrome and neurodevelopmental delay. 20102863462
methemoglobinemia due to occupational exposure to dinitrobenzene--ohio, 1986. 20113131654
changes in the dopaminergic control of prolactin secretion and in ovarian steroids in migraine.prolactin (prl) responses to dopamine (da) blockers and to direct and indirect da agonists have been studied in 23 healthy women, 17 women with catamenial migraine and 17 with non-catamenial migraine in both their follicular and luteal phases. prl responses to the da blockers were greater in the follicular phase of both migraine groups than in controls. the inhibitory effect of nomifensine on prl secretion was dampened in the follicular phase of both migraine groups. these findings demonstrate a ...20133698093
on the amount of (na+ + k+)-atpase available for transepithelial sodium ion transport in the amphibian skin.pretreatment of frog skin epithelium homogenates with sodium dodecyl sulphate in the presence of atp reveals levels of ouabain-sensitive atpase activity usually higher and occasionally far higher than those required to sustain maximum rates of na+ transport. this supports the view that na+ transport involves only a fraction of the epithelial cells.2002134748
[ventricular premature systoles causing ventriculophasic sinus arrhythmia (author's transl)]. 200092108
roentgenologic analysis of 62 cases of mikulicz-sjögren's syndrome. 2000110551
a school health teaching elective. 2003143655
cardiac deceleration and accuracy of performance: recalculation of standard score two previous studies the standard score transform used was based on a standard deviation derived from the mean standard deviations of the raw data in the six classifications employed in the studies rather than on one based on the entire set of raw scores as is the more common practice. the data were reanalyzed using the latter basis and major findings were confirmed. some of the minor findings, however, were changed. these changes are pointed out and discussed where they occurred.2004503748
regulation of iga synthesis and secretion: role of isotype restricted and nonrestricted signals. 20083258955
[indications for the sternal approach in mediastinal goiter]. 20103836581
diagnosis of substance abuse in an adolescent psychiatric population.a retrospective study of forty-one consecutively admitted adolescent psychiatric patients who were not referred for substance abuse problems revealed a 71 percent rate of diagnosable abuse. clinical interview, drug screening, and family history were assessed for their relative contribution to diagnoses. a conduct disorder diagnosis was found to be highly correlated with substance abuse. both clinical interview and drug screening were found to be useful in diagnosing covert substance abuse. cover ...20133744682
dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans of the vulva.a woman aged 52 years had a tumor of the mons pubis. the morphologic picture, featuring a whirling of spindle cells with long slender, interdigitating cell processes and so-called labyrinth nuclei, conformed to a dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans. wide local excision is sufficient therapy, but more experience with this rare sarcoma of the vulva is necessary.20133965375
verbal imitation in retardates: follow-up. 20154686736
[the state of non-specific immunologic reactivity in healthy preschool and school children]. 20154642505
a review on the epidemiology of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. 20164916218
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