influence of pencillinase production by strains of bacteroides melaninogenicus and bacteriodes oralis on pencillin therapy of an experimental mixed anaerobic infection in mice. 19768031
susceptibility of phosphomycin as a differential character for gram negative anaerobic bacilli. 197611203
occurrence of rumenitis in a supplementary fed white-tailed deer herd.rumenitis was observed with increased frequency in a herd of white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) maintained on a high carbohydrate supplemental ration. healing rumen scars were found in 4.4% (n=225) of animals examined in 1973; 24.1% (n=278) in 1974; and 42.5% (n=308) in 1975. the lesions often involved nearly the entire ventral blind sac of the rumen. histopathologic studies did not define the etiologic agent and invasion by either fungi or fusiformis necrophorus was not a prominent feat ...197721311
the hydrolysis of dextran by gram negative non-sporing anaerobic bacilli. 197724035
biological and biochemical characteristics of fusobacterium necrophorum leukocidin.the production of a leukocidal exotoxin by 18-hour dialysis cultures of fusobacterium necrophorum was detected in vitro by a cytotoxicity assay, using bovine leukocytes isolated from peripheral blood. biological characteristics were determined while maximizing the in vitro assay. biochemical characteristics of heat stability and stability to degradative enzymes were investigated and indicated that the leukocidin is protein in nature. the characteristics indicate that this leukocidin is different ...197832818
urease-producing species of intestinal anaerobes and their activities.urease activities of anaerobic bacteria that constituted predominant gut flora were examined. it was demonstrated that some strains of eubacterium aerofaciens, e. lentum, and peptostreptococcus products produced urease. they were the most numerous species in human feces. all strains of bifidobacterium infantis and some strains of bacteroides multiacidus, b. bifidum, clostridium symbiosum, fusobacterium necrophorum, f. varium, lactobacillus fermentum, peptococcus asaccharolyticus, and p. prevotii ...197936839
diisopropylfluorophosphate-evoked inhibition of anaphylactic histamine release from human skin: decrease of the inhibition by storing the skin specimens.antigen-induced histamine release from human skin slices passively sensitized with reaginic serum in vitro was inhibited by dfp, suggesting involvement of serine esterase activation in the reaction. the magnitude of dfp-evoked inhibition of the histamine release was not the same in each skin sample and no correlationship was observed between the magnitude of the dfp-evoked inhibition of the histamine release and that of the histamine release in the absence of dfp. the magnitude of the histamine ...197984487
the effect of mixed phosphatidylcholine liposomes on beef heart cytochrome c oxidase [proceedings]. 197884573
x-linked immunocompetence and epstein-barr virus oncogenesis. 197986133
distribution of myosin isoenzymes among skeletal muscle fiber types.using an immunocytochemical approach, we have demonstrated a preferential distribution of myosin isoenzymes with respect to the pattern of fiber types in skeletal muscles of the rat. in an earlier study, we had shown that fluorescein-labeled antibody against "white" myosin from the chicken pectoralis stained all the white, intermediate and about half the red fibers of the rat diaphragm, a fast-twitch muscle (gauthier and lowey, 1977). we have now extended this study to include antibodies prepare ...197990047
polyribonucleotide inhibition of ribonucleic acid directed deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase of mouse mammary tumor (type b) virus and simian sarcoma (type c) virus. 197990331
glutathione thiol esterases of human red blood cells. fractionation by gel electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing.the number and the substrate specificities of glutathione thiol esterases of human red blood cells have been investigated by gel electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing and staining methods devised for the location of these enzymes on gels. several glutathione thiol esterase forms, both unspecific (with respect to the s-acyl group of the substrate) and specific were found. electrophoresis on both polyacrylamide and agarose gels resolved three enzyme components with apparently similar substrate ...197993000
naturally occurring diatomaceous pneumoconiosis in sub-human primates. 197896157
[some aspects relating to the aflatoxin generation during the self-heating of cereals].in a stored batch of grain which was already affected by mould-formation tests were carried out with the known aflatoxin producer aspergillus flavus. a significantly lower aflatoxin production ensued if the mould growth was not connected with self-heating of the stored product. however, in conformity with increasing mould formation the germinating power was adversely affected and the significant signs (fatty acid number, reductive and none-reductive sugars) were influenced in the grain, irreleve ...197898933
[effect of polychlorinated biphenyls in the rat: ii.--preliminary report on metabolic alterations (author's transl)].rats were fed with a diet containing 10 and 100 ppm (wet weight) of phenoclor dpr for 4 weeks in order to evaluate the toxicity of a french pcb mixture. the influence of pcb was studied by determining the liver weights, the hepatic and muscular proteins, glycogen and humidity content as well as hematocrite, glucose, proteins and lipids in the plasma, and the lipidic contents of the liver and the carcass. there was a significant increase in both liver to body weight ratios and liver lipid and pro ...1978105425
an unstable donor-recipient dna complex in transformation of bacillus re-extracted dna obtained shortly after uptake of transforming dna by bacillus subtilis, increased amounts of donor dna radioactivity banding at the position of donor-recipient dna complex (drc) are observed in cscl gradients, if the cells are irradiated with high doses of uv prior to reextraction of the dna. qualitatively, the same phenomenon is observed if lysates of transforming cells are irradiated. uv-irradiation of lysates of competent cells to which single-stranded dna is added after l ...1978106232
attempt to detect bovine antibody against fusobacterium necrophorum by the agar gel double diffusion test. 1979108443
the microbiological and parasitological colonisation of specified-pathogen-free mice maintained in a conventional animal house.2 groups of 44 specified-pathogen-free (spf) mice, caged in groups of 4, were housed at weaning either in isolation in a building housing conventionally-reared animals, or in contact with those animals. 4 mice from each group were examined for microbiological flora and 4 for parasites at intervals for up to 90 days after transfer. proscribed bacteria were isolated from the "in contact' group after 42 days and endoparasites were observed by 16 days and thereafter. no proscribed bacteria were isol ...1975124799
[lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in cerebral cortex of young rats undernourished since birth].the developmental profile of the isoenzymes of lacticodehydrogenase of cerebral cortex, investigated by starch gel electrophoresis, is not retarded during neo and post-natal undernutrition, although hypothyroidism is known to do so.1975126758
biologic activity of soluble collagen-anticollagen immune complexes as demonstrated by passive cutaneous anaphylaxis.collagen-anticollagen immune complexes were prepared by gel filtration. complex formation was chemically and serologically demonstrated. complexes eluting in gammam- and gammag-peaks of antigen-antiserum mixture showed strong positive reactions in pca experiments performed with 20 guinea pigs. control preparations of gammam- and gammag-peaks of antiserum devoid of antigen gave significantly lower pca-response. the positive reaction of control preparations can be explained in part by a certain de ...1975127469
congenital herpetic infant, the first-born of twins, delivered by cesarean seciton without prior rupture of the membranes, was noted to have an advanced epithellal and stromal keratitis at berth. herpes simplex, type 1, was cultured form the cornea and from skin vesicles which developed subsequently. the advanced nature of the lesion indicates that it was acquired in utero. this appears to be the first reported case of congential herpetic keratitis.1975163075
induction of autophagic vacuoles in peritoneal cells. 1975165296
effectiveness of orally administered bordetella pertussis vaccine in mice.oral administration of killed bordetella pertussis organisms to mice results in increased resistance to an intracerebral infection with virulent b. pertussis cells. the rate of survival is dependent on the dose of antigen. but besides specific systemic immunity, which is persistent over a long period, also transient non-specific resistance is increased. these effects are evidently induced without penetration of bacterial substances into the circulation.1976182602
parasitic nematode larvae as agents of transmission of pathogenic bacteria. 1976189513
heme c - heme d1 interaction in pseudomonas cytochrome oxidase (nitrite reductase): a reappraisal of the spectroscopic evidence. 1978203287
localization of carnitine acetyltransferase in peroxisomes and in mitochondria of n-alkane-grown candida tropicalis. 1978215452
occurrence of anaerobic bacteria in diseases of the dog and cat.a survey for anaerobic bacteria was conducted in 314 clinical specimens from dogs and cats. a total of 187 anaerobic isolates in pure and mixed culture were isolated from 111 of the specimens that contained anaerobic bacteria. common isolated included actinomyces (9.1%), clostridium perfringens (19.3%), other clostridium spp (11.2%), peptostreptococcus anaerobius (7.5%), bacteroides melaninogenicus (13.4%), other bacteroides spp (17.6%), and fusobacterium necrophorum (5.3%). anaerobic bacteria w ...1979224739
morphological revertants of an avian sarcoma virus-transformed mammalian cell line exhibit tumorigenicity and contain pp60src.the biological and biochemical properties of rous sarcoma virus-transformed and revertant field vole cells were investigated. revertant vole cells appear morphologically similar to normal, uninfected cells, yet, like transformed vole cells, they are fully capable of growing in agar suspension and producing tumors in athymic nude mice. these highly tumorigenic, yet morphologically normal appearing, vole cells express viral-specific antigens such as the gag gene product (pr76) but lack the env gen ...1979226988
proliferation of rous sarcoma virus-infected, but not of normal, chicken fibroblasts in a medium of reduced calcium and magnesium concentration.both normal and rous sarcoma virus-infected chicken fibroblasts proliferate actively in a culture medium containing physiological concentrations of calcium (1.2 mm) and magnesium (0.7 mm). in the presence of a physiological concentration of magnesium, reduction of the calcium concentration to 0.125 mm resulted in a significant decrease in the proliferation of the normal, but not of the neoplastic, fibroblasts. reduction of the magnesium concentration to 0.05 mm in the presence of a physiological ...1979226989
[etiology and immunoprophylaxy problems in sheep foot-rot (author's transl)]. 1979232438
cultivation and maintenance of sphaerophorus necrophorus. part ii: influence of ph on maximum growth and acid production in medium 156.sphaerophorus necrophorus was grown in medium 156 at 40 ph values ranging from 4.93 to 9.46. growth occurred between ph 5.30 and 9.28. the optimum ph for maximum growth was 6.84 while the optimum ph for acid production was 7.70. at ph 7.70 acid production was more than double that at ph 6.84 during a 12 hour incubation period. thus, maximum growth occurs at one ph and maximum acid producation at another. since the two optima are different, acid production should be evaluated only when: 1. an opt ...1975234285
serological studies of bacteroides fragilis.using direct agglutination methods, a simple serological scheme for the classification of bacteroides fragilis is described. twenty strains of b. fragilis were selected by a process of sucessive screening from 151 strains obtained from various sources. o-antigens were prepared from the 20 strains, and used to raise antisera in rabbits. each of the 20 antisera reacted with its homologous antigen and eight antisera cross-reacted with other subspecies. these cross-reactions were successfully remove ...1977269199
identification of new cell surface markers in man: the problem of immunogenicity. 1979313101
[growth of non-sporing anaerobes in an oxygen-free blood culture system (author's transl)].the efficacy of the commercially available vacutainer blood culture system to support the growth of non-sporing anaerobes was compared with two laboratory-prepared blood culture media (supplemented thioglycollate medium and brain heart infusion). the media were inoculated with 10, 100 and 1000 organisms of the species tested, and the number of colony-forming units was determined at intervals of 8-10 hrs. analogous experiments were performed with batches of the media to which 10% vol/vol of human ...1977325956
fusobacterium necrophorum: its characteristics and role as an animal pathogen. 1977329831
toxicity of endotoxin from fusobacterium necrophorum strains to chick embryos. 1978348272
failure to induce in rabbits effective immunity to a mixed infection of fusobacterium necrophorum and corynebacterium pyogenes with a combined bacterin.failure to induce in rabbits effective immunity to a mixed infection of fusobacterium necrophorum and corynebacterium pyogenes with a combined bacterin. onderstepoort journal of veterinary research, 44 (4), 253--2;6 (1977). rabbits were immunized with alum-precipitated, oil adjuvant and an untreated bacterin composed of f. necrophorum and c. pyogenes. immunized rabbits were challenged intradermally with a mixture of f. necrophorum and c. pyrogenes. immunized rabbits were challenged intradermally ...1977349444
bacteriological examination of summermastitis secretions. the demonstration of bacteroidaceae.corynebacterium pyogenes was isolated from 22, peptococcus indolicus from 22, a microaerophilic coccus from 21, bacteroides melaninogenicus subsp. melaninogenicus from 18, fusobacterium necrophorum from 15, and various unidentified anaerobes from 9 of a total of 22 summermastitis secretions examined.1978351551
[cerebral abscess due to fusobacterium necrophorum. importance of the conditions of the sample and of the bacteriologic analysis]. 1978368717
a modified tube method for the cultivation and enumeration of anaerobic bacteria.a new type of tube (the lee tube) has been developed for use in the cultivation and enumeration of obligate anaerobes. the lee tube is a double-walled, screw-capped tube which allows the formation of a thin cylinder of agar medium between the two walls. anaerobiosis is achieved through deoxygenation of the deep cylinder of agar during sterilization, a minimum of head space, and use of a reducing agent to absorb oxygen introduced during the inoculation procedure. for several species of clostridiu ...1979396020
evaluation of experimentally induced fusobacterium necrophorum infections in mice.two strains of mice, swiss webster and dba/2cr, were injected intraperitoneally or intravenously with varying dosages of fusobacterium necrophorum. the ability to eliminate the infection was assessed by quantitative enumeration of the organisms present in the blood, liver, and spleen, three- to 4-week-old dba/2cr mice were highly resistant to both routes of injection. the intraperitoneal injection of older mice failed to demonstrate a dose-effect relationship whereas an intravenous injection of ...1977403138
endotoxic activities of lipopolysaccharides of microorganisms isolated from an infected root canal in macaca cynomolgus.lipopolysaccharides (lps) prepared from a strain of bacteroides oralis, a strain of fusobacterium necrophorum, and a strain of f. nucleatum, all isolated from an infected root canal in monkey (macaca cynomolgus), were examined for endotoxic activities using primary skin reactions in rabbits and induction of leukocyte chemotaxis in rats. lps of b. oralis showed considerably lower ability to cause skin inflammation than lps of the fusobacteria. however, the leukotactic effect of the lps preparatio ...1977405737
intratrigeminal and thalamic projections of nucleus caudalis in the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciureus): a degeneration and autoradiographic study. 1978415073
expression of a single major histocompatibility complex locus controls the immune response to poly-l-(tyrosine, glutamic acid)-poly-dl-alanine-poly-l-lysine.genetic control of the immune response linked to the major histocompatibility (h-2) complex in the mouse has been described for synthetic polypeptide antigens and for low doses of native proteins. the phenomenon is well documented(1,2). extensive screening of intra-h-2 crossover-derived recombinant strains has localized h-2-linked immune response (ir) genes to the i-immune response region of the h-2 complex (3). for most antigens, ir genes are autosomal, dominant, and they segregate as single lo ...1978415111
histochemical and atomic absorption demonstration of trace metal mobilization in the central nervous system and liver of the rat.histochemical and atomic absorption spectrophotometric analysis of trace metal mobilization caused by the action of ethanol in the central nervous system (cns) and liver of the rat is described. histochemically it has been shown that in all neurons examined (motoneurons, pyramidal and purkinje cells) the trace metals (mainly zn2+ and cu2+) are mobilized. most of the stained materials disappear from the perikaryon of the purkinje cells, while in both the motoneurons and the pyramidal cells the tr ...1979429206
[necrobacteriosis in saigas]. 1979442508
hemolytic activity of fusobacterium necrophorum culture supernatants due to presence of phospholipase a and lysophospholipase.culture supernatants of fusobacterium necrophorum demonstrated hemolytic activity. the hemolysin(s), which was partially purified by ammonium sulfate precipitation, was temperature-dependent and heat labile. the spectrum of hemolytic activity against various erythrocytes included rabbit, human, and dog erythrocytes. goats, sheep, and bovine erythrocytes showed only trace hemolysis. according to results of thin-layer chromatography, the hemolysin hydrolyzed rabbit erythrocyte phosphatidyl choline ...1979453690
correlations between leukocidin production and virulence of two isolates of fusobacterium necrophorum.leukocidin production by fusobacterium necrophorum was suggested to be an important element in the development of intraabdominal and liver abscesses in mice. leukocidin production by cultures of f necrophorum was demonstrated by an in vitro assay. one of two isolates of f necrophorum was demonstrated to produce leukocidin. the leukocidin-producing strain was observed to be more infective than the nonleukocidin-producing strain (as demonstrated by abscess formation following intraperitoneal injec ...1979464365
[maturing of fibrils and intraosseous osteogenesis as a basis for the development of lamellae and the osteon structure].we investigated in continuation of lightmicroscopical (phasecontrast, polarized light) and statistical studies concerning the formation of lamellae and osteons electromicroscopical the nature of fibrils in different areas of the cross section of the metacarpus from a cattle fetus of 520 mm ssl. during the maturation of fibrils in a subperiostal trabecal the diameter of fibrils increased (465 to 470 a). the period (316 or 536 a) contains primarily only a broad band and a small interband. subseque ...1979478248
in vitro activity of sodium fusidate against anaerobic bacteria.the microtiter broth dilution method was employed to determine the in vitro susceptibility of 525 recent clinical isolates of anaerobic bacteria to sodium fusidate. the minimal inhibitory concentrations of sodium fusidate ranged from </=0.06 to 1.0 mug/ml for 155 strains of anaerobic gram-positive rods and 130 strains of anaerobic gram-positive cocci. minimal inhibitory concentrations ranging from </=0.06 to 32 mug/ml were observed for 240 strains of anaerobic gram-negative rods. among the latte ...1979485124
an outbreak of fusiformis necrophorus infection in orissa. 1979489120
[combined experimental exposure to subsonics and a superhigh frequency electromagnetic field]. 1979499821
primary anaerobic peritonitis. 1979519225
pathogenic synergism between treponema hyodysenteriae and other selected anaerobes in gnotobiotic pigs.gnotobiotic pigs were orally exposed to various anaerobes at 6 to 9 days of age and similarly inoculated with treponema hyodysenteriae b204 3 to 6 days later. watery diarrhea and fecal excretion of large quantities of mucus and some fibrin clots were observed 4 to 20 days after inoculation with b204 if other anaerobes were present. colonic lesions characteristic of swine dysentery were observed when b204 was present with fusobacterium necrophorum, three strains of bacteroides vulgatus, a clostri ...1979528047
comparison of the metabolism of 2,4-toluenediamine in rats and mice.the excretion, distribution, and metabolism of 2,4-toluenediamine (tda) have been compared in rats and mice. the elimination of tda metabolites into urine was faster and more complete in mice than in rats. however, the feces of rats accounted for a greater percentage of the dose in rats than in mice. the distribution of metabolites in tissues were considerably lower in mice than in rats. the major urinary metabolites observed in the rat were 4-acetylamino-2-aminotoluene, 2,4-diacetylaminotoluene ...1979547012
the in vitro cytotoxicity of native and modified trichloroacetic acid-extracted antigens from fusobacterium necrophorum for mouse peritoneal macrophages. 1979548206
studies on some characteristics of hydrogen production by cell-free extracts of rumen anaerobic bacteria.hydrogen production was studied in the following rumen anaerobes: bacteroides clostridiiformis, butyrivibrio fibrisolvens, enbacterium limosum, fusobacterium necrophorum, megasphaera elsdenii, ruminococcus albus, and ruminococcus flavefaciens. clostridium pasteurianum and escherichia coli were included for comparative purposes. hydrogen production from dithionite, dithionite-reduced methyl viologen, pyruvate, and formate was determined. all species tested produced hydrogen from dithionite-reduce ...1977558042
susceptibility to erythromycin of anaerobes of the genera bacteroides, fusobacterium, sphaerophorus, veillonella, clostridium, corynebacterium, peptococcus, peptostreptococcus.the minimal inhibitory concentrations (mic) of erythromycin were determined by broth dilution tests for 313 anaerobic strains, most of which were clinical isolates. all the gram-positive anaerobes tested (84 peptococcaceae, including 21 peptostreptococcus anaerobius and 15 peptococcus variabilis; 65 corynebacterium acnes and 29 clostridium strains, including 13 c. perfringens) were sensitive (mic values 0.012 through 3.12 microgram erythromycin/ml); so were 111 cultures of gram-negative anaerobe ...1977580038
swine dysentery: studies of gnotobiotic pigs inoculated with treponema hyodysenteriae, bacteroides vulgatus, and fusobacterium necrophorum.transmission experiments were carried out in gnotobiotic pigs to determine whether lesions typical of swine dysentery could be produced by oral inoculation of treponema hyodysenteriae in combination with bacteroides vulgatus or fusobacterium necrophorum, or both. each of the organisms had been isolated from swine with early lesions of the disease. lesions were not found in 6 pigs inoculated with t hyodysenteriae alone, in 4 pigs given f necrophorum and t hyodysenteriae, or in 4 pigs given b vulg ...1978624669
immunization of mice against fusobacterium necrophorum infection by perenteral or oral administration of vaccine.immunization of mice against fusobacterium necrophorum infection was attempted by using 3 vaccination procedures: (1) intraperitoneal (ip) injection of f necrophorum cells in saline solution, (2) ip injection of cells with added aluminum hydroxide adjuvant, and (3) feeding of a powdered mouse diet containing lyophilized cells. one or 2 weekly ip injections of the bacteria cells (in saline solution) for 3, 6, or 12 weeks resulted in protection of 48.7% to 64.5% of the mice against challenge expos ...1978629432
enhancement of experimental anaerobic infections by blood, hemoglobin, and hemostatic agents.certain foreign materials have been demonstrated to enhance the infectivity of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. whole blood and other protein compounds encountered in surgical settings or trauma were tested for their effect on infectivity of nonsporeforming anaerobic bacteria. infectious synergistic mixtures of bacteroides fragilis plus peptostreptococcus anaerobius and bacteroides melaninogenicus plus fusobacterium necrophorum were each diluted to a barely noninfectious or minimally infectious c ...1978631883
anaerobic spinal epidural abscess. case acute spinal epidural abscess is reported from which a pure growth of the anaerobe fusobacterium necrophorum was isolated. the mode of infection and pathogen makes it unique. the literature concerning the bacteriology of epidural abscess and the implications of anaerobic epidural infection are discussed.1978632869
intraperitoneal immunization against necrobacillosis in experimental animals.experiments employing recently developed mouse models indicated that intraperitoneal immunization with the cytoplasm (intracellular fraction) of fusobacterium necrophorum protected the animals from a lethal challenge of the pathogen. the critical immunization schedule needed to achieve complete protection involved six weekly intraperitoneal doses of the intracellular antigen. livers of immunized mice were cleared of infecting fusobacterial within 24 hours whereas those of nonimmunized mice harbo ...1978647451
isolation of fusobacterium necrophorum from bovine ruminal lesions. 1978671928
the occurrence, prevalence and transmission of bacteroides nodosus infection in cattle.following reports of findings of ovine foot-rot flora in the feet of cattle, a study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of bacteroides nodosus infection in the apparently normal cattle population. we found that 34.5 to 74.2 per cent of the animals examined on different farms had b nodosus present in one or more feet. b nodosus was not the most prevalent bacterium observed in smears from cattle. other gram negative species including fusiformis necrophorus and many gram positive cocci and ...1978674842
in vitro activity of tiamulin (81.723 hfu), a new pleuromulin derivative, against clinically significant anaerobes.the susceptibility of more than 40 strains of gram-negative and gram-positive anaerobes to tiamulin (sandoz 81.723 hfu), a new pleuromulin (pleuromutilin) derivative, was determined by broth dilution and agar dilution tests. the influences of density of the inoculum upon mics was studied by a specially designed pour plate-technique. bacteroides fragilis, b. vulgatus, b. splanchnicus, b. oralis, b. asaccharolyticus, b. melaninogenicus, fusobacterium fusiforme (f. nucleatum), sphaerophorus necroph ...1978690009
fimbriae (pili) detected in fusobacterium necrophorum. 1978713221
swine dysentery: a perspective. 1978735944
anaerobic (putrid) lung abscess in adolescence.two adolescents with acute anaerobic (putrid) lung abscess were seen during an influenza epidemic. one patient, who had a history of seizures and a dental infection, had a classic predisposition to this disease. in the second patient, the abscess was apparently acquired as a complication of influenza. in both cases, the preliminary diagnosis was staphylococcal pneumonia with pneumatocele. it is suggested that failure to consider an anaerobic cause in pulmonary infections, inappropriate specimens ...1976813518
experimental infections with anaerobic bacteria in mice.experimental anaerobic infections in mice are reviewed with a description of a model of pure bacteroides fragilis infection. in this experimental situation, b. fragilis produces large subcutaneous abscesses in the groins of mice that can be diagnosed without autopsy. this infection was treated effectively with clindamycin in doses that produced levels of drug in blood similar to those attainable in humans.1977850086
effects of fusobacterium necrophorum leukotoxin on rabbit peritoneal macrophages in vitro.a method to demonstrate leukotoxic activity of fusobacterium necrophorum in vitro is described. continuous dialysis sac culture system, using reduced liquid medium was used to grow f necrophorum for 7-day periods. the continuous culture dialysis filtrate contained leukotoxic substance(s) which appeared to be less than 10,000 in molecular weight, heat resistant, and stable at 4 c for at least 10 days. leukotoxic activity was demonstrated in vitro by determining the percentage of macrophages takin ...1977851282
therapeutic evaluation of minocycline and tetracycline for mixed anaerobic infection in mice.minocycline has demonstrated greater in vitro activity against anaerobic bacteria than its parent compound, tetracycline. in vivo therapeutic efficacy of the two drugs was tested against a mixed anaerobic infection in a mouse model. fusobacterium necrophorum plus f. nucleatum injected intraperitoneally produced progressive intrahepatic and occasional extrahepatic abscesses, which were measured at autopsy. three treatment regimens were tested, single daily doses of antibiotic being administered b ...1977856014
susceptibility of fusobacterium necrophorum to antimicrobials. part i: as determined by the disc method.the susceptibility of 25 isolates of fusobacterium necrophorum to 37 antimicrobials was tested using the disc method. f. necrophorum was susceptible to 15 antimicrobials, resistant to 12. to the remaining ten antimicrobials some isolates were completely resistant whereas others showed partial resistance.1977861833
the effect of temperature on growth and survival of fusobacterium necrophorum isolated from bovine liver abscesses.the ability of fusobacterium necrophorum to survive or grow in liquid nitrogen or at temperatures between -10 degrees and 59 degrees c was determined. the organism remained viable but did not grow in liquid nitrogen or between -10 degrees and 21 degrees c. it grew between 22 degrees and 43 degrees c. no isolate grew at temperatures above 43 degrees c and all three isolates survived for a minimum of 15 minutes and an average of 25 minutes at 59 degrees c. the optimum temperature for maximum growt ...1977861834
[outbreak of necrobacillosis of swine]. 1977878292
hepatic lesions and bacterial changes in mice during infection of fusobacterium necrophorum.liver abscesses were induced in male albino mice within 1 week after intraperitoneal inoculation of viable fusobacterium necrophorum la19 culture. fusobacteremia was transitory and reached a peak 2 h after inoculation then sharply declined until its disappearance 24 h post inoculation. by contrast, the number of fusobacteria in the liver increased rapidly during the first 4 h post inoculation and continued to do so less rapidly until the last sampling time (48 h post inoculation). there were sma ...1977922598
modified lombard-dowell broth as a general growth medium.a new liquid medium (modified lombard-dowell broth) was inoculated with stock culture strains of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and compared with prereduced chopped-meat glucose inoculated with the same anaerobes. both broths were subcultured at 48 and 72 h to aerobic and anaerobic blood agar plates, and the numbers of colonies were compared after 48-h incubation of the agar plates. this was repeated with mixed cultures of both aerobes and anaerobes. for a period of 11 months all specimens recei ...1977925150
pathological changes produced by fusobacterium necrophorum in experimental infection of mice. 1976939825
an outbreak of diphtheria in boergoat kids.during an outbreak of diphtheria or ulcerative stomatitis in young boergoat kids fusobacterium necrophorum was consistently isolated under anaerobic cultural conditions from material taken from the edges of the ulcerative lesions from all of the cases examined. corynebacterium pyogenes, staphylococcus aureus, actinobacillus lignieresi, moraxella spp. and lactobacillus spp. were also isolated anaerobically and/or aerobically. the typical symptoms and lesions were confirmed to the mouth, tongue an ...1976940095
bacteriology of bovine hepatic abscesses. 1976986506
a simple method for rapid identification of sphaerophorus necrophorus isolates. 19761004237
in vivo protection of fusobacterium necrophorum from penicillin by bacteroides fragilis.a mixed infection of bacteroides fragilis and fusobacterium necrophorum was resistant to treatment with penicillin even though a pure f. necrophorum infection could be successfully treated with penicillin. since b. fragilis alone did not produce infection, these results indicate that b. fragilis can protect f. necrophorum from penicillin in vivo. the extent of protection afforded by a strain of b. fragilis was related to its level of resistance to penicillin. only a few cells of b. fragilis were ...19751041218
complications of peritonsillar abscess due to fusobacterium necrophorum. 19761063358
significance of anaerobic bacteria isolated from the urinary tract. ii. experimental attempt to cause retrograde urinary tract infection with bacteroides fragilis (a strain subcultured in artificial media) failed to produce any significant renal infection in rats. intravenous inoculation with fusobacterium (a strain subcultured in artificial media) also did not cause demonstrable renal infection in rats. nor could the anaerobic organism be demonstrated in the kidneys of these animals. animals receiving bacteroides (a strain subcultured in artificial media) inoculated directly ...19761107257
characterization of endotoxin from fusobacterium necrophorun.endotoxic lipopolysachharide (lps) was obtained from phenol-water extraction of cell walls prepared from mass-cultivated fusobacterium necrophorum. the lps was relatively free of nucleic acids and low in protein, and constituted about 4% of the cell walls. upon acid hydrolysis, some of the components detected were hexosamines (7.0%), neutral and reducing sugars (50.5%), heptose (6.4%), 2-keto-3-deoxyoctonate (0.8%), lipid a (21.0%), and phosphorus (1.7%). under electron microscopy the lps appear ...19751112618
biological characterization of fusobacterium necrophorum. cell fractions in preparation for toxin and immunization studies.fusobacterium necrophorum isolated from bovine liver abscesses was grown in bulk at 37 c for 24 h under a strict anaerobic atmosphere. harvested washed cells were disrupted ultrasonically and fractionated by differential centrifugation into the intracellular (cytoplasm) and cell wall fractions. both intact cells and cell fractions induced generalized cytopathic effect on primary pig kidney cultures and caused a variety of signs of illness and/or death of intraperitoneally injected mice. the inta ...19751120608
sphaerophorus necrophorus: laboratory model for the evaluation of chemotherapeutic agents in mice.severe necro-purulent lesions were induced in mice following parenteral inoculation of sphaerophorus necrophorus. gross and histological changes observed in the lung, liver, and foot pad of infected mice were similar to those occurring naturally in cattle. the lesions could be prevented, cured or significantly reduced by the administration of chemotherapeutic agents such as sulfonamides, potentiated sulfonamide and antibiotics. the application of this novel laboratory model infection in the prim ...19751126167
susceptibility of sphaerophorus necrophorus isolated from cattle in the sudan to chemotherapeutic agents. 19751139288
a simple method for rapid identification of sphaerophorus necrophorus isolates.a hemagglutination inhibition test for the rapid identification of sphaerophorus necrophorus is described. erythrocytes from six species of animals were tested and human cells were found to be the best agglutination indicators. antiserum prepared in rabbits was found to be specific for s. necrophorus hemagglutinins when tested against 20 isolates of s. necrophorus and 117 other bacteria belonging to 22 genera. the possibility of using a hemagglutination inhibition test for the detection of bovin ...19751139415
induction by sodium of the citrate fermentation enzymes in klebsiella aerogenes. 19751140396
endotoxin from fusobacterium necrophorum of bovine hepatic abscess origin.the endotoxic activity of fusobacterium necrophorum bov 5 was investigated. the supernatant (s) fluid and cell wall (cw) preparation, obtained after differential centrifugation of the ruptured cell mass, were lethal for mice. the toxicity of the s fluid was stable during prolonged storage, treatment with formalin, and heating for 15 minutes at 80, 100, and 121 c, but was destroyed by alkaline hydrolysis with 0.25 n naoh. the toxic factor was found in a high molecular weight (mw) fraction after g ...19751147341
effects of minocycline and other antibiotics on fusobacterium necrophorum infections in mice.several antibiotics were evaluated in model infections produced in mice with each of two strains of fusobacterium necrophorum. in one model, local abscesses occurred at the site of subcutaneous injection; in another intra-abdominal abscesses were produced when the organisms were injected into the peritoneal cavity. treatment with effective antibiotics prevented the formation of abscesses or minimized the size of the lesions. several treatment schedules were used. minocycline was the most active ...19751147577
fusobacterium necrophorum and bacteroides melaninogenicus as etiologic agents of foot rot in cattle.fusobacterium necrophorum (sphaerophorus necrophorus) and bacteroides melaninogenicus were the predominant bacteria isolated from biopsy specimens of lesions in cattle affected with foot rot. mixed inoculums of the 2 bacteria, applied to the scarified interdigital skin or inoculated intradermally into the interdigital skin of test cattle, induced typical lesions of foot rot. both bacteria were reisolated in large numbers from the induced lesions.19751155832
comparison of cefoxitin and cephalothin therapy of a mixed bacteroides fragilis and fusobacterius necrophorum infection in mice.cefoxitin, a beta-lactamase-resistant cephalosporin, was found to be more effective than cephalothin against an experimental mixed infection containing bacteroides fragilis and fusobacterium necrophorum.19751180547
[a simplified method for the fluorometric determination of 5-hydroxy-indoleacetic acid in the human liquor cerebrospinalis (author's transl)].the fluorometric analysis of 5-hydroxy-indoleacetic acid by condensation with o-phthaldialdehyde has been modified by substituting a hcl-h2so4 mixture at room temperature for hot concentrated hcl. the sensitivity of the method was increased by a factor of 2.7.19751189529
[studies on the use of wheat rich in crude proteins in the feeding of broilers. 2. carcass yields and carcass composition].studies were made to investigate whether the the substitution of maize for high-protein wheat fed in combination with different protein in fattening rations to broilers would influence the carcass yields and chemical carcass composition of broilers. the described dietary regime was not found to have a significant influence on the different criteria of carcass composition (roaster carcass, flesh, abdominal fat, total proportion of utilizable parts) with the exception of the relative proportion of ...19751233971
development of the large american liver fluke, fascioloides magna, in white-tailed deer, cattle, and sheep.the comparative development of fascioloides magna in white-tailed deer, cattle and sheep has been studied. flukes were recovered from 72% of 32 deer administered 40 to 500 metacercariae, from 82% of 11 cattle administered 10 to 500 metacercariae, and from 53% of 15 sheep administered 8 to 200 metacercariae. the percentage recovery of the flukes administered as metacercariae was 4.1% of 6,130 in deer, 5.7% of 2,510 in cattle, and 4.7% of 1,213 in sheep. flukes were recovered only from livers of i ...19761255380
assay of proteins in the presence of interfering materials. 19761259145
hyperbaric oxygen exposures for intrahepatic abscesses produced in mice by nonsporeforming anaerobic bacteria.hyperbaric oxygen exposures were evaluated for treatment of progressive liver abscesses produced by intraperitoneal injection of combined cultures of fusobacterium necrophorum plus either bacteroides fragilis subsp. fragilis or fusobacterium nucleatum in a mouse model. infected control and hyperbaric oxygen-exposed mice were autopsied 5 or 6 weeks after inoculation of bacteria and were assigned numerical pathology scores according to the number and size of abscesses present. seventeen daily 3-h ...19761267430
fusobacterium necrophorum infection in mice as a model for the study of liver abscess formation and induction of immunity.a mouse model is described in which intraperitoneal injection of fusobacterium necrophorum results in chronic liver abscesses. viable bacterial counts from mouse lung, liver, and spleen were obtained after whole organ homogenization. from 2 h to 5 days postchallenge, liver was found to contain more bacteria than lung on a per gram basis. bacterial counts from liver and spleen were about the same during the first 8 h; thereafter liver was found to contain more bacteria. by day 13, though bacteria ...19761270151
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