genetic relatedness of the kemerovo serogroup viruses: i. rna-rna blot hybridization and gene reassortment in vitro of the kemerovo serocomplex.the dsrna profiles of the czechoslovakian and siberian serotypes of the kemerovo serocomplex viruses examined were similar in agarose, while their dsrna profiles were distinct in polyacrylamide gel. blot hybridization studies of the kemerovo serocomplex viruses demonstrated that the genes were highly conserved among the members within each type, but not between types. gene reassortment in vitro was demonstrated among selected pairs of the kemerovo serocomplex viruses by intra- and inter-typic cr ...19882904730
mousepox in inbred mice innately resistant or susceptible to lethal infection with ectromelia virus. iii. experimental transmission of infection and derivation of virus-free progeny from previously infected dams.the incidence and duration of transmission of infection with ectromelia virus strain nih-79 was tested in innately resistant (c57bl/6) and innately susceptible (balb/c) inbred mice. transmission by c57bl/6 index mice occurred through 3 weeks and by balb/c index mice through 4 weeks, although the duration of infection in individual index mice was often shorter. soiled caging that previously housed infected mice was inconsistently infectious. transmission was high in cages where infected mice died ...19873035275
letter: more about vitamin c. 19744431377
the fine structure of acellular cementum in young human premolars. 19744529157
intracardiac pressures during induced ventricular fibrillation and anoxic arrest. 19744817696
intracardiac pressures during induced ventricular fibrillation and anoxic arrest. 19744817696
16s-23s rdna internal transcribed spacer sequences for analysis of the phylogenetic relationships among species of the genus fusobacterium.the 16s-23s rdna internal transcribed spacer (its) regions of all currently defined fusobacterium species and related taxa such as leptotrichia buccalis, sebaldella termitidis and streptobacillus moniliformans, were analysed to examine inter- and intraspecies as well as subspecies relationships. for the its-amplification, a new eubacterial universal primer pair was designed and used. the majority of the fusobacterium strains, along with l. buccalis showed one major, and two to three weaker, dist ...200211931161
pcr for the detection of streptobacillus moniliformis.streptobacillus moniliformis is a gram-negative bacterium found in various laboratory animal species and is the cause of rat bite fever and haverhill fever in man. in order to evaluate a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) for the detection of this zoonotic bacterium in animal tissues a set of primers was designed based on the dna base sequence of part of the 16s rrna gene from 11 s. moniliformis strains. the pcr detected as few as 2-6 copies of s. moniliformis dna. a 296 bp dna fragment was amplifi ...200211943086
anaerobic degradation of uric acid by gut bacteria of termites.a study was done of anaerobic degradation of uric acid (ua) by representative strains of uricolytic bacteria isolated from guts of reticulitermes flavipes termites. streptococcus strain uad-1 degraded ua incompletely, secreting a fluorescent compound into the medium, unless formate (or a formicogenic compound) was present as a cosubstrate. formate functioned as a reductant, and its oxidation to co(2) by formate dehydrogenase provided 2h + 2e needed to drive uricolysis to completion. uricolysis b ...198016345588
complete genome sequence of sebaldella termitidis type strain (nctc 11300).sebaldella termitidis (sebald 1962) collins and shah 1986, is the only species in the genus sebaldella within the fusobacterial family 'leptotrichiaceae'. the sole and type strain of the species was first isolated about 50 years ago from intestinal content of mediterranean termites. the species is of interest for its very isolated phylogenetic position within the phylum fusobacteria in the tree of life, with no other species sharing more than 90% 16s rrna sequence similarity. the 4,486,650 bp lo ...201021304705
[primary transport of acute patients. optimal use of rescue resources exemplified by the canton of graubünden]. 20113927607
[subcutaneous rupture of tendons and muscles of the extremities].under study there were 278 patients with 285 subcutaneous ruptures of tendons and muscles of the upper and lower extremities. the tendon of the long head of the humeral biceps muscle and achilles tendon are most liable to subcutaneous ruptures (123 patients--43.2% and 97 patients--34% respectively). pathohistological examinations have shown that subcutaneous ruptures of tendons and muscles usually take place against the background of dystrophic alterations reducing their mechanical strength. the ...20123303625
a new management system for glaucoma based on improvement of the appearance of the optic disc or visual field. 20113065170
cancer and malnutrition--a critical interaction: a review. 20113917603
oesophageal pain exacerbated by propranolol. 20113113570
progress at southampton. 20144178425
rapidly growing asymptomatic, subcutaneous nodules. nodular (pseudosarcomatous) fasciitis. 20123421732
[multivariate analysis of risk factors for low birth weight in live births in the municipality of são paulo, sp (brazil)]. 20133832376
[reconstructive plastic surgery of the humeral condyles following removal of endoprostheses of the elbow versus arthrodesis].the condyles of the elbow are of utmost importance for the stability of this joint. this is particularly evident in cases where elbow prostheses had to be removed because of loosening or infection and where the condyles had been deliberately resected at the primary operation. in order to obtain a functional elbow with sufficient stability and mobility after removal of the prostheses, we can reconstruct the condyles by means of a large autologous bone graft, which we take from the midpart of the ...20133658417
[transposition of the vertical eye muscles following irreparable rupture of the internus muscle]. 20133770633
a study of the utility of measuring mandibular mobility by means of the interincisal dimension.the purpose of this investigation was to determine the reliability of using the interincisal dimension as a measure of mandibular range of motion. thirty patients who underwent mandibular advancement and 15 patients who underwent mandibular setback were included in this study. preoperatively, a lateral cephalogram in centric relation and a second cephalogram with the mandible at maximum voluntary gape were obtained. immediately following surgery, another centric relation cephalogram was obtained ...20102919055
[surgery of cholesteatoma ears with good hearing]. 20113219644
[instrument-stop of our own design]. 1980291534
[steinert's dystrophia myotonica . epidemiological and clinical aspects]. 20133796520
[roentgenologic determination of the actual femoral neck-shaft and antetorsion angle. 2: alternatives to the rippstein and müller procedure].the method developed by rippstein and müller allows mathematically exact determination of the femoral neck-shaft angle (ccd) and the angle of torsion (at); at a deviation of 5 degrees--10 degrees from the prescribed position of the patient considerable errors (up to more than 15 degrees) can occur. for this reason two alternative methods are cited and described in detail: cinematographic determination of the ccd and at angle according to schwetlick and the combination of determination of the at ...20133749502
uric acid-degrading bacteria in guts of termites [reticulitermes flavipes (kollar)].uricolytic bacteria were present in guts of reticulitermes flavipes in populations up to 6 x 10 cells per gut. of 82 strains isolated under strict anaerobic conditions, most were group n streptococcus sp., bacteroides termitidis, and citrobacter sp. all isolates used uric acid (ua) as an energy source anaerobically, but not aerobically, and nh(3) was the major nitrogenous product of uricolysis. however, none of the isolates had an absolute requirement for ua. utilization of heterocyclic compound ...198016345587
mutations in the tn10 tet repressor that interfere with induction. location of the tetracycline-binding domain.tetracycline induces transcription of the tn10 tetracycline resistance gene (teta) by binding to the tet repressor, thereby reducing the repressor's affinity for two operator sites that overlap the tet promoters. we characterized mutations in the tet repressor (tetrs mutations) that interfere with induction of teta expression. the mutations were isolated on multicopy tn10 tet plasmids by selecting for resistance to the inducer 5a,6-anhydrotetracycline. under these conditions, maximal induction o ...19883062183
[mycology technics]. 20133847144
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