growth characteristics of atypical mycobacteria in water and their comparative resistance to disinfectants.with the increasing significance of group iv atypical mycobacteria as etiological agents in a variety of infections, studies were conducted to determine their growth capabilities in water and their comparative resistance to disinfectants used to decontaminate hospital equipment. isolates of mycobaterium chelonei (tm strains) from peritoneal fluids of patients and peritoneal dialysis machines were able to multiply in commercial distilled water, with generation times at 25 degrees c ranging from 8 ...1978104656
regulation of the in vitro anamnestic antibody response by cyclic amp. iii. cholera enterotoxin induces lymph node cells to release soluble factor(s) which enhance(s) antibody synthesis by antigen-treated lymph node cells. 1979228867
queensland tick typhus in sydney: a new endemic focus.a new endemic focus of queensland tick typhus was defined when two cases of rickettsia australis infection were recognized in sydney. although the tick vector is distributed throughout coastal, eastern australia these are the first cases diagnosed south of lismore, new south wales.1979449833
characterization and comparison of australian human spotted fever group rickettsiae.the microbiological and molecular characteristics of the rickettsiae isolated from humans with queensland tick typhus (qtt) caused by rickettsia australis and the recently described flinders island spotted fever (fisf) were compared. clinically and serologically, the diseases are similar. cell culture reveals differences in the plaque-forming abilities of the isolates. characterization of the gene encoding the genus-specific 17-kda antigen of r. australis revealed a unique nucleotide sequence un ...19921452660
quantification of rickettsia australis.several assay systems were compared for measuring the concentration of viable rickettsia australis, including embryonated eggs, tissue cultures, and mouse inoculation. direct rickettsial counts that included the enumeration of both viable and nonviable rickettsiae were used to obtain baseline values. assays were conducted in parallel using serially diluted r. australis preparations to establish which assay displayed the greatest sensitivity and reproducibility. overall, the plaque assay using bu ...19921503183
species-specific monoclonal antibodies to rickettsia japonica, a newly identified spotted fever group rickettsia.a total of 192 hybridomas were developed from mice immunized with rickettsia japonica, a newly identified spotted fever group rickettsia pathogenic for humans. of these hybridomas, 101 were species specific, 37 were spotted fever group reactive, and the other 54 were also reactive with one or more of the other pathogenic species of spotted fever group rickettsiae, rickettsia akari, rickettsia australis, rickettsia conorii, rickettsia rickettsii, and rickettsia sibrica. seven of the species-speci ...19901696280
a primary demyelinating disorder of young cattle.the clinical signs and neuropathological changes are described in six limousin x calves that, at about one month after birth, showed signs of blindness, nystagmus, rotation of the eyes, opisthotonos, hyperprotraction of the forelegs and, in one case, apparent seizures. pathologically there was necrosis of the optic chiasma and focal areas of myelin sheath vacuolation or demyelination in certain areas of the brain, especially in the cerebellar peduncles. in one animal, kept alive for 7 months, th ...19911800911
prevalence of antibodies to spotted fever group rickettsiae in dogs from southeastern australia.recent epidemiologic data suggests that rickettsia australis, the cause of queensland tick typhus, is present in southeastern australia. in order to further confirm this observation, a canine serosurvey was undertaken to determine if naturally occurring antibodies were present in pet and farm dogs from this newly-recognized endemic area. thirty-five of 312 surveyed dogs (11.2%) had indirect immunofluorescent antibody titers of 1:64 or greater against r. australis antigen. positive control sera w ...19911877719
flinders island spotted fever: a newly recognised endemic focus of tick typhus in bass strait. part 2. serological investigations.twenty-six cases of a spotted-fever-like illness have been identified on flinders island, tasmania, over a 17 year period. these patients and 335 healthy persons from the island were investigated serologically using the weil-felix agglutination test (proteus sp. antigens ox2, ox19, oxk) and rickettsia-specific microimmunofluorescence. the antigens used in these latter tests comprised one member of the typhus group (rickettsia typhi) and three members of the spotted fever group (rickettsia ricket ...19911898756
spotted fever group rickettsial infections in australia.more than four decades ago, rickettsia australis was discovered to be the etiologic agent of queensland tick typhus (qtt), yet many unanswered questions persist about the ecology, epidemiology, and clinical features of this disease. we review 46 previously published cases of qtt along with 16 cases discovered by active surveillance. qtt is usually a mild disease. patients often have regional lymphadenopathy and eschars. some have vesicular rashes. because clinical features overlap, serologic tes ...19911962102
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for detecting antibody to rickettsia australis in sera of various animal endemic areas of spotted fever-like rickettsial disease have been found in south-eastern australia (gippsland, victoria and flinders island, tasmania). the rickettsia responsible is currently unknown although it may be rickettsia australis. to investigate serological evidence of rickettsial exposure in various wild animal species, a competitive elisa was developed which detected antibodies to r. australis. it was based on inhibition of an indirect elisa detecting antibody to r. australis in ...19902292182
[chronic pyelonephritis in polycystic kidney].the characteristics of chronic pyelonephritis are studied in 37 patients out of a total of 53 patients with proved renal polycystosis. a group of 71 patients with chronic pyelonephritis selected at random are used as a control group. the frequency of chronic pyelonephritis among the patients with renal polycystosis is 69.8%. the difference between the mean age of the patients with renal polycystosis and chronic pyelonephritis and the patients with renal polycystosis without chronic pyelonephriti ...19892773465
human aldehyde dehydrogenase: coenzyme binding studies.the binding of nadh and nad+ to the human liver cytoplasmic, e1, and mitochondrial, e2, isozymes at ph 7.0 and 25 degrees c was studied by the nadh fluorescence enhancement technique, the sedimentation technique, and steady-state kinetics. the binding of radiolabeled [14c]nadh and [14c]nad+ to the e1 isozyme when measured by the sedimentation technique yielded linear scatchard plots with a dissociation constant of 17.6 microm for nadh and 21.4 microm for nad+ and a stoichiometry of ca. two coenz ...19892775711
ca2+/calmodulin-sensitive inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase in rat and bovine brain tissues.inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (ins p3) 3-kinase catalyzes the atp-dependent phosphorylation of ins p3 to inositol 1,3,4,5-tetrakisphosphate (ins p4). ca2+/calmodulin (cam)-sensitivity of ins p3 3-kinase was measured in the crude soluble fraction from rat brain and different anatomic regions of bovine brain. kinase activity was inhibited in the presence of egta (free ca2+ below 1 nm) as compared to ca2+ (10 microm free ca2+) or ca2+ (10 microm free ca2+) and cam (1 microm). ca2+-sensitivity was al ...19882838022
molecular biological characterization of equine herpesvirus type 1 (ehv-1) isolates from ruminant hosts.isolates of equine herpesvirus type 1 (ehv-1) originating from affected antelope and cattle were compared with reference ehv-1 and ehv-4 isolates and were characterized. based on cross-neutralization, dna restriction profiles and blot-hybridization data these isolates could be characterized as ehv-1. one isolate (from an antelope) with a different restriction profile showed significant dna homology with ehv-1, partial homology with ehv-4, and little or no homology with ehv-2 and hsv-1 dnas. blot ...19882849252
hincii and kpni rflps for laminin b1 (lamb1) gene on chromosome 7. 19882901729
antagonistic effects of alpha-adrenoceptor blocking agents on reticuloruminal hypomotility induced by xylazine in cattle.the intravenous injection of a standard dose (0.05 mg/kg) of xylazine inhibited reticuloruminal motility in cattle. pretreatment with adrenoceptor antagonists showing alpha 2-blocking activity, tolazoline (0.5 mg/kg) and yohimbine (0.2 mg/kg), antagonized the xylazine-induced reticuloruminal amotility. tolazoline was more effective than yohimbine, since an antagonistic effect was not seen at 0.5 mg/kg yohimbine, and yohimbine at 0.2 mg/kg was less effective than tolazoline at 0.5 mg/kg. an adren ...19882904298
[experimental chemo- and chemoendocrine therapy of human breast carcinomas serially transplanted into nude mice].four human breast carcinoma strains serially transplanted into nude mice were used for the experimental chemotherapy and combination chemoendocrine therapy. whereas three of these strains (mcf-7, br-10, tm-61) possessed cytosol estrogen receptor (erc) and were dependent on estradiol for the tumor growth, the other strain (mx-1) without erc was hormone independent. for the chemotherapy, mitomycin c (mmc), adriamycin (adm), cyclophosphamide (cpm) and 5-fluorouracil (5-fu) were administered 3 times ...19883129645
hypocholesterolaemic effects of dietary propionate: studies in whole animals and perfused rat adult male rats fed a non-purified diet supplemented with 5% sodium propionate, plasma cholesterol concentrations were significantly depressed. although liver cholesterol was increased by feeding propionate, rates of hepatic cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis were unchanged. tissue concentrations and rates of synthesis of cholesterol were also unaffected by dietary propionate in stomach, small intestine and caecum. concentrations of propionate in hepatic portal venous plasma were raised by ...19883214141
survival and transport of bacteria in egg evaluation of methods for monitoring the quality of water used to wash eggs at grading stations was undertaken to improve maintenance of bacterial viability during overnight sample transport. bacterial content of samples at analysis would then better reflect conditions at the time eggs were washed. the interactive effects of temperature and the highly alkaline water conditions upon viability were the subjects of this study. nine transport methods were examined for their efficacy in recovering ...19873314704
perturbation of differentiated functions in vivo during persistent viral infection. iii. decreased growth hormone mrna.lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (lcmv) persistent infection that results from the inoculation of c3h/st newborn mice causes growth hormone (gh) deficiency and associated disease characterized by both reduced weight and serum glucose levels. molecular analysis of pituitary nucleic acids shows gh deficient mice have, on average, fivefold reduced levels of gh mrna although the histopathology of such gh producing cells is normal. northern blots indicate that the length of gh mrna is comparable in ...19873811236
[effects of thymosin on the humoral immune response to antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity]. 19854065002
changes in haemoglobin fractions separated on cm-sephadex in normal newborn rats and in newborn rats after repeated blood losses. 19664223470
variable sulfhydryl activity toward silver nitrate by reduced glutathione and alcohol, glutamate and lactate dehydrogenases. 19724337942
variable sulfhydryl activity toward silver nitrate by reduced glutathione and alcohol, glutamate and lactate dehydrogenases. 19724337942
cytomegalovirus in human milk. 19724338242
[tubule agglutination and indirect immunofluorescence for titer determination during immunization of rabbits with clostridium (cl.) perfringens (welchii) type a,c and e]. 19744361342
the flank approach to feline ovariohysterectomy (an alternate technique). 19744493822
[effect of a few carbon sources on the growth of mycobacterium bovis]. 19724568984
the effects of manganese on aconitine-induced ventricular tachycardia.isolated rabbit heart with independent perfusion of a small left ventricular area was used to study the effect of manganese ions on aconitine-induced ventricular tachycardia. manganese chloride 4 mm in locke solution exhibited a constant preventive or suppressive effect versus aconitum-induced rhythm disorders. it is concluded that the interpretation of aconitine cardiotoxic effects on the sole basis of phase 3 modifications require further evidence, and that an increased diastolic depolarizatio ...19734807473
tryptophan stimulation of growth and sporulation of rhizopus arrhizus fischer. 19725052891
vesicular rash associated with infection due to rickettsia australis. 19948054424
spotted fever group rickettsial infection in south-eastern australia: isolation of rickettsiae.flinders island spotted fever (fisf), a spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsial disease first described in 1991, occurs in south-eastern australia. the isolation of the aetiological agent is described for the first time having been obtained from the blood of two patients. an additional 22 cases are also reported. of these patients four had positive initial serology, and 20 showed seroconversion (using rickettsia australis as antigen). acute phase blood specimens taken from seven patients caused ne ...19938403837
rickettsia australis infection: a murine model of a highly invasive vasculopathic rickettsiosis.a mouse model of spotted fever group rickettsiosis, in which disease results from disseminated rickettsial infection of endothelial cells and vascular damage, was developed by intravenous inoculation of 6- to 8-week-old, male, balb/c mice with rickettsia australis. animals developed progressively severe vasculitis, interstitial pneumonia, and multifocal hepatic necrosis. these lesions correlated with early disseminated infection of endothelial cells followed by growth and invasion of rickettsiae ...19938494048
genetic variation in australian spotted fever group rickettsiae.rickettsiae were isolated by cell culture of buffy coat blood from six patients with spotted fever from southeastern australia and flinders island in bass strait. the isolates were genetically compared with two previous rickettsia australis patient isolates. the genus-specific 17-kda genes from the isolates were compared after dna amplification and restriction fragment analysis of the amplified dna. this comparison revealed that mainland rickettsial isolates from southeastern australia were iden ...19968735110
rickettsia felis: a new species of pathogenic rickettsia isolated from cat fleas.a flea-borne rickettsia, previously referred to as elb, has been implicated as a cause of human illness. using sequence data obtained from a fragment of the citrate synthase gene, we compared elb, rickettsia australis, r. rickettsii, and r. akari with the louse-borne r. prowazekii. we tallied 24 base pair differences between elb and r. prowazekii and 25 between r. rickettsii and r. prowazekii; there were 30 base pair differences between r. australis and r. prowazekii and 29 between r. akari and ...19968904435
protein characterization of australian spotted fever group rickettsiae and monoclonal antibody typing of rickettsia honei.rickettsial proteins romp a and romp b exist in both rickettsia australis and rickettsia honei but differ in molecular weight and antigenicity; in addition, they produce distinct immunogenic responses and appear to be to conformationally dependent antigens. species-specific monoclonal antibodies for other spotted fever group rickettsial species did not react with r. honei. a pcr product of the repeat region of the romp a gene from r. honei was amplified and calculated to contain 11 repeat units.19978968920
citrate synthase gene comparison, a new tool for phylogenetic analysis, and its application for the rickettsiae.using pcr and an automated laser fluorescent dna sequencer, we amplified and sequenced a 1,234-bp fragment of the citrate synthase-encoding gene (glta) of 28 bacteria belonging to the genus rickettsia. comparative sequence analysis showed that most of the spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae belonged to one of two subgroups. the first subgroup included rickettsia massiliae, strain bar 29, rickettsia rhipicephali, "rickettsia aeschlimanni," and rickettsia montana, which have been isolated only f ...19979103608
emerging infections in australia.over the last 10 years, novel infectious agents including equine morbillivirus, lyssavirus, barmah forest virus, rickettsia honei and two as-yet-unnamed bunyaviruses have been identified as causes of human disease in australia. previously described agents, such as japanese b encephalitis virus, dengue virus, ross river virus, orientia tsutsugamushi, rickettsia australis, burkholderia pseudomallei, mycobacterium ulcerans and trichinella pseudospiralis, have increased their geographical distributi ...19979494666
vectors vs. humans in australia--who is on top down under? an update on vector-borne disease and research on vectors in australia.australia has a diversity of vectors and vector-borne human diseases. mosquito-borne arboviruses are of greatest concern, but there are issues with other vector and pathogen systems. mosquitoes were responsible for more than 35,000 cases of ross river virus during 1991-1997. barmah forest virus is increasing nationwide, and unidentified bunyaviruses suspected of causing illness have been isolated. cases of murray valley encephalitis have occurred in 14 of the past 20 years in northern australia. ...19989673928
molecular phylogeny and rearrangement of rrna genes in rickettsia has previously been observed that rickettsia prowazekii has an unusual arrangement of the rrna genes. in this species, the three rrna genes, 16s (rrs), 23s (rrl), and 5s (rrf), are not linked in the typical arrangements for bacteria. rather, the 16s rrna gene has been separated from the 23s and 5s rrna gene cluster, and the 23s rrna gene is preceded by a gene which codes for methionyl-trnaf(met) formyltransferase (fmt). in this study, we screened the genus rickettsia for the fmt-rrl motif in ...199910406115
the rickettsial outer-membrane protein a and b genes of rickettsia australis, the most divergent rickettsia of the spotted fever group.the genes for rickettsial outer-membrane protein a (rompa), a distinguishing feature of spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae, and rompb, a genus-specific protein, were identified and sequenced in rickettsia australis. the amino acid sequences of domains i, iii and iv of the r. australis rompa share close homology with those of rompa of other sfg rickettsiae, but the repeat region (domain ii) is dramatically different from that of other known sfg rompa. r. australis rompb is more similar to romp ...200011034486
critical role of cytotoxic t lymphocytes in immune clearance of rickettsial infection.cytotoxic t-lymphocyte (ctl) activity developed against the major infected target cells of rickettsial infections, endothelial cells and macrophages. spleen cells from mice immune to rickettsia conorii exerted specific major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class i-matched ctl activity against r. conorii-infected svec-10 endothelial cells, with peak activity on day 10. similarly, spleen cells from rickettsia australis-immune mice exerted specific ctl activity against an r. australis-infected mac ...200111179362
phylogeny of rickettsia spp. inferred by comparing sequences of 'gene d', which encodes an intracytoplasmic protein.'gene d' is the ps120-protein-encoding gene, first described in rickettsia conorii and rickettsia japonica. sequence analysis of a 3030 bp fragment of 'gene d' in 24 representatives of the genus rickettsia was carried out to complete phylogenetic analyses previously inferred by comparison of gene sequences encoding citrate synthase, 17 kda antigen and rompa and rompb. the phylogenetic relationships between rickettsiae were inferred from the comparison of both the gene and the derived protein seq ...200111491333
phylogenetic analysis of spotted fever group rickettsiae isolated from ticks in japan.eight spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae isolated from ticks in japan were classified by phylogenetic analysis based on the nucleotide sequences of both the citrate synthase-encoding gene (glta) and 190-kda antigen-encoding gene (rompa). in the phylogenetic tree of glta, strains dt-1 and fla-1 isolated from the dermacentor taiwanensis and haemaphysalis frava ticks, respectively, were placed as rickettsia japonica, and strains io-1, io-2, io-25, im-1 and ip-2 from genus ixodes ticks were place ...200212061626
cross-protection between distantly related spotted fever group rickettsiae.two excellent c3h/hen mouse models of spotted fever rickettsioses caused by the distantly related organisms, rickettsia conorii and rickettsia australis, were utilized to evaluate the possibility of the stimulation of broad cross-protective immunity. sublethal infection stimulated complete immunity, that is absence of disease, after challenge with a dose of the heterologous rickettsia that uniformly killed naïve mice. in contrast, heterologous immune sera did not protect mice against a lethal do ...200312922124
serology of a strain of rickettsia australis isolated in south-east queensland. 195713430037
use of mouse serum in identification and serologic classification of rickettsia akari and rickettsia australis. 196514332634
the isolation of a rickettsia resembling rickettsia australis in south east queensland. 195514393178
severe spotted fever group rickettsiosis, australia.we report 3 cases of spotted fever group rickettsial infection (presumed queensland tick typhus) in residents of northern queensland, australia, who had unusually severe clinical manifestations. complications included renal failure, purpura fulminans, and severe pneumonia. clinical illness caused by rickettsia australis may not be as benign as previously described.200718217560
diversity of ixodes ricinus tick-associated bacterial communities from different forests.nymphal ixodes ricinus ticks (n=180) were collected from three different areas in the netherlands to investigate the effect of forest composition on tick-associated microbial communities. sampled habitats differed in thickness of leaf litter and humus layers and vegetation associations and were located near amsterdam (beech-oak), ede (birch-oak) and veldhoven (birch-oak). analysis of nine 16s rrna gene clone libraries made from individual ticks showed nearest matches with presumed pathogens cand ...200818355299
prediction of rickettsial skin eschars in humans using an experimental guinea pig model.until now, when a new rickettsia species was isolated in a tick, it was not possible to predict whether it was a human pathogen or if it would cause a skin eschar at the infection site. guinea pigs are injected intradermally with 25 different rickettsia species or subspecies: 16 induced an eschar, 5 induced inflammatory lesions and 4 have no effect. we observed that the occurrence of skin eschars in this model was significantly correlated (p <0.05) with observations of skin eschars in humans (14 ...200919527779
scrub typhus (orientia tsutsugamushi), spotted fever (rickettsia australis) and dengue fever as possible causes of mysterious deaths in the strickland gorge area of southern highlands and west sepik provinces of papua new guinea.a medical investigation was carried out in april 2001 into an outbreak of a mysterious haemorrhagic disease and deaths in the remote picturesque strickland river area of papua new guinea (png). the area is in part of the southern highlands and west sepik provinces and situated downstream from the porgera joint venture gold mine. 9 villages were visited and 140 persons, consisting of immediate blood relatives of the deceased (cases) and others in the village picked at random (controls), were phys ...200719583101
child abuse: does prosecution serve any useful purpose? 20061635513
[measurement of orthodontic appliance force using prototype sensors].in introductory remarks the most important biomechanical principles, which are relevant for the research, and conditions which must be satisfied presented in intraoral measuring of orthodontic forces were pointed out. first the aim of the research was defined, and then the investigation of mechanical properties of acrylics as a material for orthodontic appliances were carried out. the type of strain gauges, bonds and measuring system configurations, as well as measuring amplifiers and recording ...20082635572
oral biopsy technique. the pathologist's perspective. 20123524767
does prayer preserve? 20164908759
[x-ray computed tomography in venous pathology].after presenting the tomodensitometric semiology of venous thromboses in various territories, the authors define its indications. it is essentially in deep territories, head, chest and abdomen that the ct-scan is used to study and diagnose unrecognized thromboses as well as determine the venous repercussion of various neighboring ailments. the respective place of the ct-scan, ultrasonography and various phlebographies is analyzed.20113043474
the hp, gc, gm, km and beta 2-glycoprotein i genetic variants in hairy cell leukemia: no apparent significant differences could be observed when hp, gc, gm, km and beta 2-glycoprotein i phenotypes of 50 patients with hairy cell leukemia were compared with healthy unrelated adults.20133923375
[the use of ethanisylate in minimal bronchopulmonary hemorrhages]. 20164807495
history of medicine in alaska. harriet crocker jackson schirmer, m.d. 20092662801
[a study on arboviruse antibodies of birds in the niao-diao-mountain area eryan-county of yunnan province]. 20113219711
the effects of general anesthesia on upper respiratory tract infections in children.a prospective cohort study of 489 pediatric patients was performed to investigate the prevalence of perioperative respiratory complications and symptomatology in children presenting for myringotomy with upper respiratory tract infections (uris). all children undergoing myringotomy received halothane n2o/o2 anesthesia administered via face mask. information on complications and respiratory symptoms was obtained from the anesthesia and recovery room records, and by standardized questionnaire. ther ...20133688537
[treatment of parkinsonism]. 20051265907
hematological effect of supplementing anemic children with vitamin a alone and in combination with iron.ninety-nine anemic children aged 1-8 y were divided into four groups. each group was supplemented for 2 mo with vitamin a, iron, vitamin a plus fe, or a placebo. clinical, hematological, and fe biochemical evaluations were performed at the beginning and end of the study. vitamin a supplementation produced significant elevations in the serum levels of retinol, blood hemoglobin, hematocrit, erythrocytes, serum fe, and percent transferrin saturation (%ts) and had no effect on total fe binding capac ...20123414574
[management of alcoholism, drug intoxication, and attempted suicide]. 20133845138
[a caries index of therapeutic value]. 20144155565
[interactions between pregnancy and diabetes]. 20143911462
reliability of home observation for victims of mild closed-head injury.victims of mild closed-head injury who do not require hospitalization frequently are observed at home. the efficacy of home observation for such cases and the extent to which after-care management plans are executed in this setting, however, are unknown. we studied 47 consecutive victims of mild closed-head injury discharged from the emergency department for home observation under the care of a responsible individual with a set of written after-care instructions for management. the instructions ...20143946858
certain biochemical observations on the testes and male sex accessory glands of two insectivores, suncus murinus sindensis anderson and hemiechinus auritus collaris gray. 20154458380
queensland tick typhus in rural new south wales.we report five cases of rickettsia australis infection from southern coastal new south wales, australia. all patients presented with a cutaneous eruption of erythematous papules and pustules and systemic features of malaise, headache, lymphadenopathy and myalgia. acute kidney injury (aki) was present in two of five cases and one of five cases had acute delirium. improvement was only seen after treatment with doxycycline 100 mg b.i.d. positive serology for r. australis was present in four of five ...201627282826
queensland tick typhus: three cases with unusual clinical features.queensland tick typhus (qtt), caused by rickettsia australis, is usually a relatively mild illness but can occasionally be severe. we describe three cases of probable qtt with unusual clinical features, namely splenic infarction, fulminant myopericarditis and severe leukocytoclastic vasculitis. qtt may present with uncommon clinical features in addition to the more common manifestations. a high index of suspicion enables specific antibiotic therapy that may hasten recovery.201323841762
rickettsia australis activates inflammasome in human and murine macrophages.rickettsiae actively escape from vacuoles and replicate free in the cytoplasm of host cells, where inflammasomes survey the invading pathogens. in the present study, we investigated the interactions of rickettsia australis with the inflammasome in both mouse and human macrophages. r. australis induced a significant level of il-1β secretion by human macrophages, which was significantly reduced upon treatment with an inhibitor of caspase-1 compared to untreated controls, suggesting caspase-1-depen ...201627362650
myd88 mediates instructive signaling in dendritic cells and protective inflammatory response during rickettsial infection.spotted fever group rickettsiae cause potentially life-threatening infections throughout the world. several members of the toll-like receptor (tlr) family are involved in host response to rickettsiae, and yet the mechanisms by which these tlrs mediate host immunity remain incompletely understood. in the present study, we found that host susceptibility of myd88(-/-)mice to infection with rickettsia conorii or rickettsia australis was significantly greater than in wild-type (wt) mice, in associati ...201626755162
chorionic villi sampling with an echogenic catheter: experiences of the first 500 cases.using a newly developed cvs catheter with enhanced echogenicity we performed cvs in 501 consecutive cases. the abortion rate of 4.3% prior to 28 weeks of gestation in this series is within the background rate of controls matched for maternal age. the loss rate was clearly correlated to the number of insertions, time of sampling and sampling success. cvs is safest between 9 and 11 weeks of pregnancy. we recommend to restrict the number of insertions to a maximum of 3. the rate of failed samplings ...20123430325
present criteria for the diagnosis of in vivo of olivopontocerebellar atrophy.we present 6 cases of olivopontocerebellar atrophy (opca) of dèjérine-thomas type. the diagnosis was based on an appropriate clinical picture, anomalous brainstem auditory evoked potentials (baep) and computerized tomography (ct) and/or magnetic nuclear resonance (mnr) imaging which demonstrated atrophy of the cerebellum and the pons. we believe that these methods will provide greater uniformity in the diagnosis of such an heterogeneous entity as opca.20113163874
can seroconversion rates to hepatitis vaccine among healthy subjects be improved? 20072878210
can past academic criteria predict students at risk of future failure?a significant minority of medical and dental students fail their undergraduate courses. early warning systems (ewss) have been developed in some areas of higher education to predict 'at-risk' students at an early remedial stage. an attempt is made to develop an ews to predict failure in the bacteriology component of the batchelor of dental surgery course at manchester dental school. a system based on class tests and previous end-of-year performance is derived which is used to predict those stude ...20063374419
continuing medical education resources for the practicing rhode island physician. 2002124077
a medical center-based tertiary reference laboratory. experience at mayo medical laboratories (mml). 20123415449
[transketolase activity as a parameter for the vitamin b1 provision in some dermatoses (herpes zoster, psoriasis, drug eruptions, excema, and urticaria) (author's transl)]. 2003153861
congenital diverticuli of the anterior urethra. 200198091
isolation, cultivation, and partial characterization of the elb agent associated with cat fleas.elb rickettsiae from cat flea homogenates were recovered in tissue culture cells following sequential passage through laboratory rats and the yolk sacs of embryonated chicken eggs. seven days after inoculation of elb from the infected yolk sacs, vero cells and l929 cells were observed to contain intracellular bacteria as demonstrated by diff quik and indirect immunofluorescence assay staining. the rickettsial and elb identity of the cultured agent was confirmed by pcr detection of the 16s rrna a ...19957591142
rickettsia australis and queensland tick typhus: a rickettsial spotted fever group infection in australia.rickettsia australis, the etiologic agent of queensland tick typhus (qtt), is increasingly being recognized as a cause of community-acquired acute febrile illness in eastern australia. changing human population demographics, climate change, and increased understanding of expanding vector distribution indicate qtt is an emerging public health threat. this review summarizes the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, treatment principles, and future directions of this disease. increased rec ...201728719297
genome sequence of rickettsia australis, the agent of queensland tick typhus.rickettsia australis strain phillips(t) was isolated in queensland, australia, in 1950. it is the tick-borne agent of queensland tick typhus, a disease endemic in australia. the 1.29-mb genome sequence of this bacterium is highly similar to that of rickettsia akari but contains two plasmids.022933759
health effects of ionizing radiation: dr. sagan's paradigms. 20123570808
widespread use of real-time pcr for rickettsial diagnosis.we report 2 years of experience with rickettsial molecular diagnosis using real-time pcr at the french national reference center. all rickettsia genomes available were compared to discover specific sequences to design new sets of primers and probes. the specificity was verified in silico and against a panel of 30 rickettsial species. sensitivity was determined using 10-fold serial dilutions. finally, primers and probes that were both specific and sensitive were routinely used for the diagnosis o ...201122092999
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