quantitative electron microscopic studies of the changes in rat hepatocytes following halothane induced anaesthesia. 197798410
ca2+/calmodulin-sensitive inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase in rat and bovine brain tissues.inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (ins p3) 3-kinase catalyzes the atp-dependent phosphorylation of ins p3 to inositol 1,3,4,5-tetrakisphosphate (ins p4). ca2+/calmodulin (cam)-sensitivity of ins p3 3-kinase was measured in the crude soluble fraction from rat brain and different anatomic regions of bovine brain. kinase activity was inhibited in the presence of egta (free ca2+ below 1 nm) as compared to ca2+ (10 microm free ca2+) or ca2+ (10 microm free ca2+) and cam (1 microm). ca2+-sensitivity was al ...19882838022
molecular biological characterization of equine herpesvirus type 1 (ehv-1) isolates from ruminant hosts.isolates of equine herpesvirus type 1 (ehv-1) originating from affected antelope and cattle were compared with reference ehv-1 and ehv-4 isolates and were characterized. based on cross-neutralization, dna restriction profiles and blot-hybridization data these isolates could be characterized as ehv-1. one isolate (from an antelope) with a different restriction profile showed significant dna homology with ehv-1, partial homology with ehv-4, and little or no homology with ehv-2 and hsv-1 dnas. blot ...19882849252
[experimental chemo- and chemoendocrine therapy of human breast carcinomas serially transplanted into nude mice].four human breast carcinoma strains serially transplanted into nude mice were used for the experimental chemotherapy and combination chemoendocrine therapy. whereas three of these strains (mcf-7, br-10, tm-61) possessed cytosol estrogen receptor (erc) and were dependent on estradiol for the tumor growth, the other strain (mx-1) without erc was hormone independent. for the chemotherapy, mitomycin c (mmc), adriamycin (adm), cyclophosphamide (cpm) and 5-fluorouracil (5-fu) were administered 3 times ...19883129645
helicase properties of the escherichia coli uvrab protein complex.the escherichia coli uvra protein has an associated atpase activity with a turnover number affected by the presence of uvrb protein as well as by dna. specifically, the structure of dna significantly influences the turnover rate of the uvrab atpase activity. double-stranded dna maximally activates the turnover rate 10-fold whereas single-stranded dna maximally activates the turnover rate 20-fold, suggesting that the mode of interaction of uvrab protein with different dnas is distinctive. we have ...19873035542
effect of reduced energy metabolism and reperfusion on the permeability and morphology of the capillaries of an isolated rete mirabile.the effects of reduction in energy metabolism were explored in the eel rete mirabile, an organ composed predominantly of capillaries. in vitro experiments showed that glycolysis is the major pathway of energy production in this capillary tissue, and that iodoacetate, kcn, and low po2 in combination markedly reduce its atp generation. when in situ energy generation was inhibited by this combination during countercurrent perfusion of the arterial and venous capillaries of the rete, an approximate ...19892912596
expression of heme oxygenase gene in rat and human liver.developmental changes of microsomal heme oxygenase were studied. in human fetal liver, the enzyme activity was 8 times higher than that detected in the adult liver. on the other hand, adult livers contained 4 times more cytochrome p450 than fetal livers. elevated heme oxygenase activity in fetal liver was not due to modulators present in the microsomes. similar to human, rat fetal liver also contained high enzyme activity which appeared to be regulated at the transcriptional level. hybridization ...19883342043
human aldehyde dehydrogenase: coenzyme binding studies.the binding of nadh and nad+ to the human liver cytoplasmic, e1, and mitochondrial, e2, isozymes at ph 7.0 and 25 degrees c was studied by the nadh fluorescence enhancement technique, the sedimentation technique, and steady-state kinetics. the binding of radiolabeled [14c]nadh and [14c]nad+ to the e1 isozyme when measured by the sedimentation technique yielded linear scatchard plots with a dissociation constant of 17.6 microm for nadh and 21.4 microm for nad+ and a stoichiometry of ca. two coenz ...19892775711
studies on the mechanics of the normal human middle ear.the middle ear was studied in temporal bone preparations using a laser-doppler interferometer. for measurements at a sound level of 80 db spl this method proved to be very reliable, as was shown by good reproducibility of results in experiments over more than 6 hours. the vibrations of the tympanic membrane and stapes footplate were studied from 200 hz to 10 khz and the results demonstrate a piston-like movement of the stapes footplate up to 120 db spl. the damping effect of the normal ear is lo ...19863536194
absence of genetic linkage of charcot-marie-tooth disease (hmsn ia) with chromosome 1 gene markers.we previously reported a large charcot-marie-tooth family not linked to the duffy blood group marker, supporting the existence of genetic heterogeneity in this neuropathy. in order to investigate the possibility of another disease locus on chromosome 1, we analyzed this family further, using dna polymorphisms of 6 genes. absence of linkage makes a second disease locus on chromosome 1 unlikely.19892725880
positive weil-felix reactions in a case of rickettsialpox. 19892722341
a study of nerves containing peptides in the pulmonary vasculature of healthy infants and children and of those with pulmonary hypertension.nerves containing peptides that supply the human intrapulmonary vasculature were studied in 21 controls aged one month to 24 years and in 13 patients with pulmonary hypertension aged 11 days to eight years. an indirect immunofluorescence technique was used to study the distribution and relative density of nerve fibres containing the general neuronal marker, protein gene product 9.5; tyrosine hydroxylase; synaptophysin; neuropeptide tyrosine; vasoactive intestinal polypeptide; substance p, somato ...19892686736
prevention of salmonella typhimurium colonization of broilers with d-mannose.broiler chickens can be contaminated by salmonella typhimurium, which is a food safety concern. it has been previously shown that d-mannose blocks s. typhimurium adherence to chicken intestine in vitro. one-day-old broiler chickens were fed normal drinking water or drinking water supplemented with 2.5% mannose for 10 days. on day 3, both groups were challenged orally with 1 x 10(8) s. typhimurium [st-10 (animal diagnostics laboratory, ames, ia)] resistant to nal and nov (sigma, st. louis, mo). o ...19892685797
rickettsioses of the spotted fever group around the world.spotted fever group rickettsioses comprise rocky mountain spotted fever (rickettsia rickettsii), boutonneuse fever (r. conorii), north asian tick typhus (r. sibirica), queensland tick typhus (r. australis), rickettsialpox (r. akari), and oriental spotted fever (r. japonica). ticks or mites serve as the vector and reservoir hosts of the rickettsiae. these obligate intracellular bacteria invade vascular endothelial cells, which are damaged directly, causing increased vascular permeability. the ras ...19892677080
ultrastucture of the surface of rickettsia prowazeki and rickettsia akari.negative-contrast electron microscopy revealed that the outer layer of the envelope of rickettsiae is composed of a matrix of tetragonally arranged subunits. the layer projects approximately 7 nm from the cell wall. it is suggested that this outer layer is analogous to the structure considered capsule-like in morphology.19744138139
rickettsiae and hosts.protective immunity to rickettsia tsutsugamushi in a murine model is dependent upon the development of cell mediated immunity, as demonstrated by lymphocyte transfer, production of lymphokines and -interferon by thymus-derived lymphocytes, activation of macrophages by lymphokines and demonstration of delayed-type hypersensitivity response following exposure to these organisms. infection of mice with small numbers of rickettsia typhi inoculated by a peripheral route leads to a more complex patter ...19852408453
[importance of the bacterial surface of pathogenic staphylococcus]. 19694248671
monkey-mouse hybrid cell lines containing the sv40 genome in a partially repressed state. 19704313231
cloning and nucleotide sequence of a cdna encoding the antifungal-protein of aspergillus giganteus and preliminary characterization of the native gene. 19902374718
a primary demyelinating disorder of young cattle.the clinical signs and neuropathological changes are described in six limousin x calves that, at about one month after birth, showed signs of blindness, nystagmus, rotation of the eyes, opisthotonos, hyperprotraction of the forelegs and, in one case, apparent seizures. pathologically there was necrosis of the optic chiasma and focal areas of myelin sheath vacuolation or demyelination in certain areas of the brain, especially in the cerebellar peduncles. in one animal, kept alive for 7 months, th ...19911800911
species-specific monoclonal antibodies to rickettsia japonica, a newly identified spotted fever group rickettsia.a total of 192 hybridomas were developed from mice immunized with rickettsia japonica, a newly identified spotted fever group rickettsia pathogenic for humans. of these hybridomas, 101 were species specific, 37 were spotted fever group reactive, and the other 54 were also reactive with one or more of the other pathogenic species of spotted fever group rickettsiae, rickettsia akari, rickettsia australis, rickettsia conorii, rickettsia rickettsii, and rickettsia sibrica. seven of the species-speci ...19901696280
atypical papulovesicular rash due to infection with rickettsia conorii.we present an unusual case of rickettsia conorii infection that was associated with cutaneous papulovesicular lesions on a patient who had returned from the bushveld of south africa. the lesions were diffusely scattered across the trunk, extremities, and both palms. several recent reports have documented similar papulovesicular or pustulovesicular rashes that occurred on travelers returning from southern africa. these rashes resemble the lesions of rickettsialpox. evidence suggests that these at ...19921420671
[effect of a few carbon sources on the growth of mycobacterium bovis]. 19724568984
effect of gentamicin on growth of viral, chlamydial, and rickettsial agents in mice and embryonated eggs.gentamicin, at concentrations up to 500 mug/ml, showed no effect on the replication, yield, or infectivity of seven viruses or on the agents of psittacosis and meningopneumonitis when grown in mice or embryonated eggs. at the 500 mug/ml level, lymphogranuloma venereum cultures had a slight reduction in infectivity. rickettsia akari demonstrated susceptibility at the 5 mug/ml level, whereas r. rickettsii, r. mooseri, and r. canada grown in embryonated eggs were susceptible in varying degrees to g ...1976984775
[variations in sensitivity to the agent of rickettsialpox in different strains of mice]. 1977855529
proteins of typhus and spotted fever group rickettsiae.purified radioactive rickettsiae were obtained from irradiated and cycloheximide-inhibited l cells, and their proteins were analyzed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. rickettsial species could be distinguished by comparing the relative mobilities of constituent proteins after migration of two differentially labeled preparations in a single gel. distinct differences were observed in gel patterns of rickettsiae from the typhus and spotted fever groups, as well as with different species within ...1976820639
organization of the visceral afferent representation in the cerebral experiments on cats which had been narcotized with chloralose and immobilized with myo-relaxants, we have studied cerebral cortical responses to stimulation of the visceral system. a peculiarity of the visceral afferent representation is the fact that the convergence of visceral and dermomuscular impulses is achieved with predominance of somatic signals in the cortical zones of visceral representation, with the exception of the focus of maximal activity (fma). a second peculiarity is the fact ...1979550902
rickettsialpox. case report and epidemiologic recent years, rickettsialpox was infrequently reported: one case per year was recorded by the public health service during the past 15 years. we observed a case of rickettsialpox in new york city and reviewed the clinical, diagnostic, and epidemiologic features. records of the new york city health department showed that serum samples from only six patients were submitted for serological testing for rickettsialpox during the past ten years, suggesting that although the disease is uncommon now, ...1979480648
enzyme immunoassay of antibody to rochalimaea quintana: diagnosis of trench fever and serologic cross-reactions among other rickettsiae.enzyme immunoassay (eia) tests were used to diagnose trench fever and to determine cross-reactions of rochalimaea quintana with other rickettsiae. the results were compared with those obtained by counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie). all sera from cases of primary or relapsed forms of trench fever were positive both in eia, with serum antibody titers of 1:20-1:640, and in cie, giving one to three precipitin lines. sera from patients with other rickettsial infections were also tested for reactivity ...1978351072
a rickettsia-like organism showing positive immunofluorescence with antisera to coxiella burnetii in haemaphysalis inermis ticks.a rickettsia-like organism (rlo) was detected in the oocytes of haemaphysalis inermis ticks. the rlos were about 5 microns long bent rods with a definite inner structure. they were gram-negative and could be visualized by giemsa but not by gimenez staining. attempts to cultivate the rlo in chick embryo yolk sacs, various types of cell culture and tick body cavities were unsuccessful. the rlo displayed a bright immunofluorescence with antisera to coxiella burnetii, but no immunofluorescence was o ...19816118050
[enzyme arrangement of various tissues in swine. 2. studies of postpartum development of crude protein levels as well as activities of various enzymes (got, gpt, serine dehydratase, xanthine oxidase, fructose-1,6-diphosphatase) in liver, kidneys and muscle of piglets].twenty-eight piglets from three litters were analysed for postnatal development (0 to 6 days of age) of the crude protein levels and activities of various enzymes (got, gpt, serine dehydratase, xanthinoxidase, fructose-1,6-diphosphatase) in the supernatant of liver, kidneys, and muscles. both the weight and crude protein levels of the liver increased after birth, which improved the capability of metabolic regulation. got and fructose 1,6-diphosphatase activities in the liver tissue increased ove ...1979228626
[study of the process of acth and insulin interaction with the plasmatic membranes of rat liver cells in vitro using luminescence methods].the process of interaction of acth and insulin with plasmatic cellular membranes of the rat's liver and artificial lipid membranes (liposomes) was studied by the method of proper proteinic fluorescence and by using hydrophobic fluorescent probes. this process is shown to be attended by conformative readjustments of the membranous proteins and also by definite structural changes in the lipid phase of the membranes. in its action acth involves the hydrophobic layer of the lipid phase to a greater ...1976179856
the manufacture of moulded supportive seating for the handicapped.the wheelchair-bound population often have difficulty in obtaining a correct or comfortable posture in their chairs and sometimes develop pressure sores from long-duration sitting. this problem is being solved by manufacturing personalised, contoured seats which support the patient over the maximum area possible thereby reducing the pressure on the body and the incidence of pressure sores. a cast is obtained of the patient in a comfortable, medically correct posture and from this cast the seat i ...1975126704
in-phase brain activities during arousal and sleep.eeg of sensorimotor area, emg of neck muscles and unit activity in lateral geniculate (lg) nucleus, recorded in freely moving cats, were analysed for the presence of correlations between them. the 3 activities were first integrated with a 2 sec time constant, then a correlation coefficient was assessed between time-linked points of the 3 records for periods of 40 sec. the average vlaues of the correlation coefficients were found to increase from arousal through slow synchronized sleep (s sleep), ...197989948
[interaction of rickettsia akari with the host cell in vitro: multiplication, formation of spheroplast-like forms and its destruction in phagolyosomes].the electron microscopic study of the interaction of r. akari, strain ck, with the monolayer culture of l-cells was made 4 days after inoculation. rickettsiae multiplied by transverse binary fission immediately in the cytoplasm of the cells and left the cells by gemmation, surrounded with plasmolemma and a fragment of the host cytoplasm. alongside with multiplying rickettsiae, spheroplast-like rickettsiae and rickettsiae at the stage of destruction were regularly observed in phagolysosomes. the ...19846546830
a new approach to the quality control of steroid receptor assays.lyophilized cytosols prepared from calf uterus and human breast tumor tissue are commonly used to assess the reliability of routine steroid receptor assays. however, preanalytical error (sample preparation, storage, homogenization) cannot be detected in this way. participating laboratories were asked to mail us all their receptor results obtained over a four-month interval, and to include some information about the patients involved (age, menopausal status, nodal status). after verifying the hom ...19883168219
effects of ouabain on cytosolic calcium in lymphocytes, platelets and adrenomedullary has been suggested that a circulating inhibitor of na/k atpase can stimulate natriuresis and cause vasoconstriction in essential hypertension by stimulating transmembrane na/ca exchange to produce increased cytosolic concentrations of ionized calcium ([ca++]i) in renal tubular and arteriolar smooth muscle cells. if this inhibitor affected [ca++]i in all cell types, then clinical assays for its presence could be applied to easily accessible cells such as blood cells or platelets, and the inhib ...19873429864
hydrolysis of all gangliosides, including gm1 and gm2, on thin-layer plates by vibrio cholerae neuraminidase. 19863760066
spotted fever group rickettsiosis in japan.the acute febrile disease with characteristic rash encountered in tokushima prefecture was proved to be a spotted fever group rickettsiosis, which showed a significant rise in agglutinins to both proteus ox2 and ox19 and significantly high levels of cf antibodies to rickettsia akari and rickettsia rickettsii.19853934436
macrophages in resistance to rickettsial infections: genetic analysis of susceptibility to lethal effects of rickettsia akari infection and development of activated, cytotoxic macrophages in a and b10.a mice.susceptibility to lethal effects of rickettsia akari varies among mouse strains. although most strains are resistant, a/j mice are extremely sensitive (10,000-fold difference in ld50 between resistant and sensitive strains). in contrast to most strains of mice, a/j mice also fail to develop activated, tumoricidal macrophages after any of several in vivo or in vitro treatments. are susceptibility to r. akari and inability to develop activated, cytotoxic macrophages in the a/j strain causally rela ...19826896718
contact urticaria from diethyl fumarate.the contact urticariagenic properties of diethyl fumarate were studied using the guinea pig ear swelling assay and by open application on the human upper back skin. diethyl fumarate caused non-immunologic contact urticaria in both human and guinea pig skin, and the reactions exhibited similar dose dependency and timing of maximal response.19853995941
rickettsialpox: report of an outbreak and a contemporary review.rickettsialpox is a mild illness characterized by the appearance of a primary eschar at the site of a mite bite followed by fever, headache, and a papulovesicular rash. it can be confused with a variety of illnesses including several other rickettsial diseases and chickenpox. r. akari, the etiologic agent, is a rickettsia belonging to the spotted fever group (sfg) of rickettsial illnesses. in spite of significant serologic cross-reactivity with other sfg agents, there is no convincing evidence o ...19817278620
[effects of thymosin on the humoral immune response to antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity]. 19854065002
perturbation of differentiated functions in vivo during persistent viral infection. iii. decreased growth hormone mrna.lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (lcmv) persistent infection that results from the inoculation of c3h/st newborn mice causes growth hormone (gh) deficiency and associated disease characterized by both reduced weight and serum glucose levels. molecular analysis of pituitary nucleic acids shows gh deficient mice have, on average, fivefold reduced levels of gh mrna although the histopathology of such gh producing cells is normal. northern blots indicate that the length of gh mrna is comparable in ...19873811236
patterns of trauma in urban dogs and cats: a study of 1,000 cases. 19744813404
patterns of trauma in urban dogs and cats: a study of 1,000 cases. 19744813404
immune responses to rickettsia akari infection in congenitally athymic nude mice.athymic balb/c nude mice and euthymic balb/c mice were infected with rickettsia akari by the intraperitoneal route. the rickettsialpox infection was terminated in euthymic mice with only two intraperitoneal injections of the antibiotic oxytetracycline, whereas prolonged treatment was necessary to terminate the infection in athymic mice. both athymic and euthymic mice produced specific antibody, but athymic mice were still susceptible to reinfection. killed r. akari served as a protective immunog ...19806893190
serological study with rickettsial antigens in erythema chronicum migrans.21 sera of 13 patients with erythema chronicum migrans (ecm) and related diseases were examined for the presence of antibodies against 14 rickettsial antigens by using 3 serological techniques in 2 laboratories. most tests were negative. this indicates that ecm and related diseases are not due to an hitherto known rickettsia. 5 out of 158 tests showed, however, positive reactions in low titers against rickettsia akari and coxiella burnetii. thus, an antigenic relationship may exist between one o ...19816895877
macrophages in resistance to rickettsial infection: strains of mice susceptible to the lethal effects of rickettsia akari show defective macrophage rickettsicidal activity in vitro.activation of macrophages was assessed in strains of mice inoculated intraperitoneally with 1,000 times the 50% lethal dose of rickettsia akari. macrophages from mice resistant to r. akari infection (c3h/hen, c57bl/10j, and balb/cn) were nonspecifically tumoricidal 2 to 4 days after rickettsial inoculation. moreover, these macrophages were microbial for r. akari in vitro; cells were resistant to infection with the bacterium and were capable of killing intracellular rickettsiae. in contrast, macr ...19827047390
isolation, cultivation, and partial characterization of the elb agent associated with cat fleas.elb rickettsiae from cat flea homogenates were recovered in tissue culture cells following sequential passage through laboratory rats and the yolk sacs of embryonated chicken eggs. seven days after inoculation of elb from the infected yolk sacs, vero cells and l929 cells were observed to contain intracellular bacteria as demonstrated by diff quik and indirect immunofluorescence assay staining. the rickettsial and elb identity of the cultured agent was confirmed by pcr detection of the 16s rrna a ...19957591142
ecology of japanese encephalitis virus on taiwan in 1968. 19704316617
[ultrastructure of the causative agent of vesicular rickettsiosis dermacentroxenus murinus kulagin (1951) and characteristics of its interaction]. 19744476974
metabolism of rickettsia typhi and rickettsia akari in irradiated l cells.l cells that had been exposed to 3,000 r of (60)co the previous day were used to study the growth and metabolism of rickettsia typhi and r. akari. viable (unirradiated) l cells were used to study the effect of rickettsial infection on host-cell metabolism. monolayers were infected with a rickettsial multiplicity of 1.2 and given eagle's minimal essential medium containing 25 mmn-2-hydroxyethylpiperazine-n'-2'-ethanesulfonic acid buffer and 10% calf serum. at various intervals, cycloheximide (2 m ...19724628863
rickettsialpox in a new york city hospital, 1980 to 1989.rickettsialpox is caused by rickettsia akari, which is transmitted from rodents to humans by bloodsucking mites. the initial skin lesion forms an eschar and is followed by the development of fever, malaise, myalgia, and 5 to 40 maculopapules and papulovesicles. the disease, which responds to tetracycline, can be mistaken for chickenpox. the diagnosis has been based on an increase in serum antibody titers against r. akari over a period of three to eight weeks. we discuss a more rapid technique th ...19947969341
rickettsialpox. 19665219966
taxonomic relationships among spotted fever group rickettsiae as revealed by antigenic analysis with monoclonal antibodies.the spotted fever group (sfg) is made up of more than 20 different rickettsial species and strains. study of the taxonomic relationships among the group has been attempted by phenotypic, genotypic, and phylogenetic analyses. in this study, we determined taxonomic relationships among the sfg rickettsiae by comparative analysis of immunogenic epitopes reactive against a panel of monoclonal antibodies. a total of 98 monoclonal antibodies, which were directed against epitopes on the major immunodomi ...19989542904
[rickettsialpox]. 199910201193
rickettsialpox. 19665220053
serologic evidence of rickettsialpox (rickettsia akari) infection among intravenous drug users in inner-city baltimore, maryland.we tested single serum samples from 631 intravenous (i.v.) drug users from inner-city baltimore, maryland for serologic evidence of exposure to spotted fever group rickettsiae. a total of 102 (16%) individuals had titers > or = 64 to rickettsia rickettsii by an indirect immunofluorescence assay. confirmation that infection was caused by r. akari was obtained by cross-adsorption studies on a subset of serum samples that consistently resulted in higher titers to r. akari than to r. rickettsii. cur ...199910403316
host defenses in experimental rickettsialpox: resistance of c3h mouse sublines.eight sublines of c3h mice were tested for their resistance to lethal infection with rickettsia akari,. strain kaplan. c3h/hej mice were unique in their susceptibility to approximately one plaque-forming unit of rickettsiae. this lack of resistance is apparently due to a mutation in the mouse strain which occurred after 1950.19806106381
[electron microscopic characteristics of the action of penicillin and vancomycin on rickettsia conorii and rickettsia akari in vitro].the possibility of l-transformation for two species of rickettsia of the tick group (r. conorii and r. akari) was studied with light and electron microscopy. the experiments were performed on the cultures of l-cells (murine fibroblasts). penicillin and vancomycin were used as the transforming agents. electron microscopy revealed clear changes in the morphological structure of both species when the doses of penicillin and vancomycin were 50-100 and 250-1500 micrograms/ml, respectively. the antibi ...19846486753
serologic evidence of rickettsia akari infection among dogs in a metropolitan determine whether dogs in new york, ny are naturally infected with rickettsia akari, the causative agent of rickettsialpox in humans.200111394829
macrophages in resistance to rickettsial infection: susceptibility to lethal effects of rickettsia akari infection in mouse strains with defective macrophage function. 19806893426
evidence of rodent-associated bartonella and rickettsia infections among intravenous drug users from central and east harlem, new york city.we tested serum samples collected in 1997 and 1998 from a cohort of 204 injection drug users (idus) recruited from central and east harlem, new york city, new york, for antibodies reactive with seven rickettsial or bartonella spp. antigens. rodent-associated bartonella elizabethae and rickettsia akari were the primary etiologic agents of interest. the testing panel also included bartonella henselae, bartonella quintana, rickettsia prowazekii, rickettsia rickettsii, and rickettsia typhi. the high ...200111791987
dermatologic manifestations of arthropod-borne diseases.the arthropod-borne rickettsial, borrelial, and bacterial diseases of north america are a diverse group of disorders that produce a wide variety of cutaneous abnormalities. these dermatologic abnormalities are often valuable clinical clues that may reveal or suggest the correct diagnosis to the astute clinician. we review the usual and unusual dermatologic manifestations of rocky mountain spotted fever, murine and sylvatic typhus, rickettsialpox, ehrlichiosis, lyme disease, tick-borne relapsing ...19947814841
host defenses in experimental rickettsialpox: genetics of natural resistance to infection.the genetic basis for natural resistance to lethal infection with rickettsia akari was studied in over 25 inbred strains, inbred hybrids, and outbred stocks of mice. inbred mice infected intraperitoneally with the kaplan strain of r. akari demonstrated three levels of response, susceptible (c3h/hej), intermediate (a/hej, a/j, a/wysn, balb/cdub, balb/cj, and sjl/j), and resistant (akr/j, al/n, balb/cann, balb/cncr1br, c3h/hen, c57bl/6j, c57l/j, cba/j, dba/2j, and swr/j). no correlation was eviden ...19807380561
rickettsialpox in north carolina: a case report.we report a case of rickettsialpox from north carolina confirmed by serologic testing. to our knowledge, this case is the first to be reported from this region of the united states. including rickettsialpox in the evaluation of patients with eschars or vesicular rashes is likely to extend the recognized geographic distribution of rickettsia akari, the etiologic agent of this disease.200212095443
variable sulfhydryl activity toward silver nitrate by reduced glutathione and alcohol, glutamate and lactate dehydrogenases. 19724337942
variable sulfhydryl activity toward silver nitrate by reduced glutathione and alcohol, glutamate and lactate dehydrogenases. 19724337942
rickettsialpox. 19826119522
role of t-lymphocytes in production of antibody to antigens of rickettsia tsutsugamushi and other rickettsia species.the requirement of thymus-dependent lymphocytes for antibody production to rickettsia tsutsugamushi, rickettsia akari, rickettsia conorii, and rickettsia typhi was investigated by comparing antibody production in athymic (nu/nu) or thymus-bearing balb/c mice. athymic balb/c mice produced antibody after infection with r. akari, r. conorii, and r. typhi as measured by indirect fluorescent antibody titration or radioimmunoassay. antibody production in these mice was a great or greater than in the t ...19836223883
the relationship of the habits of the house mouse and the mouse mite (allodermanyssus sanguineus) to the spread of rickettsialpox. 195313065991
isolation of rickettsia akari from a patient in a region where mediterranean spotted fever is endemic.rickettsia akari was isolated from blood collected from a patient in croatia in 1991. we believe this is the first human isolate of r. akari to be reported in more than 40 years and the first ever from southern europe. the croatian isolate was antigenically and genetically indistinguishable from the prototype american strain and a ukrainian strain. in all probability, rickettsialpox would be diagnosed more frequently and over a wider geographic area if physicians gave greater consideration to th ...19968838175
rickettsialpox.rickettsialpox is a member of the spotted-fever group of the rickettsioses and results from an infection with rickettsia akari. this microbe is transmitted by the bite of the house-mouse mite liponyssoides sanguineus. patents experience fevers, sweats, headaches, and a vesicular eruption over the trunk and extremities. the palms and soles are spared. an eschar results at the spot of the mite bite. tetracycline is the treatment of choice.19979098640
the treatment of rickettsialpox with antibiotics. 195213139180
rickettsialpox: report of a serologically proved case in cleveland. 195613272868
does epizootic lymphocytic choriomeningitis prime the pump for epidemic rickettsialpox? 19836658282
cell types required for h-2-restricted cytotoxic responses generated by trinitrobenzene sulfonate-modified syngeneic cells or trinitrophenyl-conjugated proteins.murine spleen cells were fractionated over nylon wool or sephadex g-10 columns, and the cell types involved in the generation of trinitrophenyl (tnp)-specific, h-2 restricted (tnp-self) cytotoxic effector cells were studied from cultures stimulated with trinitrobenzene sulfonate (tnbs)-modified syngeneic cells, tnp-conjugated soluble proteins such as bovine gamma-globulin (tnp-bgg), or bovine serum albumin (tnp-bsa). unfractionated or nylon nonadherent responding cells generated such effectors, ...197987418
studies of rickettsialpox. iii. life cycle of the mite vector, allodermanyssus sanguineus. 195413138588
the relationship of the habits of the house mouse and the mouse mite (allodermanyssus sanguineus) to the spread of rickettsialpox. 195213136222
genomic study of rickettsia akari by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of smai-, eagi-, and bsshii-digested dna was used to perform restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of rickettsia akari strains isolated from humans, rodents, and mites in the united states and ukraine. although some differences in biological and serological characteristics were present between strains, the genomic studies demonstrated a high degree of intraspecies homogeneity of r. akari isolates. our results confirm the value of pulsed-field gel elec ...19958576365
[on the nature of vitamin c metabolism in gamasidae-borne rickettsiosis (rickettsiosis d)]. 195913818159
a review of information on ricketsialpox in the united states. 196313927940
patterns of "lipovirus" antibody in human populations. 196414160453
addition of monoclonal antibodies specific for rickettsia akari to the rickettsial diagnostic panel.monoclonal antibodies were produced from mice infected with rickettsia akari (the etiologic agent of rickettsialpox) and evaluated for specificity in indirect fluorescent-antibody tests with 23 different rickettsial antigens. of the nine antibodies that were evaluated, two were specific for r. akari and four reacted with r. akari and all other spotted fever group rickettsiae. the remaining three antibodies reacted with some, but not all, members of the spotted fever group. none of the antibodies ...19883183012
use of mouse serum in identification and serologic classification of rickettsia akari and rickettsia australis. 196514332634
[continuous deratization and disinfection as a method of control of rickettsialpox]. 195414360638
rickettsialpox. 19968727130
phylogenetic analysis of spotted fever group rickettsiae isolated from ticks in japan.eight spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae isolated from ticks in japan were classified by phylogenetic analysis based on the nucleotide sequences of both the citrate synthase-encoding gene (glta) and 190-kda antigen-encoding gene (rompa). in the phylogenetic tree of glta, strains dt-1 and fla-1 isolated from the dermacentor taiwanensis and haemaphysalis frava ticks, respectively, were placed as rickettsia japonica, and strains io-1, io-2, io-25, im-1 and ip-2 from genus ixodes ticks were place ...200212061626
treatment of rickettsialpox with aureomycin. 195014771085
genetic variation in australian spotted fever group rickettsiae.rickettsiae were isolated by cell culture of buffy coat blood from six patients with spotted fever from southeastern australia and flinders island in bass strait. the isolates were genetically compared with two previous rickettsia australis patient isolates. the genus-specific 17-kda genes from the isolates were compared after dna amplification and restriction fragment analysis of the amplified dna. this comparison revealed that mainland rickettsial isolates from southeastern australia were iden ...19968735110
rickettsialpox; report of a serologically proved case occurring in a resident of boston. 195014780391
synthesis, assembly, and secretion of gamma globulin by mouse myeloma cells. i. adaptation of the merwin plasma cell tumor-11 to culture, cloning, and characterization of gamma globulin subunits.mpc-11 myeloma tumor cells were adapted to growth in continuous culture. the cultured cells resembled the parent tumor in that they produced the fully assembled gamma globulin molecules as well as six unassembled molecules. although cultured and tumor cells synthesized excess light chains, the molar ratio of light (l) to heavy (h) chains was approximately 1.7:1 in the culture, and 3.5:1 in the tumor. the cultured cells also produced fewer half molecules and free light chains than the parent tumo ...19704189836
in vitro susceptibilities of bartonella henselae, b. quintana, b. elizabethae, rickettsia rickettsii, r. conorii, r. akari, and r. prowazekii to macrolide antibiotics as determined by immunofluorescent-antibody analysis of infected vero cell monolayers.the in vitro susceptibilities of bartonella (rochalimaea) henselae, b. quintana, b. elizabethae, rickettsia akari, r. conorii, r. prowazekii, and r. rickettsii to different concentrations of azithromycin, clarithromycin, dirithromycin, erythromycin, and roxithromycin in vero cell cultures were evaluated. bartonella and rickettsia spp. were allowed to initiate infection of the antibiotic-free vero cell monolayers, which were maintained in 16-chamber microscope slides in the absence of antibiotics ...19979055996
monoclonal antibody-based immunohistochemical diagnosis of rickettsialpox: the macrophage is the principal target.cutaneous biopsies of five eschars and two rash lesions from five patients from new york city with documented rickettsialpox were examined by immunohistochemical methods with a monoclonal antibody directed against spotted fever group rickettsial lipopolysaccharide for the presence and cellular location of rickettsia akari rickettsiae were identified in all of the five patients, with good concordance of results for the same biopsy tissues with previously reported results by the direct immunofluor ...199910349992
rickettsialpox case due to laboratory infection. 195114816492
molecular phylogeny and rearrangement of rrna genes in rickettsia has previously been observed that rickettsia prowazekii has an unusual arrangement of the rrna genes. in this species, the three rrna genes, 16s (rrs), 23s (rrl), and 5s (rrf), are not linked in the typical arrangements for bacteria. rather, the 16s rrna gene has been separated from the 23s and 5s rrna gene cluster, and the 23s rrna gene is preceded by a gene which codes for methionyl-trnaf(met) formyltransferase (fmt). in this study, we screened the genus rickettsia for the fmt-rrl motif in ...199910406115
studies of rickettsialpox. i. recovery of the causative agent from house mice in boston, massachusetts. 195114846793
[rickettsialpox in oubangui-chari, french equatorial africa]. 195114905186
house mouse mites infesting laboratory rodents.liponyssoides sanguineus, principal vector of rickettsia akari, infested mongolian gerbils (meriones unguiculatus) mice (mus musculus) and laboratory-reared egyptian gerbils (meriones libycus). only a few mites were present on each animal and no manifestations of disease were observed. numerous mites were present in the bedding.19846482381
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