congenital defects due to hyperthermia. 1978104560
[investigations of the incidence of neisseria gonorrhoeae on the pharyngeal mucosa (author's transl)]. 197898235
purification of myelin carbonic anhydrase. 197897371
comparison of kinetic and end-point diffusion methods for quantitating human serum immunoglobulins.proficiency testing results were used to compare the kinetic and end-point versions of the single radial immunodiffusion method for quantitating human serum immunoglobulins. statistical analysis of the results indicated that the results were not normally distributed but that the log normal distribution gives the best fit of any of the well-known frequency distributions. consequently, statistical analysis of immunoglobulin results must be log transformed before parametric statistical tests can be ...197897309
the relative biological effectiveness of pions in the acute response of human skin. 197796068
ultrastructural localization of calcium around the membrane of the surface connected system in the human platelet.the localization of calcium in the membrane system of human platelets was determined by ultrahistochemical methods equipped with an electron probe x-ray microanalyzer. after potassium oxalate-glutaraldehyde treatment large amounts of electron opaque precipitates were observed around the membrane of the surface connected system. electron probe x-ray microanalysis clearly defined that the precipitates were composed of calcium oxalate. the localization of calcium on the membrane of the surface conn ...197896043
amylase levels in the tissues and body fluids of the domestic cat (felis catus).1. the amylase activities of serum, liver, pancreas, submaxillary and parotid glands, saliva, duodenum, colon, lung, heart, spleen, kidney and skeletal muscle of the domestic cat, were determined. 2. as in most mammals, the highest amylase content was found in the pancreas. levels in saliva and salivary glands were very low. 3. amylase activities of the serum, liver and pancreas have an optimum ph 7.0-7.5. 4. amylases of serum, liver and pancreas were inactivated by removal of chloride and these ...197995689
reverse transcriptase-associated rnase h. part iv. pyrophosphate does not inhibit rnase h activity of amv dna polymerase. 197993479
binding studies with antibodies having phosphorylcholine specificity and fragments derived from their homologous streptococcus pneumoniae type 27 capsular polysaccharide.the capsular polysaccharide from streptococcus pneumoniae type 27 (s-27) has been fragmented into oligosaccharides by controlled degradations. binding of these derived small ligands with heterogeneous rabbit anti-s-27 antibody of selected phosphorylcholine affinity indicates that a major immunodeterminant of s-27 is the phosphorylcholine moiety, but that these anti-pc. antibodies are also capable of binding to the polysaccharide backbone from which the p.c. has been removed.197987460
the patterns and distribution of euchrysine-binding grains in nonstimulated human peripheral t and non-t lymphocytes. 197986386
[current status of chemotherapy in malignant head and neck neoplasms (proceedings)]. 197984806
effect of quantity and quality of igg antibodies on blocking of allergenic histamine release in a study of the protective role of igg antibodies in allergen injection therapy, serum antibodies to timothy grass allergens were raised in rabbits and tested for inhibition of histamine release from basophils of grass pollen-sensitive human subjects. rabbit sera were not inhibitory until late in the immune response when large amounts of relatively low affinity igg antibodies were detected by primary binding. inhibition of histamine release by late sera required preincubation of allergen and a ...197984798
changes in serum concentration of phagocytosis-stimulating factor in experimentally induced bovine anaplasmosis: preliminary determine whether correlation exists between serum concentration of phagocytosis-stimulating factor (psf) and in vivo phagocytic activity, 2 splenectomized steers were inoculated with anaplasma marginale, and their serum psf concentrations were monitored. at the time of the anemic crisis, serum psf concentrations were elevated five to tenfold.197658572
ophthalmic features of chromosome deletion 4p- (wolf-hirschhorn syndrome).by using the giemsa banding technique we identified three patients with chromosome deletion 4p-. all had anterior segment anomalies, exotropia, blepharoptosis, antimongoloid palpebral fissures, hypertelorism, and disk abnormalities. one patient (case 1) had rieger's anomaly. some clinical features in patients with 4p- are similar to those in patients with chromosome deletion 5p-, cri-du-chat syndrome, although 4p- individuals do not have the distinctive cry. the ocular features which distinguish ...1978104624
guinea pig immunoglobulin light chain isotypes. i. separation of kappa and lambda chains and the identification of three isotypes of the lambda chain constant homology region.the separation of intact kappa chain and two fragments comprising lambda (lambda) chain from immunoglobulin light chain pools isolated from strain 13 guinea pigs is achieved by cyanogen bromide digestion and gel filtration before and after reductive clevage of disulfide bonds. the smaller lambda chain fragment derives from the original carboxyl-terminus of lambda chain. the partial sequence of component tryptic and thermolytic peptides of this thirty-nine residue fragment allowed its complete se ...1978103729
[immuno-electro-diffusion on cellulose acetate membrane for serological testing in human malaria (author's transl)].an immuno-electro-diffusion assay for human malaria, using cellulose acetate gel, is described. more than 3500 sera have been tested by this method, which proved very useful for epidemiology since 400 sera a day can be tested by one person, with simple equipment. its sensitivity compared well to the ifa test, although the antibodies revealed are quite different. a constnat precipitin line appeared, against 56 degrees c labile antigens, in sera of subjects infected by p. falciparum, and up to 8 o ...197898748
specific labelling of replicating spp1 dna: analysis of viral dna synthesis and identification of phage dna-genes.specific labelling of replicating bacteriophage spp1 dna can be achieved by infection at nonpermissive temperature of a b. subtilis strain carrying the initation mutation dnab ts134. under these conditions host dna synthesis is reduced by 90 to 95%. this technique was used to identify cistrons of spp1 involved in phage dna synthesis and to define intermediates in spp1 replication.1978105242
induction of arylhydrocarbon hydroxylase and udp glucuronosyl transferase by pcb in hepatic cell cultures.the purpose of the investigation was to derive a hepatic cell line to be used in induction studies of drug metabolizing enzymes. two pure cell lines were isolated from primary liver cell cultures, one with an epithelial-like appearance, the other with a fibroblast-like appearance. the specific activities of arylhydrocarbon hydroxylase (ahh) and udp glucuronosyl transferase (udpgt) were greater in hepatocyte cultures than in primary cultures or in fibroblast cultures. pcb enhanced the activity of ...197898133
serial prolactin and thyrotropin responses to thyrotropin-releasing hormone throughout normal human pregnancy. 1979107178
interference of iodine-125 ligands in radioimmunoassay: evidence implicating thyroxine-binding globulin.although there is abundant published evidence that radioiodinated antigens interfere in digoxin radioimmunoassays, other radioimmunoassays are similarly affected. we investigated the relationship of radioiodinated antigen structure to its function in the immunoassay. carrier-free 125i-labeled iodotyrosine and iodohistamine derivatives were incubated with human serum, and the bound and free fractions were separated. we demonstrated that diiodotyrosyl analogs bind avidly to serum proteins. because ...1979108034
seasonal variation and the influence of body temperature on plasma concentrations and binding of thyroxine and triiodothyronine in the woodchuck.woodchuck plasma was collected during four seasons of the year and assayed for total and dialyzable (free) t4 and t3 and for rt3. plasma concentrations of total and free t4 and t3 were higher in the spring (t4, 5.4 +/- 0.6 microgram/dl; free t4, 3.0 +/- 0.4 ng/dl; t3, 202 +/- 22 ng/dl; free t3, 0.51 +/- 0.04 ng/dl) and lower in the prehibernatory fattening period in summer (t4, 2.3 +/- 1.0 microgram/dl; free t4, 1.2 +/- 0.5 ng/dl; t3, 45 +/- 27 ng/dl; free t3, 0.16 +/- 0.10 ng/dl) and fall (t4, ...1979108089
vaginal discharge and sexually transmitted diseases. 1978108216
electron microscopic study of bacillus subtilis protoplast fusion.when protoplasts derived from sporulating cells of bacillus subtilis were fused by exposure to polyethylene glycol (peg) and fixed immediately thereafter, protoplasts with two enclosed prespores could be seen by electron microscope. the number of fusion events was greatly increased, and multiply fused protoplasts appeared, when the peg-treated suspension was diluted in hypertonic broth and reincubated before fixation. this post-peg incubation effect is taken to indicate a fusion mechanism of two ...1979108247
endemic pneumocystis carinii in a marmoset colony. 197896156
3'-terminal nucleotide sequence of alfalfa mosaic virus rna 4.the sequence of the 3'-terminal 91 nucleotides of alfalfa mosaic virus rna 4, the messenger for the viral coat protein, has been elucidated. a fragment containing the 3' terminus of the rna was obtained by mild digestion with rnase t1. the primary structure of the fragment was deduced by labeling it in vitro at its 5' terminus and application of rna sequencing techniques. the sequence is completely extracistronic and is believed to contain the binding sites for the viral coat protein and replica ...1979108677
myeloma proteins from nzb and balb/c mice: structural and functional differences.structural and functional analyses of myeloma immunoglobulins from inbred balb/c mice and humans have provided important insights into the structure of the antibody molecule and the expression and evolution of antibody genes. one important question concerning these analyses is whether the myeloma process selects, in a nonrandom manner, the lymphocytes to be transformed. the availability of myeloma tumors in a second inbred strain of mouse, nzb, permits us to approach this question. in this respe ...1979108679
the influenza virus: antigenic composition and immune response.the architecture and chemical composition of the influenza virus particle is described with particular reference to the protein constituents and their genetic control. the dominant role in infection of the surface proteins - haemagglutinins and neuraminidases - acting as antigens and undergoing variation in time known as antigenic drift and shift is explained. the immuno-diffusion technique has illuminated the interrelationships of the haemagglutinins of influenza a viruses recovered over long p ...197988726
use of antibodies for studying the sidedness of membrane components. 197988659
studies on mononuclear phagocyte progenitor cells: morphology of cells and colonies in liquid culture of mouse bone marrow. 197988518
guinea pig transfer factor: restriction of macrophage migration inhibitory activity to extraordinary dilution confirmed with demonstration of diminished potency of stored preparations. 197988292
effects of pelleting and sterilization of diet on 2 strains of rabbit coccidia.both autoclaving and irradiation at levels currently used for other laboratory animal diets appear to be satisfactory for the elimination of 2 of the most robust and pathogenic species of rabbit coccidia. pelleting by the usual methods, even at 68 degrees c, was found to be unsatisfactory in eliminating all oocysts from heavily infected diet.197897471
fatal adenovirus infection with misleading positive serology for infectious mononucleosis.symptoms and serological tests in a 19-year-old man with pneumonia indicated that he had infectious mononucleosis. adenovirus type 7 was demonstrated in the lung by electron microscopy and was cultured from the liver, lung, lymph-nodes, and kidney.197984950
comutagenicity, competitive enzyme substrates, and in vitro carcinogenicity assays. 197897523
[aspects of the biochemistry of the urine in a newborn infant with "typical" valinuria and the effect of ingestion of valine on amino acid transport at the level of the brain in animals]. 197897690
the nature of the protein moieties of cartilage proteoglycans of pig and ox.proteoglycans extracted with 4m-guanidinium chloride from pig laryngeal cartilage and bovine nasal septum were purified by density-gradient centrifugation in cscl under 'associative' followed by 'dissociative' conditions [hascall & sajdera (1969) j. biol. chem. 244, 2384-2396]. proteoglycans were then digested exhaustively with testicular hyaluronidase, which removed about 80% of the chondroitin sulphate. the hyaluronidase was purified until no proteolytic activity was detectable under the condi ...1975128355
inhibitory effects of mersalyl and of antibodies directed against smooth-muscle myosin on a calcium adenosine triphosphatase of the plasma membrane from mouse liver cells. 1976130830
an explosive outbreak of influenza caused by a/ussr/77-like virus on a united states naval ship. 1979119926
flaujeac trait. deficiency of human plasma kininogen.flaujeac trait plasma resembled hageman trait or fletcher trait, in that the intrinsic coagulation pathway, plasma fibinolytic pathway, kinin-forming system, permeability factor of dilution (pf/dil) phenomenon were abnormal. the defect in each assay was reconstituted by afactor separable from hageman factor or fletcher factor. this substance was an alpha-globulin with an approximate mol wt of 170,000. flaujeac plasma did not release a kinin upon incubation with kallikrein and was deficient in to ...1975127805
immunobiologic factors in the pathogenesis of renal infection. 1979161989
the mechanism of trapping of immune complexes in experimental antigen-induced arthritis.the role of acute inflammation and of specific antibody in the retention of antigen in joint collagenous tissues of immunized rabbits was examined. the role of the acute synovitis occurring immediately after ia antigen injection in the retention of immune complexes was investigated by the concomitant ia injection of trace amounts of 1258-bsa and mono-sodium urate crystals and by the production of an acute arthus reaction using an unrelated antigen in doubly immunized rabbits. in neither case was ...1975128111
[intravenous cholangiography in hyperbilirubinaemia (author's transl)].the effect of bilirubin on biliary and renal excretion of methylglucamine-iodipamide at an infusion rate of 1.3, 2.6 and 5.2 mu mol/min/kg was studied by intravenous injection into five dogs with normal liver functions and chronic duodenal fistulas. unconjugated bilirubin administered in a dose of 0.1 mu mol/min/kg reduced biliary iodipamide excretion and concentration significantly, but did not affect renal contrast material excretion. this indicates that the unsatisficatory radiological result ...1979153309
[persistence of latex-agglutination inhibiting and neutralizing antibodies against enterovirus in the healthy population (author's transl)].sera of 122 persons were examined by the neutralization and latex-agglutination inhibition tests for antibodies against polio type i, coxsackie virus type a 9 and b 4, as well as echo virus type 9. with increasing age there was a titre difference between latex-agglutination inhibiting and neutralizing antibodies, due to the earlier fall in the former. these antibodies, contrary to neutralizing ones, were in the lower titre region. the results confirmed the usefulness of the latex-agglutination i ...1975169112
steroid production by the isolated rabbit ovarian follicle.graafian follicles from new zealand white rabbits were incubated at 37 degrees c for various periods of time with air as the gas phase. media were changed every 15 min and stored at -15 degrees c until analysed for progestins, 17 beta-hydroxyandrogens and oestrogens using established radioimmunoassay procedures. at fixed times after the start of the incubations, media containing various test substances were added with subsequent replacement by medium alone. addition of 5 mug lh/ml for 1 sec caus ...1975173845
thyrotropin-releasing hormone is not required for thyrotropin secretion in the perinatal determine the role of thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh) in the regulation of thyroid-stimulating hormone (tsh) secretion in the perinatal period, a physiological approach of neutralizing circulating trh in the fetal and early neonatal rat was employed. trh-antiserum (trh-as) raised in rabbits and administered daily to low iodine-propylthiouracil (lid-ptu)-fed pregnant rats from days 12 to 19 of gestation markedly impaired the rise in serum tsh to lid-ptu when compared with normal rabbit ser ...1979108290
experimental nasopharyngitis and pneumonia caused by chlamydia trachomatis in infant baboons: histopathologic comparison with a case in a human infant.three infant male baboons were inoculated with a strain of chlamydia trachomatis isolated from a human infant with pneumonitis. one baboon, inoculated by intratracheal, nasopharyngeal, and oropharyngeal seeding, had rales, radiographic evidence of pneumonia, persistent nasopharyngeal c. trachomatis infection, and a four-fold rise in titer of antibody. at sacrifice 24 days after inoculation, nasopharynx, trachea, airways, and lung yielded c. trachomatis, and epithelial inclusions were seen by lig ...1979108341
bronchial spasmolytic action of terbutaline and fenoterol compared with that of ipratropium bromide in the anaesthetized dog.continuous recordings of heart rate, respiration rate, minute volume and bronchial resistance were made over a period of altogether three hours in spontaneously breathing dogs anaesthetized with chloralose. at hourly intervals, before and 1 and 2 hr after the administration of bronchodilators, bronchial spasm was induced by inhalation of an acetylcholine solution. two beta2-stimulants, terbutaline and fenoterol, were administered by inhalation in doses of 0.5, 0.16 and 0.05 mg/kg and 0.1, 0.3 an ...1978152096
immunologic aspects of 1, 2-dimethylhydrazine-induced colon tumors in rats.investigation of immunologic aspects of colon tumors induced in rats by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine demonstrated that: 1) an antigen in an extract of colon tumors was not detected in the normal colon. it was related to antigens in rat fetuses and did not cross-react immunologically with carcinoembryonic antigen. 2) mucinous adenocarcinomas of the colon were significantly associated spatially with lymphoid follicles.1975165314
structural studies and physical maps for the herpes simplex virus genome. 1977193820
[study of cytoplasmic rna in tissues of the rat, regenerating liver and in liver of rats with hepatoma pc-1].cytoplasmic rna of the rat regenerating liver and liver of rats with hepatoma pc-1 is separated into five fractions on the column of kieselgur with methylated albumin (mak). studies in the nucleotide composition showed that certain fractions of cytoplasm rna are ribosomal and messenger rna. the highest amount of radioactive precursor is incorporated into messenger rna of the rat regenerating liver and liver of the rats with hepatoma pc-1 which is eluated from the column by 0.2% solution of sodiu ...1977201068
streptomycin sensitivity of ribosomes isolated from a streptomycin-producing streptomyces griseus.the streptomycin sensitivity of ribosomes derived from a streptomycin-producing streptomyces griseus was examined in a polyuridylic acid directed 14c-phenylalanine incorporating system. in order to get reproducible results it is essential to use cell-free extracts which do not inactivate streptomycin. this condition can be fulfilled by the combination of washed ribosomes of the streptomycin-producing strain and the 110 000 g supernatant of the streptomycin-nonproducing variant of s. griseus, bec ...1979120678
trna gene clusters in escherichia coli dna. 1975127650
morphology, surface markers, and in vitro responses of a human leukemic t cell. 1975127678
electron transport chain from glycerol 3-phosphate to nitrate in escherichia is known that in escherichia coli two dehydrogenases of the flavoprotein kind can participate in the transfer of hydrogens from sn-glycerol 3-phosphate (g3p) to nitrate and that possession of either enzyme is sufficient to permit anaerobic growth on glycerol as carbon source and nitrate as hydrogen acceptor. results from this study show that under such a growth condition a protein with light-absorption characteristics of cytochrome b1 is induced. if g3p, nitrate, and adenosine diphosphate are ...1975127786
the influence of diazepam on the dosage of muscel-relaxants during anaesthesia.the literature on anaesthesiological studies performed to investigate a possible sparing effect of diazepam on the dosage of muscle-relaxants during anaesthesia is reviewed. despite some conflicting results it can be concluded that diazepam exerts such an effect, thus allowing between 8 and 30% of the amounts of muscle-relaxants, depending on the type of anesthesia used, to be spared. this conclusion is also supported by the results of pharmacological studies in animals, using the head drop meth ...1975165742
preparation and properties of 3-halopyridine--adenine dinucleotides, nad+ analogues and model compounds.the preparation of model compounds 1-(2',6'-dichlorobenzyl)-3-halogenopyridinium and the study of their properties were achieved. their chemical reduction to the corresponding 1,4-dihydropyridines is proved by spectroscopic analysis. 3-iodopyridine--adenine dinucleotide was prepared by enzymic transglycosidation while the 3-chloro, 3-bromo and 3-iodo pyridine--adenine dinucleotides were synthesized from 3-amino-pyridine--adenine dinucleotide. the 3-halogenopyridine--adenine dinucleotides were pr ...1976179812
malignant transformation-linked imbalance: decreased xanthine oxidase activity in hepatomas.xanthine oxidase was decreased 2- to 10-fold in all examined rat hepatomas irrespective of the malignancy; growth rate and degrees of histological differentiation of the neoplasms. the affinity to substrate (km=6-8 mum) and the ph optimum (8.0) of the liver and hepatoma enzymes were the same. the reprogramming of gene expression, as manifested in the decreased activity of this key purine metabolizing enzyme, appears to be specific to neoplastic transformation. since glutamine prpp amidotransfera ...1975179860
exit of anaplasma marginale from bovine red blood cells.incubation of anaplasma marginale-infected bovine red blood cells in a flow culture system resulted in a decrease of observable marginal bodies. the decrease was twice the degree of hemolysis, indicating that marginal bodies may leave red blood cells without concomitant lysis of the host cell.1975237446
contraction of glycerinated muscle fibers as a function of the atp concentration.we have measured the force-velocity curves of glycerinated rabbit psoas fibers over a range of atp concentration from 2.5 microm to 5 mm. as the atp concentration is increased, the isometric tension increases to a maximum around 50 microm, then decreases to a plateau at 70% of the maximum by 1 mm atp. at low atp concentrations the maximum velocity of contraction is low and increases with increasing atp, reaching a plateau at approximately 2 lengths per second by 1 mm atp. our studies suggest tha ...1979262549
comparison of the peroxidatic activity of cytochrome p-450 with other hemoproteins and model compounds.the h2o2 dependent catalysis of cytochrome p-450 was compared with the catalytic mechanism of horse radish peroxidase, methemoglobin and iron protoporphyrin complexes. a relatively stable intermediate being comparable to compound i of horse radish peroxidase is formed in the case of iron porphyrin complexes, methemoglobin and probably cytochrome p-450. in the case of peroxidase compound ii is the more stable intermediate. this could be the reason for the different catalytic properties of peroxid ...1979229683
locomotion of human lymphoid cells. i. effect of culture and con a on t and non-t lymphocytes. 1977303147
absence of increasing incidence of meningitis caused by haemophilus influenza type epidemiologic survey of meningitis caused by haemophilus influenzae type b in children aged zero to four years during an 11-year period (january 1965-december 1975) was conducted in the baltimore, maryland, metropolitan area to examine recent trends in the incidence of this disease. cases of h. influenzae meningitis were identified at all 19 hospitals in the city and county of baltimore and all 41 hospitals in the surrounding area. the population at risk (age, zero to four years) was estimate ...1979317292
detection of antibodies in trypanosome-infected cattle by means of a microplate enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.a micromodification of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was evaluated for its potential application in the immunodiagonsis of bovine trypanosomiasis. serum samples from infected and non-infected zebu cattle and samples from friesian cattle with experimental infections were exmained for the presence of trypanosomal antibodies. there were significant differences between the microelisa values obtained with samples from infected and non-infected cattle. during the course of infection mi ...1977333677
comparisons of the complement-fixation, indirect fluorescent antibody, and card agglutination tests for the diagnosis of bovine anaplasmosis.results of complement-fixation (cf), indirect fluorescent antibody (ifa), and card agglutination (ct) tests were statistically compared, using 380 serum samples obtained from 140 cattle which were disease-free or naturally or experimentally infected with anaplasma marginale of colombian origin. the ifa test was significantly the most sensitive for detection of amimals infected with anaplasmosis (97%); the ct test and the cf test were less so (84% and 79%, respectively). however, the most efficie ...1978358874
quantitative estimation of leishmanial antibody titers by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.the response to immunization against leishmania braziliensis in rabbits was followed by measurement of antibody by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), passive hemagglutination, complement fixation, and countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis. passive hemagglutination and complement-fixation titers were interpreted according to standard methods, whereas elisa exact titers were derived by the equation y = a-b log x, which describes the straight line that results when absorbances are plotted ag ...1979387886
in vitro cultivation of anaplasma marginale: growth pattern and morphologic appearance.anaplasma marginale propagated in vitro showed an increasing rate of replication in a sequence of three experiments. the changes in the percentage of parasitized erythrocytes and identification of the organism in culture were monitored by the giemsa-staining and the direct fluorescent antibody techniques. the ultrastructure of the organism in culture also was determined. the percentage of parasitized erythrocytes increased more than three times in the first experiment during a period of 8 days, ...1979230766
studies on theileriidae (sporozoa) in tanzania. viii. experiments with african buffalo (syncerus caffer).it has been found that african buffalo may remain infective carriers of theileria parva lawrencei for at least 5 years. this infection is now known to exist in buffalo in 3 sites in northern tanzania. it was shown that buffalo can be infected with haematoxenus veliferus and theileria mutans of cattle and retransmission of these parasites from buffalo to cattle was successful. the species of haematoxemus reported in wild buffalo in central and east africa is likely to be h. veliferus, while the p ...1977410128
evidence for the maintenance of motoneurone properties by muscle activity.1. electrophysiological properties of soleus motoneurones in adult cats were examined with intracellular electrodes following alterations of activity of the soleus muscle induced by transection of the thoracic spinal cord or by conduction block of the muscle nerve with tetrodotoxin (ttx) cuffs. attempts were also made to maintain muscle activity by daily stimulation of the maintain muscle activity by daily stimulation of the peripheral nerve. 2. within 8 days after transection of the thoracic co ...1978279668
microassay of cylic nucleotides in vessel wall. i. cyclic amp. 1976186301
characterization of the inclusion limiting membrane of anaplasma marginale by immunoferritin labeling.purified anti-erythrocytic membrane antibody (pama) was prepared from rabbit anti-bovine erythrocyte serum by an adsorption and elution technique, utilizing bovine erythrocytes. lysed and washed anaplasma-infected erythrocytes were incubated with pama or control reagents. specimens were then subjected to immunoferritin labeling with ferritin antiglobulin conjugate. upon examination by electron microscopy, specimens incubated with pama showed heavy ferritin labeling of erythrocytic membranes and ...1979475129
evaluation of the anaplasmosis rapid card agglutination test for detecting experimentally infected elk.anaplasmosis was experimentally transmitted from cattle to elk to cattle. six non-splenectomized adult elk (cervus canadensis canadensis) that were inoculated with freshly collected heparinized blood from cattle chronically infected with anaplasma marginale became asymptomatic carriers. although the exposed elk did not develop clinical or hematologic evidence of infection they become seropositive by the serum and plasma rapid card agglutination (rca) tests. blood from the experimentally infected ...1979527345
reticulo-rumen motility in the chronically vagotomized sheep [proceedings]. 1979529098
voltage-clamp studies on the canine purkinje fibre [proceedings]. 1979529143
some observations on the effects of magnesium on the isolated perfused rat mesentery [proceedings]. 1979529150
[the experimental transmission of anaplasma marginale by the brown dog tick rhipicephalus sanguineus in australia]. 1979539952
electrophoresis of lysozyme into microscoccus-containing agarose gel: quantitative and analytical applications.electrophoresis of lysozyme into agarose gel containing micrococcus lysodeikticus causes lysis of the microorganism, allowing the development of two methods, one for quantitation ("lyso-rocket electrophoresis") and the other for electrophoretic characterization ("crossed lyso-electrophoresis") of lysozyme. the lyso-rocket technique provides an alternative to the method currently used for quantitative assay. by the use of crossed lyso-electrophoresis we have provided evidence, for the first time, ...1977265197
serum angiotensin-converting enzyme, transcobalamin and lysozyme in normal and lepromatous armadillos. 1979229221
[characteristics of sepiapterin reductase from tawa and yoshida sarcomas (author's transl)]. 1978228781
transformation by reticuloendotheliosis virus: development of a focus assay and isolation of a nontransforming virus. 1979219596
[preparation and comparative testing of antigens for the immunodiagnosis of anaplasmosis in cattle].three antigen types were produced by ultra-sound treatment of the initial material (anaplasma marginale theiler infected blood) and its subsequent sedimentional centrifugation from 10 000 to 100 000 g. their specificity and susceptibility to the reaction complement binding (rcb) and to the capillary agglutination (ca) serological tests was comparatively checked up. antigens a and b were very active in rcb, while antigen b--in the ca reaction. by these qualities they meet the requirements and are ...1979545841
[existence of glucocorticoid-specific receptors in the plasma membranes of rat liver].it was found that isolated plasma membranes whose purity was assayed by determinations of marker enzyme activities, specifically bind dexamethasone. the association constant and the number of binding sites were found to be equal to (7,03 +/- 4,05) . 10(9) m-1 and (1,6 +/- 0,18) . 10(-14) mol/mg protein, respectively. it was assumed that lipoprotein components of plasma membranes are involved in this binding.1979546445
a comparison of 4 serological tests in the detection of humoral antibodies to anaplasmosis in cattle.a capillary agglutination (ca), a complement fixation (cf), a plate agglutination (pt) and an indirect fluorescent antibody (ifa) test to detect humoral antibodies to anaplasma marginale are described. serums from 3, 4 or 5 groups of cattle were used to examine the efficiency of the tests. agreement between all 4 tests was 86.6%. agreement between pairs of tests was greater. the cf test was the most sensitive while the pt test was the least sensitive. however the pt could be carried out very rap ...1978363118
epizootiology and control of anaplasmosis in south africa.the history of bovine anaplasmosis, or tick-born gallsickness, since the discovery of anaplasma marginale by sir arnold theiler is briefly reviewed. the development of the anaplasma centrale vaccine by theiler, up to the composition of the present vaccine issued by onderstepoort in which the original isolate is still passaged, is discussed in detail. recent transmission studies at onderstepoort have shown that 5 tick species are capable of transmitting anaplasmosis intrastadially, and intrastadi ...1979399978
effect of combined administration of furosemide and aspirin on urinary urate excretion in man.furosemide (20 mg) was administered intravenously to 7 healthy volunteers, before and after 4 days of oral administration of aspirin in uricosuric dosage (1 g daily). aspirin prevented the decrease in urinary urate excretion induced by furosemide, without interfering with its natriuretic action. this finding is suggested to be the result of the opposite and independent effects of the two drugs on tubular reabsorption of urate.1979547103
human very low density lipoproteins stimulate triglyceride synthesis in rat adipose cells. 1979219401
the use of a short and a long acting oxytetracycline for the treatment of anaplasma marginale in splenectomized calves.twenty splenectomized afrikander/simmentaler cross animals were used. eight of these were naturally infected with anaplasma marginale while 12 were infected artificially. when the packed cell volume was reduced to between 24% and 20% during the post splenectomy relapses or primary infections, six animals were treated with a single injection of 20 mg/kg of long acting oxytetracycline (la) and seven animals were treated on two successive days with 10 mg/kg of short acting oxytetracycline (sa). the ...1979551196
comparative efficacy of drugs in bovine anaplasmosis.calves experimentally infected with anaplasma marginale were subjected to chemotherapeutic treatment in groups, each group receiving one drug only. observations were made on clinical signs, haematological changes, parasitaemias and levels of antibodies as measured by the complement fixation test. the most effective treatment was with imidocarb; other drugs which were apparently effective were steclin, terramycin and aureomycin in that order, while chloroquin diphosphate and camoquin gave little ...1979552672
social organization and food resources availability in primates: a socio-bioenergetic analysis of diet and disease obtained during a field study of two species of nonhuman primates (alouatta villosa and ateles geoffroyi) living in the tikal national park in guatemala are used to suggest an answer to the question: to what extent is the existence of a particular form of social organization (group size, structure, and composition) an indication of the amount of energy in the form of food resources available to animals in a particular habitat? seven researchers working in teams spent 2,318 hours in the fiel ...1977403771
in vitro cultivation of anaplasma marginale: invasion of and development in noninfected erythrocytes.ovine erythrocytes infected with attenuated anaplasma marginale organisms were cultured in a suspension of normal ovine erythrocytes and normal bovine erythrocytes for 42 days. in each system, the organism showed an initial period of rapid growth followed by a gradual decrease in the percentage of parasitized erythrocytes accompanied by cyclic peaks. the percentage of infection of ovine erythrocytes were not different when normal ovine or bovine erythrocytes were added to the cultures. in vitro ...1979525898
electron microscope studies of anaplasma marginale in an aedes albopictus culture system.anaplasma marginale was seen by electron microscopy within the cytoplasm of aedes albopictus cells in culture. anaplasma marginale was seen in free bovine rbc as well as in rbc phagocytized by ae albopictus cells. some a marginale organisms, both intracellular and extracellular, remained intact for as long as 60 days in culture, and anaplasma inclusion appendages were seen in free-lysed rbc and in lysed rbc phagocytized by ae albopictus cells. although some a marginale organisms had deteriorated ...1979525907
evaluation of a new long-acting oxytetracycline formulation against anaplasmosis in colombian cattle.a long-acting injectable (terramycin/la) forulated to contain 200 mg/ml of oxytetracycline was tested and compared to a commercially available oxytetracycline injectable (emicina) containing 50 mg/ml in the treatments of experimentally induced anaplasma marginale infection in colombian cattle. group 1, consisting of 10 infected calves, served as non-treated controls. ten infected calves (group 2) were treated with two doses of emicina, each at 10 mg/kg, intramuscularly (im), and another ten infe ...1979483386
evaluation of the anaplasmosis rapid card agglutination test for detecting experimentally-infected elk.anaplasma marginale was experimentally transmitted from cattle to elk to cattle. six intact adult elk (cervus canadensis canadensis) inoculated with freshly collected heparinized blood from cattle chronically infected with a. marginale became asymptomatic carriers. although the elk did not develop clinical or hematologic evidence of infection, they became seropositive by the serum(srca) and plasma rapid card agglutination (prca) tests. blood from the experimentally-infected elk produced disease ...1979501840
serologic and hematologic response of rabbits to anaplasma marginale-infected bovine zeland white rabbits inoculated with anaplasma marginale-infected bovine erythrocytes produced specific humoral antibodies to this parasite. specific antibody production as measured by the card and complement-fixation (cf) tests was maximal in 7 to 21 days after inoculation; however, none of the rabbits became infected. geometric mean cf titers of rabbits inoculated with rbc from cattle with acute anaplasmosis were significantly higher (p less than 0.001) than those of rabbits given rbc from ...1978646203
attempted transmission of anaplasma marginale by haemaphysalis longicornis. 1978655986
survey of the incidence of anaplasmosis among nigerian zebu trade cattle.sera samples from 573 nigerian zebu trade cattle were evaluated by the rapid card agglutination test for antibodies to anaplasma marginale between may and july 1977. the results showed 34 per cent reactors as against 66 per cent negatives. the above results showed a significant level of exposure to the infection among the fulani cattle managed under a husbandry system in which there is no provision for tick control. the significance of this level of exposure to anaplasma marginale in relation to ...1978664019
methods to improve the health of cattle in the tropics: immunisation and chemoprophylaxis against haemoparasitic infections.a study of methods to improve the health of native cattle in tropical areas of colombia showed an advantage using immunisation techniques against haemoparasitic infections in comparison with other control methods. the control of anaplasmosis and babesiosis by immunisation of cattle with fully virulent anaplasma marginale, babesia argentina and b. bigemina is feasible in tropical cattle when the postimmunisation reaction is controlled by appropriate drug therapy. chemoprophylaxis was found less e ...1978664017
bovine abortion associated with anaplasma marginale.during the period from june 1974 to june 1975, five bovine fetuses between seven to nine months old were received for necropsy from four different counties of the s. paulo state, brazil. all of them were from brucellosis-free herds. necropsy revealed slight liver enlargement generally accompanied by capsular petechial hemorrhages. enlargement and congestion of the spleen, epicardial and endocardial petechiae were present in three fetuses and one of them had lungs with some hemorrhagic lobules. c ...1978667708
immunization against anaplasmosis and babesiosis. part ii. evaluation of cryo-preserved vaccines using different doses and routes of inoculation.anaplasma marginale, babesia argentina and babesia bigemina infected blood used as vaccines for immunization trials in valle del cauca, were preserved with 4 molar dimethyl-sulfoxide (4m dmso) and stored in liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees c). the effectivity of the vaccines was determined in 87 healthy calves utilizing serial 10-fold dilutions. the effects of dose, inoculation routes, time and temperature were determined. the minimum infective dose for a. marginale was 10(-3) (2 x 10(6)) when 2 ml ...1978675843
anaplasmosis: a regional serologic survey and oral antibiotic therapy in infected herds.a test and treatment program was conducted in northern idaho and southeastern washington to detect bovine reactors to anaplasma marginale and to achieve anaplasmosis-free status in the herds tested. of 3,920 cattle tested, 214 (5.5%) were reactors; 110 of the reactors (from 7 herds) were tested after being treated orally for 45 days with chlortetracycline or oxytetracycline at a calculated daily dosage of 11 mg/kg of body weight, and all were seronegative. two reactors refused to eat the medicat ...1978659312
elimination of the carrier state of bovine anaplasmosis with a long-acting oxytetracycline.a long-acting formulation of oxytetracycline (l-200) was injected at a dose level of 20 mg/kg intramuscularly into 12 yearling cattle that had been experimentally inoculated with anaplasma marginale 64 days previously. four cattle were treated twice, 4 were treated 3 times, and 4 were treated 4 times. all injections were given once ever 7 days. previous work (unpublished) with this formulation has revealed prolonged blood values following a single injection. the blood (80 ml) of each calf was in ...1978677530
some effects of reduced energy intake on the development of anaplasmosis in bos indicus cross steers.some effects of the plane of nutrition on the development of anaplasmosis in brahman cross steers were investigated. batches of 39 and 30 brahman cross steers, aged approximately 27 months were each divided by stratified randomisation into 4 groups of similar mean pcv and body weight. two similar experiments, designated a and b were conducted. groups 1 and 2 were fed a ration of lucerne chaff at the rate of 1 m cal me/80 kg live weight/day for 8 weeks aimed to reduce body weight by approximately ...1978687262
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