dipeptidylaminopeptidase and carboxypeptidase activities of the brush border of rabbit small intestine. 197830675
histochemical demonstration of acidic glycosaminoglycans in the cell nuclei of the iris and other tissues.using histochemical methods, the presence of acidic glycosaminoglycans in the cell nuclei of 51 human irides and a series of monkey organs was demonstrated. in general, these substances are sensitive to testicular hyaluronidase and chondroitinase abc and also to streptomyces hyaluronidase, when using special staining methods. the specificity of testicular hyaluronidase was tested by inhibition with heparin. by simultaneously staining with alcian blue and feulgen, acidic glycosaminoglycans can be ...197985402
[relationship of the structure of specific somatic antigen polysaccharides in shigella dysenteriae bacteriae to the immunochemical properties]. 197985516
subcellular distribution and molecular heterogeneity of alpha 1-fetoprotein in newborn rat liver. 197986362
immunochemical properties of embryonic and adult specific antigens of chicken erythrocytes. 197986451
immune suppression in vivo with antigen-modified syngeneic cells. ii. t cell-mediated nonresponsiveness to fowl gamma-globulin.intravenous administration of syngeneic spleen cells coupled with the palmitoyl derivative of fowl gammma-globulin (p-f gamma g) results in a profound state of f gamma g-specific tolerance in c57bl/6 mice. administration of p-f gamma g coupled syngeneic cells specifically reduces both the primary and secondary hapten and carrier-specific pfc responses to tnp-f gamma g. since the haptenic response is affected, the tolerance functions at the level of the f gamma g-specific helper t cell. as few as ...197987447
the action of strontium on basophil leukocytes and its use to probe the relationship between immunologic stimulus and secretory response.strontium will substitute for calcium in the activation of histamine secretion from human basophil leukocytes stimulated by an immunologic reaction or by the ionophore a23187. strontium is required in 10-fold higher concentration (1 to 10 mm) to activate histamine release compared with calcium (0.1 to 1.0 mm). in terms of maximum release obtainable for a particular immunologic stimulus, strontium is more effective than calcium. results are presented to show that calcium and strontium act at the ...197987471
genetic polymorphism of the a subunit of human coagulation factor xiii.utilizing a fluorescent technique for the localization of transglutaminase activity after electrophoresis on thin layer agarose gels, we observed a new polymorphism of coagulation factor xiii in both platelets and plasma. the electrophoretic pattern was that of a dimeric protein. homozygotes gave a single band, while heterozygotes presented a three banded pattern. the polymorphism was found to be due to variation of the a subunit. data from australian blood donors indicate that the a subunit of ...197988180
monoclonal antibodies and cell surface antigens. 197988272
tumor-associated antigens in cervical cancer tissues and in sera from patients with cervical cancer or with head and neck cancer.hyperimmune new zealand white rabbit sera prepared against partially purified tumor-associated antigens (taa) of invasive cervical cancer tissues (cacx's) were used to demonstrate taa in cacx's and circulating taa (c-taa) in sera from patients with cervical cancer or with head and neck cancer. anti-cacx serum adsorbed with pooled normal cervical tissue (ncx) antigen preparations and with lyophilized pooled normal human plasma gave precipitin in gel reactions with cacx but not with ncx, which ind ...197988537
the pathophysiology of asthma.because postmortem studies of humans provide little information on the initial pathophysiologic events in asthma, animal models have been developed. recently the ascaris-allergic rhesus monkey has provided an opportunity to examine the onset of pathophysiologic changes following challenge and to correlate them with airway structure. these studies have suggested that the initial interaction between antigen and mast cells may occur in the bronchial lumen or in the epithelium superficial to the tig ...197989006
[neural secretion of histamine by the gastric mucosa and its effects on gastric motility]. 197890747
penicillin and cephalosporin immunogenicity in man.whether cross-allergenicity exists between the penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotics is controversial. a solid-phase radioimmunoassay was adapted to detect drug-specific igg, igm and ige antibodies. penicillin and cephalothin-specific serum immunoglobulins were determined in patients' serum before and after a therapeutic course of sodium cephalothin. changes in igg, igm and ige antipenicillin and anticephalothin antibodies, respectively, occurred and were closely correlated to one another (r ...197992902
[clinical and biochemical contributions on the effect of maprotiline and clomipramine in depressive states (preliminary observation)].this study has been conducted on 17 patients suffering from neurotic and psychotic depressions, who had not received a pharmacological antidepressive therapy since at least 1 month. 6 patients suffering from psychotic depression were treated with 100 mg clomipramine i.v. daily for 20 days; 11 patients, 7 of whom suffered from psychotic depression and 4 from neurotic depression, were treated with 150 mg maprotiline i.v. daily for 20 days. in both groups the therapy has been continued orally. in ...197994169
inhibition of rat pancreatic secretion by neurotensin: mechanism of action.the effect of neurotensin on rat pancreatic secretion was studied in the conscious animal as well as on pancreatic lobules. in vivo neurotensin induced a dose-related inhibition of both water and protein basal secretion. protein secretion was much more depressed than fluid secretion. neurotensin did not modify the pancreatic response to exogenous secretin or cholecystokinin-pancreozymin, or to intraduodenal infusion of hcl. on the other hand neurotensin totally inhibited the increase in volume a ...197994530
[comparative study of 5 alpha-reductase activity in the prostate and the human scalp]. 197994780
synthetic antigens iii. antigen-binding cells to interpolymer of styrene and maleic acid psm and sheep red blood cells in mice immunized with psm.studies on the immune response in mice to a new synthetic antigen interpolymer of styrene and maleic acid (psm) are described. the immune response was measured by determination of antigen binding cells by means of rosette test with psm-coated srbc, an unexpected effect was observed--besides rosette-forming cells for psm, rosette-forming cells and agglutinating antibodies for sheep red cells were found. the results presented in this paper suggest that psm is acting both as an immunogen and a poly ...197994989
pulsus alternans in regionally hypoxic ventricles of open-chest dogs: regional mechanical alternation of potentiation and attenuation of the inotropic state.sustained mechanical alternation appeared after a spontaneous premature ventricular contraction in 6 open-chest dogs during the perfusion of the left circumflex coronary artery by krebs-henseleit solution equilibrated with 5% co2 and 95% n2. the animals were instrumented with a catheter in the left ventricle and ultrasonic crystals in hypoxic and control segments. left ventricular systolic pressure was significantly higher in the strong than in the weak beats with no significant difference of en ...197994997
biochemical and immunochemical studies of alpha-amylase from the salivary glands of the mouse. 197995093
[the correlation of the bioelectrical activity of the archistriatum and the neck muscles of chickens in ontogeny].experiments have been carried out on 14-, 18-day chick embryos and 1-day chicks. studies were made on amplitude-frequency, temporal, integral parameters of eeg in archistriatum and emg in neck muscles, as well as on their crosscorrelation. it was shown that archistriatum eeg may be recorded from the 14th day of incubation. from the 14th to the 18th day, rapid changes in the frequency were observed, from the 18th day--in the amplitude. emg had a pattern of bursts of the bioelectrical activity whi ...197995844
brain and retina uptake of a radio-iodine labeled psychotomimetic in dog and monkey. 197895919
[tuberculin reactions in guinea pigs injected with virulent and avirulent tubercle bacilli]. 197896433
clinical relevance of the liver-specific lipoprotein (lsp). 197896648
the double flash erg during adaptation to the dark.electroretinogram (erg) of albino rabbits and rheusus monkeys were recorded in a dark room applying the double flash stimuli after a sufficient adaptation to light. the stimulus intervals of the flashes were varied. the per cent amplitudes of the ergs for the first flashes (b1) and those of the second flashes (b2) were plotted against time, as was (b1-b2)/b1 (=k). 1. b1 was independent of the stimulus interval in both species, and increased with lapse of time to reach a plateau. 2. b2 was quite ...197896656
indirect chromosomal fluorescence with antibody to 7, 12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene. 197896836
genetic aspects of immunologic abnormalities in new zealand mouse strains. 197896842
differential effects of prostaglandin synthetase stimulators on inhibition of cyclooxygenase.the different effects of prostaglandin synthetase stimulators on inhibition of the cyclooxygenase by structurally distinct classes of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents suggest that the enzyme is altered by interaction with these stimulators. reversible stimulation of prostaglandin synthetase activity by phenols and some other compounds and the relative influence of these stimulators on inhibitors of the cyclooxygenase were determined quantitatively. two distinct classes of inhibitors were est ...197896853
role of carbohydrate residues of human chorionic gonadotropin in stimulation of progesterone secretion by cultures of monkey granulosa cells. 197896881
[intracellular distribution of two lysosomal enzymes in newborn rat liver].the distribution of two lysosomal markers (beta-acetylglucosaminidase and acid phosphatase) between liver fractions was studied in the newborn rat. the results indicate that after birth the hydrolase-bearing particles increased in size and had a lower density than the primary lysosomes. these modifications may be related to the autophagic-vacuole formation known to occur during this period.197896999
lysosomal acid hydrolases of normal adipose tissues of man, monkey and rat. 197897094
coagulation changes following vasectomy: a study in primates.thirty vasectomized rhesus monkeys were tested for changes in coagulation factors that might reflect an increased incidence of thrombosis. the results of tests on these monkeys were compared with results of tests on 18 control rhesus monkeys; there were no significant differences between control and vasectomized animals for any of the parameters tested. one vasectomized animal had increased levels of fibrin monomer in his plasma on repeated samples, but no evidence of thrombosis on postmortem ex ...197897098
[soil foci of anthrax in kiev province and their sanitation]. 197897175
non-transformable mutants of bacillus subtilis defective in the penetration of dna into the cell.four non-transformable mutants of bacillus subtilis 168 defective in the penetration of dna into the recipient cell were isolated. all mutants were fully non-transformable with mutation in genes influencing irreversible binding of the donor dna by the recipient cell.197897186
the use of ferret trachea organ cultures for therapeutic studies of anti-influenzal drugs. ii. comparison of four compounds in tissue culture and in organ culture. 197897260
separation and characterization of anti-benzylpenicilloyl (bpo) antibodies. ii. immunological properties of different igg fractions.affinity chromatography and subsequent ion-exchange chromatography of pooled anti-benzylpenicilloyl (anti-bpo) hyperimmune sera separated 5 different anti-bpo igg fractions as described in the preceding paper. these fractions were tested for activities in passive hemagglutination (pha), passive immune hemolysis (pih), antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (adcc) and influence on igm-induced hemolysis. it was found that anti-bpo igg fractions with low avidity (dissociation constant k = 4.4--6. ...197897350
[transplantation of the big toe from the foot to the hand in monkeys using a microsurgical technic]. 197897465
the preparation and use of antibodies as diagnostic biochemical probes. 197897493
variable region genes for the immunoglobulin framework are assembled from small segments of dna--a hypothesis.sequences of each of the four framework segments fr1, fr2, fr3, and fr4 of the variable regions (v-regions) of light and heavy chains of immunoglobulins were grouped into sets with identical sequences. sets contained from 1 to 18 members. when each v-region was traced from one fr to the next, it was seen that members of the same set in fr1 could be associated with different sets in fr2, fr3, and fr4. this suggests that the framework for the light and heavy chain v-regions is assembled during emb ...197897670
[histochemistry of the ball cell in larval epidermis of xenopus laevis daudin].presented investigations of chemical composition and metabolism of ball cell in larval epidermis of xenopus point to a regressive shape of cell corresponding to former light and electron microscopical findings. the lower requirements of energy of this cell are covered by glycolysis and possibly by pentose phosphate cycle. our hypothesis of pressure-elastic ball of cell as structural element of larval epidermis could been further supported.197897905
[the qualification of different ditetrazolium salts as indicators in the oxido-reductase histochemistry (author's transl)].15 ditetrazolium salts were examined to prove their qualities for histochemical techniques. the succinate dehydrogenase, the lactate dehydrogenase and the diaphorase i in hearts, muscles, livers, kidneys and brains of rats were demonstrated for it. the results show that nbt is the best allround tetrazolium salt for the histochemical demonstration of dehydrogenases. for the study of special questions it is suitable to use other tetrazolium salts, too.197897910
in vitro antibacterial activity of amikacin and ticarcillin, alone and in combination, against pseudomonas vitro antimicrobial susceptibility studies using amikacin and ticarcillin, alone and in combination, were performed on 20 strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa. all strains were susceptible to amikacin, and ticarcillin was active against 16 of the 20 strains. enhanced anti-pseudomonas activity could be demonstrated with the combination of amikacin and ticarcillin.197898109
cellular uptake, transport, and macromolecular binding of benzo(a)pyrene and 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene by human cells in vitro. 197898231
effects of dihydroegocristine on glucagon induced lipolysis and insulin release in man. 197898422
a device for chronic access to brain in conscious monkeys. 197898436
evidence that the regulation of diphtheria toxin production is directed at the level of has been known for several decades that iron inhibits the production of diphtheria toxin by corynebacterium diphtheriae by preventing expression at maximal levels. we examined the inhibition kinetics of toxin production after the addition of either iron or rifampin to iron-limited cultures of c7 (betatox+). iron-mediated inhibition of toxin production was found to be linear within the range of 16 nm to 16 micron. the inhibition kinetics following the addition of iron or rifampin was almost id ...197898519
the use of iodinated antibody in immunodiffusion analysis to detect yeast nonsense termination fragments.a sensitive procedure based on the use of iodinated antibody allows the detection of antigenic material by double-diffusion analysis. an autoradiographed immunodiffusion pattern reveals distinct radio-labeled precipitation lines for an extract of yeast with wild type his4 protein and for extracts of mutants containing his4 nonsense fragments.197898590
[pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in patients with thermal lesions]. 197898664
[transplantation of langerhans' islands]. 197899549
blood groups of macaques:a comparative study.distribution of the human-type and of the simian-type blood groups in rhesus, crab-eating, bonnet, pig-tailed and stump-tailed macaques revealed significant similarities and differences among these species. human-type a--b-o blood groups cut across taxonomic lines and seem less value for taxonomic purposes than the simian-type blood groups detected by cross-reacting isoimmune rhesus monkey sera.1978101667
weight and size of the placenta in cynomolgus monkeys (macaca fascicularis).a gross anatomical survey of the placental development was carried out in 24 cynomolgus monkeys (macaca fascicularis) of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15 and 20 weeks of gestational age. eight of the 24 placentas examined were found to be single discoidal and the remaining 16 bidiscoidal. the weight and size of placentas of each animal were measured. the average weight of the 20th week placentas was about 94 times heavier than that of the 4th week ones; the average diameter of the former was about 5 tim ...1978101705
a comparison of tissue gold levels in guinea-pigs after treatment with myocrisin injected intramuscularly and triethylphosphine gold chloride and myocrisin administered orally.a comparative study of tissue gold levels produced in guinea-pigs after the oral administration of either triethylphosphine gold chloride or myocrisin (sodium aurothiomalate) or after the injection of myocrisin intramuscularly is reported. gold concentrations were determined 5, 24 and 168 hours after administration in stomach, small intestine, large intestine, kidney, liver and spleen and 5 and 24 hours after administration in skin, adrenals, heart, lung and brain. in gastrointestinal tissues, t ...1978102133
immunological heterogeneity of haemophilia b: a multicentre study of 98 electroimmunoassay with a precipitating rabbit anti-human factor ix antiserum and an inhibitor neutralization assay with a non-precipitating homologous antibody were used to measure factor ix antigen (ix:ag) in 117 patients from 98 kindreds with haemophilia b; and to investigate in a mixed population the incidence of different immunological types of the disease. although the two assays showed an excellent correlation, the electroimmunoassay was selected for its simplicity as a criterion for c ...1978103564
antigenic relationship between influenza c viruses.the object of this study was to determine whether antigenic groupings exist among influenza c viruses. altogether seven influenza type c strains were examined by reciprocal haemagglutination-inhibition and serum neutralization tests with sera produced in ferrets. some biological properties were also compared and differences were found in their ability to agglutinate erythrocytes from various species, in their ability to adsorb onto rat and fowl erythrocytes, and in their rates of elution from th ...1978104696
effect of spa waters from the hisar health resort springs "momina banja" and "momina salza" on experimentally induced gastric ulcer. 1978104904
isolation and characterization of an endogenous inhibitor of protein synthesis in escherichia coli k-12.a low-molecular-weight factor was isolated from cell extracts of escherichia coli k-12. the concentration of the factor in cells was dependent upon nutritional conditions, the concentration being higher in faster growing cells. treatment of cells with colicin k caused an increase in concentration of the factor. the factor inhibited protein synthesis in e. coli. this inhibition was reversible, apparently because of metabolism of the factor. the inhibition of synthesis of beta-galactosidase lasted ...1979104965
effects of local anesthetics on bacterial cells.the membrane effects of chlorpromazine, nupercain, tetracain, and procain were studied using bacillus cereus, b. megaterium, b. subtilis, and streptococcus faecalis, protoplasts from s. faecalis, and isolated membranes from b. subtilis. chlorpromazin, nupercain, and tetracain produced characteristic micromorphological alterations after treatment for 5 to 30 min at ph 7.0 and 20 degrees c; the membrane staining pattern changed from asymmetric to symmetric, complex mesosome-like structures appeare ...1979104970
the study of blood parameters in rats after administration of synthetic glycocorticoids. 1978106410
a monolayer study of the reaction of trinitrobenzene sulphonic acid with amino phospholipids.the reaction of trinitrobenzene sulphonic acid with amino phospholipids, and in particular phosphatidylethanolamine has been studied by the monolayer technique. injection of trinitrobenzene sulphonic acid under a monolayer of amino phospholipid results in an increase in surface pressure. the rate and extent of the pressure change is greatly affected by the initial surface pressure, the fatty acid composition of the lipid, and the presence of other non-reactive lipids, especially negatively charg ...1979106889
primary structure of a human iga1 immunoglobulin. iv. streptococcal iga1 protease, digestion, fab and fc fragments, and the complete amino acid sequence of the alpha 1 heavy order to establish the complete amino acid sequence of the human iga alpha1 chain bur, iga1 protease from streptococcus sanguis was employed to generate fabalpha and fcalpha fragments in the final stage of this investigation. cyanogen bromide cleavage of the fabalpha fragment followed by reduction and aminoethylation produced the fd' fragment (residues 84 to 227); this contains part of the variable region (vr), the whole first constant domain (calpha1), and part of the hinge region of this he ...1979107164
experimental and postexperimental effects of posteriorly directed extraoral traction in adult macaca fascicularis.the experimental, postexperimental, and postretention effects of continuous high-pull headgear force application to the maxilla were evaluated in four adult, nongrowing macaca fascicularis monkeys. force was applied at 450 grams per side to face-bows attached to cast maxillary splints with an implanted occipital plug for anchorage. the active experimental phase lasted from 84 days to 205 days, and its effects were documented histologically, cephalometrically, and with dry skull preparations. pos ...1979107807
interconversion between multiple glucose 6-phosphate-dependent forms of glycogen synthase in intact adipose tissue.we have tested the hypothesis that interconversion between multiple glucose-6-p-dependent forms of glycogen synthase helps regulate glycogen synthesis in adipose tissue. our results indicate that interconversion of glycogen synthase in adipose tissue involves primarily dependent forms and that these interconversions were measured better by monitoring the activation constant (a0.5) for glucose-6-p than measuring the -: + glucose-6-p activity ratio. insulin decreased and epinephrine increased the ...1979108279
field potentials and excitation of primate spinothalamic neurones in response to volleys in muscle afferents.1. in anesthetized monkeys, stimulation of muscle afferents results in a sequence of cord dorsum potentials. these include a group i volley followed by several negative potentials called here the ni, nii and niii waves. 2. evidence based on the effects of graded stimulus strengths, measurements of latencies, and the results of anodal blockade of large muscle afferents indicate that the ni, nii and niii waves are evoked, respectively, by group i, ii and iii muscle afferents. 3. the nii and niii w ...1979108390
effects of mechanical and chemical stimulation of fine muscle afferents upon primate spinothalamic tract cells.1. injections of algesic chemicals were made into the arterial circulation of the triceps surae muscles in anaesthetized monkeys. 2. the responses of a sample of primary muscle afferents suggest that what is known about the activation of muscle afferents in the cat by algesic agents applies also to the monkey. one exception to this is the activation of many group i afferents by kcl in the monkey, but not in the cat. 3. many spinothalamic tract cells were powerfully excited by the intra-arterial ...1979108391
bacterial ribosomes with two ambiguity mutations: effects of translational fidelity, on the response to aminoglycosides and on the rate of protein synthesis.a set of mutants affected in translational fidelity was constructed by transduction within an otherwise isogenic escherichia coli b argf40 argr11 background. alterations in ribosomal proteins s4, s5, s12 and l6 either as single mutations or in various combinations were compared for their effects on aminoglycoside phenotypes, on in vivo and in vitro misreading and on the rate of peptide bond formation. results may be summarized as follows: (i) strains carrying two ambiguity mutations on the ribos ...1979108518
mao inhibition and the effects of centrally administered lsd, serotonin, and 5-methoxytryptamine on the conditioned avoidance response in rats.pretreatment with the mao-inhibitors iproniazid, clorgyline, or deprenyl abolishes the effects of lsd on the conditioned avoidance response (car) in rats. the effects of serotonin (5-ht) and 5-methoxytryptamine (5-mt) are greatly potentiated by these substances. brain levels of lsd are not affected by mao inhibition whereas levels of 5-ht and 5-mt are significantly elevated. it is postulated that the decreased behavioral response to lsd is the result of 'mao inhibitor-induced' changes whereas th ...1979108709
the effect of clonidine withdrawal on total 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol in the rat brain.the effect of clonidine withdrawal on the brain norepinephrine system was studied in the rat. clonidine suppresses brain total 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol (mhpg) significantly and no tolerance to this effect was observed up to 21 days. cessation of clonidine treatment resulted in an elevation in the level of brain total mhpg. the suitability of the clonidine withdrawal syndrome as a model of bipolar depression is discussed.1979108714
dietary modification of amphetamine stereotyped behaviour: the action of tryptophan, methionine, and lysine.rats fed diets high in tryptophan, methionine, and tryptophan plus methionine or lysine were subsequently injected with 10 mg/kg d-amphetamine. the amount of amphetamine-induced stereotyped behaviour observed varied as a function of the dietary addition, with methionine showing the greatest difference to controls, and lysine the least. whole brain catecholamine levels and 5-hydroxytryptamine levels also showed amino acid-specific changes.1979108724
double antibody specificity of lymphoid cells isolated from normal human intestinal mucosa.lymphoid cells were isolated from normal human mucosal specimens. a certain fraction of these cells exhibited double antibody specificities at the levels of both light kappa and lambda chains and heavy mu and gamma chains. the variable frequency with which these cells were detected appears to be a characteristic of this population. they represent a very low proportion of the total number of cells isolated.1979114243
commissural columns in the sensory-motor cortex of monkeys.callosally projecting cells and the terminal ramifications of their axons were identified in the monkey sensory-motor cortex by retrograde and anterograde labeling techniques, often by double labeling cells and axons in the same animal. bundles of callosal fibers terminate in small column-like zones 0.5-1 mm wide in the motor cortex (area 4) and in the first (si) and second (sii) somatic sensory areas. such columns are aligned in register to form elongated strips extending mediolaterally in the ...1979115905
[an experimental study on pseudomonas osteomyelitis with special reference to the production of experimental osteomyelitis in mice (author's transl)].i) the author has successfully produced a model of experimental osteomyelitis caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa using the following procedure though such a demonstration has been said to be very difficult. after impregnation in a solution containing about 10(5) pseudomonas aeruginosa, 3 mm silk thread of no. 5 was dried under low-pressure atmosphere and then inserted into the metaphysis of right tibia of a mouse. this method can be produced experimental osteomyelitis in 100% of the animals. in th ...1979115949
renal malakoplakia with renal vein thrombosis. 1979116513
residues of ddt in a norwegian fruitgrowing district two and four years after the termination of ddt usage.this study describes the extent of ddt contamination in a typical fruit growing district in norway two and four years after the ddt ban. residues of ddt in man, dairy cows and soil were about five to one hundred times higher than in the control groups, while residues found in samples from the marine biota were the same or moderately higher (figure 3). the residues of ddt in cows, gulls and parts of the marine samples showed a significant decrease from 1972 to 1974, while the level in soil was al ...1979120139
[possible causes determining the developmental rhythm of populations of the nasopharyngeal gadfly of sheep, oestrus ovis l. (diptera, oestridae)].on the basis of observations undertaken in azerbaijan and available literary data the author considers the hypotheses concerning the reasons causing the delay of the ist instar larvae development and determining the age structure changes in population of oestrus ovis l. within a year. the main reasons are as follows: factors depending on the population density at the larval phase, the light day duration within the life cycle of the botfly females.1975124845
mechanisms by which li+ stimulates the (na+ and k+)-dependent atpase.the addition of licl stimulated the (na+ + k+)-dependent atpase activity of a rat brain enzyme preparation. stimulation was greatest in high na+/low k+ media and at low mg-atp concentrations. apparent affinities for li+ were estimated at the alpha-sites (moderate-affinity sites for k+ demonstrable in terms of activation of the associated k+-dependent phosphatase reaction), at the beta-sites (high-affinity sites for k+ demonstrable in terms of activation of the overall atpase reaction), and at th ...1975127624
cadmium-induced experimental fanconi syndrome.we have demonstrated that repetitive injections of cadmium into rats leads to the abrupt development of fanconi syndrome after the renal cortical concentration of cadmium has increased approximately eighty-fold. the syndrome is temporally associated with a fall in both na-k-atpase activity and atp levels, suggesting a possible causal relationship between altered proximal tubular transport and inhibition of the atp-na-k-atpase transport system.1975127688
[androgen metabolism and leydig-cell function in acute and chronic liver disease (author's transl)].diurnal variations of plasma testosterone and urinary excretion rates of testosterone-, androsterone-, aetiocholanolone-, and dha-glucuronide, as well as dha-sulphate were measured before and after selective leydig-cell stimulation (with 3 x 5000 iu human gonadotrophin) in eight patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis, ten with acute hepatitis and four with haemochromatosis. the circadian variation of plasma testosterone and the maximal testosterone concentration after human gonadotrophin stimul ...1975127698
denervation and reinnervation of fast and slow muscles. a histochemical study in rats.a histochemical study, using myosin-adenosine triphosphatase activity at ph 9.4, was conducted in soleus and plantaris muscles of adult rats, after bilateral crushing of the sciatic nerve at the sciatic notch. the changes in fiber diameter and per cent composition of type i and type ii fibers plus muscle weights were evaluated along the course of denervation-reinnervation curve at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 weeks postnerve crush. the study revealed that in the early denervation phase (up to 2 weeks postcr ...1975127809
monoaminergic mechanisms in aversive brain these experiments we have examined the role of brain monoamines in the fearlike aversive responses produced by the electrical stimulation of the dorsal midbrain tegmentum (dmt). chronic bipolar stimulating electrodes were bilaterally implanted into the dmt of 77 rats. electrical stimulation via 34 of these electrodes produced fearlike, escape seeking responses. these animals were then trained for stable stimulus escape using a decremental bar pressing paradigm. in this paradigm, each bar pre ...1975128009
effects of implanted doppler flowmeters on femoral vein autografts.thirteen femoral vein autografts were placed into the corresponding ipsilateral femoral arteries of 8 mongrel dogs. cuff-type doppler (ultrasonic) flowmeters were placed around six of the grafts. none of the vessels thrombosed. blood flow velocities were measured in all vessels up until the time of sacrifice (mean 95 +/- 5 days after surgery) or accidental death (one dog, 49 days after surgery). the only case of graft failure was attributed to infection at the flowmeter site. with this single ex ...1976130843
[spontaneous peripheral proteolysis/1st communication: method and results of clinical examinations (author's transl)].with a modificated astrup-fibrin plate-method also an inhibition of proteolysis can be registrated. in various medical areas a spontaneous peripheral proteolysis had been found, especially so in chronical bacterial infections.1976132940
biochemical study of testosterone in skin: in vivo and in vitro metabolism of testosterone in rat skin. 1977143191
cardiac hypertrophy and antihypertensive therapy.biochemical (myocardial dna, rna, and hydroxyproline) and humoral (plasma [pra] and kidney [kra] renin activity) factors were determined in spontaneously hypertensive rats (shr) and normotensive wistar controls (nr) before and following treatment with minoxidil or propranolol. minoxidil (150 mg.litre-1 drinking water) effectively controlled blood pressure (17.3 kpa vs 24.9 kpa [130 mmhg vs 187 mmhg], p less than 0.001) despite marked and sustained increases in both pra and kra ventricular weight ...1977145319
laparoscopic examination of the reproductive tracts of gilts using a special crate.a crate for restraining gilts for routine laparoscopic examination of the reproductive tract is described, together with the techniques employed in anaesthesia and laparoscopy. the procedure is efficient, allowing two operators to examine 4-5 gilts per hour.1978148883
morphologic and functional characteristics of human intestinal lymphoid cells isolated by a mechanical technique. 1979153255
chromosomal aberrations and congenital heart diseases.the incidence of chromosomal aberration with chd is 10.5% in the autopsy cases. 2. the characteristic major cardiac malformations associated with chromosomal aberration are conal abnormality, abnormal septation and cardiac valve abnormalities. 3. the characteristic association of chromosomal aberration and chd is cavo in down syndrome, triple shunts and multivalvular disease in 18 trisomy, shunts in delition syndrome and coarctation of the aorta in turner syndrome. 4. minor cardiac anomalies ass ...1978153412
protein and glycoprotein electrophoretic patterns of enriched fractions of primary and secondary granules from guinea pig polymorphonuclear leukocytes.the postnuclear supernatant fraction of sucrose homogenates of guinea pig polymorphonuclear leukocytes (pmnl) was subjected to differential centrifugation to obtain a total particulate fraction, a particle-free supernatant fraction, highly enriched fractions of primary and secondary granules, and a membrane-rich fraction. the various fractions were solubilized in buffer containing sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds) and analyzed for protein and glycoproteincomponents by sds -polyacrylamide gel electrop ...1975166079
stereochemistry of the hydrogen transfer to nad catalyzed by d-galactose dehydrogenase from pseudomonas fluorescens.the stereochemistry of the hydrogen transfer to nad catalyzed by d-galactose dehydrogenase (e.c. from p. fluorescens was investigated. the label at c-1 of d-[1--3h] galactose was enzymatically transferred to nad and the resulting [4--3h]nadh was isolated and its stereochemistry at c-4 investigated. it was found that the label was exclusively located at the 4(s) position in nadh which calls for classification as a b-enzyme. this result was confirmed by an alternate approach in which [4- ...1975167851
immunization against experimental chagas' disease by using culture forms of trypanosoma cruzi killed with a solution of sodium against infection with virulent blood (trypomastigote) forms of trypanosoma cruzi was accomplished in mice by immunization with culture (mainly epimastigote) forms killed by treatment with sodium perchlorate. sodium chloride, used instead of sodium perchlorate, with all other conditions kept the same, failed to kill all the organisms, indicating that the effects of the perchlorate anion were not simply ionic or osmotic, suggesting that they might be chaotropic. a single dose of the im ...1975170200
morphogenesis of sindbis virus in cultured aedes albopictus cells.cultured mosquito cells were found to produce sindbis virus nearly as efficiently as bhk-21 cells at 28 c. in virtually all of the cells observed in the electron microscope, virus morphogenesis was found to occur within complex vesicular structures which developed after viral infection. viral nucleocapsids were first seen in these vesicles and appeared to be enveloped within these structures. the process of envelopment within these inclusions differed in some respects from the process previously ...1975170422
interaction in culture between mouse ascites hepatoma (mh-134) cells and lymphoid cells of isologous mice.thymocytes or lymphocytes of mesenteric lymph nodes were obtained from mice bearing subcutaneously mouse ascites hepatoma mh-134 for 5 to 40 days. these lymphoid cells were added into the cultures of mh-134 cells. morphological changes of cells in the mixed cultures were observed by time-lapse cinemicrography for the period of 4 weeks. lymphoid cells were phagocytosed by mh-134 cells, and, in most cases, the tumor cells did not undergo any damage due to the phagocytosis. the exceptional cases we ...1975171464
estrogen receptor in rat liver and its dependence on prolactin.estrogen receptor is shown to be present in the livers of adult rats. the receptor binds estradiol-17beta with a kd of 1 x 10(-10) m and sediments at 8 s in sucrose gradients. other estrogens and anti-estrogens compete for estradiol binding, while nonestrogenic steroids do not. receptor levels fall dramatically after hypophysectomy, but can be partially restored within 18 hours by a single injection of prolactin. it is known that prolactin critically regulates the level of its own receptor in th ...1975173045
protein kinases in hepatoma, and adult and fetal liver of the rat. i. subcellular distribution. 1975173307
purification and some properties of rabbit skeletal muscle fructose 6-phosphate kinase inhibitor.the loss of activity of rabbit skeletal muscle fpk on storage and its restoration by atp, amp and cyclic amp has prompted us to look for an inhibitory unit of the enzyme. we have purified this inhibitory factor from the crude muscle extract and isolated from crystalline fpk; both proteins have the same mw of about 68,000 (sds). carboxymethylation revealed species of lower molecular weight. it is suggested that two different kinds of fpk exist, one composed only of "active" subunits and another c ...1975173415
radiation-enhanced murine sarcoma virus genome rescue activity.although the doses of x-ray (312-2,500 r) used for irradiation of cells caused impairment of dna synthesis and cell replication, co-cultivation of x-irradiated mulv- carrier cells with un-irradiated nonproducer cells of msv-induced tumour resulted in as much as 20-fold increase in msv retrieval compared with the un-irradiated control. the enhancement was apparent also as a 3-fold increase in the number of cells producing msv (infectious centers) in the co-cultivation plate. this suggested that t ...1975173498
procollagen biosynthesis by embryonic-chick-bone polysomes. estimation of the relative numbers of active proalpha1 and proalpha2 messenger ribonucleic acids.both total polysomes and polysomes of different size classes isolated from embryonic chick cranial bones were allowed to complete their nascent polypeptide chains in a cell-free system containing rabbit reticulocyte post-ribosomal supernatant fraction. in this system, no de novo initiation of polypeptide synthesis occurred. the product was analysed for relative content of proalpha1 and proalpha2, the precursors of the alpha chains of collagen, by dodecylsulphate-acrylamide gel electrophoresis as ...1975173541
[influence of accessory substances of the preparation vitamin d-3 sol. aguosa on the picture of rickets in rats]. 1975174392
whooping cough in infancy. 1976174428
[concentration of mono-, di- and triphosphoinositides in the brains of different aged rats]. 1975175304
[fluorometric detection of the quality of fitc-conjugates for parainfluenca diagnosis in the fat (author's transl)]. 1975175624
chemotherapeutic effects of some alkylating derivatives of nitrosourea on the development of tumors transplacentally induced in rats by enu.the application of bcnu, ccnu and meccnu has been shown to greatly reduce the number of tumors induced in rats by transplacentally administered enu and to inhibit the full development of tumor proliferation. moreover, no neurinomas appeared after treatment with ccnu. the application of gcnu proved to be much less effective. our statistics in the form of tables showing these findings are included and discussed.1976175631
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