the puzzle of "urethral syndrome": a possible answer?82 strains of slow-growing, co2-dependent, gram-positive organisms have been isolated from the urine of 9 male and 73 female patients. 100% of the men and 93% of the women had urinary symptoms at the time of isolation, and 66% of the specimens showed pyuria. these organisms might account for the urinary symptoms of some patients previously diagnosed as having "urethral syndrome". preliminary data show that, if appropriate antibacterial treatment is given, most of these patients become symptom-fr ...197986778
[cutaneous leishmaniasis. alcoy: an endemic zone]. 197992178
alpha-feto-protein (afp) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) as biochemical markers of intracranial germ-cell tumours. 197992878
viability and endogenous substrates used during starvation survival of rhodospirillum rubrum.cells of rhodospirillum rubrum were grown photoorganotrophically and chemoorganotrophically and then starved for organic carbon and combined nitrogen under four conditions: anaerobically in the light and dark and aerobically in the light and dark. illumination prolonged viability and suppressed the net degradation of cell material of phototrophically grown cells, but had no effect on chemotrophically grown cells that did not contain bacteriochlorophyll. the half-life survival times of carbohydra ...197896087
lower levels of thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading activity in human cord and in maternal sera than in the serum of euthyroid, nonpregnant adults.thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh)-degrading activity was investigated in human cord, maternal, and euthyroid adult sera by measuring (a) the rate of disappearance of trh and (b) the rate of formation of degradation products. the rate of trh degradation in cord and maternal sera was 25-33% of that in euthyroid adult serum. concomitantly, in cord and maternal sera, the rate of formation of proline, a major trh degradation product in serum, was one-quarter to one-third that in euthyroid adult ser ...197896140
pre-proparathyroid hormone; amino acid sequence, chemical synthesis, and some biological studies of the precursor region.the precursor of bovine proparathyroid hormone was synthesized by translation of parathyroid mrna in a wheat-germ cell-free system. the amino acid sequence of the nh2-terminal extension (the pre sequence) was determined by repetitive edman degradation of the polypeptide labeled with radioactive amino acids (radiosequencing). the pre sequence of pre-proparathyroid hormone is (formula: see text) which is followed by the sequence of proparathyroid hormone. it is significant that 20 of the 25 amino ...197896437
[serological survey of animal rickettsioses in cameroon. i. evaluation of the threshold of positivity and specificity of the micro-agglutination reaction as related to the size of the animal]. 197796947
comparison of continuous and discontinuous counterimmunoelectrophoresis with immunodiffusion in identification of candida antibody using hs antigen.we have compared continuous counterimmunoelectrophoresis (ccie) and discontinuous counterimmunoelectrophoresis (dcie) with immunodiffusion (id) in the identification of candida albicans antibody using hs antigen. eighteen sera with a titer of 1/1 to 1/32 1/32 by ccie were titered by ccie and id. fewer were positive by ccie and id (13 of 18 and 9 of 18, respectively). furthermore, the titers were lower when measured by these two methods in comparison to dcie (4 of 18 and 3 of 18 sera had titers g ...197897308
thermophilic methanogenesis in a hot-spring algal-bacterial mat (71 to 30 degrees c).algal-bacterial mats which grow in the effluent channels of alkaline hot springs provided an environment suitable for studying natural thermophilic methane producing bacteria. methane was rapidly produced in cores taken from the meat and appeared to be an end product of decomposition of the algal-bacterial organic matter. formaldehyde prevented production of methane. initial methanogenic rate was lower and methanogenesis became exponential when samples were permitted to cool before laboratory in ...197898110
changes in composition of tears of malnourished children. 197898738
[some aspects relating to the aflatoxin generation during the self-heating of cereals].in a stored batch of grain which was already affected by mould-formation tests were carried out with the known aflatoxin producer aspergillus flavus. a significantly lower aflatoxin production ensued if the mould growth was not connected with self-heating of the stored product. however, in conformity with increasing mould formation the germinating power was adversely affected and the significant signs (fatty acid number, reductive and none-reductive sugars) were influenced in the grain, irreleve ...197898933
implications for adult roles from differential styles of mother-infant bonding: an ethological study.ethological observations of maternal and infant behaviors of nine vervet monkey pairs (cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus) showed the effects of differential styles of early maternal responsiveness on later infant competence. those infants receiving the least amount of maternal responsiveness and the most time-off the mother in the first 3 months of development were more socially competent at 6 months of age. the results are discussed within current ethological "attachment" theories. the detachment ...1979105083
scanning electron microscopy of uncoated human metaphase chromosomes.human metaphase chromosomes were processed with a 3% glutaraldehydetannic acid technique and examined in a scanning electron microscope at 20 kv either without added metal coating or with 2 nm of sputtered gold coating. several substrates--aluminum mnium foil, silver mirror deposit and sputtered gold-provided good conductive backgrounds for chromosomal spreads. silver mirror deposit was the best conductive substrate tested. this method should prove to be a useful tool for monitoring the three-di ...1979107316
membrane potential and reconstitution. 1979110998
[oculomotor reflex evoked by vibrassae stimulation in the cat].the oculomotor effects of vibrissae stimulation have been studied in the "encéphale isolé" non-anaesthetized cat. intracellular recording of lateral rectus motoneurones showed an excitatory projection via the ipsilateral infraorbital nerve to these motoneurones. the afferent fibers are type a alpha, recuited with a low threshold (0.2-0.5 ma) and convey information about vibrissae displacement.1979120789
[histochemical and quantitative studies of rna in the thyroid epithelium under the influence of thyrotropic hormone (tsh)]. 1975127942
[influence of microflora on the metabolism of l-threonine at the level of the rat digestive tract].intestinal tissues are found to incorporate l threonine 14cu at faster rate in the absence of microflora. most of the radioactivity of the digestive contents occurs in the tca soluble compounds, except in the coecum and large intestine of the conventional rats where the microflora synthetized its own proteins from the labelled digestive material. free threonine is the main labelled soluble compound in the conventional rats digestive contents. in the other hand, in the germfree rats digestive con ...1976134804
stimulation of late interphase dictyostelium discoideum amoebae with an external cyclic amp signal.the microelectrode system described in the accompanying paper was used to investigate properties of fields of dictyostelium discoideum amoebae in late interphase. cells in the fields were competent to respond chemotactically to, and to relay, a c-amp signal, but not to produce an aggregative signal autonomously. the experimental results are generally consistent with c-amp being the sole compound required for chemotaxis and signal relaying. a periodic signal from the microelectrode can initiate a ...1975167879
holoendemic cytomegalovirus infection in renal transplant recipients. 1976183385
actin-related gelation of ehrlich tumour cell extracts is reversibly inhibited by low concentrations of ca2+. 1978203867
age-dependent increase in the formation of prostaglandin i2 by intact and homogenised aortae from the developing spontaneously hypertensive rat.the prostaglandin i2 biosynthetic capacity of aortae from spontaneously hypertensive rats of various ages (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 months) was investigated. an age-dependent increase in enzyme activity was observed reaching maximum by three months of age which correlated well with the age- related increase in the systolic blood pressure. these results support our notion that the enhanced aortic synthesis of the potent vasodepressor prostaglandin i2 by the spontaneously hypertensive rat likely represen ...1979383156
effect of increased static lung recoil on bronchial dimesions of excised lungs.we measured bronchial diameters and lengths during static deflation and inflation in eight excised dog lobes before and after static lung recoil (pst(l)) had been significantly increased by cooling the lobe for 48 h at 4 degrees c and ventilating it for 3 h. in control lobes, bronchial diameters were the same at any volume even though pst(l) was different during inflation and deflation. these results agree with those of hughes et al. (j. appl. physiol. 32: 25-35, 1972). however, when pst(l) was ...19751176409
production of hemagglutinins and pili by vibrio mimicus and its adherence to human and rabbit small intestines in vitro.clinical isolate of vibrio mimicus were examined for production of cell-associated hemagglutinin (ha) and pili and for adherence to formalin-fixed human intestinal mucosa. v. mimicus grown on cfa agar for 3 h at 37 degrees c possessed ha and adhered better to the mucus layer than to the epithelial cell surface. a significant correlation was found between the ha titers and adherence ability to the epithelial cell surface of villi (p less than 0.05); adherence to the ileal lymphoid follicle-associ ...19921349543
lipopolysaccharide composition and virulence properties of clinical and environmental strains of vibrio fluvialis and vibrio mimicus.vibrio mimicus strains w-26768 (stool isolate) and n-1301 (environmental isolate) and vibrio fluvialis strains aa-18239 (stool isolate) and m-940 (environmental isolate) were studied for virulence properties and lipopolysaccharide composition. all four strains were hydrophobic, produced cytotoxin, adhered to hela cells and showed mannose-sensitive agglutination of guinea pig erythrocyte. the strains were negative for enterotoxin production and were mostly susceptible to the common antibiotics. t ...19921383675
ultrastructural alterations of brain cortex in rat following intraperitoneal administration of mercuric chloride.intraperitoneal administration of a single dose (6 mg/kg body weight) of mercuric chloride (hgcl2) results in ultrastructural changes in brain cortex of the rats. 18 hours after administration of hgcl2 the accumulation of dense deposits of mercury in nerve and glial cell cytoplasm was observed. the quantity of microglia in neuropil was also increased in this experimental group. we postulate that these cerebral macrophages can play an important role in the process of intoxication, too. 5 days aft ...19921479187
role of vibrio mimicus protease in enterotoxigenicity.recently, we have purified and characterised a metalloprotease produced by vibrio mimicus. the role of v. mimicus protease (vmp) in fluid accumulation (fa) in rabbit ileal loops (ril) was investigated. although live cells or crude vmp prepared from cell-free culture supernatant showed activity in ril, the purified vmp failed to induce fa in the ril. when vmp in crude preparation was inactivated by preparing the fraction in the presence of egta (ethyleneglycol-bis [beta-aminoethylether]-n, n, n1, ...19911800566
vascular permeability enhancement by vibrio mimicus protease and the mechanisms of action.vibrio mimicus, a causative agent of gastroenteritis, has also been reported to attribute to extraintestinal infections. recently we have purified a metalloprotease produced by the pathogen: however, the role of the protease in v. mimicus infection has not been documented. the v. mimicus protease (vmp) was found to enhance vascular permeability and form edema when injected into the dorsal skin of guinea pig and rat. the permeability enhancement by vmp was observed in a dose-dependent manner in b ...19911808459
structure of the rabbit phospholamban gene, cloning of the human cdna, and assignment of the gene to human chromosome 6.we have isolated and characterized genomic dna clones encoding rabbit phospholamban. only a single gene for phospholamban was detected in the rabbit genome. the phospholamban gene of 13.2 kilobases contains only one 10.5-kilobase intron, which separates exonic sequences located in the 5'-untranslated region. two potential transcription initiation sites were mapped to 335 and 185 nucleotides upstream from the translation initiation site in the mrna or 239 and 89 nucleotides upstream from the exon ...19911828805
purification and characterization of a heat-stable enterotoxin of vibrio mimicus.a heat-stable enterotoxin produced by vibrio mimicus (vm-st) was studied. vm-st was purified from a culture supernatant of v. mimicus strain aq-0915 by ammonium sulfate fractionation, hydroxyapatite treatment, ethanol extraction, column chromatography on both sp-sephadex c-50 and deae-sephadex a-25, and hplc, and the recovery rate was about 15%. purified vm-st was heat-stable. vm-st activity was cross-neutralized by anti-sth antiserum. the amino acid composition of the purified vm-st was determi ...19912044934
[surveys on the contamination of marine fish with non-o1 vibrio cholerae and vibrio mimicus and food poisoning cases by these organisms].the present paper describes the relationship between the contamination with non-o1 vibrio cholerae and vibrio mimicus of marine fish, with special reference to the seasonal variation and the concentration of contamination, and the actual cases of domestic food poisoning by these organisms. a 10 year survey revealed that non-o1 vibrio cholerae (non-o1 v. cholerae) strains were frequently isolated from fish during the summer season with some variations from one year to another, and isolates from f ...19912066602
a vasopressin and oxytocin containing nucleus in the pig hypothalamus that shows neuronal changes during puberty.a vasopressin and oxytocin containing nucleus is described for the first time in the pig hypothalamus. it is located near the third ventricle, just dorsal to the suprachiasmatic nucleus, and consists of magnocellular neurons, similar to those of the supraoptic nucleus and paraventricular nucleus. morphometric analysis of neuronal number, size, density, and volume was performed at four different ages: 1 day, 7 weeks, 16 weeks, and 30 weeks postnatally. no sex difference in these parameters was ob ...19902077051
subunit analysis of bovine cytochrome c oxidase by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography.bovine cytochrome c oxidase subunits were separated by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography using a c4 column eluted with water and an acetonitrile gradient, both containing 0.1% trifluoroacetic acid. subunits i and iii precipitated in this solvent and could not be analyzed; the remaining eleven subunits were dissociated, denatured, soluble and could be resolved by elution from the column. the protein subunit eluting in each chromatographic peak was identified by a combination of ...19902168156
purification and characterization of a protease produced by vibrio mimicus.a protease produced by vibrio mimicus was purified to apparent homogeneity by ammonium sulfate fractionation and successive column chromatography on sephacryl s-100 and mono q monobeads. the sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (page) of the final preparation of the enzyme revealed the homogeneity of the purified enzyme. conventional page showed that the purified protease migrated as a single band with protease activity. the molecular weight of the protease was estimated to ...19902254038
generation of affinity for antithrombin iii by supplemental sulfation of heparin species with low affinity for the protein.the tributylammonium salt of a porcine heparin subfraction with low affinity for antithrombin iii (mr 7,500-18,000; anti-clotting activity, 7 usp units/mg), having degrees of sulfate substitution at d-glucosamine and l-iduronic acid residues of glcns 0.786, glcn6s 0.628, and idoa2s 0.682 mol, was reacted with 10 or 20 mol of pyridine-sulfur trioxide per mol equiv. of available hydroxyl groups in n,n-dimethylformamide at -10 degrees c for 1 h. both chemical and nmr spectroscopic analyses revealed ...19902292586
identification and characterization of the nmyc gene product in human neuroblastoma cells by monoclonal antibodies with defined specificities.increased n-myc (now designated nmyc in human gene nomenclature) gene expression has been detected at the transcriptional level in certain types of neoplasms. as yet, the n-myc gene product has not been identified. to detect and characterize the n-myc gene product, we have developed monoclonal antibodies against the putative n-myc gene product made in escherichia coli as a fusion protein. the antibodies that recognize the n-myc-specific regions were selected on the basis of their reactivities to ...19862426708
sugar composition of the polysaccharide portion of lipopolysaccharides of vibrio fluvialis, vibrio vulnificus, and vibrio mimicus.a chemotaxonomic study was carried out on vibrio fluvialis and v. vulnificus on the basis of the sugar composition of the polysaccharide portion of their lipopolysaccharides (lps). a previously developed rapid method of preparing samples for compositional sugar analysis was employed. nineteen o-serogroups of v. fluvialis were divided into 14 chemotypes while seven o-serogroups of v. vulnifucus were divided also into seven chemotypes since the polysaccharide portion of lps of each serogroup has a ...19892482433
[isolation of vibrio mimicus from shallow waters]. 19892490717
isolation of vibrio mimicus from a patient with gastroenteritis in belgium. 19892495957
amoxicillin in the treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy: a single dose of 3 g amoxicillin versus a 4-day course of 3 doses 750 mg amoxicillin.a prospective, randomized, controlled comparative clinical trial was carried out with the aim of investigating the efficacy and tolerance of two different dosage regimens of amoxicillin in the treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria during pregnancy. patients in group a received a single dose of 3 g amoxicillin, which was compared to a 4-day course of 3 x 750 mg amoxicillin tablets taken every 8 h (group b). significant bacteriuria (cfu greater than or equal to 10(5)/ml clean catch midstream urine ...19892659442
ecology of vibrio mimicus in aquatic environmental study was done to examine the prevalence of vibrio mimicus in some aquatic environments of dhaka, bangladesh, and of okayama, japan. water samples from dhaka environments and water and plankton samples from okayama environments were quantitatively as well as qualitatively analyzed throughout the seasons for v. mimicus. the organism was isolated from bangladesh environments throughout the year, whereas it was not isolated in okayama when the water temperature fell below 10 degree ...19892782878
mechanism of the epsp synthase catalyzed reaction: evidence for the lack of a covalent carboxyvinyl intermediate in order to detect covalent reaction intermediates in the 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate (epsp) synthase reaction, we have investigated the interaction of epsp synthase with the reaction product epsp. an exchange of epsp-methylene protons could be demonstrated by incubating epsps with epsp in d2o. since trace amounts of contaminating pi would lead to reversal of epsps reaction and hence methylene proton exchange, we added pyruvate kinase, adp, mg++ and k+. under these conditions, any contami ...19882838023
evidence of functional alpha 2-adrenergic receptors in adult-rat adipocytes by using the agonist uk 14304.the aim of this study was to re-assess whether alpha 2-adrenergic receptors were present in rat adipocytes, by using uk 14304, a new and very selective alpha 2-agonist. the following observations demonstrate the presence of functional alpha 2-adrenoceptors in rat adipocytes. (1) adipocyte lipolysis was dose-dependently inhibited by uk 14304 (maximal effect 80% at 1 microm-uk 14304, 45% at 10 microm-uk 14304, under basal or theophylline-stimulated conditions respectively). (2) uk 14304 bound spec ...19882901830
the biologic significance of the mixed lymphocyte kidney culture in humans.the mixed lymphocyte kidney culture (mlkc) in humans has been studied in normal and abnormal clinical conditions. human renal cortical cells were extracted by collagenase treatment from the kidneys of "normal" heart-beating cadaver organ donors (n = 13), patients with end-stage renal disease (esrd) at pretransplant bilateral nephrectomy and splenectomy (n = 13), and from irreversibly rejected renal allografts at the time of graft nephrectomy (n = 5). proliferation of peripheral blood t lymphocyt ...19852996186
effect of pyrimidinone treatment on lethal and immunosuppressive murine cytomegalovirus infection.the 2-amino-5-halo-pyrimidinones, which are potent interferon inducers and antiviral agents, were found to be protective against lethal cytomegalovirus (cmv) challenge in weanling or neonatal mice when administered before virus challenge. this protection was dependent upon the dosage of pyrimidinone administered. weanling mice infected with a sublethal challenge of cmv exhibited moderate to severe immunosuppression as measured by reduced splenic cell blastogenic responses in vitro to the mitogen ...19853000290
molecular epidemiology of non-o1 vibrio cholerae and vibrio mimicus in the u.s. gulf coast region.ten toxigenic vibrio cholerae non-o1 and v. mimicus strains isolated from clinical and environmental sources in the u.s. gulf coast region were examined for genetic relatedness. restriction digest patterns of chromosomal dna and southern blot analysis with a cholera toxin gene probe revealed that the strains exhibited greater genetic divergence than the highly conserved v. cholerae o1 strains isolated from clinical and sewage samples in this region.19863007571
evidence that a human soluble beta-galactoside-binding lectin is encoded by a family of genes.two cdna clones were isolated by immunoscreening a human hepatoma cdna library with an antiserum that bound specifically to a human soluble beta-galactoside-binding lectin with mr of approximately 14,000. the deduced amino acid sequences of the inserts of these two clones show considerable homology with each other, the sequence of chicken skin beta-galactoside-binding lectin, and eight peptides derived from purified human lung lectin of mr approximately 14,000. however, the sequence differences ...19863020551
evidence that a human soluble beta-galactoside-binding lectin is encoded by a family of genes.two cdna clones were isolated by immunoscreening a human hepatoma cdna library with an antiserum that bound specifically to a human soluble beta-galactoside-binding lectin with mr of approximately 14,000. the deduced amino acid sequences of the inserts of these two clones show considerable homology with each other, the sequence of chicken skin beta-galactoside-binding lectin, and eight peptides derived from purified human lung lectin of mr approximately 14,000. however, the sequence differences ...19863020551
gene expression and genetic engineering in the lens. friedenwald lecture. 19873026987
role of postnatal gonadal function in the determination of thyrotropin (tsh) releasing hormone-induced tsh response in adult male and female rats.permanent effects of postnatal gonadal function on the hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid axis were examined in male and female rats of the wistar-imamichi strain. animals were used at the age of about 10 weeks. neonatally castrated (nc) males showed a significantly higher plasma tsh response to trh (10 micrograms/kg bw, ip) than males castrated at 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 weeks of age. the tsh response in intact males was similar to that seen in nc males. neonatal androgenization of nc males with 100 microg ...19873032567
second-generation cephalosporins. 19863081544
biosynthesis and processing of platelet gpiib-iiia in human megakaryocytes.platelet membrane glycoprotein iib-iiia forms a calcium-dependent heterodimer and constitutes the fibrinogen receptor on stimulated platelets. gpiib is a two-chain protein containing disulfide-linked alpha and beta subunits. gpiiia is a single chain protein. these proteins are synthesized in the bone marrow by megakaryocytes, but the study of their synthesis has been hampered by the difficulty in obtaining enriched population of megakaryocytes in large numbers. to examine the biosynthesis and pr ...19873108266
structural and functional studies of the effects of sympathetic nerve stimulation on rabbit submandibular salivary glands.continuous sympathetic stimulation at 8-10 hz caused intense vasoconstriction in the gland, so stimulation was generally given in an interrupted pattern to minimize this detrimental effect on secretion. only a small increase in fluid secretion occurred; it became thick and tended to block the cannula; therefore in later experiments the main duct was not cannulated. after sympathetic stimulation there was substantial degranulation of acinar cells. however, as this was accompanied by little moveme ...19883165262
coagglutination of vibrio cholerae, vibrio mimicus, and vibrio vulnificus with anti-flagellar monoclonal antibody.monoclonal antibodies (mabs) with serological activity for purified flagellar (h) core protein prepared from vibrio cholerae were identified by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. four of these mabs reacted with the flagella of v. cholerae and v. mimicus exclusively, while eight mabs reacted with at least 1 of 30 heterologous vibrio species tested by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or coagglutination. it appears that v. cholerae and v. mimicus express similar, if not identical, h determinants u ...19883182988
studies on the factors affecting the haemolysin production of vibrio mimicus isolated from clinical and environmental sources.the in vitro production of haemolysin by vibrio mimicus, a newly described aetiological agent for human diarrhoea, was determined using sheep erythrocytes. the effects of medium composition and sodium chloride concentration on haemolysin production and its heat stability were investigated. the haemolysin was produced optimally in brain-heart infusion broth and was unaffected by salt concentration up to 1.5%. however, haemolysin production decreased gradually with increasing concentrations of sal ...19883188168
excision of cutaneous tumors in the horse using histologic guidance.a highly successful surgical technique for removing cutaneous tumors in humans was used in seven horses with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (n = 3) or sarcoid (n = 4). in humans, the complete underside of the tumor is evaluated histologically by processing horizontal sections from the tumor base, and orientation between the wound surface and the undersurface of the excised tumor is maintained by mapping both surfaces. the technique ensures that small foci of residual tumor can be located accu ...19883227634
hypergammaglobulinemia associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection.the serum concentrations of 11 ig isotypes (igg, igg1, igg2, igg3, igg4, iga, iga1, iga2, igm, igd, and ige) were measured in four relatively small groups of homosexual (or bisexual) males. all these patients were seropositive for hiv. two of the groups (nonprogressors) were clinically stable for approximately 2 years and were characterized either as asymptomatic or with pgl. the third group (progressors) developed aids 2-38 months after blood specimens were taken. the fourth group had aids. a f ...19883260340
structural and functional studies of the amino terminus of yeast metallothionein.purified yeast copper-metallothionein lacks 8 amino-terminal residues that are predicted from the dna sequence of its gene. the removed sequence is unusual for metallothionein in its high content of hydrophobic and aromatic residues and its similarity to mitochondrial leader sequences. to study the significance of this amino-terminal cleavage, several mutations were introduced into the metallothionein coding gene, cup1. one mutant, which deletes amino acid residues 2-8, had a minor effect on the ...19873308865
nocardia asteroides as a cause of corneal ulcer. case report. 19873551895
the morphology and distribution of serotonin-like immunoreactive fibers in the cat dorsal column nuclei.fibers showing serotonin-like immunoreactivity (5-ht-li) are demonstrated in the gracile, cuneate and external cuneate nuclei of the cat using avidin-biotinylated horseradish peroxidase and indirect fluorescence immunohistochemical methods. 5-ht-li fibers are located in all cytoarchitectural subdivisions of the gracile and cuneate nuclei but are restricted to the medial half of the external cuneate nucleus. in all nuclei, 5-ht-li fibers consist of long, varicose strands showing a wide range in t ...19873554006
anticoccidial activity of alborixin.alborixin, a polyether antibiotic with ionophore properties, was evaluated to determine the effect of the drug on weight gain of chickens and to define the anticoccidial spectrum of activity. the 50-ppm concentration in the diet was identified as the maximum level that did not significantly reduce weight gain beyond that of monensin (standard drug); consequently, the drug was evaluated for anticoccidial activity at this dilution. at the 50-ppm level, alborixin demonstrated broad-spectrum anticoc ...19873572663
incidence of vibrio cholerae from estuaries of the united states west coast.the incidence of vibrio cholerae in shellfish, sediment, and waters of california, oregon, and washington was determined during the summer of 1984. samples from 24 distinct estuaries were analyzed qualitatively. v. cholerae non-o1 was found in 23 estuaries and in 44.6% of the 529 samples examined. v. cholerae o1 inaba was isolated from water samples in morro bay, calif. vibrio mimicus was found in 2.3% of the samples. cholera enterotoxin was not found in cell-free filtrates of the 100 isolates t ...19873606111
effect of motion on the sonographic and magnetic resonance patterns of ageing blood.the sonographic appearance of a hematoma may be affected by various factors, including the age of the hematoma. the effect of mechanical motion on the echogenicity and histologic appearance, and on the proton relaxation times t1 and t2 of blood clots, was studied in vitro for up to 21 days. all clots were of similar echogenicity and microscopic appearance during the first 2 days. the minimally disturbed clots were sonolucent from day 4 onwards, whereas moderate mechanical disturbance changed the ...19863535388
na+ modulates the k+ permeability and the membrane potential of alkalophilic the absence of na+ in the medium, the membrane potential of obligately alkalophilic bacillus cells was found to be decreased by the addition of k+ to the medium, whereas k+ addition in the presence of na+ had no effect. rb+ showed essentially the same effect as k+. the decreased membrane potential was quickly restored by lowering the k+ concentration in the medium or by adding na+ or li+ to the medium. thus, in the absence of na+, the membrane potential of alkalophilic bacillus seems to be af ...19873663674
toxigenicity and drug sensitivity of vibrio mimicus isolated from fresh water prawns in bangladesh. 19863668195
trimethoprim used for selective decontamination of the digestive tract in rats: possible route of excretion.selective elimination of enterobacteriaceae species from the digestive tract of rats has been accomplished by oral treatment with trimethoprim (235 mg/kg body weight/day) within 6 days. in the present study it was investigated whether this elimination was mainly due to antimicrobial activity of trimethoprim excreted with the gastrointestinal mucus or mainly by non-absorbed trimethoprim in the lumen contents. by means of whole gut irrigation (wgi) the lumen contents were washed out, followed by m ...19873497436
seasonal distribution of facultatively enteropathogenic vibrios (vibrio cholerae, vibrio mimicus, vibrio parahaemolyticus) in the freshwater of the elbe river at hamburg.between june 1981 and december 1982 the incidence of vibrio cholerae, v. mimicus and v. parahaemolyticus was determined at two sampling sites on the elbe river at hamburg. a total of 183 strains was isolated from 147 water samples. of these, 107 belonged to non-01 v. cholerae (ten strains producing a cholera-like enterotoxin); 33 were identified as v. mimicus, including two enterotoxin producers; 42 strains were kanagawa-negative cultures of v. parahaemolyticus; and one was v. fluvialis. the hig ...19863722029
anticandidal activities of terconazole, a broad-spectrum antimycotic.terconazole is a new triazole ketal derivative with broad-spectrum in vitro and in vivo antifungal activities. this study further characterizes the effects of terconazole in vitro on yeast cell growth, viability, and morphology. terconazole inhibited the growth of candida albicans atcc 44859 in a concentration-related manner, but with modest effects noted at levels from 10(-8) to 10(-5) m when the yeast was grown on media favoring the cell form. the inhibitory potency of terconazole on yeast cel ...19863729366
simultaneous measurement of preferred ambient temperature and metabolism in rats.a recent study from this laboratory found that rats placed in a temperature gradient preferred ambient temperatures (ta) that were significantly below the lower critical ta of the thermoneutral zone for elevating metabolic rate (mr). to further evaluate the interaction between preferred ta and mr in the rat, a system was developed where preferred ta, mr (i.e., o2 consumption), and activity could be automatically monitored in the unrestrained rat. two groups of male sprague-dawley rats, a light-w ...19883344833
regional myocardial protection by retrograde coronary sinus infusion of cardioplegic solution.antegrade administration of a cardioplegic solution in the presence of a coronary artery stenosis may lead to the heterogeneous distribution of the agent and poor myocardial cooling distal to a vessel stenosis. to determine the effects of retrograde coronary sinus infusion of cardioplegic solution, coronary stenosis was created in the canine preparation by occluding the left circumflex artery (lcx) during cardioplegic arrest. left ventricular global and regional function (assessed by sonomicrome ...19863769184
antibiotic resistance patterns of vibrio mimicus isolated from human and environmental sources in bangladesh.twenty-five environmental and 19 clinical strains of vibrio mimicus were tested for antibiotic susceptibility patterns. environmental strains were resistant to streptomycin, kanamycin, and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole; clinical strains were susceptible. environmental strains showed variable resistance to ampicillin (44%), but clinical strains were susceptible. all strains tested were susceptible to chloramphenicol and gentamicin.19863789697
isolation and characterization of neuropeptide y from porcine intestine.the isolation and primary structure of intestinal neuropeptide y (npy) is described. the peptide was purified from porcine intestinal extracts using a chemical assay and radioimmunoassay for npy. the amino acid sequence of this peptide is: tyr-pro-ser-lys-pro-asp-asn-pro-gly-glu-asp-ala-pro-ala-glu-asp-leu-ala- arg-tyr-tyr- ser-ala-leu-arg-his-tyr-ile-asn-leu-ile-thr-arg-gln-arg-tyr-nh2. this the structure of intestinal npy is identical to the npy of brain origin.19853838090
direct selection of mutations reducing transcription or translation of the reca gene of escherichia coli with a reca-lacz protein fusion.when a reca-lacz protein fusion was cloned into phage lambda, the resulting transducing phage grew normally on wild-type escherichia coli, but its growth was severely inhibited in lexa(def) mutant strains that express reca constitutively at high levels. mutants of the transducing phage that grew on the lexa(def) strains were isolated and were found to affect production of the reca-beta-galactosidase hybrid protein. most mutants, including a number of nonsense mutants, were phenotypically lacz-. ...19853160689
viruses and immune reactions in the liver.the immunopathology of hepatitis b and delta virus infections of the liver are reviewed. it is clear there are several antigen/antibody systems of importance in acute and chronic hbv infection. antibodies to hbs, hb core/hbe and antibodies to dane specific determinants are involved in virus neutralisation. elimination of virus infected hepatocytes is dependent on recognition of viral determinants in association with hla proteins on the infected hepatocytes by cytotoxic t cells. the hla protein d ...19853911368
heterogeneity of fast-oxidative muscle fibers of chicken demonstrated by anti-myosin monoclonal antibodies.the fiber type composition of two fast muscles of the chicken, namely, adductor superficialis (as) and pectoralis major (pm) was examined by the histochemical myosin atpase staining and immunochemical techniques using monoclonal antibodies (mcabs). two new mcabs produced against the myosin of the anterior latissimus dorsi (ald) muscle of the chicken and named ald-122 and ald-83 were characterized to be specific for myosin heavy chain (mhc) and for myosin light chain-1 respectively. they were use ...19892737924
[persistent chlamydia infection in cell culture]. 19853993192
local cerebral glucose utilization in normal female rats: variations during the estrous cycle and comparison with males.the quantitative 2-[14c]deoxyglucose autoradiographic method was used to study the fluctuations of energy metabolism in discrete brain regions of female rats during the estrous cycle. a consistent though statistically nonsignificant cyclic variation in average glucose utilization of the brain as a whole was observed. highest levels of glucose utilization occurred during proestrus and metestrus, whereas lower rates were found during estrus and diestrus. statistically significant fluctuations were ...19854040921
stress-induced behavioral depression in the rat is associated with a decrease in gaba receptor-mediated chloride ion flux and brain benzodiazepine receptor occupancy.rats exposed to inescapable tailshock exhibit deficits in learning a simple shuttlebox escape task 24 h later. this syndrome has been termed 'behavioral depression' or 'learned helplessness', and is a model of stress-induced depression. in the present study a significant (25%) decrease in gaba receptor-mediated chloride ion flux as measured by muscimol-stimulated 36cl- uptake in synaptoneurosomes was found in the cerebral cortices of rats that failed the shuttlebox task as compared to naive cont ...19892546650
letter: lipolysis induced by coffee and tobacco: its modification by insulin. 19734148444
the purification of portuguese man-of-war nematocyst toxins by gel diffusion. 19734150989
the vaccination of man and other animals against rabies. 19734207636
the response of the pituitary-adrenal system to a stressful stimulus: the effect of conditioning and pentobarbitone treatment. 19654284301
affinity chromatography of cytosolic nad-linked glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from normal and neoplastic mammalian tissues. 19744368387
virus infections of horses at newmarket, 1972 and 1973. 19744375339
[the effect of treatment by cocaine on the fixation and liberation of noradrenaline in different peripheral organs of the rat]. 19744411143
[survival of human amniotic cells cooled to very low temperature with various cryoprotective agents and various cooling rates]. 19724681354
influence of kynuremate on cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis in isolated perfused rat liver. 19734684700
in vitro studies on the control of trophoblast outgrowth in the mouse. 19734729947
nucleotide sequence of the thermostable direct hemolysin gene (tdh gene) of vibrio mimicus and its evolutionary relationship with the tdh genes of vibrio parahaemolyticus.the gene encoding a hemolysin similar to the thermostable direct hemolysin (tdh) of vibrio parahaemolyticus was previously cloned from the chromosome of vibrio mimicus. the nucleotide sequence of the hemolysin gene was determined in this study. the gene proved to be a variant of the thermostable direct hemolysin gene (tdh gene) and was designated as vm-tdh because the sequence divergences between the vm-tdh gene and four tdh genes of v. parahaemolyticus were 2.1-3.0%, while the sequence divergen ...19902272498
[sensitization by metabolic inhibitors of isolated intestine of rats to the effects of sympathomimetics. effects of fluoro-acetate and sodium mitride]. 19704987116
enterotoxin production by vibrio cholerae and vibrio mimicus grown in continuous culture with microbial cell recycle.we have examined the effect of complete cell recycle on the production of cholera toxin (ct) by vibrio cholerae and ct-like toxin by vibrio mimicus in continuous culture fermentations. complete cell recycle was obtained by filtering culture fluids through amicon hollow fibers with an exclusion limit of 100,000 daltons (h1p100-20) and returning the concentrated cell slurry to the fermentor. a single 1-liter laboratory fermentor system modified with this recycle loop was capable of producing over ...19836357081
purification of enterotoxins from vibrio mimicus that appear to be identical to cholera toxin.cholera toxin-like (ct-like) enterotoxins produced by two strains of vibrio mimicus, 61892 and 63616, isolated from diarrhea patients in bangladesh, were purified, and their physicochemical, biological, and immunological properties were compared with those of ct produced by classical vibrio cholerae 569b. the ct-like toxins were produced by lincomycin-resistant mutants grown in the presence of lincomycin at 200 micrograms/ml for strain 63616 and 250 micrograms/ml for strain 61892 and were purifi ...19846469354
experimental studies on the pathogenicity of vibrio mimicus strains isolated in bangladesh.vibrio mimicus, a newly described species of the genus vibrio has been isolated from stools of 14 patients with diarrhoea. live cells of all the 14 strains tested caused accumulation of fluid in rabbit gut loops and diarrhoea in infant rabbits. culture filtrates of all the strains caused increased capillary permeability in rabbit skin; however, five of the filtrates resembled cholera toxin in that they gave positive reactions in rabbit loops, chinese hamster ovarian and mouse adrenal cell monola ...19846517767
production of cholera toxin-like toxin by vibrio mimicus and non-o1 vibrio cholerae: batch culture conditions for optimum yields and isolation of hypertoxigenic lincomycin-resistant mutants.vibrio mimicus 61892, isolated in 1977 from a case of watery diarrhea in bangladesh, produces an enterotoxin which possesses activity in y-1 mouse adrenal cells and in rabbit ileal loops which is identical to the prototype cholera toxin (ct) produced by vibrio cholerae 569b. the neutralization of the adrenal cell activity of 61892 toxin and 569b ct by homologous and heterologous antisera generates parallel titration curves which show complete neutralization in all cases. paired titrations in the ...19836642640
the newly described pathogenic species vibrio mimicus isolated from human diarrhoeal stools and from a sea water sample.four vibrio strains have been isolated from three patients presenting diarrhoea as well as from a sea water sample; identification proved their belonging to vibrio mimicus, a recently described new pathogenic species. the morpho-cultural and biochemical characteristics of the isolated strains are presented. the distribution and incidence of this newly described species in romania are under study.19836675346
ecology of non-o 1 vibrio cholerae in toyama prefecture.the ecology of non-o 1 vibrio cholerae and vibrio mimicus as causes of cholera-like diarrhea or seafood-associated gastroenteritis has been investigated in toyama prefecture since 1980. the relationship between biological or serological characteristics of the isolates and their enteropathogenicity is discussed. overall isolation rates from river water, sea water, and fish were 24.0, 59.5, and 33.7%, respectively, the isolation frequency being, in general, extremely high in the summer season, alt ...19846738382
medium-dependent production of extracellular enterotoxins by non-o-1 vibrio cholerae, vibrio mimicus, and vibrio fluvialis.fluid accumulation at 4 h in the intestines of suckling mice enabled us to distinguish non-o-1 vibrio cholerae, v. mimicus, and v. fluvialis clinical isolates from environmental isolates. enterotoxin production was culture medium dependent. filtrates of cultures grown in tryptic soy broth without glucose but with added 0.5% nacl did not exhibit marked enterotoxin activity in the assay. culture filtrates of all clinical strains grown in brain heart infusion broth supplemented with 0.5% nacl induc ...19836824317
numerical taxonomy of vibrio cholerae and related species isolated from areas that are endemic and nonendemic for cholera.a total of 165 strains of vibrios isolated from clinical and environmental sources in the united states, india, and bangladesh, 11 reference cultures, and 4 duplicated cultures were compared in a numerical taxonomic study using 83 unit characters. similarity between strains was computed by using the simple matching coefficient and the jaccard coefficient. strains were clustered by unweighted average linkage and single linkage algorithms. all methods gave similar cluster compositions. the estimat ...19836874901
expression of antifreeze proteins in transgenic plants.the quality of frozen fruits and vegetables can be compromised by the damaging effects of ice crystal growth within the frozen tissue. antifreeze proteins in the blood of some polar fishes have been shown to inhibit ice recrystallization at low concentrations. in order to determine whether expression of genes of this type confers improved freezing properties to plant tissue, we have produced transgenic tobacco and tomato plants which express genes encoding antifreeze proteins. the afa3 antifreez ...19911932678
disease from infection with vibrio mimicus, a newly recognized vibrio species. clinical characteristics and edipemiology.clinical and epidemiologic characteristics of disease associated with a newly described nonhalophilic vibrio species, vibrio mimicus, were identified by studying isolates from 21 patients referred to the centers for disease control between 1977 and 1981. two isolates were from the ears of patients with otitis who had recently been exposed to seawater. nineteen isolates were from stool samples; these patients generally had diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps, with fever, headache, an ...19836881770
colonization of the rabbit small intestine by clinical and environmental isolates of non-o1 vibrio cholerae and vibrio mimicus.we examined the capability of 12 isolates of non-cholera toxin-producing o1 and non-o1 vibrio cholerae to colonize the small intestine of adult rabbits and cause diarrhea. using the removable intestinal tie-adult rabbit diarrhea model, we found that eight environmental isolates that showed no or marginal biological activity in other diarrhea models (rabbit ileal loop, infant rabbit, and suckling mouse) appeared to be incapable of attaching to and colonizing, even transiently, the small intestina ...19836885157
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