evolution and development of the outer acrosomal membrane (oam) and evidence that acrosin-inhibitors are proteins of the antiserum to the purified porcine outer acrosomal membrane (oam) was raised in rabbits and the igg fraction isolated by ammonium sulphate precipitation and ion exchange chromatography. the antibodies reacted exclusively with the acrosomal cap of the sperm head as revealed by indirect immunofluorescence. in addition they cross-reacted not only with the acrosomal part of the spermatozoa of all mammalian species tested (bull, horse, rabbit, rat, mouse, hamster, mole, antelope, monkey, man) but a ...19872446533
killing of human tumor cells by antibody c3b conjugates and human potentiate the lytic action of complement on tumor cells, we have constructed heteroconjugates composed of monoclonal antibody and of the human c3b component of complement. the conjugates were formed efficiently using the heterobifunctional cross-linking reagent spdp. the monoclonal antibody-c3b conjugate promoted the killing of k562 tumor cells by normal human serum. treatment of the tumor cells with the monoclonal antibody and normal human serum resulted in 10-15% lysis. however, following ...19892519543
enzyme polymorphism and clinical variability of diseases: a study of diabetes mellitus.we investigated possible relations among four common neonatal manifestations of diabetic pregnancy (macrosomia, hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, jaundice) and four enzyme polymorphisms (pgm1, ada, ak1, acp1 in a sample of infants born of diabetic mothers. the pattern of associations observed between the two sets of variables is consistent with known differences in enzymatic activity within phenotypes of each system, suggesting that low enzymatic activity may have unfavorable effects on fetal developm ...19892556341
[acute maternal anterior poliomyelitis in a non-endemic zone].the authors report the case of a 26 year old woman with acute anterior poliomyelitis contracted during the vaccination of her baby. despite having been herself vaccinated in infancy she was not protected against the poliovirus. the clinical interest of this uncommon case is a severe paralytic state with definitive paraplegia. the authors suggest serologic testing of patients born before 1967 especially if they are at risk of encountering the virus.19892561040
epidemic of lav/htlv iii infection in drug addicts in milan: serological survey and clinical follow-up.a clinico-epidemiological study is reported concerning a group of 306 parenteral drug addicts (pdas), 71 of whom were affected with the lymphadenopathy syndrome (las); all were followed-up between 1981 and 1984. although full-blown acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids) was observed only in one case, none of the other patients examined have undergone complete recovery so far. the results of our study point to a wide circulation of lav/htlv iii among our group of pdas, starting at least as ea ...19852999002
[effect of titanium phosphate, zirconium oxide and a mixture of ammonium phosphotungstenate with zirconium phosphate on the elimination of radioactive cesium from the bodies of rats]. 19853835674
virus infections of horses at newmarket, 1972 and 1973. 19744375339
[bacteriological studies of pyelonephritis --role of l forms in chronic pyelonephritis]. 19744478692
[children in other countries]. 19744498439
evaluation and standardization of an agglutination test for human listeriosis.human sera from patients with culturally confirmed listeriosis were tested for immunoglobulin m (igm) and immunoglobulin g (igg) agglutinating antibodies with trypsinized antigens of listeria monocytogenes, streptococcus faecalis, and staphylococcus aureus. the response of humans to listeria infections is mainly igm rather than igg as found in animals. the antigens prepared from l. monocytogenes serotypes 1a, 1b, 2, 4b, and 4d were evaluated for specificity with normal sera, sera from patients w ...19724626902
plasmalemmal properties of the sprouting neuron. 20123308326
[measurement of orthodontic appliance force using prototype sensors].in introductory remarks the most important biomechanical principles, which are relevant for the research, and conditions which must be satisfied presented in intraoral measuring of orthodontic forces were pointed out. first the aim of the research was defined, and then the investigation of mechanical properties of acrylics as a material for orthodontic appliances were carried out. the type of strain gauges, bonds and measuring system configurations, as well as measuring amplifiers and recording ...20082635572
[current approaches to immunological diagnosis of autoimmune and immune complex diseases]. 20102974642
annual summary 1984. reported morbidity and mortality in the united states. 20113092006
[acute mesenteric infarct. ii. problems of early diagnosis].the symptomatology and diagnostic procedure adopted in 11 cases of acute mesenteric infarction are examined. stress is laid on the importance of early, aetiologically accurate diagnosis for the purpose of instituting profitable treatment. in order to comply with such needs it is essential to perform urgent selective arteriography and/or urgent laparoscopy which only with rare exceptions is carried out even in hospitals that should be better equipped.20092812450
[artero-venous angiodysplasia at the splenic hylum: contribution to the knowledge of pre-hepatic artero-venous angiodysplasias with portal hypertension]. 20144080430
[conformation oscillations of dna].a conformational mobility model is proposed to describe the low-frequency dna structure dynamics. the transverse oscillations of structure elements in a double-stranded chain are studied. the frequency of dna long-wave conformational oscillations are estimated and the theory is shown to agree with experiment. dna low-frequency raman spectra are interpreted.20133657778
[unexpected complications of behavior therapy of premature ejaculation]. 2004515257
liver injury following administration of 8-methoxypsoralen during puva therapy.a case of liver injury caused by 8-methoxypsoralen given orally during puva therapy is presented. the reaction, manifested by elevated serum alanine-aminotransferase and serum aspartate-aminotransferase, was provoked on three consecutive occasions, on the last one with 8-mop only. the liver injury seems to be of the hepatocellular and nonpredictable type.200092158
[amino-acid mixtures for parenteral feeding in liver insufficiency]. 2000101451
a new operation for insertion of the artificial urinary sphincter.a new operation for implantation of the artificial urinary sphincter for total urinary incontinence in women is described. the procedure is done through the vestibule of the vagina with clear exposure of the vesical neck and urethra anteriorly, and easier accessibility for dissection of the vagina from the posterior wall of the vesical neck and upper urethra. this approach reduces the incidence of occlusive cuff erosion and eliminates the chance of shifting of the device. the model as 800 artifi ...20123411663
isotachophoresis of csf proteins in gel tubes especially gammaglobulins. an analytical and preparative technique for high-separation of csf isotachophoretic method using polyacrylamide gel (pag-itp) in a simple disc electrophoretic equipment with plastic tubes containing the gels, was elaborated and especially designed for studying the gammaglobulins in csf and serum from control subjects and patients with neurological disorders, especially known or probable ms. the device and the itp system used, including leading and terminating electrolytes and spacer substances, dividing the gammaglobulins in a reproducible way, are described ...200192548
cooking methods, carcinogens, and diet-cancer studies.a neglect of natural, preservative, and cooking-induced carcinogens or mutagens in food, along with a neglect of dietary patterns during the first portion of a person's lifetime, may be responsible for the many conflicting epidemiological reports dealing with dietary factors and cancer. from animal and occupational studies, we know that the two most important factors in the study of cancer are the dose of carcinogen and allowance for a long latent period. most of the recent nutrition and cancer ...20123283707
retinol-binding protein in malnutrition. 199990984
a simple centrifuge column for desalting protein solutions. 2005543535
a role for the extracellular matrix in retinal neurogenesis in vitro.the germinal neuroepithelial cells that give rise to the majority of neurons in the vertebrate central nervous system are in contact with the basement membrane that surrounds the neural tube from the very earliest stages. the effect of removing this basement membrane on the organization and proliferative potential of these cells was examined in a new slice culture preparation of developing rana tadpole retina. the results indicate that the germinal neuroepithelium, like other epithelial tissues, ...20123262071
reference ranges and ideal patient values for blood cholesterol. can there be reconciliation?reference ranges for blood cholesterol levels reflect the nationwide epidemic of "silent" hypercholesterolemia. as such, reference ranges for cholesterol levels without accompanying designation of levels associated with increased coronary risk are misleading and falsely comforting to physicians and patients. in a recent continent-wide study of 108 academically based clinical laboratories, highly variable reference ranges were observed, the ranges having been derived from a vast assortment of sou ...20133754717
[curare-like effect of african strychnos: strychnos usambarensis gilg du rwanda]. 20144245543
the new journalism. 20123468402
[volvulus of the afferent loop after billroth ii operation (author's transl)].a case report is given of a patient, who had a volvulus of the afferent loop after billroth ii operation; on relaparotomy it was found, that this loop had slipped cranially through the mesocolic slit, twisted, and become gangreneous, due to bad adjustement of the slit. increased levels of serum amylase initially had given rise to the suspicion, that the deteriorating condition of the patient was due to pancreatitis. the patient recovered fully after resection had been done and an y-roux-anastomo ...200194934
[results of selective proximal vagotomy in the surgical treatment of pyloroduodenal ulcers]. 20144057765
colony-stimulating factor and drug-induced agranulocytosis. 20082655524
sectioning tough stems infiltrated with polyethylene glycol. 20133590238
the effects of task complexity on motor performance in left and right cva patients.the effects of task complexity on movement ipsilateral to lesion were examined using the fitts tapping task [fitts, p.m., j. exp. psychol. 47, 381-391, 1954]. subjects were required to rapidly tap two targets, which were 1 or 4 cm wide. twenty controls and ten left hemisphere and nine right hemisphere stroke patients were studied. only the left hemisphere group showed significant deficits with greater impairment found in the wide target condition. quantified ct scan analyses indicated lesion vol ...20123431674
tetralogy of fallot in adults. 199991440
[evolution of the free thyroxine index during pregnancy]. 200195054
[soybean protein intolerance in children]. 20113071783
brenner's tumour of the ovary (review of literature and a report of four cases). 2005546735
nonidentical expressions of multiple endocrine neoplasia, type i, in identical twins.we studied 25-year-old hla- and blood group-identical male twins who had multiple endocrine neoplasia, type i (men i). at the time of initial examination, one twin (case 1) had epigastric pain and diarrhea; he was cushingoid in appearance. further evaluation revealed primary hyperparathyroidism, zollinger-ellison syndrome, cushing's disease, and hyperprolactinemia. immunostaining of a resected pituitary specimen demonstrated both prolactin and, to a lesser extent, growth hormone reactivity. the ...20102875227
[creatinine clearance in the elderly. comparison of results obtained by different methods of evaluation]. 20102950506
anomalous origin of right pulmonary artery from the ascending aorta.anomalous origin of one pulmonary artery from the ascending aorta without associated intracardiac defects is a rare congenital malformation. about 60 anatomic and surgical descriptions have been reported in the literature. up to 1974, 22 of the 50 reported cases underwent surgical correction with a 40% mortality rate. the natural history without surgery is poor with a very high mortality during the first year of life. successful anatomic correction of anomalous origin of right pulmonary artery f ...20092777879
non-synaptic release from dense-cored vesicles occurs at all terminal types in crayfish the crayfish neuropile, dense-cored vesicles (dcv) have been found in chemical terminals, mixed in with round or pleomorphic agranular synaptic vesicles, as well as in electrical terminals and neurohemal endings. dcv release their content at unspecialized non-synaptic sites. the simultaneous exocytosis of dcv and synaptic vesicles seems to be the rule in chemical terminals. dcv in specific terminals suggest non-synaptic communication. in chemical and electrical terminals, the content of dcv c ...20092702493
genentech's boom is boosted by new clinical trial data. 20113127729
mammalian blood-mediated mutagenicity tests using a multipurpose strain of escherichia coli k-12. 19734584076
electrophysiological effects of mexiletine in patients of sinus node dysfunction and intraventricular conduction defects. 20123557516
electrophysiological effects of mexiletine in patients of sinus node dysfunction and intraventricular conduction defects. 20123557516
[enterostoma therapy--a pilot course in the essen education center of the german nursing association]. 20113127632
canine distemper virus does not infect oligodendrocytes in vitro.dissociated canine brain cell cultures were infected with virulent canine distemper virus (cdv). double immunofluorescent labelling was done to simultaneously demonstrate viral antigen and specific glial cell markers. virus containing oligodendrocytes were not found at any stage of the infection. a certain proportion of the infected cells were shown to be astrocytes. it was concluded that cdv has no obvious tropism for oligodendrocytes which could explain the mechanism of demyelination in distem ...19853897461
distribution of immunoreactive inhibin like material in different regions of human prostate.distribution of immunoreactive inhibin material (ir-ilm) in different regions of human prostate was studied by using specific radio-immunoassay. mean ir-ilm concentrations in the central, peripheral and periurethral zones were 27.3 +/- 9.3, 2.4 +/- 0.7 and 3.0 +/- 1.5 micrograms/mg protein respectively (p central vs periurethral and peripheral less than 0.05).19873688474
na+ modulates the k+ permeability and the membrane potential of alkalophilic the absence of na+ in the medium, the membrane potential of obligately alkalophilic bacillus cells was found to be decreased by the addition of k+ to the medium, whereas k+ addition in the presence of na+ had no effect. rb+ showed essentially the same effect as k+. the decreased membrane potential was quickly restored by lowering the k+ concentration in the medium or by adding na+ or li+ to the medium. thus, in the absence of na+, the membrane potential of alkalophilic bacillus seems to be af ...19873663674
improvement of growth and food utilization by human recombinant growth hormone in uremia.we compared growth rate, food conversion ratio and morphology of the growth zone in female sprague-dawley rats with subtotal nephrectomy or sham operation. both groups were either given vehicle or 1.4 iu/day recombinant human growth hormone (gh) by s.c. osmotic minipump, or 2.5 iu twice daily intraperitoneally for 14 or 20 days, respectively. compared to uremic rats infused with vehicle, infusion of gh significantly (p less than 0.01) improved growth; that is, it increased gain of weight (delta ...19883352160
incorporation of single dinitrophenyl-modified proteins into the 30 s subunit of escherichia coli ribosomes by total this first of two consecutive papers, the main objective of which is to present a new approach to the systematic localization of individual proteins located in the escherichia coli ribosome by immunoelectron microscopy, we describe the derivatization of several purified 30 s proteins (s12, s21, s14, s19, s18, s17) with 2,4-[3,5-3h]dinitrofluorobenzene at ph 7.4 and 8.4 and the uptake of each dinitrophenylated protein in place of the corresponding unmodified protein into totally reconstituted ...19883280567
excision of cutaneous tumors in the horse using histologic guidance.a highly successful surgical technique for removing cutaneous tumors in humans was used in seven horses with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (n = 3) or sarcoid (n = 4). in humans, the complete underside of the tumor is evaluated histologically by processing horizontal sections from the tumor base, and orientation between the wound surface and the undersurface of the excised tumor is maintained by mapping both surfaces. the technique ensures that small foci of residual tumor can be located accu ...19883227634
structural and functional studies of the effects of sympathetic nerve stimulation on rabbit submandibular salivary glands.continuous sympathetic stimulation at 8-10 hz caused intense vasoconstriction in the gland, so stimulation was generally given in an interrupted pattern to minimize this detrimental effect on secretion. only a small increase in fluid secretion occurred; it became thick and tended to block the cannula; therefore in later experiments the main duct was not cannulated. after sympathetic stimulation there was substantial degranulation of acinar cells. however, as this was accompanied by little moveme ...19883165262
role of postnatal gonadal function in the determination of thyrotropin (tsh) releasing hormone-induced tsh response in adult male and female rats.permanent effects of postnatal gonadal function on the hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid axis were examined in male and female rats of the wistar-imamichi strain. animals were used at the age of about 10 weeks. neonatally castrated (nc) males showed a significantly higher plasma tsh response to trh (10 micrograms/kg bw, ip) than males castrated at 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 weeks of age. the tsh response in intact males was similar to that seen in nc males. neonatal androgenization of nc males with 100 microg ...19873032567
importance of pulmonary blood volume and aortic blood pressure in regulation of left ventricular function. 19882900297
[control of early pregnancies by vaginal sonography].151 patients with suspected early pregnancies between 5 to 10 weeks were examined by transvaginal section scanning. pregnancies could be verified as early as 16 days after conception while the first heart beat actions were seen after 21 to 22 days. in early pregnancies where heart actions could not be shown at first examination a second look was taken after the 6. week dated from conception. beta-hcg-units were found in a range of 59 to 55,000 mu/ml. 3 pregnancies in the 5th, 6th, respectively 7 ...19872444038
absorption of lactose from colon of newborn piglet.piglets in three age groups (1-3, 9-11, and 16-25 days after birth) were used for in vivo colonic perfusions. studies compared an isosmolar (312 mosm) with a high osmolar (551 mosm) solution and two equimolar substrates (with hexose concentrations of 73.1 mm), lactose and glucose-galactose. from the isosmolar perfusates, lactose absorption was 0.43 +/- 0.04 in the 18-20 day olds and 1.04 +/- 0.2 in the 1-3 day olds; absorption from the glucose-galactose solution was negligible i ...19911907103
haemostatic function and polyunsaturated fatty acids. 200192727
neurofibromatosis: unusual lymphangiographic findings. 1998106665
[potentiating effect of a supine position on ischemia induced by exercise].though sitting bicycle and treadmill are the commonest devices used in exercise stress testing, supine ergometric test shows some advantages, especially in research investigations. the latter allows better ecg and blood pressure recordings during exercise. recently, a greater frequency of st-segment depression has been reported with supine vs upright exercise, but some doubt as to the ischemic significance of this result has been raised. thus, we compare the ecg and hemodynamic pattern during up ...20092777011
traditional medicinal plants used in the treatment of malaria and fevers in papua new guinea.plants have been used as traditional medicine in many areas of papua new guinea. over thrity different plants used to treat malaria and fevers have been collected and their uses recorded. many of the plants taken internally, but few others, are found to contain alkaloids.20051065156
goitre and iodine deficiency in europe. report of the subcommittee for the study of endemic goitre and iodine deficiency of the european thyroid association.the prevalence of endemic iodine-deficiency goitre in europe has been reduced in many areas by the introduction of iodination programmes. recent reports, however, show that goitre remains a significant problem and that its prevalence has not decreased in a number of european countries. hetzel has pointed out that the high global prevalence of iodine-deficiency disorders could be eradicated within 5-10 years by introduction of an iodised salt programme. the current world health organisation recom ...20102860490
a simple finger tourniquet. 2004444776
mendelism and the new genetics. 2005545719
ontario's proposed consent laws: 1. consent and capacity, substitute decisions, advance directives and emergency treatment. 20061544072
[schistosomiasis japonica of the pancreas]. 20102935283
a health profile for use in spain. 20133706606
[dynamics of the accumulation of essential oil and menthol in peppermint of the "polyhybrid-7" variety]. 20154417705
how to establish official student chapters of aamd at colleges and universities. 20143959898
[effect of bromide on spinal postsynaptic inhibition]. 19664303631
[effect of bromide on spinal postsynaptic inhibition]. 19664303631
[evaluation of various personality characteristics and professional training of interns--internal medicine specialists].on the basis of the anonymous questionnaires filled by 131 therapeutic interns from 18 higher medical establishments young specialists distinguished certain personality traits which, in their opinions, should be inherent in a doctor; they evaluated training in the institute and during internship and pointed out its shortcomings. the information obtained is important for further improvement of the medical training.20092747150
[rehabilitation of patients with ischemic heart disease]. 20092747148
[behavior of the cardiologist when faced with amiodarone-induced hormonal changes]. 20092854798
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