cytotoxic macrophages induced in hamsters by vaccinia virus: selective cytotoxicity for virus-infected targets by macrophages collected late after immunization. 197987476
antimicrobial susceptibility of vibrio cholerae from zaire and rwanda. 197990940
purification of human chorionic gonadotropin-receptor complex by immunoaffinity chromatography. 197991534
response to immunological or cholinergic stimulation of isolated mast cells from man, guinea pig and rat. 197991954
from the nichd. national institute of child health and human development. predictors of hereditary disease or congenital defects. 197993264
study of effectiveness of bleomycin in rat brain tumor model intravenously and intracerebrally. 197994056
lower levels of thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading activity in human cord and in maternal sera than in the serum of euthyroid, nonpregnant adults.thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh)-degrading activity was investigated in human cord, maternal, and euthyroid adult sera by measuring (a) the rate of disappearance of trh and (b) the rate of formation of degradation products. the rate of trh degradation in cord and maternal sera was 25-33% of that in euthyroid adult serum. concomitantly, in cord and maternal sera, the rate of formation of proline, a major trh degradation product in serum, was one-quarter to one-third that in euthyroid adult ser ...197896140
an ontogenic study of the acute inflammatory response in the fetal rhesus monkey. ii. the mediation of increased vascular permeability by histamine, compound 48/80 and bradykinin.vascular permeability as a function of age was evaluated quantitatively and morphologically in skin of fetal rhesus monkeys given vasoactive mediators. the response was examined at 90, 120 or 150 days of gestation or at birth and compared to the response of yearling rhesus monkeys. skin sites were challenged with histamine, compound 48/80 or bradykinin. evans' blue and horseradish peroxidase were used as markers of vascular integrity. evans' blue was quantitated spectrophotometrically. vascular ...197898895
biological variation of immunoglobulin concentrations in normal human tears related to age and sex.single radial immunodiffusion method was used to measure the concentration of igg, iga, igm and igd in tears of 220 healthy individuals aged from 2 to 86 years. relation of the values to age and sex has been evaluated statistically by regression analysis method. mean iga level was 30.7 mg/100 ml. igg could be detected in 200 samples and the level was less than 1 mg/100 ml. igm was detected in only 7 samples and the value was less than 1 mg/100 ml. igd could not be detected in any of the sample. ...197898956
polychlorinated biphenyl-induced morphologic changes in the gastric mucosa of the rhesus monkey.the early morphologic events in polychlorinated biphenyl-induced lesions of the gastric mucosa of immature male rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta) were studied in serial biopsies taken during consumption of diets containing 3, 10, 30, and 100 mg. per kg. (p.p.m.) of aroclor 1242. the severity of the lesions correlated directly with both the duration and the level of exposure. the first changes were seen after ingestion of 30 and 100 mg. per kg. for 2 weeks; changes were not seen until 10 weeks at 3 ...1979106183
linear arrays of intramembrane particles on microvilli in primate large intestine.distinctive linear arrays of intramembrane particles were present in microvillar membranes of approximately 5% of surface columnar cells observed in freeze-fracture replicas of monkey colon and human rectum. on these cells, longitudinally-oriented rows of p face particles and corresponding e face grooves appeared on all exposed microvilli. the constituent particles varied from round (8-9 nm in diameter) to rod-shaped (18 nm long). microvilli of the great majority of columnar cells displayed rand ...1979106744
a three month inhalation toxicity study in the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciureus) with terbutaline sulfate (bricanyl).a study of the subacute toxicity of inhaled terbutaline sulfate was performed in the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciureus). 3 groups of monkeys were exposed 1 h daily 7 days/week for 3 months to terbutaline sulfate aerosols at concentrations of 0.039, 0.185 and 0.799 mg terbutaline/litre of air respectively. a fourth group was a chamber control receiving air only. the following clinical parameters were evaluated: physical appearance and behavior, weight gain, ophthalmoscopic appearance, electrocard ...1978107616
[prevention of helminthiasis in sheep in kazakhstan]. 1975129934
[experimental and clinical studies of drug therapy in diabetic retinopathy (author's transl)]. 1978152052
electron microscopy of synaptonemal complexes in semithin sections.the technique of osmium tetroxide fixation followed by a treatment with p-phenylenediamine was applied to mouse testes in order to analyze pachytene nuclei. observation of epon semithin sections (0.25--0.5 micrometer) in conventional electron microscopy revealed the presence of positively stained synaptonemal complexes surrounded by unstained chromatin. the present results show that by using this method a suitable contrast and resolution can be achieved for semithin sections, which facilitates t ...1979156471
organ cultures of rat and hamster colon.human fibrin foam as a matrix for three-dimensional organ cultures was successfully employed for the cultivation of newborn rat and hamster colon tissue. colonic tissue was maintained under different oxygen atmospheres and with various synthetic media. explants of rat and hamster colon, maintained in leibovitz's l-15 medium buffered with hepes in the presence of 5% co2 and air, retained their normal columnar epithelial architecture for 24 days in culture. outgrowth of epithelial cells from colon ...1975165141
[aeromonas punctata subsp. caviae as the causative agent of acute gastroenteritis (author's transl)].since in the past, aeromonas hydrophila had been isolated from all cases of human infection described. a. punctata and the anaerogenic sub-species were considered as apathogenic. from the case described, a close association between acute diarrhea with vomiting and the identification of a. punctata subsp. caviae becomes evident so that a conditional pathogenicity of this sub-species must be assumed. the question is discussed whether a preceding disturbance of the intestinal habitat in the presenc ...1975175615
evaluation of normal and neoplastic human tissue for bk virus. 1978214941
[atp, dehydrogenases and hexokinase in the oral mucosa and mandible in fractures and disrupted innervation]. 1978279106
dynamic changes in plasma adrenocorticotrophin after neurotropic stress in male and female rats. 1978203646
preparation of acid-fast microscopy smears for proficiency testing and quality control.a method is presented for preparing smears for proficiency testing and quality control in acid-fast microscopy. the work was prompted by the increased demand for acid-fast bacilli positive smears with characteristic microscopic appearance and among-smear uniformity.1978353070
adaptation of cells derived from human malignant tumours to growth in vitro.forty-five human malignant tumour specimens were cultivated in vitro in an attempt to determine the necessary conditions for tumour cell maintenance and to establish permanently-growing cell lines. continuously-growing cultures were derived from five tumours, including carcinomas of the oesophagus and colon, a hepatoma, a mesothelioma and a retroperitoneal sarcoma. the carcinoma of the oesophagus and the hepatoma, which have adapted fully to in vitro conditions, can be regarded as established ce ...1976184551
biochemical adaptations in skeletal muscle of trained thyroidectomized rats.the cytochrome c concentrations of the different types of skeletal muscle of trained and nontrained normal and thyroidectomized rats were measured. animals were trained by treadmill running 1 mph, at a 15% incline, 1 h/day, 5 days/wk for at least 12 wk. this training program induced an expected 50% increase in cytochrome c in the high-oxidative fast-twitch red (ftr) and slow-twitch red (str) fibers and only a 25% increase in the low-oxidative fast-twitch white (ftw) fibers of the normal rats. th ...1976179330
the effect of some anti-rheumatic agents on tuberculin pleurisy in the guinea-pig [proceedings]. 1979497564
analysis of the antagonistic effect of gamma-l-glutamyl-taurine on glucocorticoid and triiodothyronine.gamma-l-glutamyl-taurine, a newly discovered parathyroid hormone, considerably inhibited the cytochemically detected transcription-inducing effect (appearance of free histone) of prednisolone and triiodothyronine. such an inhibition took place also if the morphogenetic hormones were given not simultaneously with, but after the administration of litoralon. litoralon injected alone also displayed inductor properties increasing the number of nuclei containing free histone.1979525237
the binding site of escherichia coli ribosomal protein s4 on 16-s ribosomal rna from different bacterial species.ribosomal protein s4 of escherichia coli was bound to 16-s ribosomal rnas from several bacterial species and the complexes digested with pancreatic ribonuclease in an effort to isolate heterologous rna binding sites for protein s4. 16-s rnas from aeromonas punctata, pseudomonas fluorescens and vibrio cuneatus each gave rise to protected fragments whose electrophoretic mobility was 7s, i.e. similar to that of the fragment generated from e. coli 16-s rna using the same conditions. no comparable fr ...1976827436
effects of potassium chloride and smooth muscle relaxants on tension and cyclic nucleotide levels in rat myometrium.ten minutes after kcl-depolarization of rat myometrial strips, at which time the muscles were in a state of sustained contracture, tissue levels of adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cyclic amp) were increased by approximately 40% over relaxed controls, and levels of guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cyclic gmp) were decreased by 40%. at this point both nitroglycerin (4 x 10(-4) m) and papaverine (2 x 10(-5) m) were capable of relaxing the depolarized muscles without significantly increas ...1975177160
[sensitivity of aeromonas punctata to antibiotics]. 1976948845
structure of a 30 s pre-ribosomal rna of e. coli. 1975169158
tryptophan biosynthetic pathway in the enterobacteriaceae: some physical properties of the enzymes.several physical properties of the first four enzymatic activities of the tryptophan pathway were examined using gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography. five different patterns were noted. differences in the anthranilate synthetase (as) and phosphoribosylanthranilate transferase (prt) defined these patterns. in all the organisms studied phosphoribosylanthranilate isomerase and indoleglycerol phosphate synthetase co-eluted from both diethylaminoethyl-cellulose and g-200 and thus probably ...19751116988
[the effectiveness of influenza vaccination]. 19751220326
[zoonoses in veterinary practice. 3. chlamydial, rickettsial and fungal infections]. 19751231047
transformation of horse skin cells by type-c sarcoma viruses.a horse skin cell line (e. derm, nbl-6, ccl-57) was susceptible to focus formation by the kirsten mouse sarcoma virus, feline sarcoma virus (st stain) and the msv pseudotypes with woolly monkey, gibbon monkey, rd-114, at-124, baboon placenta and murine xenotropic (balb/c 3t3 and c57l/jd) type-c viruses. foci were detected within 5 days after infection and the transformed cells continued to produce infectious virus and group-specific antigen of their respective type-c leukemia viruses. the transf ...1975165152
kinetics of the ion-sensitive mg, ca-adenosinetriphosphatase (atpase) from escherichia coli. 1975127549
serum thyroxine, serum % -- t3 -- binding, and serum t3 in zambians.serum total thyroxine (t4) was measured in clinically euthyroid and clinically hyperthyroid subjects, using the method of competitive protein binding. in 26 euthyroid subjects the mean +/- 1sd was 7.7 +/- 1.8 micrograms/dl and in 17 clinically hyperthyroid subjects, the mean +/- 1sd was 18.1 +/- 3.1 micrograms/dl. this difference is statistically significant. serum % 125(1) -- t3 binding was measured using the principle of competition for 125(1) -- t3 between the unknown serum and the resin in t ...1979120088
rapid micro-carbohydrate test for confirmation of neisseria gonorrhoeae.a rapid carbohydrate utilization procedure for the confirmation of neisseria gonorrhoeae and identification of other neisseria species has been developed. this method utilizes both preformed enzymes, introduced in a heavy inoculum, and enzymes formed by the microorganisms as a result of growth in a small volume of super-enriched medium. expected carbohydrate reactions were produced by 383 clinical isolates of neisseriae and were clearly visible within 4 h of incubation. the combined use of dispo ...1978106068
fimbriation, capsulation, and iron-scavenging systems of klebsiella strains associated with human urinary tract infection.thirty-two strains of klebsiella pneumoniae and seven strains of klebsiella oxytoca isolated from urinary tract infections in elderly adults were analyzed for capsular antigens, iron-scavenging systems, and fimbriation. all strains were capsulated. twenty-seven different k antigens were identified among the strains, with no particular antigen dominating. all strains produced the iron-scavenging system enterochelin as analyzed by bioassay and dna hybridization. in contrast, the aerobactin iron-se ...19921347287
[h2-receptor antagonist-refractory ulcer--its pathophysiology and role of proton-pump inhibitors].among h2-receptor antagonist (h2ra)-refractory ulcers, non-responders that did not heal after 5 months therapy had high intraluminal ph in the basal condition and high sensitivity to inhibition of acid secretion by h2ra but possessed gastric mucosa to generate less prostaglandins. combination therapy of pge1-analogue with h2ra healed these ulcers by 60%. proton-pump inhibitor (ppi) exerted a complete inhibition of acid secretion in these patients and the rate of healing was 88%. helicobacter pyl ...19921347325
incidence of toxigenic vibrios in foods available in taiwan.a total of 1088 vibrios and related species were isolated from seafood and aquacultured foods available in taiwan. they were identified as vibrio alginolyticus, v. cholerae, v. fluvialis i, v. fluvialis ii, v. parahaemolyticus, v. mimicus, aeromonas caviae, a. hydrophila, a. sobria and other species. incidence of these vibrio and aeromonas species in these foods was high. vibrio parahaemolyticus was frequently found in seawater and in foods of freshwater origin. the vibrio isolates were examined ...19921399913
variation in growth kinetics and phenotype of aeromonas spp. from clinical, meat processing and fleshfood sources.sixty-four strains of motile aeromonads (a. hydrophila, a. sobria and a. caviae), isolated from clinical meat processing and ready-to-eat fleshfood sources, and the a. hydrophila type strain were tested with respect to their growth kinetics at 4 degrees c and 37 degrees c, and the reported indicators of pathogenicity: autoagglutination and haemolysis (tested using a camp reaction). between the species, a. caviae grew the fastest at 37 degrees c and had the highest percentage of strains not able ...19921445756
clinical studies on pipemidic acid. 1978101691
inhibition of mycoplasma-induced lymphocyte activation by sodium aurothiomalate.sodium aurothiomalate, at concentrations of 10 to 150 microgram/ml of culture, inhibited rat lymphocyte stimulation by mycoplasma pulmonis mitogen in a dose-dependent manner.1978101463
characterization of aeromonas caviae antigens which cross-react with shigella boydii and boiled cells of 16 strains of aeromonas caviae, isolated from patients with diarrhea, agglutinated with shigella boydii 5 antiserum in a slide test. further studies with seven selected strains showed agglutination with boiled cells in a tube test. lipopolysaccharide antigen extracted from one of these strains cross-reacted with s. boydii 5 in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoblot studies. either all or the majority of the seven strains possessed properties deemed to be diarrh ...19921583145
effect of different gradient solutions on the buoyant density of scrapie infectivity. 197899747
long term effects of myochrysine in articular cartilage.intra-articularly administered sodium aurothiomalate (myochrysine) produced aurosomes containing characteristic electron dense contents (indicating the presence of gold), in the chondrocytes of rabbit articular cartilage. at first the aurosomes were bounded by a membrane but later the electron dense contents were seen lying free in the cytoplasmic matrix. such deposits were detectable up to 14 months after injection of myochrysine but none were found at later time intervals (18 months and 2 year ...197897856
nonspecific light loss and intrinsic dna variation problems associated with feulgen dna cytophotometry.nonspecific light loss by the cell-wall-plus-cytoplasm (cwc) can cause a 50% increase in feulgen absorption units in peanut root-tip nuclei as determined by scanning at 450 nm, whereas this phenomenon is not evident with chicken erythrocytes. a two wavelength scanning method of subtracting nonspecific 450 nm absorption from 550 nm feulgen absorption values eliminated the nonspecific light loss in cwc, however, the two wavelength scanning method is time consuming and somewhat impractical with a r ...197992496
antiviral agents: action and clinical use.the development of antiviral agents has been hindered by a variety of problems. there are fundamental biological differences between viruses and other infectious agents. viruses are strictly dependent on cellular metabolic processes and possess very limited intrinsic enzyme systems and building blocks which may serve as targets for drugs. antiviral drugs must also possess the ability to enter the host cell. viral replication consists of a series of events, each of which can be interfered with, l ...197992398
regulation of the antibody response by t cell-derived factors: their heterogeneity and genetics. 197991962
the role of p23,30-bearing human macrophages in antigen-induced t lymphocyte responses. 197988270
developmental cycle-specific host-free rna synthesis in chlamydia spp.the incorporation of radiolabeled gtp into rna in host-free chlamydia trachomatis serovar l2 organisms was investigated. the incorporation was partially inhibited by rifampin and dactinomycin and hydrolyzed by rnase. rna made by host-free chlamydiae consisted mainly of species of fewer than 800 bases in size, although 16s and 23s species were noted by agarose-gel electrophoresis. the hybridization of radiolabeled host-free rna to restriction fragments of the gene encoding the major outer membran ...19901698176
long term growth in vitro of human t cell blasts with maintenance of specificity and function. 197987425
observations on the m-wave and the cnv in the squirrel monkey.a typical cnv paradigm, with food as reward, evokes in the squirrel monkey's post-arcuate and post-central cortices both m-waves in response to the cues and what appears to be a cnv in the interstimulus interval. both wave forms appear to be generated locally in cortex and to be more closely related temporally to the cues than to the animal's behavioral response. the cnv, like the m-wave, appears to reflect the animal's level of interest in obtaining the reward. it is smaller when the animal mis ...197985525
test reproducibility of the api (20e), enterotube, and pathotec systems.thirty-three strains of bacteria (30 enterobacteriaceae and one strain each of aeromonas formicans, a. hydrophila, and plesiomonas shigelloides) were tested three times in each of 27 conventional tests and in the api, enterotube, and pathotec systems. the results obtained were analysed for test reproducibility within each kit, correlation of the kit tests with the equivalent conventional media, and the identification of the strains by the kits. difficulties in evaluation and comparison of identi ...1977323296
[a study on periodontal dressing materials. part 8. the effect of periodontal dressing materials on the capillary permeability of subcutaneous tissue of rabbit==especially, an effect of individual ingredients consisting of liquid materials (author's transl)]. 1978296222
[study of the effect of mineral acids on the development of experimental caries]. 1977268049
comparable complex rearrangements involving 8;21 and 9;22 translocations in leukaemia. 1977267248
thyroid - hormone effects on steroid - hormone metabolism. 1977266410
respiratory syncytial virus infection in adults: clinical, virologic, and serial pulmonary function studies.we prospectively studied 10 previously healthy adults who developed an acute respiratory illness while working in an infants' ward during a community outbreak of respiratory syncytial virus infection. in addition to clinical and viral evaluation, total respiratory resistance before and after carbachol aerosol inhalation was measured. all 10 subjects had respiratory syncytial virus infection documented by viral isolation, and all developed pronounced cough, nasal congestion, and fever. eight subj ...1978415653
splenic influence of t cell function: the immunobiology of the inbred hereditarily asplenic mouse. 1977194980
mechanistic studies of two amino acid racemases of broad substrate specificity from pseudomonas striata and aeromonas caviae.the conversion of l-[alpha-2h]alanine in h2o and unlabeled l-alanine in 2h2o into d-alanine, under nearly irreversible conditions, with the amino acid racemase from pseudomonas striata showed significant internal transfer of the alpha-hydrogen. this result has been interpreted as being indicative of a single base mechanism for the racemization. the relative rates of deuterium incorporation into unlabeled d- and l-methionine by the two amino acid racemases of broad substrate specificity from p. s ...19911920082
induction of l-serine dehydratase in aeromonas punctata. 1979438109
[bacteremia of biliary origin caused by aeromonas caviae in a healthy patient]. 19911932258
secretor status and heterosexual transmission of hiv. 19911932975
intestinal secretory immune response to infection with aeromonas species and plesiomonas shigelloides among students from the united states in mexico.intestinal secretory iga (siga) response or lack of response among adults in mexico with diarrhea was used as an indicator of enteropathogenicity of aeromonas species and plesiomonas shigelloides. siga was extracted from stool specimens obtained at day of presentation and 5 days later. total siga was standardized, and specific siga titer against the organism being shed by each patient was determined. western blotting was used to determine which microbial antigens elicited an intestinal siga resp ...19911940478
a taxonomic study of the aeromonas hydrophila-aeromonas punctata group.a total of 203 characters has been determined for 68 strains of aeromonas belonging to the aeromonas hydrophila-a. punctata group. the results have been subjected to computer analysis using the coefficient of jaccard-sneath and the strains clustered by the method of aggregation according to the variance. the 68 strains can be divided into two well-segregated classes on the basis of 59 variable characters, of which seven are of diagnostic value. the two classes are considered as two separate spec ...1976932684
inhibition of calcium phosphate precipitation by human salivary secretions. 19761065265
a multicentre trial of cefaclor advanced formulation versus cefaclor in the treatment of acute bronchitis.two prospective randomized, double-blind, parallel studies were carried out in europe to compare cefaclor advanced formulation (cefaclor af) with cefaclor in the treatment of acute bronchitis caused by susceptible pathogens. a total of 1,321 patients suffering from acute bronchitis confirmed by clinical data and a negative chest x-ray were randomized for treatment in the two multicentre trials. three doses of cefaclor af were tested: 375 mg twice daily and 500 mg twice daily were compared with c ...19921287614
alpha-adrenergic receptors and 45ca2+ efflux in arteries from deoxycorticosterone acetate hypertensive rats.increased vascular sensitivity to catecholamines characterizes mineralocorticoid hypertension. the present study investigated three possible sites that may account for this abnormality: agonist affinity, ca2+ release from intracellular stores, and ca2+ sensitivity of the contractile proteins. adult male sprague-dawley rats underwent uninephrectomy and were implanted subcutaneously with deoxycorticosterone acetate (doca; 200 mg/kg, 1% nacl:0.2% kcl drinking water, 4-6 weeks). control rats were sh ...19921317354
modulation of neutrophil functions by activated platelet release factors.platelets activated with physiological agonists, such as thrombin, adp, or collagen, released products able to modulate neutrophil functions. in particular, platelet supernatant contained an inhibitor of superoxide anion generation induced by phorbol ester and a chemotactic factor for human neutrophils. the proteolytic digestion of platelet supernatant completely abrogated chemotactic activity without interfering with the inhibitory effect, indicating the presence of different molecules involved ...19921317360
rapid presumptive phenospecies identification of mesophilic aeromonads by testing for suicidal activity.a new test combination for presumptive phenospecies identification of mesophilic aeromonads by testing for suicidal activity in conjunction with esculin hydrolysis and gas production from glucose was evaluated. of 40 clinical isolates of aeromonas tested statically at 30 degrees c, seven were identified as aeromonas hydrophilia (non-suicidal, aerogenic, esculin positive), eight as aeromonas sobria (suicide variable, mostly aerogenic, esculin negative), and 25 as aeromonas caviae (suicidal, anaer ...19902209629
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor activity of the dopamine receptor agonist fenoldopam in canine tracheal smooth muscle.fenoldopam is a new vasodilator undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of hypertensive emergencies. its pharmacologic effects result from activation of vascular dopamine-1 receptors. in canine tracheal smooth muscle strips, fenoldopam caused a concentration- and calcium-dependent increase in tension, which was not antagonized by atropine, indomethacin or the dopamine-1 receptor antagonist, sch 23390. the ec50 (1.89 x 10(-6) m) exceeded that of serotonin or acetylcholine (8.38 x 10(-8) and ...19921346635
avoidance of endotoxin-induced inflammation during studies of albumin clearance from caprine joints.intra-articular injection of radiolabelled, commercial goat serum albumin (gsa) produces acute arthritis in caprine joints. this inflammation distorts clearance values and vitiates studies of normal lymphatic function. endotoxin, routinely found in commercial albumin preparations, appears to cause this local reaction. we describe a simple method for the preparation of low-endotoxin, radioiodinated serum albumin from aseptically collected serum. we have used this technique to prepare gsa for use ...19921489542
occurrence of haemolysin producing aeromonas species in the aquatic environment.a total of 532 environmental isolates of motile aeromonads were evaluated for their ability to produce haemolysins. of those isolates tested, 68 (12.5%) and 18 (3.4%) were found to be alpha and beta haemolytic, respectively. aeromonas caviae was found to be alpha haemolytic (3.8%) for the first time. isolates of aeromonas which were either alpha or beta haemolytic on plate assay also produced detectable amounts of haemolysin in cell free broth assay.19921501594
in vivo effect of the organophosphorus insecticide trichlorphon on immune response of carp (cyprinus carpio). ii. effect of high doses of trichlorphon on nonspecific immune response.the effect of trichlorphon, one of the most widely used organophosphorus insecticides, on the nonspecific immune response in carp (cyprinus carpio) was studied. the effect of 20,000 ppm trichlorphon on the immune response was followed for 3 and 56 days after intoxication. the effect of 10,000 ppm trichlorphon on the nonspecific immune response of carp experimentally infected by pseudomonas alcaligenes and aeromonas punctata was also examined. leucocyte number, phagocytic ability of neutrophils, ...19902311567
application of ribotyping for differentiating aeromonads isolated from clinical and environmental sources.we have investigated the usefulness of ribotyping for the differentiation of aeromonads isolated from five patients with gastroenteritis and from the source water, treatment plant, and distribution system of a small public water supply. aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas caviae were isolated from fecal specimens preserved in cary-blair transport medium by using blood ampicillin agar or alkaline peptone water (ph 8.4) subcultured to blood ampicillin agar plates. a. hydrophila, aeromonas sobria, a ...19921622269
diverse potential of beta-lactamase inhibitors to induce class i enzymes.the ability of various beta-lactamase inhibitors to induce class i beta-lactamases was assessed. clavulanate was the most active compound, inducing morganella morganii, aeromonas caviae, and enterobacter aerogenes over a broad concentration range and citrobacter freundii, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and serratia marcescens at high concentrations. disk approximation tests paralleled these results, with clavulanate, but not sulbactam or tazobactam, antagonizing the activity of several beta-lactams aga ...19902327752
microbiologic and clinical evidence supporting the role of aeromonas caviae as a pediatric enteric pathogen.aeromonas caviae was recovered as the sole potential enteric pathogen from the stools of 14 of 17 symptomatic children (10 younger than 1 year of age) while aeromonas hydrophila, aeromonas sobria, and plesiomonas shigelloides were isolated once each. the infants from whom a. caviae was isolated all presented with a watery diarrhea lasting 1 to 3 weeks. none of these infants was breast-fed, and all had a stool ph of greater than 7.5. all of the a. caviae isolates, including a reference strain (at ...19902351730
monoclonal antibodies detecting discrete epitopes of human perforin.perforin is a cytolytic protein of natural killer (nk) cells and cytotoxic t cells (ctl). purified perforin has been shown to cause cell lysis and to form stable pores in the target cell membrane, but its relevance to cytolysis in vivo is not clear. the gene for human perforin has been cloned, but monoclonal antibodies (mabs) have not been available. in order to study further its role in cytotoxicity, we have generated mabs to different regions of human perforin. four mabs were produced from mic ...19901698318
structural investigations of glucans from cultures of glomerella cingulata spaulding & von schrenck.methylation analysis, enzymic digestion, n.m.r. spectroscopy, and smith degradation showed that the major extracellular polysaccharide, isolated from cultures of the fungus glomerella cingulata, was a (1----3)-beta-d-glucan with side chains of 1-4 (1----3)-linked beta-d-glucose residues attached to position 6. a (1----6)-beta-d-glucan was produced by the fungus in small proportions. treatment of the (1----3,1----6)-beta-d-glucan (890,315) with greater than 0.05m naoh at greater than 150 degrees, ...19911797397
retinal neurite growth on astrocytes is not modified by extracellular matrix, anti-l1 antibody, or oligodendrocytes.two factors that may influence the course of axonal regeneration in the central nervous system (cns) are extracellular matrix (ecm) and cell surface molecules that may enhance or inhibit neurite outgrowth. whereas cultured astrocytes have been reported to be a good substratum for neurite outgrowth, there is recent evidence that cultured oligodendrocytes are inhibitory. to test the influences of 1) ecm components, 2) the l1 adhesion molecule, and 3) the inhibitory potential of mature oligodendroc ...19911828788
[cholangitis caused by aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas caviae]. 19911833749
evidence that the asparagine 322 mutant of the lactose permease transports protons and lactose with a normal stoichiometry and accumulates lactose against a concentration gradient.the single asparagine 322 mutant of the lactose permease was made by constructing a hybrid plasmid which contained the amino-terminal coding sequence from the wild-type permease gene and the carboxyl-terminal coding sequence from a previously characterized double mutant permease which contained an asparagine residue at position 322. since histidine at position 322 has been postulated to be critically involved with h+ transport and the active accumulation of sugars, the ability of the asn-322 mut ...19911849889
primary lymphoma of the heart. prolonged survival with early systemic therapy in a patient.primary lymphoma of the heart is an uncommon malignancy usually recognized at autopsy or fatal within a few weeks of diagnosis. recently, it was reported in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome. a patient with diffuse large cell lymphoma of the heart is reported who had chest pain and rapidly evolving cardiac arrhythmias. the human immune deficiency virus antibody test was negative. because of an aggressive diagnostic approach, therapy with cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine ...19911913464
distribution of aeromonas species in waters with different levels of pollution.strains of aeromonas spp. (883) were isolated from 10 stations in the north-west of spain. biotyping of the strains gave: 55% aeromonas caviae, 34% a. hydrophila, 6% a. sobria and 5% aeromonas spp. phenotypic characters that have been claimed to be related to virulence such as haemolysis and the voges-proskauer reaction were detected mostly in a. hydrophila and a. sobria. the distribution of the species was significantly related to levels of faecal pollution in waters. aeromonas caviae predomina ...19911917727
[therapeutic procedure for tuberculous thrombophlebitis].the author describe five cases of thrombophlebitis unchained for the bacillus of koch, which first focus was not detected through the methods of search often used in this kind of work. it's a very rare peripheral vascular disease. the clinical manifestations which follows its installation has in the pain its most important symptom. the surgical resection of the vein was the most suitable conduct with the present pathological reality, once the clinical measures were unable to bring satisfactory r ...19911952265
typing of aeromonas strains from patients with diarrhoea and from drinking water.aeromonas strains (187) from human diarrhoeal stools and from drinking water (263) in the netherlands were typed by three different methods. biotyping alone was found to be of little value for epidemiological studies because 84% of all strains belonged to only 10 biotypes. common biotypes could be further differentiated by serotyping. gas-liquid chromatography of cell wall fatty acid methyl esters (fame) was useful for species identification as well as for typing: 86% of all strains could be ide ...19921618720
autofluorescence in human alveolar macrophages from smokers: relation to cell surface markers and phagocytosis.flow cytometry was used to study the influence of smoking histories on autofluorescence, expression of surface markers, and phagocytic ability in alveolar macrophages (am) recruited by bronchoalveolar lavage (bal) from healthy smokers (n = 13) and nonsmokers (n = 13). alveolar macrophages have an autofluorescence that can be quenched by a recently developed technique. in the present study, this technique was used in combination with flow cytofluorometry. alveolar macrophages from smokers (mean 1 ...19892612443
autofluorescence in human alveolar macrophages from smokers: relation to cell surface markers and phagocytosis.flow cytometry was used to study the influence of smoking histories on autofluorescence, expression of surface markers, and phagocytic ability in alveolar macrophages (am) recruited by bronchoalveolar lavage (bal) from healthy smokers (n = 13) and nonsmokers (n = 13). alveolar macrophages have an autofluorescence that can be quenched by a recently developed technique. in the present study, this technique was used in combination with flow cytofluorometry. alveolar macrophages from smokers (mean 1 ...19892612443
prp (proline-rich protein) genes linked to markers es-12 (esterase-12), ea-10 (erythrocyte alloantigen), and loci on distal mouse chromosome 6.the closely linked proline-rich protein (prp) genes, coding for abundant salivary proteins, are located on distal mouse chromosome 6. they are part of a conserved linkage group that is represented on human chromosome 12p. two other markers, ea-10 and es-12, that were previously unassigned to a chromosome are closely linked to prp genes in the mouse.19892613230
improved sensitivity of an enzyme immunoassay ideia for detecting chlamydia tests on 375 genital tract specimens a commercially available enzyme immunoassay for chlamydia trachomatis (ideia; boots-celltech) was found to have sensitivity values of 62% for men and 74% for women, and a specificity of 97% for both groups, relative to the results obtained by a fluorescence assay (micro trak; syva). the positive predictive value and the negative predictive value of the immunoassay were 91% and 87%, respectively. collection of samples for ideia in transport medium in plasti ...19892668343
haemolysin and enterotoxin production by aeromonas caviae isolated from diarrhoeal patients, fish and environment.beta-haemolytic activity was shown by 46 (63%) of the 73 aeromonas caviae strains isolated from diverse sources, such as diarrhoeal stools, fish ulcers and water in titres of 16-64 hu/ml. only 2 strains showed alpha-haemolytic activity and the remaining 27% of them were nonhaemolytic. live cells and culture filtrates of 60.3% of the a. caviae isolates caused accumulation of fluid in rabbit gut loops in the initial set of experiments. of the 46 strains showing beta-haemolytic activity only 34 gav ...19921619237
in vivo studies on halogen compound interactions. iii. effect of carbon tetrachloride plus 1,2-dichloroethane on liver necrosis and fatty accumulation.the effect of a single dose of carbon tetrachloride (ct), 1,2-dichloroethane (dce) and the mixture on liver toxicity was investigated. the co-presence of both toxins exerts a more than additive effect on liver necrosis and on tba-reactive substances produced by liver homogenates incubated at 37 degrees c. both these effects are prevented in animals treated with vitamin e. the liver gsh is not involved in the synergistic action. the liver triglyceride levels of rats treated with the mixture are l ...19921636056
genetic and biochemical characterization of the thymidine kinase gene from herpesvirus of turkeys.the thymidine kinase gene encoded by herpesvirus of turkeys has been identified and characterized. a viral mutant (atr0) resistant to 1-beta-d-arabinofuranosylthymine was isolated. this mutant was also resistant to 1-(2-fluoro-2-deoxy-beta-d-arabinofuronosyl)-5-methyluracil and was unable to incorporate [125i]deoxycytidine into dna. the mutant phenotype was rescued by a cloned region of the turkey herpesvirus genome whose dna sequence was found to contain an open reading frame similar to that fo ...19892724415
peptide regulation of adrenal medullary function.the discovery of peptides in the splanchnic nerve and adrenal gland, and their co-existence with conventional neurotransmitters raises questions about their possible functional roles in catecholamine (ca) secretion and gene transcription in the adrenal gland. short-term, stress-induced ca secretion is regulated biphasically by substance p (sp) which inhibits acetylcholine (ach) action at sp greater than 10(-6) m and facilitates ca secretion in response to metabolic and physical stressors, ach or ...19901694230
identification and characterization of an 8-kd peptide stimulating late erythropoiesis.chronic renal failure is often associated with severe anemia, subnormal levels of erythropoietin (epo), and the presence of erythropoietic inhibitors. we studied an anephric patient with polycystic kidney disease maintaining a hemoglobin level of 13-14 g. biochemical, endocrine, and hematological parameters were all within normal limits. epo levels examined on two occasions during the clinical investigation were found to be low to subnormal. plasma of this patient supported human bone marrow ery ...19892753086
uptake and retrograde transport of [3h]gaba from the cochlear nucleus to the superior olive in the guinea pig.the purpose of the present study is to determine which descending projections to the cochlear nucleus may use gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) as a neurotransmitter. [3h]gaba (120 microm) was injected into the cochlear nucleus of albino and pigmented guinea pigs. after survival times between 0.25 and 16 h, the brain stems were prepared for light microscopic autoradiography. after 2 h survival there was a pulse of label, which progressed through the fibres from the cochlear nucleus to the ipsilater ...19901697753
[cardiovascular risk factors in children and adolescents in fuenlabrada: objectives, features of the population, design, participation, equipment, laboratory technics, and quality control].fuenlabrada is at the present time the most industrialized town placed at the south are of madrid. this population has some peculiar attractive characteristics from the epidemiologic point of view. perhaps the most important is that the majority of its inhabitants are immigrant from other depressed rural areas of the country, with a low socio-economic and cultural level. the new conditions of life could have changed the life expectation and the causes of morbidity and mortality of this populatio ...19892772364
distribution and survival of motile aeromonas spp. in brackish water receiving sewage treatment effluent.the spatiotemporal distributions of aeromonas spp. and fecal coliforms in a cove receiving sewage treatment effluent and draining into a brackish lagoon were studied for 34 months with sampling at six stations. a total of 452 strains of aeromonas spp. were isolated and identified at the outflow of the treatment system and at stations in the cove. hemolytic activity of 289 aeromonas strains was determined. the aeromonas spp. and fecal coliform distributions showed seasonal cycles in the pond effl ...19911768120
structural investigations of glucans from cultures of glomerella cingulata spaulding & von schrenck.methylation analysis, enzymic digestion, n.m.r. spectroscopy, and smith degradation showed that the major extracellular polysaccharide, isolated from cultures of the fungus glomerella cingulata, was a (1----3)-beta-d-glucan with side chains of 1-4 (1----3)-linked beta-d-glucose residues attached to position 6. a (1----6)-beta-d-glucan was produced by the fungus in small proportions. treatment of the (1----3,1----6)-beta-d-glucan (890,315) with greater than 0.05m naoh at greater than 150 degrees, ...19911797397
cytotoxin and enterotoxin production as factors delineating enteropathogenicity of aeromonas caviae.twenty-one stool and environmental aeromonas caviae isolates were studied for cytopathogenicity for cultured hep-2 cells. cytotoxic activity was demonstrated by the 21 a. caviae strains and by a. caviae atcc 15468 after challenging hep-2 cells with filtrates from a 24-h-old broth shake culture composed of double-strength, glucose-free trypticase soy broth, incubated at 35 degrees c. heat-stable cytotoxicity was observed 5 h after the addition of 1/5 and 1/10 concentrations of filtrates and consi ...19902394803
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