isolation of enterotoxigenic aeromonas from fish.this paper reports two different enterotoxigenic classes of the genus aeromonas isolated from fishes. strains of a. sobria were isolated from healthy fishes only wheras strains of a. hydrophila were isolated from both healthy and moribund fishes. aeromonas sobria and hydrophilia strains produced a cytotoxic factor and were highly proteolytic. seventy-five percent (75%) of the a. sobria strains produced only one type of hemolysis on 5% blood agar, but 92% of the a. hydrophilia produced two types ...197771190
pseudomembranous colitis. 197877373
in vitro synthesis of infectious transforming dna by the avian sarcoma virus reverse transcriptase.infectious dna molecules, capable of transforming chicken embryo fibroblasts, can be synthesized by the rous sarcoma virus-associated reverse transcriptase in vitro. the optimal enzymatic conditions employed for infectious dna synthesis also facilitate maximum synthesis of genome length dna. analysis of the dna product synthesized by detergent-disrupted rous sarcoma virus under these conditions indicates that dna complementary to viral rna (minus-strand dna) is genome length in size, whereas dna ...197985719
the role of p23,30-bearing human macrophages in antigen-induced t lymphocyte responses. 197988270
control of v kappa expression in the mouse. i. unexpected expression of the v kappa allele, igk-pcb, in a somatic cell hybrid of akr (igk-pca) origin. 197989158
modulation of cellular interactions between c3h/10t1/2 cells and their transformed counterparts by phosphodiesterase has been demonstrated previously that nontransformed c3h/10t1/2cl8 mouse embryo fibroblasts (10t1/2) can induce a state of reversible growth inhibition in cocultured malignantly transformed mouse fibroblasts and that this inhibition is modulated by serum concentration. the present study suggests that cyclic nucleotides may be implicated in this intercellular communication. the phosphodiesterase inhibitors theophylline, caffeine, and 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine (ibx) at concentrations of 10(-3 ...197989899
the association of carbohydrate with tubulin and in vitro assembled microtubules from bovine brain.phosphocellulose-purified tubulin (pc tubulin) was analyzed for neutral and amino sugar content, which was found to be 8.3 +/- 0.11 and 0.8 +/- 0.02 mol/mol dimer, respectively. a histochemical-electron-microscopic investigation was undertaken to attempt to localize carbohydrate associated with polymerized microtubules (mt). outer diameters of mt assembled in vitro from bovine brain mt protein (tubulin and microtubule associated proteins) were found to increase upon treatment with ruthenium red, ...197990041
characterization of in vitro proliferative responses of human lymphocytes to leishmanial antigens.leishmaniasis is an intracellular protozoal infection for which host defense is believed to depend on cellular immune mechanisms. the in vitro proliferative responses of lymphocytes from patients with leishmaniasis and from control subjects to leishmanial antigens were examined. only lymphocytes from patients responded to 1 microgram of leishmanial antigen/ml, whereas both patient and control lymphocytes responded to 10 micrograms/ml. the nonspecific responses were most likely not due to a mitog ...197990105
antigenic determinants in the post-mitochondrial lung fraction. 197990649
the role of eosinophil receptors in the non-genomic response to oestrogens in the uterus. 197990751
[a comparison of the immunosuppressive effect of normal and purified alpha-globulin fraction of human plasma]. 197992373
antiviral agents: action and clinical use.the development of antiviral agents has been hindered by a variety of problems. there are fundamental biological differences between viruses and other infectious agents. viruses are strictly dependent on cellular metabolic processes and possess very limited intrinsic enzyme systems and building blocks which may serve as targets for drugs. antiviral drugs must also possess the ability to enter the host cell. viral replication consists of a series of events, each of which can be interfered with, l ...197992398
current concepts in ophthalmology. ocular infections. 197896339
long term effects of myochrysine in articular cartilage.intra-articularly administered sodium aurothiomalate (myochrysine) produced aurosomes containing characteristic electron dense contents (indicating the presence of gold), in the chondrocytes of rabbit articular cartilage. at first the aurosomes were bounded by a membrane but later the electron dense contents were seen lying free in the cytoplasmic matrix. such deposits were detectable up to 14 months after injection of myochrysine but none were found at later time intervals (18 months and 2 year ...197897856
serologic typing of rickettsiae of the spotted fever group by microimmunofluorescence. 1978101593
clinical studies on pipemidic acid. 1978101691
transcription and translation in a pleiotropic streptomycin-resistant mutant of escherichia coli.the role of the ribosomal protein s12 (streptomycin protein) in ribosome function and in other metabolic processes in the cell has been investigated. a spontaneous streptomycin-resistant strain of escherichia coli (sm3) carrying a mutation in the rpsl gene is deficient in its ability to induce the synthesis of the enzyme bets-galactosidase. it was demonstrated that the reduced rate of enzyme synthesis results from deficiencies in both the transcription of the lactose operon and translation of th ...1979104958
[evolution and transformation in animal organism of some polychlorobiphenyls (author's transl)].intoxication by pure polychlorobiphenyls and a commercial product is studied, in rats, after intraperitoneal and oral administration. their fixation and excretion of their metabolites is greater by intraperitoneal than by oral administration. the only hydroxy metabolites, identified by means of synthesis, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are, all, derivatives from trichlorobiphenyl. it appears that administration of commercial product induces a more rapid degradation of these compounds i ...1978105430
[isolation of treponemas from the colon of pigs with clinical dysentery].optimal culture conditions in artificial nutritive media were determined for a defined avirulent strain of treponema hyodysenteriae and for four field strains of treponemas in pigs with clinical dysentery. the treponemas were isolated with the use of milliporous filters with pores of 0.3 micrometer in diameter, which were located on the surface of blood agar. no significant difference in the influence of equine, bovine or sheep blood on the growth of treponemas was determined. the commercial amo ...1979105448
[kinetics of the serological response in the experimental primary hydatid disease of mice infected with echinococcus granulosus embryophores (author's transl)].a serological response kinetics study was carried out in cf-1 mice orally infected with echinococcus granulosus embryophores using immuno-electrophoresis, double diffusion, latex agglutination and passive hemagglutination. starting from the 76th day after the infection, serum antibodies reach the minimum detectable level by immunoelectrophoresis test. band number 5, now considered as specific for e. granulosus, was proved to be the first precipitating system exhibited in this test. double diffus ...1978105664
cryopreservation of antibody-coated human erythrocytes. 1978105832
microscopic changes in rat tongue following experimental cryosurgery.histological changes were studied in the rat tongue for varying periods of time up to 14 days following the application of a cryoprobe to the dorsal surface of rat tongue. within minutes of the application, focal subepithelial vesiculation and hyperemia occurred. at 3 h there was evidence of damage to capillary walls, resulting in hemorrhage. arterioles and venules were thrombosed and there were degenerative changes in the muscle layer of their walls. at 6 h ventral epithelium showed evidence of ...1979108379
[fundamental studies and clinical evaluation of pc-904 in urinary tract infection (author's transl)].measurement of mics of pc-904, cbpc and gm against 135 strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from patients with urinary tract infections was performed. susceptibility to pc-904 of pseudomonas aeruginosa was found to be 3 approximately 7 times more sensitive than that to cbpc and as same as that to gm with inoculum size of 10(8)/ml and 10(6)/ml. serum level of pc-904 reached a peak of 38.5 microgram/ml 15 minutes after 0.5 g intravenous administration. urinary recovery rate unit 6 hours afte ...1979108428
k+, mg2+-aspartate (kmg-asp)--mediated prevention of isoproterenol(iso)-induced metabolic changes in the myocardium.isoproterenol (iso) in a single dose of 7.5 mg/kg b.w. i.v was found to produce alterations of cardiac metabolism in dogs. after 2 h, high energy phosphate stores and glycogen were reduced, whereas the levels of lactate, pyruvate, the lactate/pyruvate ratio and myofibrillar atpase activity were elevated. ca2+ -accumulation by sarcoplasmic reticulum (sr) and mitochondria were increased (p less than 0.01). after 24 h, a partial recovery in the parameters followed could be observed. only myofibrill ...1975126687
characterization of 5.8s ribosomal ribonucleic acid in neurospora crassa.neurospora crassa ribosomes contain a species of ribonucleic acid (rna) of molecular weight 54,000, similar to 5.8s ribosomal rna previously described for other eukaryotic organisms. the 5.8s rna from n. crassa was found to be released by heat treatment at 60 c from 25s ribosomal rna but not from 18s ribosomal rna. the base composition of n. crassa 5.8s rna was similar to that of 5.8s rna from saccharomyces cerevisiae, but differed from animal 5.8s rna. during the course of this study, it was di ...1975126993
[separation and characterization of subcellular organoids by tissue fractionation]. 1975152443
[pathological studies on corynebacterial ulcerative entero-colitis in rats treated with acth (author's transl)].ulcerative entero-colitis was developed in 6-week-old male sprague-dawley rats treated daily with acth (4 mg/kg. s. c.) as well as necrotic purulent lesions in liver, kidney, lung or heart. incidence of ulcerative lesions was 6.3% in farm-a rats and 56% in farm-b rats. although ulcerative lesions were mostly observed in cecum, the similar lesions were also detected in distal ileum or proximal colon in some cases. histologically, the lesions were characterized by focal necrosis demarcated from su ...1975174920
adaptation of cells derived from human malignant tumours to growth in vitro.forty-five human malignant tumour specimens were cultivated in vitro in an attempt to determine the necessary conditions for tumour cell maintenance and to establish permanently-growing cell lines. continuously-growing cultures were derived from five tumours, including carcinomas of the oesophagus and colon, a hepatoma, a mesothelioma and a retroperitoneal sarcoma. the carcinoma of the oesophagus and the hepatoma, which have adapted fully to in vitro conditions, can be regarded as established ce ...1976184551
the accumulation of cyclic amp and cyclic gmp in guinea pig brain slices. effect of calcium ions, norepinephrine and adenosine. 1977195635
thyroid - hormone effects on steroid - hormone metabolism. 1977266410
the laboratory surveillance of influenza epidemics in the united kingdom 1968-1976.the extensive laboratory investigations of respiratory disease in the u.k. over many years have demonstrated the frequency with which influenza viruses, both a and b, are found each winter. only rarely are none isolated. these findings correlate well with other indicators of influenza such as increases in sickness benefit claims and in deaths attributed to influenza and pneumonia. however, outside these demonstrable peaks of incidence influenza viruses have been found to circulate over considera ...1977267671
[fine structure of oral spirochetes, especially axial fibrils and cyst like structure (author's transl)]. 1977268542
[mycoplasma infections]. 1977269619
[bilirubin in the blood serum of clinically healthy cows and those ill with ketosis and hepatopathies].studied was the bilirubin equilibrium in 62 normal cows, 52 cows with clinical ketosis, 31 cows with diffuse liver injury, and 14 cows that went off food for five days. a moderate rise of the total bilirubin of mixed type was found in ketosis-affected cows. statistically significant proved the changes in the free fraction, however, there were no persuasive data that they were due to superproduction of bilirubin. changes in the total bilirubin similar to those in cows with ketosis were establishe ...1979516442
[salmonellosis carrier state]. 19751214656
nucleotide sequences and characterization of haemolysin genes from aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria.extracellular haemolysin is thought to be one of the important virulence factors in aeromonas infection. two extracellular haemolysin genes (ahh3 and ahh4) from aeromonas hydrophila strain 28sa, one (ahh5) from a. hydrophila strain ah-1 and one (asa1) from aeromonas sobria strain 33 were cloned into cosmid and plasmid vector dna in escherichia coli. the nucleotide sequences of the open reading frames of ahh3 and ahh4 are both 1476 basepairs (bp), whereas ahh5 and asa1 are 1455 and 1467 bp in len ...19921302284
characterization of aeromonas sobria tap13 pili: a possible new colonization factor.pili of aeromonas sobria tap13 were purified and characterized. the molecular mass of the pilin was estimated to be about 23 kda by sds-page. the tap13 pili were immunologically different from a. sobria ae1 pili and a. hydrophila ae6 w pili as previously reported, nevertheless all three had indistinguishable morphology and shared a high degree of homology in their n-terminal amino acid sequences. strain tap13 and its purified pili did not agglutinate human, rabbit or sheep erythrocytes. however, ...19921357078
purification and characterization of aeromonas sobria ae24 pili: a possible new colonization factor.pili of aeromonas sobria ae24 were purified and characterized. the molecular mass of the pilin was estimated to be about 19 kda by sds-page. the ae24 pili were electrophoretically distinguishable from previously reported aeromonas hydrophila ae6 w pili and a. sobria ae1 pili, although all three had indistinguishable morphology and shared a high degree of homology in the n-terminal amino acid sequences. strain ae24 and its purified pili adhered to rabbit intestine and agglutinated human and rabbi ...19921363704
isolation and characterization of a cryptic plasmid from mesophilic aeromonads: potential as a cloning vector.a 2.6 kb covalently closed circular plasmid has been isolated from clinical and environmental isolates of aeromonas sobria and a. hydrophila. the possibility that the plasmid carries genetic determinants that mediate resistance to a variety of anti-microbial agents has been eliminated. the plasmid is stable at approximately 20-25 copies per chromosome equivalent which, together with its relatively small size and the presence of unique restriction sites, makes it a good candidate for development ...19911366999
aeromonas sobria spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. 19921449170
ultrastructural alterations of brain cortex in rat following intraperitoneal administration of mercuric chloride.intraperitoneal administration of a single dose (6 mg/kg body weight) of mercuric chloride (hgcl2) results in ultrastructural changes in brain cortex of the rats. 18 hours after administration of hgcl2 the accumulation of dense deposits of mercury in nerve and glial cell cytoplasm was observed. the quantity of microglia in neuropil was also increased in this experimental group. we postulate that these cerebral macrophages can play an important role in the process of intoxication, too. 5 days aft ...19921479187
[late onset serum iga and igm deficiency revealed by acute diarrhea caused by aeromonas sobria infection]. 19921526403
enterotoxic effects of aeromonas sobria haemolysin in a rat jejunal perfusion system identified by specific neutralization with a monoclonal antibody.investigations into the pathogenesis of aeromonas diarrhoea have demonstrated that several different cell-free products of motile aeromonads show enterotoxic activity in suckling mouse, rat, and rabbit assay systems. the relative contributions made by separate cytotoxic and cytotonic activities in the mixture produced by in vitro culture remains unresolved. using a modified rat jejunal perfusion assay, we have studied the effects of a. sobria culture filtrates containing defined levels of haemol ...19921564437
molecular studies on the aerolysin gene of aeromonas species and discovery of a species-specific probe for aeromonas trota species nova.a large group of aeromonads and other enteric microorganisms were assayed for the presence of the aerolysin gene with use of dna-dna hybridization. two dna fragments corresponding to the regulatory region (aerc) and the structural gene (aera) were used as probes for the detection of the aerolysin gene in these strains. sequences corresponding to the aerolysin structural gene were widespread among aeromonas isolates. in contrast, the aerc probe was much more selective, and sequences corresponding ...19921600007
[the occurrence of aeromonads in a drinking water supply system].this study concerns with the occurrence of aeromonads, coliforms and colony counts in a drinking water supply. aeromonas contents were detected in the range of 15.0 to greater than 2,400/100 ml in the raw water samples of the man made lake. after the drinking water treatment process including fast sand filtration and chlorination aeromonads indicated in comparison to total coliforms and colony counts early and significant an after-growth of maximal 240 aeromonads/100 ml in the peripheric drinkin ...19921609555
rapid detection of members of the family enterobacteriaceae by a monoclonal antibody.six monoclonal antibodies directed against enterobacteria were produced and characterized. the specificity of one of these antibodies (cx9/15; immunoglobulin g2a) was studied by indirect immunofluorescence against 259 enterobacterial strains and 125 other gram-negative bacteria. all of the enterobacteria were specifically recognized, the only exception being erwinia chrysanthemi (one strain tested). bacteria not belonging to members of the family enterobacteriaceae were not detected, except for ...19921622220
application of ribotyping for differentiating aeromonads isolated from clinical and environmental sources.we have investigated the usefulness of ribotyping for the differentiation of aeromonads isolated from five patients with gastroenteritis and from the source water, treatment plant, and distribution system of a small public water supply. aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas caviae were isolated from fecal specimens preserved in cary-blair transport medium by using blood ampicillin agar or alkaline peptone water (ph 8.4) subcultured to blood ampicillin agar plates. a. hydrophila, aeromonas sobria, a ...19921622269
purification and characterization of aeromonas sobria pili, a possible colonization factor.pili of aeromonas sobria ae1 were purified and characterized. the molecular mass of the pilin was estimated to be about 23 kda by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the ae1 pili were electrophoretically and immunologically distinguishable from the w pili of a. hydrophila ae6, although the two pili were morphologically indistinguishable. the n-terminal amino acid sequences of the two pilins were identical in the first 10 residues. strain ae1 and its purified pili adhered t ...19911680105
aerolysin of aeromonas sobria: evidence for formation of ion-permeable channels and comparison with alpha-toxin of staphylococcus aureus.aerolysin from aeromonas sobria ab3 was isolated and purified. the pure toxin formed sodium dodecyl sulfate-insoluble oligomers in a lipidic environment. the addition of aerolysin to the aqueous phase bathing lipid bilayer membranes resulted in the formation of ion-permeable channels which had a single-channel conductance of about 70 ps in 0.1 m kcl. this defines the toxin as a channel-forming component similar to other toxins but without any indication for an association-dissociation reaction, ...19901694819
uptake and retrograde transport of [3h]gaba from the cochlear nucleus to the superior olive in the guinea pig.the purpose of the present study is to determine which descending projections to the cochlear nucleus may use gamma-aminobutyric acid (gaba) as a neurotransmitter. [3h]gaba (120 microm) was injected into the cochlear nucleus of albino and pigmented guinea pigs. after survival times between 0.25 and 16 h, the brain stems were prepared for light microscopic autoradiography. after 2 h survival there was a pulse of label, which progressed through the fibres from the cochlear nucleus to the ipsilater ...19901697753
binding of laminin and fibronectin by the trypsin-resistant major structural domain of the crystalline virulence surface array protein of aeromonas salmonicida.the surface of aeromonas salmonicida is covered by a tetragonal paracrystalline array (a-layer) composed of a single protein (a-protein, mr = 50,778). this array is a virulence factor. cells containing a-layer and isolated a-layer sheets specifically bound laminin and fibronectin with high affinity. binding by cells was inactivated by selective removal of a-layer at ph 2.2, and neither isogenic a-layer-deficient a. salmonicida mutants nor tetragonal paracrystalline array producing aeromonas hydr ...19921730607
structure of the rabbit phospholamban gene, cloning of the human cdna, and assignment of the gene to human chromosome 6.we have isolated and characterized genomic dna clones encoding rabbit phospholamban. only a single gene for phospholamban was detected in the rabbit genome. the phospholamban gene of 13.2 kilobases contains only one 10.5-kilobase intron, which separates exonic sequences located in the 5'-untranslated region. two potential transcription initiation sites were mapped to 335 and 185 nucleotides upstream from the translation initiation site in the mrna or 239 and 89 nucleotides upstream from the exon ...19911828805
growth of and toxin production by aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria at low temperatures.the effects of different temperatures on the growth and toxin production of aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria were studied. the results showed that these aeromonas species are not only able to grow at low temperatures (e.g. at 4 and 10 degrees c) but may also produce cytotoxin, hemolysin and enterotoxin under suitable growth conditions.19911888660
[severe occurrence of idiopathic ulcerative colitis caused by aeromonas sobria]. 19911910924
aeromonas hydrophila: variability in biochemical characteristics of environmental isolates.a total of 161 strains, including 144 aeromonads, of which 100 had been isolated from water and sediment samples from the chesapeake bay, five clinical and 33 anacostia river isolates of aeromonas hydrophila, six aeromonas sobria, and ten reference cultures were examined in a numerical taxonomy study in which each of the strains were examined for 56 unit characters. similarity between strains was computed using the simple matching (ssm) and jaccard (sj) coefficients. the strains were clustered b ...19911920081
gas-liquid chromatographic analysis of cellular fatty acid methyl esters in aeromonas species.the cellular fatty acids of 39 strains belonging to the genus aeromonas (aeromonas hydrophila, aeromonas caviae, aeromonas sobria, aeromonas media, aeromonas schubertii, aeromonas veronii) were determined by high resolution gas-liquid chromatography. the fatty acid profiles were characterized by major amounts (60% or more) of one saturated (hexadecanoic acid = 16:0) and two unsaturated (hexadecenoic acid = 16:1 and octadecenoic acid = 18:1) acids. while the majority of the strains of the six spe ...19911930556
a positive fever response in agama agama and sceloporus orcutti (reptilia: agamidae and iguanidae).three species of lizards (agama agama, mabuya perrotetii, and sceloporus orcutti) were tested for a possible increase in mean selected body temperature (msbt) in response to intraperitoneal injection of alcohol-killed aeromonas sobria, a gram-negative bacterium known to be pathogenic to reptiles. a paired experimental design was utilized in which each animal was given an injection of sterile saline and 1.10(10) a. sobria. body temperatures were monitored via indwelling cloacal thermocouples at 4 ...19911939744
intestinal secretory immune response to infection with aeromonas species and plesiomonas shigelloides among students from the united states in mexico.intestinal secretory iga (siga) response or lack of response among adults in mexico with diarrhea was used as an indicator of enteropathogenicity of aeromonas species and plesiomonas shigelloides. siga was extracted from stool specimens obtained at day of presentation and 5 days later. total siga was standardized, and specific siga titer against the organism being shed by each patient was determined. western blotting was used to determine which microbial antigens elicited an intestinal siga resp ...19911940478
effect of bacterial pyrogen on three lizard species.1. three lizard species (callopistes maculatus, gerrhosaurus major, and varanus exanthematicus) were tested for their response to intraperitoneal injection of alcohol-killed aeromonas sobria. 2. a paired experimental design, in which each animal received an injection of sterile saline and 1 x 10(10) a. sobria, was utilized. 3. c. maculatus demonstrated a statistically significant increase in mean selected body temperature (msbt) after bacteria injection. 4. g. major and v. exanthematicus did not ...19901976479
biochemical and genetic characterization of autoagglutinating phenotypes of aeromonas species associated with invasive and noninvasive disease.the genetic characteristics and biochemical and structural properties of a number of autoagglutinating (aa) strains of aeromonas associated with invasive and noninvasive disease in humans and infections in animals and from environmental sources were investigated. of 27 strains analyzed by multilocus enzyme typing and dna hybridization studies, 25 (93%) were confirmed to belong to either hybridization group 1 (phenospecies and genospecies aeromonas hydrophila) or 8 (phenospecies aeromonas sobria; ...19912010642
experimental evidence for toxin production by aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria in a meat extract at low temperatures.the ability of enterotoxigenic strains of aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria to produce exotoxins (enterotoxin and haemolysin) in a meat extract at low temperatures (5 and 12 degrees c) was investigated. all three strains incubated at 12 degrees c were enterotoxigenic and haemolytic in the meat extract after 5 days. at 5 degrees c, five of the six strains tested were able to produce these exotoxins after 8 days incubation while one strain was neither enterotoxigenic nor haemolytic after 5 ...19912049284
evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of methylglyoxal bis(guanylhydrazone) analogues, the inhibitors for polyamine biosynthetic pathway.metabolic and antiproliferative effects of methylglyoxal bis(butylamidinohydrazone) (mgbb) and methylglyoxal bis(cyclopentylamidinohydrazone) (mgbcp), inhibitors for polyamine biosynthetic pathway, on escherichia coli, shigella sonnei, aeromonas sobria, aeromonas hydrophila and vibrio cholerae were investigated. mgbb at the concentration of 100 mumol/l depleted intracellular putrescine and spermidine concentrations of e. coli to 25 and 20% of the controls, respectively, while mgbcp depressed the ...19912055790
aeromonas spp. and their association with human diarrheal disease.between january 1988 and december 1989 aeromonas species were isolated from 45 (1.8%) of 2,480 patients with acute gastroenteritis. no other bacterial enteric pathogens were found in any of these 45 patients. of the 45 aeromonas isolates, 35 strains (77.8%) were aeromonas hydrophila, 7 (15.5%) were aeromonas sobria, and 3 (6.7%) were aeromonas caviae. most of the patients were under 5 years of age. no bacterial enteric pathogens, including aeromonas species, were isolated from 512 age- and sex-m ...19912056050
haemolysin occurrence among aeromonas hydrophila, aeromonas caviae and aeromonas sobria strains isolated from different aquatic ecosystems.a total of 909 aeromonas spp. isolates from different aquatic ecosystems were tested for haemolysin production by both sheep and horse blood agar-plate assays and by rabbit erythrocytes in broth assay. a comparison of these different methods was undertaken in order to appreciate their capacity to evaluate the haemolytic activity of aeromonas spp. isolated from aquatic ecosystems. the haemolytic activity was associated particularly with a. hydrophila and a. sobria (about 95% of strains), whereas ...19912068383
analysis of the autoagglutination phenomenon, serogroup and hydrophobicity as virulence markers in mesophilic aeromonads isolated from stool cultures.the autoagglutination phenomenon (aa) was studied in 71 strains of mesophilic aeromonads isolated from stool cultures of patients with acute diarrhea (28 aeromonas hydrophila, 20 aeromonas sobria, and 23 aeromonas caviae). two phenotypes were considered in the aa+ strains: sp+ (self-pelleting) and pab+ (precipitation after boiling). serogrouping of the strains was performed only with the 0:11 serum. other properties studied were agglutination with acriflavine (acr) and crystal violet uptake (cvb ...19902073902
[new enteropathogens: aeromonas spp].aeromonas is one of the type of enteric pathogens which is commonly present in less developed countries. it leads to acute diarrhea in children and traveller's diarrhea in adults. additionally it is also responsible from the extraintestinal infections. aeromonas hydrophila is a bacteria which is isolated from water, soil, foods and rarely from intestinal tract of human. aeromonas sobria is especially isolated from wound infection of scuba diver's. there are other types of aeromonas such as salmo ...19902089235
spinal cord repair: is tissue oxygenation an important variable?we have demonstrated the reliability and feasibility of making pto2 recordings from graft and host tissue in the injured spinal cord. the data suggest that the oxygen microenvironment of developing graft and host spinal tissue is clearly different from that found in normal spinal tissue or in transplants that have not survived or integrated well. these same constraints seem to apply to cavitation in developing grafts and poorly developed graft/host interfaces. the similarity between these findin ...19902096642
[spectroscopy of the liver in vivo using nuclear magnetic resonance. a new approach in hepatic physiopathology].nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectroscopy is a non-invasive means of detecting numerous compounds, thus enabling real-time studies to be carried out on such topics as energy metabolism, intracellular ph and main intermediate metabolism pathways. this method has been used for several years to study perfused livers and rat livers in vivo, but its application to man has just begun. we describe some of its principal uses, with emphasis on the possibilities it offers to investigate the metabolic ...19902140172
induction of ornithine decarboxylase mrna in cerebral cortex in response to lesion of nucleus basalis. 19902164982
rapid presumptive phenospecies identification of mesophilic aeromonads by testing for suicidal activity.a new test combination for presumptive phenospecies identification of mesophilic aeromonads by testing for suicidal activity in conjunction with esculin hydrolysis and gas production from glucose was evaluated. of 40 clinical isolates of aeromonas tested statically at 30 degrees c, seven were identified as aeromonas hydrophilia (non-suicidal, aerogenic, esculin positive), eight as aeromonas sobria (suicide variable, mostly aerogenic, esculin negative), and 25 as aeromonas caviae (suicidal, anaer ...19902209629
the incidence of virulence factors in mesophilic aeromonas species isolated from farm animals and their environment.sixty-one isolates of aeromonas spp. from the faeces of pigs, cows and a variety of associated environmental sources were examined for the characteristics that are reputed to have roles in pathogenicity. most isolates of aeromonas hydrophila were cytotoxic (96.4%) and were capable of producing cell elongation factor (75%) and haemagglutinins (67.9%). in contrast few of the aeromonas caviae isolates produced these three markers (13.6%, 27.3% and 36.4% respectively). in general, aeromonas sobria o ...19902209733
electrophoretic analysis of the surface components of autoagglutinating surface array protein-positive and surface array protein-negative aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria.the protein and lipopolysaccharide (lps) compositions of 10 autoagglutinating aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria strains were studied; one group consisted of five serogroup o:11 strains that contained an s layer, while a second group was composed of diverse serogroups that were s layer negative by transmission electron microscopy. all serogroup o:11 strains were found to contain a predominant 52,000- to 54,000-molecular-weight protein that was present on both whole-cell and outer membrane ...19902229347
cytostatic and cytotoxic effects of recombinant tumor necrosis factor-alpha on sensitive human melanoma cells in vitro may result in selection of cells with enhanced markers of malignancy.monolayer cultures of the human melanoma cell lines stml-12, stml-11, stml-14 (third, respectively, twenty-fifth subculture), and skmel-28 derived from specimens representing different stages of tumor progression were treated with 10-10,000 u/ml rtnf-alpha applied for 72 h. the effects of rtnf-alpha on cell proliferation, dna synthesis, cell viability, cloning efficiency, cell division, cell morphology, and the immunophenotype were studied in triplicate experiments. the cell line stml-14(3) reve ...19902258639
cytostatic and cytotoxic effects of recombinant tumor necrosis factor-alpha on sensitive human melanoma cells in vitro may result in selection of cells with enhanced markers of malignancy.monolayer cultures of the human melanoma cell lines stml-12, stml-11, stml-14 (third, respectively, twenty-fifth subculture), and skmel-28 derived from specimens representing different stages of tumor progression were treated with 10-10,000 u/ml rtnf-alpha applied for 72 h. the effects of rtnf-alpha on cell proliferation, dna synthesis, cell viability, cloning efficiency, cell division, cell morphology, and the immunophenotype were studied in triplicate experiments. the cell line stml-14(3) reve ...19902258639
direct selection of monoclonal antibodies neutralising the cytotoxic activity of aeromonas sobria.monoclonal antibodies directed against the cytotoxic activity of aeromonas sobria were raised by immunising mice with a culture supernatant concentrated by ammonium sulphate precipitation. neutralising antibodies were specifically selected for by exposing hybridomas to cytotoxic levels of the immunising preparation. cultures free from cytopathic effects after three hours were selected for further investigation. ten cytotoxin resistant hybridomas were isolated but only two of these produced detec ...19902272497
mechanisms of inhibition of various cellular dna and rna polymerases by several flavonoids.four flavonoids (i.e., baicalein, quercetin, quercetagetin, and myricetin), known to be inhibitors of hiv-reverse transcriptase, have been shown to be more or less inhibitory to the activities of various cellular dna and rna polymerases. the degree of the inhibition varied depending on the combination of the flavonoid and the enzyme species: baicalein was moderately inhibitory to dna polymerase gamma and e. coli dna polymerase i; quercetin was strongly inhibitory to dna polymerase beta and e. co ...19902292590
assay of all-trans----11-cis-retinoid isomerase activity in bovine retinal pigment epithelium. 19902292965
pathogenicity factors and virulence for rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri) of motile aeromonas spp. isolated from a river.ninety-seven motile aeromonas strains were isolated over a period of a year from samples of water and sediment collected at different sites along a river. strains were regularly recovered from all samples, regardless of the source of isolation or seasonal conditions. isolates were biochemically characterized by the api 20ne system (analytab products, plainview, n.y.) and classified as aeromonas hydrophila (74 strains), aeromonas sobria (11 strains), and aeromonas caviae (12 strains). despite the ...19902312678
pyrazinamidase activity as a phenotypic marker for several aeromonas spp. isolated from clinical specimens.negative pyrazinamidase activity was significantly associated with aeromonas sobria, and positive pyrazinamidase activity was associated with a. hydrophila and a. caviae (chi 2, p less than 0.0001). the absence of pyrazinamidase activity may be a potentially significant phenotypic marker for a. sobria.19902312687
aeromonas sobria in bubaline (water buffalo) abortion: growth requirement, biochemical characters, antibiotic susceptibility, experimental pathogenicity and serology.a. sobria was isolated unexpectedly on campylobacter selective medium from abortion specimens of 16 buffaloes. all strains (as1-as16) required campylobacter growth supplement (sodium pyruvate, sodium metabisulphate and ferrous sulphate) and 10% c02 atmosphere on primary isolation. they were unusually sensitive to bile salt and failed to grow on macconkey's agar. biochemically, these strains were homogeneous but antibiogram profile and physiological/other characters revealed a moderate heterogene ...19902351419
microbiologic and clinical evidence supporting the role of aeromonas caviae as a pediatric enteric pathogen.aeromonas caviae was recovered as the sole potential enteric pathogen from the stools of 14 of 17 symptomatic children (10 younger than 1 year of age) while aeromonas hydrophila, aeromonas sobria, and plesiomonas shigelloides were isolated once each. the infants from whom a. caviae was isolated all presented with a watery diarrhea lasting 1 to 3 weeks. none of these infants was breast-fed, and all had a stool ph of greater than 7.5. all of the a. caviae isolates, including a reference strain (at ...19902351730
isolation of aeromonas spp. from canal water.aeromonas sobria was identified from soil and canal water at the east end of london. there was a correlation between water and faecal isolates from children attending the nearby children's hospital. in view of the potential risk of enteric and non-enteric infections due to aeromonas spp, efforts are needed to ensure that canals, rivers, natural water sources and domestic water supply are free of these organisms.19902361702
in vitro susceptibility of aeromonas caviae, aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria to fifteen antibacterial vitro testing of the activity of 15 antibacterial agents against 522 clinical isolates of aeromonas species demonstrated some species-associated trends. amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid was effective against approximately 45% of aeromonas caviae and aeromonas hydrophila, but all aeromonas sobria isolates were resistant. aztreonam, piperacillin and mezlocillin were highly active against all the strains of aeromonas tested. ticarcillin was equally effective against aeromonas caviae and aeromona ...19902387294
dynamics of aeromonas hydrophila, aeromonas sobria, and aeromonas caviae in a sewage treatment pond.the spatiotemporal dynamics of aeromonas spp. and fecal coliforms in the sewage treatment ponds of an urban wastewater center were studied after 20 months of sampling from five stations in these ponds. isolation and identification of 247 aeromonas strains were undertaken over four seasons at the inflow and outflow of this pond system. the hemolytic activity of these strains was determined. the aeromonas spp. and the fecal coliform distributions showed seasonal cycles, the amplitude of which incr ...19902389929
whole-body autoradiography of [3h]dihydrostreptomycin in guinea pigs and rats: the labelling of the inner ear in relation to other tissues.[3h]dihydrostreptomycin was given intramuscularly to young pigmented guinea pigs and rats. whole-body autoradiography, combined with densitometric measurement of the blackening of the autoradiograms, and liquid scintillation counting were used to determine the levels of radioactivity in the inner ear in relation to blood and other tissues. it was found that there was an accumulation of radioactivity in the perilymph of both the cochlear and vestibular parts of the labyrinth. the labelling of the ...19862422870
nucleotide sequence and transcriptional analysis of the aercaera region of aeromonas sobria encoding aerolysin and its regulatory region.the nucleotide sequence of a 2510 base pair chromosomal fragment containing the aerolysin gene aera, and its regulatory region aerc, from a clinical isolate of aeromonas sobria was determined. the aerolysin gene coded for a 54.5 kd polypeptide and had a g + c content of 59%, indicating that it is endogenous to the genus aeromonas. in contrast, the aerc region was characterized by its high a + t content (61%) and the presence of a core motif, aataaaa, repeated eight times within 300 base pairs. a ...19882459581
production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to aeromonas sobria surface antigens.a panel of eight murine monoclonal antibodies (mabs) was raised against the surface antigens of aeromonas sobria isolated from a patient with diarrhoea. antibodies to the lps core and o-antigen and to protein antigens were generated. three mabs of the igm isotype against either protein or lps agglutinated 34/75 aeromonas isolates from clinical and environmental sources. similar numbers of a. hydrophila, a. sobria and a. caviae isolates were agglutinated. the mabs were screened for their ability ...19892483346
[intestinal infections caused by aeromonas].we have identified 38 instances of intestinal infection by aeromonas and 4 by plesiomonas in 16,184 coprocultures carried out during a 4 year period in the hcu of zaragoza. the low prevalence can be related with the fact that specific media for the recovery of these organisms were not used. the species aeromonas sobria (47.36%) and a. caviae (39.47%) were more common than a. hydrophila (13.15%). aeromonas were isolated from patients with and without intestinal disease. the occurrence of gastroin ...19892490673
antimicrobial susceptibility of sixty human fecal isolates of aeromonas species.the mics of 21 antimicrobial agents were determined for 60 strains of aeromonas spp. isolated from human feces. all isolates tested were susceptible to aztreonam, tetracycline, imipenem, moxalactam, pipemidic acid, gentamicin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, pefloxacin and ciprofloxacin. resistance to erythromycin and streptomycin was observed in all 60 strains. aeromonas caviae was less susceptible to cefamandole, cefotaxime, norfloxacin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline, sulfamethoxazole and trime ...19892496995
effect of glucocorticoids and limiting nursing on the carbohydrate digestive capacity and growth rate of piglets.the influence of glucocorticoid administration and limited nursing on piglet carbohydrase enzyme development and subsequent growth was examined in three experiments using 371 piglets. treatments in the first two experiments were formed by the factorial arrangement of hydrocortisone (-hyd or +hyd) and limited nursing (-ln or +ln) imposed form d 14 to weaning (d 28). hydrocortisone was replaced by adrenocorticotropic hormone (acth) in the third experiment. growth rates were severely depressed by h ...19892556355
concept of the existence of human papillomavirus (hpv) dna in histologically normal squamous epithelium of the genital tract should be re-evaluated.because of the crucial importance of guiding current thinking in the field of hpv epidemiology, the concept of the existence of hpv dna in histologically normal squamous epithelium was re-evaluated. a series of 102 randomly collected cervical punch biopsies, previously proved to contain the dna of hpv types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31 or 33 by in situ hybridization were subjected to analysis for the localization of hpv dna, i.e., whether found in the normal epithelium or at the lesion site only. this mate ...19892561041
hydrogen peroxide mutagenicity towards salmonella bioassays conducted under controlled, comparable conditions, weak direct mutagenicity responses were observed for hydrogen peroxide in the standard (ames test) agar plate incorporation bioassay with salmonella typhimurium strains ta97, ta98, ta102, and ta1537, in a 20 min preincubation test with strains ta97, ta98, ta100, ta102, ta1537, and ta1538, and in a liquid incubation modification using strain ta1537. these results conclusively demonstrate that hydrogen peroxide is a weak mutagen, espe ...19892572065
comparative sequence analysis, in vitro expression and biosynthesis of mouse prp.a number of studies have indicated that an endogenous brain protein, prp, is associated with transmissible agents causing spongiform encephalopathies such as scrapie, kuru, and creutzfeldt-jakob disease. it has been proposed that prp derived from scrapie brain is the scrapie agent itself. to test directly whether the prp mrna in scrapie brain tissue can encode the scrapie agent, we expressed prp cdna cloned from scrapie-infected mouse brain in vitro. the expressed prp did not transmit scrapie to ...19892574873
prp (proline-rich protein) genes linked to markers es-12 (esterase-12), ea-10 (erythrocyte alloantigen), and loci on distal mouse chromosome 6.the closely linked proline-rich protein (prp) genes, coding for abundant salivary proteins, are located on distal mouse chromosome 6. they are part of a conserved linkage group that is represented on human chromosome 12p. two other markers, ea-10 and es-12, that were previously unassigned to a chromosome are closely linked to prp genes in the mouse.19892613230
bacterial growth and toxin production in ileostomy effluents.escherichia coli (2), vibrio cholerae (2) and aeromonas sobria (1) strains were examined for their ability to grow and produce toxins in samples of ileostomy fluid. three categories of response were observed: no detectable growth, growth without detectable toxin, and growth with detectable toxin. clear differences were apparent between samples of ileostomy fluid obtained from different individuals and between samples obtained from the same individual at different times. the patterns of response ...19892649680
[antibacterial and bactericidal activities of japanese green tea].we found that extracts of japanese green tea leaves inhibited the growth of various bacteria causing diarrheal diseases. all tea samples tested showed antibacterial activity against staphylococcus aureus, s. epidermidis, vibrio cholerae o1, v. cholerae non o1. v. parahaemolyticus, v. mimicus, campylobacter jejuni and plesiomonas shigelloides. none of the tea samples had any effect on the growth of v. fluvialis, aeromonas sobria, a. hydrophila, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella enteritidis, ente ...19892677434
mutational specificity and the influence of excision repair: insights into the mechanisms of error-avoidance and error-fixation.the excision repair process controlled by the uvrabc gene in escherichia coli is the major pathway for the repair of a diverse series of dna damages. to achieve a better understanding of the mechanics of this repair pathway and its impact upon mutagenesis, we have applied a recently developed technology by which the nature of mutation is determined at the dna sequence level. a comparison of the classes and distribution of mutation in excision-repair-proficient and excision-repair-deficient strai ...19892698833
histamine concentration and ca2+ mobilization in arterial smooth muscle.smooth muscle contraction is dependent on ca2+ entry from the extracellular space or release from intracellular stores. the sensitivity of these ca2+ sources to agonist concentration was evaluated by measuring myoplasmic [ca2+] (as estimated by aequorin), myosin phosphorylation, and isometric stress in the swine carotid media. high histamine concentrations produced transient elevations in [ca2+] and phosphorylation with rapid generation of near maximal stress. lower histamine concentrations prod ...19892750885
fever response in laboratory-maintained and free-ranging chuckwallas (sauromalus obesus).the fever response was studied in laboratory-maintained and free-ranging chuckwallas. five animals were used in a self-pairing laboratory experiment in which each animal was first injected with a sterile, pyrogen-free saline solution. approximately 7 days later, each individual was injected with a solution of 4.75 x 10(9) aeromonas sobria (formerly a. hydrophila). saline-injected individuals had a mean preferred body temperature (mpbt) of 36.8 +/- 0.4 (se) degrees c, whereas bacteria-injected an ...19892750958
characterization of aeromonas sobria hemolysin by use of monoclonal antibodies against aeromonas hydrophila hemolysins.aeromonas sobria produces hemolysin in a form activable with trypsin under defined cultural conditions. in immunoblotting analyses with the culture supernatant of a. sobria, the monoclonal antibody reacting specifically to aeromonas hydrophila ca-11 hemolysin bound to the 53,000- and 49,000-dalton bands before and after trypsinization, respectively. the monoclonal antibody reacting to a. hydrophila ah-1 hemolysin did not bind either band. a. sobria hemolysin is, therefore, related antigenically ...19892768466
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