bacteroides fragilis septicemia.on the basis of eight cases of bacteroides fragilis septicaemia, the authors review recent data from the literature related to this topic. they first note the increasing prevalence, accounting for approximately 10 per cent of all septicaemias at the present time. they note that the most frequent portals of entry are sites of localised suppuration, related on the one hand to digestive or gynaecological surgery and, secondly, to the post-partum or post-abortum period. from a therapeutic standpoint ...197723026
comparative digestibility of acid detergent fiber by laboratory albino and wild polynesian rats.the effects of adding 5%, 10%, and 15% acid detergent fiber to a nonfibrous basal diet were examined in a comparative feeding study with polynesian rats (rattus exulans) and laboratory rats. digestibility coefficients for dry matter, crude protein, and gross energy declined significantly in both species as fiber content increased, but averaged significantly lower in the polynesian than in the laboratory rat. fiber digestibility was not significantly affected by fiber level but was by species, wi ...197823419
cannabis and brain-stimulation reward. 197841775
observations on the m-wave and the cnv in the squirrel monkey.a typical cnv paradigm, with food as reward, evokes in the squirrel monkey's post-arcuate and post-central cortices both m-waves in response to the cues and what appears to be a cnv in the interstimulus interval. both wave forms appear to be generated locally in cortex and to be more closely related temporally to the cues than to the animal's behavioral response. the cnv, like the m-wave, appears to reflect the animal's level of interest in obtaining the reward. it is smaller when the animal mis ...197985525
comparison of histochemical studies of intestinal atresia in the human newborn and fetal lamb. 197990142
maternal blocking factors in human pregnancy are found in plasma not serum.pregnancy plasma and sera were evaluated for differential blocking effects in mixed lymphocyte culture reactions. autologous pregnancy plasma, but not serum was found to contain a specific allogeneic inhibitor for paternal lymphocytes.197990919
atpase activity in the breast: a comparison between three methods.adenosine triphosphatase enzymatic activity was investigated in human approximatively normal, dysplastic and neoplastic mammary tissue, by three different methods. staining intensity varied within wide limits; myoepithelial cells and blood vessels showed similar enzymatic activity. epithelial cells reacted only faintly, or not at all; carcinoma cells were never labelled. stromal response was highly variable. the calcium-cobalt method of padykula and herman gave more intense reactions than the le ...197991295
leukokinin-h generated from human ascites fluid; its isolation and pharmacology. 197991314
the effect of d-penicillamine on the release of acid hydrolases from rat liver lysosomes induced by gamma-hexachlorcyclohexan. 197991374
occurrence of beta 2-microglobulin in mammalian lymphocytes and erythrocytes.cell-associated beta 2-microglobulin (beta 2m) has been studied by quantitative techniques in lymphocytes and erythrocytes of guinea pig, rabbit, rat and man. beta 2m was solubilized by sonication followed by treatment with acid, deoxycholate or thiocyanate, and then determined by radioimmunoassay. the average number of beta 2m molecules per lymphocyte, estimated after acidification, varied between 0.89 x 10(5) and 7.1 x 10(5). rat erythrocytes contained 3.0 x 10(3) molecules per cell, whereas n ...197991519
[ultrastructural cytochemistry of the mouse juxtaglomerular apparatus (author's transl)].the ultrastructural cytochemistry of the mouse juxtaglomerular apparatus has been studied. the specific granules of the juxtaglomerular cells were found to be argentaphobic when ultrathin sections of araldite-embedded renal cortex were stained according to the periodic acid-thio-carbohydrazide-silver proteinate technique of thiery. this technique revealed an abundant glycogen of type beta in the specific granules and in the cytosol of these cells. the rim of specific granules was positive when u ...197992002
relations between statistical properties of spontaneous activity of lateral geniculate neurons and their anatomo-physiological features [proceedings]. 197992234
antiviral agents: action and clinical use.the development of antiviral agents has been hindered by a variety of problems. there are fundamental biological differences between viruses and other infectious agents. viruses are strictly dependent on cellular metabolic processes and possess very limited intrinsic enzyme systems and building blocks which may serve as targets for drugs. antiviral drugs must also possess the ability to enter the host cell. viral replication consists of a series of events, each of which can be interfered with, l ...197992398
the unlabeled antibody method. contrasting color staining of beta-lipotropin and acth-associated hypothalamic peptides without antibody removal. 197992499
the interaction of lanthanides with isolated sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles from rabbit skeletal muscle.the interaction of lanthanides with isolated sarcoplasmic reticulum (sr) vesicles from rabbit skeletal muscle and the effects of lanthanides on 45ca2+ uptake by the vesicles were studied. 153gd3+ was taken up by the vesicles in the absence of atp and oxalate in a time-dependent manner, reaching a maximum total accumulation of 380 nmol 153gd3+/mg protein after 20 min with 200 microm 153gd3+. this 153gd3+ accumulation was not washed out by 1 mm egta. the addition of atp induced the release of 87% ...197993439
chemical modification of timothy grass pollen antigen b--i. loss of antibody binding properties. 197993573
alpha-fetoprotein inhibits antibody binding to acetylcholine receptor. significance for myasthenia gravis and other autoimmune diseases. 197993589
double staining technique for rat foetus skeletons in teratological studies.cartilage and bone were differentiated using alcian blue and alizarin red s respectively. anomalies of both cartilaginous and bony parts of the skeleton could be examined.197993666
measurement and characterization of estrogen receptors in the human prostate. 197993752
semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase in rat aorta: a plasma-membrane enzyme [proceedings]. 197993954
structure of the rna portion of the rna-linked dna pieces in bacteriophage t4-infected escherichia coli cells. 197994107
characterization of 40,000- and 25,000-dalton intermediate precursors to rauscher murine leukemia virus gag gene products.under steady-state labeling conditions, rauscher murine leukemia virus-infected nih swiss mouse cells contain at least three major polyproteins derived from the viral gag gene. they have molecular weights of 65,000, 40,000, and 25,000. they have been termed ppr65gag, pr40gag, and ppr25gag. ppr65gag has been shown by a number of laboratories to be composed of all four core proteins (p15, pp12, p30, and p10). in this paper, pr40gag was found to contain p30 and p10 antigenic determinants and peptid ...197994357
placental alkaline phosphatase, alphafetoprotein and carcinoembryonic antigen in testicular tumors. tissue typing by means of cytologic smears.indirect immunofluorescence and radioimmunoassay with specific rabbit antisera demonstrated the occurrence of alphafetoprotein (afp), carcinoembryonic antigen (cea) and placental alkaline phosphatase (plap) in primary testicular tumor cells. embryonal carcinomas had afp- and cea-containing cells, sometimes plap. plap and sometimes cea were found in seminoma cells. sera from patients with advanced non-seminomatous tumors could contain any of these antigens or any combination of them. sera from pa ...197994592
quantitative study of the energy conversion in halobacterium halobium [proceedings]. 197994791
[the heterogeneity of streptokinases].purified streptokinases of some strains of different types of strep. pyrogenes (group a) as well as streptokinases of a strain of group c or group g streptococci, resp., were studied in regard of their heterogeneity. differences of the streptokinases were found in their amino acid compositions and in isoelectric points. serological differences were detected by a quantitative precipitation reaction with fluorescein-coupled antistreptokinase antisera from the goat as well as by neutralization reac ...197994885
role of interferon in mice in protection against influenza a virus by bacterial ribosomes together with membranal glycoproteins of klebsiella pneumoniae as adjuvant.nonspecific protection against infectious aerosols of influenza a virus was obtained in swiss mice after vaccination by aerosols of bacterial ribosomes together with membranal glycoproteins extracted from klebsiella pneumoniae as the adjuvant. it was shown that repeated stimulant aerosols were necessary to obtain this protection. routine estimation of serum interferon levels after administration of the association of ribosomes plus membranal glycoproteins to the animals by aerosol or intravenous ...197994908
biochemical effects of the modification of nucleic acids by certain polycyclic aromatic carcinogens. 197995052
molybdenum independence of nitrogenase component synthesis in the non-heterocystous cyanobacterium plectonema.the cyanobacterium plectonema boryanum (iu 594-utex 594) fixes n2 only in the absence of combined n and of o2. we induced nitrogenase by transfer to anaerobic n-free medium and studied the effect of mo starvation on nitrogenase activity and synthesis. activity was first detected within 3 h after transfer by the acetylene reduction assay in controls, increasing for at least 25 h. cells grown on nitrate and mo and then transferred to n-free, mo-free medium produced 8% of the control nitrogenase ac ...197896092
the significance of antidromic potentiation and induced activity in the is argued that "the significance of antidromic potentiation and induced activity in the retina" (the title of this article) concerns two identical effects and that both are the outward sign of the existence of a specific organization in the retina. for this reason they can serve as a valuable criterion for identifying activity in this organization. this activity is assumed to be in the nature of a self-excitation by positive feedback in the amacrine circuits of certain y-cells. relevant liter ...197896310
association of diamine oxidase and ornithine decarboxylase with maturing cells in rapidly proliferating epithelium.diamine oxidase and ornithine decarboxylase activities are shown to have a parallel distribution across rat small intestine mucosa; levels of both enzyme activities are sharply higher in mature cells in the villus tip region than in proliferating cells in the crypt areas. histidine decarboxylase levels were not measurable in the same cell preparations and aromatic-l-amino-acid decarboxylase activity was distributed in an opposite pattern to diamine oxidase and ornithine decarboxylase. the result ...197896870
studies on the low-molecular weight glycoprotein gp-350: molecular and immunological heterogeneity. 197897368
[transplantation of the big toe from the foot to the hand in monkeys using a microsurgical technic]. 197897465
biochemical changes in guinea pig lungs due to amosite asbestos. 197898326
catecholamine-induced alterations in glucose homeostasis in baboons, dogs, rabbits, and rats: comparative effects of somatostatin. 197898685
changes in composition of tears of malnourished children. 197898738
[some aspects relating to the aflatoxin generation during the self-heating of cereals].in a stored batch of grain which was already affected by mould-formation tests were carried out with the known aflatoxin producer aspergillus flavus. a significantly lower aflatoxin production ensued if the mould growth was not connected with self-heating of the stored product. however, in conformity with increasing mould formation the germinating power was adversely affected and the significant signs (fatty acid number, reductive and none-reductive sugars) were influenced in the grain, irreleve ...197898933
electrophoretic strand separation of long dnas with poly (u,g) in agarose gels.we have found that binding of poly(u,g) to single-stranded dna decreases its mobility in 0.3% agarose gels. differential binding to the complementary strands of denatured duplex dna provides a simple method for strand separation. the method is shown to work with bacteriophage lambda dna, adenovirus dna and mtdna for tetrahymena pyriformis. in all cases the strand that binds more poly(u,g) in cscl gradients also binds more in gels. the separated strands can be directly blotted from the gel onto n ...197899728
prenatal development of acid beta-glycosidases in the rat liver, effect of triiodothyronine or cortisone administered to pregnant rats.we have found that acid beta-galactosidase, beta-glucuronidase and n-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase in the rat fetal liver increase during the last week of pregnancy. these enzyme activities were influenced by treatment of pregnant rats (daily from day 16) with l-tri-iodothyronine (20 or 50 microgram/100 gm b.w.) or cortisone acetate (10 or 50 mg/100 gm b.w.) as studied in their fetuses obtained on day 22 by caesarian section.1978101435
dominant constitutive mutations in malt, the positive regulator gene of the maltose regulon in escherichia coli. 1978101676
demonstration of adrenergic catecholamine receptors in rat myometrium and their regulation by sex steroid hormones. 1978101725
involvement of the mature domain in the in vitro maturation of bacillus subtilis precursor 5s ribosomal rna.a precursor of 5s ribosomal rna from bacillus subtilis (p5a rrna, 179 nucleotides in length) is cleaved by rnase m5, a specific maturation endonuclease which releases the mature 5s rrna (m5, 116 nucleotides) and precursor fragments derived from the 5' (21 nucleotides) and 3' (42 nucleotides) termini of p5a rrna. previous results (meyhack, b., et al. (1978) proc. natl. acad. sci. u.s.a. 75, 3045) led to the conclusion that recognition elements in potential rnase m5 substrates mainly reside in the ...1978103577
effect of ionophores and inhibitors and uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation on sperm respiration. 1978104673
effect of continuously increasing concentrations of plasma ketone bodies on the uptake and oxidation of glucose by muscle in man.muscle metabolism in man was studied by measuring the arterial and deepvenous concentrations of glucose, lactate, pyruvate, free fatty acids, beta-hydroxybutyrate and aceacetoacetate, and forearm blood flow. after the subjects had fasted overnight, their arterial free fatty acid and ketone levels rose continuously during a period of 90 min, leading to increased ketone body uptake by muscle. hence, for each subject, a relation was obtained between arterial concentrations and arterial-deepvenous d ...1978105915
specific requirement of nadph-cytochrome c reductase for the microsomal heme oxygenase reaction yielding biliverdin ix alpha. 1979105935
disorders in somesthesis following lesions of parietal lobe.1. we determined the effects of lesions of the parietal lobe on the capacities of monkeys to detect and discriminate between mechanical sinusoids delivered to the hand. tests of discrimination measured the capacity to discriminate between frequencies of flutter (24--36 hz) and the capacity to make gross discriminations of frequency of flutter-vibration over the range of 10--50 hz. 2. a unilateral removal of the parietal lobe impaired sensory capacities only on the contralateral hand; detection t ...1979106093
[role of heterogenized cellular antigens in cross immunity reactions in paramyxovirus infections].heterogenized antigens similar to the antigens of sheep and guinea pig red blood cells were revealed by indirect immunofluorescence in tissue cultures infected with parotitis virus. participation of these antigens in cross immunofluorescence reactions observed in tissue cultures infected with various paramyxoviruses and in a suspension of erythrocytes loaded with these viruses was established. it was shown that immunization of children with parotitis virus was accompanied by a specific anamnesti ...1978106603
[detection of healthy carriers of neisseria meningitidis in a sample of the population of the city of messina]. 1977106778
contralateral projection of primary afferent fibers to mammalian spinal cord. 1979107041
carbonic anhydrase of human endometrium: biochemical & clinical aspects. 1978107115
biological properties of antibodies against rat adipocyte intrinsic membrane proteins. dependence on multivalency for insulin-like activity.antisera from rabbits injected with rat adipocyte plasma membranes or intrinsic proteins from such membranes, obtained by a dimethylmaleic anhydride extraction step, mimicked the action of insulin on both glucose transport and lipolysis in intact adipocytes. biological activity in both types of antisera was mediated by immunoglobulin binding to one or more intrinsic proteins of the adipocyte plasma membrane since fat cells were unresponsive to all antisera absorbed with dimethylmaleic anhydride- ...1979107169
partial purification of heat-labile hemolysin from pseudomonas aeruginosa. 1978107353
extravasation of albumin in tissues of normal and septic baboons and sheep. 1979107367
fascioloides magna: development in selected nonruminant mammalian hosts. 1979108129
microscopic changes in rat tongue following experimental cryosurgery.histological changes were studied in the rat tongue for varying periods of time up to 14 days following the application of a cryoprobe to the dorsal surface of rat tongue. within minutes of the application, focal subepithelial vesiculation and hyperemia occurred. at 3 h there was evidence of damage to capillary walls, resulting in hemorrhage. arterioles and venules were thrombosed and there were degenerative changes in the muscle layer of their walls. at 6 h ventral epithelium showed evidence of ...1979108379
isolation of an influenza virus subtype hav4navl from a budgerigar. 1979108521
mineralization of the enamel of ovine permanent central incisor teeth using microhardness and histological techniques. 1979116728
[changes in ventilatory patterns before and after vagotomy in rabbits].ventilatory pattern have been investigated during rebreathing experiments. before vagotomy, a linear relation has been found between increasing tidal volume and decreasing inspiratory and expiratory durations. after vagotomy, these relations existed but expiratory duration remained almost constant.1975126729
capillary density in skeletal muscle of man. 1975127508
effect of essential phospholipids on the properties of atpases of isolated rat liver plasma membranes of young and old animals."essential" phospholipids (epl), rich in dilinoleyl-phosphatidylcholine were given orally to young and 780-800 day-old rats. the double-labelled (14c/32p) dilinoleyl-phosphatidylcholine was incorporated in plasma membranes and the amounts incorporated into different organs investigated. old animals incorporated higher radioactivity than young. the 14c/32p ratio however decreased in comparison with the substance administered. the amount of (na+-k+)-atpase in rat liver plasma membranes of old anim ...1975127894
[histological, histoenzymatic and biochemical study of the liver and small intestine of rats during short periods of starvation].the structure and the activity of acid phosphatase, beta-glucuronidase, alkaline phosphatase and atp-ase in the liver and small intestine of rats receiving for 20 days a one-time, fixed at a certain time (2 o'clock) feeding was studied morphologically in dynamics in 2, 6, 24 and 48 hours after the last feeding. furthermore, parallel with this the activity of acid phosphatase, beta-glucuronidase, alpha-glucosidase and beta-acetylglucosaminidase was determined in homogenates by biochemical methods ...1975128202
[bdellovibrio bacteriovorus as a factor in the self-purification of river water]. 1976134929
chemotherapy of african trypanosomiasis. 1976135387
the effect of hypervitaminosis a on rat palatal development.retinoic acid or retinyl acetate was administered to pregnant rats in doses sufficient to induce a 90% incidence of cleft palate. in another study, a delay in the reorientation of the palatal shelves was observed to be longer with the more potent teratogen, retinoic acid. on day 16 of gestation, 24 hours after final dosage with vitamin a, the synthesis of dna and protein was studied in fetal carcass, mandible, and palate, and that of sulfated mucopolysaccharides (s-mps) and glycoproteins (gp) in ...1978152485
satellite association in human metaphases. a comparative study of normal individuals, patients with down syndrome and their parents. 1979154489
subcellular effects of some anesthetic agents on rat myocardium.the effects of ether, chloroform, and halothane on calcium accumulation and atpase activity of rat heart microsomes and mitochondria as well as on myofibrillar atpase activity were investigated. chloroform and halothane depressed microsomal and mitochondrial calcium uptake and binding in a parallel fashion. ether decreased microsomal calcium binding and mitochondrial calcium uptake to varying degrees, while mitochondrial calcium binding was slightly enhanced. whereas ether had no effect, chlorof ...1979154965
immunopathology of mouse hepatitis virus type 3 infection. role of humoral and cell-mediated immunity in resistance mechanisms.humoral and cell-mediated immune responses were studied in resistant and susceptible strains of mice infected with mouse hepatitis virus type iii (mhv 3). virus was maintained by regular passages in susceptible dba/2 mice and assayed in dba/2 mice by ld-50 determination. normal resistant a strain mice were able to clear the virus from liver, brain, and serum within 7 days after infection. no neutralizing antibody was found. transfer of serum from immunized a strain mice was not effective in prot ...1975163277
thymosin-induced differentiation of murine thymocytes in allogeneic mixed lymphocyte cultures.calf thymosin is shown to enhance the one-way mlr of cba thymocytes cultured with allogeneic mitomycin-c- treated c57bl/j6 spleen cells. thymosin does not enhance the one-way mlr of cba thymocytes cultured with syngeneic mitomucin-c-treated spleen cells. based on this finding we present a relatively simple, rapid and quantitative in vitro microculture hioassay for inducers of t-cell differentiation and propose that thymosin treatment, when accompanied by antigen presentation, induces the two-ste ...1975165764
the role of hormone receptors in the action of adrenal steroids. 1975167655
experimental infection of lambs with an adenovirus isolated from sheep and related to bovine adenovirus type 2. i. virological studies. 1975171937
[effect of bradkinin-potentiating snake venom peptides and c-terminal pentapeptide fragment of bradkinin on carboxypeptidase n and kiniase activities of human blood serum].effects of bradikinin-potentiating peptides (bpp5a and bppb), which are identical to peptides from bothrops jararaca and agkistrodon halys blomhoffii snake venom, and pentapeptide c-terminal bradikinin fragment on carboxypeptidase n and kinase activities in human blood serum are studied. it is found that bpp5a and bppb at concentrations of 5-10(-4) m and 2.5-10(-4) m respectively do not inhibit the hydrolysis of hippuryl-l-lysine and hippuryl-l-argininic acid by carboxypeptidase n and at a conce ...1975173428
binding of insulin to isolated nuclei.specific binding sites for 125i-labeled insulin were detected in purified nuclei isolated from rat liver. binding was rapid, reversible and directly proportional to the number of nuclei employed. unlabeled native insulin, at concentrations as low as 1ng/ml, significantly inhibited the binding of labeled hormone, whereas unlabeled proinsulin and desoctapeptide insulin were less potent. in contrast, glucagon, thyrotropin, growth hormone (somatotropin), and prolactin were without effect. under iden ...1976179086
viral diseases of cats: current concepts. 1976179185
[effect of catecholamines on the activity of rabbit kidney microsomal (na+--k+)-activated atpase].the significance of alpha- and beta-adrenoreceptors and the role of cyclic 3', 5' -amp in the mechanism of the activation by catecholamines of the microsoma (na+ - k+)-activated atp-ase of the rabbits kidneys were investigated. phentolamine did not obstruct the activating effect of epinephrine in the cortical and medullar layer. inderal inhibited the reaction of the enzyme in response to epinephrine in the renal cortex and fully prevented any rise of the enzymatic activity in the medullar substa ...1975179850
double-blind test of metronidazole and tinidazole in the treatment of asymptomatic entamoeba histolytica and entamoeba hartmanni hundred and fifteen persons with asymptomatic entamoeba histolytica or e. hartmanni infection, or both, were given metronidazole (750 mg three times daily for 5 days), tinidazole (1 g twice daily on 2 consecutive days), or a starch placebo. three post-treatment stools were examined in the 2 weeks following initiation of treatment. cysts of e. histolytica reappeared in the stools of 37% of 30 given metronidazole, 62% of 34 given tinidazole, and 70% of 31 given placebo. cysts of e. hartmanni r ...1976183554
light and electron microscopic studies of "nude" mice cns after subcutaneous administration of the e variant of the encephalomyocarditis (emc) virus.sixteen 3 month old "nude" mice, 24 of their litter mates and 30 swiss mice were injected subcutaneously with 0.1 ml suspension of the e variant of the encephalomyocarditis (emc) virus. while the mortality rate of the litter mates and swiss mice during 5-7 days after inoculation was more than 40%, none of the "nude" mice died during the experiment. the surviving animals were sacrificed at 24 h intervals from day one to seven days after injection. brain suspensions assayed for the presence of the ...1977192039
in vivo aminoacylation of transfer ribonucleic acid in bacillus subtilis and evidence for differential utilization of lysine-isoaccepting transfer ribonucleic acid species.the presence or absence of certain amino acids has different effects on the ability of bacillus subtilis to sporulate, and the intracellular pool size of amino acids has been reported to vary during sporulation. the idea that these variations might exert a regulatory effect through aminoacylation of transfer ribonucleic acid (trna) was investigated by studying the levels of aminoacylation in vivo in the logarithmic or stationary phase of growth. both the periodate oxidation method and the amino ...1977193829
canine urinary bladder epithelial cells: preparation for cell culture by enzyme a qualitative and quantitative study of enzymic dispersion of cells from the mucosal layer stripped from canine urinary bladder, trypsin was found to be equal or superior to the other enzymes tested for dispersal of urothelial cells specifically. collagenase or collagenase plus trypsin served to disperse the whole tissue. a procedure for recovering the urothelial cells as a single-cell suspension and establishing them in culture is presented. the morphology, culture behaviour, and chromosome ...1977195376
on the reaction of cyanide with an oxygenated form of cytochrome oxidase.the reaction of an oxygenated form of cytochrome oxidase [ec] with cyanide was examined under conditions where spontaneous decay was prevented. the equilibrium and kinetic constants for the reaction agreed well with those for the normally operating enzyme, indicating that the oxygenated form is one of the active intermediates of the cytochrome oxidase reaction.1977201611
cytomegalovirus infection in the neonate and its prevention.about 0.5% of infants are infected in utero with cytomegalovirus (cmv). as many as 20% become mentally retarded and a further substantial proportion suffer lesser degrees of brain damage. the need for a vaccine is greater than in the case of rubella. a live, tissue culture-adapted strain of cmv has been shown to produce neutralizing antibody in volunteers without significant side effects or detectable virus excretion. the problems of developing such a vaccine for use in man, namely, attenuation, ...1977201930
circular dichroism and circular polarization of luminescence of reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in solution and bound to dehydrogenases.the cd (circular dichroism) and cpl (circular polarization of luminescence) spectra of nadph in aqueous solution were studied and found to be markedly different. the spectra were not affected by cleavage of the coenzyme molecule with phosphodiesterase. the differences are thus not due to the existence of extended and folded conformations of nadph and it is concluded that they originate in excited state conformational changes of the nicotinamide--ribose fragment. opposite signs of both the cd and ...1978207311
rous sarcoma virus-transformed avian cells express four different cell surface antigens that are distinguishable by a cell-mediated cytotoxicity-blocking test.japanese quails bearing avian sarcoma virus-induced tumors develop immune spleen cells that are cytotoxic in vitro against virally and chemically transformed cells, as well as against embryonic cells. the cell-mediated cytotoxicity can be blocked by soluble antigens extracted from in vitro cultured cells. the existence of partial as well as total blocking effects in tests with extracts from various transformed and untransformed virus-producing cells makes it possible to distinguish up to four di ...1978207774
estimation of rate and dissociation constants involving ternary complexes in reactions catalysed by yeast alcohol dehydrogenase.stopped-flow studies of oxidation of butan-1-ol and propan-2-ol by nad(+) in the presence of phenol red and large concentrations of yeast alcohol dehydrogenase give no evidence for the participation of a group of pk(a) approx. 7.6 in alcohol binding. such a group has been implicated in ethanol binding to horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase [shore, gutfreund, brooks, santiago & santiago (1974) biochemistry13, 4185-4190]. the present result supports previous findings based on steady-state kinetic st ...1978208510
the subcellular distribution of [3h]-colchicine-binding activity and tubulin in pig blood platelets.the subcellular distribution of the [3h]-colchicine-binding protein, believed to be tubulin, the subunit protein of microtubules, has been investigated in mammalian blood platelets. studies on a soluble extract from pig platelets and two particulate fractions (viz. membrane-rich and granule-rich fractions) have shown that about 98% of the colchicine-binding activity in a platelet homogenate is located in the soluble phase. this result is in agreement with polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis exper ...1978209572
intestinal cholecalciferol absorption in the elderly and in younger adults.1. a method for assessing cholecalciferol absorption in man is described. 2. the intestinal absorption of [3h]cholecalciferol was studied in 20 female geriatric patients, most of whom were vitamin d-depleted. 3. the plasma [3h]cholecalciferol response after oral ingestion was significantly lower than that of a group of younger female subjects. 4. the plasma response of labelled polar metabolites of cholecalciferol was also lower in the geriatric than in the younger group, suggesting that increas ...1978209929
modification of the kinetic properties of 5-ene, 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase of human placental microsomes by hydrogen peroxide and 2-mercaptoethanol. 1978211347
antibody to varicella-zoster virus after passive immunization against chickenpox.antibody titers to varicella-zoster virus were measured in varicella-susceptible immunocompromised children 48 h after they received either one of two lots of zoster immune globulin (zig) or a selected lot of immune serum globulin (isg). globulin was given to modify varicella in these children after exposure to varicella or zoster. indirect immunofluorescence antibody titers (fama) of children after receipt of globulin ranged from less than 1:2 to 1:32. geometric mean fama titers were highest af ...1978217893
role of the membrane (m) protein in endogenous inhibition of in vitro transcription by vesicular stomatitis endogenous transcriptase inhibitor active at high concentrations of vesicular stomatitis (vs) virus was present in trypsinized whole virions but was absent from ribonucleoprotein cores containing only the l, n, and ns proteins. poly(l-glutamic acid) effectively reversed the transcriptase inhibition. transcription under noninhibited, inhibited, and poly(l-glutamic acid)-reversed conditions did not appear to greatly affect the nature of the rna transcription product. the vs virion matrix (m) pr ...1979219213
the structure of the termini of the dna of epstein-barr virus.we have studied the dna of epstein-barr virus (ebv) isolated from the b95-8 strain of that virus (miller and lipman, 1973). when ebv dna is partially digested with lambda-exonuclease and allowed to reanneal, up to 50% of the full-length molecules circularize. the arrangements of nucleotide sequences containing the terminal repeats identified in this circularization experiment have been determined. those fragments of viral dna generated by digestion with restriction endonucleases which are termin ...1979225039
transcription of endogenous c-type viruses in resting and proliferating tissues of balb/mo mice. 1979228474
regulation of glutamine transport in escherichia coli.the formation of the high-affinity (km equal to 0.2 mum) l-glutamine transport system of escherichia coli strain 7 (lin) appears to be subject to the same major control as the glutamine synthetase (ec of this gram-negative organism. culture of cells under nitrogen-limited conditions provides maximum derepression of both the glutamine synthetase and the glutamine transport system. nutritional conditions providing a rich supply of ammonium salts or available sources of nitrogen, i.e., con ...1975238938
difference in b cell mitogen responsiveness between closely related strains of mice.spleen cells from c3h/hej mice respond very poorly to the mitogenic action of endotoxin (lps) in vitro whereas cells from a very closely related strain, c3h/hen respond very well. an analysis of the genetic similarity of these two strains was performed. there is no significant mlr measurable between cells of these strains under a variety of culture conditions. they do not manifest a significant graft-vs-host response nor do they reject reciprocal skin grafts. because of this genetic similarity, ...1975239063
influence of hyperglycemia on survival after hemorrhagic shock.terms such as "insulin resistance" and "glucose intolerance" applied to shock-induced hyperglycemia suggest that this state may prejudice survival. however, our data indicate that posthemorrhage hyperglycemia improves short-term survival. rabbits, either fed until the experiment or fasted for 24 hours, were shocked by rapid removal of 25% of their blood volume (bv) measured by 131ihsa. during the next 60 minutes, blood pressure (bp) was recorded, and the following variables were measured every 1 ...1978262089
the influence of location on the rate of spread of human approximal dental caries. 1978281208
effect of positive pressure breathing on lung lymph flow and water content in sheep. 1978343945
stable and short-lived isotopes in the study of tissue distribution.two relatively novel techniques that are utilized in the study of tissue distribution of drugs are discussed. the first technique, gc-ms fragmentography, provides an opportunity for the identification and quantification of several compounds and internal standards, in the same analysis, at picogram to nanogram amounts. the second technique utilizes short-lived radioisotopes and external scintigraphy. this approach can continuously monitor the tissue and organ distribution of an appropriately labe ...1977404434
the creation of the self. 1979420961
deoxyribonucleic acid relationships among members of the genus aeromonas.polynucleotide sequences among 24 motile and 11 non-motile aeromonads were studied by analysis of deoxyribonucleic acid - deoxyribonucleic acid (dna-dna) duplexes with endonuclease s1. in addition, dna base composition (mole % guanine and cytosine (g + c)) and relative genome sizes were determined for selected strains. large variations in genome size were found and % gc ranged from 57.1 to 62.9%. on the basis of the strains examined, the genus aeromonas consists of two genotypically legitimate g ...1979476540
comparison of antibodies in marine fish from clean and polluted waters of the new york bight: relative levels against 36 from polluted waters are subject to increased prevalence of disease. because they respond to bacterial pathogens by producing serum antibodies, it was possible to construct a seasonal serological record in three fish species from clean and polluted waters of the new york bight. antibody levels were determined by testing sera for agglutinating activity against 36 strains of bacteria. evaluation of 5,100 antibody titrations showed the following. during warm months, summer flounder (paralichth ...1979518084
role of gastric antrum in gastric and intestinal phases of gastric secretion in dogs.1. the gastric and intestinal phases of gastric secretions were selectively evoked before and after the removal of the antral mucosa in four dogs provided with a special cannula that allowed complete separation of the stomach and duodenum without interrupting neural connexions between them. 2. the gastric phase induced by 5% liver extract meal administered into the stomach at various distension pressures (ranging from 0 to 15cm h2o) resulted in an increase in acid output to about 56% of the hist ...1979521927
cp-20,961: a structurally novel, synthetic adjuvant. 1979522084
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