proceedings: effects of histamine, 2-methylhistamine and 4-methylhistamine on blood pressure and vascular resistance in the cat. 19751151865
[the italian experience in the control of rabies. iii. laboratory studies on sadb19 tü vaccine used in the fox vaccination campaign].results of laboratory investigations on the sadb19 tü vaccine used for oral vaccination of fox show: 1) the need to check the vaccine efficacy before its application in the field; 2) the importance of monoclonal antibodies to distinguish sylvatic from vaccinal virus strains in the diagnosis of rabies during the vaccination campaigns; 3) the relevance of a careful evaluation of the epidemiological risk encountered when releasing baits containing activated vaccine.19883268771
pneumotoxicity of butylated hydroxytoluene applied dermally to cd-1 mice.pneumotoxicity of butylated hydroxytoluene (bht) applied to the skin of cd-1 mice was investigated and compared with that of butylated hydroxyanisole (bha). to 6 groups of 10 male mice and 10 female mice 0.1 ml of dimethylsulfoxide (dmso) solutions containing 0, 5, 10, 20, or 30 mg of bht or 30 mg of bha were topically applied 3 times weekly for 4 weeks. between the 4th and 8th day bht-treated mice exhibited respiratory distress with subsequent dose-dependent mortality. at autopsy dead animals w ...19863787670
mitochondrial dna synthesis in non-growth condition (liquid holding) in saccharomyces cerevisiae. relation with growth stages and mitochondrial dna repair after uv-irradiation. 19853911223
antibodies as carriers of anticancer agents. 19744131895
an arginine-dependent step in the maturation of type 2 adenovirus. 19674228867
ecology of japanese encephalitis virus on taiwan in 1968. 19704316617
effects of hypophysectomy on the blood serum of male killifish, fundulus heteroclitus, in salt water. 19724635462
[experimental studies of sweat secretion in free, autologous full-thickness skin grafts in man]. 19704920596
a social psychologic model of female adolescents' compliance with contraceptives.a theoretical model is proposed to help the clinician organize the multiple interrelationships between factors that may influence a female adolescent's compliance with her birth control method. 1 variable that has been found to be predictive for compliance in adults that was not included in the model is the quality of the patient-physician relationship. this variable was excluded because the model is a social psychological model that focuses on the attitudes and behavior of the female adolescent ...20133629018
independent origins of vectored plant pathogenic bacteria from arthropod-associated arsenophonus endosymbionts.the genus arsenophonus (gammaproteobacteria) is comprised of intracellular symbiotic bacteria that are widespread across the arthropods. these bacteria can significantly influence the ecology and life history of their hosts. for instance, arsenophonus nasoniae causes an excess of females in the progeny of parasitoid wasps by selectively killing the male embryos. other arsenophonus bacteria have been suspected to protect insect hosts from parasitoid wasps or to expand the host plant range of phyt ...201121892672
an accurate system for evaluating gamma ray collimators. 20154438442
[cryptococcosis]. 20165091035
a bacterium targets maternally inherited centrosomes to kill males in nasonia.male killing is caused by diverse microbial taxa in a wide range of arthropods. this phenomenon poses important challenges to understanding the dynamics of sex ratios and host-pathogen interactions. however, the mechanisms of male killing are largely unknown. evidence from one case in drosophila suggests that bacteria can target components of the male-specific sex-determination pathway. here, we investigated male killing by the bacterium arsenophonus nasoniae in the haplo-diploid wasp nasonia vi ...200818804376
[behavior of oxygen pressure in muscle (po2) in healthy subjects and in patients with intermittent claudication following standardized foot ergometric exercise]. 20123464140
phylogenetic characterization of the bacterium-like organism associated with marginal chlorosis of strawberry and proposition of a candidatus taxon for the organism, 'candidatus phlomobacter fragariae'.marginal chlorosis is a new disease of strawberry which was first seen in france in 1988. a phloem-restricted bacterium-like organism was found associated with the disease. even though the organism could not be cultured and resembles in this way most other phloem-restricted pathogens, characterization was achieved from the sequence of its pcr-generated 16s rdna, and comparison with other organisms. from these studies, the strawberry agent was found to be a new bacterium within group 3 of the gam ...19989542095
in vitro culture and phylogenetic analysis of "candidatus arsenophonus triatominarum," an intracellular bacterium from the triatomine bug, triatoma intracellular symbiotic bacterium was isolated from the hemolymph of triatoma infestans and cultured in an aedes albopictus cell line. 16s ribosomal dna sequence analysis revealed that the bacterium was a member of the gamma-3 subgroup of the class proteobacteria, having 96.2% sequence identity with the most closely related bacterium, arsenophonus nasoniae, the causative agent of the son-killer trait in the parasitoid wasp nasonia vitripennis. these bacteria share morphological features and a ...19979336921
[myotonometry as a means of control of relaxation in respiratory kinesitherapy in children]. 20164734073
phylogenetic relationships of entomopathogenic nematophilic bacteria: xenorhabdus spp. and photorhabdus sp.phylogenetic relationships of xenorhabdus spp. and photorhabdus sp. were investigated on the basis of 16s rrna gene sequences. xenorhabdus spp. and photorhabdus sp. were grouped together with proteus vulgaris and arsenophonus nasoniae. this group was distant from other members of the family enterobacteriaceae. xenorhabdus japonicus, previously proposed as a new species, was nearly located to xenorhabdus nematophilus. signature nucleotides of x. japonicus were identified that distinguish it other ...19968914266
delays in diagnosing and treating bladder cancer. 20113133024
[immunological study of anti-cancer effects of human alpha interferon for advanced renal cell carcinoma]. 19854079199
[an investigation on secondary attack rate in families and environment contamination of bacillary dysentery in urban and rural areas]. 19883289748
planned preimmunization of renal allograft recipients. 20144269174
a combined survey of chronic disability in industrial employees. 20144249285
ime1, a positive regulator gene of meiosis in s. cerevisiae.ime1 (inducer of meiosis) was cloned due to its high copy number effect: it enabled mat insufficient strains to undergo meiosis. disruption of ime1 results in a recessive spo- phenotype. diploids homozygous for the two mutations ime1-0, rme1-1 are also meiosis deficient. we conclude that ime1 is a positive regulator of meiosis that normally is repressed by rme1. rme1 is repressed by a complex of mata1 and mat alpha 2 gene products. ime1 is also regulated by the environment: no transcripts could ...19883280136
[traumatic lesions of the colon]. 20164775039
ime1, a positive regulator gene of meiosis in s. cerevisiae.ime1 (inducer of meiosis) was cloned due to its high copy number effect: it enabled mat insufficient strains to undergo meiosis. disruption of ime1 results in a recessive spo- phenotype. diploids homozygous for the two mutations ime1-0, rme1-1 are also meiosis deficient. we conclude that ime1 is a positive regulator of meiosis that normally is repressed by rme1. rme1 is repressed by a complex of mata1 and mat alpha 2 gene products. ime1 is also regulated by the environment: no transcripts could ...19883280136
enhancement of dichloromethane-induced carboxyhemoglobinemia by isoniazid pretreatment.pretreatment of rats with isoniazid (8 x 0.36 mmol/kg i.p. or 1 x 0.36 mmol/kg i.p.) produced dichloromethane-induced carboxyhemoglobin concentrations in the blood which are 2.6 and 1.8 times higher than carboxyhemoglobinemia after administration of dichloromethane per se. simultaneous administration of both compounds reduced the dichloromethane metabolism to carbon monoxide as measured by carboxyhemoglobin level in the blood.19883178796
biochemical and physiological changes in overloaded rat fast- and slow-twitch ankle extensors.the rat soleus (sol) or medial gastrocnemius (mg) were chronically overloaded by removing their major synergists bilaterally. after 12-14 wks the overloaded sol (os) and overloaded mg (omg) muscles had approximately 50% greater cross-sectional areas (csa) than the controls. maximum twitch (pt) and tetanic (po) tensions were approximately 46% larger in the os compared with the normal sol. the omg produced 10 and 37% higher pt and po, respectively. specific tension (po/csa) was not altered in eith ...19853161859
purification of the constituent enzyme fractions of mycobacillin synthetase.the final purification of the three-fraction enzyme complex mycobacillin synthetase was done by hydroxyapatite column chromatography and sucrose-density-gradient centrifugation; each of the fractions obtained migrates as a single component in sds/polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis and gel electrofocusing. the mr of the enzyme fractions a, b and c by gel filtration is 260 000, 190 000 and 105 000, and that by sds/polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis is 252 000, 198 000 and 108 000 respectively. non ...20133741392
[correlation between the function and structure in papain-induced emphysema in dogs].to examine the relationship between morphologic changes and the alteration of pulmonary function, papain solution was administered to 11 dogs by inhalation and to 5 dogs by a single intratracheal injection. pulmonary function tests, including determination of lung volume subdivision, diffusion capacity (dlco), pressure-volume relationship of the lung and arterial blood gas were performed before and after papain treatment. the dogs were then killed and the lungs processed for pathologic studies. ...19892602676
[opioid peptides and immunity]. 20133544676
[alterations in enamel microhardness in initial carious lesions]. 20123273002
a case of congenital myopathy without specific features. 20113144876
is endogenous ca++, mg(++)-dependent endonuclease activity involved in epidermal terminal differentiation? 20051317397
[value of the simple thoracic radiography in the diagnosis of acute pulmonary thromboembolism. study of 96 cases with necropsy confirmation]. 20164779614
the host range of the male-killing symbiont arsenophonus nasoniae in filth fly parasitioids.the son-killer bacterium, arsenophonus nasoniae, infects nasonia vitripennis (hymenoptera: pteromalidae), a parasitic wasp that attacks filth flies. this gammaproteobacterium kills a substantial amount of male embryos produced by an infected female. aside from male death, the bacterium does not measurably affect the host, and how it is maintained in the host population is unknown. interestingly, this bacterial symbiont can be transmitted both vertically (from mother to offspring) and horizontall ...201021147118
arsenophonus nasoniae and rickettsiae infection of ixodes ricinus due to parasitic wasp ixodiphagus hookeri.arsenophonus nasoniae, a male-killing endosymbiont of chalcid wasps, was recently detected in several hard tick species. following the hypothesis that its presence in ticks may not be linked to the direct occurrence of bacteria in tick's organs, we identified a. nasoniae in wasps emerging from parasitised nymphs. we confirmed that 28.1% of ixodiphagus hookeri wasps parasitizing ixodes ricinus ticks were infected by a. nasoniae. moreover, in examined i. ricinus nymphs, a. nasoniae was detected on ...201626901622
disentangling a holobiont - recent advances and perspectives in nasonia wasps.the parasitoid wasp genus nasonia (hymenoptera: chalcidoidea) is a well-established model organism for insect development, evolutionary genetics, speciation, and symbiosis. the host-microbiota assemblage which constitutes the nasonia holobiont (a host together with all of its associated microbes) consists of viruses, two heritable bacterial symbionts and a bacterial community dominated in abundance by a few taxa in the gut. in the wild, all four nasonia species are systematically infected with t ...201627721807
characteristics of the genome of arsenophonus nasoniae, son-killer bacterium of the wasp nasonia.we report the properties of a draft genome sequence of the bacterium arsenophonus nasoniae, son-killer bacterium of nasonia vitripennis. the genome sequence data from this study are the first for a male-killing bacterium, and represent a microorganism that is unusual compared with other sequenced symbionts, in having routine vertical and horizontal transmission, two alternating hosts, and being culturable on cell-free media. the resulting sequence totals c. 3.5 mbp and is annotated to contain 33 ...201020167019
the draft genome sequence of arsenophonus nasoniae, son-killer bacterium of nasonia vitripennis, reveals genes associated with virulence and symbiosis.four percent of female nasonia vitripennis carry the son-killer bacterium arsenophonus nasoniae, a microbe with notably different biology from other inherited parasites and symbionts. in this paper, we examine a draft genome sequence of the bacterium for open reading frames (orfs), structures and pathways involved in interactions with its insect host. the genome data suggest that a. nasoniae carries multiple type iii secretion systems, and an array of toxin and virulence genes found in photorhab ...201020167018
asymmetrical brain modulation of the immune is now well known that the central nervous system can regulate the immune system. interestingly the two sides of the brain have been demonstrated to be differently involved in the modulation of immune responses. in rodents, lesions of right or left neocortex induced opposite effects on various immune parameters including mitogen-induced lymphoproliferation, interleukin-2 production, macrophage activation or natural killer cell activity. furthermore in humans, left-handedness has been reported ...20061393189
host-symbiont interactions of the primary endosymbiont of human head and body lice.the first mycetome was discovered more than 340 yr ago in the human louse. despite the remarkable biology and medical and social importance of human lice, its primary endosymbiont has eluded identification and characterization. here, we report the host-symbiont interaction of the mycetomic bacterium of the head louse pediculus humanus capitis and the body louse p. h. humanus. the endosymbiont represents a new bacterial lineage in the gamma-proteobacteria. its closest sequenced relative is arseno ...200717227954
evidence for multiple acquisition of arsenophonus by whitefly species (sternorrhyncha: aleyrodidae).whiteflies contain primary prokaryotic endosymbionts located within specialized host cells. this endosymbiotic association is the result of a single infection of the host followed by vertical transmission of the endosymbiont to the progeny. whiteflies may also be associated with other bacteria called secondary (s-) endosymbionts. the nucleotide sequence of the 16s-23s ribosomal dna from s-endosymbionts of 13 whitefly species was determined. a phylogenetic analysis of these sequences indicated th ...200415057483
[biliopancreatic common duct: diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities]. 20103153201
modulation of rat distal colonic brush-border membrane na+-h+ exchange by dexamethasone: role of lipid fluidity.earlier studies by our laboratory have suggested a relationship between an amiloride-sensitive na+-h+ exchange process and the physical state of the lipids of rat colonic brush-border membrane vesicles. to further assess this possible relationship, a series of experiments were performed to examine the effect of dexamethasone administration (100 micrograms/100 g body wt. per day) subcutaneously for 4 days on na+-h+ exchange, lipid composition and lipid fluidity of rat distal colonic brush-border ...19872825788
cd of ethidium bromide complexes with normal and electrophoretically anomalous dna restriction fragments. 20113207850
secretin provocation: gastrin results in various clinical situations.our previous secretin provocation studies in normal volunteers and unoperated duodenal ulcer patients suggested that the gastrin rise in gastrinoma may be an exaggeration of the normal response rather than paradoxical. we report further studies in various clinical settings having normogastrinemia (normal, n = 17; unoperated duodenal ulcer, n = 13; primary hyperparathyroidism, n = 7) and hypergastrinemia (postvagotomy, n = 5; hypochlorhydria, n = 7; achlorhydria, n = 10; chronic renal failure, n ...20123341335
[kinetics of dna reparative replication in the spleen cells of cba- and c57bl/6-strain mice induced by urethane and and the influenza virus].different kinetics of dna repair replication induced by urethan and influenza virus was detected in mice of varying genotypes. inhibition of repair replication was detected in the lymphocytes of c57bl/6 mice, infected with influenza virus and treated with urethan. no inhibition of repair replication was noted in cba mice which is characteristic of resistance to influenza virus. however, stimulation of repair replication by influenza virus was observed in these cells.19863697490
anterograde amnesia as a possible postoperative complication of midazolam as an agent for intravenous conscious sedation.anterograde amnesia is often considered to be a beneficial effect of intravenous conscious sedation. the recently introduced benzodiazepine, midazolam, has associated with its administration a significant anterograde amnesic period. in the case presented here, a healthy young female presented for third molar extraction under midazolam conscious sedation and local anesthesia. after uncomplicated removal of the teeth and clinically adequate recovery from sedation, it was noted that the patient had ...20113166354
quantification of the genetic risk of environmental mutagens.screening methods are used for hazard identification. assays for heritable mutations in mammals are used for the confirmation of short-term test results and for the quantification of the genetic risk. there are two main approaches in making genetic risk estimates. one of these, termed the direct method, expresses risk in terms of the expected frequency of genetic changes induced per unit dose. the other, referred to as the doubling dose method or the indirect method, expresses risk in relation t ...19883287507
production of human b and t cell growth factors is enhanced by thymic hormones.the thymic preparations thymosin fraction 5 (tf5) and synthetic thymosin alpha 1 (t alpha 1) were examined for their ability to enhance growth factor production by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc). the results showed that both tf5 and t alpha 1 were capable of enhancing the production of a b cell growth factor (bcgf-12kd) and t cell growth factor (tcgf; il-2). enhancement by t alpha 1 could be obtained at 100-200-fold lower concentrations than that seen with tf5. in contrast, no e ...19883264553
multiple tick-associated bacteria in ixodes ricinus from slovakia.eighty ixodes ricinus ticks collected in the rovinka forest in slovakia were tested by real-time and routine single-step pcr for the presence of different pathogenic and endosymbiotic bacteria. no evidence of coxiella burnetii, diplorickettsia massiliensis, or bartonella spp. was found. however, we identified, as the pathogenic bacteria, anaplasma phagocytophilum in 8%, rickettsia helvetica in 11%, borrelia afzelii in 9%, bo. garinii in 8%, bo. burgdorferi sensu stricto in 5%, bo. valaisiana in ...201223182274
superparasitism drives heritable symbiont epidemiology and host sex ratio in a wasp.heritable microbial symbionts have profound impacts upon the biology of their arthropod hosts. whilst our current understanding of the dynamics of these symbionts is typically cast within a framework of vertical transmission only, horizontal transmission has been observed in a number of cases. for instance, several symbionts can transmit horizontally when their parasitoid hosts share oviposition patches with uninfected conspecifics, a phenomenon called superparasitism. despite this, horizontal t ...201627322651
co-infection with arsenophonus nasoniae and orientia tsutsugamushi in a we report a case of co-infection with orientia tsutsugamushi, the causative agent of scrub typhus, and arsenophonus nasoniae in a woman with a rash and an eschar who returned from a trip to southeast asia. a. nasoniae was previously considered to be a secondary insect and tick endosymbiont of unknown pathogenicity in humans. we amplified both o. tsutsugamushi and a. nasoniae dna from a skin eschar with qpcr, and a seroconversion for o. tsutsugamushi and a. nasoniae was observed with immunof ...201323930974
isolation of arsenophonus nasoniae from ixodes ricinus ticks in slovakia.the tick ixodes ricinus is the most prevalent and widely distributed tick species in central europe, commonly found in woodlands, heaths, and forests and particularly abundant in the alpine region. this tick readily bites humans and transmits a number of bacterial and viral pathogens. we collected 10 live nymphs of i. ricinus ticks from vegetation in the rovinka forest, slovakia, and isolated a strain of arsenophonus nasoniae from one tick using the bme/ctvm2 cell line. a new isolate was then su ...201223182269
angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophils: a clinical-pathological conference. 20143921676
[systemic effects of topical corticosteroid treatment]. 20154542238
infantile digital fibromatosis after web construction in syndactyly.a case of infantile digital fibromatosis with an unusual onset is reported. a japanese girl, with a simple syndactyly of the right ring and little fingers, had an operation at the age of 2 1/2 years. three months after the operation, multiple nodules appeared at the skin graft edge. the nodules were excised but soon recurred. when the patient was 8 years old, a large-scale excision of the tumors was performed. intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies were shown by phosphotungstic acid-hematoxylin stain ...20103020117
further experience with new test of pulmonary function. 20154517127
structure and stereochemistry of nucleic acid components and their reaction products. ii. crystal and molecular structure of a product obtained in the reaction of isocyanates with uracil (n1-(n-methylcarbamoyl)-n3-methyl-5,6-dihydrouracil). 20164762546
spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality in children--the sciwora syndrome.spinal cord injury in children frequently occurs without fracture or dislocation. the clinical profiles of 55 children with spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormalities (sciwora) are reported in detail to illustrate features of this syndrome. no patient had vertebral fracture or dislocation on plain films and tomographies. there were ten upper cervical (c1-c4), 33 lower cervical (c5-c8), and 12 thoracic cord injuries; of these, 22 were complete or severe lesions and 33 were mild lesions ...20092724383
consequences of the demographic revolution. 20133623134
delirium tremens. 20082492848
report on genetic linkage analysis between huntington's disease and the g8 dna polymorphism. 20102883084
iatrogenic emergencies during anesthesia. 20124553626
[gas-liquid chromatography in sanitary-chemical studies of polymers for use in the food industry]. 20124553623
biochemical criteria of hypoxia in acute carbon monoxide poisoning. 20154650162
[climacteric symptoms following hysterectomy (author's transl)]. 20154434523
structure and expression of collagen genes. 20133626882
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