cyclic guanosine-3',5'-monophosphate--mediator of the action of the hormaone erythropoietin. 197718327
subcellular localisation of leucine-enkephalin-hydrolysing activity in rat brain. 197719709
the identification of lipid acceptor and the biosynthesis of lipid-linked glucose in bacillus stearothermophilus. 197720047
comparison of an aceclidine tremor with arecoline and nicotine ones in rats of different ages.a comparative characterization of a tremor produced by aceclidine (0.5--200 mg/kg), arecoline (1--30 mg/kg) and nicotine (0.1--8 mg/kg) in rats of different age is given and the influence on the tremor of atropine sulphate (1--100 mg/kg) and scopolamine hydrobromide hydrobromide (2.5 mg/kg) described. the common character of effects produced by aceclidine and arecoline was ascertained. the tremor develops in rats aged 7--8 days and its maximum duration is in rattlings of junior and medium age. m ...197721806
narcotic cueing properties of intraventricularly administered sufentanil, fentanyl, morphine and met-enkephalin.the narcotic cueing activity of sufentanil, fentanyl, morphine and met-enkephalin was studied upon their injection into the lateral brain ventricle of the rat. comparative studies on the analgesic activity of the three narcotics support a close correlation between the narcotic cueing and the analgesic activity of narcotic drugs.197822444
glutamine-requiring mutants of bacillus subtilis. 197723122
occurrence and distribution of western equine encephalomyelitis in florida.research and surveillance programs relating to the occurrence and distribution of western equine encephalomyelitis virus in florida, conducted between 1955 and 1976, suggest that the virus is (1) an endemic arbordae, (2) transmitted in a continuous cycle throughout the year by culiseta melanura mosquitoes, and (3) restricted to fresh water swamps and waterways in central, north, and northwest florida.197823372
conformational study of calf brain tubulin. 197823729
role of gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase in the course of viral hepatitis: its comparison with other indices of hepatic function. ii. 197826903
compartmentalization of cyclic nucleotides and cyclic amp-dependent protein kinases in rat liver: immunocytochemical demonstration. 197827084
hepatic microsomal metabolism of epinephrine and adrenochrome by superoxide-dependent and -independent pathways. 197931892
the uptake of choline by streptococcus pneumoniae.uptake of choline, a structural component of pneumococcal c- and f-teichoic acids, into bacteria growing in a defined medium was very efficient with an uptake constant ([s]10 5) of 3.2 microns. it was inhibited by iodoacetate, dinitrophenol and oligomycin but not by structural analogues of choline. ethanolamine, however, was transported in the absence of choline but with a reduced affinity ([s]0.5 71.4 microns). the same constitutive system was probably used by both ethanolamine and choline. it ...197834010
study on the ion-permeability of human dental enamel with special reference to an electrochemical approach. 197734011
isolation of yersinia enterocolitica-resembling organisms and alteromonas putrefaciens from vacuum-packed chilled beef cuts. 197939056
production of heat-stable, methanol-soluble enterotoxin by yersinia isolates of yersinia enterocolitica serotype 0:8, recovered during an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness, were examined for enterotoxin production. all seven strains were enterotoxigenic in the suckling mouse model, and three of five isolates tested produced keratoconjunctivitis in the guinea pig eye model (sereny test). enterotoxin was detected in broth supernatant fluid after 12 h of incubation at 25 degrees c. the toxin was not inactivated by exposure to 121 degrees c for 30 min or by ...197939891
mechanism of action of yersinia enterocolitica enterotoxin.enterotoxin derived from three clinical isolates of yersinia enterocolitica was compared with the heat-stable enterotoxin of escherichia coli. both toxins were biologically active in infant mice examined at 2 h and in ligated rabbit ileal loops at 6 h. neither substance, however, produced changes in ligated ileal loops at 18 h or in chinese hamster ovary or y1 adrenal tissue cultures. in addition, both y. enterocolitica enterotoxin concentrated approximately 20 times by ammonium sulfate precipit ...197939894
effects of heat-stable enterotoxin of yersinia enterocolitica on ion transport and cyclic guanosine 3',5'-monophosphate metabolism in rabbit ileum.strains of yersinia enterocolitica produce a heat-stable enterotoxin which is positive in the suckling mouse bioassay. partial purification by a procedure previously worked out for heat-stable escherichia coli enterotoxin yielded a substance which increases particulate guanylate cyclase activity and short-circuit current and inhibits active cl-absorption in rabbit ileal mucosa. these effects of y. enterocolitica enterotoxin are similar to those of heat-stable e. coli enterotoxin, suggesting a co ...197943292
letter: yersinia enterocolitica infection and thyroid disorders. 197547471
porcine streptococci causing meningitis and septicaemia in man.from 1968 to 1974 seven cases of septicaemia and purulent meningitis caused by porcine streptococci of the lancefield group r and three cases caused by similar streptococci lacking r antigen occurred in the netherlands. bacteria isolated from all ten patients shared the characteristics of a biochemically well defined bacterial species (provisionally called streptococcus subacidus) which until 1968 was only found in pigs. nine of the ten patients had had intensive contact with live or slaughtered ...197548908
a serial study of pregnancy proteins in primigravidae.the plasma concentrations from four 'pregnancy proteins' and three steroid hormones have been measured throughout pregnancy in 15 primigravidae. two of the proteins, human placental lactogen (hpl) and pregnancy-specific beta1-glycoprotein (psbetag), are specific for pregnancy and correlate well with the stage of gestation. it is suggested that measurement of psbetag may be useful in assessing feto-placental wellbeing. neither of the pregnancy-associated proteins, steriod-binding beta-globulin (s ...197657799
antigenic relationship between morganella morganii and yersinia enterocolitica.two new o antigens have been described for the morganella morganii antigenic schema. o antigens of the strains representing the new serotypes (o43 :h2 and o44 : h19, 37) are related to yersinia enterocolitica o9 and o17, respectively.197659520
biochemical basis of the serological cross-reactions between brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica serotype o:9.a method based on the inhibition of agglutination is described that may be used for the differential serological diagnosis between b. abortus and y. enterocolitica serotype o:9. an antigen with high immunological capacity was isolated from brucella. this antigen inhibited both homologous and heterologous agglutination by brucella antiserum, but only the heterologous agglutination by yersinia antiserum. it proved to be constitued of a polysaccharide (n-acetylglucosamine, glucose, mannose and 2-ke ...197559566
[antigenic analysis and immunological studies of the uterotropic bacterial strains sh6 and 01 isolated from aborted cows].the uterotropic strains sh6 and o1 were studied immunoelectrophoretically to establish their antigenic relationship. the more readily diffusing component of the o-antigenic fraction of the strains proved immunologically identical with lpa of the r brucella organisms, while the slower component showed common determinants with the o-antigenic fraction of yersinia pseudotuberculosis. immunodiffusion revealed that the o-antigenic fraction of the o1 strain and lpa of the s brucella organisms contain ...197660821
[antigenic and serologic properties of yersinia enterocolitica]. 197662475
worldwide spread of infections with yersinia enterocolitica. 197663181
yersinia enterocolitica infection and thyroid diseases. 197764101
measles-virus-specific immunoglobulin-m response in subacute sclerosing panencephalitis.measles-virus specific igm and igg responses in sera and cerebrospinal fluid (c.s.f.) of 20 patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (s.s.p.e.) and of two control groups were examined by indirect radioimmunoassay. all s.s.p.e. patients, regardless of the stage of the disease, had high titres of anti-measles antibodies in sera and c.s.f. the antibody activity was associated with both the igm and the igg classes of immunoglobulins. in 7 (35%) of the s.s.p.e. cases the specific igm respons ...197764856
hla antigens in graves' disease.hla typing of 86 patients with graves' disease was performed for the a, b, c and d series antigens. an increased frequency of hla-b8 (47 per cent) and dw3 (51 per cent) compared with controls (23.7 and 21 per cent, respectively) was observed. the increase of b8 and dw3 was almost exclusively found in a group of 48 patients with relapse of disease, whereas the frequency of b8 and dw3 in patients without relapse did not differ significantly from that of the control group. no association with the p ...197772471
yersinia enterocolitica and glomerulonephritis. 197876039
immunochemistry of yersinia enterocolitica o3 grown at different temperatures.comparative agglutinations of homogeneous stable suspensions prepared with yersinia enterocolitica growth at 37 degrees c and at 25 degrees c were performed with anti-sera prepared in rabbits with the bacteria grown at both these temperatures. sera prepared with live y. enterocolitica grown at 37 degrees c agglutinated both suspensions at a much lower titre than the sera prepared with formaldehyde-treated bacteria is grown at 25 degrees c. all the sera in which strongly precipitating antibodies ...197784327
[mast-cell degranulation in the intestine: its significance for the pathogenesis of galactosamine hepatitis. histological and histochemical studies on mast-cells using toluidine-blue and subsequent naphthol-asd-chloracetate reaction (author's transl)]. 197885385
the human amygdala. i. electrophysiological responses to odorants.nine patients had an amygdalotomy for attempted relief of intractable seizures and, as an aid for localization, recordings were made from the amygdala and later computer analyzed. the background activity is 3-18 c/sec; in response to odorants sinusoidal bursts are seen, synchronous with inspiration at 12-24 c/sec, but mainly 40-70 c/sec. each odorant is associated with a given group of frequency components. however, for many different odorants the number of these components is restricted and the ...197985539
yersinia enterocolitica and thyroid diseases in spain. 197985925
spontaneous cytotoxicity of cultured human cell lines mediated by normal peripheral blood lymphocytes. ii. specificity for target antigens. 197986385
chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. correlation of circulating lymphocyte fluctuations with disease activity in suppressed and unsuppressed animals.groups of juvenile strain 13 guinea pigs sensitized for chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) with isogeneic central nervous system (cns) tissue in complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) were either left to develop late-onset chronic eae (unsuppressed), or given a series of injections of bovine myelin basic protein (mbp) in incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) to suppress the disease. all unsuppressed animals developed disease and all suppressed animals remained healthy over a ...197986602
definition of two ld antigens in rhesus monkeys.two rhesus (macaca mulatta) monkey lymphocyte-defined (ld) antigens have been identified using two typing cells as stiumlators in a one-way mixed leukocyte culture (mlc) assay. an analysis of the genetic behavior of these ld antigens in six rhesus monkey families revealed that both antigens were linked with rhla. one probable recombinant indicated that the ld locus lies outside the two known rhla-sd loci and the locus which controls the serum protein, properdin b(bf). these two antigens, ld1 and ...197987026
in vitro benzo[a]pyrene metabolism from lindane-treated rat liver: effect of oral and acute administration, and comparison with phenobarbital and methylcholanthrene pretreatment. 197987034
similarity of casein- and endotoxin-induced, myeloma- associated and aged sjl/j amyloid in various strains of mice.amyloidosis was induced in a number of strains of mice by repeated injections of casein and endotoxin. spontaneous amyloid was obtained from balb/c mice bearing a myeloma tumor (igg2a producing mopc 173 tumor) and from aged sjl/j mice. both the induced and spontaneous forms were similar in their size, immunological reactivity, peptide maps and in the susceptibility of histological sections to oxidizing agents with or without trypsin digestion. since case-induced murine amyloid resembles the noni ...197987374
cytotoxicity by cultured human lymphocytes: characteristics of effector cells and specificity of cytotoxicity. 197987435
moloney virus-induced cell surface antigens and histocompatibility antigens are located on distinct molecules. 197987439
[study on levels of chemotherapeutics in prostatic tissue and prostatic fluid or seminal plasma. 2. concentrations of erythromycin (em), aminobenzylpenicillin (abpc)-methylchlorophenylisoxazolylpenicillin (mcipc) and sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (smx-tmp) (author's transl)]. 197987532
chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, and yersinia in inflammatory bowel disease.the relationship of three infectious agents, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, and yersinia enterocolitica, to the aetiology, clinical course, and diagnosis of crohn's disease was studied. there was no evidence of chlamydial infection in crohn's disease and no indication either that cytomegalovirus alters the outcome of acute attacks or that infection with y. enterocolitica is being misdiagnosed as crohn's disease.197987888
human breast carcinoma antigen is immunologically related to the polypeptide of the group-specific glycoprotein of mouse mammary tumor virus.we have shown [mesa-tejada, r., keydar, i., ramanarayanan, m., ohno, t., fenoglio, c. & spiegelman, s. (1978) proc. natl. acad. sci. usa 75, 1529--1533] that an antigen immunologically related to gp52, a 52,000-dalton glycoprotein of the mouse mammary tumor virus, can be identified in sections of human breast cancer by means of an indirect immunoperoxidase technique. the specificity of the reaction was established by absorption experiments which revealed that only purified gp52, or material cont ...197988056
spinal ganglion cells innervating the stomach of the rat as demonstrated by somatopetal transport of horseradish peroxidase (hrp).spinal ganglion cells innervating the stomach of the rat were demonstrated using the somatopetal horseradish peroxidase (hrp) transport technique. after injection of the tracer into the anterior wall of the stomach, labelled neurons were observed bilaterally within spinal ganglia t4--l1. they were most numerous in ganglia t8--t10. no clear evidence of somatotopic organization of the labelled cells was found. most of the cells measured 35--40 micrometer in diameter. there was a striking paucity o ...197988192
termination of natural tolerance to alpha-foetoprotein in rats: study of cell-mediated immunity in the macrophage migration inhibition test.immunization of rats with mouse alpha-foetoprotein has been earlier shown to induce the antibody response to self afp or rats. in this work a single injection of afpm resulted in termination of natural tolerance of effector t-cells to afpr, as shown by the macrophage migration inhibition test using peritoneal exudate cells from immunized animals. a significant reaction was elicited by both afpm and afpr in the course of primary, secondary and third immunization with afpm. pronounced mmi reaction ...197988377
[spontaneous rosette forming, fc and complement receptor bearing lymphocytes in pediatric diseases].investigations with lymphocyte subpopulations were made in 51 children aged from 1-14 years with infections of the upper airways, with acute leukaemias, and other malignant diseases. t-lymphocytes were registered by means of the spontaneous rosette test. the attempt of proving b-lymphocytes was made by means of an eac test with human erythrocytes, anti-d-immunoglobulins and human complement. the results were compared with those obtained by an eac test with sheep erythrocytes, sheep haemolysin an ...197988386
passive transfer in diabetes mellitus. 197988629
reaction of cells from early chick embryos with antiserum against mouse sperm cells. 197989009
control of v kappa expression in the mouse. i. unexpected expression of the v kappa allele, igk-pcb, in a somatic cell hybrid of akr (igk-pca) origin. 197989158
inheritance of tolerance susceptibility to human gamma-globulin in congenic mice.the genetic control of susceptibility to tolerance induction with human gamma-globulin (hgg) was studied by using h-2 congenic mice. strains tested that were congenic with c57bl/10sn were completely tolerized by 1.0 mg deaggregated hgg. in contrast a/sn mice showed full tolerance whereas a.sw mice were only intermediately tolerant. it was further shown that (b10 x sjl)f1 mice could be rendered tolerant but (b10.s x sjl)f1 mice could not. these data indicate a role for h-2 linked genes in control ...197989162
monkey antiserum to mlc-primed human t lymphocytes. 197989737
antibodies in histoplasmosis detected by use of yeast and mycelial antigens in immunodiffusion and electroimmunodiffusion. 197989825
cell differentiation in human gastric gland as revealed by nuclear binding of tritiated actinomycin.the nuclear binding of h3 actinomycin, which is closely linked to the differentiation phenomenon, was studied in human normal gastric mucosa. actinomycin binding decreases in cells which differentiate and becomes very low in fully differentiated cells. in the gastric pits, there is a decreasing gradient of labelling from the deeper stem cells to the well-differentiated superficial cells. this indicates that migration and renewal of the surface epithelium occurs following a 'pipe-line' system. al ...197990638
antigenic determinants in the post-mitochondrial lung fraction. 197990649
[animal experimental studies on the volume expanding effect of hydroxyethyl starch 40000 in the dog acute hemorrhagic shock].after acute hemorrhagic shock in dogs the hemodynamics of hydroxyethyl starch (mw: 40,000) are studied. the experiment shows that this plasma expander has a good efficiency for 3 to 4 hours. the indications of application of this colloidal solution are discussed.197990651
the role of eosinophil receptors in the non-genomic response to oestrogens in the uterus. 197990751
prolonged survival of corneal allografts in rabbits treated with cyclosporin a. 197990771
maternal blocking factors in human pregnancy are found in plasma not serum.pregnancy plasma and sera were evaluated for differential blocking effects in mixed lymphocyte culture reactions. autologous pregnancy plasma, but not serum was found to contain a specific allogeneic inhibitor for paternal lymphocytes.197990919
simple method for visualization of the islets in fixed but otherwise intact pancreas.a simple, inexpensive, reproducible method is described for prominently displaying the islets of langerhans. the method consists of sequential arterial perfusion of the organ of the sacrificed animal with saline, formalin, hematoxylin, and water, followed by clearing in methyl salicylate. the procedure should be useful whenever islet tissue needs to be quantitatively distinquished from non islet tissue and fixation is allowable.197991245
connectivity of the auditory forebrain nuclei in the guinea fowl (numida meleagris).injection of tritiated leucine and proline into the nucleus ovoidalis of the guinea fowl (numida meleagris) produces terminal labeling in the palaeostriatum and in three adjacent zones (field l1-l3) of the auditory neostriatum (an). l2, situated between l1 and l3, receives the main input and corresponds to the former field l of rose. these neuroanatomically defined zones of the auditory neostriatum are also characterized by differing properties of their neurons. injection of radioactive material ...197991442
occurrence of beta 2-microglobulin in mammalian lymphocytes and erythrocytes.cell-associated beta 2-microglobulin (beta 2m) has been studied by quantitative techniques in lymphocytes and erythrocytes of guinea pig, rabbit, rat and man. beta 2m was solubilized by sonication followed by treatment with acid, deoxycholate or thiocyanate, and then determined by radioimmunoassay. the average number of beta 2m molecules per lymphocyte, estimated after acidification, varied between 0.89 x 10(5) and 7.1 x 10(5). rat erythrocytes contained 3.0 x 10(3) molecules per cell, whereas n ...197991519
human gastrointestinal cancer grown in nude mice used to test new chemotherapeutic agents. 197991567
antigen specific t cell-mediated suppression. vi. properties of in vitro generated l-glutamic acid60-l-alanine30-l-tyrosine10 (gat)-specific t-suppressor factor(s) (gat-tsf) in responder mouse strains. 197991643
presence of plasma cells binding autologous antibody during an immune response.spleen and other lymphoid tissues of rabbits immunized with human serum albumin (hsa) and human lactoferrin (lf) were examined for the presence of cells forming anti-idiotype antibodies. to detect these cells, igg, f(ab')2, or fab' of specific antibodies were isolated, fluorochrome-tagged with tetramethylrhodamine isothiocyanate, and used as an idiotypic marker to detect splenic plasma cells that are producing anti-idiotypic antibody. by this procedure, we were able to demonstrate anti-idiotypic ...197991659
variation in orbiviruses. 197991662
spread of rift valley fever virus from continental africa. 197991909
[the effect of cerebral perfusion pressure in cerebral infarction after occlusion of middle cerebral artery in dog (author's transl)]. 197991991
viability assessment by dye exclusion. a fluorescent method for fungal cells.a new fluorescent staining technique for fungi utilizes the differential affinity of dead cells for rhodamine b. a mounting medium has been devised that includes the dye. this medium allows direct processing of cells from a broth and provides optimal conditions for fluorescence intensity. comparison with the standard methylene blue exclusion test as applied to the candida albicans yeast phase indicates similar specificity. various pseudohyphae and several fungi also exhibited selective uptake of ...197992216
failure of corticosteroids to influence three enzymes involved in neurotransmitter metabolism in adult rat brain [proceedings]. 197992255
populational polymorphisms in silver staining of nucleolus organizer regions (nors) in human acrocentric chromosomes.the ag stainability of the nucleolus organizer region (nor) was studied in the acrocentric chromosomes identified by q banding of cultured lymphocytes in 41 karyotypically normal persons (33 males and 8 females) originating from southeast estonia. the data obtained are compared with those established earlier for a combined vienna-ulm population of 51 karyotypically normal persons (see mikelsaar et al., 1977a). significant differences between the two populations in the frequency and patterns of a ...197992452
nonspecific light loss and intrinsic dna variation problems associated with feulgen dna cytophotometry.nonspecific light loss by the cell-wall-plus-cytoplasm (cwc) can cause a 50% increase in feulgen absorption units in peanut root-tip nuclei as determined by scanning at 450 nm, whereas this phenomenon is not evident with chicken erythrocytes. a two wavelength scanning method of subtracting nonspecific 450 nm absorption from 550 nm feulgen absorption values eliminated the nonspecific light loss in cwc, however, the two wavelength scanning method is time consuming and somewhat impractical with a r ...197992496
evidence for reappearance of trypanosoma brucei variable antigen types in relapse out of 11 bovines infected with different clones of trypanosoma brucei showed 2 peaks of antibody activity against the infecting clone within 7 weeks, as measured by immunofluorescence, radioimmunoassay, and neutralization of infectivity tests. using other clones from an unrelated stock, antibodies to these clones were not detectable, indicating that the antibodies produced were specific to the infecting organisms. these results suggest that there was a reappearance or increase in numbers ...197992560
the accessibility of antigenic determinants of ribosomal protein s4 in situ.antibodies to escherichia coli ribosomal protein s4 react with s4 in subribosomal particles, eg, the complex of 16s rna with s4, s7, s8, s15, s16, s17, and s19 and the ri reconstitution intermediate, but they do not react with intact 30s subunits. antibodies were isolated by three different methods from antisera obtained during the immunization of eight rabbits. some of these antibody preparations, which contained contaminant antibodies directed against other ribosomal proteins, reacted with sub ...197992615
the zinc iodide-osmium (zio) reaction in the central nervous system: localization and relations to functional activity.the fine structural characteristics of zio reaction was studied in the cerebral and cerebellar cortex and olfactory bulb of the rat and in synaptosomes prepared from rat cerebellar cortex. it was concluded that: 1. organelles of different nerve cell types exhibit different zio reactions provided that the impregnation was carried out under standardized conditions. 2. 6...10 times more synaptic vesicles were stained by zio in the inhibitory terminals than in the excitatory ones. 3. zio positivity ...197992863
a quick and easy method for the staining of reticulocytes.this report presents a simplification of the conventional method for the staining of reticulocytes that is easier, faster and requires no extraneous equipment. blood is applied directly to a spot of dried stain on a microscope slide. an identical slide is placed over the first and the blood and stain are mixed for about a minute. the slides are held apart by paper labels at each end. the slides are then slid apart to produce a smear on each slide.197992889
regulation of the kidney xanthine dehydrogenase by glutaminase.the steady-state concentrations of glutamine, glutamate and ammonia in the kidney cells might regulate the rate of renal xanthine dehydrogenase activity. both glutamate and glutamine were found to be effective inhibitors of the renal xanthine dehydrogenase activity in vivo. the inhibition by glutamate depends essentially on the glutaminase inhibition.197992920
selective aromatic-hydrophobic binding and fractionation of immunoglobulin by means of phenyl-(ch2)n-nh-substituted agaroses. 197992988
delayed hypersensitivity to staphylococcus aureus in mice: in vivo responses to isolated staphylococcal antigens.the development of delayed hypersensitivity (dh) to staphylococcus aureus in swiss mice was evaluated by the footpad (fp) assay. in order to determine which component of the bacteria was responsible for the in vivo immune reactivity, purified staphylococcal cell wall, cell membrane, protein a, lipoteichoic acid, teichoic acid, as well as lipid-free membrane proteins were isolated. the immune responses of mice receiving one to eight s. aureus injections indicated that the first dh peak, following ...197993087
extracellular aggregates of immunoglobulin in synovial fluid from rheumatoid arthritis.particulate extracellular aggregates of immunoglobulin can be demonstrated in many whole synovial fluids from patients with rheumatoid arthritis but not in other diseases. these occur only in seropositive patients and correlate with more active inflammation and lowered synovial fluid c3. aggregates were associated with intracellular inclusions but were more abundant and always contained both igg and igm. no aggregates were seen in 50 control fluids. these aggregates are compatible with immune co ...197993146
influence of an oversulphated heparinoid upon hyaluronate metabolism of the human synovial cell in vivo.glycosaminoglycans appear to affect proteoglycan metabolism of fibroblasts, human synovial cells, and chondrocytes under in vitro conditions. the influence of an oversulphated heparinoid (arteparon) on hyaluronate metabolism of the human synovial lining cell was studied by in vivo experiments on human volunteers. a higher production of better polymerized hyaluronic acid was observed after repeated intraarticular injections of this heparinoid into the knees of 2 osteoarthritic patients. after a s ...197993148
adult human skin maintained in organ culture: i. the ultrastructure of the acellular compartment of connective tissue.collagenolytic enzymes are produced by cultured skin explants. during cultivation the acellular compartment of the dermal connective tissues is digested away. the ultrastructure of the connective tissue resorption has been studied in human skin maintained in organ culture for 2--10 weeks. the connective tissue changes are: (1) collagen fibrils with normal axial periodicity but decreasing diameters. on cross sections these fibrils have irregular outlines, while the longitudinal sections show fibr ...197993361
[immunogenicity of human outer segment in human uveitis (author's transl)]. 197993410
effect of azacytidine on simian virus 40 nucleoprotein complexes.simian virus 40 nucleoprotein complexes synthesized in the presence of 5-azacytidine showed small differences in sedimentation rate on neutral sucrose and buoyant density in metrizamide and cesium chloride. simian virus 40 deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) i, isolated from the nucleoprotein complexes of drug-treated cultures, was found to band at a higher buoyant density and therefore had a decreased ability to bind ethidium bromide. the data indicated that these molecules were deficient in superhelic ...197993427
a novel class of schizosaccharomyces pombe mutants, phenotypically unable to grow on glycerol, a respiratory substrate, but still able to oxidize glycerol aerobically [proceedings]. 197993469
5-hydroxytryptamine and myoclonus induced by 1,2-di-hydroxybenzene (catechol) in the guinea-pig.myoclonus induced by catechol in the guinea-pig is not altered by manipulation of cerebral 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-ht). the administration of catechol does not alter brain levels of 5-ht or its metabolite 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid. this form of myoclonus therefore is not of relevance to the 5-ht-sensitive post-anoxic action myoclonus occurring in man.197993500
role of the pituitary gland in experimental hormonal induction and prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia in the dog.the antiandrogen, cyproterone acetate (cpa), prevents development of prostatic hyperplasia, induced in castrated dogs by a 6 month-treatment with 5 alpha-androstane-3 alpha, 17 beta-diol (a)alone or in combination with 17 beta-oestradiol (e2). the immunoperoxidase technique was used to study functional cell types in the pars distalis of the pituitary gland and to detect growth hormone (gh) and prolactin (prl) target sites in the prostate gland. homologous radioimmunoassays for estimation of seru ...197993515
surface-associated host proteins on virulent treponema pallidum.a surface coat of host serum proteins was detected on virulent treponema pallidum by sodium dodecyl sulfate-gel electrophoresis. the loosely associated serum proteins could be removed by repeated washings in a protein-free medium. washed t. pallidum retained the ability to readsorb numerous host proteins from rabbit serum as well as iodinated rabbit or human albumin. in addition, various avidly associated host serum proteins including albumin, alpha(2)-macroglobulin, transferrin, ceruloplasmin, ...197993574
1-isoamyl-3-isobutylxanthine: a remarkably potent agent for the potentiation of norepinephrine, histamine, and adenosine-elicited accumulations of cyclic amp in brain slices. 197993674
in vivo release of substance p in the cat substantia nigra.push-pull cannuale were implanted into the substantia nigra (sn) and the caudate nucleus (cn) of the cat to study the in vivo release of substance p (sp), using a radioimmunoassay and high pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) analysis. the spontaneous release of sp could be detected in the sn and the cn. potassium (50 mm) locally applied stimulated sp release in both structures. furthermore an important evoked release of sp was observed in the sn during depolarization of striato-nigral sp fiber ...197993729
potentiation of the hepatotoxicity of carbon tetrachloride following preexposure to chlordecone (kepone) in the male rat. 197993792
blood genetic markers in man. 197993794
in vitro primary immunization of human peripheral blood lymphocytes to klh: evidence for hla-d-region restriction. 197993813
ultrastructure of biomembranes as shown by topo-optical reactions. 197893834
rna modulating specific and nonspecific immune responses. 197993861
characterization and mode of action of a bacteriocin produced by a bacteroides fragilis strain.a bacteroides fragilis strain produces a low-molecular-weight (13,500 to 18,700), proteinaceous bacteriocin during the stationary growth phase. the extracellular bacteriocin is not inducible by ultraviolet light or mitomycin c and is stable between ph 7.5 and 8.2. the majority of the bacteriocin is thermolabile, but a small proportion (3%) of the bacteriocin is stable after autoclaving at 121 degrees c for 15 min. killing of sensitive bacteroides cells follows single-hit kinetics, and the intera ...197993876
receptive field organization in areas 17 and 18 of the cat [proceedings]. 197993893
mutagenicity of n-nitrosodiethanolamine and its acetyl-derivatives [proceedings]. 197993920
the effects of pesticin on yersinia enterocolitica and y. pseudotuberculosis. 197994002
differentiation of antibodies against brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was found to be from ten to hundred-fold more sensitive than commonly used tube agglutination text. the elisa using both direct and indirect inhibition assays revealed antigenic differences between brucella abortus and yersinia enterocolitica o-group v (serotype 9), which are undetected by commonly used serological routine tests. the results point to the possibility that the elisa assay can be used as a serological method for differentiation between ...197994003
a developmental model for studying choline acetyltransferase transport in chick motoneurons.the proximodistal axonal transport of choline acetyltransferase (chac) has been studied in the chick sciatic nerve in the absence of any experimental manipulation. the phenomenon utilized by us is a physiological transient fall in the activity of chac. this fall occurs in most areas of the chick central nervous system after hatching, and moves toward the periphery along the nerves. having ruled out the presence of transient inhibitors, the movement of the fall towards skeletal muscles has been c ...197994010
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