[the use of an enzymatic preparation called alcalase 60 l]. 19853910192
identification in rat liver and serum of water-soluble class i mhc molecules possibly homologous to the murine q10 gene product.we have identified large quantities of a water-soluble, non-rt1.a class i mhc molecule in the serum of the da rat strain, with a similar molecule being found in aqueous extracts of da liver. the non-rt1.a class i molecules have heavy chains of 41 kd, which is smaller than rt1.a class i molecules isolated from liver membranes (45 kd) but larger than water-soluble rt1.a class i molecules previously identified in serum and aqueous extracts of liver and kidney (40 kd). nh3-terminal amino acid sequen ...19873585249
voluntary hyperventilation changes recruitment order of parasternal intercostal motor units.the order of recruitment of single-motor units in parasternal intercostal muscles during inspiration was studied in normal human subjects during quiet breathing and voluntary hyperventilation. electromyograms were recorded from the second and third intercostal spaces by means of bipolar fine wire electrodes. flow at the mouth, volume, end-expired co2, and rib cage and abdominal anterior-posterior diameters were monitored. single-motor units were identified using criteria of amplitude and shape, ...19873558179
parafollicular cells in the normal human thyroid. 19714101138
the enteric neural receptor for enteric neural receptor for serotonin (5-ht) has been characterized. this receptor was assayed, using 3h-5-ht as a radioligand, by rapid filtration of isolated enteric membranes and by radioautography. in addition, intracellular recordings were made from ganglion cells of the myenteric plexus. high affinity, saturable, reversible, and specific binding of 3h-5-ht was demonstrated both to membranes of the dissected longitudinal muscle with adherent myenteric plexus and the mucosa-submucosa. rad ...19853874089
clearing-factor lipase in adipose tissue. studies with puromycin and actinomycin.1. when adipose tissue from starved rats is incubated in a medium containing glucose, insulin, heparin and actinomycin (5mug./ml.) the total clearing-factor lipase activity of the system increases at least tenfold over a period of 9hr. in the absence of actinomycin, enzyme activity also increases, but to a lesser extent and for only about 3hr. some enzyme activity appears in the incubation medium in both the presence and the absence of actinomycin. 2. when the glucose and insulin of the incubati ...19684295776
[the gas supply of hydrogen bacteria in submerged culture]. 19724196475
aflatoxin inhibition of rat liver mitochondria. 19734358343
[a method of continuous measurement of intraocular pressure using an invasive technic]. 19873682695
research needs and advances in inhalation dosimetry identified through the use of mathematical dosimetry models of ozone.knowledge of the quantitative relationship between exposure concentration and delivered dose (i.e., dosimetry) is a fundamental starting point in the evaluation of the toxicity of chemicals, not only for intra- and interspecies comparisons but also for designing experiments that elucidate mechanisms of action and that identify issues or research areas for further study. to these ends a mathematical, lower respiratory tract dosimetry model for gases has been developed which, when linked to experi ...19883217941
galactosyltransferase: multiple forms in serum of normal and hepatoma mc-29 bearing chickens and from liver and hepatoma microsomal and plasma membrane preparations.the multiple forms of galactosyltransferase in chicken serum and in microsomal and plasma membrane preparations from liver and viral induced hepatoma mc-29 have been studied by isoelectric focussing. an elevation of the hepatoma plasma membrane enzyme activity was described and in the pattern of the multiple forms of the enzyme two forms were found (pi-5.34 and 8.22) which were similar to those described in the serum of hepatoma bearing chickens (pi-5.36 and 8.24). a conclusion is drawn that the ...19863102037
polyester film as an advantageous tool for light and ultrastructural examination of single cells infected with viruses.the use of marked transparent polyester film as a support of cell monolayer, smears or sections (cryostat or paraffin), makes possible to examine the same cell preselected in the light microscope by electron microscope (em). consequently, this technique enables to use histological or immunohistological investigations (using immunofluorescence or peroxidase (px) labelling) by light microscopy before examination in em. as example we used herpes simplex virus (hsv) type 1-infected cells grown on th ...19872883863
pharmacokinetics and tolerance of sertaconazole in man after repeated percutaneous administration.the local and systemic tolerance of 7-chloro-3-[1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-2-(1h- imidazol-1-yl)ethoxy-methyl]benzo[b]thiophene (sertaconazole, fi-7045, cas 99592-32-2) 2% cream was studied in healthy volunteers after cutaneous application in an increasing-dose schedule during 13 days. blood and urine samples were collected after the application of 16 g of cream. percentage of absorption was determined in eight 3 x 3 cm areas of the volar arm skin after 2 mg cream topical application. no changes on ...19921627199
catalase enhances damage to dna by bleomycin-iron(ii): the role of hydroxyl radicals.bleomycin degrades dna under aerobic conditions when a ferrous salt is added. this reaction is enhanced by catalase and certain hydroxyl radical scavengers but inhibited by the addition of hydrogen peroxide. a ferricbleomycin complex is, however, stimulated by addition of hydrogen peroxide. these findings suggest that catalase removes hydrogen peroxide and in so doing prevents loss of ferrous ions and formation of hydroxyl radicals (oh.) by a fenton-type reaction. it further suggests that oh. ra ...19852409975
increase of proliferative activity of leukaemic blast cells from human peripheral blood in liquid culture.the proliferative behaviour of leukaemic cells from the peripheral blood of 12 patients suffering from acute leukaemia was investigated in short term liquid culture. in 3 cases of aml an increase of the blast cell number was observed exceeding the initial value whereas in 9 other cases the cell number decreased more or less rapidly. in 9 of these patients the proliferation kinetics of the cultured leukaemic blast cells were studied with 3h-thymidine labelling. in all these cases the labelling in ...1977267311
relative activities of 5'-nucleotidase and adenosine deaminase in atrial and ventricular myocardium--the enzyme paradox.the 5'-nucleotidase and adenosine deaminase activities were determined for tissue extracts of up to 10 defined regions of the normal dog heart. the specific activity of 5'-nucleotidase was very significantly higher in atrial than in ventricular myocardium (4 x) and was also higher in right than in left sites of the heart (2 x). the reason for the markedly higher specific activity in atrial muscle is not clear and appears paradoxical relative to adenine nucleotide content and pattern of atp decay ...19863025011
assessment by a two-site enzyme immunoassay of human epidermal growth factor (urogastrone) in the urine of patients with various gastrointestinal diseases including malignant using our two-site enzyme immunoassay (eia) system, the levels of human epidermal growth factor (hegf) in the urine of patients with various gastrointestinal diseases including malignant tumors were measured. urinary excretion of hegf in patients having undergone gastric resection, expressed as a function of creatinine, was found to be somewhat decreased. while the levels of hegf in patients with gastric cancer were significantly increased. then, the molecular features of hegf in the urine of ...19853937528
different patterns of behavior produced by haloperidol, pentobarbital, and dantrolene in tests of unconditioned locomotion and operant responding.three motor-impairing drugs with different putative mechanisms of action (haloperidol 0.00, 0.075, 0.15, 0.30 mg/kg ip; pentobarbital 0.00, 4.5, 9, 12 mg/kg ip; and dantrolene 0.00, 5, 7.5, 10 mg/kg ip) produced strikingly similar patterns of dose-dependent attenuation in unconditioned locomotor behavior. however, the same drugs and doses produced highly divergent patterns of disruption when tested using different groups of rats in a food-rewarded operant task, which included both response initi ...19911876659
detection of the glut3 facilitative glucose transporter in rat l6 muscle cells: regulation by cellular differentiation, insulin and insulin-like growth factor-i.the glut3 facilitative glucose transporter protein was found to be expressed in rat l6 muscle cells. it was detected at both the myoblast and myotube stage. glut3 protein content per mg of total membrane protein increased significantly during l6 cell differentiation. subcellular fractionation demonstrated that the glut3 protein was predominantly localized in plasma membrane-enriched fractions of either myoblasts or myotubes. short-term exposure of l6 myotubes to igf-i or insulin caused a redistr ...19921497646
the enzymatic studies of the liver in acute experimental pancreatitis in dogs treated with prostacyclin (pgi2).the liver affection in acute experimental pancreatitis (aep) could be reflected by changes of enzymatic activity in the liver and in serum. the histoenzymatic studies of the liver of dogs with aep of different severity and time of duration induced according to elliott's method were performed and the constellation of serum enzymatic activities considering treatment with prostacyclin was estimated. the histoenzymatic reactions on succinic dehydrogenase, lactic dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatas ...19873295821
[soft agar culture of human prostatic carcinoma--effect of testosterone on the clonal growth of the cells].soft agar cultures of human prostatic carcinoma cells obtained from prostates with needle biopsy and metastatic lymph nodes were examined. colony formation were observed in 2 of the 4 needle biopsy specimens and in 7 of the 10 lymphatic nodes specimens. the plating efficiency was 0.04 to 0.43%. the effect of testosterone on the clonal growth of these cells in soft agar culture was studied. in half of the cases, colony formation was increased by the addition of testosterone. whereas in the other ...19854091120
evidence for specificity at an early step in protein export in escherichia coli.we previously described mutations in a gene, secb, which have pleiotropic effects on protein export in escherichia coli. in this paper, we report the isolation of mutants in which the activity of the secb gene was eliminated. null mutations in secb affected only a subset of exported proteins. strains carrying these mutations, although unable to grow on l broth plates, were still viable on minimal media. these secb mutations reversed a block in the translation of an exported protein that was caus ...19853891730
[experimental hypertension, especially on spontaneously hypertensive rats]. 19694309228
[mechanism of the change in erythrocyte osmotic resistance in rats exposed to valinomycin: the features seen in spontaneous hypertension].introduction of valinomycin into erythrocyte incubation medium increased the cell stability to water-induced hemolysis. in these conditions the erythrocytes of spontaneously hypertensive and normotensive (control) rats release 63.2 +/- 1.5% and 80.9 +/- 1.6%, respectively, of the total hemoglobin content. valinomycin effect is completely abolished with k+ substitution for na+ and is independent of extracellular ca2+ concentration. valinomycin had no effect on human erythrocyte osmotic stability. ...19863768499
studies of host-plasmid interactions in recombinant microorganisms.plasmid genes redirect some components of cellular metabolism into synthesis of plasmid gene products and additional plasmids. the stoichiometric and kinetic implications of these host-plasmid interactions have been investigated theoretically and experimentally. using known pathway energetics, maximum theoretical yield factors based on atp, glucose, and o2 have been estimated for recombinant escherichia coli and compared with corresponding estimates for host cells alone, indicating major changes ...19863524397
new animal model for the study of neural tube defects.the induction of spina bifida in rhesus monkeys by treating the pregnant females with the anticonvulsant drug, valproic acid (vpa), during the early stage of gestation which coincides with the critical period of neural tube fusion is discussed. it was found that both the dosage and timing of vpa administration were crucial in the development of lesions which are similar to human spina bifida aperta. the teratogenic protocols and the gross and hystologic characterization of the induced lesions ar ...19873124366
sialic acid in prednisolone treated hela cells; suggested mechanism for elevated levels at the cell surface. 19724345091
the shift in the relationship between intrapericardial fluid pressure and volume induced by acute left ventricular pressure overload during cardiac tamponade.we hypothesized that a process leading to an acute increase in cardiac size would change the relationship between intrapericardial pressure and fluid volume during cardiac tamponade, resulting in a change in the time of onset of right ventricular diastolic collapse (rvdc) as seen on the two-dimensional echocardiogram. five spontaneously breathing dogs were instrumented to measure ascending aortic and right atrial blood pressures and intrapericardial pressure (ipp). a hydraulic occluder was place ...19863708772
asymptomatic excretion of salmonella in health care workers. 19873585038
dendritic development in the rat superior cervical ganglion.previous studies from our laboratory have shown that synaptogenesis in the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion (scg) of the rat occurs predominantly during the first weeks after birth. the purpose of the present study was to examine the normal development of dendrites of the ganglion neurons, and to assess the importance of the afferent input in shaping this development. two independent methods for examining dendritic morphology were used. one was to label neurons in the scg by injecting a co ...19863768728
nuclear magnetic resonance and neutron diffraction studies of the complex of ribonuclease a with uridine vanadate, a transition-state analogue.the complex of ribonuclease a (rnase a) with uridine vanadate (u-v), a transition-state analogue, has been studied with 51v and proton nmr spectroscopy in solution and by neutron diffraction in the crystalline state. upon the addition of aliquots of u-v at ph 6.6, the c epsilon-h resonances of the two active-site histidine residues 119 and 12 decrease in intensity while four new resonances appear. above ph 8 and below ph 5, these four resonances decrease in intensity as the complex dissociates. ...19854016100
factors associated with blood pressure in females with heavy exposure to cadmium. 20114041650
characterization of size-dependent exchange of peg molecules between the blood and extravascular space in the pig.different sized polyethylene glycols (pegs) have been used as probe molecules in studies of size-dependent permeation through the intestinal wall and the glomerular membranes. we have curve-fitted a three-compartment model to the urinary recovery data following intravenous injection of different sized peg molecules in the pig. the rate constants to and from the extravascular space demonstrate a strong size-dependent selectivity for peg molecules less than 502 da, but the rate constants to the ur ...19883370951
serum testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in patients with trophoblastic disease.serum testosterone (t) and dihydrotestosterone (dht) were measured by radioimmunoassay in 14 patients with unaborted hydatidiform mole and in 16 patients with normal pregnancy of similar gestational age. serum human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) was measured by the radioreceptor assay in patients with hydatidiform mole. serum t ranged from 0.27 to 5.39 ng/ml with a mean +/- se of 2.21 +/- 0.45 ng/ml in patients with hydatidiform mole mole and from 0.20 to 2.40 ng/ml with a mean +/- se of 0.80 +/- ...1976180465
biomedical applications of proton induced x-ray emission.apart from studies on aerosols, the majority of applications of proton induced x-ray emission (pixe) with a normal beam or a microprobe (micro-pixe) is found in biology and medicine. two aspects of broad beam pixe are often decisive for the choice of this analytical technique. compared to other techniques capable of analysis down beyond the ppm level, pixe can be carried out with a very small amount of material and minute fractions of the composite samples, even in the scale of micrometers and q ...20123399860
impairment of folate absorption by systemic bacterial infections. 20134140330
phosphodiesterase-phosphomonesterases from fusarium moniliforme. separation and properties of four isozymes.purified phosphodiesterase-phosphomonoesterase was found to be composed of four isozymes with different isoelectric points. these isozymes, phosphodiesterase-phosphomonoesterases 1-4, were separated from one another by repeated isoelectric focusing. very little difference in amino acid composition, enzymic properties or circular dichroism spectra was detected among the isozymes. far-ultraviolet circular dichroism spectra showed that the enzyme contained about 10% alpha-helix and 40% beta-structu ...1979218923
specific assays for peroxidases in human saliva.the peroxidase activity in human whole saliva is due to salivary peroxidase and, in some cases, myeloperoxidase; it is usually determined by spectrophotometric methods based on the rate of oxidation of chromogen substrates. thiocyanate ion, a normal component of saliva, interferes with these kinetic assays by competing with the chromogen for the available oxidizing equivalents; this results in underestimation of peroxidase activity. both salivary peroxidase and myeloperoxidase will catalyse the ...19863477210
functional and nmr studies of hb sassari (asp-126 alpha----his); role of the inter-subunit contacts in the affinity control of human hemoglobin.the oxygen affinity of hemoglobin sassari (asp-126 alpha----his), a variant substituted in the alpha 1 beta 1 interface, was found to be 8-times greater relative to normal adult human hemoglobin. study of the exchangeable hydrogen-bonded protons by nmr spectroscopy shows only minor changes at the alpha 1 beta 1 interface. in particular, the resonance previously assigned to the proton of the hydrogen bond asp-126 alpha 1. . . tyr-35 beta 1 in normal hemoglobin is still present in the variant spec ...19902268670
[measurement of retinal circulation in uveitis of behçet's and harada's disease].in order to investigate retinal circulation in patients with behçet's disease and harada's disease, we divided 27 patients into three groups; behçet's group (8 patients), harada's group (8 patients) and the control group (11 normal subjects). by means of video-densitometric image analysis of fluorescein angiography, we measured the buildup time (bt), time constant of washout rate (tc) and mean circulation time (mct) for both the retinal artery and vein. the results were as follows: 1) the bt in ...20082816579
characterization of a recessive-lethal amber suppressor strain of salmonella typhimurium by in vitro synthesis of t 4 lysozyme. 19724554648
radiology and surgery in the treatment of the complications of acute pancreatitis. 20123473295
preparing for the aids patient. 20133647029
[a case of chylous ascites in a 3-year-old child]. 20123431978
dexamethasone suppression test in cluster headache. 20133700086
nuclear ap4a-binding activity of sea urchin embryos changes in relation to the initiation of s phase.the ap4a-binding activity of sea urchin embryos was studied using radioactively labelled diadenosine 5',5"'-p1,p4-tetraphosphate (ap4a). among various subcellular components that can bind [3h]ap4a, nuclei alone showed the highly specific ap4a-binding activity which was not influenced by the presence of ap4a, ap5a and gp4g. the addition of an excess amount of atp only slightly reduced the binding of [3h]ap4a to the nuclei. it was found that ap4a binds to the residual proteinaceous structure of nu ...20133720857
nodular fascitis of the mandible in a child.nodular fascitis is an unusual, tumor-like, proliferative, fibroblastic lesion with infiltrative properties. we describe a case of nodular fascitis appearing in the mandible of a 2-year-old boy. a brief review of the literature on this lesion arising from intra or perioral regions, and the importance of differential diagnosis for this lesions are discussed.20103091735
cyclophosphamide and cisplatinum combination chemotherapy for the treatment of epithelial ovarian carcinoma.a review of 18 patients with stage iii epithelial ovarian carcinoma treated by surgery and followed by cyclophosphamide and cisplatinum combination chemotherapy is presented. at the end of 12 months from the initiation of chemotherapy, 88.9% of the patients were alive and 77.8% remained free of tumor progression. at the end of 2 years 77.8% of the patients were alive and 44.4% of the patients were free of tumor progression. the combination of cyclophosphamide and cisplatinum has low toxicity, a ...20092868947
synchronous pancreatic and renal allografts with urinary tract drainage of the pancreas. 20123274518
[lipid and mineral metabolism and morbidity with temporary loss of work capacity in miners].examination is performed on 87 miners from mine for copper production subject to intensive local vibrations with average rate of increase (k) of the norms for the individual octave frequencies 2.4 times for 3 h exposure of the working shift, as well as to intensive noise--113-115 db/a equivalent level, general dust--23 mg/m3, fine dust--3.5 mg/m3 and fine quartz--0.43 mg/m3. there are data for vibration effect--changes in the cold test, vibration sensoriness, ultra sound sonometry, in all miners ...20051364539
perforations of the tympanic membrane following the use of goode-type 'long term' tympanostomy tubes.a retrospective review of 64 goode 't' tube insertions is presented. these were inserted into 61 ears of 48 patients over a period of four years. at the time of review of these 61 ears, 34 tubes were found to be in situ, 27 had extruded spontaneously and three had been removed surgically. ten ears in which the tube had been extruded or removed had central perforations of the tympanic membrane of which eight had been present for more than six months. the number of previous myringotomies or gromme ...20113209952
[functions and activities of the nurse]. 20154493476
ten-year experience with one-stage proctocolectomy and anal ileostomy. 20135012220
[clinical picture of rheumatoid arthritis in young children. report ii. extra-articular symptoms]. 20144047769
[problems of infection and hemodialysis in dialyzed patients]. 20154569586
[bacterial diarrheas, searching new agents]. 20113123308
a practical application of doppler echocardiography for the assessment of severity of aortic stenosis.this study evaluated a strategy that makes optimal use of doppler echocardiography for estimating the severity of valvular aortic stenosis (as). fifty-eight patients with no more than moderate aortic insufficiency who underwent cardiac catheterization were evaluated with two-dimensional echocardiography and doppler velocimetry to determine the peak velocity across the stenotic valve and aortic valve area (ava) by means of the continuity equation. all 33 peak doppler velocities of greater than or ...20102964186
a study of the words used to describe pain. 20053481252
autonomic disorders in idiopathic parkinsonism.clinical evidences and experimental data on various signs and symptoms of autonomic dysfunction in idiopathic parkinsonism are reported and their characteristics related to the effects of the drugs usually administered for the therapy of the extrapyramidal symptoms. the use of instrumental diagnostic criteria may sometimes help to detect alterations of autonomic functions (micturition disturbances, disorders of pupil reactivity, orthostatic and postprandial hypotension, temperature dysregulation ...20123465869
determination of finger flexibility. 20164836733
hormones, ionic regulation and kidney function in fishes.renal osmoregulatory mechanisms in the context of hormones is considered in three types of fish: the agnatha, the chondrichthyes and the osteichthyes. particular reference is made to endocrine status and hormonal interplay in renal homeostatic mechanisms. among agnatha, hagfishes display atypical osmoregulatory characteristics and their endocrine repertoire is poorly understood. hormonal actions are unclear although the kidney appears to act as a regulator of extracellular fluid volume. lampreys ...20133914718
dependence of enhanced maximal exercise performance on increased peak skeletal muscle perfusion during long-term captopril therapy in heart failure.maximal oxygen uptake (vo2), skeletal muscle blood flow by xenon-133 washout technique and femoral vein arteriovenous oxygen difference and lactate were measured at rest and during maximal bicycle exercise in eight patients with severe congestive heart failure before and after 8 weeks of therapy with captopril. during therapy, skeletal muscle blood flow at rest increased significantly from 1.5 +/- 0.6 to 2.6 +/- 1.0 ml/100 g per min (p less than 0.05), with a concomitant decrease in the femoral ...20123309004
joint replacement 20 years on. 20143983073
[morphological substrate of antalgia and analgesia in the odontostomatological and facial area].prior personal work is further extended by a description of the way in which odontostomatological and facial pain is sedated by acupuncture: via peripheral receptors, whose stimulations are intercepted and modulated by various filters lying between the periphery and the cortex: cord (gelatinous substance of rolando, gate control system), reticular formation and thalamocortical pathways.1986180459
[treatment of urinary stress incontinence in women with prolapse of the genital organs]. 20133688335
recurrent acute renal failure induced by phenazone hypersensitivity. 20144129314
[rehabilitation of the rheumatologic patient]. 20154546395
outpatient commitment: the problems and the promise. 20103021005
[statistical evaluation of factors influencing postoperative diuresis]. 20164820771
[arteriovenous fistulas for extrarenal purification of blood using the brachial artery].the article analyzes an experience with creation of different variants of arteriovenous fistulas (avf) for the extrahepatic purification of blood by using the humeral artery. the above mentioned avfs were shown to be expedient in patients with small diameters of the forearm vessels or in cases with no possibility to make avf in the forearm. it is better to make avf with the antegrade blood flow in the veins. the use of vascular transplants is indicated when there are no veins in the upper extrem ...20133787980
a 2,4-dichlorophenyl diazonium-based method for total bilirubin without interference from indican in uremic sera.comparison of total bilirubin quantification by a 2,4-dichlorophenyl diazonium method (2,4-dcpd) with a jendrassik-grof type of method showed excellent correlation for randomly selected sera. however, sera from uremic patients on chronic hemodialysis showed a marked positive bias for the 2,4-dcpd result as compared with the jendrassik-grof result. the mean difference was 5.3 mg/l, and resulted in about 20% of the hemodialysis patients having bilirubin values greater than 13 mg/l, the upper limit ...20133924443
a 2,4-dichlorophenyl diazonium-based method for total bilirubin without interference from indican in uremic sera.comparison of total bilirubin quantification by a 2,4-dichlorophenyl diazonium method (2,4-dcpd) with a jendrassik-grof type of method showed excellent correlation for randomly selected sera. however, sera from uremic patients on chronic hemodialysis showed a marked positive bias for the 2,4-dcpd result as compared with the jendrassik-grof result. the mean difference was 5.3 mg/l, and resulted in about 20% of the hemodialysis patients having bilirubin values greater than 13 mg/l, the upper limit ...20133924443
what's your bet on national health insurance? 1985263204
[molecular mass of tetanus toxoid protein]. 20114655751
prostatic biopsy guided by transrectal ultrasonography using real-time linear scanner.prostatic needle biopsy guided by transrectal ultrasonography using a real-time linear scanner was performed on 257 cases in our outpatient clinic and mass screening program for prostatic diseases. the success rate was 99.2 per cent, and complications occurred in only 2 cases (0.8%) after biopsy. this newly developed method is recommended as being safer and more accurate than conventional ones.20133554701
[chronoprevention and chronotherapy of bronchial asthma].chronobiological investigation of external respiratory function parameters was conducted in 93 patients with preasthma and bronchial asthma and in 13 healthy persons. the peculiarities of circadian organization of external respiratory parameters which were used for administration of chronotherapy were revealed in the patients. some time before the appearance of maximum deterioration of indices under study, mostly indices of bronchial permeability, drugs (broncholytics, inhalation steroids and in ...20123603391
[importance of echocardiography of newborn infants]. 20102940902
[what is spri? (sjukvårdens planerings- och rationaliseringsinstitut) (nursing care planning and rationalization institute)]. 1985261486
[practice of oriental medicine. 1. the importance of chinese medicine]. 20133634043
cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. cytology in early diagnosis. 20154595673
[chronoprevention and chronotherapy of bronchial asthma].chronobiological investigation of external respiratory function parameters was conducted in 93 patients with preasthma and bronchial asthma and in 13 healthy persons. the peculiarities of circadian organization of external respiratory parameters which were used for administration of chronotherapy were revealed in the patients. some time before the appearance of maximum deterioration of indices under study, mostly indices of bronchial permeability, drugs (broncholytics, inhalation steroids and in ...20123603391
separation of hemoglobins and hemoglobin chains by high-performance liquid chromatography.this paper evaluates various high-performance liquid chromatographic (hplc) procedures useful for the detection and evaluation of numerous hemoglobin abnormalities in adults and in newborn infants. two major approaches are discussed. the first concerns the analyses of hemoglobins in red cell lysates by anion- and cation-exchange chromatography; this type of hplc has great potential in a routine laboratory, as quantitative data for numerous abnormalities can readily be obtained. the second concer ...20123305544
cuprophan membrane induces interleukin-1 activity. 20123490869
[strategies for the prevention of coronary heart disease: a policy statement of the israel atherosclerosis society]. 20053371780
one more time on drgs. 20113092606
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