the cathode bound group antigen of dysentery-provoking escherichieae (author's transl).antigens from disrupted cells of dysentery-provoking and of non-enteropathogenic escherichieae were submitted to immunoelectrophoresis on cellulose acetate stripes at ph 8.0. among 6 immune sera produced for this purpose by immunizing rabbits against desintegrated dysentery bacteria, only one contained a precipitine reacting with an antigen similar to the "generic antigen" of belaya. this - at ph 8.0 - cathode-bound group antigen (kga) could not only be found in virulent but also in 5 attenuated ...1975873
use of lincomycin, methicillin and ristomycin in the nutrient media for isolating pathogenic intestinal microorganisms.elective-differentiating solid nutrient media for simultaneous isolation of vibrioes, salmonella and shigella were developed. antibiotics active against grampostive microflora and dry bile salts inhibiting the growth of proteus were used as the inhibitors of the growth of the accompanying microflora. the medium was lincomycin and the bile salts may be prepared in a dry form.19752096
long term treatment of tardive dyskinesia.a 4 year trial to treat tardive dyskinesia by a very slow progressive stepwise diminution of the neuroleptic dose and of antiparkinsonian agents as well as by administration of small, slowly increasing and then decreasing doses of reserpine or haloperidol was conducted on 62 chronic schizophrenic patients. this treatment program caused disappearance of tardive dyskinesia in 23, improvement in 26 patients and had no effect in 13 patients. the group of patients with disappearance of tardive dyskin ...197933156
antigenic, antibiotic and phage receptor activity of proteins from sh. boydii 15.the analyzed strain of sh. boydii 15 induced antibodies against the somatic antigen conjugate, as in most shigella. except for the proteinic carrier of the somatic antigen, only a few of the homologous proteinic determinants induced corresponding antibodies; these were illustrated with the help of a serum to proteins from sh. sonnei. the proteins of sh. boydii 15 displayed a wide range of antibiotic activity against shigella, e. coli and salmonella. another aspect concerning the biological activ ...197549990
goitrogens. 197985506
definition of two ld antigens in rhesus monkeys.two rhesus (macaca mulatta) monkey lymphocyte-defined (ld) antigens have been identified using two typing cells as stiumlators in a one-way mixed leukocyte culture (mlc) assay. an analysis of the genetic behavior of these ld antigens in six rhesus monkey families revealed that both antigens were linked with rhla. one probable recombinant indicated that the ld locus lies outside the two known rhla-sd loci and the locus which controls the serum protein, properdin b(bf). these two antigens, ld1 and ...197987026
moloney virus-induced cell surface antigens and histocompatibility antigens are located on distinct molecules. 197987439
antigen specific t cell-mediated suppression. vi. properties of in vitro generated l-glutamic acid60-l-alanine30-l-tyrosine10 (gat)-specific t-suppressor factor(s) (gat-tsf) in responder mouse strains. 197991643
nonspecific light loss and intrinsic dna variation problems associated with feulgen dna cytophotometry.nonspecific light loss by the cell-wall-plus-cytoplasm (cwc) can cause a 50% increase in feulgen absorption units in peanut root-tip nuclei as determined by scanning at 450 nm, whereas this phenomenon is not evident with chicken erythrocytes. a two wavelength scanning method of subtracting nonspecific 450 nm absorption from 550 nm feulgen absorption values eliminated the nonspecific light loss in cwc, however, the two wavelength scanning method is time consuming and somewhat impractical with a r ...197992496
pharmacokinetics of tallysomycin and bleomycin in the beagle dog.the pharmacokinetics of tallysomycin, a third-generation bleomycin analog, and bleomycin have been determined and compared in the beagle dog. both compounds exhibited biphasic plasma elimination characteristics and were extensively absorbed after in injection. the elimination half-lives of tallysomycin after iv and im administration were 1.51 +/- 0.41 hours and 2.40 +/- 0.667 hours respectively. these values were longer than the comparable iv (1.01 +/- 0.19 hours) and im (1.12 +/- 0.39 hours) el ...197993509
brain and liver aldehyde dehydrogenase activity and voluntary ethanol consumption by rats: relations to strain, sex, and age.voluntary ethanol consumption and brain and liver aldehyde dehydrogenase (aldh) activity were measured in male and female rats of the tryon maze-bright (s1), tryon maze-dull (s3), and wistar strains. the levels of brain aldh measured in the different groups, corresponded well to the levels of ethanol consumption, while differences in liver aldh corresponded well to only the strain differences in ethanol intake. within individual groups, levels of ethanol consumption correlated better with levels ...197896475
the effects of sodium nitroprusside and trimethaphan camsylate on cerebral blood flow in rhesus monkeys.hemispheric cerebral blood flow was measured in the rhesus monkey before and after infusion of the hypotensive agents sodium nitroprusside and trimethaphan camsylate. the intracarotid injections of 133xe was utilized, and flow was calculated by the "flow initial" technique. cerebral blood flow did not change significantly with the administration of trimethaphan camsylate. however, with a small reduction in blood pressure (10.6%) during the administration of sodium nitroprusside, the cerebral blo ...197898729
ultraviolet light-induction and photoreactivation of thymine dimers in a cyanobacterium, anacystis nidulans.partially photoreactivable mutant of anacystis nidulans demonstrates partial photorepair of thymine dimers. the wild type which is completely photoreactivable at the conditions studied shows higher level of thymine dimer photolysis.1978100072
transcription and translation in a pleiotropic streptomycin-resistant mutant of escherichia coli.the role of the ribosomal protein s12 (streptomycin protein) in ribosome function and in other metabolic processes in the cell has been investigated. a spontaneous streptomycin-resistant strain of escherichia coli (sm3) carrying a mutation in the rpsl gene is deficient in its ability to induce the synthesis of the enzyme bets-galactosidase. it was demonstrated that the reduced rate of enzyme synthesis results from deficiencies in both the transcription of the lactose operon and translation of th ...1979104958
implications for adult roles from differential styles of mother-infant bonding: an ethological study.ethological observations of maternal and infant behaviors of nine vervet monkey pairs (cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus) showed the effects of differential styles of early maternal responsiveness on later infant competence. those infants receiving the least amount of maternal responsiveness and the most time-off the mother in the first 3 months of development were more socially competent at 6 months of age. the results are discussed within current ethological "attachment" theories. the detachment ...1979105083
penicillin-resistant gonorrhea. 1979106997
rapid demineralization in acidic buffers.the demineralization of routine histological specimens in buffers of weakly ionized organic acids, unbuffered formic acid, and edta was investigated. the rate of demineralization was measured by a chemical method and from radiographs. lactate-containing buffers and buffers of formic acid with its potassium salt were more rapid in effect than any other agent. acidic buffers and unbuffered formic acid produced rapid diffuse demineralization with secondary precipitation of calcium salts. preservati ...1979107151
alcohol, malnutrition and liver disease. 1979107268
spinal cord evaluation by cortical evoked ten monkeys, selective segmental lesions of the dorsal columns at the upper thoracic and middle cervical levels resulted in almost total attenuation of the cortical evoked potential responses to peripheral nerve stimulation. conversely isolated segmental dorsal column preservation showed intact transmission of the evoked responses at rostral spinal cord, nucleus ventralis posterior lateralis, and cortical levels. responses recorded from the intralaminar thalamic nuclei in the region of nucleu ...1979107931
effect of n-trifluoroacetyl derivatives of amino acids and amino acid analogs on microbial antitumor screen.eighteen trifluoroacetyl derivatives of amino acids and of amino acid analogs were prepared and tested for growth-inhibitory activity using a lactobacillus casei system as a prescreen for antitumor activity. of the compounds tested, the trifluoroacetyl derivatives of o-, m-, and p-fluorophenylalanine and of beta-3-thienylalanine showed modest activity; trifluoroacetyl derivatives of phenylalanine and of beta-2-thienylalanine showed marginal activity. the activity exhibited by the active trifluor ...1979108385
annotations on the measurement of liver ferritin, especially in the rat. 1979120687
[first izolation of enterobacterium a 12 (sachs) in bratislava in the year 1971 (author's transl)]. 1975127664
cardiomyopathy in crowded rabbits.rabbits were crowded 4 to a cage for 2 weeks, then released for 1 week, crowded again for 2 weeks, and so on. of 44 rabbits subjected to intermittent crowding, only 9 survived for longer than 10 months, 20 died during the 1st month, and 15 died between the 2nd and 9th month of the experiment. histological sections of the myocardium showed myocytolysis, intersititial edema, and an increased amount of acid mucopoly saccharides in rabbits surviving for 2 weeks and more. the accumulations of acid mu ...1975128082
biochemical variations in the matrix of human tendons in relation to age and pathological conditions.with increasing age, the human tendon shows an increase of collagen and a diminution of mucopolysaccharides and glycoproteins. similar findings have recently been reported by other authors in the tendons of mammals. fragments of tendon affected by tendinosis, obtained dlring suture and tenoplasty operations, were also examined. marked diminution of collagen and an increase of acid mucopolysaccharides and structural glycoproteins were found as compared with the control tendon.1975134980
cardiac hypertrophy and antihypertensive therapy.biochemical (myocardial dna, rna, and hydroxyproline) and humoral (plasma [pra] and kidney [kra] renin activity) factors were determined in spontaneously hypertensive rats (shr) and normotensive wistar controls (nr) before and following treatment with minoxidil or propranolol. minoxidil (150 mg.litre-1 drinking water) effectively controlled blood pressure (17.3 kpa vs 24.9 kpa [130 mmhg vs 187 mmhg], p less than 0.001) despite marked and sustained increases in both pra and kra ventricular weight ...1977145319
[effects of tritoqualine on hepatic and blood levels of histamine after partial hepatectomy in rats].looked as a specific inhibitor of histidin-decarboxylase, tritoqualine has been injected subcutaneously to wistar rats immediately after partial hepatectomy and, then, once in 24 hours until 72 hours. it has thus provoked : an unexpected, but transient rise (reaching its apex 3 hours after the operation) of the hepatic and blood histamin concentrations ; then, the expected decrease (more durable and greatest at 48 hours) of the same concentrations. therefore, an effect of tritoqualine on the liv ...1977148959
irs, hew threaten triple-a bonds. 1978152403
patterns of neuromuscular disease. as related to stages of normal embryogenesis in voluntary muscle.skeletal muscle samples from the upper and lower extremities of 38 human fetuses (6 to 18 weeks' gestation) of both sexes were studied by histologic, histochemical, and electron microscopic methods. ultrastructural morphometry was applied. in the different stages of normal development are found regressive changes, ranging from reversible dystrophic to irreversible necrotic alterations, which are characteristic of either primary myogenic myopathies or primary neurogenic muscle atrophies in older ...1979156504
the structure of the chemical repeating-unit of the o-specific polysaccharide chain of shigella boydii 6 lipopolysaccharide. 1975165891
electron microscopy of rous sarcoma virus genome rna and its heat-dissociated subunits.native and heat-treated rnas from the purified schmidt-ruppin strain of rous sarcoma virus (rsv) were fractionated by sucrose density gradients in the presence of ribonuclease inhibitor diethyl-pyrocarbonate and observed by electron microscopy. the structure of native 60-70s rna was classified into two forms: tanglefolded type and linear type. in the tangle-folded type double stranded portions were observed in several sites. a high frequency of 60-70s rna were 1.0 mum and 3-3.5 mum in length. mo ...1975179284
[infection of hela cells by herpes virus of horses type 1 in different temperature and dose of the virus (author's transl)]. 1976183896
the spin-state transition of the hemochrome non-equilibrium conformation in partially reduced human methemoglobin. a pulse-radiolysis study of aqueous-methanol solutions of methemoglobin.the effect of external parameters on the relaxation process of the hemochrome-type non-equilibrium conformation in partially reduced methemoglobin has been investigated. the relaxation of the intermediate ferrous low-spin state to the high-spin equilibrium conformation of hemoglobin appears to be facilitated particularly by protons and phosphate ions. in addition to studying the spin-state transition in aquomethemoglobin we have also studied it in complexes of the heme group in methemoglobin wit ...1978211030
[pharmacologic properties of ortho-ethoxy-benzamide]. 1977305744
[dysentery]. 1977329360
indole positive variant of shigella boydii a home for mentally handicapped children indole positive variants of shigella boydii 1 were isolated beside indole negative strains of the same serotype. the variants differed from the indole negative counterparts in fermenting dulcitol, raffinose, and in the absence of splitting trehalose. in antigenic structure the indole positive variant was identical with the type strain. the isolates gave positive guinea pig eye test.1977341660
[the etiologic structure of dysentery in dagestan assr]. 1978352051
[relationship between the immunogenicity of vaccines from sh. boydii 3 and 9 and several features of the cell wall of the bacteria]. 1978352056
guillain-barré syndrome: epidemiology of an early january, 1976, an outbreak of gastroenteritis caused by contamination of the water supply system occurred in salt, jordan. this outbreak was followed by the appearance of peripheral neuropathy in 19 cases diagnosed as guillain-barré syndrome. clinically, gastroenteritis was suggestive of shigellosis and one of nine patients with guillain-barré syndrome, grew shigella boydii. epidemiology of the 19 cases with peripheral neuropathy is detailed. seventeen patients had definite gastroenteri ...1978352141
search for heat-labile enterotoxigenic escherichia coli in humans, livestock, food, and water in a community in the philippines.environmental sources of heat-labile enterotoxigenic escherichia coli are unknown. the feces of 1,086 inhabitants (approximately 5%) of a small town in the philippines, 28 pigs, and 10 water buffalo were cultured for enteric bacterial pathogens. twenty-seven persons harbored pathogenic bacteria: five individuals had enterotoxigenic e. coli, 11 salmonella species, nine vibrio parahaemolyticus, one shigella boydii, and one nonagglutinable vibrio. enterotoxigenic e. coli were isolated from two of 2 ...1978355577
[immunoglobulins in acute dysentery]. 1978366890
mitomycin c stimulates production of a toxin in shigella species that causes morphological changes in chinese hamster ovary cells.shigella dysenteriae produced a toxin that caused morphological changes in chinese hamster ovary cells which was different from the neurotoxin (y. takeda, k. okamoto, and t. miwatani, infect. immun. 18:546--548, 1977). it was found that the toxin was produced not only by s. dysenteriae but also by s. flexneri, s. boydii, and s. sonnei. the production of the toxin was stimulated by the addition of 1 microgram of mitomycin c per ml to the culture in the early logarithmic growth phase.1979370009
[nomenclature of the bacteria of the genus shigella and their systematic position in the family of enterobacteriaceae]. 1978371309
[shigellosis]. 1979372830
shigella serotypes in recent isolations at lucknow. 1979376439
infectious mononucleosis associated with fatal beta hemolytic streptococcal infection. 1979378507
guinea pig lung lavage cells after intranasal bcg sensitization.recent studies have suggested that intranasal administration of antigen can induce local cell-mediated immunity in lung lavage cells. the present study was designed to examine the changes in composition of lung lavage cells and their capacity to produce the lymphokine migration inhibitory factor after intranasal immunization with bcg in guinea pigs. results indicate that guinea pigs responded to respiratory tract bcg infection with an increase in immunocompetent cells in the bronchoalveolar trac ...1979387595
shigella dysenteriae, sh flexneri, and sh boydii infections in england and wales: the importance of foreign travel. 1979389342
patterns of shigella species and serotypes in east africa. 1979391541
effects of 19-hydroxy-prostaglandins on oviductal and uterine motility.the effects of 19-hydroxyprostaglandins (19-oh-pgs) were tested in vivo on the rabbit oviduct and uterus and on the rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta) uterus. the 19-oh-pges suppressed spontaneous oviductal and uterine activity in the rabbit. the qualitative effect on the rabbit oviduct of 19-oh-pges was similar to that of pge2. however, the typical response of the rabbit uterus to pge2 was an increase in muscle activity. with regard to the rabbit oviduct, 19(r)-oh-pge2 was as potent as pge2, but 19 ...1977404673
[bacteriological and epidemiological considerations on shigelloses in south vietnam (1969-1973)].during the period from 1969 to 1973, a rectal swabs from 13.943 diarrhea patients of all ages were examined by bacteriological surveys. from these specimens, 981 strains of shigella were isolated. the most commonly encounted were shigella flexneri 2. all of strains of shigella isolated were highly resistant to aureomycin, tetracyclin, terramycin, novobiocin and chloramphenicol. there has been an increase in the development of multiresistance of shigella. colimycin and streptomycin were the most ...1975770024
strain-related differences in immunosuppressive effects of enterobacteriaceae and their lipopolysaccharides on production in rabbits of antibody to enterobacterial common antigen.certain polysaccharides have been shown to inhibit the antibody response of rabbits to the common enterobacterial antigen (ca). the present investigation revealed that striking differences exist in the immunosuppressive effects of enteric bacteria and their lipolysaccharides (lps), depending upon ca production by the strains. mixtures of immunogenic strains (escherichia coli f2378 [r4], e. coli f470 [r1], or shigella boydii f3140 [r]) and non-immunogenic ca-producing strains, such as e. coli o1, ...1976776827
[shigellosis in tucumán].in 731 diarrhea cases studied from january 1971 to june 1973 in tucumán a significant increase of shigellosis in eutrophic children was observed. the frequency of shigella isolations, considering all the enteropathogens found, were: 15,5 %; 13 % and 21,3 % in 1971, 1972 and 1973, respectively (table 1). all the strains of shigella isolated belonged to the shigella flexneri b or shigella sonnei d groups, being the percentage for the former 78 % in 1971; 93 % in 1972 and 77 % in 1973 (table 2). th ...1975790480
shigellosis in the united states: ten-year review of nationwide surveillance, the 10 years 1964-1973, 105,832 isolations of shigellae were reported to the center for disease control through a nationwide surveillance system. the number reported increased by approximately 13% annually, from 5852 in 1964, when only 17 centers reported all 4 quarters; to 16,797 in 1973, when 52 centers reported each quarter. the rate of reported isolations varied from 4.6 per 100,000 persons in 1965 to 9.1 per 100,000 in 1973. shigella sonnei accounted for 64% of all these isolates and for ...1976790947
a case of severe bacillary dysentery caused by a gas-producing shigella boydii type 14 (enterobacterium a12 (sachs)). 1976792615
in-vitro effect of edta-tris-lysozyme solutions on selected pathogenic bacteria.the in-vitro effect of edta-tris-lysozyme solution on 16 pathogenic bacteria of medical or veterinary importance was determined. marked decreases in bacterial count occurred with pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, moraxella osloensis and campylobacter fetus, and smaller decreses with salmonella typhimurium, shigella boydii, aeromonas hydrophila, proteus mirabilis, listeria monocytogenes and erysipelothrix insidiosa. the test solution had no effect on klebsiella ozaenae, brucella canis, co ...1975805241
effects of thymectomy and antithymocyte serum on spontaneous regression of friend virus-induced evaluate the role of immune response in regression of leukemia, we studied the effect of immunosuppression on the spontaneous regression of a leukemia induced by a specific strain of friend murine leukemia virus complex (rfv). thymectomy of newborn but not adult outbred swiss mice markedly inhibited regression. the effect of antithymocyte serum (ats) on regression depended on the timing of ats treatment. regression was markedly inhibited in leukemic mice given ats just before the start of reg ...19761087346
antimicrobial resistance of shigellae isolated in michigan.patterns of antimicrobial resistance were studied for 213 strains of shigellae isolated in rural and urban areas of michigan by quantitative techniques: 66% of these organisms were resistant to ampicillin, tetracycline, cephalexin, or chloramphenicol or had multiple resistance to various combinations of these antibiotics. the incidence of resistant organisms was higher in the detroit-wayne county area, which is the most urban part of the state. nalidixic acid and oxolinic acid were noted to be q ...19751089819
observations on the serologic changes in the recombinants in shigella flexneri serotype 4a.studies on the antigenic composition of 84 diagnostic strains of s. flexneri serotype 4a and their lac+ recombinants from a cross with e. coli hfrc were carried out. considerable differentiation of agglutination reaction was found both in original material and in recombinants. an interesting group included recombinants which completely lost their capability to agglutinate with sera specific for type and group antigens and preserved only the capability to agglutinate in the polyvalent serum of s. ...19751090112
occurrence of the bacteriophage lambda receptor in some escherichia coli k-12, the receptor for phage lambda is an outer membrane protein which inactivates the phage in vitro. lambda receptor activity was found in extracts from all wild strains of e. coli tested, although most of them fail to support growth of the phage. in some cases this failure is due to a masking of the receptor in vivo, the bacteria being unable to adsorb the phage or to react with antireceptor antibodies. in other cases, adsorption does occur, and the nature of the block in ...19751090748
[sensitivity of different strains of e. coli and shigella to the inhibitory action of ploskirev's bactoagar].a study was made of the sensitivity of 190 strains of e. coli and 107 strains of shigellae of different serological types to the inhibitory action of ploskirev's bactoagar on the capacity of these bacteria to form colonies. the strains under study proved to be nonhomogenous in this respect: between different strains of e. coli there were revealed 10-, 100- and even 1000-fold differences by this property; the differences between shigellae strains were less marked--in over 90% of shigellae strains ...19751092090
superiority of macconkey's agar over salmonella-shigella agar for isolation of shigella dysenteriae type 1.the efficiency of macconkey's agar in the isolation of various types of shigella was compared with that of salmonella-shigella (ss) agar during an extensive 18-month outbreak of disease caused by shigella. in all, 1,580 isolates of shigella were obtained from 12,307 rectal swab and fecal samples of patients with diarrhea and their contacts by direct plating onto macconkey's and ss agars. shigella dysenteriae type 1 and shigella flexneri constituted 55 percent and 33 percent of all isolates, resp ...19751094073
shigella strains associated with infantile diarrhea in the kaohsiung 1969 and 1974, 375 shigella strains were isolated in the kaohsiung area, and their serotypes and in vitro susceptibility to antimicorbial agents were studied. in 1969, 249 (16.2%) strains were isolated from 1,476 specimens collected from infantile and young children dirrheal cases, whereas 126 strains (11.6%) were isolated from 1,086 specimens in 1969. the isolation rates were higher in may (21.2%), october (20.8%), april (20.6%), august (19.7), november (18.8%) and january (18.5%), than in o ...19751097211
[antigenic relationships between "levinea amalonatica" and "shigella dysenteriae" and "boydii" (author's transl)].twenty-eight strains among thirty-five levinea amalonatica show o antigenic relationships with shigella as follows: with s. dysenteriae 3 (5 strains), s. dysenteriae 4 (1 strain), s. dysenteriae 5 (3 strains), s. dysenteriae 7 (11 strains), s. boydii 6 (7 strains), and with both s. boydii 15 and s. dysenteriae 8 (1 strain). these strains do not induce purulent keratogenous conjunctivitis in guinea pigs as shigella do.19751098541
effect of plasma protein binding on elimination of bilirubin. 19751151726
[bacteriology of shigella isolated in a tropical zone chu].from 1981 to 1991, five hundred eighty one shigella's strains were isolated in the laboratories of the chu fann of dakar. they represent 24.8 per cent of enteropathogen agents and 4.3 per cent of diarrhoeae causative agents. shigella flexneri was predominant (71%), following by shigella dysenteriae (14.5%), shigella sonnei (11.4%) and shigella boydii (2.5%). in pediatric hospital 90 per cent of strains were isolated between 1 and 5 years age; in adults, the pic was found from 20 to 30 years. fiv ...19921345084
sexual transmission of htlv infections in southern india. 19921346809
the vascular endothelial growth factor proteins: identification of biologically relevant regions by neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.angiogenesis plays critical roles in organ development during embryonic and fetal life, wound healing and in a variety of pathological conditions. vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) is a secreted growth factor specific for vascular endothelial cells which induces angiogenesis in vivo. to gain a better understanding of the physiological role of vegf, we have generated and characterized four murine monoclonal antibodies (mabs) using the 165 amino acid species of recombinant human vegf as im ...19921380254
concentration of milk secretory immunoglobulin a against shigella virulence plasmid-associated antigens as a predictor of symptom status in shigella-infected breast-fed infants.we conducted a prospective, community-based study of healthy breast-fed mexican infants to determine the protective effects of anti-shigella secretory iga antibodies in milk. milk samples were collected monthly, and stool culture specimens were obtained weekly and at the time of episodes of diarrhea. nineteen breast-fed infants were found to have shigella flexneri, shigella boydii, or shigella sonnei in stool samples. ages of the 10 infants with symptomatic infection and the nine with asymptomat ...19921447644
shigellosis in children: a prospective hospital based study.from 1985 to 1988, fecal samples of 950 hospitalized children suffering from diarrhea or dysentery were screened for shigella species using standard methods. shigella species were isolated as sole pathogen from 192 (20.2%) cases and s. flexneri type 2 was the predominant serotype. shigella infection was prevalent throughout the year with high isolation rate during the summer and early monsoon months. shigella strains isolated during the period were resistant to most of the commonly used drugs fo ...19921452309
[the etiological structure of shigellosis in the former ussr--an indicator of the activity of the main routes of infection transmission].the data on the etiological structure of shigella infections in the ussr in 1988-1989 are presented. the study showed the dominating role of s. flexneri with s. sonnei also retaining great importance in shigella infections. the process of the liquidation of s. dysenteriae and s. boydii infections began in some large cities. the domination of dysentery caused by s. flexneri and a high typhoid rate, particularly in central asia, were due to poor water supply of the population. the spread of dysent ...19921455964
[the theoretical and practical interpretations of the basic manifestations of the epidemic process in shigellosis]. 19921466177
[bacillary dysentery--1990]. 19921475396
drug resistance and plasmid profile of shigellae in hundred and twenty-eight shigella strains isolated from newborn and infant human faecal specimens at kaohsiung medical college hospital in taiwan were serogrouped, serotyped and examined for drug-resistance patterns and for the presence of plasmids. forty-seven per cent of the isolates were found to belong to the shigella sonnei serogroup, 41% to the s. flexneri group, 9% to the s. boydii group and 3% to the s. dysenteriae group. the serotype with the greatest number of strains was s. sonnei ...19921547844
bioactive polymers: in vitro and in vivo study of controlled release neomycin.neomycin is coupled on xanthan-a polysaccharide of microbial biosynthesis produced by xanthomonas campestris-through ionic complexation. the kinetics of neomycin release, in vitro, at ph = 8.2 is studied. a controlled release of neomycin, following a zero order kinetics is observed, regardless of the eluent flow. neomycin complexed on xanthan, administered in a unique daily dose to patients suffering from dysentery in the 100 cases taken in study, has shown a high clinical efficiency as compared ...19921573555
characterization of aeromonas caviae antigens which cross-react with shigella boydii and boiled cells of 16 strains of aeromonas caviae, isolated from patients with diarrhea, agglutinated with shigella boydii 5 antiserum in a slide test. further studies with seven selected strains showed agglutination with boiled cells in a tube test. lipopolysaccharide antigen extracted from one of these strains cross-reacted with s. boydii 5 in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoblot studies. either all or the majority of the seven strains possessed properties deemed to be diarrh ...19921583145
identification and analysis of the gene encoding human pc2, a prohormone convertase expressed in neuroendocrine recent studies we have identified pc2 and pc3, members of a family of serine proteases that are related structurally to subtilisin, and have provided evidence that these are involved in the tissue-specific processing of prohormones and neuropeptides. pc2 is expressed at high levels in the islets of langerhans, where it participates in the processing of proinsulin to insulin (s.p.s. and d.f.s., unpublished data). to evaluate the regulated expression of the human pc2 (hpc2) gene we have analyze ...19921594602
acamprosate modulates synaptosomal gaba transmission in chronically alcoholised rats.male sprague-dawley rats were pulmonary alcoholised for 30 days. six were treated with acamprosate (400 mg/kg/day, po) during alcoholisation. the control nonalcoholised group also received acamprosate (400 mg/kg/day, po) during the 30 days. at the end of the experiment, brains areas (cortex, hippocampus, thalamus, striatum, and olfactory bulbs) were dissected for the study of synaptosomal 3h-gaba uptake. in another experiment, gaba levels were determined in the same areas using hplc with electro ...19921594633
copulatory analgesia in male rats ensues from arousal, motor activity, and genital stimulation: blockage by manipulation and restraint.the effect of copulation on the vocalization threshold to tail shock (vtts) was assessed in freely-moving, sexually experienced, wistar male rats. mean vtts during the first copulation was 40% above the baseline values and slightly decreased during the first postejaculatory interval (pei; 28% above baseline). vtts mean values further increased during the second copulatory series (93% above baseline and 63% during the pei). testing at the same intervals in noncopulating rats did not induce analge ...19921594675
molecular epidemiology of trimethoprim-resistant shigella boydii serotype 2 strains from 1990 an increased number of strains of shigella boydii serotype 2 were isolated from different regions of bulgaria. strains were reported as sporadic, although they showed identical phenotypic characteristics, including resistance to ampicillin, carbenicillin, streptomycin, sulfonamide, tetracycline, ticarcillin, and trimethoprim. the objective of this study was to determine the genetic relatedness of the strains and the mechanism of their antimicrobial resistance. plasmid fingerprinting show ...19921624559
monoclonal antibodies to quebec strain (q17) of bovine rotavirus.fourteen monoclonal antibodies (mabs) against "quebec" strain (q17) of bovine rotavirus were isolated and characterized. four were specific for viral protein vp7 and ten were specific for viral protein vp6. five different isotypes were represented by this group of antibodies. all of the anti-vp6 and none of the anti-vp7 antibodies were sensitive to the effects of periodate on their antigen. the antibodies could be separated into three groups based on their relative resistance to the dissociation ...19901698323
transient cytokeratin expression in skeletal muscle during murine embryogenesis.cytokeratin expression was investigated in paravertebral skeletal musculature of 10 d and 18 d old embryos as well as in adult nmri-mice. the muscular nature of the evaluated tissue was evidenced by their expression of vimentin and desmin. binding moieties for cytokeratin antibodies (polyclonal and monoclonal) could be demonstrated only in muscle cells of 10 d old embryos. concerning subtypes, the mouse equivalents of the human cytokeratins nos. 8, 18 and 19 could be made probable. the importanc ...19901698345
conduction velocity distribution of afferent fibers innervating the rat urinary bladder.the conduction velocities of individual afferent fibers innervating the rat urinary bladder were determined by the antidromic stimulation of dorsal roots while recording from bladder postganglionic nerves. conduction velocities ranged from 0.5 to 21.0 m/s; 70% of the velocities were less than 2.5 m/s. the distribution within the dorsal roots was ipsilateral with 84% in l6 and 16% in s1. neuroanatomical tracing with horseradish peroxidase applied to individual bladder postganglionic nerves result ...19901698508
characterization of shigella dysenteriae serotypes 11, 12, and 13.we conducted serologic and biochemical studies on strains of three provisional shigella serotypes. included were 19 strains of serotype 3873-50 from three countries (1 from mexico, 1 from netherlands antilles, and 17 from the united states), 13 strains of serotype 3341-55 from three countries (1 from canada, 1 from bulgaria, and 11 from the united states), and 19 strains of serotype 19809-73 from two countries (16 from israel and 3 from the united states). reactions of these strains with homolog ...19901701447
[antigenic polysaccharides of shigella bacteria. structure of the polysaccharide chain of the lipopolysaccharide from shigella boydii, type 11].on mild acid degradation of the shigella boydii, type 11 lipopolysaccharide, the corresponding o-specific polysaccharide composed of d-glucuronic acid, 2-acetylamino-2-deoxy-d-glucose, d-ribose and l-rhamnose residues in the ratio 1:1:1:3 was obtained. methylation, partial acid hydrolysis and 13c-nmr spectral data for the polysaccharide led to the structure of the oligosaccharide repeating unit as a branched hexasaccharide: [formula: see text]. numerous o-acetyl groups attached non-stoichiometri ...19911712200
relatedness of o-specific lipopolysaccharide side chain genes from strains of shigella boydii type 12 belonging to two clonal groups and from escherichia coli o7:k1.the o-specific lipopolysaccharide side chains of escherichia coli o7 and shigella boydii type 12 possess similar but not identical chemical structures. we investigated the genetic relatedness between the o-specific side chain genes in members of these two species. examination of outer membrane protein and lipopolysaccharide (lps) banding patterns demonstrated that five strains which had been identified as s. boydii type 12 fell into two clonal groups, sb1 and sb2. hybridizations with o7-specific ...19911718868
possible mechanisms underlying the slow lactose fermentation phenotype in shigella spp.a southern hybridization analysis revealed that the region homologous to escherichia coli lacz was present on the chromosomal dnas of beta-galactosidase-positive shigella strains, such as shigella dysenteriae serovar 1 and shigella sonnei strains, whereas this region was absent from chromosomal dnas of beta-galactosidase-negative strains of shigella flexneri and shigella boydii. we found that the lacy-a region was deficient in s. dysenteriae serovar 1 and believe that this is the reason for the ...19911746953
contact-haemolysin production by entero-invasive escherichia coli and shigellae.entero-invasive escherichia coli (eiec) and shigellae were tested for contact-haemolysin (ch) with red blood cells (rbcs) of guinea-pig, rabbit, rat, mouse, monkey, man, sheep and chicken; all bacteria showed the best lysis with guinea-pig rbcs. the best culture medium for ch activity of shigellae was tryptic soy broth, and for eiec it was casamino acid-yeast extract broth with 1 mm cacl2. ch production by all species was best at the slightly alkaline ph which is optimal for growth; it was also ...19911753390
antimicrobial resistance trends of shigellae isolates from calabar, nigeria.during a 3-year study (january 1986-december 1988), stools of 2200 diarrhoeal or dysenteric patients were examined by culturing and 108 (4.9%) were found positive for shigellae. shigella flexneri was the commonest species isolated (54.6%), followed by sh. dysenteriae (24.1%). patients aged less than or equal to 15 years accounted for 51.4% of cases. shigellae over the 3 years showed high and sometimes rising resistance to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin and cotrimoxazole and complete r ...19911758013
plasmid-associated resistance to pivmecillinam in shigella flexneri and shigella boydii. 19911761454
development of an in vitro microtest to assess drug susceptibility of babesia bovis and babesia bigemina.continuous cultivation of the bovine hemoparasites babesia bovis and babesia bigemina was developed as an in vitro microtest to assess parasite susceptibility to babesicidal compounds. reproducibility of parasite multiplication rates was independent of culture size, making it possible to use a microscale of 100 microliters for each test sample. inhibitory concentrations (ic50s) of a commonly used babesicide, quinuronium sulfate, evaluated by this in vitro method were found to be 5 x 10(-8) g/ml ...19911779305
furosemide inhibits the centrally-mediated pressor response to clonidine in conscious, normotensive rats.1. the effect of furosemide on the pressor response induced by intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) injection of clonidine was investigated in freely moving, normotensive rats with chronically implanted arterial catheters. 2. when injected i.c.v., clonidine at doses of 5 and 10 micrograms produced a dose-dependent pressor response and a decrease in heart rate. no depressor response was induced by clonidine. 3. systemic (i.v.) pretreatment with furosemide (2-10 mg kg-1) increased urine volume and dos ...19911797326
serotype distribution and antimicrobial resistance of shigella isolates in singapore.serogrouping of 506 shigella strains isolated in singapore from 1986 to 1990 showed that shigella flexneri (60.3%) was the most common, followed by s. sonnei (33.6%), s. boydii (3.2%) and s. dysenteriae (3%). of the 23 shigella serotypes identified, the predominant ones were s. flexneri types 2a and 1b, s. boydii types 1 and 5, and s. dysenteriae types 1 and 3. more than 80% of the shigella species were resistant to at least one antimicrobial drug, and the incidence of multiresistance was partic ...19911800565
[the functional status of the endocrine pancreas in patients with acute intestinal infections].ria was used to measure the content of insulin, c-peptide and glucagon in blood plasma of 84 patients with acute dysentery and food toxicoinfections. the studies were carried out in the acute disease period and before the discharge from hospital. the data obtained indicate that despite the appreciable differences in the disease pathogenesis, the pathophysiological mechanisms influencing pancreatic function are similar in many respects. the changes are characterized by an increase in plasma insul ...19911810055
molecular epidemiology of shigella infections: plasmid profiles, serotype correlation, and restriction endonuclease analysis.plasmid isolation was used to refine the epidemiologic analysis for 168 shigellosis cases in pima county, ariz. plasmids of less than 20 kb were used for comparison of plasmid profiles. plasmid patterns for each species were distinct. a total of 57 of 74 (77%) shigella flexneri strains could be placed into seven plasmid patterns, 70 of 79 (89%) shigella sonnei strains could be placed into seven patterns, 12 shigella boydii strains could be placed into six patterns, and each of 3 shigella dysente ...19911847148
absence of na+,k(+)-atpase regulation of endosomal acidification in k562 erythroleukemia cells. analysis via inhibition of transferrin recycling by low temperatures.transferrin (tf) acidification has been shown to be limited to ph 6 in murine balb/c 3t3 fibroblasts, human a549 epidermoid carcinoma cells, and chinese hamster ovary cells and is followed by alkalinization during recycling. in contrast, tf acidification in the human erythroleukemic cell line k562 proceeds to below ph 5.5, and alkalinization of internal tf during recycling is not observed. to explore the regulation of endosomal ph in k562 cells, we determined whether the existence of an early en ...19911847374
simultaneous infection with multiple serotypes of shigellae in a patient.we isolated three different serotypes of shigella on admission from a patient with dysentery as well as a shigella-like organism and campylobacter jejuni upon follow-up. the patient produced serum antibodies to all three serotypes of shigellae.19911889185
["masked" autoantibodies from the serum of healthy blood donors cross-reacting with dna and bacterial lipopolysaccharides].the "masked" autoantibodies with polyspecific activity were found in the serum of healthy donors. it is shown that these antibodies are able to react with antigens after the ion exchange chromatography with qae-sephadex. it was found that these "masked" antibodies are able to cross-react with dna and lipopolysaccharides of wide-spread species of bacteria. the possible role of these antibodies as in protection of organism from the external antigens as in the origin of autoimmune diseases is discu ...19911908720
[the effect of tetracycline and vitamin e on energy metabolism in cardiac mitochondria of old rabbits pretreated with isoproterenol].the possibility of eliminating adverse effects of tetracycline and isoproterenol pretreatment on energy generation of myocardial mitochondria by vitamin e administration was investigated in old rabbits. vitamin e administered in doses of 1.5 mg per kg body weight over 6 days was found to improve energy metabolism in old rabbits whose metabolism had been deranged by isoproterenol pretreatment in the dose of 1.5 mg per kg body weight. subsequent administration of vitamin e to rabbits pretreated wi ...19911913199
reactive modifications of the autonomous time structure in the human organism.the spectrum of biological rhythms exhibits characteristic principles of biological time structure which also rule the functional behaviour. with increasing period lengths the rhythms become increasingly complex. in the long-wave section the rhythmic functions find their corresponding cycles in the environment, whereas the shorter waves represent only endogenous autonomous rhythms, which maintain an internal time order by means of frequency- and phase-coordination. under resting conditions and i ...19911932773
pathogenicity of foodborne salmonella.salmonella remains a leading etiological agent in bacterial foodborne diseases. although human salmonellosis generally presents as a self-limiting episode of enterocolitis, the disease can degenerate into chronic and debilitating conditions. antibiotic treatment of uncomplicated salmonellosis is contra-indicated because it tends to prolong the carrier state. clinical management of systemic infections with newer drugs such as third-generation cephalosporins and quinolones is most promising, parti ...19912018704
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