acute hepatitis in an opossum (didelphis virginiana) infected with salmonella turnidorp.salmonella turnidorp was isolated in pure culture from the liver of an opossum that died of acute hepatitis. microscopically, there were random foci of hepatic coagulation necrosis and gram negative bacteria within hepatocytes. the salmonella turnidorp isolate was aberrant in that it did not utilize citrate and did not agglutinate by a commercial salmonella polyvalent antiserum. additional salmonella serotypes, including salmonella mbandaka, salmonella rubislaw, and salmonella anatum were isolat ...19827078089
microscopic observation and processing validation of fruit sanitizing treatments for the enhanced microbiological safety of fresh orange juice.studies were conducted to evaluate the infiltration of dye and bacteria into the interior of orange fruit and the impact of possible infiltration on achieving a 5-log microbial reduction during fresh juice processing. fresh orange fruit were treated at the stem end area with dye and either salmonella rubislaw or escherichia coli strains expressing green fluorescent protein. microscopic images showed that bacterial contaminants localized at the surface or near surface areas that may be sanitized ...200111252472
salmonella rubislaw with 3 "normal" flagellar antigens. 196414137642
molecular subtypes of campylobacter spp., salmonella enterica, and escherichia coli o157:h7 isolated from faecal and surface water samples in the oldman river watershed, alberta, canada.campylobacter spp., salmonella enterica, and escherichia coli o157:h7 isolated from 898 faecal, 43 sewage, and 342 surface water samples from the oldman river were characterized using bacterial subtyping methods in order to investigate potential sources of contamination of the watershed. among these pathogens, campylobacter spp. were the most frequently isolated from faecal, sewage, and surface water samples (266/895, 11/43, and 91/342, respectively), followed by salmonella (67/898, 8/43, and 29 ...201120971491
prevalence of salmonella spp. and thermophilic campylobacter spp. in the small asian mongoose (herpestes javanicus) in barbados, west indies.from april to july 2005, rectal swabs were collected from 48 free-ranging small asian mongooses (herpestes javanicus) on the east and south coasts of barbados and analyzed for salmonella and campylobacter spp. salmonella was recovered in 21.12% (7/33) of mongooses at the east-coast site and 26.67% (4/15) at the south-coast site. four serotypes were isolated: salmonella enterica serovar rubislaw, kentucky, javiana, and panama. one east-coast sample of 11 tested for campylobacter was positive (9.0 ...201425632681
the nucleotide sequence of the h-1r gene of salmonella rubislaw. 19863774559
molecular genetic basis for complex flagellar antigen expression in a triphasic serovar of salmonella.strains of most salmonella serovars produce either one (monophasic) or two (diphasic) antigenic forms of flagellin protein, but strains capable of expressing three or more serologically distinct flagellins ("complex" serovars) have occasionally been reported. a molecular genetic analysis of a triphasic strain of the normally diphasic serovar salmonella rubislaw revealed that it has three flagellin genes, including the normal flic (phase 1) and fljb (phase 2) chromosomal genes encoding type r and ...19911992487
salmonella rubislaw gastroenteritis linked to a pet lizard. 201020618116
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