the power over death. 20103045617
y chromosome fluorescence in bloodstains. 20134105065
on the metabolism of propantheline in man. 19724553892
the nurse in general practice: an untapped community health resource. 20154529357
occurrence of asthma, nonspecific bronchial hyperresponsiveness and atopy. insights from cross-sectional epidemiologic from various different types of cross-sectional studies are reviewed in order to examine hypotheses about the etiology of asthma and to more precisely define its relationship with nonspecific bronchial hyperreactivity (nsbh). although cross-sectional studies have not clarified the precise etiologic links, they have established that nsbh and atopy are linked to the occurrence of asthma and to each other. in children, evidence supports the hypothesis both that atopy is a cause of asthma and t ...20133556060
medical student training in the performance of diagnostic laboratory procedures.a study was conducted to determine what diagnostic laboratory procedures medical students recalled being taught during pre-clerkship training, how well they felt they could perform these procedures on entrance to and exit from their clerkship year, and the estimate of frequency of personal performance during the clerkship year. surveys were mailed to 223 graduating senior students of a medical school. they were asked to supply data regarding 15 pre-selected procedures. in only seven cases did a ...20133724577
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