[complex compounds of platinum in the chemotherapy of malignant tumors]. 1979105504
laboratory evidence of human viral and selected nonviral infections in canada in 1985. 19863768823
electrophoretic mobility of oral streptococci. 19761068652
the human arm as a redundant manipulator: the control of path and joint angles.the movements studied involved moving the tip of a pointer attached to the hand from a given starting point to a given end point in a horizontal plane. three joints--the shoulder, elbow and wrist--were free to move. thus the system represented a redundant manipulator. the coordination of the movements of the three joints was recorded and analyzed. the study concerned how the joints are controlled during a movement. the results are used to evaluate several current hypotheses for motor control. ba ...19873620542
partial aortic ligation: a hypoperfusion model of ischemic acute renal failure and a comparison with renal artery occlusion.ischemic acute renal failure (arf) in humans typically results from hypoperfusion, not total blood flow interruption. however, experimental studies of ischemic arf have relied on total blood flow cessation models because no reliable hypoperfusion model has been described. therefore, the goal of this study was to develop a hypoperfusion model of ischemic arf and then to contrast it to a blood flow cessation model (renal artery occlusion). rats were uninephrectomized, and then temporary (30 or 45 ...19873655518
in utero morphological effects of hydroxyurea on the fetal development in sprague-dawley order to investigate in utero morphological effect of hydroxyurea (hu) in sprague-dawley rats, hu was intraperitoneally injected to pregnant sprague-dawley rats at a dose of 100 or 200 mg/kg/day during the organogenetic period (days 9-12 of gestation). a dose of 200 mg/kg/day induced growth retardation, high mortality and high incidence of malformations, although a dose of 100 mg/kg/day produced no adverse effects in the next generation. in the hu 200 mg/kg/day group the incidence of malforma ...19873609151
[use of microfilaria treated with papain in the serodiagnosis of lymphatic filariasis caused by wuchereria bancrofti (var. pacifica)].a standardised method for serodiagnosis of lymphatic filariasis w. bancrofti (var. pacifica) was performed. the authors used indirect fluorescent assay with papain treated microfilariae as source of antigen. very high levels of antibodies were obtained in 96% microfilaremic patients. the geometric mean titers were 22.7 for healthy subjects and 605.5 for the filariasis patients. cross reactivity was studied with two subcutaneous and one lymphatic filariasis. the geometric mean titers were 211.1 f ...19853906347
structure of the transcriptionally repressed phosphate-repressible acid phosphatase gene (pho5) of saccharomyces cerevisiae.we developed a high-copy-number plasmid system containing the entire structural and regulatory sequences of the phosphate-repressible acid phosphatase (pho5) gene and the trp1/ars1 replicator sequences of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae to investigate the mechanism of repression-derepression of transcription. the resulting plasmid was used to transform either wild-type cells or a number of strains which contain mutations in various trans-acting regulatory loci for the production of acid phosp ...19863537687
heterologous protection in murine cutaneous leishmaniasis.mice immunized with a glycolipid antigen (gl) of leishmania major plus adjuvant are relatively resistant to subsequent infection with this protozoan parasite. the gl is affinity purified on the monoclonal antibody wic-79.3 which is l. major-specific and does not react with l. donovani. when another monoclonal, wic-108.3, which cross-reacts with several leishmania species, is used to affinity purify gl from l. donovani, the eluted material can partially protect genetically resistant mice against ...19873436638
a study of the relationship between blood glucose and protein-bound hexoses in the serum of sheep during posthaemorrhagic anaemia. 19664225149
[combined effects of fentanyl and diazepam on hemodynamics and myocardial blood flow in dogs with normal and ischemic heart]. 19873613053
vitamin d metabolism in polar vertebrates.1. studies of serum 25-hydroxy-vitamin d (25-ohd) in the antarctic have been undertaken in husky dog, seal and penguin and compared to man. 2. husky dogs showed a reversal of the expected seasonal variation of serum 25-ohd with maxima in june when the hours of bright sunshine and amount of u.v. -b radiation were lowest. 3. values for random serum 25-ohd values in seals showed large interspecies differences, the values for weddell seals being significantly greater than for crabeater seals (p less ...19883233926
glycerol-induced acute renal failure after acute plasma renin activity suppression. 19734356884
[inhibition of cell proliferation in the aortic wall and heart by cinnarizine (stutgeron) in experimental renal hypertension in animal experiments]. 19744450648
the guinea-pig isolated, innervated bladder preparation: the effects of some autonomic drugs. 19725012447
anti-ischemic actions of a new thromboxane receptor antagonist during acute myocardial ischemia in cats.thromboxane a2 (txa2) production increases significantly during acute myocardial ischemia. since txa2 induces platelet aggregation, coronary vasoconstriction, and has a direct cytolytic effect, thromboxane receptor antagonism would be expected to be beneficial in acute myocardial ischemia. thirty minutes after ligation of the left anterior descending coronary artery (lad) in anesthetized cats, the txa2 receptor antagonist bm-13,177 or its vehicle was given as a bolus injection at 20 mg/kg, follo ...19853000159
[anesthetic model in orthotopic transplant of the liver in the pig]. 19862876466
the drosophila fushi tarazu polypeptide is a dna-binding transcriptional activator in yeast cells.many of the regulatory genes controlling the developmental pattern of segmentation during embryonic development in drosophila melanogaster encode nuclear proteins containing either homoeobox or 'zinc-finger' domains with putative or demonstrated sequence-specific dna-binding properties. one of these drosophila homoeobox-containing proteins is encoded by the fushi tarazu (ftz) gene. the expression of ftz is spatially restricted during embryogenesis and the ftz polypeptide has an important role in ...19892493136
proteolytic processing of porcine big endothelin-1 catalyzed by cathepsin d.cathepsin d, a candidate for endothelin-converting enzyme (ece), was allowed to act on porcine big endothelin-1 (big et-1, 1-39). the proteinase primarily cleaved the asp18-ile19 and trp21-val22 bonds of big et-1(1-39), with a optimum ph of 3.5. the mature et-1(1-21), generated by the cleavage between trp21 and val22, was subsequently degraded by removal of most of the c-terminal tripeptide (ile19-ile20-trp21). therefore, cathepsin d is by no means a specific ece, although the proteinase does cl ...19902268325
validation of protocols for assessing early pregnancy failure in the rat: clomiphene citrate.a battery of protocols for the assessment of maternally mediated toxicity during early pregnancy in the rat is being evaluated for its utility in detecting and defining mechanisms of early pregnancy failure. in this report, clomiphene citrate (cc), an estrogen agonist/antagonist, was used as a model compound in this evaluation process. the protocols involve dosing rats with cc during, and evaluation of multiple endpoints following, (a) the first 8 days of pregnancy; (b) early pseudopregnancy, ac ...19911855622
results of the flow cytometry actg quality control program: analysis and findings.the aids clinical trial group's (actg) immunology committee was charged with initiating a quality control program for all laboratories participating in the actg program reporting flow cytometry data. forty-one laboratories were evaluated. this report defines the goals of this program and the subsequent findings after 19 send-outs were made. both hiv positive volunteer donors and normal age-matched donors were used. sample sets included both heparin and edta anticoagulated bloods. laboratories we ...19892785890
changes in spontaneous otoacoustic emissions produced by acoustic stimulation of the contralateral ear.spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (soaes) were measured in human ear canals before, during and after presentation of tonal stimuli to the contralateral ear. stimuli were presented in 1/8 octave steps from 2 octaves below to 1 octave above the soae frequency at sound levels below the observed contralateral acoustic reflex threshold. for certain conditions there was an abrupt upward frequency shift at stimulus onset. for a fixed level the effect was frequency selective; the maximum frequency shift ...19892708165
neural changes in recurrent infection of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus in calves treated with dexamethasone.recurrent infection by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (ibr) virus was induced in calves by dexamethasone (dm) treatment (given 5 days) at 5 months after primary infection. the virus appeared in nasal secretions of the calves on the 4th day after initiation of dm treatment and continued until the 9th day. the calves were killed on the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th days after dm treatment was started for examination by histopathologic and immunofluorescent antibody technique ...1978211886
a pharmacologic profile of mcn-3495 [n-(1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinylidene)-n'-phenyl-1-pyrrolidinecarboximidamide], a new, orally effective hypoglycemic agent.mcn-3495, a new compound unrelated strucuturally to the sulfonylureas or phenformin, has been found to produce a hypoglycemic effect in nondiabetic rats, dogs, mice, and monkeys. the minimum effective dose of mcn-3495 that lowers fasting blood glucose and improves glucose tolerance was found to be about 2.5 to 5 mg-per kilogram, per os, except in fasted monkeys, in which a tenfold greater potency was observed. when mcn-3495 was given repeatedly for three to five days, no tolerance to the hypogly ...197898377
enzymatic tracers in the study of vascular permeability.elucidation of the ultrastructural basis of vascular permeability was aided by the development of cytochemical techniques for visualizing the distribution, within the vessel wall, of intravenously injected peroxidatic enzymes of varying molecular size. tracer enzymes available range from 10 a (hemeoctapeptide) to 52 a (catalase) effective molecular radius. the use of enzymatic probe molecules assumes a thorough characterization of: (a) the molecular charge (isoelectric point of the native enzyme ...197990073
effect of clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin on the blood brain barrier of was shown that clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin has the effect of allowing the passage of 125i polyvinyl-pyrrolidone and 125i human serum albumin into mouse brain. these substances did not enter the brains of normal control mice. the passage of albumin into the brains of mice poisoned with epsilon toxin was extremely rapid. when large doses of toxin (+/-4 000 mld) were given death ensued within 2-3 min at which stage 1,5% of the injected albumin had already entered the brain. in cases wh ...1975171606
penetration of the uterine epithelial basement membrane during blastocyst implantation in the mouse.for many species, blastocyst implantation is associated with a reduction in the number of cellular and extracellular matrix layers which separate the trophoblast from maternal vasculature. following loss of uterine epithelial cells along the distal mural trophoblast, the mouse blastocyst encounters the residual epithelial basement membrane. this sheet of extracellular matrix must be breached and later removed prior to trophoblast invasion of the uterine stroma and formation of the placenta. the ...19921605385
moloney virus-induced cell surface antigens and histocompatibility antigens are located on distinct molecules. 197987439
tissular immunoenzymatic detection of hepatic alphafetoprotein in human hepatomas.5 human cases of hepatoma have been chosen with respect to their different seric alpha-fetoprotein (alpha-fp) level and histological characters. cells producing alpha-fp have been studied with specific horseradish-peroxidase-labelled immunoglobulins. ultrastructural examination shows that alpha-fp is present in the cytoplasm of some tumoral hepatocytes. alpha-fp is also present in the cytoplasm of some rare nontumoral hepatocytes of a nonsecreting hepatoma. ultrastructural differences are descri ...197886473
in vitro synthesis of infectious transforming dna by the avian sarcoma virus reverse transcriptase.infectious dna molecules, capable of transforming chicken embryo fibroblasts, can be synthesized by the rous sarcoma virus-associated reverse transcriptase in vitro. the optimal enzymatic conditions employed for infectious dna synthesis also facilitate maximum synthesis of genome length dna. analysis of the dna product synthesized by detergent-disrupted rous sarcoma virus under these conditions indicates that dna complementary to viral rna (minus-strand dna) is genome length in size, whereas dna ...197985719
non-specific binding of mouse igm antibodies to lipid antigens.galactocerebroside (gc) is a major component expressed on the surface of oligodendrocytes and schwann cells. it plays a role in neuronal-glial interaction that results in myelinization. in this paper we describe a method to estimate anti-gc antibodies by elisa. furthermore we found that igm antibodies of mice immunized with gc-unrelated antigens, and which are not specific for gc, bind in a non-specific way to this compound. thus only assays which avoid the detection of igm antibody can be used ...19853965496
the facilitation of dopaminergic activity in the aged brain by (-)deprenyl. a proposal for a strategy to improve the quality of life in the aging brain there is a loss of neurons compensated for by a proliferation of glial cells. because of the increased b-type monoamine oxidase (mao) activity present in the glia, dopaminergic and 'trace aminergic' modulation in the brain declines in senescence. the significant increase of the incidence of depression in the elderly, the age-dependent decline in male sexual vigor and the frequent appearance of parkinsonian symptoms in the latter decades of life might be attributed to a decreas ...19853927074
biological significance of serum albumin binding parameters determined in vitro for clofibrate-related hypolipemic drugs: use of 2-(4'-hydroxybenzeneazo)benzoic acid to mirror l-thyroxine binding to and displacement from serum albumins. 19744204981
[plasmids of azospirillum brasilense].the cells from natural isolates of a. brasilense were found to harbour 1 to 4 plasmids with the molecular masses within the 27-300 md range. 100 md plasmids are specific for this bacterial species. strains isolated from the roots of cereals (wheat, maize, barley) have more heterogeneous plasmid composition as compared to the strains isolated from soil.19853939568
a comparative examination of the in vitro metabolism of five cyclopenta[a]phenanthrenes of varying carcinogenic potential.metabolites of 15,16-dihydrocyclopenta[a]phenanthren-17-one and its 1- and 12-methyl homologues (all non-carcinogens) along with those from the 11-methyl and 11,12-dimethyl-17-ketones (carcinogens), produced in vitro by hepatic microsomes from methylcholanthrene induced rats, were separated by reverse phase h.p.l.c. identifications of individual metabolites were based upon elution times, u.v. spectra, and in some cases by mass spectrometry, circular dichroism, and identity with synthetic derivat ...19854017190
glycerol-induced acute renal failure after acute plasma renin activity suppression. 19734356884
[cytologic modifications of the anterior pituitary provoked by early coitus during the estral cycle in rats]. 19674236163
[leucocytic interferon and its combination with methacil for the therapy of viral diseases of the eye]. 19714327659
effect of previous injection of homologous embryonic tissue on the growth of certain transplantable mouse tumours. 19674862516
fungal infections in aids. cryptococcosis.cryptococcus neoformans, histoplasma capsulatum, and coccidioides immitis are the three fungi that regularly cause disseminated, life-threatening disease in patients with aids. cryptococcosis is the fourth most common opportunistic infection in patients with aids and results in meningitis or pneumonia or both, in most cases. in addition, there have been unusual focal infections described and even unexplained fever alone. in any patient at risk for hiv infection, routine screening tests should in ...19883060529
studies on the mode of action of ambrein as a new antinociceptive compound.the compound ambrein was isolated from ambergris, which is commonly used as an analgesic in the saudi folklore medicine. the ld50 of ambrein, given intraperitoneally (i.p.) in mice, was found to be high (7.5 g/kg), and ambrein proved to be a safe compound in this species. in the hotplate test, ambrein was found to possess antinociceptive activity in mice at doses which did not sedate or incapacitate the animals. by the i.p. administration route, ambrein produced antinociception in mice at a dose ...20061479744
complications of intracranial bypass for vertebrobasilar insufficiency.the authors' initial experience with intracranial revascularization of vertebrobasilar insufficiency, reported previously, fortunately yielded reasonably good results with high patency rates but in some cases there were significant, albeit temporary, complications. since that time, major brain-stem strokes have occurred in two patients following superficial temporal to superior cerebellar artery bypass procedures. this occurrence has caused the authors to reassess their experience with this proc ...20082643687
post-translational processing of anglerfish islet somatostatin precursors.two distinct somatostatin precursors are synthesized in anglerfish (af) islets. in addition to a precursor which has somatostatin 14 (ss-14) as a c-terminal cleavage product, a precursor which contains at its c-terminus [tyr7, gly10] ss-14 as a potential cleavage product is also synthesized. however, even though an arg-lys pair is located immediately n-terminal to ala1 of the c-terminal tetradecapeptide, [tyr7, gly10]ss-14 was not found in significant amounts in extracts of af islets. instead, a ...20102863927
independent learning packages (audio tape/pamphlet) for a course in cell excitation: evidence that they can be at least as effective as conventional lectures.three tape/pamphlet independent learning packages have been constructed to serve the same learning objectives as three conventional lectures on the physiology of the nerve axon. the learning efficacy of each package was compared with that of its companion lecture with the co-operation of fifty first-year medical students in a controlled experiment. the packages were at least as effective as the lectures in generating both short- and long-term attainment of their intrinsic learning objectives. th ...200089619
[carbon monoxide: environmental and biological aspects]. 200190351
[iib-type willebrand disease (a case of increased ristomycin-induced aggregation)]. 20102993980
some findings on the pathology of the motor nerves of the limbs during medical diseases: the possibility of proximal involvement with conservation of distal excitability. 20124103553
chronic glomerulonephritis with massive iga deposits.a total of 234 patients with chronic glomerulonephritis, detected on the basis of clinical, immunological and pathomorphological criteria, have been examined. a group of 23 chronic glomerulonephritis patients with massive deposits of immunoglobulin a found by immunofluorescent examination, has been separated on the basis of immunohistochemical studies. in this group, occurrence of different morphological forms of glomerulonephritis has been observed: 30.4% mesangial-proliferative glomerulonephri ...20124086240
chronic glomerulonephritis with massive iga deposits.a total of 234 patients with chronic glomerulonephritis, detected on the basis of clinical, immunological and pathomorphological criteria, have been examined. a group of 23 chronic glomerulonephritis patients with massive deposits of immunoglobulin a found by immunofluorescent examination, has been separated on the basis of immunohistochemical studies. in this group, occurrence of different morphological forms of glomerulonephritis has been observed: 30.4% mesangial-proliferative glomerulonephri ...20124086240
breast volume measurement of 598 women using biostereometric analysis.a study of the volumes of the right and left breasts of 598 subjects was undertaken using biostereometric analysis. this measurement uses close-range stereophotogrammetry to characterize the shape of the breast, and is noncontact, noninvasive, accurate, and rapid with respect to the subject involvement time. using chi-square tests, volumes and volumetric differences between breast pairs were compared with handedness, perception of breast size by each subject, age, and menstrual status. no signif ...20092729845
[irrigation solutions in urology]. 20133847666
a.f.p. and congenital nephrosis finnish type. 199984930
chinese hamster purine nucleoside phosphorylase. 200199640
risk factors for infantile recurrent otitis media: atopy but not type of feeding.we followed 183 infants from birth to 2.3 yr of age. of these infants 28 had recurrent otitis media (rom), defined as five or more separate episodes of otitis media (om) during the first 2 yr of life or four such episodes during their 2nd yr. the om presented during their 1st yr (early-onset rom) in 12 infants and during their 2nd yr (2nd yr rom) in 16. eighty infants had no om and served as a comparison group. regarding type of feeding, the infants with early-onset rom did not differ from their ...20123387173
the navy alcoholism prevention program--worldwide.where we used to separate alcoholic members, we are now able to keep over 70% on active duty longer, which contributes to stability of the force, reductions in recruitment and training costs, and overall improved personnel readiness to support the navy mission.1998104635
percutaneous drainage of lung abscess. 1998105602
monkey antiserum to mlc-primed human t lymphocytes. 197989737
[a case of infantile bilateral chronic subdural hematoma following acute traumatic epidural hematoma (author's transl)]. 199991138
corneal manifestations of the systemic mucopolysaccharidoses.newer biochemical understanding of the mucopolysaccharidoses now allows a better classification of these diseases. the dermatan and keratan sulfate-storing diseases have corneal clouding. the heparan sulfate-storing diseases have retinal changes and usually central nervous system manifestations.2003156516
[leeches (hirudinea) of the jamno lake]. 2005538920
conformational study of the acetyl group and cyclohexenone in progesterone interacting with phosphatidyllipid by means of circular dichroism.the interaction between the a-ring and the 17-acetyl groups of progesterone (prog) and various concentrations of distearoyl-, dipalmitoyl-, dioleoyl- and diarachidoyl-l-alpha-phosphatidylcholines, and dipalmitoyl-l-alpha-phosphatidyl-dl glycerol in methanol and chloroform solutions and its preferred conformational assignments in the presence of those lipids were examined qualitatively by circular dichroism on the basis of prog spectra in the wavelength regions of 260-400 nm. prog did not interac ...20103199822
[apophyseal avulsions of the pelvis]. 20113390128
a step towards the more rational treatment of chronic pain by nerve block. case report. 20165083023
stress in health visiting: qualitative accounts. 20113198410
the case for continuing education. 20123671697
[a case of piringer-kuchinka lymphadenitis]. 20165011133
spirometric abnormalities among asbestos insulation workers.we studied the prevalence of spirometric changes among asbestos insulation workers to investigate when functional abnormalities appear during the course of asbestos employment and the influence of cigarette smoking. of 1,249 eligible asbestos insulation workers in the new york-new jersey metropolitan area, 1,117 (89.4%) were examined in the year 1963 to provide baseline pulmonary function status for long-term prospective observation. forced vital capacity (fvc) was measured in all 1,117 workers ...20123361360
[schizophrenia and drug therapy]. 20133837887
dental caries--orthodontic appliances--snf2. 20164909895
spinal fluid cytomorphology. description of apparatus, technique, and findings. 20164862475
effect of fusaric acid (a dopamine beta-hydroxylase inhibitor) on phaeochromocytoma.fusaric acid, an inhibitor of dopamine beta-hydroxylase, which converts dopamine to noradrenaline, lowered the blood pressure and induced a subjective improvement in patients with phaeochromocytoma. these effects may be due either to an impairment of catecholamine biosynthesis or to a direct action on the blood vessels. the use of this drug in the treatment of patients with inoperable malignant phaeochromocytoma or neuroblastoma may improve symptoms and prolong survival.20133987067
aortic rupture in children as a complication of coarctation of the aorta. 20164800525
[clinical observations during long-term therapy with fominoben]. 20164740118
[incorporation of local clinical training of nursing students in the regional program: a significant role of the regional nursing study group. discussion]. 20133634083
physiological stress and performance changes in response to beginning level orienteering. 20144068683
narcissus mosaic virus found in nerine bowdenii. identification aided by anomalies in sds page. 20144131818
reconstructive hand surgery for quadriplegic persons.reconstructive hand surgery is one approach to restoring lost hand function in quadriplegic patients. this paper describes craig hospital's experience with the two-stage procedure for achieving active grasp and pinch for c7 spinal cord-injured patients. it describes the hand clinic, patient selection and education, the surgery itself, and postsurgical occupational therapy. it also includes follow-up results on all patients treated since the program's inception.20144073193
change in transcription of repetitive dna sequences in n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine-transformed hamster cells. 20154735236
change in transcription of repetitive dna sequences in n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine-transformed hamster cells. 20154735236
[tryptophan pyrrolase as a typical model of an adaptive enzyme]. 20164889850
uranium disequilibrium in groundwater: an isotope dilution approach in hydrologic investigations.the distribution and environmental disequilibrium patterns of naturally occurring uranium isotopes (u(234) and u(238)) in waters of the floridan aquifer suggest that variations in the ratios of isotopic activity and concentrations can be used quantitatively to evaluate mixing proportions of waters from differing sources. uranium is probably unique in its potential for this approach, which seems to have general usefulness in hydrologic investigations.20164880720
serum cortisol levels in pregnancy induced hypertension patients.we measured the serum cortisol levels in 15 normal and 8 pregnancy induced hypertension (pih) primigravidas. the normal pregnancy had a significant (p less than 0.05) higher cortisol level than that of pih patient. especially, 4 severe pih patients had a significantly (p less than 0.05) lower cortisol level. the lower maternal cortisol level of pih patients became more significant with the severity of clinical symptoms of pih. after the onset of labor, the cortisol levels of pih patients did not ...20133738913
young children's comprehension of montage.2 studies examined children's comprehension of brief stop-animation televised segments incorporating elements of cinematic montage such as pans, zooms, and cuts. children reconstructed the action and dialogue in these segments using the same dolls and settings depicted. in study 1, there was no effect of cinematic techniques on reconstruction performance of 3- and 5-year-olds as compared to control segments filmed without these techniques. the results challenged the assumption that the use of su ...20144042754
mechanisms in the chemical syntheses of polypeptides and polynucleotides. 20154353756
vitamins and coenzymes. part h. 20133702707
two rare unstable beta chain variants, hb mozhaisk or alpha 2 beta 292(f8)his----arg and hb djelfa or alpha 2 beta 298(fg5)val----ala, each being observed for the second time. 20092737917
psychiatric examples of simpson's paradox. 2004497635
arteriolar oxygen reactivity: where is the sensor?the hypothesis that arterioles are intrinsically sensitive to oxygen was tested by comparing arteriolar diameter responses with local and global po2 changes in superfused hamster cheek pouch preparations. local po2 changes were produced by microapplication of fluid onto the surface of occluded or unoccluded aparenchymal arterioles or by cannulation and perfusion of arterioles in situ. global changes refer to po2 changes in the superfusate flowing over the entire preparation. local, effective po2 ...20123318502
[diagnosis of lesions of the brachiocephalic trunk in patients with chronic occlusion of the aorta and arteries of the lower extremities]. 20123309434
[respiration in symbolism and practical life]. 20144129291
phenotypic and genotypic changes induced in eucaryotic cells by protein inhibitors. 20154622651
[surface coarseness of the oral mucosa]. 20031069050
prospects for malaria control. 20113294630
[use of semisynthetic antibiotics (methicillin, carbenicillin, cephaloridine) in the comprehensive treatment of endometritis]. 1990331981
effect of blood transfusion on plasma selenium, glutathione peroxidase and manganese levels in very low birth weight infants.very low birth weight infants often receive multiple blood transfusions. we measured the plasma levels of the trace elements selenium, manganese, and glutathione peroxidase in 20 very low birth weight infants prior to blood transfusion and then at 24, 48 and 72 h after transfusion. there was no detectable change in mean selenium or glutathione peroxidase concentrations after transfusion, but the mean (sd) plasma manganese increased from 3.8 (1.5) to 6.0 (2.3) micrograms/l at 72 h.20061797115
investigation of a simple amperometric electrode system to rapidly quantify and detect bacteria in foods.a two electrode system mounted as a single probe was developed to measure electrochemically the rate of reduction of a redox mediator (thionine) by bacteria. the system gave a rapid (2 min) bacterial-dependent current above 2.5 x 10(5) cfu/ml with pure cultures of bacteria, but when applied to the measurement of the bacterial contamination in samples of meat and milk it was unable to detect or quantify the contamination reliably. incubation of samples for a few hours before examination enabled t ...20092656620
assignment of the configuration of the steroid spin label, 3-doxyl-5alpha-cholestane. 2003166109
[late results of organ-sparing surgical treatment of patients with balkan endemic nephropathy and tumors of the upper urinary tract]. 20123437707
the distribution of charged groups in proteins. 20083768483
[factors contributing to maintaining or undertaking professional activity by persons with the diagnosis of schizophrenia]. 20144080859
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